The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 28, 1965 · Page 5
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 5

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1965
Page 5
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Delia Democrat-Times Fridav, Mav 28, '65 5 Theatre Members Make Reservations Mrs. Robert J. WhitficM requests lhal nil member of the Twin City Theatre Guild, either accept or decline t h e i r invitations to the Twin-City Theatre Malsy Award event. This will be given by the Twin - City Theatre and board Monday evening beginning at 7:3(1 for members and invited guests. Mrs. Whitfield's number is 4-946G. Lovelace Home Scene Of Game INUIANOLA -- Mrs. Kent Lovelace recently en1erl:iiucl her bridge club and K u "is al her home on Sunflower. Players were: Mrs. Eihvard Stage "Boogie Man" Is A Kitchen Lamb By MARGARET BANCROFT United Press International NEW YORK (DPI) - Vinccnl Price, the villain of horror mov- "Sometimes our house looked, runs the g a m u t from hotdogs. , 4 tablespoons finely chopped like » bomb had hit it," he said.las served at Cliave? Ravine (theishallois and cook until shallots ·We had recipes ami food pho-|Los Angeles Dodger's baseballjarc tographs and food hous?." three-star Paris restaurant. ies, is really a genlle man. In between filming "boogie man" movies. Price cooks and collects a r t . In the last three years he has bought 35,000 works' of arl, collected hundreds photographed Uc. ,,, "·-- j t , th on i inary nd baked loaf ftftur'cred it matched the color of our n n r OJt OI onnnao- i kitchen walls and wouldn't Shaw Seniors Entertained SHAW -- Mr. and Mrs. Guy Simpson and Mr. and Mrs. Ver' their daugh- Simpson and n i t e r s Miss I.a browned. Add: 2 ta- 8" all over (he'stadium), to pressee duck as biespoons Worcestershire sauce:'" 5 . U 1 ...- ,,,,,:.,,, d me at "Tour D'Argcnt." (he and heat ,,, bubbling. Keep the ^'^"T^« «£· I Simpson and Miss Melott are Shaw High School seniors. I A f t e r an afternoon of swimming and water skiing the 30 "ONE thanksgiving we cook- cil a big lurkcv lo jusl the right .*'» ^ what hc color ami started to have it M« lo ° c1 for ,. wcre |..en we discov- "»' make sometbrng . . . n m l h l s of recipes ai loaf of bread. Price, who once wanted to bo show up. So we stnrlcd again on an art professor, buys art | another turkey. We ate turkey works for Sears. Sales of genii-, for 10 weeks." ine, Price-approved paintings sauce hoi. Heat in 12-inch skillet cr chafing dish: G tablespoons b u t t e r ,;JWhcn it begins to brown, add .steaks and cook for 3 minutes. ;Turn and cook for 2 to 3 min"The secret of a good rcstau-iutcs longer, or until done to through Sears, arc booming. "One tiling I didn't think we rould .sell \vas nudes," he says "But Sears is." * * * PR1CF. liK-ame addicted lo Price says the worst day the cookbook production life happened in New Orleans. The, is rant,' 1 he said, "Is what they do taste. Transfer to a serving the ordinary." dish and eprinkie with salt and One example of dressing up', 0 K c "' r ° us n r a c u n t of frcsh| y the urdiruiry given in the Prices'' B 1 TMTM P c PPer. book is Steak Diane. The recipe! Spread the shallot sauce over the steaks and sprinkle with seniors and other guests were served a hamburger supper. Irom Ihe Whitehall Club in Prices wanted lo include two famous New Orleans restaurants in the Ixxik and (hey dis- Chicago. Ingredients: sirlnin steaks. cookin "My early mother in his wiis a childhood, fabulous butter, shallots, Worcestershire covered llint. because of timing 1 sauce, salt, pepper parsely. chopped parsley. Don't say "Petroleum Jelly" Demand e MOROLINE Guaranteed Hosp'.ta! Quality* GC'L twice as much tor 27C. cook." he said. "On Sunday she. Hale. Mrs. Malloy French. Mrs.!'" ''« ki(ls cook al(1 il wcl!i ':il Sinilli. Mrs. James Corder, great lark. "We all Iwcame have to in one rfsumr nt :il noon the other t h a t night. 'problems, they would l e Mrs. Ilmvanl Davis, Mrs. D. M. Magruder, Mrs. W. C. Speer Jr., Mrs. Charles B u c h a n a n , Mrs. Morris Lewis Jr., Mrs. J e p t h a Barbour, and Mrs. Joe G repn, Mrs. Davis was high scorer ir the afternoon. The hostess served refreshments. gocxl cooks." Price married a fine cook and a few years ago, the couple OUTDOOR FURNITURE--Spring means moving out to the patio for many people, and cotton fabrics are as bright'as spring on these sets by Molla. Bright [lowers and a complementary solid are com: bined in the top grouping and are used in different color combina-- tions on the curved sectional at the bottom. Town House Party Honors Four Seniors Honoring their daughters at a Town House luncheon Friday were Mrs. Paul Walpole, Mrs. Marshall J. Shnrden, Mrs. Wil- Jiam I-'erriss and Mrs. William Johnson. The honorecs were Miss Paul- decided c«uk book. The result, jusi published, is a compendium i uourmet reci|es from famous i net "We had nt lea^i sevc es for lunch," he said. ' wines. The food kep: c Then we had lo siaggt oours- \ml n ing Here's how to do it: * * * | 1'UT 4 sirloin steaks each about 6 mmccs, between waxed paper ami pound lo a !-3 inch thickness. Heat in small sauce' n:in: 2 lubk'sixxin luvav -- -- - b u l t e r . Add: 'as Ilic it was time lo produce and go on to dinner. Il -.sciiiip ihing all over again, if "V.'e £01 sick. We got ill. It was terrible." resiaurants a r o u n d the world. Pulling t h e book together wasn't easv. TIHi Prices' cookbook. "A '·Treasury of Great Recipes." Fred Whitacre Z E N I T H · TELEVISION · RADIO · STEREOPHONIC III FI llwv. Nu. 1 Soulh On Finest Quality Paint . . . TRIPLE COVER HOUSE PAINT 5.29 WO.VDER-TONES VINV LATEX 4.93 lisl 6.60 gal. GOYER PAINT HARDWARE , 7:30 -- 5:30 cloitd cl n:30 In Coy., S v u e l r I 111 AU*oivj«r Ph. ID 2-2695 Ann Landers.. DEAR ANN letter from "Bitter how selfish most teen-age are -- how they Answers Your Problems LANDERS: ThejTliere would be no settlement or 1G" told alimony ja?7. boys' What do you think of this? -chase the while Ihe daicless Nnt ALL teen-age boys are that way. A few months ago I had an experience that proved it. die Walpole, Miss Edna Shur- -or Ihree !;ood-lookers den. Miss Slierri Keniss and j p l a i n girls sit home, Miss Wanda Johnson. They l a n d miserable, were each given white corsages. The decorations featured a graduate doll centerpiece and graduate silhouette place cards. About M guests atlended. My hobby is photography. I was asked to run the photo concession al a prom. The big problem was the repeaters -those who kepi coming back i again ami again. One young ruggedly handsome fellow kept returning with a different girl every 20 min- two; MATURE Dear Mat: Not nijuch. If you are interested in a "sporting proposition," why not Iwt on the Irish Swecpstalics and let it go at that? · Shaw Athletes Have Outing SHAW -- The annual outing of the athletic department of Shaw High School was held on Friday at the Conservation League on Lake BeulaJi. Fifly students who parlicipat cd in football, basketball, base- hall, t e n n i s and track attended the afternoon cuting. After swimming aixl \vater skiing the group had l»x lunches. They were accompanied by Coach Willo Goodwin, Coach Harvey Spring, II. B. Eakin and Calvin Mullens. UDC Meets At Elam Home The United Daughters of Ihe Confederacy met last Thursday at Ihe home of Mrs. W. E. Elam on Arnold Avenue. The rilual and salutes to the flags were given. Two letters of thanks were read. Miss War.da McNeely (hanked Ihe group for the 550 scholarship awarded her, and Dill Young wrote thanking them fur the medal and S5 check hc won in Ihe UDC essay contest. A repoif was given on the Memorial Day service of the Children of the Confederacy. Mrs. Mary Dorroh presentee Ihe program for the rlay, "How utes. I finally said, "You've had about 10 pictures taken, aren't you overdoing it?" He M.'irriage is a premise to tnve and cherish one another for so long as you lo:li shall live. It is not an agreement [hat you will jstay together UK long as she lias her figure, or as long ns you have your bankroll -- or until somebody more attractive comes along. Unless you Etvo view marriage as a permanent arrangement -a heavy emotional investment, well worth the -agony of learning to live togetlier -- you'd t»et- picture." This chap had been seeking tut UK wall-flowers and paying or the pictures himself. Sweet?-like I" jo'" "a- She is financial--RENEWED FAITH j ' y independent and will pay her to Respecl Hag." and Display Our BRING US YOUR PRESCRIPTION "Ouollty \Vo-kmanlhlo for Ovei SO Yean" Greenville Optical Dispensary n. ED 4-37«3 60S Wojh. »»·. tcr stay single court costs. and save Ihe gave me a wink as he handed me his quarter. A few minutes later he came .ack alone and whispered "If DEAR ^N -LANDERS: Both /ou don't mind I'd like to b r i n g . ' » ' husband anil I leach. For few more gals over. Some of several^ years^summer school he girls don't have dales to- "' ight and I'd like to see that hey have al least a souvenir has kept us fr*am enjoying real vacation. This summer we wanl to take a two - month trip. Yesterday my husband's mother announced l h a t she'd You can get cheaper air conditioning anywhere but you can't get more for your money than we can give you with 4Gfb equipment nwn way. My husband mother comes along the trip ivill be ruined.. I'd ralhcr slay ionic." My husband's two married sis- [ers who livo in this city go off on vacations very suddenly. We never know they are going until we gel a jwist card from SCO miles away, f ' m sure they disappear to avoid u n w a n t ed company. f don't w.ant lo hurl my moth er-in-law's feelings. What shoulc be done ?. - N I N E O'CLOCK BF.LLE Dear Bdlle: Your husband should tclf his mother t h a t you have bcerj looking forward to this "seoond honeymoon" and you want it lo be just that. hands, sign the papers and part' Feeling as you do, if you moth civilized manner.jer-in-law is permitted to blast ler way into your vacation yoi will all wish you'd have staye home. unr 1 can ruin your mind, your ttody and your life. To learn the booby-traps of teen age drinking, write for Ann I.andei:*-.' booklet. "Teen-age Drinking," enclosing w i t h you request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelof.*. Ann Landers will be glad t i help you with your problems. Send (hem to lier in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Dear Renewed: You bet! I always knew there were such cen-agers around but I'm glad let millions of others know it, DEAR ANN LANDERS: Vcra and I are successful, middle- aged, unmarried career people We've often congratulated each other nn Ihe joys of freedom. Last night we discussed marriage as a "sporting proposition." We both know couples who, when Ihcir marriage failed lore each other apart in the divorce court. We are considering marriage with Ihe understanding that if things don't work out we will meet in n lawyer's office, shake company in Air Conditioning Sales 121 S. Walnut 334-9707 Always Delightful Sunbeam Bread At Your Food Store TO SELL FARM IMPLEMENTS? Relax! Wanl Ads jwill find a buyer for you. Dial (5-1055) for an ad-writer today, j Productive farming needs goaA jeqi^pment. Shop Classified to- dayj for your farming needs. J Coming soon - enter your favorite recipe now!! ieita FIRST ANNUAL Aii fcelta Hundreds of laste-tempting recipes from the finest cooks in the local Mississippi Delta . . . your own friends and neighbors!! Delect Ifou? Category... enter We invite you to cnler your favorite rccipics for judging and publication in this Cook Book. All recipes entered will he judged on accuracy of recipe and content, as well as originality. Ten finalists in each category will Lie invited to enter their recipes in a "Cook-Off", to he held J u n e 21. Hurry -- enter as m a n y recipes as you wish! All recipes will be published in the Cook Book with proper ciiUine credits given each recipe. Decision of the Cook Book judges is final. Mail Your Favorite Recipes, to: 1. Salads, soups, sauces and sandwich spreads 2. Breads, rolls, muffins 3. Cheese, egg and casserole dishes 4. Vegetables and dietary dishes 5. Cakes and icings 6. Foreign dishes 7. Candy and cookies 8. Meats, fish, and poultry 9. Preserves, pickles, relishes, canned goods 10. Desserts, pastries, ice cream, pies ENTER AS MANY CATEGORIES AS YOU WISH. All recipes judged on basis of originality nnd contents. COOK BOOK EDITOR G/O - Delia Democrat-Times Greenville, Mississippi MERCHANDISE AWARDS to winner of each recipe category! That's right -- (ho first place winner of each recipe category will receive a merchandise award from a local Greenville merchant. A listing of the merchandise awards and their donors will be published at a later date. · ALL RECIPE ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY JUNE 16, 1965 ·

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