The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 2, 1947 · Page 7
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 7

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 7
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Inquire 1131 Ell»ftb«th Ht. 43, Acreage ' for Sale FOH SALB 8Q ^orep on Hth Street, R. O'Nealc, Phono 1121, 841 S, K. Ellr.- nbeth St, 1'or Rent VOll llWNTl ano apren J u a t plQVBrt f p r jioetl or f e u d crop, Htnvoiifl. i'hon* flOiirj £)liKI\l)«th H I , 46, Fin*nol»ll mnd . Loan* PAWNBROKERS LO'A N S On Anything Of VaJu* 2123 14TH ST. Monday, .Tune 2, 19'IT THIS imoWNSVILLE HEHALD State D e p a r t m e n t ' s I n t e r n a t i o n a l Broadcasts Beam A m e r i c a To The World In 28 Languages By MARC J. PARSONS NEA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, (NEA) .--A calm voice said: "Slooshayte, slooshayte, Govorit New York, Vy slyshitya B'olos soycdinyonnykh shtatov Amerlky." (''Hello, hello. New York calling. You are listening. You are listening to the. Voice of the United State of America," With a nod from the producer, Walt Postman began reading a summary of the day's news, In Russian. Tho RusHinn Section of the State Department'*! controversial International Broadcasting Division was on the air with its daily one- hour show beamed to listeners behind the iron curtain in Russia Hsolf, How long that program and the 0000 others the State Department broadcasts each month will remain on the air soon will be nettled by Congress. At the moment, it looks as if the programs will be drastically curtailed if not killed, Until Buoh time, however, the 'Voice of United States of America" will go out 00 hours dally over 33 short-wave transmitter* and government-owned short- wave roUiyn in Honolulu, Manila and Munich, and by medium wave relays in France, Italy, China and eluewlwo, It will broadcast in 25 different languages to millions of people in Europe, I^t/in America and the Fai 1 Bast, Extractly how many millions is a hard question to answer, but all indications arc that, the Voice of America's audience is vast. There are 20,000,000 short-wave receivers in the areas to which the programs are beamed (an estimated 000,000 in the Soviet Union alone), Millions of more listeners ai'O reached on the mod Hun' wave relays, Audience res ponse 1ms been high from coun tries not tied down by strict cen sorship. Four Letter* From Russia Last year, 65,000 listeners wrote letters of appreciation and request for specific information about the United atatea. So far this year, letters are pouring in at tho rato of 20,000 a month. Tho DivlHion now mails out monthly broadcast schedules in six different languages to more than 300,. 000 listeners who have requestec them. Nope of these scheduled goes to Russia. None has been offered to the Russians, and 50 far only four letters have been received direct" jy by the Division from Russian listeners. That does not mean that only four Russian have heard the program. One gratified foreign observer recently estimated that 2,000,000 Russians listen to th« pro- Dosplte the difficulties enqovmt wed a few months ago when the Russian program was originated correspondents now report that UB signal Is reaching Moscow as strongly as Moscow radio itself. Charles W, Thayer, 37, director of the Russian Suction, was surprised that any letters had been received from Soviet, listeners. Another Russian observer point eel out; "From Russia, whore it's hard to send out a letter on so innocuous a subject as Jonquils, I'm surprised that even four reached us. The .best test of how effective we've been In the few months we have been operating Is the blasts that Russian writer; like JUhrenburg and others have thrown at us. If we: weren't reaching an effective number of listeners, they would ignore us completely," They're, a West Point graduate and son of an old Philadelphia ship-building family, known his Russia. He decided on a diplomatic career immediately after his graduation from the U.S. Mill" tary Academy. ' On Embassy Staff That was about the time U. S, was prepripg to recognize Rus- gia officially, and Thayer beat the first diplomatic mission to Moscow by several months to get in on thq ground floor and to learn the Russian language,. His visitor's permit was for one month only, but he managed to evade police several months beyond thftt time until Ambassador William Bullitt arrived. I think I was one of the last Americans to live with a Russian family in Russia. It was pretty much as relaxed period as far as the Russians were concerned, especially if you were one of their joys. I was definitely not one of those, and they couldn't see any ·eason for my staying beyond that one month. "When Bullitt. arrived, I joined he embassy staff, Sinoo then I iave spent seven years stationed in Russia, a couple of years in Germany, and a year and a half in Afghanistan." During World War U, Thayer went back into the Army and serv- d as a parachutist. He was in Condon when the State Depart- nent decided to play ball with 49. Used for Sale 'OR SALE--1937 Ford Coupe, noocl condition. Beo M. 3. ftosiUos or Los iTusnoK State Bank, Los Frosnoi, Texus, JO. Used Trucks Brownsville Motor Co, 1222 Washington St. Phone 427 Chrysler - Plymouth piamond T Trucks FOH BALE--1037 l M i $0n GMC n u n e l truck. $GOO. Call 1D61-M. Alrbaac Blclff. T-llj, 5X, Trailer^ for Sale 1 OR BALB~-jn4P Sohult Luxery Linor House Tml)«r. JDqvUDped with Butane. Tol. 1051-M, HOUSE TRAILERS--18 ft. «lpcpfi 4. 14 /t. sleep.s 2, v Shumroolc Trailer Court. UJGAL NOTICE Three of the men who plan what America's voice director of the Russian section; Nicholas D. Nab will say in Its broiuTonsl beamed at Russia arc f akoff, editor, and Edward Raquello, program pro shown as they hold a conference over the next ducer. program. Left to right: Charles W. Thayer, Fnn man comes back to "The Voice of the U; 8. A," nt the rate of 20,000 letters a month, Hero 1.1JU employe Dorothy WJmlen check* a mop to find the point of orifiin of a German letter reqnentinf: R copy of the monthly broadcasting schedule. the OSS In Austria. Tito and the Army ordered him to Yugoslavia as a liaison man, Later he served on the Korean Commission and at the Army War College, He has bppn With the Moscow section of the "Voice" since its establishment. Nicholas D. Nabakoff, 44, the Russian-born editor of 1-ho MOB- United States since 1034, has boon a ciUBons since 1980. His father wns a Russian judge, his grandfather a Minister of Justice at the time serfdom was abolished, and an uncle was First Secretary at tho Russian Embassy in Washington under the Oar. The family was considered very liberal by pro-Revolution Russian standards, but Nabakoff fled the country I'ight after tho Revolution, nnd grow up in Qreoce, Qer- nmny and France where he studied music, and wrote for magazines and newspapers. He has been on the staff of several colleges, including St. Johns in Baltimore, since coming to the Untied States and has contributed to Harpers Atlantic Monthly and the London Daily Mail. During the war he served with the Economic Warfare division of tho Justice Department and latei with the Army on tho Strategic Bombing Survey in London and as Army advisor on cultural affairs in Berlin. He was with Ambassador Robert Murphy as an advisoi on Russian affairs until the State Department called him back from Europe to work on the Russian section of tha IBD. These two ftro typical of the many men in the IBD Who transferred from war assignments to writing, directing and broadcasting for the State Department. Many were ex-radiomen and newspapermen in civilian life. BERLIN IN THE SPRING fly IRENE SIMON AT 1 Ncwsfeivturen BERLIN--Notes on the springtime of u beriten city: Berlin's woman dpputy mayor and the chipf of the hoaltn a t - p j u . - ment beg German writers to write plays, novels, and .articles underscoring- the horrors of veneral diseases. "We appeal to you to help '^ bring a soulish renewal," said Mayor Luise Schroeder. "Lose yoa/ ridipulous belief that veneral disease is a delicate subject. It must be painted for what it is, in plain straight language." The grey-haired female political leader aserted that the average young German girl has lost virtually all religious, national, and traditionally moral conceptions. "She has nothing more today," said Frau Schroeder. "No past and po future. She lives from one flay J-U-G / J LIKE IN GEORGEU LIKE IN UNDER LIKE IN JERK// in the average city it's troublesome, but when they go dead in Berlin its catastrophic. When spring floods began to wreak havoc with the wires strange and weird conversations took place. Americans making intor-office calls have found themselves talking- to unknown Frenchmen in Baden-Baden, bemused Englishmen in London, and excited Slavs in Moscow. The situation isn't helped by the courteous but confused German telephone operators who wa typical mistakes in spelling out American names. An operator who American names. An operator who spelled out the word "jug" advised one American that it was "JUG, J like in George, U like in Under, and G like in Jerk." Called Back Faced with one of its worst politico!* »ince the war. Italy has called on 88-year-old ViUorio Orlando, "Victory" premier of World War I and solt iiirviving member of the Ver- saillei treaty "Big Four." to form a cabinet AUSTIN, June 2 ~flP)-- A separate stfito department to supervise and control professional boxing and wrestling in Texas is provided for in a bill that went to the calendar of the Saturday, Approved by the State affairs Committee, which recommended pafipaRe, the mcnui'e was Riven some chance of survival despite the lateness of its introduction, in view of the fact Oov. Bcauford H. Jester submitted it as n n emergency matter. Boxing and wrestling Is now regulated under a division of the Bureau of Labor statistics. Under terms of the new plan incorporated in the bill by Rep. Jack Ridse- way of San Antonio, « state commissioner would have full authority 16 license and regulate boxing and wrestling. For the third successive year Berlin's thousands of cigarettes- hungry "gentlemen tobacco farmers" are getting- out their little wooden boxes for the spring tilling. On sunny days the tobacco boxes can be seep on widow sills all over the city. When the sun, fails them the amateur cultivators carefully carry their boxes over to the fireplace next to the family rnbbitt and chicken in order preserve the precious "crop." Usually, eight weeks ar« allowed before the plants are transplanted to back \ards. When no backyards ore available the city planters carry dirt up to their balconies and replant the tobacco there. BUSINESS DIRECTORY NOTICE FOR, BIDS Automobile DoftlorK ' C n m c r o n County Kiiffineer* D o p n r t m c n t (Kiuosi Koaloi} Bids on one l 1 ;, Ton, IOUK vhce! biXBO, D u m p Truck, w i t h f l n t , bed. or " I m m c d l n l R delivery, fiid.i will t)o re.- iplvcc) (o Jimit i n , 1047. The County r e s o r v r n tho r l K h l to rpJcot t i n y or all A (I (irons: L. A. C o u n t y A u d i t o r , Vrown*vlllti T«xt». ·o the other with the, unhealthy desire to make up for tho lost war years and to enjoy her fo\v hrmv.V "Yet she is not so much to blame as her parents. The majority ol parents close t-hei.v eyes when their daughters come home with cigarettes and chocolate bars after a iijght out. They take it for granted and call it 'organizing' though ,hey know it for what it really is." Frau Schrocdor's nppeal was backed up by statistics sri forlh by Dr, Otto Harms, Berlin's health expert. "Compared with the present," h,e said, "the moral collapse of Qeftnnny after the first work} w n r ridiculously minute." Because of overcrowded homes and unsanitary conditions, oven children of four and six years are oominR down with syphilis, hu stated. Dr Harms said most of those infected are young girls between 19 and 23 and' young' men between 21 and 2 5 . x l n the American district; of Noukonlln with a population of 300,000, one out of every sixteen p'irls J 9 years old has syphilis, he snid, He noted that: no occupation troops are billeted in this district. Wh*n thu taUnhrvn* lixx*x aa The Hughiton Agency We Insure everything but the hereafter. BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS Anthony Bldg, Phone 1153 REAL ESTATJC-LOAN0 NO BROKERAGE · NO U R. BAKER - P. D HEALEH Roesc-WIJ-Monci Hotel Old* H*r|in?en, TMM ~ Phont No 400 Brake Servic* Expert Brak° Service on all makes of cars, Goodyear Service 10th fe Levee -- Phone 090 EMERSON RADIOS PHONORADIOS RECORDERS BATTERY SETS Sommers Furniture Phone 674 1208 Adams PARRA BROS. NO. 2 Grocery - Meats , Hardware Free Delivery Anyplace Phone 1G92 1121 E. Adams You'll Be Sold On Us When We Sole Your ST-IOES For Quick and Satisfaciory Service, Brinf? Your Shoes to Central Shoe Shop C, Washington Liquid Fertilizer Applied in irrigation Water Texas Liquid Fertilizer Co. Call or Write N. F. SCHMITZ 2123 S. E. Hth SU Phone 038 Your Brownsville - Los Prcsnos Agent ·' RUGS CLEANED And Repaired By an experienced Armenian artist who understands the care they require, and knows the proper way to handle them, Your fine Oriental ruga need attention. Have them cleaned and repaired by a rug expert. 603 E. Lcvce Phone 1217-M -- 1046 K A N D A R I A N Rug Expert Brownsville ATTENTION GROWERS AIRPLANE DUSTING SERVICE Insecticide Sulphur Fertilizer Herman Schroibcr, Jr. phone 1923-M or Willis Implement Co. - Ph. 492 Printing Commercial, Job printing, blueprinting. Neatly nnd promptlv finished. THE PRINTCRAPT SHOP 507 9th St. Phone 777 W A S H I N G ? Use HUFFAKER'S SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY Sjft Water, Courteous Assistance, Curb Service. 114 En*!; 8th Phone 199t

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