The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on November 14, 1941 · Page 2
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 2

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1941
Page 2
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Page Two The Herald. .Michigan Friday, November 14. 1941 Most of the main meals of the day are planned around meat. Once the meat dish is decided upon. It Is easier to choose other foods to make a nutritiously adequate meal. No«r that we are entering into the National .No- - trition Defence Program's extensive j plan lor better nutrition, its es-j pecially important that we realize and take advantage of all the buying economies available. Fortunately ihe less tender and inenxpenslve cuts of meat are equally as nourishing as the more costly cuts. It is just a matter of which meat to buy and how to cook: it properly. As beef offers a greater assortment of cheaper cats than any other kind of meat, here is a beet buying guide, with the Quantity for 4 people and also cooking methods. Beef Buying Guide 1. Blade bone chuck pot roast, contains long shoulder blade bonfc-- Buy 4 pounds ·-- Cook: Pot Roast (Braise) 2. Round bone chuck pot roast, conta'ns one small round bone, carves well--Buy 3% to 4 pounds. Cook Pot Roast (Braise) 3. Blade or arm chuck steaks-Buy Impounds. Cook: Braise. Swiss Steak, Spanish Steak or country fried steak. 4. Flank steak, boneless, but with long fibers. Have dealer score meat. Buy 1 steak. V to 2 pounds. Cook: Braise, roll and stuff or make filets or Spanish steak. 5. Stew meat, cut from neck, flank, bhank or plate. Buy 1^4 pounds. Cook: Brown stew, stew with vegetable, meat pies. G. Cross cut shanks. Buy 3 to 3\i pounds. Cook: For '·boiled" dinner with vegetable or for soup. s 7. Fresh beef brisket of fat andj leau--gives extra juiciness. Bay 3 to I 4 DOUUUS. Cook: Simmer, do not boil- j Serve wth mustard or horseradish. ! S. Short ribs, a favorite with { men. Buy 4 pieces weighing about! % pound each. Cook. Braise alone or with vegetable. 9 Ox joints. Buy 1 ox tail. Cut into 1*2 inch, lenghts. Cook; Braise or make into rich ox-tail soup. 10. Beef heart. Buy 1 heart about j 2% pounds. Cook: Stuff and braise, or stew with rice. Braising, a method of cooking by moist heat, is used for the less tender cuts ot meat which require long slow cooking and presence of moisture to bring out the fnlj flavor and make the meat tender. To braise meat, brown it in a small amount of hot fat, then cover tightly. Cook slowly in added liquid such, as water, milk cream, stock, diluted vinegar, fruit or vegetable juices. Add only ;i snmll amount of liquid at a time and do not allow to boil, but keep ai a simmering temperature. The cooking time ranges from hart completed, in Hnbbardton, V chopper and mil with % cup sugar. I M UFniri A »I fum\n i :LT2rv5£r-rs AMERICAN GUIDE and orange rind Beat egg slightly.! ( combine with milk and melted but-j ter and add to flour mistnre. FoJd in cranberries. Bake in buttered ·a? OSS) naio ajEjapom nj ned reoi grees F.) about 1 hour. Cranberry Stuffing 1 cup chopped fresh cranberries U cup sugar U cup chopped celerj- 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 4 tablespoons butter 4 cups stale bread crumbs % teaspoon poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon salt Combine cranberries and sugar. SERIES COMPLETE GUIDEBOOKS WILL BE AN AID TO BOTH RESIDENTS AND TOURISTS hours to 4 hours, depending on the! Cook celery and parsley in butter for type of meat and the amount. ( 2 minutes; combine with bread j crumbs, seasonings and sugared cran- With Thanksgiving close at hand.] berries- Bleud. Excellent as it might be well to discuss cranber- j stuffing for duck, pork or veal, ries--Turkey and Cranberry Sauce! I ed several years work by writers and research employees of the WPA- Nothing like it had ever before been attempted and its completion is a noteworthy contribution to Americana." "The Michigan Guide, like the other state guides, is not a dull statistical outline of what Michigan has set aside by Governor Murray D. Van Wagoner in a proclamation as "Take Pride in your State Week", la it he urges everyone to become better acquainted with "Michigan: A Guide to the Wolverine State," the book compiled by the WPA Writer's Project as part of the American Guide Series. The governor's proclamation followed an endorsement by President RooEe-«?lt of a nation-wide observ- of anecdotes, and is entertaining as well as informative reading." Larned believes that the rending of the Michigan guidebook will acquaint citizens of Michigan with amazing facts about tbe state they have never known or realized. 4-H Banquet Tonight I ance of American Guide Week, de- and girls wit! assemble Over 200 Gogebie county 4-H boys on Friday, as good today us it was when Priscilla prepared it foi John Aldeii- Hmvover. the cranberry deserves | wider acceptance as a "fruit" rather! Ihiin ;·- "condiment" for it offers: j 1. Minerals essential to well be Camp Does May Be Taken By Hunters [This Deer Season I -- --- -- ~ ------.-i «~ «niu j^ii iti \\ILI tts3miiuif3 un r 1 may, signed to call attention to publication I November 14, for their annual fall ! of the final book in the series . The books were written by WPA achievement day. The program be, gins at 4:45 when tbe members will janthors to benefit both residents and lessee the movie 'The Last of Uic | tourists by furnishing individual Dnanes" sponsored by the Gogebic jSmaeoooks for each state and ten-it- county Service Club. Following lory. There are 51 books in the ser-| Ou , movie a bano _ uet will lje serve(1 of jies. The Oklahoma guide, last to be j n t the Memorial building in fron- completed. will come from the press-1 woo( j . calcium, phosphorus, etc. i to tafee care OI ~ the demand for li-[ es thls week - j A good and staple supplv oi i cense « tha t may be filled by taking | _ ~~ Tl1 ^ compilation of the Michigan j Six of the 12 hunters killed by LA3VSIXG. . 13--Printing _ highly available iron, iodine. | a -°°° _ ajditiolial deer camp permits | nccideutal Sims. either a hnck or a doe marks the.- Guide." Abner E. Lamed, state WPA j gunshot to date this season died from eve of Michigan's 1941 deer season, j administrator, points out, "was a accidental discharge o£ their own the first in 20 years iu which the kill- j monumental undertaking and requir- i'ir of doe deer is legal. Several i thousand 1941 camp permits already j have been distributed where last year j the 'onservation department sold j only 703. j Many camps in the deer territory j were open early, and there was no victmiti C. and :i small amount of vitamin A. 3. A unique combuutioit of fruit acids that aid intestinal tone and mo- lility. 4 A high pectin content that helps eliminate gas and putrefactive con clKions in the large intestine. 5. Tang and color that stimulate the appetite. 6. Cranberries leave a "clean j clear indication in the pre-season feeling" in the mouth and decrease! northward movement that the num- More Defense Foods Needed the numbers of bacteria in the saliva, in mind the nutritional ber of hunters in the woods would be greatly different from the 1T7.-759 value of the cranberry, here are some who bought deer hunting licenses last it more uses than T^ar. These hunters last season recipe;;, giving just a meat or roultry accompaniment. Cranberry Pineapple Sauce IVi cups sugar . Vi cup water 'A cup pineapple juice . 1 pound (4 cups fresh cranberries 1 cup canned drained shredded pineapple 2 tablespoons chopped preserved ginger Boil sugar, water and pineapple juice together 5 minutes. Add cranberries and cook, without stirring until all the skins pop open. Add pineapple and ginger and let stand in saucepan until cool. Makes 1H quarts sauce. Cranberry Nut Bread 1 cup fresh cranberries 1 cup sugar 3 cups flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt , % cup chopped walnuts Grated rind ot 1 orange 1 cmf milk * tabfecpoons melted butter F»t cranberries ihrooch food killed 51.713 bucks, nearly SCO bears. In the bow and arrow season ending tomorrow, archers made Michigan banting history by killing a bear with arrows near Roscommon. and by! killing the first doe legally hunted and shot in Michigan in two decades, for a camp deer, near Baldwin. After the big season November 15- j 30. those of the 500 Allegan lottery winners with licenses still unfilled will take their guns to centra] Allegan county December 1-10 for Michigan's first all-antlerless deer season, designed to reduce a herd now a nuisance to agriculture. Filippini Secretary Of Shoe Rebuilders The annual meeting of the Gogebic Master Shoe Rebnftders was held at the Louis BaTdint shop here Monday evening. John Makar* ot Jessie- vine. newly elected president, succeeds John Kites ot Iron wood. Emit ot Iroawood was re-elected aa4 Aacdo FfUppini of this etty, wu reflected *ceretaxT- GOGEB1C COUNTY RECEIVES $26,721.23 DISTRIBUTE AUTOMOBILE AND WEIGHT TAXES FOR 3RD QUARTER IN MICHIGAN Lansing, Oct. 20--Apportionments of |4,2G4,151.90 in automobile weight taxes for the third quarter of 1941 were submitted by State Highway Commissioner G. Donald .^Kennedy to the auditor general this week for 1 disbursement to county road coinmis-_ sions. ' ' . ] Collections are disbursed .on a for- i inula provided for by state law which j requires that seven-eighths of the Amount collected by each county plus one eighty-third of the remaining one eighth collected in the state, be returned to individual counties. None of the money is retained by the highway department. The funds are now subject to action by the auditor general. The apportionments due counties follow: Alcoiia, $10,480.00; Alger, $14,669.97. Allegan, $41,092.12; Alpena, $23,015.82; Antrim, ?14,486.73; Arenaa $14,255.13; Baraga, $14,603.23. ·Ban-y, $22,862.92; Bay, $61,589,91; Benzia, $14,716.18; Berrien, $101,138.30; Branch, $28,205.15; Calboun, $69,816.51; Cass, $25,272.82; Charlevoix : $16,891.CO; Cheboygan, $17,384.24; Chippewa, $25,835.60. Clare, $13,323.17; Clinton, $25,627.04; Crawford, $9,752.54; Delta, $29,295.93. Dickinson, $25,124.27. Eaton, $33,430.12; Emmet, $20,372.42; Genesee, $147,551.54; Gladwin. $14,035.34; Gogebic, $26,721.23. Grand Traverse, $25,167.63; Gratiot $37,273.59; Hillsdale, $32.433.90; Houghton, $35,422.63. Huron, $27,602.07; Ingham, *102.018.51; Ionia, $31,858.84; losco. $14627.42, Iron, $20,197.62. Isabella, $30,319-05; Jackson, $71,069.55; Kalamazoo, 82,382.45; Kalkaska, $13,102.61; Kent, $181,665.62; Keweenaw, $8,036.27. Lake, $11,419.48; Lapeer, 52S.620.- 50; Leelanau, $15,397.03; Lenawee. $52;325.48; Livingston, ?26,295.S6; Luce $12,137.09. . Mackinac, $13,391.66. Macomb, $86,257.10; Manistee. $20,091.41; Marquette, $39,110.03 Masou. $22,909.68; Mecosta, 115.75; Menominee, $25,786.87. Midland, $23,058.57; Missaukee $12,869.94; Monroe, $56.731.57; Montcalm, $32,313.20; Montmorency. $9..734.20; Muskegon, $78.827.04; Newaygo, $22,893.23; Oakland, $191.747.10; Oueana,. $20,169.63; Ogemaw. $14,411.96; Ontonagon, $15,140.32. Osceola, $18,611.95; Oscoda, 59,011. 42; Otsego, $11,286.73; Ottawa, 350,- 36S.75; Presque Isle. $13.229.65: Roscommon, $11,328.75; Saginaw $97,740.57; St. Clair, $72,481.49; St. Joseph, $34,759.93; Sanilac, $30,565.11; Sohoolcraft, $15,701.30. Shiawasee, $38,969,38; Tuscola. 535. 414.12; 1 .Van Buren. $40,245.94; Wash- tenawr$63,409.06; Wayne. $1.270,918.57; Wexfrod, $23,625.99. $19, Tuberculosis killed more Americans in 1940 than were killed in action or died from wounds received in action, during the first World War. Christmas seal funds are used to reduce the toll of lives taken by tuberculosis, j Silver naturally present in Michigan copper makes it more malleable than copper from most regions. "Hate xaflk, more egg*, mor* porV IB the food-for-defense appeal bone wade to American farmer* by the U. S. Department of Agri- eotazre. Farmer* an xespondinff'nnitedly, the Department says, and a»» taming Inge quantities of feed from the AAA Ever-Normal Gr«a»*y into tnerfy-fMof foods. Jfillc production ia highest on zceord; «n production is higher than in any year except 1930; extra scm an bailiff held ovw for fall farrowing. Never- tt» Pa|MutMiBl dedans, «rtn additional increases in these to mzpfty th* gzowinc how* demand and tb« ·POPULAR DELUSIONS ... fey Ma ITMK il I DELUStON-'THAT ,THE PHRASE TWEMSOir WAf BUIUAROUNP ' THEAHERr BOXER THE M?GCfAVA5 USEOINSeOTlAMO BEFDRE*«(D W DELUSION: THAT THERMS NOTHING NaV IN THE HOlKBVfFgf DKnOMARr*. USAGE HAS MADE'"GLASSED FOOOST "CLASSING* ANO*TO GLASS*NEW THRMSFOR MODERN DAY PRESERVING IM LAK STARS' O(? OELUSION:T«AT ARMY AUTHORITIES* FROWN UPON THE BOff IN CAMP BEING OELUSION:THAT«XNG A HAT SHOWS' YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE TO HABfT. IN QflESARSTlME SLAVES WKE OFMHRA^YcFiAK'vHSrttciSr ffiSSmSromom!! ARMY MEM.MOME-MADEeoOMESTDPUSr RIsraBEMflKf \^HE PH^ QFMAW'BUNPtEf TOR eupptfry: s^Sa oKftSlr MOVIE STAR JOINS U.S. NAVY fnfign Wayne Horri* Seek* Wing* Wayne Morris, recent star of "I Wanted Wings," became a member of Uncle Sam's Navy in May, 1941, when he was appointed to the rank of Ensign. When asked what he thought of ihe United States Navy, Morris said, "I think every man who .is considering joining a military service should look into tb« fchance of a lifetime' which theNayyaudNavalReaerveof- fer to getinto the big-pay field of the future--aviation. In tit* Nary you can attend th* AM* fight tnuBing Mfeoob In the world. Ud nctivt Itt- structaon from Navy pilots who introduced dive bombing, aircraft carriers and catapult take-ofla to the rest of the world. Also, there are opportunities in Naval Aviation for men who don'twantto fly. They can be trained as aviation machinists, metalsmiths photographers,ob8erveis,ortheycan receive instruction in many other trades. If g a great lifein the Navy " Enrign Wayne Morris is pictured here in ha hue of duty as a member of the Naval Aviation Czdet Selection Board at the Long Beach Naval -Reserve Air Base.

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