The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 13, 1960 · Page 1
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Wednesday, July 13, 1960
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Final Score National League - . 6 American League.-0 71st Year RED STREAW FINAL Associated Press (AP) Unite'd Press International [W\] Greenville, Mississippi Wednesday, July 13. I960 Price 5c No. 270 Strong Rights Plat Into Caucus LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- Lead-;day (lie civil rights plank "could ers of Mississippi's Democratic delegation, angered by the convention of ft strong civil rights plank, mapped a course of aclion today as talk of a possible parly bolt increased. Gov. Ross Barnctt, Sens. James Eastland and John Slcnnis and the state's congressmen were appointed lo plan strategy by a closed caucus of the delegation lale Tuesday. They were asked lo confer with other Southern delegations and come up with a ptan. Judge Tom Brady, a delegate and Mississippi's next national not be more subversive it if hac been written by the reds in Moscow." Rutland said the plank was "written by the ADA, NAACP, and inspired by the Communist parly." Slennis observed that "this could be the takeoff point" for the South to leave the party in he November election. Gov. Ross Barnctt told the DC mocratic Convention Tuesday night its civil rights plank "has no place in the platform if the ana MISS SSlppI S IIUAI mtuuimi -- *-" · commi.leeman. told newsmen the P«ly wants the support^ 50odd delegation should "walk out of the convention and repudiate the platf" r m." Most other Mississippians. fell short of advocating a walkout Rep. John Bell Williams said the state's course "should depend to some extent on the cooperation we can get from other Southern slates." Calls It Subversive Williams told the caucus Tucs- million Southern people." Barn el I. one of several Southerners who spoke against the plank, charged it was "fomenting possible violence and condoning illegal activity" by endorsing Negro sit-in demonstrations. Barnett said 59 per cent of the Negroes in his state "want no part of integrated schools" and said the government cannot compel Mississippi to integrate. British Want In On U. S. Flights Not For Training Southerners Went Into Battle Knowing Defeat Was Certain By STEVE GERSTEL iGcorgia. feared the demonslra- LOS ANGELES, (UPI) -- Gov. tion might lizzie. But others fear: Luther Hodges of North Carolina cd a big demonstration could lead elbowed his way to Rep. John to what nobody wanted--a walk- Bell Williams standing under tlieiout. Mississippi banner on the convention floor. "It's okay, it's okay," Hodges said. "Barnett said it was all right. No demonstration." "All right," Williams agreed quickly. "It's off." "No, "No, No" no walkout," Attorney General Joe Patterson of Mississ- said as he listened tit Ihe mlmihns Stwt By JACK BELL LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Democrats name their presidential candidate today with Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts riding a crest his backers believe will give him a first-ballot victory. A restive, noisy, and generally disorderly convention which exploded with inpi said as nc listened u, inu -·- -.- · .. . ,, civil righls plank of the Demo- a" ° vatlon . ff ° r , Ac "" f' cratic Party Platform hitting Stevenson loft the Massa\.i in IL. i M t » . j j o] . , , ,,,,,,*,. I rt*-'r- · m o i n r Then Hodges, his face flushed]the South, and perspiring, moved quickly lo | another Southern delegation bringing with him the word--Ihe leaders did nol want a demonstration. Some, like Rep. Jack Flynt of rty Platform , t t n 5 against many of the traditions O f; cnusetts senator's major opponents clinging to the cliffs of hope that Ken- Sen. John C. Stennis of Mississ- n o dy's tidal wave will re- - - - · - · - - - · it doesn't the start. ippi and Sen. Olin D. Juhnston.; cc d c quickly i jof South Carolina, ve(er..ns o f l o n g u ] f them at East Kiwanis Offers To Help Save Parade I The Hast Grecnvile Kiwanis'. j Club's board ol directors voled at| j noon today to help set up anj organization among civic clubs of! Even jof [many similar battles in the Sen- .jate, stared straight ahead and ! listened. Gut Sen. James 0. Eastland 'didn't. He walked around the rear of the convention floor, greeting friends. He, like Slcnnis jam! Johnston, had heard all Ihe arguments on both sides. They knew, like every delegate from the 10 Southern states, thai they were fighting for a lost cause But thty had only a precarious taste of the excitement delegates and spectators crave, when Stevenson, twice the party nominee, paid an unannounced visit to tha floor Tuesday night. His appearance awoke the previously lethargic galleries. They whopped and hollered as they have had few occasions to do in Ihis well-oiled convention .But a lot of voting delegates noticeably svas regarded as it on their hands. ha"ndnoid""This was' demonstrated] Kennedy's backers had hoped lo , by the fact thai Kennedy had what get Stevenson to ^ place the Mass-. commit-1 achusetts senator's name in nom- Only Cheers when the South menls of delegate votes less than ination. But Stevenson stood them 20 short of the 161 needed for the!off with the observation; that^he- nominalion. Nobody ever came thai close in Ihe past and then lost out. Thirsly For Victory This, moreover, was a convention thirsty for the wine of November victory. As such il roared couldn't desert those who had} worked so hard to generate a , draft for him. Kennedy Camp Confident The Kennedy camp remained so outwardly confident of the result that it was considering giving ;enl' platform inlo which had been organization among civic cmu^ un i^vuu »-.ncji un. u\.um o-,,^ piunu,. ...... - -- ^ ^ . Greenville to revive the Green- 1 speakers to the platform to speak I nailed the toughest civil rights ··· -- - - . ever a d o t e d . I ville Christmas Parade. The board will meet again Friday night at the home of Presi- By DENNIS NF.ELD LONDON (AP--Prime Minister Harold Macmillan is expected to nsk President Eisenhower for assurance that the British government will be consulted before American planes fly any missions other than local training flights from bases in Britain. Qualified informants said Macmillan wants to make the Attlee- LiilleHope For Return Of Flyers By JOHN M. HIGHTOWF.R WASHINGTON (AP-U.S. offi cials hold little hope of winning freedom for two air force oilicer held in Ihe Soviet Union after the shooting down of an American reconnaissance bomber on July 1. The expectation here is that Soviet Premier N'kila Khrushchev will put the two men on trial on Truman agreement of 1951--under which U.S. bases operate in Brit ain--more effective, more secure and more precise. Will Talk With Ike The Prime Minister told the! House of Commons Tuesday: 'I am taking up with President Eisenhower the question whether there should be any modifications or improvements of these arrangements." Macmillan's statement came in reply lo a barrage of Laborite questions on the downing by the Russians of an RB47 reconnaissance plane that flew from a U.S. base in Britain. Urgent consultation between London and Washington already has begun. But it was authoritatively denied that Macmillan has HOW TO KEEP COOL--Don't leave the air conditioning until it snows. That seems to be the advice given by Jackie Wilson of Hollandale who climbed on lop of a warm aluminum the advice given tiy jacxie ivnson 01 nauunuuu; \\L\U uumuvu ut tup ui a « m m »,»,..,,,»... boat at Leroy Percy Stale Park last February for the snowy picture above. The temperature thai day was in the 30s. Yesterday it hit the 99 mark-high for the year-in Greenville, after a' 98 on Monday. Observer Brodie Crump reported another hot day ahead with the reading at 7:20 a.m. this morning a humid 78 degrees. The low last night was a warm 75. dent Bill Snell to cryslalize their on their behalf, the enlhusiasmlplank the parly ever adopted. was missing. There were cheers Southerners interested in mak- but little else even when gravel- h n g a re cord for the Iwme voters voiced Gov. Ross Darnell of Miss- I i,, tu unsuccessfully to kill this - -·- -- - - j - - -- issipp: gave an old-fashioned ora- declaration. But not a Dixie dele- plans. Sncll said, "our club wants; |i[)n I (( , |j( lcd a [oo t [0 walk out ol lo do whatever can be done toj N or was the reaction from the! the hall, as many of them have help bring the back toj o t i, c r stales--Ihuse who endorsed' Greenville this December-if i l j , h e strong c ' lv i| rights plank- lakes manpower, solicitations or' whatever is needed." He said representatives of the w c l u b conferred with Cham-' r.' Iwr of Commerce officials bef any different. They remained absolutely silent done in Ihe past. The most patent explanation ofj ' - Ihis was that they didn't want to- upset by a bolt whatever chancel Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon May Be Military today's noon-time meeting of the club to determine what was needed ami what Greenville civic clubs could do lo help. 'he while Barnett a::d Gov. Ernest Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon am-'p. Ilollings and Sen. Sam J. Er- jj. Johnson of Texas might have [ore viri of North Carolina spoke. to get the top nomination. ... 0 place on the ticket. Some of the Massachusetts senator's backers had half an idea that Johnson might-lake it. : In such a situation Johnson could run.both fo.- re-election to the Senate and for vice president. BameifSays Siaie Conclave Will Reconvene any intention o! flying to the United States for personal talks with Ihe President. Virden Acquires Option To Buy Hotel Greenvile mm To Restore By WILLIAM N. OATIS A Belgian infprmant said Lori-,Britain, France, Ihe United Stoics UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP)'dan set up (he appointment to tell and the Soviet Union. -Belgium asked the U.K. todaylthe secrelary-general of the seri- secrclarv gcneral also m( , t for help--possibly military aid- ous situation in Leopoldvillc. tlicj ^ _ BEL ,] 1 ij ftI _ p agc 2 in restoring order in troubled Leo- Congo capital. top .....i sim _. . . .. House Speaker Sam Rayburn ainst the FEPC provision of (he sa ;j he will offer Johnson's name Only once, when Sen. Spcssard L. Holland of Florida spoke ag- LOS ANGELES (UPI) - G o v . Ross Barnett of Mississippi said is slate Dcm « ratic Con - platform was there any booing. Earlier in Ihe week Dill Yar-i 'jhe Southerners and Ibe others brough of the Art Printing Co.l^new that one hour of oratory and launched n Christmas Paradej a 3,000 word minority report Fund with a check for S10. sug-j w ould .iot change any parl of gesting that others who w a n t to ilri( . platform. the parade for Greenville send checks to the fund in care of the Delta Democrat-Times, P. with confidence the Senate ! cratic leader will win out in the end. Gov. James T. Blair Jr. of Mis- LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- The I960 Democratic National Conven- 0. Box 1018, Greenville. tion has read Ihe Deep South out The Merchants Bureau of the o f the party. Chamber bad announced last| jj, a t wa , tne . opinion today of a month their limited budgel coutd| nurn bcr of Soulliern lenders fol- not carry the whole cost of the parade for another year. It has been estimated S3.000 would have lo be raised to continue the par- ncle. This is based on $200 apiece for 15 floats. lowing adoption of a platform poldville "6 ami mcr to plan a course of action in Ihe November election. - · "There is no doubt in' my mind that it will be reconvened,"- Barnell said. Provisions were mada ".',', . ,. L- fj earlier this year for the .conyen- souri said he is presenting his [el- earl,^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ belief that Kennedy is 70 to 80 ;otes short of the 761 needed for Ihe nomination.. Sen. A. S. Mike Monroney of Oklahoma made it emphatic thai Stevenson's name will be put on the ballot for Ihe countdown which that not only gates on opened rights againsl Southern conservatism on Hoodj would be reached after time-restricted nominating speeches and went bolt if Mississippi leaders objected: to the Democratic platform and candidates. Barnett said a civil rights plank adopted by the national convention Tuesday night will cause the Democrats to "lose most of tha Southern states." The Governor said he had re- the new Congo No Troops Yet Republic. HammarskjoU was reported to Secretary-General Doug Ham- 'have been planning to rush U.N lelgcasis Rout Congo The marskjold set up a meeting of t h e ; m i l i t a r y observers from Palestine! lo the Congo to help the raw gov-' crnmenl reorganize its mutinous- U.N. Security Council for 7:30 o'clock tonight. Ambassador Walter Loridan, Belgium's permanent U.N. rep- LONDON (AP) - The Soviel Union Wednesday night demanded an emergency session of Ihe U N. Security Council on the U. S RB-17 plane incident. charges of espionage in order to promolc his campaign againsl American bases in Allied countries. Joseph L. Vriden has acquired _n option to purchase Hotel Greenville from Ihe Alsonett Ho- rcscnlalive, marskjold. met with Ham- tcl Co., which has headquarters; J i n Tulsa, Okla.. it was annwmc-! '·eil today by Virden's attorney,j Robert T. Love. i Soviets Accuse Western Nations Of Aggression economic issues. i ft was apparent, too. that the about the hall. Iplatiorm had the. full approval of) ithe man who appeared lo have; ' t h e presidential nomination in the '.bag. Sen. John F. Kennedy. In; I fact, it was drafted largely by I Kennedy si;porters. strtcted nominating i«^ -- -- the usual hoopla of banner-waving ceived telegrams and telephone supports!s marching and chamingjcalls from "·» -" "" ·"""" First Excitement . convention g.T its 'all over Ihe nation" in support of his segregation ( stand taken in a speech to the first'convention Tuesday night. army. But diplomatic rources said'; By LYNN HEINZERLIN'G , wounded. Three Belgian civilians, the secretary-general did not plani LEOPOLDVILLE, Congo (AP)'.wcre wounded. - i . ,, . . . .i. ..... Gen. Geser.s to semi troops. --Belgian parachutists cleared! . Gen. Geyser.s, commanding mcj lme now w e The United Slates formally de-| an(1 g , tt i ng up manded release of the two officers Tuesday in n note delivered lo the Soviet Foreign Ministry by Iho embassy in Moscow. The nolc rejected Soviet charges that the aircraft was on a spy mission similar to Hint of Ihe U2 high- allitude jet which went down in the Ural Mountains May 1. It -vas that incident which preceded the breakup of the summit conference ami (he development of bilter new igo as army instructors and no- 1 [ir ! lice advisers in n team of pu j n d m i n i s t r a t o r s Hnmmarskjold forming to help the embattled lymmg regime end Ihe chaos which jhas followed the end of Belgian I MOSCOW (AP) -- The Soviet' control. "We have taken an option on-ij n j OI , today accused the United i Fbnimarskjold invilcd repre- thc Greenville Hotel and for some status of trying lo undermine the sontativcs of Ihe I t nations en the lime now will le considering ideas; f rcct jom of the newly independent j Security Council lo hear hi? pin g up estimates fo '-· i SC-JKI uuujib. --ueieian p a i r f t i n u i M ^ VH.U,^M * -- . These sources reported (hat the LcopoMville airport of Congolese! Belgian forces in LeopoldviHe,: military observers, probably 1 ,soldiers in less than an hour lo- his face white with anger, sail. Scandinavians, will go to The Con-|d.iy in a brisk exchange of gun-'I": was laliinp over the airpwt.- id nJiire a! -.,l band grenades. One Con-i Troops of the Force P-'!liT»e-. puhlicl nokse «oldicr was killed and one 1 Congolese army-perlinns 2CO of. - - - ilhcni. had moved into the Airport By JOHN A. SCAI.I 1 earlier. They did not interfere i w i t h the movements of refugees. ! But when a Belgian military plane 1 landed with two wounded soldiers; .they refused to let Belgians tal'^ charge of them. Instead they put WASHINGTON (AP) -- The them under guard in the airport^ estimates for a| Congo | a i lunch today in his 33th floor U n i t e d Sates is reported willing, dispcnsnrv. considerable up-grading of the A statement by Foreign Minister! oflice a i property," Virden was quoted as saying in a statement. U.N. liea.lquarlcrs. He Andrei Gromyko declared the 1 already has outlined his plans to United States, along with Belgium! Jose Corrca of Ecuador, president to provide technicians and finnn-! Congolese were gmn'.ing some cial support--but no troops -- furor/) v.hitc refugees. As rifle shots anv United Nations force sent to. soundc-d, women and children ran' l y i n g I f ] it a i t l l C l l l L . n l . U n i l C t l M u I C S , S L U n g W l l l l D l l g i m i l ' JU:*. i - l l l l l . i i m I-*: uninn , J M t , n m i _ n i , il nj v i i m - - · - - - _ j ·" · "There are no definite plans at; an(1 Wcs[ (j cr i nanyi i s cnmmitingiof Ihe council this month, and rep-W down the mutiny in the Afn-^crtamins lime ns to what may be done to the property or .ho will eventually operate the property in case the option is exercised, but we expect somelhing to develop out of this within tin. next few months." the statement aggression againsl The Congo. He] -{Tentative* of the demanded that Ihe United Nations act. _ j The statement was delivered to. Ihe chiel diplomatic rcprescnla-: tives of NATO powers. Big Four-Realtors Tell Base Hosneowners Not To Pams 'Don't panic The s t a t e m e n t , one step shorl , ., ._ .._ . . The hotel was built in IMS by of a fl ,|] (]rcss (|jp]o ma ti c note, 1 'Don't panic," was the advice fp:cslcd lo restore order. cold war conflict belween Wash- a group of Greenville s(ockhold-j c | )argc( | , t|al "Belgium, with the. for Greenville Air Fcrcc Base! Ike Savs No ington and Moscow. crs. and among its officials in tn e| sl]llllnr | o{ ,|, c u n i !eu stales, Brit-'lwwcowr.ers at a meeting this af- 30 Miles Away i early years were M. L. Virden, g - m p rmci ,_ an i \Vest Germany, ternoon with represents! The RB17 which vas accused by ; and Joseph L. Virden. Alsor.cll: [ias undfrtakcn armed i n l e r v c n - j t h c Greenville Real Kslale the Soviet government of violaling.lio'.ighl the holcl ten yars "" ils air space on July 1 in ·.hc|nianagcr is Al Jennings. lo the corners o f . a [can Congo. lloungc room. A bapc.ige clerk' Top o f f i c i a l s outlined Ihe admin-, tl K uj;htfully placed a line oi suit islration's altitude in Ihe wake ol casts around a group. I a \Vhilc House declaration lhat Belgian parachutists I urst countries other than Ihe United through the froiit dnors and three Str.Tcs should provide? the forces Congolese soldiers l-.eaib;! for the iThc Confjo government nas re-.s'aircase. They fired iheir rides Yes that's right . . Tnesrlay '.as the hottest day of Ihe ;:immer . . . S3 degrees. in narrov.-ly missitig the cen- :ury mark yesterday as Del- tans sweltered, the mercury topped Ihe previous record of 9S degrees reported for Monday for a sccniiil lime Ihis summer. [Minimum (empera- ·ure for the 21 hgurs up to 7:20 R. in. was 75. The S3 temperature was recorded by Ihe L'. S. Observer at Greenville, Brodic Crump, and indications were for another scorcher today. Al 7:20 .1. m. the temperature today was 73 decrees. Local Firms Are Orville L. of Mirinssota said lodny he had been chosen lo place Sen. John F. Kennedy's name in nomination at the Democratic National Convention. . .jupitinv. V,,,.... .--j . The governor has, been one of j a wril of mandate sought by dis-j tnose most frequently mentioned 'sident California delegates lo the ns B vicc presidential.choice on a Brown Can Release VoSes, Court Says SAN FRANCSSCO (AP) -- The · S t a t e Supreme Court today denied! | Democratic National Convention lo prevenl Gov. Brown from relea Edmund G. | ing his state's: i delegation before il cast a favor-! ·ite-son vote for him. made no comment. Kennedy ticket. u. ··sj Humphrey Comes Out The cr.ufl 'Ihe attorn lion for the writ said there would ibc no f u r t h e r proceedings be- Icause time was loo short. ' Williams, Colmer For 1 independent Slate "I LOS ANGELES (UPO - Mississippi Congressmen John Belli .Williams and William Colmer LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Sen. ij.JHubert H. Humphrey of Minne- cast his Democratic National Con- : vcntion ballot for Adlai Slcvenson for president. Humphrey said he would vota for Slevenson "in the belief that Adlai Stevenson is best qualified to serve as president at a timo when the security of the nation stake." Pa,in S , -- r- ...... - .......... - =» '-; President Liscnhontr. at his va- Congolese soldiers O.T the ro-f and- :"!·« l-r» ' C,,rt,in K '! !w: pDrachuist.s corr.crul se ma, ,,,,», rue- GremV1 " e Ai he Iceloral plan instead of! The precise fate of the 31 Min- craiic ticket in the No-jnesota convention votes, which ! C ri'l""atcs (o Ihe Demo-!spite his pull-out from competition, i --- ' .' ", r ,_,:,,,, ; a id'remained in doubt. There were re- olicalion headquarters in Itovparl, 1 .there was an exchanr.c rl R ;m'irc| Curbing at the postoffice was-.cratic National Convention " . ^ , o he consi(lerable Si(;veri . · r d R l hie Trc«hy turned down the 1 in which one Con a «!c.«c soldier .-omplelcd and prcparaf.on w a s j t h c y made their u-C s.on IJ. semin , c11 , in the group. nas urKicnaKUTi arniLt, mu-i vjn-, ine urcfiivmu iv.-.u i--,i.nt .,.,.ird:^-i. '."- i i - ^ . ^ ' j ium- JHI.II ,.,i. 0 u.,,-L-NiTMvnT -m an 1 - \c- the Ccnvcr-tion a'~~'TM ! ^ cimnp -"" '·»· Tnc! :.ion in .he international alfairs oflar.d the Chamber o! Commerce Congo's appeal for 3.MO Amer:c.i B ,w, s killed. i m a d e for bl.uUopn.n... an anje- |t he Lcn.c _ arctic region of the Kola l'enin-i The option arrangement was sula actually was never closer! completed on Tuesday liclwccn than 30 miles lo Ihe Soviet coast. 'Love acting for Virden. and W Ihe U.S. note declared. . . |C. Kcady. attorney for Alsonetl -State- City- Delta HOME BUILDERS WILL MEET THURSDAY The Greenville Home Builders Association will hold its The Greenville Home Jiumiers Asstxriauon win noni us HIUHUI measures tor me ix*5s:uion tJi ;«K'. 111 l|R ladies* night tomorrow night at 7:00 at Ihe Il'uc Maine LoJ^o o^'^rersion nntl the rc-cs'nh'iishnior.ljsuU of Lake Ferguson, Riley Mundy cf C1-v:!:r.d will be tlic giics! tpcakcr. of (hc ( u! i sovereign ri^its o f ihe" Tlio t BOY SCOUT HEALTH-SAFETY MEET POSTPONED ^ The health and safety encampment sciirdu-cd by the Washington -·· · District of Ihe Roy Scouts nt Leroy Percy I'.irk for Ihis weekend, , July 15-16, has been postpcncd u n t i l (.ill. i! c-n;inr:-.l lo:!ay by, mc ' K. J. Swcatt of Hollandale, dislricl h e a l t h and safely chairman, .e.-.d. j m n t l o tor niacKiojwJirr.; .in .ni^i^juit: ^ix.m,t.n» i -_ i u , i, « I-Wn'-owcr iid v n .- Co-icn'csc soldiers .entered iniwrkini; arr-a m the north si ; le j c ivil righls plank. However both, ftp Count Gives The Congo." a' the (troops. I.iscn,,o«er said v i . . . (,rca , r , . | , to nltcr .d the re-, · » / » « ! t "-n,is colonial intervention inj The mc.n-.hers cf the Hoard and | While House spokesman that _ , , , all ,l,rect,or.s. _ _ , "· t - - '·Y' l *!, ( | ,. c l r i l Ro,;! mai pi r il s-ssioas of the conven-j Kennedy 741 J The Conor, gives new prool IhalSbc Chamber were asked In hold; would be- bc-llcr tor the Consn i . Today's w a s ti'.o f i r s t si-ow oijCon..^^ i . . . . tlic'f-ai' " u r ,% soine power . and in the first:,he meeting to advise G A r B j n n Iroops were on: from -any o f , force bclwecn Hol^^s a M Con; ; ° s o S-^.»- ^ - aman Wi! | ^ *W hours before the open. 1 . _ '. . . . , , . , - . .1 . i u.^^.-- ,.^i; f .,,c ^-. r,ninr^ i.^r/. C ir/-f ;iir n'lirircnk nl-'icvt J'J u.i\ .Vt\v« * ic-.iei«»i» ···«. .^^ ^j ^^ vital convention s?s« Kennedy jsion, an Assocratel Press tabula- AN'GFI.ES (AP) - Gov. tion showed HI delegates still uncommitted. With 761 needed to nominate, Ihe count in this tabulation for lha I contenders was: Kennedy 741W- Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson o( TCB- ns 3!o'/j. Sen. Sluart Symington ol M sonri SSv'j. Stevenson 73. Olhcrs (includint! Humphrey and a flock o! favorite sons) 13l'/j, inankind'lies on Ihe toilers ofj.o the base mission chn.g, |to ,he toii^e sp ;5 , authorities.!, s h, of at hjast «a of the ^ ; j , h c Western circles. In this ,h. ; a|. It was p,v ,,,! ou, tKere is als.iid. Furthonrorc. a v t l t a n tech- ntor^'s HX),0 M «*.tc5 I TM llening si:ualion in The Congo, tbe'growinp real estate market lor nic.ans as v.,11 as finils could he. The C.on,;,"e, t. nuo, a_ U ^ j U n i t c d Nations must take all.two and three hcd:-^ d.-.-clilngsi allocated lo mcel other m,,nre armed, seemed to ha« n, f i r n ^ he measures for Ihe cessation of ag- ! in the Grecr.vil'e area as a re- mc-nts, they a.xlcd. I command. . - · M , P (o. if current inil vslr'r.l memhe'rs" of t h e "lU-al l-s- S -vo,nne'r.t felt But lli=y sircssfil iha! tl'.c U.S.j Ministers \Yaller G.-.nsl.o! van Ihe step Mccr.sch an.l Au»;i=: de UJ7.ri). : rdcn n ndenl icpublic of The Con' ' ' rV r..( in l a n d T. I'. ,!n Al,c,. . J f o r U r B cr.l consultations. I at a cost u lub hons'.'. S7015 50. ami; iijjht on air base roa!, : I - '" - i.-u.icL.jn Co., : ^:HOT 15 I, U m n · .·=.'.. r - l ' 7j." High 93 . 100. low r. wipdl S FrlHnyi Psrt'y JN Uw 70 ts

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