The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 14, 1957 · Page 13
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 13

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 13
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-}4 THE INTER LAKE, Thursday, November 14, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE COMICS BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WUUAMS BLONDIE By Chic Yo'jng VJHY ARE YOU WORKING )''"' SO HARD ? -^tf 1 . U I HAVEN'T JO'tl' 1 THE ENERGY ) . TO STOP r-^ '' STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff WHO HANDEC? IT TO A B-47 BOMBBE PILOT AT LANC-LEY -WHO CAVE IT TO A CESVV- JDT IN I COT A LETTSE AND A CHECK. F2CA\ AW 9fiN'ccusiN STEVIEB! «£ CAVE IT TO A rlC-HTEE. JOCKEY WESTBOUND? AT THULC. COT PAT BICK.Y ID BEING (T TO THE HOUSE - BECAUSE NONE OF THSM OWJSP A STAMP TO U5E MAIL.'... SO I FEEL SO COCO I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOE SOMEONE! y scooTse., LET'S TEY *- ACA1N TO BE NEICHBCELY To THAT LONELY MISSUS IWDEX NEXT POOE ? ;-" I PIPN T KNOW THEY HAP HOUSEHOLD EAPAE. ALREADY. 1 BUGS BUNNY [ GOT TWELVE , MORE POSTS T' PAIMT! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS EIGHT, JUNE'/ AND I'VE Got A SURPWSE By Merrill Blosser SURPRISE? MMM--WE'RE 60[NG TOTdE' BI6 MIDTERM DANCE -- IT CAU MEAN ONLY OME 'TfclING--.A , CORSAGE.' IT WAS A LOT OF TROUBLE IRONING THIS DRESS, BUT ITS A GOOD MeUTRAL. .THAT'LL LOOK. Nice" WITT4 ANY FLOWER, f ~*\ SEE- NEW SPORT JACKET DR. JORDAN SAYS Proper Care Prevents Foot Trouble in Young BY EDWIN J. JORDAN, fll.D. Written for NBA Service Two related questions which can be discussed together come respectively from Mrs. F. and Mrs. IT. The former writes that her little grandson has always had weak i'eet. but has now learned that the little hoy lias knock-knees and will need to wear braces. Mrs. If. writes to ask what causes a child to he bowlegged and pigeon- toed. Both ladies would like a discussion of this subject. Foot trouble in children is by DO means uncommon. A Relaxation of the ligaments frequently brings about flat feet and this is commonly associated with knock- knees. So far as the feet are concerned, treatment should include cnrrective exercises if the child is old enough to cooperate. ' Of course, corrective shoes are generally advisable. These are designed to have built-in-long arch supports, turned in toes, and elevation of the inside of the heels. So far as-knock-kriees-are. concerned, this is a curvature of the leg inward as the name implies, THE DAILY INTER LAKE \V B Sweetland, Editor and Putll*(ser Published daily (except Satur- da}) and Sunday by Inter Lake Publishing Company, 410 First Avenue West, Kallspel!. Montana. 1 Entered as second class matter at Post'' Qfiice. KalispeU. Montana. Member 'ot the ' ' Audit: · Bureau of Circulation* ( I n addition to flat feet the vitamin Astrological Forecast By Carrol! Righter FOR FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1957 deficiency .disease known as rickets A HIES (March 21 io April U) ...... ,,,,,,,, _,,,, ,, OMV ,,,,,, w I IS an important factor in causing Be less preoccupied today with the! home, job, friends, et a l , and avoid i this condition in nnnv nstanre* Material problems connected with - - · - . - nns LUIIUILIOU. in Jii.iny Hbcances. ( J 0 b and possessions, and show others Rickets leads to softening of the r..i--j.= --=.., . bone. The treatment here consists in correction of the rickets by vitamin supplements or diet as well as appropriate treatment Of the your friendliness, willingness to cooperate in worthwhile endeavors. -This will gain you much for the future. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Keep away from irate, difficult associate who is terribly angry about: Isive gadgets today, so slay close to home, too, friends, et al., and avoid such. Tonight is excellent for friends and charming activities. FOR YOUR COPY, ot Carroll Righter's i n d i v i d u a l 16-page Forecast for December send y o u r birthdate and 50c - i n coin (no stamps) to Con-oil Rigliter Forecast. Daily Inter Lake, Box 1895, Grand Central Sta,. N.Y. 17, N.Y. some situation over which you have : SCORPIO (Oct. 23 ta Nov. 21) no control. Just be sure you are ethi-' Think of other people tc yo _ cally right, and dwell on how to ex- feet. If the knock-knee is only of {-EMINI" Vav^i slight degree, some restriction on Take (M a y 21 10 Juno 21) articular care on the road today. Other than that, the day is fine lor coming to better meeting o£ minds with associates, setting up better working' plans for the future. Be altruistic and fair. CANCER (Juno 22 la July 2)) Wilfully venting your anger walking, corrective manipulations and proper- shoeing, in addition to diet, may be enough. In more difficult cases braces are sometimes effective. In the most severe ones an operation on the bone may be necessary. The question of bowlegs is quite' similar. Here the legs are bowed LEO (July 22 .to Aug. 21) people today and help them. There is an opportunity to do something worthwhile that should have been attended to long ago. Get it done. NOW and prove your loyalty to vour country SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to .Dec! 21) All is well now if you refrain from harping upon what is unavoidable Good day to expound your theories and state your wishes to others who on, will assist you. But be specific and someone you love, or spending money'success will be relatively easy. foolishly today would be very unwise. Change your attitude to one ol sweet- Iness and light and you will gain in-'--i ol lose what Is closest to your outward as a result of softening of the bone, again Usually due to po ?s°i ble . ' d°Jy. youHhou'gh't! Subscrlption , Prices Carrier Rates Dally. * Sunday, one month $ 1.75 Dally A Sunday, one year 21 00 Mail' Rate» ^ta . : Montana Daily ft Sunday/one year ~J 21.00 Daily * Sundayj six months _ 10.50 Daily * Sunday, 3 months --'' 8.25 · Mail Rates Out?ide Montana . Dally * Sunday.'one year ~ 21.00 . elevated, and the fine things of the world are within easv grasp.! Wear . . . Tf ,,, . ,, . . . wor are w i i n easv rasp. ear rickets. If this is the case, dietary , nicest apparel, be the soul of sociabil- treatment is again in order and H^gjf (Au te °to unnecessary weight bearing should Step out U of t h e ° v e r y ] i m i t e d sphere be avoided.untiUhe condition be avoided.untiUhe condition ih^i^^,^^^ JP c ^ £u ^ improved. Here, too, braces some- 1 sparkling personalities. They will aid t i 1 ' 6 - ^ 6 carefully. Help times! help, but when severe, operation/on the bone may be desirable.. : It would-be well for parents to keep a close eye on their young childre'n for flat feet, - knock- L1BRA (Sept. CT Jo Oct. 2Z) CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 20) Try to get away from that pal who is ever at complicated schemes, endeavoring io use his or her willpower over yours. Either be by yourself or with true friend and make good' plans. P.M. have a nice, relaxing time. AQUARIUS {Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) Though the proven pal of longtime standing doesn't appear to have a sparkling personality, it behooves you to seek his or her advice today. Then you can put ideas in motion quickly, let others know of them. PISCES (Feb. 20 lo Match 20) There is a great deal of labor awaiting your attention, and ,no\v is the time to get it done instead of rushing off to some unproveu activity. Also fine for giving your environment »*^*"» l"*^J*". ·"* *" ^«-a» *·! . {llau 1 1 J L C ixjl g j v l l l { £ . V U U I C l l V J J U l l l l l e l l l You are tempted to be extravagant I the needed touches that will enhance with money on unnecessarily expen- beauty. ' I F VOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY .· : The intelligent child bom today is the kind of youngster who will be inspired as to his or her desires and goals. Your only duty will be to lead knees; bowed legs . or any other, properly,, give encouragement. Alsc, you must give lessons on how to co- ahnormalitv whifh thpv mav nh-i°P erate with others .early for the attainment of the great success possible aonormaiuy wnicn tney may CD- iQ thfc chart( cthenyiae your progeny may become seliish and be limited in serve in the feet and legs. As is : he great possibilities present. · true, with so many'other disorders, treatment is much more effective .if started ;early. Another- tiling which . parents Three in Service GRANN HAVEN, Mich. (UP)-- their youngsters obtain enough.^ 8 A . , u . vitamin D during the long winter' Nav y and Air Force. Joel, the last months, when the action of the of ; the three youths to leave home, sunlight on the skin does not man-, enlis ted recently .in the Air Force, ufacture enough. This will cer-' Je r r y is In .the Army and Julian tainly. prevent some of these dis-, is with the Navy. orders, as will'care in proper i .-------shoeing I READ THE'CLASSIFIED ADS Adlai Invited WASHINGTON (UP) -- Adlai E. Stevenson will be invited to Washington late this , month to ; consult with , Secretary of State John 'Foster .Dulles, and possibly President Eisenhower, on plans to modernize the f North Atlantic Treaty' Organization, an informed source said. ' VOU'RE A^ RINMY AS A RASM OF ^ MV WOKD,BAXTER/ ^ DID YOU GET THAT B ' A i D Mt= YOD -STUMBLED AM CPErxi DOOR l^-TKE DARK' - ' ? -- DO^TTELL| ROAMING AKOUWD YOUR gAXTER FINALLY TOSS PATl tMCE TO TWE V^ilMTDS BORN THIRTY VEARS TOO SOON ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin BRUNNEH1LDE! MY DEW? LITTLE/ NO BRUNNEHIIDE.' / YOURS BRUNMEHILDE MORTY MEEKIE By Dick Cavalli TIL BE WITH YOU A5 SOON AS I FINISH DICTATING THIS LETTER, MORTY I WOULD APPRECIATE A REPLY AT CONVENIENCE.. WAKE UP, MISS PHLOX.'/ g) 1?57 h/ KE* S»r»i«. Ine. T.M. RPS- U.S. Pat. OH PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer WALDO!! AREN'T YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING- T^1 WHV ABOUT ITfrrTsURE WARM TONIGHT 1917 b, KE, Inc. T.M. R. e . U.S. Ptu QU THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs - / WDNOERIF IS/UDSOMETHING WBONS...HESJUSTSTANO C ING THERE AMD THCHJ6HTI RKO5NIZEDVOU IC5ET A WCK OUT OF THE WAV iOU TR 1MTO WOWEM' GKEAT FAWOFNOURS TM MARRIED, 16UE5S. MUST BE EVERY COURSE I DON'T A6RF.E WITH EVERYTHING NOU OMEOFVOURBOCXS GREAT TD BE FREE AND HAV E A WAY TO KEACW PEOPLE/ CAPTAIN E/-SY By Leslie Turner HOLD IT. SHOWI WHEN HE HIT HIS HEAP 0U THE TABLE IT MUST'UE KNOCKED HIM NOW HE'S COWvING AROUND] OKAV, KJOLAW.... EEADY. FDK. MORE? OP. WILL YOU TELL US WHEEe TO FIWD AFFIDAVITS ? N HOUR LATER S-TILL CLAIhA* HB CAU'T Y LOCK HIM IW REMEMBER WMO ME THE TOWER!! OK ANVTHIK'6. WK.VVILFON6. FIND H1 CftK. IF HE'S FAKIW6,,.HOPING /AMP SEARCH If WE'LL LET HIM aO...HE' /.FOR. TH05E BOOTS AND: HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin

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