The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 16, 1971 · Page 12
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 12

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 16, 1971
Page 12
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Snuffy Smith CONFIDENT! AL- ALREADY GOT IT SCHEDULED PER A -x RE-RON IWTH' FALL THflNKV, LOWEEZy~I HAD TH' FEELIN V IT VJUZ A HUMDICS)GER WHEN I STARTED ON MY SECONT PITCHER OF WATER I NEVER HEERED SO MAWV AMENS AW* HALLELUJAHS IN ALL MY BORNED HONEST PARSON i! BJER'BODY HOLLER flBOUTVORE BODACIOUS SERMQM MESTtDDY Dtetress Varies By DR. T. R. VAN DELLEN ".;"··""··©,'Chleogd Tribune -Between 5 and 10 per cent of our. adult population has gallbladder disease.. Stones, and Infection,. the most common abnormalities, are considered together because one seldom develops -without the other. The ensuing''distress varies considerably :anxl many people live to a ripe old age without knowing that their gallbladder was filled with stones. - An acute infection of the organ is perhaps the most painful/' This is v true :espeeially when the- opening is also blocked by a small stone trying to escape. When the gallbladder is inflamed and distended, distress usually is located in, the right upper .quadrant .of the .abdomen. Now and then the pain radiates to the midback area of the chest. - During the acute inflammatory state, fever chills, nau- ' sea, vomiting, belching, gas ; and heartburn ensue. The distress., may be "described as a sensation .of fullness. At the opposite extreme is the excru- c i a t i n-g, breathtaking colic that develops when the gallbladder or .biliary tract contracts to push away r a n obstructing rock. Surgery is curative but opinions differ regarding the best time to operate. Each case must he judged on its merit. The procedure may be delayed when the victim is .obese, elderly, pregnant or has uncontrolled"diabetes' or a heart disorder. Medical treatment is advised even though surgery is postponed. Drugs that control infection, relieve . pain and relax the bile ducts are given as needed. A low' residue, fat-free bland diet also is helpful. .Fried, greasy, oily, spicy foods are taboo. Immediate surgery may be recommended for the first attack provided symptoms have not lasted more than 72 hours. In these circumstances; there are no adhesions from, previous attacks and the area is not congested. : . ; M. M.' writes: Our 3 year ol dsighs so deeply she raises her shoulders and even-squints. her face. She sighs so often it has upset us. When we ask her why she does it. she says : she doesn't know. Our pediatrician, is not concerned; about this. How can'we go about correct-. ing this bad habit? :- -. · Reply: She's too ypung ; ,,tp' .know why she sighs but whatever the cause, sighing- is an "attention getter." So long,as your physician is not', concerned, why make an issue of this mannerism? nc.reased Salinity of divers in West Cited PAGE, Ariz. UP) -- Interior Secretary Rogers C. B. Morton suggested desalinization of Southwest water last night as a .means of saving the area's rivers and lakes from premature death. Morton made the statements at a news conference before embarking on a tour of the Four Comers area and pr,Qr posed coalfired power plants · this morning. Citing the increasing salinity of rivers gaining the, - immense; arid watershed o f r the Western states, -Morton said, "If we don't do something about it, these dams are going to outlive their usefulness before their time." He specifically pointed out the salinity of the turbulent Colorado River, saying, "The day will come when the president of Mexico is going to walk into the White House and say 'this stuff you're sending me is no longer water.' " Tlie Contest FIRST PLACE WINNER "Apollo 15 Moon Rover" Rudy Vasquex, 12 600 Avenue D Sinton, Texas · HONORABLE MENTION Victor G. Gutierrez, 12, Corpus Christi Keain Lynch, 12, Kingsville . Janice Moore;, 12, Corpus Christ! Robert Ortiz, 12, Corpus Christ! Carol Single, 12, Corpus Christ! David Reyes, 12, Corpus Christi Mai! your picture with name, age, address and title to Junior Art Contest, Box 9136, Corpus Christi, Texas. Entries must be drawn on S'/zxl 1 paper in black ink or black crayon. Ages 5-16. Winner each day will receive $3. HONG KONG CUSTOM MADE CLOTHING FOR MEN AND WOMEN AT FANTASTIC KONC KONC PRICSS SKAM OP ALBERTO'S . . . WIL KHOWN CUSTOM TAILORS OF NONC KONC BACK AGAIN IN CORPUS CHRISTI, FOt 4 BAYS. BONDED LICENSED. · WE FIT ANY SIZE » 100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION Also Displaying Embroidered and Beaded Sweaters, Gloves and Doubla Knit Suits. FOR APPOINTMENT please ask for SHAM AT THE SHERATON MARINA 300 NO, SHORELINE DR. TEL 883-5111 Including Sal. ( Sun. KUH lo 8:30 I'M DON'T MISS Itiii opporlunily !o gel meoiured · (or UEKS SUIIS SPORT eons luxroo suns MONOGIAMMED SXIRIS UDKS SUIU OSISSE5 [VEKlKG ouirus WMKIKG suns IK. MY SIZE? SURE! AlSEflOS OF HONG KONG "Morton . said : Lake Mead downstream from Page is approximately a ton of salt per acre foot of water. He said the situation demanded initiation of a new nationwide water policy to butr line uses and insure that the maximum benefits are derived from western waters. However; Morton said the water policy would be senseless unless a land use policy is implemented first so planners could determine what demands would be made upon limited water supplies. Developer of Popsicle Dies REDLANDS, Calif. (/PI -- Funeral services are scheduled tomorrow for Fred L. Ryon, who patented the Popsicle. Ryon died Saturday after a brief illness. He was 80. ,As a creamery executive in Oakland, in the early 1920s, Ryon formed the vpopsicle Corp..\A decade later the company merged with the : Joe Lowe Corp. of New York, which developed other frozen confections such as the Good Humor and Milk;Nickel under Ryon's basic patents. ',. ! Ryon worked'in the Los 'Angeles regional of-:the company until' his retirement about 10 years ago. A. M. writes: Is the degree of :. a .person's courage govr erned by his glandular system? Reply: Adrenal glands secrete adrenalin, which makes the individual more alert and, ready to fight. There is an.old saying that a cat arches his back when attacked to squeeze the adrenal gland in order;to, obtain more adrenalin. In this- respect, the glands play a^ole in the person's courage. P'ur- thermore, a well-balanced, normal glandular system imparts a feeling of well-being. S. F. writes: What is cystic fibrosis? Reply: This is a disease of infants 'and children that affects mainly the lungs and'pan- creas. In cystic fibrosis, the mucous glands produce thick, tenacious secretions instead of clear fluid. As a result, -the young victim is subject to chronic digestive and respiratory disturbances. To ttia limit of available spoce questions pertaining to the prevention of disease wUI be answered. Letters should be aidrejsed to Dr. Van Dellen, In care ol The Caller-Times,' Corpus Christl. Personal replies will tx. made when a return stamped tnvelooe is enclosed. Stand on Cuba Not Changed MIAMI, tin -- The United States has no intention o f : 'thawing its relationship with Ciifia at this tiiwei a;tJ.S^ State Department official said yesterday. "Our position toward Cuba i s completely unchanged," said Robert Hurwiteh, a deputy secretary of state for inter-American affairs. "Cuba continues to represent a threat to the peace and security of the hemisphere," he said. "As long as it remains so, our position will remain tlie same." Hurwitch appeared on the television program, "Florida : Forum." · Later he said he expects the Cuban refugee airlift to resume today as the Fidel Castro, government indicated it would. Castro suspended it for a, week. .Hurwitch said the administration will continue to support the airlift. The U n i t e d States also wants the repatriation flights for American citizens in: Cuba ; started again, he said. He said efforts to do this will be made ; through the Swiss Embassy in ' Havana. .Cuba suspended the flights from.-Havana to Matamoros, Mexico,-last year over an air treaty, rift with Mexico. It has since been settled. ..Hurwitch said the United States would ."deplore" it if Latin American countries, restored ties with Cuba themselves. · - . He also said the United States would like to have good relations with the .Marxist government of Chile's President Salvador Aliende... -- that Wiamlod ut*£ Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. OVEEA -.·_. ' \ v_y TESED ^ A ^"J ft mtbrTHCMeaiaTfttui* · W»rt «'tftl «t"f**d Iv^ f \ ^,^ ' ( J PUSHTY '·'·-.· ' : ; · 7~^\ \' / t' v HOPOUK ^ \ ^J PM SURPRISE ANSWER hut - THE "; Saturday'! Juthbtc.: IMBUE SWASH ASSURE Answer, She feels our aioiice-THE "MISS-US" '* *V»,$ '3 **""" ^fe. ^t ' "%:- THBS WEEK ONLY AT O'BRIEN'S Rvwm *»tiwtnm Iti 2 LOCATIONS · PORT at MORGAN STAPLES at CARROLL LANE CORPUS CHRISTl TIMES, Mon.,.Aug. 16, 1971 13-A Freeze on Wages Embitters Unions By ROBERT SIGNER © Chicago Dally Newt · President N i x o n 's 90-day wage freeze has added bitterness and uncertainty to basic money issues in contract negotiations involving half a dozen -"Unions -and thousands of workers. ."It makes our people even niore militant," said C. J. Chamberlain, president of the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen. "When you're at the bottom of the totem pole and something like this comes along, it makes you feel even worse." Congress ordered the signalmen back to work until Oct. 1 after a two-day strike last May,; · · · · . . . . - . . . . - the 13,000-member union wants a 54-per cent pay increase over three years. An average 13.5-per cent pay increase was approved by Congress in May when the strike was barred. Chamberlain said the President's order "hasn't changed the union's position a bit." .A spokesman for the AFL- C10 pointed out that Nixon's statement did not meet the conditions that the labor federation's executive c o u n c i l and President George Meany have set for their support. Meany and Teamsters Union President Frank E. Fitzsimmons have said for years that they would support wage-price controls only if there were equal controls over all wages, salaries, bonuses, dividends, profits and other forms of income. Interest rates and profits are not covered by President Nixon's order. : In other industries, affected: --Aerospace: The . United Auto Workers, representing 20,000 employes, and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, vyith 25,000 workers, are negotiating with McDonnell Mayor, Wife To Be Butler, Maid CHARLOTTE, N.C. (fl -Mayor John Belk and his wife, Judge Claudia Watkins Belk of Mecklenburg County District Court, will be the butler and maid at a "something special" party planned by Charles R. Willard. Willard bought the services of Mayor and Mrs. Belk with a $530 bi'd Saturday at a televised auction. The benefit, sponsored by station WBTV, raised more than $100,000 for Boys Town in Mecklenburg County. Willard said the mayor would greet callers and Mrs. Belk would help out wit3i drinks, hats and coats. He said the date for the event hasn't been set. Douglas Corp. They are seeking "substantial" wage -increases, catchup cost-of-living increases and an unlimited future cost-oHivuig clause. --Mining: The United Mine Workers' contract with the Bituminous Coal Operators' Association expires Sept. 30. The union wants industry to increase wages from an average of |37 a day to $50 daily and to double the 40-cent-per- ton coal "royalty" it pays into the union's welfare and retirement fund. --Shipping: The Longshoremen's Union negotiators were to meet this week to set a date for resumption of talks with the Pacific Maritime Association in an effort to end the 47-day walkout. The longshoremen struck the West Coast ports July 1. Contracts with East Coast and Gulf Coast ports expire Sent. 1. WHAT CAUSEP ALLTHE AReU/V\ENT6 WHEN THE ' E7RYER5 WERE LEFT. ' "ON TOOLON? - Now Arrange the circled fetters to form the..surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. y- "y N/ SK 1 ^ M" PRIVATE FIRST GRADE - KINDERGARTEN .ACCREDITED STAFF /8:30 _ 1:30 \ ^8:45 _1!: 45 \ : ^*:**-_ f: M .*_ \ ft ' M - A.M./ STATE UCENSED 855-9236 855-6463 All DAY CARE - Mon.~Fri.-6:30-6:!5 MUSIC LESSONS PUBLIC SCHOOL PICK-UP CARE Peter Pan SchooS-4634 GENE CARTER'S Medical Plaza .PHARMACY 1415 Third-Med. Pta« Kdfl. Does 'Your Family^ Deserve A 24 Hour Pharmacist. · Store Hours 8nm-fc30pm * Free Delivery Serviw During Regular Store Hour* · Closed Sundays * 24 Hour Prescription Service Available 7 flays Per Week Bay w Night Phone 884-7759 (Amwero tomorrow) ENAMEL u You are throwing your money away if you don't buy the economical operation of a Friedrich Air Conditioner. You save a Bundle every year with Mr. Frtedrich's incredible cooling machine. Call or come by ... A size for every need. COOLING MODEU .HEATING MODELS ALSO AVAILABLE MODEL SP60-11 SP85-11 S 92-11 S1 0.3-11 S1 04-31 S122-11 S133-31 S141-11 SI 58-31 S195-31 S264-31 S333-31 VOLTS L 115 115 115 115 230/208 115 230/208 115 230/208 230/208 230/208 230/208 BTU 6,000 8,500 9.200 10,300 10,400/10,200 12,200 13,300/12,900 14.100 15,800/15,000 19,500/19,000 26,400/25,600 33,300/32,200 AMPS 7.5 11.3 7.4 7.5 6.0/6.5 .11.8 7.5/8.1 11.9 10.2/11.0 9.2/10.2 14.0/15.0 22.7/24.0 WATTS 835 1 300 840 860 1310 1300 1520 1340 2140 1950 2850 4800 i i 1 1 1 torecraf I Inc. 61 4 S. Port Call or come by DON KUCKER £82-9254

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