The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 21, 1963 · Page 18
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 18

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 18
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\ g THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, August 21,1963 QB Learned Trade The Hard Way Snead Says Skins Will Improve By JACK HAND Associated Press Sports Writer CARLISLE, Pa. (AF) -- Norm Snend learned how 10 be a pro quarterback the hard way--flai on his bnck, As a rookie in 1951, he ·was down more otten than Floyd Patterson. Hardened in the tough seasons with ;hc Washington Redskins in the National Fool- ball League, this young man from Wake Forest is one of the bright new stars.. "Thai first, year wasn't as bad us people said." Snend said today. of the Packers' offense. You leam him even from last year," said the Redskins' coach-general manager, "He is more uoised. II he js rushed, he knows enough to throw the ball out of bounds if to. He is more self-assured, Running the plays has become more of a reflex aclion. "Everybody was surprised the way Snead came last year. Not me. That [irst year he. didn't have any supporting cast. Then we got Mitchell. Now we have added more help for h i m . Norm will be better this year and belter the years to come. Don't for- he's only 2V I sot lo play. I was lucky enough "With Richler and Milclull on Ihe something Ii'om evarybooy. coach--(Bill Mo same saide as IJEht end and Danker they can't double-team Bobby. lu'mself lo drop back automatical ]y abouL seven yards. He gives himself between 2% and 3 sec- Tile Snead-Bobby Mitchell lo spol the defense? and players. Each year onds to release the the NFL last season with so ma When a 290-pound defi-nsive end gives you more corujoe:ice. watch the other quarierbacks in Pal Richler. the low- passers gel pani:ky. ennj;-Wisconsin end. McPeak has "From Y. A. Tittie von see hou assigned Richler to the tight end himself back in that old familial quick he gels back rT.d you mar- 100 and moved Bill Anderson to posilion--flat on you see how quick he self, up and one of the real great quarterbacks year than anvlime since been with the dub," said Snead, You can notice a difference in i How Bart Starr p,\.'ls the most oul ^il Hftllimorc. TO]V\VS Clcv.'lund iKnillcli 10-i: »nrt lixlmnn 7-M li: N'i'U' Vork iDnvvninE P-4 «rwl Will i a m s *?-.'('. II 1 . Vikings field Young Grid Corps BEMIDJl, Minn. (UPI) -- You mijflu call the Minnesota Vikings ''Van Brocklin's Kiddie Korps." Gone are all except ihrce of the original group of castofl- and old- timers the Vikings acquired in National Foolball League's "grab-bag" prior lo their maiden 1961 season. Those three are linemen G r a d y Alderman, Gerry Hulli and Frank Youso. Pass-catcher Jerry P.eichow, Packers Bank On Carpenter As Top Sub By GE.VE \V. IIINTZ United Press Inlernnlinn.'i! DE FERE, Wis. (UPJ) Here's a riddle for football fans: What is it LhaL runs, passes, catches passes, scores, and plays lor the Green Bay Packers? Guess again if you said Paul Hornung. Remember? He's silting out this season. Another h i n t -our man also has a brother play- Ing in the N a t i o n a l Foolball League. Before you lot !he suspense get you down, we'l; lol! you the answer is Low Carpenter, p. veteran in his 10th year, who's back at his more familiar halfback spot this season alter a couple of years playing end. Cur[M'nlcr scored two louch- tlowns in lli« Packers' exhihilinn win over Dnllits lust week and lie prohnhly was more surprised IliJln anyone. "I can't remember when the last time was I scored as a halfback," Carpenter said. "Come to Winner May Net $89,000 Palmer-Nicklaus Duels Seen In Classic, Series ii's pretty hard re- when I did score think of membering last." Actually it wasn't that long ago. In IDS], as an end. Carpenter cauprhl a pass and went over for a louchdown. But don't ask him which end he was playing. It could have been either the Light end or the wide end. Then By .JOE MOOSHJL | AKRON, Ohio (AP)--Those golf, duels between Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus take on added glitter during the next three weeks | wilh one or the other having a I chance of winning a total of $89,COO. Palmer qualified for the 575,000 World Series of Goli when he j smacked down Phil Rodgers and Jacky Cupit Tuesday in a three- man playoff. Palmer shot a one- under-par 69 over the Firestone Country Club's ".IBS-yard course, which played unusually long because of receni rains. Rodgers and Cupit simply bowed to (he course, as neiiher carded a birdie. Rodgers had a 37-37--7-1 a/id Cupit 3S-3S--76. while Palmer came in with 34-35, nailing two birdies and straying from par only once. I Palmer will defend his American Golf Classic, title beginning Thursday, and the N'o. 1 challenger will be Nicklaus. The 550,000 Classic has drawn a field of 92 and including some of the country's lop amateurs. First place is worth $9,000. and there is an ad- diiional $15,000 in bonuses. Should either Palmer or Nicklaus win the Classic and its bonus money, then the winner will be in position lor ihe 559,000 sweep. ings wiili more than Jour seasons of pro experience. Last yenr Norm Vim Broi'klin played 11 rookios and S second-year men on his Iwo platoons. This year there will he a continued emphasis on rookies and youth. "Many of ilic toys we have in starling his eighth NFL season a l , acain i( col]ld h a v e come whilc 29, is the granddddy o[ thea | hc wfls suhbinf , for najlkpr back squd. He is one of onjy five V,k-1 B^ Dowlcr. Ihen a part-time soldier wilh Wisconsin's 32nd National Guard Division and a part- Lime alhlele wilh Vince' Lombardi's NLF~ champions. Carpenter, l i k e h i s brother Preston who plays lor Ihe Sleel- ers. wen: to Arkansas. Unlike his brolber, who's considered a reg- u l a r ' Xllh Low is con- . . Ancrlcv 7. Si. ly.uK ^. ^ic M!lu'Fuik('!' It. Sfln I-'rtnrl.'(ro 1, ' IT WKNT IN. Unity Mlne^ o( l^ovidenrc doubles over wilh relief os hc'r olghl-fiwl pult Mink on the 1 1 111 hole during thf Women's Amateur tourney Tuesday. She eventually lo*.t her match with iMnrciH IM»-Ijicli- l»n on the 19th hole. " (AP M'lrvpliolu) Nc«- i l SI. l. , if;lhbon 5^) pil ChlcflKo ( K l h - 17-7t i.lFn-k^n- s.:5) m Phllad-IphiH M l l w H u k c c iHcrdlrj- T-S1 Hi S" CI^CO 'MlirlrhHl IS-bl TiinisnAvs c.orKS Plitvl.uri;h H L Chlc'isf. S:. Lr.uls Nl l.n Anccll-.. .lluhl MllwdukiT n: Sun KrrmcJsco Only i,-nmrs sclicduU-d INTKKNATION M. I.KAr.U N O I I T I I K K N TI\'ISION S6 C7 7(1 Little Leaguers Write Typical Letters Home 5 5^ AlHimn . SniTMKItN DIVISION' mlli .. 71 5S .5*1 ........ 74 M .SCI ______ ~ 1 · s '-' 6 By DAVE LEIVKRrt \vrUJAMSPORT. Pa. (AP)-: "Dear Mom and Dad . . ." ! "I am having a wonderful time hero bul the trip on the plane wasn't j so good. Six of us got air sick. ! "The food here is excellent, When we first arrived al the airport we ... were welcomed by many people including our team uncles, Uncle Bob! ' ' - ' ' . ' .. ,., . 1 and Uncle Prte. L, , ^ j ' , t, "When we got to our cabin we ! Tu.«hy and w.-.s one of 32 sur- Rallies In Fern Test U.V BOB SALMON A^Mvlntod I*n?Hs Spirts Writer Wn,UAMSTO\W, Mass. (API- It's lough enough to lie .1 course record without having lo scramble CfilumVius BS US .a% * Jacksonville ... .15 S2 .3*3 -- V:STFTKIMV':S RESULTS Syrrtcu^f 5-7 Tornnlo --S lilfhmnnrt L'-li. F[orhi".|nr 1-1 AM/mln 5. Inrtlnnnpnllx -. 11 Inning Arkansas 10, Burrnlo 9. 11 Innlnzs 1'ACinc COAST I.KAC.I.-K voiiTiiKRN DIVISION Sl'iknuo K5 33 .610 THcnm'a ' _ ' _ _ _ . " fi9 i* .511 Pn-'.liind . fin 7-1 .-I!-* SOI'TIIKIIN nivisio.v Oklahoma Ckv . ~- Tillti-f*l. Worlh . fi« I AFL Exhibition i Site Is Changed had a phj-sical and wcrv- issued jTM' 0 " today, for ihird and Jourlii uniforms. They're going lo lei us TM unct P |a ' ln 'he C3rd \\omen s . . . .'. . x n I inna 1 A m-s' r*n r rriil i f^h 'i ivini An- keep everything bul shirts, pants and belts. We're all enthused aboui playing for the world championship and we'll be ready lo do our host 10 win. I "Our first opponent, Monterrey, NEW YORK (API--A scheduled i (Mexico). arc sleeping in the American Football League exhibi- i cabin next lo us and we've been Worth. Tex. National Amateur Golf Championship at Taconic Golf Club. Miss Bell, who reached the quartcr-finaLs Jour years ;igo, was staring al a four hole deficit after 10 holes of her second round match wiih veteran Polly Riey of Fort camp must Ipam a great deal," j Van Brocklin said. "Bul Ihrre is : sidcrotl G r e e n Bny's "iiiilify 1 · · · · man." Nol only does he play halfliack and end, but hi? also mannees lo get in playing timo a.i n snfpty man under punts and, more enlhusiasm this year (hen ever before and 1 think" we'll be vastly improved." Si.xth /jis'l Venr Thfl Vikings finished sixth in Ihe Western Conference last year with a 2-11-1 mark, beating oul the Insl-place Los Angeles Rams. "I sen that we're picked lo finish las! ihis season," Van Brocklin said. "Thai's all right wiih me. You're in trouble when they pick you 10 finish Brsl." The Vikings have an impres- if neressary, can also play de- Jensive halfback or quarterback. In f:u-l he's prnbnbly n*: vnlu- nhle illtini,' nn the lMnch snd wnrkirpc oul In prncllce fl« he Is when hr playing. Oirponirr, in midweek drills, usually takes Ihe rolp of the opposing quarterback lor Ihe next sivc group ol rook.cs ,n c;,mp led uwk .*- Onc week ne michl be by free agent Jlon Vando.'Kelen J o h n n v Unit;ls a n 0 , n 0 r wcck 01 " 'scons'". Fran ' Tnrkpmon. Bul when it Vandcrkelrn, who rose lo ,,,,-! ,,,,,,,,, t o c n m p , lmf . h( . ^ corri ^ J ^ R r s i U ! w Oirpcnlcr again and is al- lional prominence in this fran Tnrkpnton. The y o u n g ! 1 " " " " " 1 " Green Bay Wise. n,Miv? was voi- i " : l h l n k ^ d E " v( ' n P la - v ed the outstanding player in Ihe i or ccnlt ' r i( we nwled h l m -" " College All-Star G n m c ' A u c , 2 [conch said. "VandcrKelcn is the s-ime lyp,. I Carpenter got off lo a slow start of boy as Tarkcnton," said Van j rnis If 0 " 1 " b V reporting in with Brocklin. "Me Is Intelligent, eager i Bn injury. ( and a fine siudcnt of Iho game." | A ypar-round resident of Green i Olhcr NiMvconii'n i ^ a - V ' ^ ' nc '"'c c ' 5 '" " ^i! of bas- I ' ' ! kctball anrl Softball during t h e ' The Vikings also signed end | O rf. 5( ,;,son. One week before prac- Paul Inlley of NorthwcslfTn, i ljcc slar ,,, d ne brokc a Iinscr ^"""h n^J 2* TML°L P "- K : · while playing softball. "But it doesn't bother me. I'll be ready before the season starts. I'd Be ready if Ihcy all were broken," he quippod. BT r.: "i .5m Ats .·IS6 SV-j 11 Snn Diejjii fifi Salt U'to Cr_v ... CL' Denver SI "!" .-Ma YESTCRT\VS RESULTS SaU UiHc CUy 4, Di\m-fon Wonh 3, ID lnnln=s SPAUC 5, I'ortlhnd 1 rirrvnr M. Okluhoma Clly 7-6 Spokano ^. San Dlcpn 3 Ilniv-nll 12, Tnwima 3 TEXAS UKACUE \\4iu Ldil ret. PchlnO Am Antonio K7 iii ,54Jl -- AUsUn (M 58 .515 3 El PUD S3 JK .53 3-i lulsx Cl 59 .516 4 j\lhu(iucrriue 3S S3 .47Q HVi JUnnrlllo .. .. 50 TJ .111) 17 VESTKItllAY'S ILESL1.IS San Anloinu J. Kl 3 Amurlllo 5. Austin 4 TUSi ". Albuquerque - i-;,\sTi-:»N i.i;,\r.uE ChftrU'Mnn 5. Reudlnc -. second Eumi postponed, niln Spnnpliclcl ^.J, Klmira 2-3 pinchnmlon at York, postponed rain SOUTH ATL.VNTIC LEAGUE Uvnchburc C-t. Chnrlo'.ci :-l. ar»L imrni completion of suspended pamc Ashcvlllc S. Xiuhvlle 0 M;icor 7-2, Aucusut U-ll Xno\vlllo 7. cnniUinooca 3 tion game belwcen Lhe Oakland Raiders and New York Jets at Mobile, Ala. Friday n'gtil has wh ' rnc wiLh thcm It's been kind of hard (o uilk lo because they don't know En- but we've managed okay so . didn'i seem as it the Colorado Springs, Colo, golfer would be around lor Ihe lull IS holes. Bui she was--wiih a J-up vic- bcen switched to Oakland on Sun-1 far . So long for now . , , Mandy." ! lory and a 7-4 lhal equalled the flankcr Ray Poagc of Texas, defensive end Don l-Jullz of Southern Mississippi, linubnckcr John Campbell of Minnesota and defensive halfback Terry Rosens o[ Hofstra. All figure lo play a prominent part In the Vikings' bid this season. Tarkonlon should show to butler iidvanlagc ihis season with the prospect of a superior corps of receivers. Running halfback WH-T TO ITw\Y KXiriRITION" NEW YORK (AP)--Abe Saper- slcin. owner of the Harlem Globo (rollers, said Tuesday that Wilt Chamberlain of Ihe San Francisco Warriors would bo in the . Tommy Mason is ready for NFL, : Trotter line-up Thursday night stardom, according lo Van Brock- i whcn ' lin. play a charity exhibi Lion on an outdoor court in ;he day because of a controversy over segregated scaling. Milt Woodard, assistant AFL commissioner, said the game had been cancelled oul of Mobile's Ladd Memorial Stadium by agree- mem of all panics involved alter Those were quotes from a typi- women's competitive course rcc- Tom W i l s o n , obstaincd from | Pol ° Grounds, Cleveland, will run behind Mason and is also slated to play some fullback. cal letter home from a typical j O rd sot in 195S by Irene Tworig j V;in LitUe Leaguer, Mandy Greene of of Willinmslown. , everyone else, like rales just abou; the Green , . , Daluth, Minn., one ol 93 young- Defending champion JoAnnc ! Bn ' Packers the team to beai World Series. Homo lo a11 °' th cm for the have lar-reaching implications, both financially as well as in player development, I nevertheless could not reconcile my or the Jets' part in a game so condud.- ed," Werbu'n said. In Santa Rosa, Calif.., -where the Raiders are training, Coach Al Davis said "We are unhappy that it did not work out in Mobile, but the decision to cancel was the I only one that could have been The lirst Wichita Mountains made under the circumstances. Fourball Handicap Invitational I We were disappointed because "we golf tournament will be played at i thought we had the problem Fourball Tourney On Deck At Muny sters gathered here from the Gunderson of Providence, R.I. world over lor the 1963 LitQe j eliminated Pat Johnson of Spartanburg, S.C. 7 ajid 5. Other second round victors included lv.-0-time winner Mrs. Anne Quast Welts of Seattle, Wash.; the stadium was completely de- j Roland Hicks of the U. S. Army !.schoolteacher Nancy Holmes of segregated. The Mobile sponsors ai:d - ^ Forcc dependents' team | Nashville, Tonn., and Arizona , i lour Negro members of Ihe Oak- ' ncxl w ' cek u ' m ^ a cmderbox land learn relused to play unless j bunkhouse with seven twin beds. said ihis wai impossible. The four players are Art Powell, Fred Williamson, Clem Daniels and Bo Roberson. There are eight Negroes on the Jets, lour in the starting line-up. David (Sonny) owner of the Jels, said he pressed I pulse and to see if we were sick from Izmir. Turkey, told his "Ma" State College junior Carol Sorcn- about the 7.000 mile trip to WU- son of Janesvllle, Wis, liamsport and "Uncle Ernie a n d ! Among those eliminated were in the Western Conference. "But we're not giving anything '· up," Van Brocklin says. "We may not win the championship, bul we'll make life miserable some people." for Uncle Gene", the two champ hosts assigned to his team. "The first thing we did when we got here was a checkup. They Wcrblin, new j checked our heart, weight, heiphr, for removal of the game Irom in anyway. Mobile, "While' the cancellation may the Lawton golf club Sept. 14-15, manager Jim Shaw and pro Buss Peelle announced. The tourney is open to all players in this section of the stale, Peelle said. Entries must be in by Sept. 10 and pairings will be made at S p.m. that evening. Entry fee is S5. A shotgun start will send the field on its way at-9:30 a.m. Sept. 14 for the two-day, 36;hole tourney. Handicaps must be attested by a club pro, Peelle stressed. Competitors must play at least five rounds to obtain their handicap. Plenty of prizes will be awarded, the Muny pro said. licked. But these are our players and friends and we are sticking by them." He said the Raiders would no longer schedule games in segregated stadiums. "Then the next important thing the tournament. was practice. We practiced on an old practice field first, then we practiced on the playing field and about three hours later we went swimming and then we wont to watch West against the South. "the West won and we play the West Thursday, Bye for now,- I got lo hurry and get to the movie." Little Michel Soly told the same story in different words to his' "Mom" back in Valleyfield, Quebec, "I wrote this letter to tell you j · how much lun I am having. The food is great and I like it very ' much. We get up In the morning j at 1 a.m. and we go to bed at about 10. "We have fun playing ping-pong. The field is in a valley and we ar.e going to play against the East Wednesday. Ann Baker of Maryville, Tenn., last year's finalist with Miss Gunderson; Elizabeth Fleilas of Greenvill, Del., who upset former champion Barbara Mclntyrc Monday, and Debby Austin of Oncida, N.Y., at 15 the youngest entry in Trinity Rambles In Church League Trinity Baptist pounded Church of God, 13-0, last night in a Church league Softball game. Dnle Coody hurled a no-hitter and slapped a home run lo aid his own cause. Trlnllj- Cliuruh l l i i n l M ......... _ :,;n .H-- 13 10 of G'Hl ________ InK) 1)0-- (I 0 N O T I C E We will Iw closed from August 18th thru September 2nd to give our employees a two week ra- cation. We Will Reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 3 SAUERMAN SALES 519 South Second REG. '69.95 BUY! MATCHING PATIO BAR r P F p WITH PURCHASE · U Ci b OF NEW STOCKADE FENCE 175 Ft. or more In Mobile, the president of the j "We sleep in bunkbeds and I sponsoring Mobile Kiwanis' Club, | sleep on the top. We will go to P. E, Crane Jr., said in a state-1 Washington at the end of the week i and we will meet the President and will visit the White 'House. We mcnt: "We are all very sad about the situation. This is our one fundraising project. We have aU put in a lot of leg work. We are pretty ·heartbroken about it at this time,. We got called out at the plate before we had a chance to bat." will be getting home about Thurs- TEnMJTES--ROACHES LAIRD'S EL5-2T34 ACME FENCE CO. FREE ESTIMATES-LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS Offer Good Limited Time! CALL OR SEE-2102 CACHE ROAD DIAL. EL 5-3445 f*. After the Classic, the twosome will hook up wi:h Gary Player in a $50,000 exhibition in Waukegan, 111. for a lop prize of S25.000 before returning to Firesione for the World Series Sept. 7-S, which will net the winner 550,000. Also featured in Ihe World Series will be U.S. Open champion Julius Boros and British Open champion Bob Charles. Nicklaus won the Masters and [he PGA, leaving one spot open, and Palmer grabbed it in the playoff with Pledgers and Cupit. Asked how he feit about not winning any of ibe four major tour- namenls this year. Palmer said: "With the kind of money that's going around these days, all tour- namenLs are major." Palmer has been off the circuit since winning the Western Open in Chicago last month, but has participated in 13 exhibitions. He claimed his driving in the playoff round was as good as It has been aJl year. He consistently outdrove his rivals by from 20 to 50 yards. Palmer has found the Firestone course to his liking. Last year his 276 was a course record for four rounds. Later in the World Series he shot a course-tying record of 65, but lost out to NickUus in ih» second and final round. complete AUTO SERVICE · PARTS · SERVICE · INSTALLATION WHEEL ALIGNMENT 88 Thorough oIFgnmenf to restore steering control. We correct camber, caster, to«-in, toe-out. MUFFLER INSTALLED Z 988 · Custom-coated steel · Resists damaging rust and corrosion, gives twice the service life · Installed by experts SHOCK ABSORBERS INSTALLED!! 10 98 1KOCK' OUfctAKTIt Guaranteed 15,000 milej; restore like- new driving comfort. 25,000-Mili ralintd, bonded brok* ihoet ini.3..;o on ail 4 wheels; Ford Cher. 424 E Avenue EL 3-6803

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