The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 16, 1971 · Page 11
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 11

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 16, 1971
Page 11
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Dennis the Menace Horoscope Appears Today In Classified Ad Section Buz Sawyer Short Ribs YOU MteHT TRY CATCHING SOME GRASSHOPPERS w\ ^ ANP LIZARDS. ^*S AKV ANOTHER THINS ABOUT LOSING WFT...THERES NO CAT FOOD FOR TENNXSON. I'VE A TROUT. OKE APIECE. AMP 1 ASSURE NOU I'M NOT 601HG TO GIVE HIM M1H "I wouldn't want certain people to hear me say this, but I finally got enough root beer.' WE HAP JUST STARTER WE WAS A SMOKER. CAN HAVE MY TROUT, I'LL EAT LET ME REMIND VOU, MISS. PARUNS, WE'RE OH SHORT RATIONS, V/E'RE HAVIN6TO STRETCH THE FOOD FOR TWO PEOPLE·· TO FEEP POUR, ^^Cm WOK'T 6ET MUCH, - -- Blondie LAUGHING MATTER HERE COMES BLONP.IE -AND FOR SHE'S ON T/ME EARLY, A PEAR/'IT'S ONLV/ TEN MINUTES f y TO ONE ^6 \ S« I WAS AFRAID YOU'D BE MAD- I THOU6HT OUR PATE WAS FOR TWELVE Rip Kirby ME STARTS? IN A SHACK, POWDER. NOT AT ALL, PETERS, I AM TRYING TO PREVENT AN INJUSTICE... 'I see money is still tight" Dondi PESMONC? ARE VOU TRYING TO SET ME IN TROUBLE? MRS. BITTERS 1 15 MAP AT SIMMY HERE BECAUSE OF SOMETHING MUST /MAKE AMENDS. HERE'S FIVE POLLARS. \ NOW YOU'RE SIMPLY LEAVE SINMY WITH \ APPEALING TO ME AMP TEIL MRS, BITTERS/ MY SENSE OF YOU PROPPEP HER AT THEXV JUSTICE/ BUS STOP. JUST AS THE EXECUTIONERS ARROW IS ABOUT TO ',, BE RELEASED f 5 - A STRANGE ^ HUMMING *9 50UNP SWEEPS OVER THE JUNGLE,,, 8-I They'll-Do'It Every Time THE SALOMEADED BARBER WHO POSHES HAIR-RESTORER HAS A. SISTER- ·- A BEAUTICIAN, WHO MAKES WITH THE INTRICATE HAIRPOS OS! EVERYSOPY SOT HERSELF-- ANP W£ PIPN'T HAVE A.MAfPOLE DANCE ? HJELL, WH 1 / PON*! UE PUT (^P A POLE ANP ATTACH 50ME 5TREAMER5TO IT, AMP PANCE ARGfNP IT? (OHEN PEOPLE A£« US WHAT WE'RE DOIW6, LUE'LL 5AY WE'RE HAVIN6 AN AI/6U5T-POLE PANCE It07 N. BROWWA.Y AELROSE R\RK Crossword Puzz JACOBY ON BRIDGE By OSWALD AND JAMES JACOBY Written for NE« Bellicosity v^ Answer ta Previous Puirle NORTH 15 V103 4AK1064 TVEST (D) A A K 2 V J 8 6 5 A Q 8 EAST AQJ10753 V 4 4 7 5 *AJ109 SOUTH A 4 V A K Q 9 7 2 None vulnerable West North East South Pass Pass Pass I V Pass 2* 2*, 3 V .3* 4 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-- A El Oswald: ''When we were in Sweden last year winning the World's championship, we received a copy of .Jeremy Flint's book, 'Tiger Bridge.' Somehow it was filpd away.'' .Tim: "II covers expert play problems. This hand from chap- ler one shows hnw an expert counts a hand and plays for his contract." Oswald: "West is decidedly unenterprising. "He. stays out. of the bidding when his partner can make four spades. He also aids the defense by playing the king and ace nf spades. If he shifts to the queen of clubs at trick t w o , he'll Iwat declarer two Iricks." .Jim: "There is nothing unen- terprising about South. He ruffs ACROSS 1 FiRht between two persons S Melee 9 Armed conflict 12 Hernldic hearing 13 Throat sound 14 Turkish dJRniUrjr 15 Elbe tributary 16 Depraved 17 Demure 18 Japanese currency 19 Spelling event 20 Fish-eating birds 22 recollection 24 Eastern state (ab.) 25 Out of (cornb.form) 2fi Severe trial 30 Defeat utterly 33 Operates 35 Prevarication 36 Timetable abbreviation 37 Farm building 38 Tournament 39 Monthly 41 Word of assent 43 Building extension. 44 Redden 47 Wrangle 50 Mouthlike parts 51Teleostfish 53 Tear 54 Continent (cornb, form") 56 French city (2 words! 57 NiRht before 58 Chinese (comb, form) 59 Brain passage 60 Man's name 61 Migration 62 Body of water DOWN 1 Performs 2 Exhorted 3 Girl's name 4 Brythonic sea Rod 23 Still 5 Fight open for 24 Riotous affair everybody R R a n t 7 Fourth Arabian caliph 8 Shriekers 9 City in Texas 10 Chariot race (Greek) 11 Beams of light 19 Fight with fists 21 Ancient 27 Man of Yale 28 Be sick 29 Permit 30 Male sheep SIRaw.melal 32 Footed vase 34 Chaldean city 37 Stability- RivinR substance 38 Greek letter 40 Stitch 42 Guide's note 45 Bout (coll.) 46 Feminine appellation 47 Rabbit 48 Rend asunder 49 Point of culmination 50 French river 52 Nobleman 55 Evergreen tree 55 Drink little by little 8 9 14 17 A 10 n (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) the second spade, plays his ace and king of hearts, notes that East plays the jack of ciubs and checks to see what he can do about thai bad trump break. He proceeds lo make his contract by playing the queen of trumps, the queen of diamonds, finessing Ihe diamond 10 and playing dummy's last three diamonds for three club discards. 1 ' Oswald: "Jeremy points out lhat South was using an abacus. He could not make his contract unless West followed to four diamonds. If so, the oMs were West would hold the jack, so he finessed." W · i n n f e W i n k I 6 A i*.=* T PRUMMONP/ WHERE ANP IN THE STILL ARCTIC MSHT. 7QKCM'$ IMAGINING. CAPTAIN.' THERE SOMEONE THERE ' HAVE YOU TAKEN ME BEIOVEP?/ VOICE ECHOES FROM ClIFF AMP 6LACIER. AWAKENING FROM SLEEPATBEPELIA'S 5ECRET CAM? TORCH/ FINP5 THAT THE 5IRL ANPFyFFEHAVff60NE TO CHECK ON THE RUSSIAN ANP SUSPICIOUS, HE FOLLOWS, BUT IS UNA5LE TO FINP THEM. ANP WHEN YOU RND A LET THAT'BE A LESSON OUT; you APPROVE TO you/youNG LAET/ WHOLEHEARTEDLY! HONESTX a THE BEST poLicy/ HERE IVE BEEN RUNNING TRYING TO HIDE WHAT I WAS PARENTS CAN REALLY BEQZ//7S UNPREDICTABLE / I guess I played a little rough with you guys, but I thought I should say it as I see it - I'm still not convinced I should return to college/ Whafe the matter, \ Oh...Hi, Coach.. Joel?...Couldn't you ^ No...I've been ^leep, either? ««/ thinking about all you said J ... But if I did... do you think _ . loould play basketball without I Frankly all the pressure and ballyhoo? J Joel... no/'

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