The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 27, 1965 · Page 21
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 21

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 21
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· M P , r « ' ' «""-»"' ,965 .01 iOO otlocl P. Al ICS1I at tl« ,,.., bcr-Vi Oty Hall. Grotr.llie M.u.ii'cBl. tot ih, !,, oojra'td. tonilruc'icn ot Wtillnm Ale*artd*f P«av «em« I 11 """'. Greenvlllrj. »in;,v 0 . l,r, ,,,,,:,, ,, . , ccnnructiuil 7r-« oroltil will ha,. 25.000 «ua-« Inei of n O rd will indudt ll 8 dtrr ·Curing library o-.^d rg. T h 9 Bcio Bid « l l l U a K-u^.... poial .-.c-'udiny all dcmo1ir : cj\ gereia 1 . OF tcn*iriclion, olcva'cr, rre^aiical can- Gr( j-ivclio". flJfltliicol (emmet: on, (·(. j 5/20-27-1 Secxuale Conriad B d» wll o'l; ttlvtd (cr lrxJividL,3l poMic-i o l rh, wcrk, '.«·' flr-wro! coni'rftr.c.i, ncth- em'cal and e!ecrri«iL P'CTM, ipB'.IKtalio-.j ard o^rin bfr.t O l contract dotu-enli ar cpe.i fo public Imneelion 01 trt 'jxii-rg p e r CY ^ (jn . cr:al Library, Gier-w'le. M ji : ».Dai. 0 1 the office ol F. E. Moll c-d viHe. THE FtRST NATIONM. BANK CF LELAND Itlaid. M'niulppi THE COUUFRClAl NATIONAL BANK GREENVILLE NOTICE 1O BIDDERS Hoik* h Urtby eivtrv lhal lh* Board of $',DIIV.|O;I cf Wellington County /.'.'ii' li'Dpi. will rac*'.v« bJdi UD lo 10 o'ch;V. A.M., on TwiicfoY. J.WB I5rh !-'»?«7* *°' e ° c "' rB "Super-Right" Heavy Corn Fed Beef IS* b! l "binkeT'ii Th«l«, E ° rh CCn b l.ce o( F. E, Hall arvd Aucc'alei, nd Archll'fcM. NOTICE TO CREDITORS . Leilari Teitan-.en'arY hav'ng be-f" t'. e ! r d CT t-e ?0-h da/ of May, 1965. b l fcrm ai shown \n rhs ipe;il:. h"8 CKoncery Court ot Wcj'-ing'on Cou^t ba acco.-npan ed by a .'AlM-irppl, 10 lh« u"de p i : ared uo:n th Boneless Bottom Round or Roast Lb, Boneless Top Round or Roast B d ,-nianfe? of li. . Bo if B d . Ihs ecntfflM will b- awardrd 13 lo.veil fifreplnhlc b'drlfr tt:t ihci C.t/ cf tho City of /. o-y forrr.a titles, cr ro r e j e c t 57.| c f Svrra c f V/. B . L e e . detoied, rolit* . i )-creby g'ven la all P« P IWI rwvlig c'o'n-i 1 id eilntff 10 prue-.i v e nr-e ' Ch:k of Ihfi ia v d Cc-rt (ci probnle I be i'o'evec burred, ri i 20 dcy of Way, EOVIUN3 TAY103. jlor ol 'l~e Ei'o'e ol W. S. Lea Dececisd. Delta Democrat-Times Thursday, May 27, '65 21 Heavy Calf Corn Fed Beef CHUCK ROAST Bone In Lb, 39 Heavy Calf RIB STEAKS NOTICE OF SALE BY VIRTUE ol Il-e po««r cc-.'rr«d upo-i WH EIEAS. ehlaull h=. bt. . 5 I T . .lit* payrrenl o l Ihe indtb' trull cxscur.a by 8cg«, L. lull. end by .j,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,., o , ,,,,,, ,« cud by Bove.iy C Tu ll« ard ois^td by Wlntieo Ho ,, T A . Co1eyi j , _ _ n . d wi ,._ An ,-, E Erown cm) L.xie Se.l Brown, huibnr-cl f n | e ,, ,| 0 , ed J nnuO rv 13. I5S9. ord ,,. orxi wrie, and li.irl-er Dtiun-cil by Bobby ,,,,,j rd ,,, Monggge Bo:l 611 or foot 173 Helm onrf wife. Ga'! Mrln-.i. o-.J U- ,,( ,|,. | nnd ,,,,,,(, o | v/oihgicn Co-jniv. l-tr oHvnwd Dy Clinroi E. V/ng- a-.d! M ,, ,,- ro :. w h e h rf,,d c! mjn v«o ni- 1 Jcn-ue WoflSi. to ssmre Jr. irW»r,..d-en i VJ _, d by o . J. SD^rge=- and Corolyn Irerei.T rr.fl.nlioreJ. wh'fh deed of truir li s C( ,. rr f C ^ hy warranty de-d d^led Jando-ed Jun* 10. 1953. ord ii re^orj-cj in'narv 3 1941 ond recorded In 8o=V 7A7 b=:k 650 of Pags A35 of lh« larid rtcordii c t p ng e 119 of the nid la-d truir reccrdi of WoiSi--.QlMi Cofjnly, /.liM.^lrini, v,h«re. | a r d in the p:or^rly herein de^r.btd v/ai to-.- V.'HESEAS the preient a-bd holder veyed. dofcul! cccc-d r.g ro I'-e :er.Tii ol j c | ih« in^cbledrMi (pfLrcd by laid Hun laid dttd ol TLir Kavirwj b«en r-od? In'd^fH, I.T arcordcr-re with rh« p^cvli^^i of "SupiT-KiBlH r»/\r- CALVES LIVER ?£?.". ^.59 C "Supcr-Riglit" Slab BACON « LB. I I'celcil nnd Devicnctl SHRIMP Frosli Frozen FRYER GIZZARDS Lb .23 c 5 iS 99 c . Slnrc Sliced LB. S'1.99 . Ihe pavn-enl of ih- i e, trd the owrei h- iz',3 indeb'cd-eii rc deblde-.ett ia secur- de-t'ored oil B a-d cayah' -'j~-d Eriw 'nl, r-a^ i-jbuituied r^s ufxJ' rd J. Boacn. ci trujlea in Ihe ·nd of -f-9 inEd F. A. Co- . ot ialJ inderj'e.-eii. I, R. D. Tt-atchs', j tub c : I ui i on" of trui'ea ^ni bttr\ cci^al'v 01 *ucli UuUee will on IVov. May ?8. | inirnd or Inige opoi the icccrdi In Bo='*j 1965, al rre fic-H dco/ of il« V/ui^ng. 1017 ci Page 117 cf the In-d tnnt deedi [ IST toonry Coturhciui- i-i Gfeen/:1!e, t.\',t. record i o! V/airiirg1an Co-nty, T O M A T O J U I C E 1-ql., 14-oz. Cans I.e for ribed DelMonte or published; all the of ord, Hat Cream Style by laid iruit deed hat been declared' due I :nd paynblc nnd !hc idfd In laid Intlru* and I'.cldtr of rrpnl end ihe cwncr and !;old«r oF la'dl lol 6i ot thi Mai*in9ivfai:ti AdJl- hat reaueitoa* lha untitriigi. lion 10 ihfl City of Gree.-.vilV, taid f: ! fdwn-d J. Eogen. lubtliMua truirie a* Ccuiry o'-.H S'c'e, Kcrd'nq to a Dial nforric : d fo adverl'te end sell 1K* pro- o! laid AdJi:'on on File in ;.^a EC ok 'peny hereinafter deio'bcd 1o taliily the 5 at Pai;« 33 of :rt la-J recordl of !i~.-. *aid Ccyr.iy. j NOV/. THE3EJOSE, g-d«: and by virtvfe LUlllN Golden DelMonte 16 OZ. "SUPER-RIGHT" KITCHEN PRODUCTS BOLOGNA __ Choice PP LOAF OLIVE LOAF SALAMI __. aid C SIGNED. POSTER AND day of Mny, j NOV/. THE3EJOSE, g-dt: arxJ by virhrfi . . j ' p f lha [o--ver and aulhgiiiv vei*ed ( in f/o-13 70-77 t. F. Tr-atch- thst^certain deed of liuil a-.d by ihctj ·Inin lubilUulic'i of Irui'ea abo«« mer\- notice it hereby give-T thol 1.1 Fdv.-aid J. Bagen, v-fclMyfed Hunee as ifcieiaid'. v/lll en Fridcv, Ju-e IB. 1965.! KOTICE OF PBOroSED SANK h-reb mcd- r Mofc* Vai been . . Ci.rren*v WaiS n-jlm 25 0 C f rcnienl ro o n-.e.-gaf of IJ-, Fir»i N Bork of lebnd. Lcland. fAin » poi ------ Complete Burial INSURANCE 24 Hour Ambulance Service Two Way Radio Air Conditioned Oxygon Fquippcd N A T I O N A L FUNERAL HOME Phone ED 1-1519 Hwy. 82 E. Tr u «e._ ^ j j ' _ | ' "\C"ot lh» fronl dear ol Iht Coirrl j of Woihingrcn Cour.ry. Mi.i'iilnoi, City ol Gre«nv:'.X Mi»lil-pDl, be., jl aooUclioo wren l)-.e lraJ! crelt-'bej by lew ! = · ] C»r.o-.-olltr of Ihelihcrilfi ial«i. Ihe fo'.'owinj r! !,-, orccerry t'Juola In l^e dry cf GrcenviMe, i.allWnlKlnqla-i County, Minliilppl, to-wit. i.j lot 6 ol Blutk 1 o' * So-.dy Pidge | - i Indul'rinl 5'lel Add.lioo ro tho City ol GteeiV.I'c. Woih n^lon County. M|«- ' ' I iill ; ni'. a c c o r d r.Q to o r-3D or plat I of nicf Addilio-i OT Me nnd ol re- c-i'ff in Ihe olfire ol ihr- Chcnceiv I SIGNFD PCTilED AND ^ copy l.orded I lo The Delia l-roral-Tirrc.. ili't ll.e 24: v . ·fr,y cf fAay, W65. 5) EJ^ord J. Eog.n 15/77-6^3-10-IT Sirbnlru'ed Tryilae ., . PEAS .............................. 2S45' DelMonte . SPINACH ....................... 3^49' Sffi COCKTAIL ........... 3X65' BIG ROLL DelMonte CATSUP BOTTLE 14 OZ. 91 C ·TTLE til DelMontc TOMATO SAUCE 8 OZ. CANS ROOM TO SPARE? Rent the exlra through Delta Democr.ii Times For Rent ads; got steadj incomel Call 5-1155 today! Marvel 2O,OOO BTU CHARCOAL LIGHTER Qt. Can 29 Kleenex TOWELS Scott TOWEL HOLDERS EA 49 C Sultana Freestone PEACHES 2 NC °^49 C Wagner Orange Breakfast FlRlM 0 3 2 0 Z . X Q C llIlllllV L.BOTT. 4-J American llilt HAMBURGER SLICES 4 ^ 45 c Rainbo SWEET GHERKINS 12 ^35 C Ann Page SALAD DRESING "^ 45 C Ann Page ITALIAN DRESSING Ann Page MAYONNAISE QT , .49 C Flavor Glo AIR CONDITIONER CHARCOAL BRIQETS ......... . n J5B Jane Parker Hamburger or FRANK ROLLS .................. 5tl9 CRISCOOIL BISCUITS JS£r. or .......... 5 ACCENT PAPER PLATES R y Ann Page PEANUT BUTTER Cr s±V r 24 OZ JAR 8c OFF . . . , 57 c AP Frozen BROCCOLI SPEARS 2^:41° AP Frozen ORANGE JUICE 2 SSI 59 c AP Frozen 10Z . c 0PFK .25 ? 5 45 MIXED VEGETABLES 3 10 r£:49 c LOW DOWN PAYMENT EASY TERMS AP Frozen GREEN PEAS AP Frozen MORTON'S SALT ....... 2 SPINACH 2 lfl r^.l9 c Multi-Room Comfort at the Price of Room Air Conditioning Alone 25 C POTATO MORSELS AP Frozen REALEMON MCE B 2 o? Tz .29 c 01 C LB. 01 MARGARINE FRUIT PIES S± simon ........ EACH 37 c CREAM PIES K nsimon 39 d of enBlneerlng. It i M d l W « dtrbruUI US.Ag«e Sunloidt ··?., "J".TM, hit down «o avoid pirmanenl damage **·"«"» »L'« r ffiSj; , hTM«' Sourd Barrier design that from owrtwa Ing. C«m« " ri J«« o( (ooli nl|ered hu«h« all ; velocity sounds, it " el ^' Mjp , Mh , mMl reitful, most 2 T* "Jlrl ± M Jo' " ?W 'SU*. "op In to^y wMI. FRED W. ABIDE FURNITURE COMPANY, ING. 310 N. BROAD ST. (M-74C1 LEIAND, HISS. PECAN PIES S£ SI rr. EACH 79 C RED BEANS c-- iS'16 c BLACKEYED PEAS Cani cm a U.S. No. 1 Fresh Vine Ripe HONEYDEWS EA. 59' SYRUP M B r burn B 0 ?^:33 C CAT FOODS, u cJS-25 c LOU-ANA OIL 4 80Z .78 C Home Gro\vn MUSTARD GREENS Virginin Jumbo Hoastcd PEAUTS Fresh Yellow ,,,. 39 C ,15 C LB. Gr«n Giant MEX1CORN 12-oz. Can .. 21 Gre«n Giant PEAS ONIONS l-lb, l-oz. Can 21 Pride of Illinoic CORN 303 Cans McCormiclts Seasoned Salt SJ-oz. Bottle ... 29' AP Chunk Style Tuna 3 64 "TM- Cut-Rite Wrap Excel Salted eanuts Marvel Ice Milk 100-ft. roll 1-lb. bag V2 gal. 25' 43' 49 1 Crecent City Coffee With Lib, Chicory bag bag 59 Save 18' REG. 73c REG. $ 2.13 U. S. No. 1 Fresh Tender Yellow or White : CORN 10-59' U. S. No. 1 Florida Crisp Pascal CELERY 2«-. 29° U. S. No. - Louisiana RED POTATOES r, 89* Louisiana Grown Fresh Tender CUCUMERS 5- 19' Saturday 29th Prices Good Through Fully "AH" 10c Off Deal 3-lb. Box 66 C Dishwasher'Ml' 21-oz. Box 34' rriiiir Coldwaier "All 32-oz. Bottle . . - 73'

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