The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on May 28, 1976 · Page 15
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 15

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1976
Page 15
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KMN tOlU TONGUE FE£LS Trie A cVWL TENT WHO, Ml? I F6EL GREAT.' ANYO FOR TEN I.APS AK.OUNP WE CAAVZ 3ARUC WOULD CKAWU6S/WAY? 4PTDA CREEFT- CR4.WLIE. . ON VAM'PAR-b.X THINGS! WHAT 170 ~f THEY'RE THEY PO? 7* EVIL, BUOOf - WEUL...ACCOROIN' T'WHAT T ' V f c REAP", It-- OR1N K.IL.T YA, VAMPIRE/HE'P , TOO.. 0^^?^SEi EE 'K|Byr - ^° M ' T WOKR ^ sassvs?-^ ^--I? AT HI T THERE ARE IVE COME T'AftK VOU T- HOLD FUNERAi- KOK /v\y THERH !·=, Ax PTIOB.UEM HE?" / ANP THAT'S WHAT HIAA.. THAT DUDE'S MCVJN' IN A THAT'S JUST PRETTY O.OSE, WON A! J WHERE I WANT THIS MIRROR SHOULD DO IT YES ,' THERE WE so.' . THAT MIRROR OF M3URS IXD TH' TRICK, WON A.' LCOK1T THAT VAC MINT BACK OFF. YES, BUT THE OTHER ONE'S STILL WITH US... \ NEVER M1NOJ I THINK I ...AND I CAN'T USE THE MIRROR I CAN GET RlD OP THAT ON HIM BECAUSE L · PEST.' OF THE ANGLE: / ^ ·/tr* Tlw )nl«f L*«r. Kt)i«p«i!. Mom«r«. Frtfjy. M», 2J. WIN AT BRIDGE A-- 1J Heart lead saves contract For Bilurd*y, May S«, 197« ARIES (U«ct) 21. April 19} No'rraity /Ou a/e sharp axi Pe'Cerjlive Today, your [hflk. I'KJ lends lo be? a i.jte 'uz/y Pe'haps you"e 100 r*sycM 01 a daydrea' TAUflUS (April 20-M*y 20) careful!/ t c d a y . Dont leave ar.yin-.r.g l^ing ao^r.d that sorreofiij unsctup-j'Ojs might lake a lancy ID GEMINI (May 21-Jtnt 20) Avo.d ptropie who Oo inmgs .n a devrCus o; undema'ided I'.ay today. Thojgn yo-j- motives are honorable, youi, be iden- t i f i e d Vrlih IhQSe 0 6 V I O U ^ CANCER (June 21-Jyly 22) De-ly solely on yow fogic and which aie usually re-iable. may play cute trick* on you today. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Be *ary ol clflirg business « !^. ir-.ose *iif wfoTi you a'e no! lamiijai Ef jroy yet ca'fcless SCT-tOTie Wi'l 9310 out i*. won 1 r» you SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-D*C. 21) Yffjf indec'S-veress coj'd O"e ihing. but mean something e l s e ^ 0 0 ^ ifterias « i f i 'C-cogr.-ze tms CAPRICORN (Dec. 2?-Jjn. 19) il you nave huie aches aid pains, don't belabor otre'S /..ih them lotfay Recojni.riQ Ihern will of'ly b o r e your '·itecers AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Ftb. 19} A rrembe: ol (he opposite sex could te pai!;Cu!aiy Matler^g '.o yo-j today ft rray miiate you' ser^usiy. MJHTK » *; 5 4 3 · Q J ? i * K V «KST K A S f * 9 2 * T » y J 5 2 « ; « t 3 « A K 111 8 1 *(jn; * j s o 5 1 j SOl'TIl lU, 4 A g Id 6 3 « A K 10 8 * ti 4 * \ : Ld^l-Uel vulr.t-taMo Hfl NorlJi Kai South I A I'ass 2 4 I'iss J * l'is I'^s l'a; t'jcn;n^ lead -- 2 A By Oswald 4 James Jacob}- binaliwi of four high heart* in Ihc West turn! and both high diamonds in Kast led lo Souih's defeat. Lukaes pomes out that there was an absolutely sure thin^ play All Soulti had lo do was tu cash one heart before leading the diamond W i i h t h e a c t u a l East holding, he would not be able to lead a heart and would have lo either sel up a diamond in dummy or give declarer a rufl and discard If hearts broke 32. the hand was cold. Suppose thai Easl started with four hearts He could lead a heart, but all South would have lo do would be to play ihe 10 if the nine were led, or his second big heart if the queen or jack were led LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You need people around you loday who are st-e ghtfof^ard and honesi. Avo:d tr.ose v/.io a^e pretenlio-js o? orally, 01 you'll have lo pui them dov*i. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Stpt. 22} Don't deba:e subjects you're unsure of w,ih 'riends. It would be wser to say notriir.g tnan to defend doubtful premises* LIBRA (S*fA. 23-Oc(. 23) Don t debale subjects you're unsure of with friends. It would be v/iser to say than to de- lend doubtful premises. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Yoj'fc- not a good closer today Th s could oe a disadvantage Don't hem and haw if you rea'iy wani so.-netiir.g dnali/ed Your Birthday y 29. 1976 thai you have so'e conlro! ove- Ihi5 corr, r.g yegi c o u l d b e s u c c e s s f u l . Hoi-rever.i) you seek he'p iron Ihe v/mtig person, it could all qo dov*n the drain Here is a n o t h e r P a u l Lukscs' hand from the Bridge H'orJd. When actually plaved. South took a line that was almost sure to succeed, but jusl missed. He drew trumps cashed the king and ace of clubs and led 3 diamond lo dummy's jack. East look his king and led hack his singleton heart, whereupon (he com- SIDE GLANCES A Nevada reader wants to know whai is meant by the term. "Passive defense". Passive defense consists if making safe leads and plays to wait for declarer lo have to lead lo you. Thus, defending against Ihree nolrump wild: . a club opening would be. a waiting or passive lead. by Gill Fox for Sunday, May 30, 1976 ARIES (March 21-ApiLI1ft} Im- prompiu tnings are (un today. buf you can really have a ball if you pla^i some d,vers ; on that involves the lamily. TAURUS (April 20-Way 20) A brighi. but complex, idea may sudden pop into yojr head whHe y o u ' r e t a l k i n g t o someone today. Take lime to maVe notes. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Something proiitabie may be staring you in the /ace today. You may not recognize ii unless you stop to th;nk in lerms ol what (h.s could mean to others. CANCER (June 21-Juty 22) EaMy in tne day you may have some things on your mind that lequire serious thinking. Wrap them up so that you nave time (or re'axalion later. LEO (July 23-Aijg. 22} U you have an important decision to maXe, find a quiet spot. Mull it over by yourself. YotTllconcen- lra?e better i| you have peace and solitude. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept 22) Get your mind olf weighty maiters today. Do something that's (un and totalry unreJated to your wordly concerns LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Im portant things may be 1ar removed from your mind today, but an opportunity may come up that could have great benefits Be ready. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 2?) You may have trouble iin.cVig solutions to your problems today, but you have the ability ; 0 re'p others find the answers they're seeking SAGITTARIUS (Now. 23-Dfrc. 21) Few can p-jll tne wco) over your eyes today, but if a person you're fond ol tells you a little white Tie. don't embarrass them bj p exposing .1 CAPRICORN {Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Today, .f others put down a pal Of yo'jrs who's not loo sharp, step in ami help him. You have the answers. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) A clever friend who usualty knows how !o gam his goals could show you h.O',v to get around a problem thai has stymied you PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) If you're at a social gatfierir.q today, don't |usl rnng around old ii ends. Osculate. You could make a valuable ne*v contact Your Birthday May 30, 1976 There's good news on the financial horizon for you this cormng year. You might even get an unexpected rase. Do youi test job. for you never know who's watcfvng. "AU.thal ever goes out in .this household is ihe garbage' 1 ' NEED CASH! Sell Your Unused Items Through An Inter Lake Classified WANT AD TODAY Place A Classified Ad Today in The Daily Inter Lake CAPTAIN EASY WATCH CLOSELY. FOLKS! LET'S SE WHAT HHPPGN WHEW LIM HAWWORT PUHK^'HI LEO5 IV McKEE'S I --_ FORMULA! MEANWHILE... SACKsraee... I'M T-T-TRYIKS TO KEEP COOL., f6f... BUT FRAWKW THe RESULTS (GULP) VOU SAY YOU APPLIED OF THE LATEST BATCH OF W1RACVE FORMULA TO MISS KALFBUSS ANO- IVH/»r HflPPEHEP OONT YOU KEWEMrJEK? ^ .^^ McKEE THE H06 5WB.L THAT SOES """P OjJR MIKACUE FORML". A lltlfS FROW PAY TO OAv;.. ANYHOW, OUR LATEST BATCH MUT "*VE KEU exm POTENT-RKfluSt IT PlPV'T JU6T STOP AT SMOOTH/KG our HERsass/iNp WRINKLES: i ...OEPENDIN6 ON THE F/UWS 1 ..... - / OF SARBASE; / Ansv.'er to PrevicLS Puzzle 46 f-e.Tiale CL'I 50 Tirre lab J 51 Smai; r-air p ece 53 Impo't.lnt 13 lie 57 E3oy s ria-ne 53 MaHan coin 63 Scorn s 61 Solar disk 62 Geranls v. le cxgan '.? ,V.ih an gairren 13 Great Lal-.D M.A'.vays 15 A s ^ n l-ol-day 16 L'pcet I'.lihs 17 Gi.-ls ii^me IIOL1 S 23 D-eair'e 25 Golf le- 26 Lc.ver I ?7 Crr-mca 1 25 r/akes tiaopy 29 Space lab ) 31 Tea- apart 32 Upon lorelnl 34 '.Veslerr. 38 Cuncd food 2 Er-cojrsge 3 Share tlal rl 1 Wost vsiai organ fp! I 5 Maxes. 28 Lamprey 30 Bra».n 33 Srr-a 39 Eye cover 40 H.rdj '£? - SH^ ECESN'T EVEN KNOW 'OW TC OCCUPY fERSE IOOTHIMG EVER iw boui TO ^ BOOK ABDUF THIS CALLED'LIFE IM CXJUSVILLE' IVE KEPT A D1ARV

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