The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on November 14, 1941 · Page 8
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 8

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1941
Page 8
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Six The Herald, Bessemer, Michigan Friday, November 14, 1941 LOOSING BACKWARD VIA HERALD FILES · Five Years Ago, Frt., Nov. fi, 1936 J. MacFarlane was elected Sheriff ot Gogehic County as a re- sah ot Tuesday's election. Rudolph A, Anderson defeated Andrew Lii- OSES to succeed John P. Hurley as Clerk, Michael E. Nolan re-elected probate judge, defeat- Jug CJSSord Trethewey; Harold Er Sefcse-a. former register of deeds, lost his eotnehaek fight to Prank. L. Van Gardes-., *rho was re-elected to a sec- tool term, AH other Democratic in- tsaabents -were re-elected by comfortable margins. They included: Jjeaaaril J. McManman, prosecuting attorney; John B. Tnoro, mine inspector; John C. Vincent, county irefcsarer, and Clarence W. Moore, A new Democratic coroner of Iron- Ironwood Gogebic scud Kropidlowski Rslph Rowell of Township will represent Cotnajy to the State Legislature, defeating Joseph Cloon or Wakefield. The reiiring representative is Mich- *-s3 A, Gedda of Bessemer. Frank K. Hook of Tronwood, was re-elected to congress from the 12th district for the second term, defeating W. FtesS: James of Laurium. laie Gogebic was the scene of the ·waist fiisaster in its history last Saicnaay morning when seven per- fiias in a party of eight were drowned after their boat capsized. The i«^H of this horrifying accident claim- AHOV. -51UAB, V P-SS-T-fOPEVE- VPi LOOKS LIKE } IT MUST COST PLEOTS A MILLION ^ ARF-ARF VA =ieTS UNIFORMS FREE U/HEN VA ENLtSKsAN'FREE FOOD AM'NO DOCTOR OR DEMTVST IN TH 1 NAWy THE T¥*y A 3RAVV£/ ^ . MGLADI EfVUSTK SOU-SURE OT pay hAe Navy is gravy No nut to pay. No food to boy. No-doctor's or deotofs bifc. Eve* MOMS nd other ·utottaw. me* an free. And when you fat enbt. the No»» grmyoa $liaawo«1P.o wtfontt! And f you we*t to learn o trade.-tha Navy b ** place to eV ». There OK fotry-Jncxxid trade* you can team ___ training tbcrt's worth huBJixU of doBon the first year. Tfce Navy aflen Ae cbance ef a BfcHnie to ·«. * you are 17 or oner, net a free copy Crc«i the Navy Edtar of this newspaper. HMJR COU4TRS. 1 BUILD MOLJR FUTURE! ET IM THE KIAW 547.2S. This total is a decrease ol ak, ceuter; Toutloff, quarterback; Mem,250.17 from a year ago. The thod and Harris, halfbacks; V. Sea- valuation of the county this year forivarda, fullback; Gotta, Halama, John- tax purposes is $36,941 as compared son and C. Scavarda subs with ?39,98S,988 in 1935. B. I.,. Knudsen, assistant superin-' tendent at the Irouton mine for the Republic Steel Corporation, has resigned his position here and will Ironwood--Lott and Somppi, ends; Dear and Nadolney, guards; Gardner, center; ° mpPi H com,:r s ^erin7em£ntr tor the ^max^' gt6 "' hal£back ^ *"*· '«""ack; Molybaenum Company mine in Col-i orado. . j A. J. Christenson,. who has been; Hansen and Trewartha, subs. Referee--Carroll of Negaunee, umpire--Johns of Ashland; headlines- mining captain at the Irouton for the! TMa n -Hackatt ot Wakefleld. past year, will succeed Mr. Knudsen. '· A sur P rise h ° us e warming party Mrs. John Hetherington and son! returned Monday from a six months! visit in England. Her niece, Mrs. Charles Chapman, came with her to join her husband in this city. 40 Years Ago, Fri., Nov. 9, 1901 j · | Fire early Wednesday morning de-i sti'oyetl the three story Klondike { Theatre building in Hurley, with the per loss of at least 10 lives. How the' Sf fire started is not known, but it i °" ' 4 STEEL FACTS JIM Ont The change 1st. is effective 10 Years Ago, ·rf lie lives of: Irl H. Dulebohu, i -Si superintendent of the Bessemer I Fri,, Nov. 6, 1931 township schools; Jacob Halama, 71, · of Bessemer; James Halama. 39, A . ].,. Campbell of Ashland, former November was siven Mrs - George Beaudette at j spread so rapidly that the building- J her new home by a number of friends was a mass of flames by the time \ ! Friday evening. Mrs. Beaudette was| t n e Hurley and Ironwood fire depart-'[ i presented with a set of dishes. j ments arrived. The financial loss | | Deaths; Mrs. Celestia E. Hai-kins.jis 520,000. i .. _ -- _. ... Cleveland, i I Hurley attorney; Tim Ryan, Ironwood } Steel Production Higher; Net Earnings Lower A«*o«9« rite feel Moby prodmd 35 c«* MX* Orel i. e fin* bo* of 1MI ··» «*e amsfaBf+y perm] of im. n Mtal eer eonmgs MA 25 per cce* fc-er. largely becoese iotretaed onto «ei% ·n ,, ^ . , , , , - , , \ --~~~.jj .^....wutjj , r 44I4 JXJdll, 11UU*\UVU I l\t TTM-mTi or-Tinnl- Tamou o T · ~. ~ ' T 1 neSReiner high SCilOOl StUdentS haVei opfnr. -CVa,,!- T fn,. ,,* Oi T of Puritan school, James goo Line agent in Bessemer, is again ! organized a Literarv Plub wifh i**\ f Gay of St. Louts., Jr.. 11; Frank Halama, 37, j n charge of the local depot ' ' ult " imzeQ a ^"eraiy UlUD, witn tne !gta(rf , mnnnww no^r^ nTM,,^ r- n ^ : ol Bessemer; Lawrence Petrusha, 2S, ,HK Charles M. Rayner. Bessemer high school ( iouowing ath e Hne Han Kattieune Hait,, of the Ramsay school; Stan- president; Ruth Holland, vice presi ·ej Cory, 30. of Powers, teacher in the Puritan school. The only sur- of what was to have been a the second Upper Peninsula championship won camping excursion is Ted by the football team. Bessemer won Olson. 29, of St. Paul, an instructor its final game Saturday from Iron in tie Harding school, Bessemer R} ver ni to 6 icwaship. Heroic efforts on the Deaths.- Mrs. John Ball, 61, Fri- part of Mrs. Oscar Hendiick, 34, who flay. students j jent; Francis Carlson, secretary- Arthur Hardy, sergeant-at- Bessemer Eagles lodge has launched a big membership campaign lives on the shore of the lake, almost i succeeded in saving most of the i] y ot uamsay have Moved to Green group. Bat her owu boat capsized Bay. wjm its heavy burden and only timely arrival of help saved- the courag- «oas woman and Olson. The liighest tai rate in the county is in the city of Bessemer, where Pive thouaand fans saw Ule B several court judgments, bonded in- men clty team de£eat the Ironwood debtedn^ has boosted the rate to j Legion eleven here Smu , ay ^.^ Mr . and Mrs. Ben Savage and fam- 20 Years Ago, Fri., Nov. 4, 1921 which is in charge of John Johnson, M . E. Daly and A. E. Church. Alex Rosemurgy left Thursday for Houghton where he will spend a few ST3-36 per thousand dollars ot val- 53I5OE. The Ironwood city rate is $52.44, while Waiefield is three dollars a thousand below the rate of last year of $36.37 per thousand dollars. The totai taxes to be raised in the ttwnty among au political subdivisions and for all purposes is $1,482,- 13 to il, to win the Upper Peninsula championship. Method scored one touchdown after a brilliant 14 yard run, while Toutloff plunged from the 1-yard line to score the other. Lineups: Bessemer--Boge and BeClerk, ends Anderson and P. Scavarda, tackles; Michela and Links, guards; Jankovi- days at his home. Elsie Hellman returned Saturday from Uuluth where she has been attending school the past year. · 30 Years Ago, Fri., Nov 4, 1911 Two local hardware stores were entered by thieves Tuesday night- A rifle, 20 boxes ot cartridges and ?1S were taken from the H. Selin store, while $4.50 was taken from the till ln"the J . J. Frick stove. school. " The club is composed of j girls and Saturday they will hike to Ironwood regardless of the weather. Thomas LeClaire o f ) Hurley; Thomas Ozonne; Harry Ray-! mond; Miss Clara Bonne, actress; H. P. Clifford, comedian; Miss Jen-; nie Barber, actress. j Those seriously injured are H. D. Emory; Laura Russell, actress; William Rushbolt, Tronwood barber: Jennie Bender: William McLaughlin and Ella Hess. T H E H E R A L D S N A P S H O T S The fire occurred on the same spot I where in 1SS7 the old Alcazar Thea- | tre was burned and in whch 11 wo-1 men were burned to death. j Fire broke out on the 7th level of the Mikado mine Wednesday morning at 6 o'clock, after the night shift had j come up. The fire burned itself out. · but the fumes were so strong that :\ i searching party was unable to get below the 7th level until Friday. : There the lifeless bodies of two pumpmen were found They were John C. Williams and Erick Johnson . - , . , . . , I both of whom were married and leave - Miss Jacobs has organized the [ f am ji- ea Cross Country Club at Bessemer high j Gerha ; dt BerwaW have the con,| tract for building the new hospital on I the northside for Dr. R. A. Parauis I and the frame ot the structure is now | up They have men erecting a new I school and business block in Wake-' field, and they have just completed new sc-hool buildings at the Mikado | and Meteor mines. j. Michigan defeated the Carlisle Iii| dians football team at Detroit Satur- When Vanity Cases Were MadeoE Iron lodm vtxAy cam anie of a preoa Saving Metals for Defense Purpose* To cc*am wtoU needed for defcrai, *e dnl Matty ond te oriBo. ontaMn ·re cooperoHag · mfedag H» BM of ««*«l twig*TM, tw. New Steel Capacity Exceeds Total in 3 Foreign Nations try fc«f a» QMaal capacity of over 81^600.000 toos. By Ik* cod el 1941, il irii ' added 6JOQAOO low Bore. «r olMMt ""ied pr^vor copeorr of My. 1,!-.· [BETTER THAN A LETTER FROM HOME-- JTHE HERALD -- $2.00 A YEAR, ANYWHERE H«ad» Greater New York Defense Bonds Sale -Lewis W. Douglas, former Director ol the Budget (left}. ;s shown above conferring with Colonel Richard C. Patter- -son. Jr., Mew York State Chairman for the sale of Defense S a v i n g s Bonds and Stamps. Mr. Douglas has accepted the post of Defense Savings Bonds Chairman lor Greater New York. Mr. Douglas formerly was -Director of the Hollywood -- First photo of film actress Veronica Lake since she became mother of baby girl on August 22nd- She pauses to drink a Coca-Cola during visit to Paramount Studios to discuss forthcoming release of latest picture, "Sullivan's Travels." Sun Queen--Tucson, Arizona -- Nan Beat, former San Francisco girl, who was elected Sun Queen of Tucson, to rule over festivities during the coming season in Arizona's winter vacationland, atop of one of the shapely sa'guardo cacti which dot the sunny desert. SO Cards For $1.0O day, 22 to 0. Art Redner of Bessemer was again in the University line- : up. although he had to retire because ( ol injuries. j Gustave Becker, son of Mr. and | Mrs, P. H. Becker of this city, has been promoted to general manager of the rtooth Fish Oyster Co.. at Peoria, 111. For Notional Defense--Because metal is more important for cartridge abells than lipsticks, William B. Petzold. leading ir.dus- tnal plastics designer, designed Ihis first all-plaatics lipstick to operate on a turnout swiv«l. It can b« made in 1.000 different color combinations and does not use the formaldehyde ingredient required by some plastics needed for defense work Scad to b« tte kag«»t load ol hay e/er car-l tied OT*T · highways oi Pennsylvania, this 12-lon load would to tt» usual _ nsyvana, s -ton oad would f e e a S 4 ?/ J?TM 1 ** 1 " on his Fruehauf trailer. Contrary tlu* JS hgyl ' ^ - · New Drugs Very Effective In Treatment of Pneumonia This year it will be hard to die! of pneumonia--if you give the doc- i tor -i i'air chance. | Drugs and serums which are new j or newly improved will be provided j for physicians without charge by j the Michigan Department of Health. I so that a pneumonia patient any- j where in the state may have the) benefit of treatment methods which i make unnecessary two out of three j pneumonia deaths. j "Pneumonia follows a neglected i cold, nine times out of ten." says [ Dv. H. Allen Mover, State Health! Commissioner. "The early signs of j j pneumonia will include some or all | of these: chill, fever, pain in the side and cough. Any person who after a cold has a chill followed by a sudden rise in temperature should call tha doctor and go to bed. The new clrugs and serums are wonderfully effective--bat they mnst be given early." | Distributing centers for the drugs and serums have been established in j 66 hospitals and health departments. The durgs are sulfathiazole and sul- fadiazine. both of which are extremely effective in treating . pneumonia. The serums are newly improved and are the culmination of five years ot research work in the State Health j Department laboratories where they are produced. Fint Of Its Cad To B*. Bom In Captivity -- San Diego, Calif.--This R«d Luton Monkey said to b*' the first bom in a zoo. ' 'a- New Hampshire Is holding a six- day season in December to let hnnt- era kill 125 elk from a herd "too large for farming Interests." Mich- gau's elk herd is estimated to be larger, hut it does no damage to agriculture at its home In Pigeon River state forest. News about folks yon know in the Herald. DA ADS PRINTED WITH YOUR NAME From The BESSEMER HERALD

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