The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 2, 1947 · Page 8
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 8

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 8
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THE BROWNSVILLE Jester Brings Up Two New Monday, June g, ll)4t '»·*« pv« CJOSetsllans" Around The Town Issues Near Session End! For Organizing Labor In Texas A U S T I N , J u n e 2..--i/Pi--Two now i.KMirj; h a v p Jumped into prom- inrric'p a.s thft 60th l.opislaturfc t.o- rir.y cnrno up to what m i g h t be t h f lust wcrk of its session. Ciov. Rfsuiford H. Jrsler over the- w e r k r n d gave hi* blessing to * f A d v f l r t T n c m e n t ) ___ RADIO STATION K V A Mi ABC NETWORK I490 On Your Dial MONU.VV. .Mine '.'- MM7 I.wo proposals, both for submission of constitutional amendments. One would romove the calling on old ago assistance nnd olhor public: welfare payments. The other would provide for automatic i n d l s t r l c t l n g by a board if the. next legislature dons not see fit to follow the constitutional m a n d a t e and reapportion rcprespntnl.lon over thn state on t h r basis of the 1950 1 00 h k i i ) F a r r r l l Ho Show A J t : ' i i d i o Tour V.ii K.',u r:.rn M u n d l i i l e * 1'i ( \ u u i o r i c s M r x l r a n a * U) R h y t h m H o u r u l u p W ' f f . ' i - y «ml the P l r a f M (Qu*!t»r O a t i i (AUO J , . t s k v K i n s ( D e r b y Food«i ( A B C ) f . j O ,T.trt A r r n s L » o n K G e n . M i l l * ) l A B C ) 6 4", S p o r t s of t n e Day 6 '.,s AH N f « « f oo H e a ^ l i r . f E d i t i o n » A B C f ( S K I m r r Duvrn f A B C ' P ,») Lone Rant«' p (ABO · "0 1 ' U - i f r Tur.r 7 ;o Sherlock H o l m e s K r e m l ( A B O ft no T r e a s u r y Auent ( A B C ) B . i i O Sn V o u W n n t To Let.6 A R a n d · · A B C * ? 00 ' l ' i : n D o c t o r * T a l k It O v n r ( C y u n K ' l e i ( r 00 A I 1 i n . I S Joe 10 if) )4!)0 3 1 00 ABC i : . - M S A B C 11'.00 Slfc'ii y W'-cd T r i o Krfirn B r o a d w a y ( A B C * N e w * Hrf.-.el 8port« ( A B C ) C l u b N f \ v i ( A W O Da tic** ( A B C ) off. in 10 Iff 4'. 11 or. I? J u n e 3, IB-tt M o m n i K M e r r y Go Round A P N e w s Morntni; M e r r y Go Round M n r u n ArcronsKr ( M a n s k n Motor*) ( A IK: i M o r n i n g / . J e r r y Oo Hound 7rV.r. Manners U-Horllnyc) ( A B C ) r . t o r n t n i t M r r r v Clo Round } ' . r c c V : f n s t H e a d l i n e s (Hears Roebuck A Co ) n.TiiKlim'. Club ( U a u m l l . Hwtft and f h i J c i - n ( A B O My True ZMory ( L l h b y ) ( A B O H y m n s Of AH Churches (Ocn M i l l s ) i Ar-C i The Usterunf PO*'A (Curtl* Pub.) ( A B C i , n . B r e a k . 'ait In H o l l y w o o d (P nnd Q) · Ai'.c .-:» D r f t J c * f K r l l O K ( A T I C ) t r (I ."ifnlr.Mfr ( IlicluniBr ) ( A B C ) 'i h" K e n n y B n k o r Show U 1 ami CJ» CAW.; i A C N t - w * Krffl t o i , : r h l e n f c t f l i n t B - i - . k h a t c T » l k l n « U » l N u t l o n n l A B C T i p s -- T u n e * Hank M'imr M;;il AP r 'J !' i .-«o 3.00 3 .10 S 45 J :\ oo · - . I * P W » F t h ^ l n t i c l A l 5 f r t J U K I * a n d o r n o m l . n r l i * . * ; Bfl Be \tflrt A F 1 C ) T h f r f Ooc» That ( A R C ) B l e r l l M K A B C ) (Qunkrer O f i U ) Honic A K f l l n Thlnux In L i f t ( A m « r . Fed. (ABC) 5 i K i j s Parre.ll Show H w l l y w o o d S t u d i o Tour ( A B C ) 1 ARCADIAECfiPITOL HARLINCEN BROWNSVILLE Start* Tuesday B A R R Y F I T Z G E R A I O DIANA LYNN SONNY TUFTS In L w*k ' " ·? Dick Foron · Frank McHugh | ,JUMA LAST TIMES TODAY TUESDAY ONLY / Her Nom« in Whisp««| RIVOB.I · E N I T O LAST TIMES TODAY , also gontly prodded logls- I In tors who have scorned, to do a n y L h l n g a b o u t his proposal for some sort of "orderly" media- lion machinery w i t h i n the state g o v e r n m e n t Tor settlement of labor disputes. Me .signed Two more labor regulatory bills, and said ho was doing so on f a i t h that, the; legis- l a t u r e would go ahead and onnct the bill by Hop. George Nokcs of .Corsicana which embodies at least i some of his suggestions for micldle- : o f - t h e - r o a d labor legislation. Ready for consideration of. both i house and senate were the last I of the must big-money bills. The i senate hns approved the conference committee report on the eleemosynary appropriation bill. The house could get to it today. ; House-senate conferees Satur' day finished thr.-lr work nn the last two must bills, that for state . nnd that for state- support ed colleges and universities. It. was anticipated the senate would net quickly on thorn. The house may not move so fast. As agreed upon by the conference committees, the lant major appropriations could be enacted ana lonve the state w i t h i n the limits of anticipated revenue. But there are still pending n n u m b e r of other money bills which could run the state into the red if they are approved by a f o u r - f i f t h s vote. Included in these are a number of bills which have been given strong support. They are the $1,350,000 for a state hospital at Dallas; $1,700,000 for a medical branch of the University of Texas at. San Antonio; $1,500,000 for Lamar College at Beaumont; a tax remission of $800,000; a soil conservation bill carrying an appropriation of $3,000,000; museums for Texas Technological College and West Texas State at $125,000 each; find $250,000 for Improve- 1 : mentK to the Tcxaa Memorial Museum a^ Austin. __ _ 'Brant Smith Enten Tennis Play Finals ALBURQUERQUE, June 2 --(/P)-- ·Jrfint Smith of Tucson played his /ay into the finals of men's singles .n 'the New Mexico amateur tennis tournament by defeating Jack Broylcs, Texas Tech 10-8, 6-4. For the championship he will meet the winner of a. match between Russell Ball, El Paso, and Roy McSpadcn, Borger. The Ball- McSpaden match was postponed u n t i l 0 a. m. Sunday after McSpaden battled Stamm of Albuquerque for two and one-half hours in n quarter-finals match. McSpaden's defeat of Stam B-4, 1-13, was the biggest upset of the meet so far. N Stam was seeded fourth and McSpndRn T I K O K - I V K TV KG It ICES WACO, June 2-- (/P)--Plans to form CIO organizing committee In communities throughout Texas got under way today as the labor group's newest, effort to intensify Its drive for additional union members. ! CIO representative decided on j t.he step at the close of n t.wo- i d a y recruiting conference here yesterday. The action followed an address · by Van Bittner, national vlcu-pre- : sklent; of t h e United Steel Workers ! (CIO) and director of the CIO ( s o u t h e r n organization drive, that the "best answer to those who desire the downfall of labor" was the enlistment of new union members. Bittner declared organized labor ; today was built on two firm a foundation to easily fall. "Neither the Hartley-Tan bill nor any other bill will destroy labor," he said. "They will only make us more determined than ever to carry on our fight." The volunteer recruiting committees to be established in each city, Bittner explained, would be supplemented by paid staff organizers. ^ Robert Oliver, Texas director of the "Operation Dixie" organizational campaign, told the 500 delegates that the Lone Star state was the last in the Union to adopt the volunteer committee plan. He predicted it would be as successful here as In other states. " W e ' v e o r g a n i z e d 8 3 p l a n t s i n T e x a s s i n c e mid- May of 1040, but that isn't enough," Oliver said. "We've got to organize more and volunteers working in their spare time are the persons who can and must do it. John Brown, talking over the backyard fence to neighbor Bill Smith, can convince Smith he should Join a, union quicker than all the paid organizers in the world," Murderer Dies In Electric Chair HUNTSVILLE, June 2.-- (/P) -Louis Jones, 29, convicted murderer from Gonzalez, died in the electric chair at the state penitentiary here today, his last wish to shake hands with the prison warden. The negro was placed in the chair at 12:05 a.m. and five minutes later was pronounced dead. Jones, who had received four stays of execution, was calm to the last. He walked steadily to the execution chamber. Asked by Warden A. C. Turner if he had any final statement to make, Jones said he had none but that he would like to shake his hand. A f t e r the execution, his body was claimed by relatives from Dallas. Jones was convicted of murdering n negro soldier, John Perrault, near Waelder, in the January, 1946, term of court at Gonzalez. He was sentenced on July 2, 1946, and re- crivcd at the penitentiary July 4, Tho first date of execution was set ABTLKNE, June 2-- (/P)~ A graduating class of 104 members will receive degrees nt commencement exercises at Harclin-Simmons Uni- | ther clemency, versity today. for Aug. 3, 1046. Saturday the board of pardons and pnroles in Austin refused fur- STAR ELECTRIC Company -- Inc. PHONE 171 Brown»ville RIO LAST DAY Michaol O'SHEA Susan HAYWARD Guatemala Is the only Central American country that t ouches both Mexico and the Pacific ocean. Big Ben is the bell on which the great Westminster clock In London strikes, not the clock itself. In the N«ymholism of heraldry, sable--black--is the color of grief and penitence. The Chinese played football ·?000 years before the birth of Christ.' CENTRAL RADIO Radio · Electronic Sales 610 W. Eliz. Phone S86 · / " » i i r ' M O W N ! ·RADIATORS* S l o n k In .Smith TC.XIIH HKST Q U A L I T Y AT LOWEST PRICKS A-IUillalor* $!«.7 C H K V K PARS. KiiilSatori $28 NBM- O l i K A N I N O PLUCK ONLY $il.(W he I l i i d l i v l o r Y O U WANT! EXCEL RADIATOR EXCHANGE 807 K. ' M l h . St. IlrcMvnsvillr. MBjH ^SJBj^^ SHM! wBN ·r^B^ BHi l^ptB ·^^^^B ^^^^BH Progreso Lumber Co., at Progreso, Tex. B u i l d i n g s and yard at Progreso, seven miles south of Weslaco, the only lumber yard on the Old M i l i t a r y Highway between Browns- v i l l e and Mission, This is an attractive property,is in excellent condition and i* do- ing a p r o f i t a b l e business, Cash or term** Also For Sale: 22-ft. Trailer Float, never used. Address P. 0. Box 66, Progreso, Tex Or Phone Mercedes 6000-F-21 G. I. business continue to spring up n round the town, a d d i n g tn the .strength of the Brownsville biifil- neHH community. One of the In Lent Is Louis Bnrboc's Valley Flooring Co., a f i r m that Is already beginning to m a k e a, name. Louis Is no stranger to the flooring business, having had eight years' experience around nnd nbout McAllen before going Into the service. ^^ The firm, located at 1123 E Levee, Is specializing In Installing Venetian blinds, linoleum, rubber floor covering and asphal tile as well ns s a n d i n g and refinlshlng of wood floor. Business is good, considering that the .firm has been in operation for only a couple of months, and Barbee points out that, one of tho bnsl. .things about, d e a l i n g with his o u t f i t , Is that you get what Shows Strain Strain oJC worry over condition of his ailing mother shows clearly in this grave-faced photo of President Truman. It was taken in his Kansas City, Mo., hotel, between his visits to his mother's bedside in nearby Grandview. Blalock Designates Open Day In Court EDINBURG, June 2--Today has been designated as open day of the June term of court by District Judge W. R. Blalock. A total of 332 cases are listed on the docket for the next two months. District Judge Bryce Ferguson indicated he will be ready to call a special term of court during the Summer recess in July and August if attorneys wish to try cases. He left Saturday for San Francisco and will not be present for the close of the May term which extends into June. He will attend a convention of the National Tuberculosis Association at Sail Francisco, and also a director's meeting of the Texas Tuberculosis Association at Austin. He will also attend the annual meet- Ing of the State Bar Association at Dallas. ITl^ HELD LAREDO, June 2.--(/P)---Funeral services were held here yesterday for Leopoldo Guerra, BO, prominent ranchman of northeast Webb county, Guerra died Saturday at his home after a brief illness. USEP TIRES GUARANTEED RECAPPED TIRES FOR SALE 600x16 $8.85 at 0, K. RUBBER WELDERS 13th and Madison Phone 1113 · Venetian Blinds · Linoleum Floors · Asphalt Tile Floor Sanding and R e f i n i n h i n p r l«Vee Estimate* VALLEY FLOORING CO, 1123 E. Levee - Ph. 404 We Carry a Complete , * Stock Of Whiskies - Rums Gins - Wines At Moderate Price* RIO GRANDE PACKAGE STORE Corner 12th Wash. Your Postwar Car Renovation Shop Is Here Now! Electric Welding Acetylene Welding Steam Cleaning Adjusted Light* for Spray Painting Body Undercoating Renovation of Rusted oat bodies. Radiator Service "Satisfaction Warranted" VALLEY PAINT AND BODY SHOP Cliff Wither* 1 1015 C, Adam* you w n n t NOW, no waiting, and get it done right. * * * ' Luis MontoH, too announces .some good post-war service in a line that has been undermanned here In the p a s t . . . the servicing and r e p n l r s of n i l kinds of business machines, Monies is an ex-official mechanic of the Remington 1 Typewriter Co., and is an expert at repairs of all kinds of fine machinery. Adding machines, cnsh registers, typewriters and computing machines nrfi all an open book to Montes, a n d he guarantecw his work. I His shop is located at 533 E Washington. * * * John Van Mill, "jnfe" of the Van Mill Riding Academy in Fort Brown announces a new service, boarding of hor.scs, along with his a n n o u n c e m e n t of summer rates. Van Mill hns plenty of well-constructed stables, and all equipment necessary for -the proper care and feeding of fine horses. The place is beginning to catch on, with people from all over town and all walks of lii'e dropping in for a session of the bridle paths. Van Mill has competent instructors, and is offering bargain rates on riding lessons of 12 or more, as well as single lessons. * * + Now that the "R" months are gone, E. C. Cortex of the Sanitary Fish Market again reminds Brownsville and Valley folk that they are living in that fortunate part of the country where oysters may be eaten the year 'round. Just what it is that makes Valley coast oysters edible at all times, whereas those from other parts of the country are good only during months containing the letter "R" has never been -fully explained. However, all Valley oyster lovers appreciate this additional' evidence, of Nature's favoritism for the Valley, and dont ask why too loudly. Cortez also features shrimp, red fish steaks, trout and other sea foods of all kinds. * * + John H. and Earl Hunter, "the Valley's oldest and largest refrigeration house" are proucj of the part they played in equipping the new Corral Drive In, opened yesterday by Hal Vandever. Hunter's installed not only the regular refrigeration units usually required in a.n eating establishment, but a deep freeze unit to enable Vandever to take advantage of especially choice conditions in the steak, game and fish markets. * * * The advent of the Valley's summer has caused a great rush in business at Hoot's Ice Cream Drive In out in West Brownsville. Hoo't's not only feature ice crenm cpnes and drinks, but specialize in ice cream packages to go out. A special service for picnicers, campers or beach parties is the packing of any amount of ice cream a pint to five gallons, packed in dry ice so that it will be in prime condition for use hours after its purchase. FINAL RITES HELD OKLAHOMA CITY, June 2.--W 3 ) --Funeral services for Charles W. White, 52, former Texas oilman, were to be held today at Coffeyville, Kan. White, assistant district nmnageiv for the Sinclair Oil Company ih Oklahoma the past two years, died Saturday in a hospital here after a long illness. DINING OUT? We invite you to try our special dishes that are planned daily to suit every · taste. Texas Cafe MARKET SQUARE OPEN DAY and NIGHT AIR CONDITIONED 000000*00 J Dorothy Gray Hot Weather Cologne ,$2,00 Value $1.00 EL JARDIN DRUG PKG. STORE % % % % V For Galveston Site WASHINGTON, J u n f t 2.--f/T')-~ The second postwnr nmphlbious maneuvers of the armed forces will be held near Galveston, Texas, in November. Elements of the Army ground nnd Air Forces, the Nevy nnd the Marines will participate. Last year, the exercises vyere held off San Clemente Island. California. Overall commander this year will be Gon. J o n a t h a n M. Wrvinwright, commander of the Fourth Army. N a v y men and ships will bo from the A t l a n t i c fleet commanded by Admiral W. H. P. Blandy. Rear Admiral H. O. Davis, amphibious forces commander for the Atlantic i.Fleet, will be in charge of the amphibious phases, A combat command "A" of tho second armored divisions at Camp Hood, Texas, I.s to be the principal ground unit. Aircraft will come from the Navy, Marines, and Army Air Forces. High Winds Damage East Texas Airport TYLER, June 2.--P)--This East Texas city today surveyed damages caused by a 30-minute rain storm late yesterday thai, generated winds estimated up to 125 miles per hour. No injuries wore reported but Major O. C. Palmer, m a n a g e r of Pounds Field, the municipal airport, said vacant barracks, once used by the Army, were blown down, 'several hangars damaged and eight trainer-type planes torn loose from their moorings. Three of the light planes were partially damaged. Major Palmer said the storm lasted for about half an hour, cutting- off electric power in this area briefly and sending gusts of wind that ranged from 75 to 125 miles per hour. Fifth Test Located At Mercedes Field MERCEDES, June 2--The fifth test to be drilled by Rogers Lacy ill the Mercedes field of eastern Hidalgo and western Cameron Counties hns been located at Ropers Lne.y Production Company No. 5 Uicy-Crain-Grifflth. It will be drilled to 10,500 feet. Tt is in Farm Tract 2,521, Section 9, North Cnpl- s:\llo District. EXTINGUISH FIRE A small fire in the 1'Yontier Aero- motive Building at the .International was quickly extinguished by the. airport fire department yesterday morning. An electrical short circuit was believed to h a v e been the cause. Fred Lcrma, airport fire chief said. Damage was estimated at only five dollars. ""Moist "shooting stars" are only the sixe of a bean. A new mineral found In alluvial depositis in the Merumt River, British Guiana, has been named Merumite. Expert Repairs Adding Machines Typewriters Cnsh Registers, Etc. Luis Monies 533 E. Washington St. Automobile Accessories -- and -Home Appliances B, F. Goodrich Stores 400 E. 12-th -- Phone 780 The Regent diamond got Its ] name when it was sold to the : Duke of Orleans, then Regent o f ; France, for about $650,000. SANITARY FISH MARKET ·"Quality Seafoods" FRESH DAILY E, C. Cortex, Prop. Row Outside City Market Phone 1659 SPANISH BOOKS Complete stock of books in Spanish by the best authors and publishers. RAMONES PRINTING SHO1 640 12th St. HARGIS ELECTRIC Jc\ JLi Jui S T U D I O LIFE-LIKE PORTRAITS 1107 S. E. Wash. Phone 1674 Flight Aircraft Engine Mechanic Training Courses *· One. of (he world's best eaiilpncd B i r r c a f t 'srhonln. Approved hr CAA and V A , T m l n i n r lr«dg o S500 monthly Jobs, Rchnnl Ilnuslnir Umploymnnt Service MATJLDIN AIRCRAFT INC. Brownsville Karlingcn SERVICE ELECTRIC CO Electrical Installation* Electrical Repair* And a Big' Assortment of Hard-to-Get Electrical Appliance* For Immediate Delivery S30 E. 13th Phone 336 CLOTHES Makt the Man WE CLOTHE the Man In ihe Newest Fashion VillarreaTs MEN'S STORE 432 Thirteenth St. For Good Food At Reasonable Prices Eat At CHARRO KITCHENS Owned and Operated i»y Mr. and Mr*. W. W. Underwood 2235 Boca Chica Blvd. 1 blk. East of Los Fresnos Hiway Lunches to j?o ont our specialty. Phone 1841-R Open 0:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Closed Saturdays Immediate Delivery L A U H D E R A L L The. Completely Automatic Home Laundry CALL 739 or See Up At 1201 E. Adam* APPLIANCE CO. PACKARD Sales and Service Servicing All Makes of Cars D. W. Simpson Co. 9th A Washing-ton - Ph. 1664 The Orange Mill 1121 E. Levee Featuring 1 ORANGE JULIUS "A Devilish Good Drink" Fresh Citrus Juice* Grilled Sandwiches Hygeia Ice Cream Ice Cream Drinks Milk and Buttermilk -:-We Serve Breakfast-: Franklin W. Pitt, Manager Save Your Nickels No Parking Worries -No Parking Fees -No Parking Fines --, When You Ride THE GREEN BUSES. FARE 5o Brownsville Transportation Co. HORSE BACK RIDING IS FUN! Enjoy This Hcnlthful Outdoor Sport Trained Instructors Gentle Mounts VAN MILL RIDING ACADEMY X FORT BROWN Boarding- Facilities for Privately Owned Horses New Location of Hobby Shop HOOT'S Ice-Cream Drive In Corner San Benito Hhray and Eliznbctb St. Kree-Mee Ice Cream Thick Malted Milks, Cones, Sundaes. Bulk sales in quart, pint, 2\b and 5-gallon sizes, packed tn dry ice. For Every Musical Need or Desire. . . Record* -- Albums Piano* -- Radios Miislcnl Instrument* Record Players Electrical Appliances Harry W. Le^, Mr*. THE SAME MOTOR SERVICE New equipment, but the same employees, in our new location. Pipkin Is Better Than Ever PIPKIN MOTORS f INC. 10th and St. Chnrlc* - Phon« S8S C, EFFIE IMGRAM General Agent Th« Franklin Life Insurance Company 308 Pan American Bldff. Phone 78 RUG STORM BROWNSVILLE.TEXA* SALLE ANN PROFIT-SHARING PLAN Get $1.00 in Merchandise FREE With Every $25.00 You Spend I See U« for Contractors For PAINTING · PAPERHANGING CARPENTERING FOR MINOR REPAIRS and Complete Line of Home Decorating Suppliei SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 1240 Elizabeth -- PVion. 1181 HOME DECORATION SERVICE CRIS RADIO SHOP 704 12th St. -- Cor. A damn Phone 15)17 · Radios · Record Players · Expert Radio Repairs We also have a fair stock of HAM PARTS DELTA MACHINE COMPANY General Machine * Welding Work JSrownsville, TexM Business Training AD Commercial Course* Enroll Now! R. . M. School of Business 12th Street Brownsville Reliable Service - Reiiabl* Products JOHN U. and EARL "The Valley'* Oldest *nd Largest Refrigeration House" 222 E. Elhuibelli Phone 48 ***»***%%%** Camcro'8 Self Service Red and White Grocery Safeguarding Quality "nd Food Prices for all Brownsville CAMERO'S Palm Boulevard and Jeffenon Phone 588 Tools «nd Supplies Replacement. Parts Automotive Equipment Burton Auto Supply Wholesale Distributors 1001 E. Adams Phone 41 REAL ESTATE For Restricted Homcsilcs, Truck Farm or Citrus Groves Consult Us LOS EBANOS ESTATES A. K. BLACK, M*r. El .lardin Hotel Bid*. Telephone 499 Brownsville, Tex. NATIVE ARTS OF OLD MEXICO THE MEXICAN MART Retail Branch -- Rio Grande Importing «. 1302 Elizabeth -- Rio Bravo Bulldinj: Complete Building Service 425 N. W. Elizabeth Phone 811 DECORATING SERVICE First class workmen and quality materials will do your job. A, R, BQEER «09 W. Sixteenth -- Phone 1581 TODD STOBAUGH Homes - Farms - Groves Business Property Sec us for any real estate need. Realtors Property Management 407 llth Phone lit

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