The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 21, 1963 · Page 22
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 22

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 22
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2^2, THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, August 21, 1963 Reol Estate 12 Real E s t a t e ^ . 1 2 Real Estate SEE THIS ONE at 3605 Llndy. 3 bed~" bath. 1'enccd. stove" and ru- room. TV antenna. All belnK sold lor appraised value. Call EL3-5539. LATHAM PIONEER P.ARK--Close to Ft. Sill. Model homes being finished. Salesmen at Little Red Bam daily, Lifetime income. 20 unit apartments, permanent construction. A real money maker wilh a low DP. Balance 4%. CACHE, Okla. 102 S, 7th. Large 3 BR, utility room. Make oiler. SEVERAL 3 BR Bricks. 1 IV: B. like new. Low DP and CL. i 903 S, 46ih. 3 BR, garage, ! fenced, $73.00 MP. I 1212 S. 26th Place, New 3 BR j wilh a huge kivclien. Large clos- | CLS and garage. i MANT MORE 4 BEDROOM, 2 both house. Fenced yard, cellar, equity cheap. 506 South ISli. 43S FLOYD. 3 bedroom brick, VA bnthj. fenced comer lot EL3-S792. MARSHALL, LOONEY AGENCY Insurance--Loans--Rentals 232S Gore EL 3-1853 Stephens Addition -- 1621 North 27th. Large 3-BR brick, extra large kitchen, beautiful shrubs! A real home. 4\i% loan. SOUTHSIDE, 608 S u m m i t . Large 2-BR bungalow. Carpeted, fenced.. A good home for retired people. LARGE 3-BR Den. Brick, 2 years old. 1850 sq. ft., 2 baths. 2 car garage. On 5 acre tract. Abundance of water, 3Vi miles southwest of Indiahoma on all weather road. 2712 B. 3-BR frame, newly decorated. Total price $6,500, Main Office . . . Field Office . . . Gene L, Haupeit . Jerry Williams . W. 1-1, Rogers . . Clifford Foster . . EL 5-0573 . SL 3-3331 . EL 5-2082 , EL5-S663 . EL 3-5623 . EL 5-3714 Evenings EL 5-39S7 KOIi sale"; "3 bedrTjom on 5 ucri's. jsood u-aier. nolurtxl KHS. 2U miles North o.' Marlon-. ?th Street Rend. Cn'.l OLS- 2-172. 12 Poultry-Pets-Stock, 1616 NOHTH 4Sth; 3 bedroom brick, built- in kitchen, lorc Iwdrooms, covered patio, attached garnpe, fenced, low equity, monthly payments 5100. Evenlnc.s EL3- . ~ .'.Vo. '53 Pioneer. .Oillcc EL"-10!0 . 3 BEDROOM, low equity; payments -S7S monthly, near .ychool. centrul liLtitlnc;. extras. 121S South 2Glli, after 3:30 and Sur.rtny. Immediate possession. KOO TOTAL DOWN 3 bedroom Iiome of your own, monthly payments. S7-1. Phone Plottncr OIIlco, EL7-1020 LOTS o! lots and tiomcj. Allsmn-i P.enlly. EU-1S3!) or E1J-5765. 2311 North Wh, 3 bedroom bnck. nice nir.lo. fenct-d. a-.tachecl pnraffe. large elec- inc Kitchen, nlr conditioner, low. low r( ( ulty. monthly pa.vmcnl.'J. 5105. Eve- Office. ELT-KCT | 6? . . . B DON'T MOVE! | IMPROVE! jfc Get more living from your 3 present home for less! ifl · REMODEL · ADD-AK ROOM · REPAIR 'A No money down, 5 yrs to pay iS Free! Planning; Estimates! #' Everyth ; "g to do the job ·I Call EL 3-3010 : v ; C U R R E L L £ LUMBER CO. ij 307 B Ave. ;-aiiiair]ii::Bi!i:!iii!i;ii!!::ii[i!!iPi!:iiii::!2ii!iiii!i!!!ii;;ii;;H!!:: 13 I Miscellaneous 14 Miscellaneous 1712 Dcai'born, icmale ChlhuQhun, .VJO. DOVE Jiuntlnn. 51 per person. Flshlr.c 31 FREE kittens, ,7 weeks .old. 1713 .Qzmun. ace, Duroc. pics. EL5-5300. CANARIES tor sale. Can be seen at 913 Washington. . . per car. EL3-3265. AI^C bns.set. puppies, champion bloodlines. Cnll niter 3 j.m, ED5-333-I. Fred- crick. PART Sheilnnd sheep doc, 3 mouths old. miilc. ELS-105S. . . POODLES /or sitlc. blnck, AKC reRlstcr- ed. high qunlll.v puppies. EL5-ll5a2. ·nVQ mures colL. Inquire 71LI Core. BEAGLES. .Collies and mixed puppies. ·U2(i C. GERMAN SHEPHERD Puppies Tor sale, AKC registration papers plus complete pcdlpjec. Sec nl 807 South 3rd Street, DACHSHUND puppies, AKC 9HSotlth_7th. TAKE up payments on complete house- f u l . o( .Early American furniture, Cull EL5-MS9 after 5:00. . PfAFF Scwlnp. Machine. Model 230. auto- ir.utlc, all nllHchments. May be .seen a: 2230 Northwest 40th, EL7-28M. AUTOMATIC washnr lor suic, cheap. EL"-4^31i after 5 p.m. ALL steel 2334. basketball gcal. Dill ELS- HIGHEST . prices paid tor usefl ,14| Help Wanted--Female I S A ! Business Service EXPERIENCED waitress, 6 nm shlfL turc. appliances. air conditioners. Apply in person only. Katcr Inn, Cache Mavlty's. 13lh and Cache Road, EL5-«7S. ! Rood vt 3SLh. CLASS displny case. See at Aycock 1 LADY to work nlch: shlfL Apply 1209 Carclli Flo\vrr Shop. 1812 Fnrt Sill Boulc. EL3-G313. SAVE $ 1 4 0 . PU'LLY au'.omnLic sc^'ing machine. EL5- 2 REAI. r.lec dresses, sizes 7 Junior PcUlc, both brand new. both tor 39. EL5-2yj] or 1710 Tafl. AELE'S Refrigeration. We ffuaranlee our work. Culls 55.00. EL3-I1SO. FO1* sale: chest type Coldspot Freezer. 14 cubic loot. 19S2 model. Used ! months. Sec at 2506 C ELM Beetle: Sprayed by experts. Call before It is loo late. Laird's Termite ED.N'A'S Tronlcal Fish, excellent selection or troplcnl flsh and plants, frozen fish foods, conversion Idls nnd bulbs Tor CTO-llch-.s for your aquarium and planLi. Mcnl worms, while worms, nice mixed - -puppies and pets. 412'.4 C upstairs, EL3- , STERLING silver, Gorjinm 11 S'.rasbourc". ' llliu new. oUit-r nlc; patterns. EI.7-2S12. ALL channel untcnna Installed complete. 537 Call. Sid. EU-26HO, anytime. USED LUMBER Good grade, very dry! 2x4--S'....43c 2x4--7'..-3Sc '!" beaded ceiling 2c lin. it. and Pest Control. 5" Siding 3c lin ft 1x12 6c \~'' x - DOUBLE horse trailer, andem ·- ·· b " - -' windowsl.n £j5 c £.^ a p n r h '' c ' 5475 ' C3Chc "-"· BOB WARNER'S W EXPERT TV ana an:enEi rcsttlr. Work pmimmccq. £1^-6162 ..Sl Very good 2N5. 2x8 t 2x10. 124 F EL7-327G A1H conditioner, 5tJ l lar. 503 ArllnKlon. ELJ-23-15. 2 speed mo- BOARDING kennels. 4 miles West Cache Road Square. 1 block South 2:u.| LINCOLN. Inched BEAL'TirUL puppies, Ideal Tor children; 6 wei-l^v old. will lie 20 Ini-hes . mil ut m n l u r l t y ; moUier Is Shellnml 3 bofironm brick, at- i Shepherd and Colllr. Only :lve In MLter fcnceil, hath nntl '/?. Tor 55 and 57.W, See at 21S Northwooil. · · · ~ Snccd Acres, or call , . Monlhly 'pnyn-.cnls S73 S59J cnuliy, Eve- nines . No. CO Pioneer Offlcc EL7-:o:o. No. C4. 1'Inncel' __ O29 BETA. 3 bcorom, den, brick. Ttr.c- i ;;- cfl yard. Elsrrnowcr School, exceptional : :buy I7?J cnvlty, monthly pnymcnts. !99. .' Even'.ncs. EL3-S251, EI-J-3653. ! ..No. M Pioneer _Ofncc EL7-1020. _ j -.. B\'" owner, spotless 3 room house, fcnc | -' rd. utility room, many extras, price '- - · · ' . . __ t-'OK ^Jile by owner. L"0 lols on North- rntt corner of Apftchr. on highway. rftce nnd equipment: wvocklriE yard; store sftllnc "Beer to Go", stock and fixtures. i\vo. 2 bedroom modern houses. Sec HncK N«!lon. or call LUS-.1W. dsy- time. BILL SMITH AGENCY Elgin 3-4955 2623 Cache Rd. 815 NORTH 33RD IMMEDIATE POSSESSION: 3- bedroom, aitnched garapo, Gvecr Addition, close to Tomlinson Jr. Hi;h, and Adams Elcmenlair. NO DOWN PAYMENT. NO CLOSING COST. S76.00 per momh. 2105 HOOVER IMMEDIATE POSSESSION: 2- bodroom. attached garage, ienc- cd j'ard. NO DOWN PAYMENT, NO CLOSING COST. S63.00 per rnonlh. Won't last long. Better call now! 4-BEDROOM Central heal and coolinj;, elcc- Tric kitchen. I 1 .; baths, hardwood floors. Only S13.300.00 plus lot. NOTHING DOWN VA, 37c FHA. 3-BEDROOM Central heat and cooline, electric kitchen, wall to wall carpet SI 0,400.00 plus lot. NOTHING DOWN VA. 3% 7HA. OPEN SUNDAYS; 2:: 00 PM to 6:00 PM EVENINGS: Leonard Chalkley . . EL 3-2S03 Leon Calahan . . . EL 3-7562 l-ARCli 3 tH-tlr^im. IS- bHths, ivlne; (lininff. kltchon. cnrporl. 31S Snnla K,\ 5-;iiO rto^Ti. n-llt /innnce bftlancc, ELS- NICE 2 bedrom home for sale. 422 Kast Missouri, U'nltcrs, OklRhom*. \V. WANTED MOBILE HOME tt'lll tnide krt:c eo.uky In 3 bedroom house with aunchfid surace. completely furnished for nice mobile home. Call T:u-i;:a j« SMI-. 621 SOUTH 45th. Elsenhower School, 3 bedroom, clofin and nenl Inside «nd oul. low equity, fenced vard. built-in kitchen. Mnnlhly piu-menlA, 5PO. Evenlncs. EL3- NO. Pioneer. 6 REASONS WHY RENTING IS A TOTAL LOSS... 1. 1433 Lindy. Ramblinj: 3-BR, IVi baths. 9'xll' dining room, huge country kitchen, corner lot. Call lor No DP details. 2. 2Slo N. 23rd. Very near Gale 4. Spic and span 2-BR brick a,Td Irame. No. DP to Vets. '3.2604 Bell. A home that must be seen to be appreciated. Dream location, Wall-to-wall carpet everywhere you look. Call lor showing. 4. DOLLAR FOP. DOLLAR, "The Sooner" is the best buy in Law-ton, 3-BR, ]% baths, brick, ptineled dining room, central hoat AND CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING. Total price Including large lot only S12.800. 5. COMING SOON. "The Trailblazer" . . . 4-BRS, 2 lull baths, 1400 sq. ft. for $15,000 total price. Custom design, interior superbly linished. 6. SHHHrlHH! Lislen! FAMILY ROOM and central air conditioning for $12,950. Call for scoop'. OUNG Realtor Co* 1705 Cache Road EL 3-4525 PETE HpWENSTINE General :Manager JohnR. W U s o n . . . EL 5-0714 Lon Parks EL 5-6527 Max Brock, Jr. EL 3-8902 Howard Way . ... EL 5-4213 John Jones EL 3-6422 1627 Cache Rd. EL 3-5105 LAVVTON'S MOST DEPENDABLE FAMILY LIVING 4-BR, IVs baths, fenced yard for kidrios and pels. Klcc- tric kitchen, dishwasher, close to St. Barbara's. 594.00 pet- mo. FURNISHED--3 BR. brick, fenced, quick possession. Payments SS3.00. OPEN HOUSE --Air Condi- ;ionod. 3 BR, cai-peted. For average income family. Saturdays and Sunday 1 to 7 Weekdays 5 to 7 West on Cache Road to 44th, North to Ridgeci'est Dri\-e, West to 46Lh, North to 2325 Austin Drive. Kites Call: Frank Raddiff , . EL 5-1023 6 A, -' bedroom und dor. cnrpor., fencc-d. clrAn and neft-.. Kqully JSP5. monthly pr\ym!nt. 572 In sen-lcr. Eve- Rs HU-.'iV;. N'o, 52 Plonfer QfTlcf T^LT-JQ20 207 SOUTH 15th. 2 boflroom nnd dm. brick, larxc combination dlnlnft (uid clcc- :rlc kitchen. 1H bnih, T?P3 equity, month- pAj-mcnls J10J. Evenlnys EL3-52o. No. -16 Pionrcv OWc: ELT-llEO YEP! Now Cool 'n Comfortable lu.vury -- Gold Medallion Living is bosi and economical too! 3-BR, 1% bath. $13,300. Call Soon About REAL LIVING · 1620 G. A steal, 576 mo. · Near Hoover School. 3-BR, fenced yard. Lo\v, low equity. · 1T21 No. 4Sth. Family kitchen. Atchte\ Co. £15-2472 "Results Make the Difference" Evelyn TidweU Elcin PerKns . Bculah Jones . . . EL5-6657 . . EL3-09S3 REALTORS GET SET FOR SCHOOL! Immediate possession close to Grade. Junior High and Ki^ti School. TWO BEDROOMS 2811 H 1915 Kinyon 2327 A 1912 Cherry (plus den) 2533 Prentice 207 Columbia (plus den) 1304 Bessie THREE BEDROOMS 3404 Baltimore 2315 J 1309 Carroll Drive 3821 Lake 1217 South 26th 5108 Meadow Brook 2803 North 22nd 2333 North 41st (plus den) FOUR BEDROOMS 1619 North 26fh We finance equities. Some of these can be purchased for as little as 3300 down. W. W. (Bill) Easloy . . EL 5-52. r )S Arnold Newcombe . . . EL S-20SS REALTOR DIAL EL 5 - 1 9 1 1 READY 10 u-flln, ri-plsicri'd m u l r English Seller. FIrsL h.ousc Kost o[ Porter H i l l , North slrlc oC rood. 3 YEAR o'.cl stud horao itncl anbdlc. Krok;n n n J iralrcd. EL5-771T. MARGIE'S Poodle Purler. A compleic Poodle Rroomlnc; service, Bv nppolnl- incnl onty.__32a_ £._ ELS-19-1S. S! J 1T2, mixed pupi)]p!= find EriRlns, cur scnls for tupplcs. Monkeys, hlrrlj!. fl.Hh. Immpst-crs. mice, while iiits mid kJiicns, All kinds or pc: supplies. Klrkpnlrick's StTt! and Pel Shop. 323 E. EL5-19-1? money? Mnvliy's Furniture liuy. Lradu or Joun money on nryih EL5-I5T3, FOR the house buy of Ihc year s*?c 'Jic '2 bedroom simipk' home nexl to Broasiy, ncross f r o m L u w l n n Hlijh School. Hpunc Is -'ulLj' wired u:id plumbed ; iLncl can lie moved unjii'hcrp. FOITTICT offlcr rjunrlcT.s. Only .'?L'T55. PalnLnd ILS IHT .fKmpJc. Low terms. Phone EJ-5- U593. 19 CAP.PENTKY and palnllnc, Interior or cMcrlor. roofing. Free estimates. Phillips and Benson, EL5-6563. EL3.7-I73. STORM cellar, floor levcllnc, cnrpcnrry. R. R. Smith. EL3-S743. 2732 fmane. VACUUM cleaners repaired. Lc.e Boulevard Electric, 703 Leo Boulevard, ELS- WAITRESSES wanted «f "Delcres Bar. | 63M - . 21G D Street. Must apply In person. Sal- I PAPER hanging, painting, te.-c-tonlnn. Sheridan at the Dairy Man. EXPERIENCED waitress wanted. ply !n. person. Ill-Way Coie. Ap- cry- S50 per svcek. must be JS. Employment Service 15B NEWPORT EMPLOYMENT SERVICE I72U Cache Koad EIJ-S74S Not tax supponec P CaU OKLAHOMA STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE For Qualified Persons ALL OCCUPATIONS Permanent Temporary Sll D Ave. EL7-3500 work guaranteed. EL3-2SSS, MflULJNG. movlnc 13 F EU-30M. STORM cellars, £11 types of cement ivork. Cellars pmrantccd no: to lealc. Write or call Nationwide Shelters. 2208 North 18th. Lawton, Oklnhomn. Phone EL5-9109. EXPERT service on all cas r.lncfs and ncnters. £L3-32-12. BUILDING end repairing. EL3-S425. UPHOLSTERING Furniture, booths and boats. Free estimates, pickup one delivery. Lawton Upholstery, 1104 Cache Road. Phone EL7- ] 1733. , MOVING and hauling. Free estimates. | EL3-7366. C AND C PO Box 2L*01. Lnwton, We I n m l n n i e anytj'.lng up to 5" " by 50 ccnls and up. Miscellaneous 14! IwMiCE G e n n i t n China cloirt f m n l . Cull ELT-ISflS, S CASH S InsLallmenl Lxjans On · Automobile · Furniture · Real Estate FEDERAL FINANCE LOANS 1314 Gore Blvd. EL 5-5S30 For Good Buys in Used F u r n i t u r e Try ROY'S F U R N I T U R E AND PAWN SHOP 1915 Cache Road EVAPORATIVE air conditioner. 4000. Inquire 1215 Sell. PICK up iniy.-ncnls washer itnd dryer. Repossessed wushrr, A-l wnriUlon. Close out prices on IT'S. JGO up. P.aneh oak. ^CaUKiihyde sofa bed, rocker. llircc end Situah'ons Wanted 16 [HONING 2BH "D" Avenue. EL3-63SO Mrs. McCoy. IP.ON1NC. W cents each. 2226 Williams IRONING SI per dozen. 315 F. IRONING, pickup nnd delivery. ELS 9S57. WILL care f o r . 2 elderly ladles In my home. EL3-317G. IRON'ING wnnted. work uuaranlced. 120E South 6th. EL7-OS71. Mrs, .MUchclL InOM-NG .10 cents. 406 Northwest S3rd EL3-?292. IRONING 10 and 15 cents. 2511 J. EL3- IKS. Special Notices 20 T.MLOPJNG and alterations. D o u b l e I breasted coa:. 1 ; converted to single brcnst. Expert work. A. J. VeJck-. 913 Jefferson, EL5-3524. BAGV/OP-MS "nSFzim beetles spraylnz. Get thn bcjL Call Laird's rt La\vioh. ELS-213^. HLR Sinrcs. 2611 Cache flanc!, Open 3:00 lu S:W, M O V I N G : d t v n n , clinlr. li-oner. henkT. Inwn swlns. m i M M l ""inJrobe. 1003 Liikc. ^IL'.ST seii. a^ rlOM'. snlid m:iplt' d'juhle tiedroom suite. lw: .stinn? and rr.MLlri'sK f n l l r v e n i n c s . ELS-^J.Ifi. I N T E l l R S I K I l In 3nl" "Smi-alor S|j.ii:lvh m CcnielT-n CnMeRe Mlcrhl rlnsscs? Call ELMSIJ a MIT _5_;00 p.m. FAXCV "rni-ili-. S-ln North 171 h. n i l typi:s. FOP. qulch moncv. see Star Pawn Shop. 100: N. Shcndan P.ond! USED a weepers nil maJtc.i, Low prices Rc;mlr all makes. Soulhcrn Klrby Coni- p n n v S2P £ EL3-S13S S P E C I A L D J TV SERVICE Service Colls S2.50 EL 7-OOG6 EL 7^1527 Fu Sill Blvci. Ozmun ________ , ck-ftnJm: f i n d pluinf: un- iJti'jrs, Al^ti. -.I'll I tune your c.'mlrs. Oil] rvt-nlnR.s, KL5-S923. . ESTATE H H l c T rL'/rlRnrJi'.!!:- wlLh frrc'/iT (i cross Lop. 3,MO cvnpor- allv« H l r C'lfUJlllnncr, 111" l u l i l c modc;l TV. slnslL 1 (mil wJlh hox s'prl.ngfl itncl niutiri:. 11 ".. (Imp ,'ranl ri'.-sk, 2 chc-.tls. smul! inblc, lumps. k!tch»?n wnrc. mis- L-cllJinrnus. EL5-fi.ll 5. CJE i n d n c l l o i i moLor. 3 UL-9 Dear- S I N G E i t ,'nllv w i l l .incrlficc ·qulty. 6 mnnlhs old. my pny- o' 55. .Tl per monlli nr hMnnci- of . . I EL5-Z362. Must sell, lnx lown. Cnll ANTICJl'E hur.lliiiiidL' ; j .o:t n n r r l i - l d . Pp. ·) nwler. WW CFM. l i k e i^ocic. Sec nl J-'iller 701 Lfi- ELE"CTROLUX SALES SERVICE '-llvpreil. Myron P.. vnril. ELVSKiS. GUARANTEED U S E D T V ' s Notliins Down. Pay as little cs J5.00 Month! TV RENTALS WE SERVICE · TV's · Stereo · Hi Fl · Tape Recorders · /Lnlennas C R O O K Television Service 506 Lee Blvd EL 3-5200 Open S to 6 IRONING. 1305*3 SmlLh. EL3-9230. IKON INC Ir. my home, reasonable. Mcn'.i shirts, succlajty. EL5-S549. flip covers. COLD u-avei, JS, TLi: ar bleach. Paul's. TYPING In my norac. publ:clty releases, sales letters, advcrjscmcn^. EL5-1339. TO GIRLS IN TP.OUBLE. II you neti care and counselhs. ^vrltc Superintendent Salvation Army Home and Service. Route E. Box ^3. Tulsn, Oklahomft Confidential ns5lstancc_|fIven__on_£eaUML PAINTINGT'Sheciro'cK "flrJshL-ifc 'tree estimates. Avfrnff* roo^i 57 SO Dcffcr. EL3-7ES, I Building Materials 21 . 1P.ONING done In my home. 105 South tG:h. EL5-7593. ____ DRESSMAKING ftnd a l t e r a t i o n s . M r s . I BybfC. I9J.1 Cherry^ ALUMINUM s:orm anon, vrmCows, strrccns, OK!ahoma Aluminum Door Company 1133 "A" Avenue. EL5-3396. WASHING and ironing. Drcssmahlnyr. al- lerntlor.s. EL3-10S7. 1?09 KlnC3l)Ury. EXPERIENCED nJleratlon.i and hem- mine. Pickup ar.a c'clNer. h,'LS-3T35. DRESSMAKLVC and alterntlon.1. Mn. Bryan. «13 Santa re. 7tC South lllh. nd scwlns. Mr». White. ' ELJ-2396. i Child Care 16A FOFl l , 2115 Gore. Formerly Mercury . A m b u l a n r r p.'icne EL5-6733. I BABYSlTTrNG m my home dny.i. KL7- HAHVSriTING in my horn-?, .'rnced ynrd. 331S KJngabury, ELj-COSS, BAHYSITnNt;. In y n u r home, evening ^nd weekends. JSL7-1759. GENE'S TV SERVICE Simlacllon cuamnletd. StrviM calls 53 W). EL5-705S. Help Wanted--Mole BALiYSITr'lNb my home. Mt South 16lh. MLSSfON Vlll.ixc KJndrmiirten-Crcailve nc:i^K!es. ^Tuslc npprpcmtlon, Er.rojl nnu'. EU5-S.1S?. · Aluminum Screens · Storm Doors · Storm Windows (all types) · Awnings · Patios · Carports · Concrete · Omamen:al Iron Free · Guttering Estimates! · Screen Doors No Down · Paiio Doors Payment! LAWTON ALUMINUM CO. Exterior Decorators Sll S. 2nd EL 5-9642 s/\r;Y.srrnNC in CIIILD care, Day, EI-T-1M7. my honr. El.l-.lS-l.'i. P?ererrrd7~ Mn. InfantJ TJS North 15th. 133|t C H E V R O L E T » r Ln-i pickup, mnlor n,TrnUv oi-fr!i:iulrt], new bed nnd lire*, I I n p l y FOR Snk-, M u n o H I - F I cun.iIjiLl.iR nt Cur- 10" - r u d n H " I H W w l i h n t - rnrcJ lurn tJiblf, AHii spt-nhfr and K r H ·K nl .182*1 FTPU EU- Sroii I? wn|i u m p l i r k r . S^O. Cnrl NVw, BLl-^-M nr EL3-IR5P. SMALL blcyelv. SS.IW. ;»W Collier Eili:y- c l n p i ' d i n wllh jv»rbi«ili«. like nifw 575 or t n n k i i nrr'-r. BI,T-4r,±1. central nlr condlllenlnjr anil i henltnjr. Janitor sen'lcc. plenty ol ptrk- ' I Inc. rhone ET-'i 3^J. CROSBY AND COMPANY \ No down pnyment on C1 loan. - FHA 3 por cent do\ni. 1 cent do«Ti on new work equity. I __EL5-«p. ev-enlnjrs JELS-aOi. ! 3 I'lEUROOM home Vl'h "e.Mrnv EL5- ', 7J70. : 3 BEDROOM brick. ^09 North 3th. V»n]llcA in baths. Ash cabinets, Be^Tri Celllnc. S?.S50 plus loL No down pay. merits on VA Loan. Cnll Crosby and Company. EL-Vma. e^-cnlnjs EL3-3fr;. 15IM NORTH 47th, 3 ocaTCOTn, brtct. ' ''"· separate dlnlnc room and snack 'oar. j · '. l**j buth, mor.thjy pa\incnts In service. - -· SSS.T3. 5 year oid equity lor SfiPJ. Im- | _ medlnir pojaesslon. Evenincj EL3-9SI. , EL5-SS55. | . · _ N'o. M Pioneer. o31c SL7-imo I , A" GOOD buy. Medicine Part:, Native | ' : stone. Ilvs room modern. Cill EL3-OC5. ·_ ELJ.34H. : r SUBURBAN LIVING Near all schools, 20 minutes from Fort Sill, 5 minutes from Lake Ellsworth. Show Home Open Daily and Sunday Follow Signs From Hip,h School to Show Home. Quality Aluminum At Low Prices · Storm Doors · Storm Windows · Screen Doors · Window Screens · Porch Columns · Dome Lights · Backyard Storage · Etc. FREE ESTIMATES Monthly Terms If Desired DISTRIBUTORS WANTED W. R. BRADSHAW And Associates Aluminum Products 210S Baltimore EL 3-58-17 R E F R I G E R A T E D n l r m i r l n l u n t r . West- .VOTICE TO JOH APPLTCi\NTS , . The Con-Jdiuilnn-Prcj:.* tliv 1 ! not kncnv- BABYSITTLNC In my . h .ome. cpl Help - W w n i r d nd^nHc- ] EUVWS. ' m p l o y r n t n l in Lee. mcnls of/crinK i-mnlovrnenl In ^Icilflllon \ qMAI I Fry Nurvpry nil dny rnr*r wllh n! Ihp c h l h M n h n r provisions of Ihc F « l r ; klnil'Tcnrtc'n .intl niir«.:ry schiyi! Includ- Ijit^r ?;hnJ(ird-; Ac'., w h l r h ^ f l s J6 ycnrs p( t 3 ^ears and over. 1210 Cache Rd. H." Lilt' m i n i m u m Hpc for most Job*. For : EL.1-591S. work Inuiil liiiznnlous l.y Ihe U. S. j Business Opportunities 22 CAFE flnd cnr lo; for r»»n[ T Inquire iSOl Sou'.h 6lh. DISTRFBUTOR w-'Bnlcfl i h l ^ nri?a. Profit- .iblc ofjmmrrcial H p p l J n n c p And ns*^e!at- r-d protuci?. Sh-iuld nr*L .·p.O.orfl nr rr.ore ·innunlly. Exrlu 1 *!^ c.vrilory. Very mod- rrfl'.r I n v c s l m f n l for stork .inrl fompnry nnl5inncc :o b\ i sin i m m i - d i n i p cam- Jn^s, Wrltr ALK, Box wf. U-.\ton. IngiKtun*. 'i inn. ELS-'fiMS. j |^" p mr ,im-rd in sornp jtlb5.'rhlWly'of.'lc'c J BABYSITTING. Hiy. wee! M I N I S T E R ' ? w\lv (ii-v-lrt-s U Rli'v In- i «nd «!ilcs wurk. u n d r r sirlcl hour* · m y h p m r - . r.LT-0372. B U I L D I N G condUlnfted. tnr rvnl. EL3-306Q. 40' by 100', air s!niicr.i r'"i n In H u m s . EI-7-H31. ALLSTATE Insurance JAY COX EL 3-7267 | I r m f . ' n l l - j n v , Tho^p T'.-f] ul rr- m en I s n p p l y In \ I p'-ntTHl to ytiunc -.vorkfirs cnK/utPd In ' I l n i f p c f h i f c^mmrrct nr in the produc- 11|nn nf RtiodH fnr mirr?tflic commerce. ! ''n'.'Tprlip.s ''niinij^d In or produrlnR mimJ/inl (Jl'fors from n Federal s'.and- jird. I h c hlchtr s l n n d n r f J mas: h* ob: scrt'rd. For more Jn.'urmallnn, cOnlftcl ' ihc I,". K Lnl-r DfpHrLrnenl'.s Wntjr jmd nnd I'ulillc Con!rnr;.« Division* _ _ "YEARS of otperlrncr EL5 3260. CHILD eiir- any at Ion. EL5-5130. Tiontn, in ;f A _\D H Courts on 277 now twins . j operAiod A* ftpanm^n:?. Income o^vr bysKUnc, : -S^ per moniii. -SVO or S4XK» down. I balnnce like renr. H'. k ft-«on .'or solll^s 111 . Hifihway 277 at GuT-ficld. ^ mvn transport r r J G H E R T crlcra [iflld for u^i?d r u m i l u r f . HiipMancea, air eondlllafiCrs. Mnvlty'M, L3lh n n d Oich*- P.ond. FJ-V457W. M U V E yuurnfi! H*ni Sueedy's rriiiiprfl. rurnliuri?, lucKnc*. fliocK t r a i l e r s A imv- ijinr*. LocnI A NullonwIrJe, F l n h l n j p r ' i ^'-S-"J^ 13]B snprtdnn Hd HAWKIN'S S TV SERVICE p; Used TVs J13.95 Up ) Drive-In P.epnir. i ",Service Calls. -;' _; 50G. Lcc EL 5-0072 {·'_ Open S-10 '·· 3 TV'li. IT". -.-I", ind 2J". 1 lire*, J^" nni] ]E", 2 TV n n l c n n r n . L' rpcortl jiinyi-ns. 2 s m n l l rnOlus. 2 smnll tt\nn. 1 cnr rnriloc, 1 |irjrtnllc d l r condl- l l n n c r . J ImHiTlr*. Si.-N'crnl oMiTr u s e f u l lu-m.. KLJ-iUTT, 3S:C JlroirvrlL ; HIGHEST prlcrs pnltj for used furniture, nppllnnce^. nlr condl-kniT^ W/ij;. noncr-R i500 CncJie Rond. EU.:o-IL I OUTSTANDING OPPORTCSTTV nnrf Candy j « (mall Poc i Lnw:on. Dollv rin roulc In Intf only. OR.'A, pnonc rSABYSITTTNC il(-orn LMO · L'S Post O.'/lce Bldp. O K J n - j Lost O n d Found VITTM C l i v 2. Oklfthom 17 i WHIT?: cold wrddlns tvtntt los: around 1 jHm.-nlnK nr"n o( Ink* Elmer Thora«s. inblNhed. Mu5t h n v p car nr.d ahh 1 to devote nn* dny pnrh week lo rou!v . JicQuIrr"; Jo)?0 en*h I n v e s ' m o n L Cnn he view Elve phono nur.ilx-r and senernl info. \Vrll.' TEXAS KA.VDY K O M P A S Y . '· ^222 Blanco Ro«d. SJin Anlonio, T.-\H.. j i l v 7-J F Avi-nur l , P. l«.p, nj " oil TMmp.ny Knrt p.m. MILITARY Need B m u r r l f d K*T\'[rcm^n. work ^0 h*iurs w*N-k, c«rn 5,T) y*r wt+k, hours n r r i i F K H In f i t y r m r schedule. To po | I', wur\i. rflil EIJ-1SH. j EM P LO YM E'NT I Du" tn f\-pnn.«ion, lorn] n.'flcr fit n n L l n n ! nl c'im,-mny !·: p r o p r i r l n j :n hlr^ «i*^Trjil I niflrrk-ii m-n f'jr p n r l llrm-. pvc/iln^, ! ft/i(J S n l u r f J n y wt,rk. "rr Inlrrvl^w r n l l [ ?:LT-9!i!i7, 11:00 n.m. lo l:(0 p.m. or iififr m P.f;v/ARIi. Rc:um Smmi!*e rnc wcnrlne pink r o l l n r . .Ml-slni -lnc« AuiTMs: l*lft . from 222 Nonhw-tod Avenw. Phone EL3- , ALTOMAT.C I 4KM ivrii-r r:30 p.m. undry. n f-'tablijhrd business. v mnchlnis, T-rTM. EL3- LOST; Finiwn. h n n d m n r t e . man'..! billfold. I ^·^_ : ^_ J .______________________________ vicinity A u s t i n Drtvi- In. EL5-3Tw^. rfiTr wutT"hn;cir^V~:s~F7N ! Schools and Colleges 23 17th. rr. Finnic, viclnlly of 2305 I/ your rtos plm«o m ' C H A P E L · Idndflr^rlcn. EL3-2305 18 I NICK Kri£l(litlrc BI,Vi:.llf.. TSKIJ u p r l t h l plnnp, rcnilltlon. KL3.HISS. luneil nnd MAMi R E A L T Y I ;-f- 38th and Gore ;i ; FHA-GI-CONVENTIONAL * FINANCING ?; ELS-1080 J; Let these men help you with S- your rea] estale needs. w EVENINGS: :.. Don Neely . . . . EL 5-5059 L; T Wilbur Marler . . EL 3-2609 j? Lyle Gross . . . . EL 5-2528 , E Harold Bcary . . . EL 3-2053 F| P E Q U I T I E S H 1310 Lake. Nice 2-BR |ij available on new loan (£ 6 S, 45th. Nice large 2- j| g BR brick. 15x20 family SJ f room, 2 baths, fenced R t : yard. . g j' 5507 Eisenhower Dr. 3- M S, BR brick, 13/i baths. | jjy New loan, low down pay- j«- h --^^-,^. w 3-BR NEW HOMES $9650 up Including Lor 3% Down FHA No Down VA ELGIN Realty Co. . Elgin, Okla. 492-4260 .-,: SERVICE 7 Lcl u* cli'nn, oil nnd iidjurt your .e\vi Inc mnchlne. Jus'. ?1'.30, no service ; charge. KiTKUsou s2\i p lnK Center, EU- p - ! : - T. W. E-. Srniih . . . 492-4155 - i f r jt -j. BED RENTALS Hospital Rollaway Baby High Choirs Free Pickup t Delivery U N I T E D RENT-ALLS 2315 Gore EL 5-1539 "VinyJ Wall" Flat Latex WALL PAINT Extra Special! 5 2-98 al FOWLER'S 1010 "D" Ave. EL 5-1346 Frances Cremor . . 492^138 j yOU snlc, nice clean stove. 360; TV, 1 535. 2508 Gore. Busincsi Property 12A PRIME suburbaji locaiJon southwest Ijiuion nL Inlenjpcllon of 2 Jilcti traffic ctiunl slrt'cLs- Approxlnmlcly HOO square roc-l. WJlt remodel. _ ELJ-KT'SS. ALOHA Triiller 'Coiirii. "close In, 5140 income. Puj-j; nff In 54 montiis, EL5-1500. Jense; 2,750 aquart- loel lirlcK close l.n on Cache Road with y o u r privilege lo sub-lea^ lo reduce your runt. ELS-ISOC, EL5-^Q33. 35' bj 1 45 1 space [or renl In I J nrk 'n Shop CenLcr. 4DS Lee Boulevard. Call Al TorrlII. EL5-E748, ABLES REFRIGERATION service and repair on rofrlrrc air concllUoncrs aii(J Ircczi*i FOP. rent, business building., plenty ol ptirldap, on Sheridan ftnad. for ot-'lcc or warehouse, air conditioned. Phono | ELS-^21, 404 N.W, 54th, 3-BR k brick. Low equity, pay- ^ ments $79, r! 3-BR BRICK HOMES 76 Payments From NEW 3-BR BRICK Central Air Hardwood Floors For Only '$12,800 ^-- ^-v Luxury Homes In COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES $17,500 - $35,000 F O R L E A S E . .Business Buildings 1119-0121 Cache'Road; ' .Inquire 1115 Lawton EL 3-6137 EL 3-6895 RENT or lease, win-chouse or shop. plenty parking. 707 Sculh nih. Will build lo suit, corner ULh G. BUSINESS bulldmj lor rent. 50' by WV. Cull EL3-8362. FOR luuse 2 large alr-condl'Jor.ed oKJcos In the new Wichita -National Ute Bulld- inc, 2502 North Sheridan. EL3-5776. BUSINESS building for lease. 1700 block Cache Road, excellent location. Phone EL3-2SOO. | Poultry-Petj-Stock S POINTER. BlrddoKS. Ages 4 months lo 2 years. Sll] lo SKI. . Reason /or ii-UlnK: Health. Phone S17.. Medicine Park. . . . WHITE. Toy French poodle. AKC rcftlli- cered.'See at W3 South".2nd. · . BAay H1U mynahs. ciinailcs, parakeets. Skunks, . Bqulrrcl monkeys. . aUlpalors: pupplq.":, tropical Ilsh, aquariums and supplies'for all pets. Payne's . Shop. 31th'at G. EL7-0456. Open 7:30 evcnlnss U1J Christmas. R E C O N D I T I O N E D TV'S Guaranteed 1 19.95 up Expert Repair on All Model Televisions GREGG'S FURNITURE 2715 Ft. Sill Blvd EL5-8484 WA.NTED: Used rvmliure «"c appliance: CoVi Usod Furniture, Iqffl Le«. EL7-03S3 COMPLETE houseful r,cw nolhlr.K down, J15. per mo.lOl (Irishes without removuis old finish Mary Carter P*i!ni Store. MAVlTi'S rent. Inslull woler coolers. EL5-1578. und . maintain A-l APPLIANCE SERVICE Guaranteed repairs, on washers, retrtcer- nioi-s. dryers, EL3-312S WASH, S.15 load. East end Cache Road Square Shopping Center. . NORGE WASHING MACHINE REPAIR · All Makes. Repaired TV REPAIR · All Mokes HORTON FURNITURE 1316 Sheridan"Rd:'': ^ EL 5-3S83 Open 9 untJT9 SINGER realher. weight .scwlnc mnclilnG with button "hole a n d ' zlg' zag atlach- mcnf. SlOO. :;'A|50, ' Tnutchcd ··. set ol -4 .woods, S40. 1 EL7-018L COLLEC y. M u r m y l^ usl ?-5lh. Y SALE? JlEfRESKNTATIVES Our lo Ihi- I n r r v n v r d [Jcmfinil lor t h * Willc C^«« Finn. unrlTwrlittn by Bnnk- cr^i U;r ^ncl C a c u / i l t y Co.. wv in- In nccil of nddlllonJil rcpr^.^pntnllvci:. Full t i m e of fort rft|ulrc(I n * wp f u m i « h ron- r Lncli. All prt-srnt reprcsrntntlvr^ n r p en- B u s i n e s s Jnylnc nn Income (f JWCO nr more n u j i l l y . If your income I- ^cLwe^n J nnd -Wfloo you nrp cspcrlnily I n v l L ^ d in He'cronCfts and cnr nre rrqiilrPd. r,ENTLKMA.N on Nnr.hwfsl Ilk? rid* 1 so «r,d from Po«t c»i: Ei-'-.'gn nfiir -Iran. ·Jiudcn: nood« ride in Ijikp [jc, St turd Ay fVi'r.inp. Auir- HIGH SCHOOL Yes, you can be a high school graduate. Finish at home in sparecime. Start where you left school. N T ew texts furnished. Diploma awarded. Enjcy a mora prosperous life, a better job. Write American SchooL Box 4SO, - |" iMii EXTRA We hfl\T killed Jdck :he Ripper. Shldri ("on it run Ion und Rrmo'li'lliw Compnr.y. :;,V nsk fnr Mr. pnli'nskpy! ! 12n; SouLh Sherldnn. EL3-7372. 100 p?r 19 ! Oklahoma City. Okla. " I ?;"!·· : . : . · ; : · : · :···.;,,·.-· f'APT nr full . q u i i l l t y mcrch/intll«r for to wll ROOFING and Ren,frM hulltlinj: hu^i- | EL"-. nrm. Siilnry I l m l l c d only hy your n b l l i l y | I.AWTON now S..« InrK clt.v .orvkc. 10 jell. l_«ll hL^CM... !(:» a.m. lo 5:1X1 , Fr ,, driUNns. urchll^c'.uriil work. A.!,I n p.m. [or nppolnlrmMiL rmm or df , r m, MrHSf. bmfmonl. mllnr. WANTED full llmr porlers, Chflnalcrr'j liiirln-r Shop. EL5-7MJ. cn» drlvtri. :m c. drlvr. cur^i. Drfnm r. u p lind pl.*uiL^rs will build It. Shu- . Con.^lrjc'.lon Company. 100 per crn: fl- ' nanclnc. 1311 S-5Ulh Shfrldnn Rond. _ SALES rpprrscnlnllvc. Opportunely for mKn or ivomiui In ihc Lmvjnn nren. Training nml supi-n.-ii.lon nnd Inlllnl "T2- KERirs PLUMBIC nnd Heaiinjr, rr- pnlrs, remodeling hnd coniLruciion, ELj- . ZW. _^_^_^__^^__^___ f l n n n c l i i K , Offer* FPIT omploymrnt and f PAINTING. Inierlor And extprlor, rcsl- · m u c h nbovc n f c r n ^ e enrnlru;.s. LC Inlrr- d^nLIftl.i. mohile homes and auto. Free : csicd In an Inlcrvjcw, wrltf now, jf.vlns ! csilmAtet. rcftsonubje nilcs. KelJum nrje nnd nummnry o? r d u c o l J o n n l and Brolht'rs. EL7- bu.^Int-.t^ IjttCrCsroujid. Writ* R. D. B., Box fr^H. Lww.on ConnUlution. TOP JOBS! Write your own ticket with National College training. · Typing · Management · IBM · Office Machines · ShorthiiTid · Dictaphone · Bookkeeping · Behavior Fall Term _Starts Sept. 16 Day Or Night Classes Call Or Write NATIONAL COLLEGE OF B U S I N E S S 2508 Ft. Sill Blvd. EL 5-3365 MECHANIC and body man wiir.leci EL5- 1S3S. RELIABLE pnintlftK. Lilcrior and ex- lerlpr, lupe and texturing, E. A- Vaughn, Personals 24 N M UPHOLSTERING WASH 5.13 loud. En*! end Square Shopplnc Center. H e l p W a n f e d Female 15A|Y 0 u r -I'miLure completely rebuilt 'iron. WANTED nlehl enrhop*. Apply In prr-1 "'·'-' ·'"""» "P. All jprlnns relied ami son. Mac's Drive ]r.n. 2nd and Lti-. i c"'PTMd wllh hfavy burlap. New pnc!(l|, wood ru [in! In faci I3EAUTY Counselor Cosmetics, free sldn oniUysls. make-up demorstraLion. EL3- LUZIER n | Alice Dnvls. EU-:S34. Moter Inn Motel .tr G. ] ALCOHOLIC ymous. Box S14. Phono BABYSITTER lo live in. Inquire -Molor : Plenly of fabrics. Inn Kolel after 5. 1 CONCRETE, tousc ", cousc levwmif, ruck point-i v . j /· j v»/ i, oc i'OL'K women, ive cnn Qsaure you of a I ln£. stuccoing, patching, repuir. Hays. I flrd Qna UQraen »¥OrlC 4.J cood . Kteady Income U" you can work -J hours a day ouuldc your home, EL 61M. USED TVs Large selection of sizes and prices. Check here before-you buy anywhere! Easy Terms! A-B PAWN 1625 Cache Rood [312GINNK11S bund. 4L1 crude, up. Instruments ramljhed tl a r tl ) SUKES Mualc Company. NEED mnneyT Gel it nulch at Star Pnwn Shop. 10D1 N, Shorldoji Roadl FOR sales and service, any mane new- InR machine, phone Sinner Ajwlne MH- chine Company. EL3-7300. a29 C Auenue, E. D. GHrrlson Elcctrolux Sales and Service. ;8 ycnrs Borne nddress. 1126 Ijilrd, EL5-3L7J. frae Dcmonslrallon anywhere, anyllme. CLOTHESLINES Installed. JIB Garbaca racKs.. S7.. i\ulfAL typewriter, like H35. Call EL5-6879 a/icr S;3(J.. JACK'S TV FormorJy Bnn and Jack's. Expert an- tenno repair, pnnnc EL3-418U HOUSEKEEPING AT CHILD CAKE. unr. whlti\ military depcnduni pre- TL'd. j dRy week. EL5-0452. NEED D cocklnll waltrossos «nd one dny cL-L All new Cavalier CluD, 3D1 C ' Apply nfter 3:QO p.m. In person. REGISTERED NURSES It you u-nnt LO work In a fine orRna lon. Mohe appUctlLlon DIRECT flCi". Clnlc Hospital Nurslni; OC- NURSING OPPORTUNITIES l-'or Lhohc who wish [o havii pk'asnnt work or Improve Ihelr career. Insurv y n u r ruiure with one month's iralnlnp w\\h Ui-suninCi: ot a poMUon u a Nurses i EL3-4'15 Aid. (ices L^-^S, Apply dLrtci lo .Nursing 0«lcu, SouihW'KCcrn' Clinic -Hospital. EL3-11-15. I WILL CUT YOCP. LAWN ».iyllme . SUMMER, special on driveways. .ICP- | Ca!l EiJ-H9^ Hflcr 10:30 n.m. puUo.-:. Ail type conrreio work. : y :LL SQJldi 3;Lndy | oailli roclt Gene HllL I ELT-3572 or EL7-36B7. POHOTES. pfltio^ wdlta. drives, toundn. j YARD leveling and soddlns.' U^^^·n mow- H-- house levellns. Herbert CU^ EL,- lnc illlri trimmi^. shrebiwo- trimming U^.'ii houdnji clean up jobs. Flower beds worked. Tree rcir.ovinp;. free Gstlmaie. - - - or ELS . FREE estimates on rcmodcllnp and new construction. Call Euccnc Carson, EL5- 3I. PAINTING, Interior, exterior. Bed. LIPL-. te.xturtjic. Paint average room. $8. A]I work suarantced. Free estimate EL5- 7-ra. ELM Beetles sprayed by experts. Call before It Is too lute. Laird's Termite Pest Control. EL3-213-I. MOVI'G, hiiulini;, very reasonable, clalists In moving appUa-ices. average room, 55, Deddlnc, ..,,.,, -- -.--- ' I taping und .iheolrocklnu. CaJI EL 1MSLDE help. Apply In person, Marvin's! -- Hui'ccr. 22H Cuche Road. --J697. !N'SIOE help apply In person. Wayne's Drive Inn. 2Jrci and Gore. JIOOM, board and small salary lor lady to live Ir. and care for 2 small children. Inquire .318 South 1 6lh. WANTED beauty opertilor with .following. Paula's Beauty Salon. MS South YOUNG coLplc or.womiu) to live In ajid toko caru oC children, small salary. INSIDE day shift, no experience necessary. Charley's Drive Inn, 1012 Lee. GENERAL office xlrl with Insurance experience. Full time. Permanent resident. For inlervlew call EL5-IB13 be- Uveen 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Fjldaj-. EXPERIENCED momlnp waitress, Bryan's CoCfoc Shop. EL5-3g75. WHITE housekeeper. Monday LSru Frl- dny. 7:30 lo i:30. Two children, .small houhe, $20 weekly. Permanent employment, ZL3-57G9, MIMEOGRAPHING, pholocnpylng. busl- 'EXPERIENCED ctirhop. apply In per- ness cards, rubber stamps, offscl print- son, Wayne's Drive Inn, 23rd" and Gore. Inc. Sire's, 1010 Llndy. EL5-3361 COCKTAIL iraJtrcsscs needed, oppiy "in person. Orlenlal Club. UNPAINTED drcsficrs. 3 to 12 drawer. Mury Curler Paint Store. GENE'S SERVICE CENTER . Washer and dryer repair. 1 Complete''line parts: Air conditioner rental, parts':and InElalHUon. He^lBorullon service.. 1G01% TOIL ELM22S, EL5-7S79. ' ' DEAR HEARTS: (AnliqulCy wllh Into. prliy.) We 'buy, sell or irude. Tha Amber. Bottle, 34lh Cache Road. . WANTED carhops: apply In 1 pc Marvin's Burner, 2211 .Cacho Hoad. ·GTOLS, Girls, Girls, fo." photo worn and games. .Good %vaffcs and dean work, experience no: necessary. Funlond .Penny Arcade, downstairs, alter '6:00 p.m. 231% D Avenue. · ' . . · .-· · LADY for- Inside, permanent work..App!v Bis 33, 1401 Lcc. HAULING and Free estimates Clear up J732. BAGWOP.MS and Eim beetles spraying, Get ihc best. Col] Laird's of Lawton. YARD dirt nnd rill 5and, 56 per lond. Chnc for drive ways. 512 per load. EL3- 83,13. Johnle Dlsmuke. GOOD, clean sundy loam and top soil. yards, 3600, EL5-2S7^. _ PAINTING and home rwulrs. reasonable, Irce estlrrate ROWAN'S UPHOLSTERY I'erms Available, free esLlmaic. EL5-"5d3- MOVDs'C. hauling,, dependable, good ffquJDmcnL EL5-3205. EL3- 4215, YARD ivork. landscaping, irce and shrubbery u-icimlnK, clean-up Jobs, lawn mowinff, free estimates. Satisfaction guarnnlccd. ELS-3211. TREE spraylnc, iron uid bedrc trim- rr.lnif, tree removal. Flower bed work, lawns planted. EL3-7096. HAULING, top soil, till sand and rock. A. J. Kitchens, EL7-3SJ7. PARKER'S MINOR HOME REPAIR carpentry, rooming repairs ana pointing. 6L5-S75:. CLOCX hospital Modem. Antique. For- elgn.. Domestic. Repaired, restored. Ro bulX Guaranteed work. Free pick up and delivery References available. Wor. land. ELW4S6. NO MONEY DOWN Up to..60.'Month's, to Pay! · REMODEL · REPAIR Experienced Workmen Quality Materials S H A M B U R G E R LBR, CO. 130 F Avenue Dial EL J-2176 .CONCRETE Drives.. »aim. Ed HuKhci. " CA31PENTEK. roof repair. Irc« ' csll- malcs. Don' CUci,' EL3-5104. JR6 J. 1 . , ' .. . .CONCRETE Dnvewayi,'walks/ steps, patios and pado covers. Bob Huston. · £L5-017. SPRAY ELM LEAF BEETLES Bag worms HJid red spiders, shrubbery irlmmJnK and tree removing. Work suiir- untecd. faRKPATRTCK'S SEED AND PET SHOP. · 323 E. EL5-4WS. Farms 26 1S8 ACRES While Oak limber luid fnrm. UnlmpfovoJ, \v_lh mineral dchls. In Newton County Arkansas. Price J9.GOO. ]L's a pnrndlsij Rw«y (rorn it all. n land for nature lovers, hunters md fishermen. Wcsicrn Hills IleaJLy. 4301 Cache Road. ELS-aim. ovenlnys ELT-OgSj^ 320 ACRES SouUiwcst ot Cuche. c.\Lni nice 2 bedroom ,hous« wlih alarm cellar and larse sleeping porch. Barns and. corrals In sool condlllon. pood fences, CrulL orchards. 3 stock ponds. 54 acres In culiivailon, balance In Rood CTRSS. Call YounR Kcaliy Company, 1705 Cacho, Road. EL3-t525. EXCLUSIVE ayenis: ACRES under one fence, 3 320 lakes. 2 corral. ELMIHS. .EL5-.22ffi. WOUU3 llki: lo lease sra^sland. 1W to 3000 acres. Ol] EL5-T791 or Indiahoma. CHS-3W1. SAME LATv'D, NEW PRICE. 160. acres on. paved highway (^ mile, frontage) bc- Lwccn Porter HIll-?wid. Elj^n, AJJ ffrass, clear lake, no Improvements, Has hiRh speculative value,' Immediate possession. Exclusive.- agent. Charlie Younj, EU- 4537. . ZycnbiBS, EL3-70M.

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