The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 2, 1947 · Page 6
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 6

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 6
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TTIK TTFJIAT.T* y, tT«n«i «, 1ftft They'll Do It Every Time ft** ltt«r*d U, 3. I»«I«M OflU* By Jimmy Hatlo r ··--\ r= JEEPERS! TME ^. HE HAD A LITTLE CROWD. I GOTTA\ SIX-STOOL BEANERtf EXPAND. THAT'S ) IT CRAWLED WITH ALL THERE IS CUSTOMERS 24 TO IT-1 (3OTTA ) HOURS A DA/ EXPAND.' --HE SUNK ALL HIS DOUG5H IN A JOINT AS SPACIOUS AS LITTLE AMERICA- AMD JUST AS LONESOME JOHNNV MERRILL, 3I7 SO.IZTHST., SAGINAW, M ICH . COI'B. 1047, KINO FEATURES SYNDICATE. Inc., WOUUI UIU MOOSe! SUffB "TFROM TH'MRKf GOTTA YOU'ffG WHO FIT ) TOOL OUTA M STATE TOBE,^^ -BEFORf , $t~ES PRIVW/ ]S£* "SILVER"M7H' SCAT! TMTftATFOOT SOME £WST.' /WVHOW, ME BUCKO... WE GOT t?UR NUMBER. 1 OUTA STATI: LICENSE TOO' COM1W P0WN OUTA TH' Ct-OUPS, "SILVER* " LOOKS LIKt P0RKVS C-.ONWA HAVF TO P/IRK HERE AN- ROCK BABV TO SLI£GP/V3/ J^£ ,»£' ///w U^""*, ·*·;· NK - t X s ^ . -Wl" ' W4 3 f/fr/? //; you got \ hfe wouldn't fn 3 fight with I f/ght t Joe ~ Louis, L Priscj//a, ttsou/d you dX^We're not II In i even mad at each othetr you smirking Ji After my talk with Bat Denver, I went to 5e« his girl. But things worke4out ·funny. IITS OUR B O A R D I N G HOUSE- --With Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY-- -By W i l l i a m s £6*0 S,B,' AR6 VOL) SORB YOUR. ^W^CS^f ^ERe ? fetf^^^^ x rh!^^^coARse ctAwsi m BETTER i^ThVMOLe U'EXERCIE ALL POSSIBLE ,1T£13ST, TO AVOID OKI LAV4S 7fi ' #'" OLO PISTOLS is A^ Loose AS PENNIES INi A ^ " O O O O H - H - H / " HE / e-EZ-- "OW/ YOU'RE SK1NNIW ME/" WHEW WE WAS- KIP£-, HOW HE KAZZEP US OWoo/ YOU'RE N SKIW-- OW/ GET 'EM OUT OF HERE--I'LL GO DIKTV TILL 1 WELL IF YOU POW'T LOCK 'EM /WELL., / ~FHEY COULD \ HEAR \ YOU · WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY 'If A V » v l C f INC SORRY I CAN'T HELP \7 WELL, MAYBF \ YOU, VIC FLIMT. TRACING / WE OUGHT TQ ANONVAAOU5 TELEPHONE I SIT THIS OUT CAU5 15 OUT OF MY LINE --1 TILL I GET MY WHAT'S TH£ MATTER^ BEARINGS.^ AFRAID OF ME ? / I'LL TELL YOU SOMETHING. ' I'VE- Bb - EN URGING BAT TO QUIT THE FIGHT RACKET. THEN HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY . ABOUT THREATS AND -^^r-i, \ GETTJNG PUNCHED n£, " « BBj " »,, IN AN HOUR? 1 GREAT BALLS OF ·|R£, A MAN'S .IFE'S AT 6TAKE / EVERY MOMENT COUNTS,' IT TOOK / TOU6H, £H? A WHOLE I HEE. . COMPANY V H.E fc - /^ I WONDER TO ·SUBDUE . 1 ^EE' ( JUST HOSV HIM.' v . ^ X . L-/ TOUCH THIS // /^ CU6TOM EC r W^' \ REALLV " Sr.X f/y-^BBSS-A r:.-;7i -Ey 1. urne \s I '^$) '"~"~ ^35 ofar ii£0 Z^Xj ;i ' t'j y\ \ /'· r ' u W --^fa^V ?/ jffl~v^*tfti*3J.yrzz ^ Screen Star A n w \ v i « r H O R I Z O N T A L 1,5 P i c t u r e d actress 11 L i g h t boots 13 First 5 Vnrmin f i A f r o a h 7 Wrong Cprefix) R P r o p o s i t i o n 9 Free 15-Also l O E l o v j i t e d Ifl Stewed fruits " S° m W ° ghl 18 Expire ^ uroop h 14 Conducts 17 Abrnham's B -H. 7\ N O R (vi v A U N ^« FINALLY MADE HILDA SO ANGpy SHE FORjsor Asour kll-L-'EN\- WlTM- --AMD WI-IATS MORE, V u'AMOUR TOOJOURS BLIMP- BKA'N ' YOU'LL IV L'AMOUR. / _ HAVE TO GET DOWN) · / A. J CM YOUR KMEES IP ' YOU WANT A DAT/r ... WITH ME/ f LOOK , 6A0C, I WOULDMT KNE£L FOR THE OUEEM OP SHEGA / YOU SIGN OFF-. I5 ""' * *y ^ COIT' 1W7 BV NEA S C R V I C C , . M. r:rO. U. 9. "In his final semester he got all A's--Junior, say something in algebra for Mrs. Parsons!" BARNEY ""GOOGLE 'ANir SNUFFY SMITH (ab.) 20 Incroased 21 S o u t h A m e r i c n ( a b 22 -CJnac:com- pHniod ^fi Cloyod 29 Singing voice " urcss 30 Fonlloss protoolor animals 31 Greek l e t t e r 32 Vnso 33 Wise men 35 F i n g e r 38 Barter 3D Follow 40 An (Scot.) 41 Run a way 4ft Sun god 4G U n i t of weight 48 W a k e n 50 E v i l 51 Passes by 53 Freezing rn/' £ 55 Lowers 50 C h i l d ' s toy VERTICAL 1 Treat 2 Finish 3 Accomplish 4 Assent 28 Tnnir spasm 'H Worm homc 33 Georgia -17 Catch (coll.) 23 Russian" lake '^ 4 Interstice 40 Donkey 24 Observed 36 Vicnr's helper 4f) Wapiti 25 Expunge 37 Chiefs 50 Wager 26 Fried quickly 41 Release - 52 Parent 42 Deprivation 54 Knsl. Indie* 43 Good ( p r e H x ) ( a b . ) 51 ii M8 I. · vfa m sir 19 10 IH mmmri --By Frcrt Lnsswell ALL THBS6 WIRSsft V HIAM! SOWE OF THPSE AsNt LONS-D!STANCE lURfiENt. WILL SOU WAIT PINNER. MISS KWNGLE,. J WHILE I MIXKE A, FEW CALLS WE DIDN'T KNOW HOW m, ... WE (TAN ARRANGE POf?/ FRANKLY, IfA SET- ·APPITIOMAL COLJ.ATEPAL/ TIMG HUMGP.V. WHEN I SEE yOU NEXT ( SHE WANT A TUESPAY, ;n^--T"\ HER. DAD'S A k ' vf'^i,-,j f' ^ I K;I 7 ''; *.i !\ MW L^ ,,. AND, STACEV. CALL ^ H\\fAl LEN'S RUSWH6 TO FMHEI2. AND -TELL HIM \ WASWNfiTON. AND SH^'D I'M TfrKINJG THE 9 O'CLOCK NEVER A5 WEMWON06R. PLMME AMD MW CJNJ6 / YVHO »T COULD BE f A. FRIEND WITH \^E ! DID VOUR UNCLE SNUFFV propose ver. UU6HAID? -e V AUNT LOwizicS TRVW TO GIT HIOO IN TH' MOOD NOW. MISTOFER 6Q06ie THeV'RG ft-SGTTIN' ON OLRAIL FGMCE WHAR COURTED THUTTV- ODD V'ftRS AGO -0, ·fl / WOMEN/THEV'DE ( WONDERFUL, SIR/THAT'S THE LITTLE IMP/ ^V ~-^ S WHY I'M A BACHELOR.' SKIPPING OFF TO HEAVEN-V, KNOWS-WHEJPE, LEAVING \\l ^ ONLY TRAVE^ FOLDECS AMD A NOTE CHALLENGING ME / 3£ TO FIND .W5m _^X ,J/?tefr±J$? / 1 · '~' rr ' ;;'..V.i. ·' APPARENTLV TWIS "\SHE'O PROBABL.V A6SUME ELA80PATE FOLDEROL. N THAT MIGS LEE HAD IS JUST TO SPITE ME FOR HELPING PAGAN LEE/ WOMDED WHAT SHE'D DO IF X DIDN'T PISE TO HER fcr--"'" S A \ V V I K -By Roy Crane YOU 5EE,we'VE BEEM LOST IN THE JUNGLE WE CAME DQWN THE ON A RAFT* OUl.M'SIEUR.ICOM- PR6HEND PER'FECTLYJ AH-MOUUS6ASE?NO PA55FORT5? THIS TOWN LOOKS PRETTVRUN-DOWM, ITSELF, THE RE'6 ONLY ONE HOTEL, COME ON, we LOOV LIKE SAVAGES, ·SAWYER. w*mz??«®m^ |,|.·!,,,,,. IN , MAIS GUI, I GAVE THE/V\ ROOMS. TWO AMERICANS WITHOUT PASSPORTS- ..VERY SUSPICIOUS. J THINK THE PREFECT OF POLICE WOULD LIKE TO BE INFORMED. TROUBLE? SURE, CLARABELLE... I'LL BE RIGHT OVER.', j _ETE,, .CLAR.A.BBLLE ' 5OUNQEP EXCITE-P! SHE PLAINLY CHALLENGES OUR DEGAPD FOP HEP AND t)UR ABILITY AS A" DETECTIVE...THE LATTER TO ASSURE THE'SUCCEGS OP HER SCHEME/ PiGHT. TWO EVCELLEST REASONS W-YI c3c:-3 AAYSISTER'SVECVILU! VOU'LL TAKECAKEOPTHtr · STOftEWONTVOU AMCkEVTWANKVOLl 'srzrr 5OODBVETI ' ·; ^ Ti WELL DONTJLISTTwOW ASOw STANPTWERE, yR^ST\j.v,£ i-Yf STuPiP... ),, LP SO MS L V^----·"--,v--' f ^^ 1 :,'» ». =^ _SUT...)\ \r -v-B 5^ i

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