The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 27, 1965 · Page 22
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 22

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 22
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, Wednesday, May 26, j»5 Delta DcmacTnt-Times THE LITTLE WOMAN WASH VOW? . PA 1 -/ "We must Vie almost there. She said to drive sixty- five cents from town, then take the first turnoff to the right." HOE HIP PACKAfiTinBI fl 41 ^ BU7 ri« SACK TO ClUMP GMMP^TOM UNDERWSEftT -^ ' UWAV.VKE OF IKE SECKET PACKAGE ABOARP. *" NO ONE'S LOOKIK6,' HOWS MYCIIMCE 1 10 SNEAK A50ARD SAW,EK'S PIAN- ?=?-· = -.·· ·.-,- ^S^spa A - · . - - . - - · · - · · . i ,,-,_ ~ -- -- _ Y , **'*_· r i HETRADED 'CHICAGO FORA CUTE )NJUN GAL. NAMEOFLI'L ORPHAN ANTELOPE.'' ? ASP//-THAT TTLE FOREIGNER DOES WN CHICAGO.? PROMISE TO DADDY WAR! WE CAN ONUY V VET IF WE CLOWN GUESS WHAT ISIilRCOrirRot.HE .wow.0 »E PscsE CfX NAB IS VWIK A1E.UWV ) SJC, ITS NOT HALF AS 4TUL. CLEAR? / VIVID AS TUB P£o5Fr 1 Or AW IAWE3IATE AND LIMITED FUIWE .' ERCITA EUNE UNDER IIVWOSIS ANP WILLTRV To SILL. THE HEAD OP STATE AO WE 60 EECEIV- l[.-s»* INC UN 61016S, iVE'CE BEINfl- FORCED INTO TRYING To FILL. AN INSIDE STRAIGHT.' WILL SURELY BEING PROMOTEP, TAN/A.' ...O5MSA0E FECCLES INVENTION WILL SOON BEING IN RUSSIA.' WE SHALL BEINS ABLE. TO TRANSPORT LIFE FROM OTHER WORLDS... WE SHALL RECEIVING A CTTATIOM, BORI " UH-OH.' BORIS HAS ACCIPEHTALLX SWITCHED THE MACHINE ON/ THESE WPENWTIONS IN THE SOFT SRC LOOK TO BE OP RcCENT ORISIN, M, RtSHT. , MILLIE UNTIL I'M FINI5HEP CUTS IDE. THEN ANP THIS A1UP ON THE (JOTTO.1\ RUNG 15 FRESH.'-MILUE'S RISHT-TIME Fl3R A MOVE i !'!·!!·· BUMSTEAD- 1FYOJDOOKEMOR! DUMB TH'NG UKETHIS-- OUT YOU 60! I HE LEFT IN THE MIDDLE MOST MOMENT PLEASE,PLEASE- YOU COULDN'T BE THATCRCJEL-- THIfJXOFMVHOME. MY FAMIL.V- BE MERCIFUL _ THAT AMPLIFIER \ DRAWER SHOULD 1 COME OUT. AHAf THERE IT is? ·LIFT-OFF/ "ATOM EWERGfZER." THE HEART OF THE SPACE COUPE! IT MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE GOVERNOR'S SHIP. BUT-ENOUGH-FOR TONIGHT THE DEAD OF NIGHT JUNIOR SLIPS INTO DIET SMITH'S PERSONAL SPACE COUPE FOR REHEARSAL. OH? HERE WE ARE, 'AMPLIFIER ACCESS" 5. Special Notices Ort and alKr tHi doll I will no fonot* b» reipomib'a loi debl* cc.-'rtK'ed by offers olhei [hm rrw'f. Joieoh J. UP*) Ret*ci 10. Male Help Wauled INSIDE SAIES. 71 to JO, 13JS Co'l ED ^-36lt, Pecpri En-p-o/r lo S350. ·nil Scr. MANAGER IPAINEE. ?l lo 78. S300.00 Cor A e.Denifi, Kniie e / e r v 6 rtoirhl. Coll ED 4.3611, Ftoptt E-tipcyrr.frf S«r- WANTED: Automobile mechanic, experienced in Motors products. Must be honest, sober, St reliable, willing to relocate in Lake Village, Ark. Top position for right man. Write P.O. Box · 351, Lake Village. Ark. WANTED: Tractor mechanic ex- · perienced in I.H.C. products. Must be nble to perform all major repairs. Excellent position, for right man. Send resume to P.O. Box 351, Lake Village, Ark., stating qualifications references. Night foreman and leadermen j Must have shipyard experience in tug and towboat repair. BF UDWORTH SHIPYARD, INC. P. O. Box 5426 Wa 8-5051 Houston, Texas -JEEDED Five men who wish lo earn $800 per month with opportunity for advancement in largest firm of its kind in the world. Local work. Must have car and be well groomed. Apply to 605 Fairview, 30 A. M. Monday. ' Wanted Laundry Drycleaning Production Supt. Must have qualifications to supervise both departments. $125.00 per week plus bonuses or open for qualified experience. Apply J. E. Snow, 1384 Green Street, Augusta, Georgia. COLLEGE STUDENTS Can use two college students who need Summer work. Write P.O. Box 5396, Greenville, Miss. For home interview. Senior Daydreams This collection of day dreanu of Greenville High School senior Sandra Holloway during the final days o! school typifies the thoughts of most Greenville pupils during those hot May school days. Sandra, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Holloway of 1240 Margaret, doodles with a pencil (right Cfntcr) as she plans a Coke break at Strazi's (above) with y 4 CARAT Compori ValuM MATCHIO DIAMOND RIN6S Toid W»^SI ALL YEAR TO PAY T..V f« rf'l'31 MJ ckil. t G»tlil» HcrpV.H Dloiujiil IriM Pol,, m WW. a, V.'lo« ,olf. Ka. Bel. f -.'a.-atd to j. 1 sw b*ovv of df 1-5.^, Sit SPECIALS INCUR WINDOWS mcntufs ittttn miaii itsntr WOCM-OtnOAKS 243 WASHINGTON AVB. THE WANT ADS REACH OVER 55.000 PEOPLE EVERY DAY, THAT'S THE REASON FOR THE QUICK RESULTS. Malt Swain. Matt, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Swain of 127 Robertshaw, graduates this week frrnn SI. Joseph High School. Their summer will be spent swimming, water skiing, swimming, sun bathing, and swimming. This fall Sandra will attend Delta Slate College; Mall will go t» Christian Bro- Jher College in Memphis. (Staff Photos by Noel Workman) Classified Advertisement Special Notices MBS. I. M. HOCP ollen baby lining ,,,a: her hwrB, by hour, day or w«ek 0 Avt - Fo- rnf --"°- POSTED All land I own in Section 15. Township 16, Rnnge K, Seclion 18. Township IB, Range 6. Also all land I have leased in Section 17, Township 16, Range 6, in Washington County. L. W. STEPHENS i. Special Notices ROM THIS DATE MM 17, 1965 I tol b» leioc.-sible for d-fcls ncdo by S1G.NED: ROY BARNES I. Schools -- Instructions HIGH SCHOOL TM . d K lod.y for FREE BOOKLET; Te I n? i VOU .^ an f am » Hish S' 110 "! Diclsma hroush spaja limp sli-av. JS rnoothly. bKludf! »f| tooks a-d l-Jlruclicn!. Our WIN vcar. AMERJCAH SCHOOL D«pK G, P.O. BOX 10082 JtxVton, MUl. Call 3SS M54 MANSOUR'S SUPERETTE BILL HUCKABEE S AAKT. . 1598 SOUTH MAIN ST. - SWIFT PREMIUM AND CHOICE HEAVY BEEF CUT TO ORDER - ED 2-S37 ROAST SALESMEN NEEDED $CM to $1,000 per month. Car necessary, to work Greenville, Cleveland or Greenwood. Call 332-1323 9 A. M. till 12 Noon, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. NEED EXTRA CASH? Sail your no longer needed household goods with e Classified Ai ;ia: (5-1155) today. $150.00 i told PC? v.eeV abov« ·jpe.-'io If you havi bcok*. Fieen.i, le^inq machlnei, Ini. You owt it lo vo-J.'IBlf lo rrweiliflat* tti!» sppoilur, ty. NO CANVASSING NO COLLECTING f ycu aia 21 to 55. dren ntat. hava uro and tan fui/vjh (elererxej, I would hie fo rc'k with vou. For LTBrvicw nccl» lfi^art Wo'el, alk. for I.','. I. A. G;if(in, n 8 p.n. lueidoy, WcdnEiifav ond Ihvudey. SALES MANAGER TRAINEE AGE 21-34 Company expansion has created opporuniies for (2) two men who desire a career in sales. Men chosen must have late model car, present a neat appearance, have at least a high school education and be able lo pass a rigid character examination. For inlerview appointment call 332-22H II. Female Help Wanted Une.Ttumfceied while lody to live In ray !KTM. Call ED ?.?! S3 ofter 6 P.M. GENERAL olfka work. 21 lo 28 i?25 M !Coll LO .(-Mil, rtpp.r Einp!oyi..«nl S.V. U. S. CHOICE Boneless Chuck For Grinding LBS. Market Sliced BACON 3 ROAST STEAK Lean Freshly Ground Pure Pork U. S. Choice Chuck Bone In SAUSAGE 3 LBS. T' Baby Bee* Round or Loin |_IJ. 45 CALF LIVER YOUNG TENDER LB 49 c MINUT FILET MIGNONS 8 OZ. AVG. EA VG. 7Q i 3A. tU COUNTRY HAM BACON DELICATESSEN BAKED IIAM, COOKED CORNED BEEF, BARBECUE CHICKEN AND BARBECUE SPARE RIBS Sliced Barbecue Pork Beef SANDWICHES 5 FOR! 00 COFFEE Luzianne lp L K BG .59 c SHORTENING rcfciEAM Jewel 3 LB. TIN 59 CAN c TUNA eaf ri 19' Cl overleaf Grntcrl 'E STEAKS 6 ^89' FRYER PARTS Fryers cul up 4 Lb, Bag $119 Breasts Lb. 49c Legs Thighs Lb, 39c Backs Necks Lb, ll^c Livers Lb, 59c Gizzards Lb= 29c JERSEY GOLD Va GAL. POTATOES U.S. NO. 1 10 LBS ;.69' WANTED Outside Car Hops. 6 day week. 6'/2 hour shifts. Uniforms furnished. Paid vacations. APPLY IN PERSON NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE STRAZl'S DRIVE-IN SECRETARY - RECEPTIONIST Must be able to take dictation and type a neat letter, 40 hour week. Write P.O. Box 5575, Greenville, giving experience and ref. erenccs. Help Wanted DELTA PERSONNEL SERVICE 1M H. Poplor el WoiMiglM Miorn 332-1471 NIK 3J2-IU5 · CoiM.r C..JII Cl.rV jj |2 · Cnrjll MonoflBr « · 5o!«imcn er SoluwnMr) Cent. Win · MHh!nlll , M poy Offl» Hour* t . |, Collifi Junior Colli|« Graft m wilcem* for rourtMlrnf, UMAI mviY--Crww, 15^ Sihutioiu Wanted feauSt GrocJuarj onxtrial ,,,,,, ,;,,;,,, Mnw| Articles For Sale BANANAS Frosty Acres C S 1 !10 6 Oz Can . . . 0 FOR 1 LB, 10° EGGS GRADE A MED DOZ. 05 ARMOUR * Fertilizers and Garden Insecticides of All Kinds Also Large Selection of Tools HARDWARE

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