The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 8, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 3

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1939
Page 3
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THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. IT, SATURDAY, JULY 8,1939. Important Changes In Motor Laws Now In Effect In State New Jaws governing headlights I ifjnatcd by the State Tax Commis- PAGETHRO and their use, certain equipment on used cars sold in the state, the making of left turns, right of way, the placing of advertising on car windshields and the registration of farm vehicles are among the 23 chapters of the Laws of 1939, enacted by the legislature and amending: the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. A summary of the new amendments, most of which are already in effect, was issued today by Commissioner Carroll E. Mealey of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The summary follows: Chapter 121. effective March 27, 1939, provides that if the New York World's Pair, 1939. Incorporated, notifies the Commissioner that the World's Fair is to be continued during 1940, number plates for that year shall contain the inscription "New York World's Fair 1940." Serving: ol: Summons Chapter 162, effective March 29, 1939, provides that a copy of a summons to be served on a non-resident may be served by a solicitor, advocate or barrister duly qualified to ·actice in the country where service of the summons is to be made. Chapter 240, effective September 1, 1939, amends the law with respect to the serving of summons on a j nonresident in order to prevent a defendant in an action rendering | service by registered mail nugatory by his refusal to accept the mail or to sign the return receipt. Chapter 249, effective July 1, 1939, provides that when a nonresident becomes a resident of this state, he shall be entitled for 30 days to the some exemption from registering his vehicle in ttiis state as he would have enjoyed had he remained a nonresident. Chapter 250, effective July 1, 1939, gives to motor vehicle referees the power to administer oaths and take affidavits and acknowledgments relating to motor vehicle matters, and permits employees of the Department of Taxation and Finance des- sion to take affidavits and acknowledgments required to bo nice: with the Bureau 01 Motor Vehicles. Headlight Law Changes Chapter 305. effective July 1. 1939, makes several changes in the law respecting headlights. The more important changes provide that (1) the upper beam of a headlamp may not be u.sed when another vehicle approaches within 500 feet if it interferes with the driver of the approaching vehicle, or when there is sufficient illumination to reveal a person or substantial object 200 feet ahead, and 2) the headlamp shall be capable of revealing a person or substantial object 350 feet ahead. The provision requiring clearance lights on vehicles having a width of more than 80 inches is eliminated. Chapter 315, effective April 18, 1939, permits a right turn to be made on a red light when authorized to do so by the State Traffic Commission. Chapter 353, effective April 23 139, provides that New York City's share of motor vehicle receipts shall be paid to the City Treasurer instead of the City Chamberlain whoso office has been abolished. Chapter 390, effective July 1, 139, requires that a persona! bond filed as ex'idence of financial responsibility shall be approved by a county judge or a justice of the supreme court, and shall be recorded in the office of the clerk or register of the county in which the real estate is located. Chapter 405, effective May 5, 1939, amends the definition of the- term "cmnibus" to exclude a motor vehicle used to transport agricultural workers to and from their employment. No Jury Trial Chapter 420, effective June 1 1539. provides that a person charg- eci with an offense termed a "tranV- infraction" shall not be granted a jury trial. Chapter 421, effective May 8. 1£39, permits the legislative body of a city by ordinance to delegate to a municipal board or body the powei tc prohibit, limit, regulate and con- tiol traffic in the city. Chapter 472, effective May 18, 1039, provides that where a truck and trailer or semi-trailer used in combination are owned separately, YOU GROUP TWO DELEGATES Rev. Stanley Lawrence to Return to Wesleyan Methodist Church Delegates to the 95thh annual Rochester Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church at Chambers, which opens Tuesday for a week, were elected last night at the annual business meeting of the local ni ht th temperature ls expected church, m addition to election of tobdrop to th g high seventies. n l t l l f n l ^ r»T1*S C S i V i r l n i t C?nVinnl rtr f 1 -- _ * . _ ° ·f Mercury Drops 10 Degrees As Rain Snaps Heat Wave Heavy rains that plunged the mercury 10 degrees from 85 to 75 gave momentarily relief from the three -day heat wave this morning as the temperature began to mount again shortly after the skies cleared. The mercury climbed to 80 at 2 o'clock but with the weather prediction of showers and cooler to- National Safety Council church and Sunday School officers and presentation of the annua'; financial statement by the pastor, the Rev. Stanley Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence, who will return to the local pastorate for his fifth year, will leave Tuesday for Chambers to attend the conference sessions. Mrs. Lewrence will go later to present her report as delegate to the Woman's Missionary society of the Rochester conference at the quadrennial sessions of the General 1 Conference, in Fairmont, Ind., from which she has just returned. She will give her report in the local church Sunday evening at 7:45. Conference delegates named were: Mrs. Raymond Jenkins and Mrs. Margaret Tuttle, with Mrs.' J. B. McFall and Mrs. Helen Huling as alternates. Other church members plan to attend the sessions, and' some will remain for camp meeting the following week, occupying" the 11-room dormitory erected by the local church on the grounds. The financial report showed the REPORT ISSUED ON BAND TRIP ceipts (net), S108.70; music festival County Convention Is Scheduled on Tuesday With arrangements complete for the annual county convention of the American Legion Tuesday night the owners of the vehicles'shall"be at Clifton Springs, discussion has j jointly liable for death or injury to j way", elevated. Terry "ancTbub fare A financial report of the trip of the Canandaigua Academy bane [ir.d chorus to the national contest in New York City May 25-28 war, released loday by W. Howard Van- duhcef, .superintendent of schools. With expenditures totaling $2,538.24 and receipts. $2,236.23. the balance-of $352.01 will be the Board of Education. Income was as follows: Band SENECA SLATES THREE CLINICS One accident occurred during the heaviest rain when the car of an MANYEN30YING ROSELANDPARK Large Number of Reservations for Picnics Made to Date With increased facilities for picnics and family reunions this year, Roseland Park has to date made 15 reservations for group "get-to-ge- thers" along the attractive lake front sections of the park where tables, fire places and several other picnic conveniences are available. Two large gatherings are scheduled for tomorrow when 70 people, comprising the Lemmens party, East Aurora couple skidded into a tree on Arsenal Hill. The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith, were taken to Memorial Hospital by Patrolman Charles Henderson and were released after treatment for bruises and shock. The car was slightly damaged. The heat wave, one of the most severe in years to strike the entire country, began in earnest last Wednesday when temperatures in the low nineties were recorded. On Thursday the mercury hovered around 93, yesterday ascending to a high of 95. Scores sought relief at the school and beaches being" crowded with "bath- lake, the swimming private and public ers. The storm this morning was accompanied by several lightning flashes, one bolt striking a flag pole on the Cooley Block, South Main Street, but no damage was reported. Several transform fuses in Rochester Gas and Electric Corp., lines on the West Lake ana Cheshire roads were blown by lightning but no serious damage resulted. The downpour taxed sewers and water on several streets reached a depth of several inches. On Phoe- GENEVA ANNUAL REGAl tt ·· ·* .^^^^.^ · · ** ** Outboard Motorfopat Pilots to Compete for Pro, Amateur Glory GENEVA (/P) -- Outboard motorboat pilots from half the states of. . the Ur.ion set out, today in quest of. . the New York State and Finger · Lakes Powerboat Championship tl- · Geneva-on-8enec«" nix Street, the water overflowed amateur. ties. The two-day Lake powerboat regatta and York State outboard championship*, races over a one-and-one-thlrd mile'' course reach their climax Sunday- -when the Governor Herbert H.'teh--"" man trophy, emblematic of "the""" state outboard title, will be 'pre- 1 '' sented by Harold P. Lane, president of the Geneva Regatta Association. .: Clinton R. Ferguson, W£b6ii«f·'»' Mass., speed merchant and Hobart ' College sophomore who holds i the state title, is on hand to defefuf^ils laurels, which also include the Hotel Seneca cup for the high scoring amateur pilot. The other perpetual trophy, the''*' Finger Lakes championship) -KC«P, will be defended by Arthur J. Wullschleger of Larchmont, N.Y., a "Cornell University student, also an pastor received a total salary ^pf meet tnere at n 0 clock witn fch g Smith-Cochran reunion numbering A series of vaccination clinics slated Wednesday in three communities was announced today by Dr. B. C. Hurlbutt, Town of Seneca health officer. The clinic will be held at 9 A. M. in the Seneca Castle Grange Hall in the Stanley school at 11 A. M., and at 1.30 P. M. in the Hall Cont gregational Church. i The clinics are four adults, school ncl I and ore-school children. Those who cnorus contributions, $363; booster j nve no t been vaccinated previousiv ciuzens contribu- or within the past five years are band concert in advise d to visit "the clinics or their contest. S442.50; lions, Sl.061.90; .March. $25.80; chorus operetta re- family physician. Minors should be S224.45; receipts from hotel occupants (telephone, valet, S3.25; refund on railroad ticket, nurse. room etcJ. accompanied by their parents. Dr. Hurlbutt will be assisted by Miss Beatrice Jensen, public health S1.63. The expenditures were: 112 railroad fares 'n, $9.70. $1.086.40; sub- arisen as to the possible candidates j person or property resulting for county commander to succeed j negligent operation. Earle P. Galbraith of Shortsville. Dinner will be served in the Legion rooms at 6.30 with Cornells Cornelious of this city in charge. At 7.30 a county committee meet- Chapter 556. effective May 27 1939, provides that the plates and driver's license issued bv a country not adjoining the United Slates may be used in New York ing will be held to dispose of the j Slate until May 1.1941 for a -o dav \ear's business in preparation , period for vacation or' re"rtttJ"nal for the convention session which j purposes even though such country will open at 8 o'clock. ! docs not grant like privileges to res- Concerning candidates for com- : icients of New York mander it has been rumored that' Chapter 557 effective Winnek Post of Geneva might have , i 1939, requires a dealer a candidate while Victor is also reported in line with one and possibly two, former county vice-commander John E. McCarthy and Roger Johnson, while in Canandaigua the name of Leon G. Warters, county vice-commander this year, is mentioned. from $95.50; taxi fares. S10.50; Cab Co., S57.60; hotel rooms and meals. $1.007.55; meals at fair, ·'chorus), $26.80; dinner en diner ueturning), $91.80; milk o;; clue car" cgoing), $11.70; contest entry fee. : $100; trucking heavy instruments and baggage from railroad station to hotel and return. S12.50: tips, $74; travelers checks '$1,090.' $2.50; incidentals, $11.39. tember -- second hand cars to furnish to the purchas- ei of such a vehicle a statement in writing certifying that the brakes, hghts, and signalling device are in gcod mechanical condition. CHAPTER HAS PICNIC Members of St. Margarets' Chapter of St. Johns' Church held their annual picnic yesterday at Roseland Park, with their families and the Rev. and Mrs. Eugene M. Chap- SOS! Sheriff EUing Has Boat in Custody Chapter 562. effective Sepiembe"' man ^ S uests - Sports and games '""" . . . - provided amusement and supper was served to 25. 1939 _ tat Queen? A child health clinic will be held Tuesday in the Farmington Town Hail by Dr. Orville Mason and Dr. Malcolm Blakeslee, assisted by Mrs. Clarissa Johnston, public health nurse. Rowboats just don't leaxe tracks so Sheriff Walter A. EUing cast out an SOS today to locate the owner of a round bottom boat found float- hiclc accident when it -County Clerk shall no longer be the tgent of the Commissioner of Motoi Vehicles in the issuance of licenses and registrations. Chapter 618. effective M:iy 31. H'39. provides that upon request oi the judgment creditor or his attorney. the clerk of the court or the c'urt shall file with the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles ;i copy of a judgment arising out of a motor vc- ing down Canandaigua Lake near Menteth Point. With nary a mark of identification and equipped with a pair of oars the rowboat was found bob- on hcndrcd dollars New Turn Required Chapter 665. effective July ]. 1.03.9 piovides that the driver of a niolo;- vehicle ^vhcn makinc a lei) tur presenting j-lovidcs that emergency l i j h t i j equipment, must be capable of pro- Elephant Too Wild; So He Is Destroyed bing as fornlornly on the water as · shall pass to the ri^hf of the crnlcr any lost boat would. So Sheriff Ell- j 0 J the intersection except when ing and his staff, who agree that; turning from or into a hiehwav now is the time to use the boat, are) where one-way traffic is prescribed searching for the owner, who can, Chapter 666, effective Julv 1 have the rowboat *-·· "--' " proof of ownership. viding a warning light, foi hour.';, and that, during the hour-; when headlights must be u-;cd. av lr;,st one light or flare shall be placed 100 feet in front and 100 feet ir. jcar of a vehicle on whicl: such equipment is required, when stopped or parked outside a. city or incorporated village. This, however docs not apply to a bus which ha* -stopped to pick up or discharge pawengcrs. Chapter 728. effective June 5. 1939, defines a "house coach" as a vehicle motivated by a power connected therewith or propelled by a power within itself, which can he Hsed as a home or living abode either temporarily or permanently. Xo Advertising Allowed 745. effect ivr Juno 5. 1933. prohibit? the placing of ad- vcntwrccntK on a windshield or under a windshield wiper. Chapter 752. cHectivc July 1. 1933. provides thai when a. vehicle is making a left turn the driver shall yield the right of way to a vehicle proceeding straight across the in- :«rscction from the opposite dircc- PITTSBURGH /7t -- Damr- the vnwantcd elephant got loo wild ,M% they had to shoot him. Zoo officiate, alarmed because the two-ton Danny ate so much several Ij.borcrs had to be laic? off to provide. more funds for food, thought Jheir problem solved wh-.-n a circw traveling in the south offered le take the elephant ofi iht-ir hinds. circus hands yesterday luackcd a truck «P 3o Danny"*, quarters hut. he bceaJNC too afolc to load into the vehicle,. After several hours of ifutiHe oITorls. 7X»n DtoJiJants decided 1o lollow their original plan of destruction. BAYONNE MAYOR HERE Mayor James Donovan and Mrs. Donovan and family, of Bayonne, N. J.. have been guests of their cousins. Mr. ;md Mrs. Jeremiah Whoolcy. in North Pleasant Street. They were en route to San Francisco. 2 Drivers Pay Fines For Reckless Driving Fred N. Hodgson. 42. Palmyra, pleaded guilty to reckless driving lart night before Justice of the Peace P. W. Case, Canandaigua. and \va- fined $5. Hodgson was arrested Thursday ty Special Deputy Sheriff Calvin P. Erown and Deputy Sheriff James L. Locke after he passed a car on a curve on the Victor-Canandaigua. Road in the face of oncoming traffic. The hearing was adjourned untii last night. William R. Crysler, 23. Middlesex. nrrested by Brown and Undersheriff fcarold G. Bacon, for reckless driv- mc; on the East Lake Road near Filler's Hill, was fined $5 by Justice uT the Peace M. W. Fisher. Gcrham $1.355. running expenses of the church were $565; total benevolences, including home and foreign missions and educational, $493, and total for all purposes, $2,413. The average Sunday School attendance was 74. Church and S. S. Officers Church officers were named as follows: Class leader, Mrs. Law* rence; assistant, Norman Smith; treasurer, William Holcomb; clerk, Thomas Jenkins; organist, William Whitmarsh; assistant, Mrs. Lucille Kidman; ushers, George Huling and Norman Smith; assistants. Prank Darling and Vernon Smith; stewards, Thomas Jenkins, William Holcomb, Mrs. Raymond Jenkins and Mrs. Harold Benham; trustee, Fred Tones; advisory board. J. B. McFall. Thomas Jenkins, Mrs. Margaret Tuttle, Mrs. Raymond Jenkins and Parker Kelly; educational secretary. Mrs. Helen Huling. Sunday School officers: Superintendent. Thomas Jenkins; assistant, Frrnk Darling; secretary, Harry Gosper; assistant. Miss Jane Dubler: treasurer. George Huling; assistant. Mrs. Huling; organist, Mrs. Mancil Foster; song leader, William Holcomb; cradle roll superintendent. Mrs. Harold Benham; home department superintendent, Mrs. Frank Darling; pulpit supply committee. Mrs. Harold Benham, J. B. McFall and Mrs. Mary Bromley; parsonage committee, Mrs. Bromley. Mrs. Margaret Tuttle and Mrs. William Holcomb; teachers, adult, the Rev. Mr. Lawrence; young people, Mrs. Lawrence intermediate, boys, William Holcomb: girls, Mrs. Benham; junior girls, Mrs. Huling; primary, Mrs. William Holcomb. the curbs in several spots, covering the sidewalks and reaching the porches of a number of houses. The pelting rain is reported to have damaged some crops, tearing out roots. The heavy falls of the past few days have saturated the ground, coupling with the sun to hasten growth. Though cooler weather and more rain is predicted, it is not expected that tourist travel will be materially affected and lake resorts are preparing for the usual large weekend crowds Locals Miss Mary D. Jewett, of North Main Street, is the weekend guest of Mrs. Arthur A. Adams'at Seneca Point. What's Doing SPEEOER FIXED ?10 Donnld W. Holcoi)!.;, Virtoi. RFD.. was fined $10 for speeding by Ac'Jnr; City Judge James P. Donovan this morning. He was arrested on North Alain Street by rvirnlmcn Gerald HOV.T;; a:;d LLO Brecn. HOME FROM HOSPITAL Mrs. Gerald Tiffany and infant j da is ua daughter, of Canandaigua. R. D. 3. TM" have left Thompson Memorial Hos- nital for their home. Today The Playhouse -- "Heritage of the Desert" and "The Streets of New York." 7 and 9 P. M. Roscland -- Woolfords Dachshunds. 4. 8 and 10:30 P. M. Sunday Case Stadium-- Baseball. Canan- Clifton Springs. 3 P. M. The PIa.vhou*c -- "Susannah of CLUB PICNIC TUESDAY Tuesday is the date for the Cur- Events Club picnic with Mrs j W. G. Depcw at Vine Valley, in- '· I stead of Wednesday as announced in 1 Friday's Messenger. Held in Torso Slaying Luxuriant Beard on Statue Is Questioned j Chapter 814. effective January !. ELMffiA 1F) -- How ·come 'the 3940. provide. 5 ; for registration" ol larm vehicles used exclusively between parts of a iarm or between farms ownrd by the same person upon payment ol a lee oJ one dollar. Such registration when issued shall permit the operation ol such vehicle only on routes designated by tbr Commissioner. ?«x«rianl beard of that 10-foot statue of a Union soldier in the World Fair's Pennsylvania bnildinc? Judson Cole mnolc Grover WhAlen president of the fair-"The Union soldiers' avrrapr ace at the end of the first enlistment was 39 years arid even ii permitted to prow a beard--w'iiirh privilege WAS denied him -- it would for impossible to grow one oi the magnitude illustrated" Tine Pair adjnJnJstraiJon turned Ihe letter over to the Ptnniylvania commission. Backfire LIVINGSTON, Mont. -- A large tomcat was stalking a robin. Incensed, William B. Calhoun threw a rock at the cat. missed. Calhoun went to a hospital, his arm broken by UK Iwave. Todays Temperatures-8 A. M. 1! A. M. 2 p. M. 90 70 78 Sun sets today 33: rises tomorrow 525; sets tomorrow, 8,23, moon, i fun, first quarter, Joly 9. t J u Mr-unties." 2 to 11 P. M. Roscland -- Woolforci's Dachshunds. 4, 8 and 10:30 P. M. Monday K. of .C. Hall-- C. D. of A.. 8 P. M. Court House -- Compensation court. 10 A. M. Firemen Asked to Meet on Wednesday Fire Chief W. W. Shoemaker today announced that a meeting of city firemen interested in forming a tournament team, would be held Wednesday evening. July 12 at 7:3(1 at the City Hall. He stated there is considerable interest among the local fire fighters in developing teams to compete at various firemen's events throughout this section of the state and for that reason wishes ihcm to meet Wednesday night, to perfect plans. RELEASED ON BAIL BUFFALO Wi -- Clayton A. Der- ncr. 35, was free an bail today to await sentence after pleading guilty i(, second decree larceny clwrcv; i» connection with the theft of $2^550 from Ihc State Bank of Kenmorr, N. Y.. where he had been teller. | Drmtr. indicted last DecejnJxr on first deprre grand larceny charces, pleaded cuiJty io the lesser charce yesterday before Erie County Judge George H. Howe. TO GIVE LIE TEST CLEVELAND VPi -- Authorities ordered a lie detector test for Frank Dolerel today in an effort to close some loop holes in his announced confession to the slaying of No. 3 of Cleveland.?' 12 "torso" murder victims. "We're a long way from a case that will stick in court" commented Drtfctive Harry 60 people slated for 10 o'clock. Plans have been completed by the Canandaigua Women's Relief Corps for their picnic Tuesday, July 11. It is estimated that approximately 30 members of the organization will make up the party. Also on Tuesday the Irwin Wickham family of 45 people have been given a reservation. Following are the reservations that have been made with Jacob Weber, director of entertainment and of the picnic grounds-July 14 -- Rebecca Lodge, July 15 -- Canandaigua Grange. July 19 -- American Legion family picnic. July 22 -- Genesee Valley Federation. July 27 -- Manchester Grange. July 29 -- Bloomer Bros., Newark. Aug. 2 -- Wayne County Supervisors. Aug. 6 -- Jacobson Reunion. Aug. 12 -- Matthews party. Aug. 13 -- Parker reunion. All reservations for picnics and reunions are made with Mr. Weber. Starting today, one of the most unusual of all dog acts, Woolfords' Dachshunds, a clever exhibition of the ultimate in dog training, will | Greig . TeTrac ^ with th e ir daughters", ! Mrs. Helen G. Purcell, of this city, land Mrs. Stephen J. Leathern, of Rochester, will leave Monday by motor for a two months' trip to the Pacific Coast. They plan to visit relatives in Los Angeles, attend the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco, and drive up the coast to British Columbia. Dr. Leon A. Stetson left today for Ocean City, N. J.. to join his family. They will return to Canandaigua Wednesday after spending two days at the New York World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boehleche, Climaxing the program is % ly-inaugurated free-for-all . handi- . cap, open to all drivers. It wJU be run as the final event Sunday. . Amateurs compete for .' and trophies, the professionals! for! $320 in cash prizes, divided into. $40 each heat. ' ..... " A 75-foot coast guard cutter. wUL. patrol the 12th annual regatta,. old-. est consecutively-running outboard race meet i n Eastern U n i ' " Grant M. Kennedy and daughter, Mrs. Bertha K. Adams and son, Robert, of St. Petersburg, Fla., arrive tomorrow to spend the Summer at the home of his son, Howard G. Kenned}', in Dungan Street. Miss Anna M. McKechnie, of North Main Street, today took possession of her summer home at Ash Grove, West Lake Shore. Mr. and Mrs. John Gartland, of CIRCLE NETS $6 - ]'·-'· Circle One of the Presbyterian" Women's Society cleared about $6 last evening from a card party. at ' Mrs. Hollis McMaster's, cbtjftgtsV* East Lake shore. There - were .tour.., tables in play. Refreshments were. served by the committee, Mrs. Jes-"~ sie Owen, Mr:;. Fred W.,Hoiife.'iwiL, Miss Mary E. Sheldon, assisted. .by; r ' the hostess. ."'·'". 'y on Saturdays, This attraction, one of the feature presentations of the season, Is booked until Julv 15. 14 Cases Considered By Probation Officer P.. YOU NEED "·"·'" WINDOW SHADES KIESCH BOD? , : VENETIAN BLINDS ~ LINOLEUM Phone 36 : G. M. Kennedy Son S-ll-13 Bristol 84ne* With the cases of 14 children considered during June, a total of 442 boys and girls remained on pro- . 7 bation at the end of the month, i Gibson Street, will leave tomorrow Sherman H. Beeman, chief proba- j for the New York World's Fair tion officer of the county, disclosed where they will spend several days, today in his monthly report. Of the 14, seven were delinquent _ t boys, three were delinquent girls l.anihr|ftap FlVm and four were neglected boys, of j v ' aillulIU C mill those remaining on probation. 146 I f rttIT CU.,A_ D 4 I L i are delinquent boys, 38 delinquent LOW OH 012116 KOQ JOD j girls. 125 neglected boys mid 1331 neglected girls. Paid for family sup- j port was $139. with S3 paid for re- i stitution. ; One man was received on proba- j tion from County Court and two were discharged," leaving 65 men and six women on probation at the end of the month. Payments for family support totaled $166.50. One man was received and none discharged during June from justices' courts leavinc three men and one woman on probation at the end of the month. Deaths Mrs. Sarah J. Robinson Mrs. Sarah J. Robaa^on. 73. widow of James A. Robinson, nf this city, died this morning in Thompson Memorial Hospital, where she had been ill since Monday. She was born in Coaldalc. F;'.. a::d 3wd lived here 55 years. Survivors are a daughter and two .sons, Mrs. E. G. McGinnis. of Fairport: J. H. and Harry R.. Robinson, of Canandaicua: also a crandwm. William McGJrmis, of Fairport. The Iimeral will take place Monday at 3fl o'rJock from thr home in Saltonstall Street and at 3fl:30from St. Mary's Churrta. Interment will be in Calvary Cemetery. James J. Ward James J. Ward. 77. rctireri Main Street elolhmc merchant, and tailor, died yeslcrday Afternoon in Thompson Memorial Hcstrital alter a ?ong With a bid of $294.906. Warren Brothers Road Co.. Cambridge. Mass.. was low bidder on tne 3-33 n.-ilc Pittsford-Victor highway court ruction project. The eight bids submitted to the state Department of Pu'olic Works m Albany yesterday were below the engineer's estimate of $379.011. Other bidders were: Joseph M. Murray. Rochester. $257.633.95: C. P. Ward. inc.. Rochester. 52.07.333.50; Robert E. Tompkins. Rochester. S303.061.10: Rochester Concrete Construction Co.. Inc.. Rochester. $303.53025: Tomack Subsidiary. Inc.. Rochester. $306.057.75; Oohn Bcllardino. Inc.. Seneca Falls. S3 J 0.891: Bcro Engineering and Construction Corp.. North Ton;r.vanda, SATURDAY ONLX Last Show After 10 "IK. M. And Jackie Cooper in "THE STREETS QiP NEW YORK" Plus Lone Ranger and News m Sunday - AVIDE AWAKE CLUB PICNICS Twelve members anri two curst o;" the Wideawake Ciub picnirkec? yesterday at Roselnnd Park. Card. 1 - ] I finished entertainment. Plans werej made for a similar affair at Sosc- . H. ' Plus MUSICAL DISNEY'S CARTOON AND NEWS Sheriff Martin L. ODonnell annvcmt-d that Frank D«tetal ), swarthy 52-year-oM bricklayer. ha4 confessed to one of Cfere- lairf's 12 tors* imrtciA. "We think he is Hmtred hi at tea* tw* M*re," stM OTOHMeB. D*tez*l, a Mwnriaa, it act ·mrki. NEXT WEEK'S WEATHER Weather outlook for next u-f*k-- Great Laics generally lair: moderate, temperature first of wcri:: warmer followed by shower period in middle of week; generally Hair and cooler toward close. PREDATORY ANGLERS STRATFORD, Ont. * -- Ontario's department of game and fisheries will continue to stock streams with fish, but in future will not reveal which streams are stocked. Loss from such streams has been too great. Born in Ireland. Mr. Ward came to Canandsieua in 3885. establish- in, his tailoring and men's furnishing coods business in 1903. He retired about 35 years apo. Surviving is one daughter. Miss Ma" Trie Ward, ol Canandaigua. Funeral services will be Monday a r £.30 irom the home in Salton- f.pi]] street, and at 9 o'clock from ?;. Mary's Church. Interment will be in Calvarv Cemetery. Canan.iaiEnia Council, K. of C., ·?nj] meet in the hall tomorrow eve- nine at S o'clock to go to the home ·of Mr. Ward to recite the Rosary. Mr. Ward was a charter member of the organization. MEMORIALS MEMORIES GEO. L. MORI GRANITE CO. ROLLER SKATING Crystal Gardens EAST LAKE ROAD Now Open Every Afternoon and Evening 2.30 «o.5 P.M.; 7.30 to 11 P.M. Skate where ifs cool and pleasant. On a perfect skating surface with good skates troT music. Special rates and attention given Iff" churches, societies or parties. By Numerous Requests We Start Operating On Standard Time Starting Sunday, July 9th

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