The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 21, 1963 · Page 20
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 20

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 20
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J0 THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, Augurt 21, 1963 Goldwater Backer Flooded By Mail BARTLESVILLE CAP) -- State Sen. Derail Garrison, leader ol an Oklahoma supporting Arizona Sen. Barn' Goldwater for the Republican presidential nomination, said he is bcinp "Hooded" wilh mail supported an instructed Oklahoma Republican delegation [or Goldwater. Garrison said much of the mail is from Democrats M'ho want to support Golchvalcr. "I fed it is inevitable that the Oklahoma delegation to the Republican national convention will be instructed for GoldwHler," said Garrison, who heads the Oklaho- msns for Goldwater in '6*1 club. GoioVatei 1 is scheduled to speak in Bavilesville on Sept. 13. LEGAL NOTICES ruMlshert In Tnc Ln\uon Constitution AMC. IS, 16. 1!. l!l 20. 21. 1K3 RESOLUTION NO. 2 STR"ET I-MPnOVE.MENT DISTPJCT NO. a?. A nrSOLVTIOX ADOPTING PREmiT.- NARY PI^NXS. ESTTJATES OF COST | AXD ASSESSMENT PL,\T, DECLARING I THK NECESSITY FOR THE PAVING OF STREET IMPROVEMENT UISTJITCT NO. V.f. AND DECLARING A.V EMEP.. GS.N'CY: SAMS BEING: THE UN- I'AVKD PORTIONS OF: 1. 15! h .'Ivnri-from thr South llnr of :-:ucl!d Aven-jr to the Nnrlh line rtf Dcnrhnrn Avenue. (30 ft. \\-idp nnd i (I" '.hlcki : 2. '.Plh Slrert-From tne South ^!ne of ^ C Avt-nur 10 the Norlh l i n e nf D , i.l'l f:. u k l e find S" t n l c k l S. 1-arranre Slrcel-Frnm tho South line | of R A v c n j r In iho Nnrlh line of ; D Avnur. HO f.. wide nnd 5" - h l r k ) I 4. IPlh ST A c:-From the South line or . ! For Renr-- : Roomi 2; For Rent--Homes ItOOM .-for rent; private. entrance ar.d bath. U16. Columbia. EL5-4D36 ROOM and. board, In . prlvnte fnmlly. for employed pnre.its jind child or 2 employed ndulL* E!U-94S'1- I3EDHOOMS. bus Uric, 57 and T8 n week, 807. D, .- : ... . CLEAN bcdroorrj,.. gentleman only 513 B. EL5--1253 £L3-8948 !or . uJpolntmcni. I For Rent--Apart menu ; APARTMENT. 1314 I B . C. See Hopps. 5:8 2 ROOM kitchenette, air conditioned, swimming poo], prlvnle club, £1-5-3600. NICELY furnished 2 bedroom duple*. Inrce uillUy room, renecd yard, bills paid. Call .EL5-I7O or EL3-S533. 2 BEDP.OOM furnished, bills paid. S7S mon:h. 408 I,' phone EL7-102D, cvenlnpi EL3-3254, 1 BEDP.OOM furnished duplex, tiMr Fort Sill, UM5V: Lincoln. J70 ivpiter paid. EL3-8827. · AVAILABLE AUGUST 21ST Furnish- rd cfriclrrcy, b!ll5 paid, close tp shopping and bus. Suitable tor working tier- sonnH or cnuplr. EL5.3353 GIVE UP TOOLS FOR SIGNS. Construction workers carry signs referring to demand, for higher wages as they picket ,No. 10 Downing Street, official London residence of British prime ministers, Tuesday, Today is the third duy of the national strike--first in the industry since 1926. A spokesman for the union said they had to halt work at Downing Street. "It is a prestige job," he said. (AP Wirephoto) A*v-iuc tn I n c NVir.h lin'; T1 . " Avenile-Vrorr. the Vest line of ·! Sir.'e: ;n !hc Ensl line o( TMth lvpi'l. '30 f. "'Irie nnri fl" thk-IO 'h Siree;-"rorn the Sou:h line of A^ 1 e^L:e to the North l i n e of H vi-nur. ''I) f.. "'Ide nnd 6" itllcM Tromi: ,\venue.From the U'est llr.e M;h Street to ihe K/t«t line of '!h Srreel. CO f-- vide nr.d 6" B. Ni- Power Lone Strong Holdout Of Field Chiefs On Test Ban York Avrnuc-"rorr. Ihr We*,! orlrc rV T-nvrrnrrH nn lUh Street to iviV K "nrt '(?· Thick? 11 Slr "'' '' 10 "' ' WASHINGTON 7 (APl-The word - sanizalion In a Reopraphical area, p. -.N!h' sircd-yrorn the snuih line or | in the capita- loday is that Gen. | such as Europe. A specified com- Av 1 .':ivTM L '!V n ri "\virte 0 n-d "B" ihir" Thomas S. Power «-is the lone, ; mand is an organization such as in. :V,r. sin-rt-Fm-r. the "iur- line i t . strong holdout ngninsl ihc limited i SAC, a single service with a single 1 BIG room, well lumlshcd, bills pnid. Cull ELMS64. 2 BEDROOM trailer 1006 Jefferson. .'or rrnL I.nqulr* MILITARY PERSONNEL Clrnn 2 brdrrxim furnished duplex wkh nttlc fnn. nenr Ft. Sill ,inrl crnde school. Ir.aulrc 1331 Sml'Ji. ELJ-5773. PAAC11CALLY rcw. new carpet, built Call EL3-3534.. 3 bedroom home, In rnnRe, lenced. 4! W a n t c d t o B u y LAIIGE 5 room house, Inquire 41S Colum- hln. Avallnble September 3-sL . - NJ.CE - bedroom mobile home, nil b!Ma palS,' SS5. EL7-014!!. : BEDROCK furnished. S67.50. :205 J. ELT-OU9. hills" 2 ROOM 20]l'.i A. houit, paid, GLEAMING 3 bedroom, 2 buLh. central entry, pnnclcd dlnlnr, untcnnd, stovr, fenced. 4605 Atom. Rich Really. EL5- 2611. WE BUY Kid sell used furniture and appliances. Bis VnJue L'sed Furniture. 1528 Let BouJimud. EL5-24TJ or EL5- 8851. Wanted to Buy GOOD USED FURNITURE CREMER 514 D Avenue F U R N I T U R E DiaJ EL WB57 UNFURNISHED. 0 bedroom, MUichcd KRrace. .fenced yard. 2209 North 3S, EL3- BliO. EL3-3700. 4 ROOM duplex, ftlr conditioned nnd IV, by day. EL3-183S. ' GOLN'C overseas, house chenp :o TT07 C. lease nc»: 2 bedroom reilnble party. Inquire AVAILABLE September 1. 3 bedroom unfurnished, central air conditioning bills pidd, 2S08 Be'.l. Call \U7J190 Walters niter 6:00. 2 ROOM fu.-nlshrd house. 707S McKln- ley. DESIRABLE 3 twdromn, l'.j bath, rc/rlEcrnlor. antenna, fcncfd. nti Seplemhcr 1st. 234S Ozmun. Rich R EL5-2S11. pets. ROOM furnished npsrLrnenl. EfJ-831."i. VKRY nice. 2 bedroom with sepnm:« Lovely 1, 2, 3 bedroom furnished apartynerus. Ali jtilitie* paid. ladlities. J73.00 And Up! Office 2302 Williams Dial EL5-2663 COOL 2 room f u r n i s h e d rnL 71S | Lawton's Finest ! Rentals Carlois Housing Corp. Near Gate -' 3 BR. Fum. . . S120 M3 BR. U-Fiirn. . 5100 Brick Duplexes--Water Paid Close to Parochial Public Schools CaU STEPHENS AGENCY EL 5-5330 Evenings EL 5-5524 Office 142] N 22nd 3 BEDP.OOM u n f u r n i s h e d . 43]2 Santa Ft. EL5.5?-'6, ELJ-J575. h~UHNlSH£D re.iL.ils. AS lo J60. bills pule 1 Inquire SIS G. ,f BEDROOM h o i i . i r i u n f u r n h h e d . jsflr C7nle 5._S/-e Mr.*:. ALidn.i nt nQ6_Lfe. COMPLETE housc.'ul new furnKure. nothing down. 515. per month. ELS-S-ISJ INDmDUAJL eibLn. Lcc. IB per iftrlt IMS FOP. rrnt 2 room furnl-ijlrd npnrlment. 703'.i Drnrbom. nil bMl.l pulti. S45. EL3- chiet of slalt Iw Hie Air Force j and later chie.'. Power became j SAC commander, I Avcnur Tn ihc N o r t h !in« nf JoITi'i^nn Avrnuo. 3O [i, U'M.' nn1 i"" ihh'k' 1 r 0 !. 1 : Si'.Tf-I-yrnm Ihr S^u'.h l i n e of n AVi'-i-jc lo ihc yp:-:h I:n-.- f' C Avcrum 3P ft v.-|df *" '.b'.rW !h« KmMir.o nf ll-h Slro.-l. '30 n. : C AVT.I:'' to !hr N n n h \\r.f of D Avrrii" OH fl. \vidc find f ihlcV' · C A v r - n u r !n ihr N'nrlh l i n r of ri Avr.ii". i .in f.. «1dr u n r t B" l.hick 1 '.Vh P I T T ' . K m TM ;hc Po\:lh primary mission. Seven ol eight of these coni- nuclear lest ban treaty among all miliiary fiolri commanders. This, in turn, raises Ihe question manders told the Joint Chiefs o[ of what, it anything, mijrht happen Staff-who had laken a formal pos- tho chief of ihe SlnUC!?ic A;r j,j on suppoilinp the treaty -- Ilial thev favored it. a newsman was told'. The eighth man was Power. Gen. John K. Gerhart, rhinf of Che North American Air Defense Command, abstained, savin;; he did not loel qualified to take- a position. Power's attitude thus appoaivd to be known lo ihr- cliinLi snd pre- FORT SILL GARDENS APARTMENTS Bills Paid 1. 2. 3 Bedrooms FTM Swimming Poo! :o Command for his stand a.nainsi ihe pact amid the administration's all-out effort to £et it ratified. Power has lined up wilh Dr. Erl- sicisi. asainst the treaty, allhoush not so emphaiically as Teller, who has said raiific;uion \\-ould be "a traEic and dreadful mistrikr." Tcsiifying before a Senal? sub- commmr*. Power said ihc tvc.ily. b , v lo McNa]1lara h?Iore hp MS not ,n the best mtorcMs or me: rame ; o Washington ewlicr Uiis havo said also he has loss confidence iimn others thai tho United Sutey could maintain ils present nuclear weapon superiority if Ihc treaty were ratified. Power, On other subjects and on 0( her : » *' 1?. T ^ i h ^ir^fi-Vmrn ihr S^vilh line of H Avrnii- 1 !o the N'or'.h l i n t - ^f T Avrnu" 1^1 M. \v!dc Hrri *!" T h i f k i JO. Tcnni 1 ^ l ' 1 * 1 P A v n n u r - F r ^ m iJi** W f s l ;h^ K'n;i tine nf IF*II Sircci. (i thcso ha\ o caused i rouble for mil- rr w-fif unrt 6" tfiic^ ilan. 1 men. Adm Goorce \V, An- T. ^n sirrrj-Krom i h r ^ulh line cr i , ' . · , , h . \Vftsiiincirtr. Avrnur i" :hc Nnh dcrsoii, former chioL of naval op- iinr nr^jrrf^r^nn Avenue (30 .'L. wide praijons. is retired and on Ihe way ?:. summit Avpmi'c-Fr«m the -Ens; lim j lo bccomins; an ambassador be- of imh sirfri :^ ihc F.a-a crice «r | cause testimony he pave conp-es- u-rn'oTnll R^ihlri* tl|rPCL f30 n ' i sional commillees clashed \vilh ihat ol Secretary 1 of Defense Rob- rS. is a sp?cialisi in warfare and certainly no | in ; newcomer 10 the field of nuclear j weapons, HP was deputy chief of I operations for the U.S. 23. 2Ni sirc-o 1 .--FTnm ihr snuih tin" F. A V n u c lo Ihr .Viuih l l n ^ nf Ai-rnue. iw :i. wkk «ml 5" ihlr F; Aivnuc 10 The South line n: r A v r n u p . ryrt n. wlrlo nnri fi" : h i r k y. "i"lh S i r n r : -- Frnm Ihr ^.ulih line o? I Avi-nur 'o the Nnrlh l i n e of ,7 A v r n u r . nfl /!. wide* nnrt fi" i h i c k ' 27. Te\n«. A v e n u c - F r n m Ihf w^st edre r-r p;i\Tmcnt nn lllh Slrnrl To !hc Efiv! 2P. 2'*th Slrer:-FVnm The S^iillh llnr fT D A v c n i i o :r thp Sfu:h l i n e nf K Avr- nuv. i.lO f;. wide nnd »i" ; h 1 r k 29. ?-i:h S f r e r t - F r n r n i n e Snulh \\r\r. nT 1 Avonu* 1 m thr- ,'pr:li l l n f nf .1 Avc- f n i f . ',10 ft. wldf Hnd fi" t h i c k * SO. O k h i h n m n A v r n n n - F r o m t h e Wpsl p f l y c if p ^ v r m c n t 'in ".Uh Slrrr; :n llu- E.T, P l i n e (J 12lh S'.rrri. i'3f( .'I. "·idf /inri B" I h l r k * nnsn\-"]- A vmiic-From ' h n We-.! l l n r if isui Sirpf*' in ihe ~r^,' l l n r nf i!i n rlriJin Tinnd. f3fl ft. wlrlp inf) " Bu; cduealed puessinp in th Penincon--from which McXamara i_\vas that miffht for- po any indirect punitive measures fipainsJ Power. Tho pcneral will reach H mandatory retirement poinl in a liliie over a year. It was learned ihal as the time began approachinc for the military establishment to slate its col- a'om homb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were planned and carried out. Ho was assistant deputy task force chief for air in the ]WG Icsi of two alomic weapons at Bikina A l oil. In IMS, Power was named vice chief of the Strategic Air Command and for the following six years worked under the exponent Gen Ci bocomc lec'tivp position on ihe test ban poll was made of al! unified 31 specified commanders, A unified command bined Army-Navy-Air STAND-IN FOK .1ACK1K WASHINGTON" (UPI) - Pros dent Kennedy's sisicr. Eunic will stand-in for Mrs, Jacquclin Kennedv as the White House less durinc the visit of the kin and queen of Afghanistan, Eunice is the wife of Sarpcn Is a com- j Schrivcr. the director of th Force or- · Peace Corps. SI. --Junior Editors Quiz on- . 2'i!h Stn-pt-Frnn*. thr- South ilnp of .jc.'fprsnr, Avpniip tn thf North l i n o nr Mnnr'T A V ' r n u r i',in It, wlrlff «nd '.4:1: S: roc I -From i j f / f » r s n n A v e n u e t nf M n n r n p A V P R U C . c ?loulh 11 Up n? tnc North !lr.p (3D ft, \vldc nnd M. ?fiiii pirt'pl-r'rnm thr Pouih line n" M n n r f i r Avenue In the Nnrlh line n.' C u r f i e l c l A v e n u e . (30 It, wide nnd G" ! h l r h 35. ];fih ?'.repl-Frnm 'Jie RouLh HUP nl J c f f r r y i n Avenue 10 the North Imp nT Mn;irnc Avenue. (30 *'.. \\~\dc nnd C,'- i h i c k ) 3?. I'Oi.n srroft-Prnm the- SnuJi line o" G n r - r i f l d Avpnue to tho North llnr of McKlnlcy Avenue. HO rt. wide urd 37. 12:1. Sircet-Frnm the. .^uih Ihe of .loffnrsnr, Avenup lo the North line n.' Monroe Avcr.ue. (30 ft, wldr nnd BS. 20;h Strect-From the South line o! McKinlcy Avcnur IP Ihr North line of P.nnsov-ML Avpnut. f30 ;t. wide and B" ibirlO BE IT KESOLVED BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OK LA'VTON. COMANCHS COUNTY. OKLAHOMA Thni Ihe prcllmlnfin' pluns, filmwlnj: n ly^ilcrtl sccLJon of thr conti-mnlDted Im- provomcni. ihc lypp n( types of ina- lerlnl. n p p r o N i m n l e thickness nnd widths, preliminary csilmiilc o.' thi cosl of .such Improvement nnd an a.s.scs.imcni plat showing the nrcn. ;n he nwesscd for pnvlnc of StrpoL Improvement District No. US. comprising Ihe slrccls nnd avenues as sot out in the- title of this resolution us DroDnred nnd s u b m i t t e d by HENDRICK ft HENTRICK. EnRlncers. nrc hereby adopierf «nt) ftppro^'cd and ordered filed In ihe Office of ihc Cliy Clork. Spcilon 2-Thai U Is nccessnr.v lo {mve the streets and n venues as set oui nbovc In the title of ihls resolution; lo rio the .necessary Rrnrllnj;. m consiruci miinhiilos, Slnrm sewer Inlets. d r n l n n R e pipc-p. curb nnd R U U c r , Jind spwcrs with the neccs- snry connectlcns to tidcQuately drnla said Improvement, Section :i-- Thnt ihls resolution 10 be published In the Lawion Constllullon. n dally nc\v\- paper of Rtncra: clrculailor. In snid Oly for sbc (P consecutive Issues. Section J-- Thnt If ihc owners of more than one- half the, arcft of ihe lots, nieces, or pur- cols of ground MnbJc lo assessment for the cost of those Improvemonis shall not w J i h l n (Illecn OS) days arier the last publication, file with the City dork ihclr ProiflsU In wrlilnr such Improvements, said protests to be heard «; ihe next r«ular mcetlnp of Lhe City Council, n f i c r the expiration of the IS day period, then the .Mayor and Cily Council of the Cllv of Lawion. Oklahoma shall cause the Improvements to be mnde nnd conlrrtcted for, nnd then shall levy assessments nnd Issue Struct Improvement Bonds (or ihe payment thereof as provided by Inw. ADOPTED AND APPROVED THIS 13th day of Aucusl. 1%3, (a) WAYNE GILLEY. Mayor ATTEST: (.0 R, _M. DODSON City Clerk Published In the Law-tori Constitution. AU 15. M. 23. -19,' 20V21.'lfl63. ' , JET STREAMS THIS PILOT IS R I D I N G THE JET STREAM AIRPLANE ROUTE, JAPArJ TO HAWAII QUESTION: How do pilots make use of the jet stream? ANSWER: During World War II. American bombers had occasion to fly at high altitude when bombing Japanese targets. Ai certain altitudes and places, their planes almostsiood still, but IT they turned in the opposite direction they could, go .much faster ihan usual. They had discovered the existence of a cur- · rent of air, the Jet stream, which moves around the earth, at high altitudes in a kind oT narrow, wavy band. .Although it blows generally in an easterly direction around the earth, the jet stream does not always follow the same path, so the ar- . rows on our picture can only show ils approximate position at certain limes of the year. In ihe winter, this air current is closer to the equator; it is also faster, Average speed is 100 or 120 miles an hour but this sometimes increases to'nearly 300 miles an hour. It is easy to see in our picture how an airplane flying 'from . Japan toward Hawaii can shorten its. flight time if it mounts up'high in the air where the jet stream is racing along iri the same general direction, Flight time on such a trip can-be cut down .by nearly one half. Bcperts study theposltlon. and strength : of'the'jet stream and report to airplane pilots who take advantage of it whenever they can. . . . ' · . , · · ; ' · » « ' · ' FOR YOU TO OO: Launch a model plane on a day when rh« wind Is blowing and try It downwind. You'll, see at once what a difference the wind makofi in Its speed. · ~ . " ' . ~ . ' . ' , - ' . T · ' . ' . . . . - ' , . . · · /^l ·£' J Llassitieo A P\C AUb Lawtoo Constitution and La«-ton Morning Prew C L A S S I F I E D RATES On^ Ijueltlm inciun* puDlTcciLiofi in DOLT. Lhe ConstliuiJofl and Morning Pro da. Sunday InsfrUott COUDLV u J n computing Lh« co*i oC your ta. raunl each n-ord, number, R.l]brfv;*U(jn of InlllnJ M one word: each mrd in tn« flrtrtrrsi M on* word; telephone num- b*ri u on* won], CpUiLliz«d nrndlnRi Mid ^Tjrdi nTc caiinird doubl* of It Extra i^n-ic* chnrnt d » «nli w*j| bf made on all idd rrqujrinj "blinl 1 " l»T TI Umber*. NDnimum ad-- 10 wonli ODC 01 two conUnuoo* ^scrtions. per *ord per day 5« Three or four continuous Insertions, per wtrd per day 4Vie Five or more contauom luscrdotii. p«r word per day ... . . , 4c Twt'cnty-six continuous Insertions tone month) per ward 60c iUJCCl to Ch*,RB« wlLfKJiM AOClC*. J|iq)^fflllp C^jjjtfflgllfcU fiXX-1 iS NoLIcc^ ;n_kc mlei u abo^c. Minimum cftArsc 12-Oa tend your hd. Ktport any «rror im- mreiAtrly. Th« ConiUnjUon and Morn- morr Lnui one incorrect IrvnJon o: any advcnUtmenu An exira Inacrtion EADLLN'ES: Week Dai' i P.m. d«j bcfort pubU* KHJ." DEAHLJMKS; 9 (LWi. Dnv of Publlcnuon. Tie Cias.^LJlcd Dcparunrni «11J be op^n wrpk dri'/i from 8 a.m. u 5:30 p.m. SAiurdayi B B.QI. to 13 noon. Cmcd 1 For Tenants On Premise. 1 ; S 1 2235 Hoover Si. EL3-1443 S 2 P-OOM (umlihrt BDorlmenL Prtvnl bnlf. 315 Corr 2 AND 3 room fipnrtrnenLi. bills pnlrt CHANDLER'S Reoml!. «l6 L«. 771S a MS Soulli ath. ELS-IWl NEW MODERN EFF1CTENCT A P A R T M E N T S Hatrai by day or week. Relririer- aled air condiclonijiR In each room, television, dishes and cooking utensils lumLshed. LaHOMA MOTEL 302 Ferri« Dial EL 5-59W LUVELV 1 A 1 BR bnek auDlrxf*. SIT Bell. 1 » 3 BR 8RJCK DUPLEXES Blll »l1 Pm SUJ RCTIAI Unlu. inc.. I Kon* 24U-. VOGUE APARTMENTS INC. 2108 Sheridan Road DaJ EL 5-5880 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished REAU.Y CLEAN Lovely YounRsrcmTi la'tcnens, new Electric Refrigerators. These ore the apartment! your triendj recommend. V K F l Y nlc*. 2 room furnl«h«^J «pTt- ^\JIGIC 1 b^drcom furnl^il^d hou^^. KL5- .-QS, ^12 North 12lh. : or Rcnf -- Houtet 4 F A I t M hrjunc-, 2 Ixdroom. pj»nl- mort- ·m. irflrdpn "fwl. on ^chr-M bud lln*. u«f In. ElJWSfO. BEUROOM unfurnl/ih*(1. d l n i n e ro^m. pnr ( *(J y«nl. ]-10 Irwln, I n q u i r e 12]2. 11KUIIOOM brick. J 14 b.lliv Mr». Show.. EL5.7.I7H. EXTRA nlqf 3 room rurnl'ii-d. KO, b i l l s nKD[tfX)M moMlr homf. no children, Ti. 22J n Av^nu'. ROOM unfurnUhril, ]MIS I-JiK', ELS- IJEDILOO.M unfumlnhcd, rn:lo*ffd porch, f f n w d . ELS-]F"il or EL.1-8R1. ROOM rurnlsrfil h o u « f , bllli jxild, iSO. BEDROOM, unrumlihcd with mov* unii -pfrlccrBlor. fenced ynrd. 2H block* rnm PU Sill shopping cenipr iinri trade chool. Cnll Lnn Psrku ZL3-U25. ELS- BILL SMITH AGENCY 2E33 Cache Rd. EL 3-49S5 3-BR, stove, atlached garage. TV antenna, Available Aug. 12. J106, water and garbage paid. 4-BR, . 2 air conditioners, 2 baths. S R, fenced yard; TV antenna. S121, water and garbage paid. Avail. Aug/ 19. tUGHEST prices ?ajd tor cjed torJ- turc, Appltiuiccs, aJr conditioners. W*r- COTier's 1509 Cache P.oaa. EL5-:DQ. Furniture Automobiles · 1 1 SF.LL A-l condiUon, 1955 Chevrolet Z*$ engine /or cnr with smaller en EL3-9I47. 1961 ENGLISH Ford, ri«l condlllnn. .TO miles per r«! ELS-4Mfi niter 3 D.m. . excellent . S777. Call ___ F U R N I T U R E , SLO^P, rrfrlRcrntor, washer, air cordlilnnrr. miscellaneous. H15 N o r t h 33rd. EL3-g£6g. _ FRIGID A FJIE rcfri Aerator, l l b m r y t n b l r , mcial wardrobe, cic. 9:00 A.T: lo -1:00 ! pm. 42-1 ',-i D, Apnrtrrcr.t R, III-ridcLJly console and portable TVs: davenport; brAJld fully equipped barbcnc pit. 1105 We.thin Eton. COMPLETE Houseful furniture, noth- I tig down, s^. per monLh. EL5-8^8-l. i REPOSSESSED. ?, rcfrJfforator.'!, 2 air : conditioners. ivx»«h^r, dryor, 3 ranees, j freezer, - phonographs. Frnlchl damac- ; cd. 2 refriRcrninrs. w.ishrr. Prlerrl io \ at 11 Immediately. Terms, nothing dnwr.. : itmnll p n y m e r l s or cash. Trade M n r L AppUa.icc Dcpr\r^mc:n!.. -J-JOO Cache P.ond. . HOUSEFUL complete, 3 room wILi re- j Irlccr.v.or and siove, «H new. i59S. ; Monthly payment. SZ1.67. Waggoner i Home Fu rr I shines. 1500 Ceho Road, p open evcrtnc.1 urtll 8 p.m. j "3 ROOMS all new rtfnJturc"--living , room, bedroom, dinette. No down pay- : mcnt necessary. Nelson Fcrnltur* Com- j y. Dowr.iomi. 418 E A.vcnc- T Cut* i S. 2312 Fon SUJ Boulevard. I Musical Instruments BRAND NEW Factory Fresh y 63 FORD 1/2 Ton PICKUPS Equipped wi:n all standard iactory equipment. DELIVERED IN LAWTON 1747 HOWARD SMITH FORD 3rd B SL 3-5050 PIANO tur.lhK anf! repnlr. satisfiction i Eu.irnntTd. J i m m y Gold F.U-1S7;. tLS- | U P K I C H T pin/in. 2226 William*. P.'ANO t u n l n c and repair, work cuarsn- li-ed. Lelilcr Musie, 3H South Slh. EL5- 1M2 CHBVROr.ET f-npiH ?por:s cnup». fneiory air. power stpprin?. Mnlcd cl-"^ and rnolo. ,fu.L l:kr new. only 32.000 mile.*. Con! acl Rnb Moarinr^ a: Mr a dor* Ocpnrlmcnl S'.nre or phone EL5-P253. j SALE 56 BUICX. EL3-417 ! 1^1 CMC pickup w l l h romper. i3.i-00 | mllw. SCP fffi Bell iiTicr 6:00 PM. TAKE up p n v m « n i j i A m p l i f i e r , l i k e new. on Fender Concert PIANO -- Klmball Splnt:. clil. frultwood finish. JJ French Prc- 73, EL3.6320. ACCORDION GUITAR LESSONS 8 Week Course-- Beginner's Instrument 1 ; Furnished Free REASONABLE RATES DiaJ EL 5-7402 i WL'P.Lll/t.P. Pianos ana Orzans. Sales i and renMls. Leister Muilc Company. 3H SO'JI.1 itx EL5-2345 For Rent--Miscellaneoui 5 trailer jp»c? for rcnL 12OT Wll. N plATos and, close av. nrlcpf. H.irriy Suzc.i Murlc Compmy. BAND inslrurnenLf; s^lcs. Rpn'.nln. Rc- prlrr. Acccisorics. Craydon MlIJtr Jr. Bftnd lnjcrun:en:x. A; Lelsier Murfc Ccn- t?r. Jl-i SouLh 5Lh. EL.VZH5. HAPJDY SUGGS MUSIC CO. Your complete music shopping ccniir. Pl«n5 and orjjdjis. rrnt or salr. Sana insirumrnLi, rent, irlL reonlri. EL5- tzn. ISM KOPJJ, 2 ooor. ysmllnc. 6. slick, radio .inri heftier. A-l rr.erhanically. J155. See anylime. 1511 Bnld^in. la" · !Ei»li : 'lnr "i 1 ':!' '!' I' 11 ':'!.!!!' ·.Hi"'l! l ';ilfLTMi: !l !ll-.!!!!!!5it TRAILER SPACE FOR RENT Biz Icrti. low HU center 1 block, Conn. U05 Swth M. School, KJ: OrtOn Trull Ulh *Ji«J 1303 L TRAJLEP. .ipncr.". l«r mMrM. iirrtm Trom ndvjiniHj:*^. W«t*r pAJ rn*nj Mobil Homf P«r r. I n d l v l d u n l city , ncnool a n d other rf, low rAHv P i t t - · k. 205^ 5ouui Shfr- FOR RENT · Television Sets · P-elrigerators · Washing Machine* · P.ollaway Beds · Ah- Corditioncm HOLSEY'S A P P L I A N C E ·H15 Cache Road Dial EL 3-365S j SEWING mnrtlnr rrnU!.. 15.00 pr | month. Fret pickup am] dfllTery. Ptwo- i .^njc^r S*wlnn MACTI**? CompmiT. ELJ- ' 7900. 339 C Avenue WE RENT BABY BEDS · High Chalrj ' CORWIN'S-- 916/2 B | Dicl EL3-2833 I MODERN trailer rp«c»i. H7. wstcr p«]d. : tnqulr» 2015 B. TRADIN' TRUCKIN' TIME WE'VE GOT PLENTY OF "OK" USED TRUCKS PRICED DOWN LOW TO SAVE YOU MONEY! '53 FORD 2-Ton truck with 4- speed, 2-spced, S good rires '52 INTERNATIONAL 2-7on. real bargain '59 FORD ; .i-Ton Pickup. Wide- side, looks i runs S | Because Our Fall Shipments of NEW HAMMOND ORGANS PIANOS Will Stan ArrivinE Next Week, We Need The Space Thai These Instrument Are Occupying All Instruments Are In A-l Shape With Beautiful Cabinets. 1) Early American Maple Finish ELECTRONIC WURLITZER SPINET (Wirh Spectra- Tone Sound) Bought New Less Than A Year A^o. 2) LOWERY SPINET. Walnut Finish. A Eoauriful Instrument. Many Others That Space Will Not Permit Listinjr. Key's Hammond Organ Studios No, 6 South Sheridan (1 Doors North of Little Me;dco Restaurant) EL5-6440 Hours: 9:30-6 Mon. thru Fri. 9:30-9 Saturday and by Special Appointment *pncc. Tmcfrt, pnllo. n«tur«; nr«r for! Sill. ELS-5505. '55 O-rEVROLET ^i-Ton Pic'rcup with Rood tires S^nTl engine ..... OUU '61 FORD 4-Ton Pickup. Wide- side, looks njns 5 I n^H sood ........ I UOU '57 CI-fEVROLET ^-Ton Pickup wth good rires i en- jnne, low milcase . . '59 CHEVROLET ^i-Ton Pickup. Complete service body v -- A Co WE RENT BEDS P.oUawny Hoepital Baby TRAILER SPACE For Rent CaJJ CORWIN'S QassLfied advertiscnicnLS are due and payable on Lhe last day advertisement anpears in the paper. IT'S SO EASY TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT Dial EL 3-0620 and ask lor "Classified" CLASSLTCED LxtAQl . . . For \lrnl -- Room I Kor Rrnl -- Aparrmnntj Far Rent-- UUUIAH Fur R*-,»l -- .MUcffUkoeuii iVnnlcd lu Rrnt Wintrd to Bar Pu rn 1 tu re . . . . AppH»ncr» , · Muslc»l Itiitnimenti · .MnclilDerr KpurtrKnen'i ll«mi . · AuLumnbllM . . . . A n i i i m n l l v e Service Property Help wanted-- iu* . tVuted-- Tmmml* RltuaLloni Wanted L uid Kutind . . * Tr3nKp4rlBliun . . . nuRln««i Sen-lea . · Special Nutlcei . . . Biilldlni MiieHftiB . . nlnrip ·' Op[urtunltl«fl iiHiIi and Col I r re · . nuniUi , , . . . Vmrd and OKrdcD Work Fnrmi . . . . · IA ' 1" IDA U UA UB U 1JA 1*H in IT IK 1» 3(1 '11 12 13. 1!4 BATHS, double pnrnpc. 3 bedroom, k i l c h r n Turnlshcil. c n r p n t l n p , nice Incji- lion, fpncpd y a r d , Air condlUoned, 4125. W A l ^ r pixld. Phone EL.V079.". 5 JtOOM [umlsnrd noujtc, locjilton. 1715 AAh. zmid FURNISHED 5 rooms, ipnnft. air conditioner. baih. T\" *n- FURBISHED 3 room duplex. pri\'*[tr hftLh. SM wnicr pnld. »nl«nnn and WdthlnE r«clllt!t«, H10 SouLh Slh. ELJ- 56(17. 2 BEDROOM unfurnished, dr«i. pood locnUon. EL7-J020. 3 BEDROOM, ]9 Norih 3UU J100 month. Crushy nnd Co. EL5-^:0. Ff/'JlNISHED 7 rooms. 1-li nmh*. rurppt. drnpcs, rpIrlKcralpd air. piano, TV, wn.shpr, drj'er. fpnri'd, ne*r Rrailc unil hljch school, M i n i m u m 1 ynnr Jun^e, !150. IK I Mnplp. EU-l'S-IS. i l.''i.TtNlSllc;0 M?w 1 llcurujm duplex, couple only. IL*06 hoover EUt'S.tlS. 2 HTDKOOM nr'i'unilBhcd house. Rttuch- M i-nrnce. nil) nnldwln.-EIJ.S407, 2 bcd-.'nom hjus-. «(- ic 4 Rnrnpp. fenced yurtl. fiulomailc cr /HC|[|'.IR.S. c;ood condlLlon. Une enLIal an'a, near school. 19H Out. Phone. ELS-MMl or EL5vT33J. 2 BEDROOM unfurnished, slave, refrl- gcrfttor. fenced. 9- North 40lh, EIJ-000^. 2 BEDHOOM (urnUhcil, 17JO Cherry. fwnllnhlp 1-3 August, ELJ-2550. WAP.liHOUSE Ur renL ^00 jquire rert. 230 Sou LI CaU EL3-8ffl«. FOR RENT · Redroom Suites · Dinertes · Roll-A-Way Bed* · Air .Conditio-*ri · Television · Antennas · Automatic Washers · Refrigerators · Wringer Washers · Gas Ranges · Living Room Suites We Install and Maintain All Rental Units Dial EL 3-4300 SOUTHWESTERN Furniture -- Appliance . 4th and E Avenu* Machinery FOR SALE OP. TRADE. H f m c o f ^ r - !orv Aruz n:\f, w i t h spring s,;t lip. ]S.O«)0 p^und *pok^ \^'hfrl .wl'. EL7-3PS9 af:*r S:.V) w f f k r t . y v J212 K u d l d . A L EQUIPMENT CO. For «n. 1958 C.Vvi-olrL Dump. Por.- · nk wrld^r nnd a r n r r n t r t r e o m n l n n t l n n . Sportjmen'i Items IDA !,%Ft. YELLOW Jncktl wtvxl boat «Ui M HP Mrrcury molor. irailor, slds and JnrHtt.. STj. ,1«ni Eucllci. M 1 BOAT. Sen Klnr. 25 l.vller. K73. EL.-i-6.l3S. _ HP minor «nii SPOnTSCRAFT. H fool, 30 HP M f r r t r y , irnllcr. rxcrllrnl condition. WJS. EL3- 8W1. 1M2 L number 2.1. ALL purpo^r, bcnuLlful J-T bn«U 2S , rrfllkr, ?.\rellmt condition, m n k c offfr. 2211=4 F ELT^-IT?, _ IT 1 FIBEP.CLA-SS bone »nd Lrnllrr. Vj HP .Verc-jry motor. Cflsh. no trade. At Arran's D.V s*'Mce Slallon. 2nr1 D. 1J FOOT hoiu nnd ^0 hp motor, o f f f r . EL3-J97S. 1 South 5th. JS" MORPHEW C.Thln Cruljpr. Mo 30 HP Johnson Elccu-lc Motors, custom trnJlrr. .Vfuat selj. mnKe offer. Phone | EL5-7SB2. wfckd«y. niter 6 p.m. 1 T R U C K CENTER SO? N*. Sheridan EL 5-1392 1«M Bl'ICK Rlvl-.-n, »]Y povver. ELI?" L ^WHY L 'PAY " V - MORE? - .r '62 VALIANT Signor 2-Dr. -^ ': HT. White with red inierior, " V standard transmission, R.tH. ^ : : Was S1795, S I i Q(S , v ;- N -QW . I O7U * ,v 'SI RAMBLER -l-Dr. Siation S Wauon. Standard rransmis- '." · sion, overdrive, air S | -"· Was SIWH, NOW . i '61 CHEVROLET Impaia 4- · Dr. Powerglide, faclory air, "J '; power, R H. S I 6Of) '-. Was $1995, NOW . I O 7 U r ," '61 CI-IRYSLER Newport 4- "-' Dr. Power, aiuomatic rears- ·-: " mission. P. H, real nice. ? i Was S1S95, S I LQQ . NOW 1 0 / 0 .s r ; '50 FALCON 2-Dr. P. ,t H, ^ '. siandard transmis- SQQQ "·' :-. sion. Was 5395. NOW ° 7 7 :" '· COLLECTOR'S ITEM! '60 " r . EDSEL 2-Dr, HT, Auioma- S : ' tic, °. ,t H, extra, clean. ;: . Was SH95, - N O W . . . . ; '57 CADILLAC "62" 4-Dr. :.: ' HT. Factory air. S I I O C * , power, very clean ' ' 7 ^ =: f MILO I \ GORDON p MOTOR COMPANY L CHRYSLER Automobiles 11 ? OUTDOOR SHOWROOM :3M DODGE. ronditlrm, f.r. Slh wl clemi car. excpllfnL : Rpprpctate. 1502 SouLh : Sheridan at Bell EL5-7507 105S BUTCK. b«.ic oDTcr over MOD. EUST^O 5351 Oak. j 155H IMPALA Convertible, red. 3 stick slilft. 3 duccH. 3325 und take pnymcnl*. EL5-3162. " ·pact, cyclone fenced, water. , telephoni available.- 1304 E, WILL rent my home 10 responsible purty. One yftflr lejise alven. K50 per month, wjiicr paid. Completely furnlshrd. wwsh- er, dryer. DiMio v and TV". IOIA! furnish- Insu. EL5-2M8.- PON SHOP Radios, eunx, fishing tackle, jewelry, coins and supplies. 'BLUNT ZORGER 525 E -- Nexr to Buick Co. DiaJ E L 3-2298 . . . or Rent--Room* iDVELY bedroom, home of wldoiv, Gore JJ .line. EL3-3U9. ' ' ' ' ICE room, kitchen'-prlvllcBCl If desired 07 .Vorlh 17th. ' . . . SINGLE bedroom; -fan. 516 Euclid. large and extra, nice bedroom, rlvatc intrince. 230S.North adlh. EL7- .... ......-.....,,.... . . . . . , .. . ... .. 702 So. 52nd. 3-BR, J99. 2734.T. 2-BR, .571..' .. · . : 25 So. 49th, 3-BR, slove, $131. 260S Pollard. 4-BR. S121. ]205 n /i C. Trailer, $55 BP. 703 C. 3-RM, $55. BlfP/x No: 14th.. 3-Rm., $55, 216 Summit. 1-BR, J46. 1 ft 2-BR Furn. Apts., J45- $105 BP. Wonted to Rent RENTAL maiiBscmenL Professional per- «onnl service, bonded. · Marshall Looney Azencv. EL.1.1S52. James Mitchell Representing Howard Smith Ford 3rd i B Selling The New TRUCKS AND A-l USED CARS EL 3-5050 EL 3-1932 Residence- EL 3-S437 .JIOUSE 4111. and acrtiict . i n country. ELT- BEST Rcnul service rrom P'uneers In Ihe-business. Property owners being transferred call Kennedy A Company. Rental Maaaiemtnl Bonaea ft Iniureo. Call Aoy B. Hooper Agency, £L5-M10 tor details. OLD rellabli BoUdn Asency. RtnlaJ management our, .ipeclaliy. Wonttd to Buy WANTED, old [ramj French Provincial chair wlL*i «mall arm rcsL will cover In oivn (abrlc. EL3-S346 nine 5:00 p.m. 2 ROOM house, near Cameron, bus line. Call EL3-925I. . . . 150 TO.SSil. Inquire at 810^ "H"'Avcmit. QUALITY homes, unfurnished .3 bedroom; 4617 Atom, 4308 HooVRr, 1705 North 4fth. tu North 54lh. 4605 Alom: olhe» Scplnmber 1st. 3K» ferric, 2143 Ormun, 1J2B Llndy. Rich Kealty. ELS' ' " " ·- - ' · ' " ' · ' INDIVIDUAL xvanLs to purchase used relrltcrator. In good condition. EU-5205. WISHES I pncrs oaia (nr used furniture, appllajicci. air condlllonen. .MnvlIT'. 13th and ache Road. EL5-4578 CASH for good used furniture, appliances and air conditioners. '£L3"tl85. SMALL commorclAl onmpraiior. and-non. .blender pulnl outfJL 809 Waihlniton. CASH for equities' In 1 homti wllh «H per cent -loanj. Kennedy uo Company, QIGU££T prJcei' paid tor lued furniture, appllanctf.' air. · coodMoAtCA. 4571 Havlry'i. . - -. ·- · ·: 11$9 EL Cnmlno plcfcup. COO(J ..hnpe. Sce^lI21_ Birch. · 3^7 CHEVY short block. ]MO model ChtA'rolnl, ruiis cood. EL5-0026. 1%0 OLDS, po^vcr or trade. EL3-U89, and air.. For MILTONTSTINER Gives You the Best DcaJ on a new ' · OLDS · F-S5' · LARK or a safety tested used 1 car . . . at WADE OLDS 2no" A . EL -3-3221 Res...EL 3-5892 I BEN LEWIS 1 MOTOR CO. | 2nd B !' '62 CHEVROLET 4-dr. VS. ·; automatic trajis,, factory air. J new tires, SO I OC if low miles ....... ^ ' '-' S: '60 BUICK convertible, Elecy tra, all power and electric. (p Must see to S I QOC si appreciate ...... I O7J 8 '60 FORD sta. wag., 4-dr. f VS, auto trans, RH, P.B., 13.15; BUICK' convertible, -Jet blnck, red upholstery., Sharp . looking; Best offer. Call -'between -5:00 and^'TiOO. '-EL34496. ajr ·58 CHEVROLET sta. wag., * 4-dr., automatic trans. RH, ^ real sharp. SCOC! 3 Only 070 fe ·57 CHEVROLET sta. wa K . U 4-dr, aulo. trans. $7QR' S 5-cyJ, RH' / 7 3 fe: '56 PONTL4C Safari wagon, ' \i all power and.air con.,.radio. I V and heater,; ". SAOC £ pood U7O ? '55 FORD VS. stal wag., auto |fe trans, 'radio, and. ; 5QOC' ?· heater, solid 1 . . . . .. J ' O f. '54..FORD. VS 'sta. fl wag. Real'clean . . vj '52 CHEVROLET pickup'.'. ·. -1 *; Drive it and you'll $ I OC ·*» $JL buy it'..'.....'!'..'.....''. . I'7O, |J g Open^S a.m. to-10 p.m. S g EL 3:6321' Woody". Nichols S 'I

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