The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 28, 1965 · Page 3
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 3

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1965
Page 3
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Two Pre- Nuptial Parties Honor Miss Billye Pyron 1NDIANOLA -- Prcnup'.inl 111. Spencer, entertained the parlies continued during the ibride-clcct at a coffee at her week for Miss liillye Dell P y - j h o n u ? in Jackson. ron. bride elect of John William, Haucn of GuUporl. Pyron was the lionorce this occasion Miss Pyron a two piece silk trous- was the lionorce |s e nu frock of pale green with linen shower given by m a t c h i n g necessaries and Cym- Ernestine Crislcr. princi- bidium orchid. ·~i,,.~ii The refreshment table over- Delta Democrat-Times Friday, May 28, 'b'5 3 Hints From Heloise Two - Steps For Dishwashers at a Miss j p a l of Spaim Elementary School. J i n Jackson and Mrs. Don Mitch-j DEAR HELOISE: I'm so proud of my dishwasher, but it seems (o have accumulated a film nil over the inside, and some of my dishes and glasses look foggy too. |ell of Jackson. The Crisler home was the scene of the event. The lionorce wore a trous- ' span frock of yellow ami orange laid with a while linen cloth and appointed in silver, was centered with an arrangement of pink and while carnations in a silver container flanked by p i n k linen with matching accessories ITM'""" '" s l l v e r canllcla - iiml .1 corsage of Spartan roses. b r i l - Arrangements of yellow Gifts were displayed in a wheel f^ 1 TM,^TM an1 wh " c C a r n a 'barrow covered w ^crepe paper. · The refreshment orange ca tulles tions decorated rooms. the receiving table was centered with an arrangement of Bird of Paradise in a silver icontainer flanked by burning j l t n M r s Bradley Baker, Mrs. while candles in a silver camlcla-; Don Mitchell. Miss Ann Perry, Miss Ernestine Crisler and Assisting the hostess were Mrs. D. C. Wiggins of Indianola, Mrs. Morris Thigpen of Meridi- included the honorccs' F. Hospital Gets New Lift Mrs. Byron Lake, president of the General Hospital Auxiliary, tries out a new patient lift, purchased from the proceeds of a cake sale, staged by Auxiliary members. Operating the lift is Roy Myers, hospital administrator, and Mrs. Ike Newton, who served as chairman for the cake sale. The lift makes it possible to move non- ambulatory patients by fewer hospital personnel. (staff photo) Open House At Porters Fetes Four Senior Girls Four Greenville High School.ed a seniors were entertained at anjvor. open bouse held Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Perry Porter. Co - hostess was Mrs. Kenneth Alexander. Honored were Miss Laura Eustis, Miss Lynn Alexander, Miss Margaret Kcllum and Miss Bonnie Robertson, who were presented their graduation gifts. miniature diploma as a fa- Arrangements of gladioli and chrysanthemums were featured in the living room. The refreshment table, covered with a pink and silver cloth, held a centerpiece of stock, carnations and chrysanthemums in shades of lavender, combined with pink tapers. Assisting in serving were Mrs. Harold Eustis, Mrs. Hugh A. Alexander, Mrs. James Kcl- lum and Miss Lucie Robertson. Couples Club Is Entertained INDTANOLA -- Mr. and Mrs. ames Andrews entertained the Couples Bridge Club and guests n special compliment to Mrs. Allen Deen, houseguesl of her arents Mr. and Mrs. R. .f. *oss. The Andrews home was decorated with mixed arrange ments of summer flowers. Players were Mr. and Mrs. IV. F. Pyron, Mr. and Mrs. R 1. Ross, Mrs. J. W. Philley. Mrs. Fincher Word, Mrs. Har vey Baker, Mrs. Allen Decn, Mrs. Marvin Terrell Jr., Mrs. Bill Crook and Mrs. Joe Ogles by. H.D. Club Meeting Held At Friddle Home The Arcola-Tralake Home demonstration Club met in he home of Mrs 0. F. I-rid- die with Mrs. Gordon Crowe as co-hostess. Mrs. R. M. Pritcli- spring Inducted ii were all the i the guest girls in the list senior class. Each guest was present- Mr. Pyron was winner of club high score; Mrs. Philley, guest high score: Mrs. Deen second high, and Mrs. Baker was lucky at bingo. The hostess served refreshments. Just Received New Shipment of Sealy Redi-Beds A line sofa by day--A comfortable Bed by night We have a good selection of the newest Styles. SENOJ FURNITURE CO. IN DOWNTOWN GREENVILLE ird presided over Ihe business meeting. Mrs. A. B. Quinn pre scntcil a devotional, "Faith In Tod's Love." Mrs. Vela H u n t e r reported on he four district workshops. Mrs. G. R. Friddle, 4-H leader, reported that Karen Winn was local winner of the award Jackson, for Home Improvement. I ancy Estes of Friddic was district winner for Yard lieautification, and won 2nd place for the dress she made and modeled. Mrs. Julian Potter gave health and safety notes and also Ihe slndy topic, "Teenagers' Responsibility in the Home and Communily." Planning committees for the June and July meetings were appointed: June, Mrs. I. D. Nunnery Jr., and Mrs. R. L. Nunnery; July, Mrs. Ross Underwood, Mrs. Max Edwards and Mrs. John McCraw Jr. The demonstration, "Placement of Patterns on Napped and Plaid Material, was presented by Mrs. Joe Macione Jr. and Mrs. Gordon Crowe. About 115 attended. .bra. I Guests mother, Mrs. W. F. Pyron of Indiana!;), Mrs Rubye Morgan of Sunllower and Mrs. Thomas IcDonnell of Hnzelhurst. Miss Pyron's aunt, Mrs. James OES Officers Entertained At Luncheon Mrs. Leon Williams of Unties burg worthy grand matron, ml Raymond Barry of Vicks- jurg, worthy grand pal ron of :hc Order of Eastern Star of Mississippi were honored at a Kriduy luncheon in the home of Mr. and Mrs, W. Hillis Guyer Arrangements of Tropiciana roses were used throughout the home. Tables for four were covered Miss Sandra Spencer, all of Jackson. Piano Recital Held At Church The piano pupils of Mrs. fames Dunn were presented in \ recital Sunday afternoon in :lie Fellowship Hall of First Methodist Church. program included the following numbers: "Bouncing The Rail," Daney Dees; "Cinderella At The Ball," Phin Per"Promenade," Trenn Lud- In Chords," Ann ith cloths of printed flowers and the favors were bookmarks of the hono- recs chosen emblem for this year. Among the out of town guests ittending were Mrs. A. P. Jen of Lake Village, Ark., Mrs. Ray Meeks, Mrs. R. N. Craig, of cy; ke; "Concerto Wynn; "Holiday In Spain," Judy McCormick; "Black Pirates," iteve Cox; "Flamenco," Joan Viser; "Minuet In G," Beth Vinn; The Skaters," Marinmne Barnes; "Water Skiing," Con- Dunn; "Equestriennes," Nick Wiser; Mr. and Mrs. Marion Crugor. Mrs. O. D. Jackson and Mrs. C. A. McEnnis of New Albany, Mrs. Raymond Barry of Vicksburg, Mrs Clyde Robison of Greenwood, Mr. nnd Mrs. Franklin Arbogast of Cleveland. t Co - hosts with Mr. and Mrs. "The Restless Sea," Rosalea Maggio; "Spanish Gypsy Dance," Herlert James; "IvKn' uet In G," Ike Stone Trotter; "Deep Purple," Buck Choate; "EtudrV Ann Gibson; "So- 1s there anything I can do to remove Ihis film? There is something you can do. However, before you begin, read this carefully. This is a TWO-STEP method. First, put your glasses ami porcelain china in the disliwash- but DON'T put any silver, aluminum or brass, etc.. in the ;lishwashcr when this method is used. Only china and glass. Then, put one cup of bleach in b o w l in the bottom of your washer. Run through wash cycle only, do NOT dry. Fill the bowl again with oae cup of vinegar a n d let run through the entire cycle again. Tliis will remove all Mrs from dishes and the tiny crevices of yotir dishwasher. Just one more thing, Kate, DON'T try (o speed up this mehod by combining the bleach and vinegar in one step. Take the lime to do it right. It's worth it. DEAR HELOISE: The best towel I have ever found to use on a baby is a cot ton-knit fitted crib sheet. The sheet is much larger than the usual baby towel, and I an) still using it to dry my two-year-old after her bath. They cost no more than a baby's towel and are twice as useful as you can wrap the jaby in it and still have lots of towel left for drying. Lori DKAR HELOISE: I pencil the numerals "one," "two." "three," "four," in on the corners of my mnltress. Now, no matter when I lurn the mattress, I always put the about one inch of water on top of Ihe gravy. This will keep he leftover gravy from getting lard on Ihe lop, and all you lave to do is take a fork and iix it up to reheat. Next day. mix it thoroughly and reheat it in n pan. Hard-boil an egg and chop it up into this good leftover grnvy you have aixl serve it on a piece of toast! You still gel the egg, (he steak or chicken flavor . . . ami nil the vitamins. Tis nice for you ng clothes for the doll and ing the garments on it. Mother DEAR HF.LOISE: You will probably think this 1 a "Letter of Laughter" because I am a male. I live alone and do all of my own housework, cooking, nnd sewing. I have an old electric machine which neither zigs nor zags . . . but it pets the job done! gals to eal n hot lunch. You need it. DEAR HELOISE: The idea of using the pocket o dungarees for patching was n ;ood one. However, people witJ arge families have loads of jlue jeans, and Ihe worn out ones always have a good piece of material on the back of the cgs . . . from below the seat down to the bottom of U'w leg. Cut this piece from the old dungarees and keep a roll of it around for patching the later ones when they get to that stage. H. Shaw DEAR 11F.I.01SE: Don't laugh but here's another use for yo;ir nylon net: * * * When I'm making clothes for my lillle girl's doll, 7 tie a little anky of net over the doll's hai keep from mussing i(. Of course ou coukt cut a circle of the ne nata In A," Marie Martin; and Guycr were Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Fugue, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Moff i t t , Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Chresl- "Postludium," Lynne Downs. Gary's Corner Mr. aixl Mrs. Bub Lloyd and (laughter Kim of Osceola, Ark. were weekend guests of Mrs. Lloyd's sJster, Mrs. Gene Bur ar.d Mrs. I, L Pogue. 'neft and family. advertise your business service where folks look for YOU. . .the Classified Section. Dial (5-1155) **A Lovelier You** By Mary Sue Miller next consecutive number where my head goes. Distributes the wear on the mattress without trying to remember. l.ela G. DEAR HELOISE: I put colorless nail polish ot my metal watch bracelet band (on both front and back) and find that there are no more black stains caused from the band on my wrist. Mrs. A. Walls DEAR GAI.S: You know that little bit of lef over cream gravy you have when you make chicken-fried steak or fry that chicken? Never throw it away. Even if it's a dab, put it in ; jelly jar or glass and put it in your refrigerate;-. When you put that cold gravy add nd hand-sew a rubber bond round Ihe edge, or run elastic iread around the edge, thus Taking a real doll hairnet. Another simple method would e to put a regular luiir net over le doll's hair and secure it ill) a rubber band. Any one of these would be cry quick, easy and effective ;hen your lillle girl is drcs^ingisajw to er doll, or when you arc rnak- Recenlly, I repaired some flannel pajamas which had split open. Up to now, 1 have always pinned Ihe patch in place before sewing. This time 1 used several small pieces of cellophane tape keep the patch in place and owed right through it! It was asy to strip the tape off a f t e r he patch was sewed on. and he small bit of tape under Ihcj :cam cannot be seen and docs )o harm as it eventually wash-j es out. Merrill A. Cellar Mr. Cellar, this hint didn't go nto the Letters of Laughter because it was great, and oh how we do thank you for it. What price patching? You found a wonderful, simple way. Bless you. Heloise DEAR HELOISE: I would like [o add a little more to the. suggestion of using clean plastic medicine bottles Pizza Supper Honors Seniors E. B. Hughes honored Leo Stevens, -Ned labour and Ray Moslcy, St. Joseph High School seniors at a pizza supper given at the Venetian Room on Main Street. Guesis included Frank Rob- jins. Horry Crcckmore, John Abide. Michael O'Brien, Thomas Walsh, Frank Brocato, Charles Signa, and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Stevens of Glen. Allan. Garden's STRAWBERRIES N CffiAMSU for olives, etc., iti the children's unch box: Recently three of my children had colds. When they went bnck fo school, the liUle marked bottles were just the thing to carry n dose of cough medicine. They took their medicine at the proper time. The teacher Mothcr Surprise Party Honors Beta Sigma Phi Sponsor Velvety-smooth vanilla and strawberry pink ice cream, bursting with bright slices of strawberries picked at their sweetest moment.Try it today. nto a glass or jelly jar, Hall Home Party Scene Mrs. E. H. Hall and Mrs. Jamie McGowin were co-hostesses recently, for nn informal Miss Stovall. How lasting is your hair set? Does your make-up stay put? Are your legs silken smooth? A new approach lo those and other grooming problems takes .he form of sparkling gels. Clear, fresh and delightful to use, gels might well provide answers you've been searching for. If you, like most lovelies, . are a victim of nightly rollups [well as cleanses the ovenll The home of Miss Margaret Stovall was the scene Thursday evening of n surprise party honoring Mrs. Will Monty, sponsor and social director of Beta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. Mrs. J. B. Arnold began the celebration by reading a resolu tion declaring May 25, 1965, 'Aunt Josephine Day." Mrs. John Gable read a poem she I written praising Mr.s. Mon- .y for all the time and talents she has given other people. Mrs. Monty then was initialed as an International Honorary Member of Beta Sigma Phi, re- ccived the R i t u a l of Jewels, ant was installed as sponsor for the coming year. Mrs. J. H. Burl Jr.. president, performed the ceremony, assisted by Mrs. Villiam Helms, Miss Ectly *eese, Mrs. R u f i i s Mock Jr., rtiss Sandra Giles, Mrs. Edwin Burford. IV' Harold Tyner, Mrs. Arnold ant party at the Hall home. Honored was Miss Lynn Downs, a Greenville High School senior. The honorce was presented a shoulder bouquet of white carnations and a gift of lingerie by the hostesses. Refreshments were served from the dining room, where the table centerpiece was an arrangement of pink larkspur and hydrangeas. Special guest was the honor- Mrs. Monty was presented an orchid corsage and a Sponsor's Guard. A dessert course was served following the rituals. The tabli was covered with a white cutwork tablecloth and crystal punchbowl and trays were used The centerpiece was an arrangement of day lilies am! dais ies. Others attending the event were: Mrs. Jack Burford, Mrs J. C. Shepherd, Mrs. Bill Lowry ' "-- -- -- .- · ~ i-- · ee's mother, Mrs. J. W. Downs. I Jr., Mrs. Jerry Barnes, Mrs. ® rht K5«PtN COWAH! THE BORDEN CO. Phone 5-3341 It's time to phone us for BOX STORAGE What a joy to know that all your precious woolens are stored away . . . safe from moths arid dust all summer long on hangers in our storage vault after cleaining. Next fall we press and return to you looking their very best. 95 EACH BOXFUL ONLY 4 INSURANCE FREE On Valuation Up To $250.00--2% Charge on Value Over $259 | STORE NOW - PAY NOTHING 'TIL NEXT FALL K N O W N FOR BETTER DRY CLEANING North Broadway 548 Phone ED 4-1305 It's a deliriously large love affair! Start your own romance with a new Ford Econoline. There's more than ever that's lovable ... like the power lineup for '65 ... two new engines with up to 48% more power! Econoline's big flat floor and easy loading doors will make you flip. Find out for yourself why Econoline is America's favorite van. Make a date at your Ford Dealer's now! ^JEE|fc try setting gel. Applications are easy and dripless. You simply stroke each slrand with gel, ust before rolling, and comb it irough. Whether you wear a moolh-do or a dippily-do, your air then will have more body nd hold, ft will keep its set, ean feeling and sheen much onger. To combat oily skin condi- ons, there are medicated gel leanscrs. And oiliness, of ourse, is what causes makeup's temperamental behavior- he slipping, ruddling. CMCH ENGLAND MOTOR COMPANY Highway 82 East Phone ED 2-«MI streaking and complexion. Use in the aft°r- iwim shower is especially rec ommended as an antidote to the drying effect of salt or chlorinate water. In fact all gels are well-suitec to the summer scene. Along will their treatment value, they hav a frosty look and touch. Banish Crepey Throat And Chin To firm and uplift sagging fa cial muscles and flesh, use my four-way method. It works won ders through corrective exercise, posture, skin care am make-up. Procedures arc detai ed in Ihe leaflet, "BANISH In keeping the leg complexion mooih, shaving gels play a use-' ul part. Pre-shave application gentles the razor and lotions he skin. Still another type of gel -- shower gelcc -- pampers, as CREPEY THROAT CHIN. 1 For your copy, write Mary Su Miller in care of your newsp per, enclosing 10 cents in coin and a large self-addressed envelope. 6 Genuine DIAMOND Matched WEDDING RINGS 69 UK GOLD Amana 3 Day Factory Sale - May 27,28,29 SAVE OK FREEZERS - REFRIGERATORS- AIR CONDITIONERS - SAVE 4495 HAWK ^ BICYCLE $ (ACTUAL IE7AIL VALUE!) BOYS OR GIRLS.' WHEN YOU BUY A NEW AMANA. DEEPFREEZE COMPAM VALUES .50 For Boih A!.' YEAR 10 PAY 4lm*nd, plain, · ·yrayW, wife, Mttlw, m* ettftniii'S umtsi mum ttsna SEE SPECIALS EN OUR WINDOWS Written Dtamtnd G AVC. Quality from · Outdoor fun! · Cantilever frame! · Rugged! · Chain guard! · Two-tone saddle! BUY NOW AND TAKE HOME THE HAWK BICYCLE! Exclusive 5 yr. parts labor w a r r a n t y Why pay $10 (o SM extra when you get it free from Amana BFFS-98 215 Main St. GREENVILLE AMANA Phone ED 4-452S

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