The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 14, 1957 · Page 5
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 5

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 5
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LIBERTY LEAGUE High single game Jacobsbn 199; high single series -- Landon 537; high team game -- Super Foods 713: high team series -- Super Foods 2087. King's Market -- Glerman 337, K. Gierman 284, Budio 322, Daumiller 350, Glidden 345 for 1783. Silver Buckle -- Jacobson 456, ris- rud 307. Burham 309, Nordlome 357, F. Jacobson 47i) for 1907. Super Foods -- Voorhies 485. Schumacher 394, Little 336, Durocher 335, Landon 537 for 2087. Strippers Farouhar 416. Chandler 305. Nelson 354, Slama 395, Iverson 456 for 2011. Conrad -- Johnson 376, McCIouth 296, Biilen 305, Willis 295, Fidler 312 for 1768. Helphrey Freight -- C. Clark 353, Naethe 336, Mitchell 337, Criswell 323, P. Clark 399 for 1748. Sally Ann -- Brown 346. Gallagher 405, Davis 346, Nieml 350, Dopp 368 for 1815. THE INTER LAKE, I November 14, 1957 5--| Sforfi Pleased And Worried erlngton 455 for 2840. Jack's -- Chupp 387, Scbarn 410. Wilson 350. Carpenter 428, Helseth 412 lor 2416.. Conrad -- Vanovcr 458. Borr 3G3, Brlnkman 352, Peterson 378. OlsOi; 467 for 2024. Glacier Realty -- Miller 426. An- lonich 378, Dummy 450. McClelland 460, O'Boyle 533 for 2635. New Lunch -- H. Hoylman 025, B. Hoylman 442, Monk 529, Dummy 450, Arnold 541 for 2812. Equity Supply -- Helland 480, Morton 416, Evenson 473, Loehr 456, Stroisch 441 for 2705. Pink's Boys -- Burnett -448, Pepc 414, Nelson 374, Riddle 410, Gonslor 407 for 2539., Garey Motors -- Vandevanter 478, . , 11n ,,,,,,»» Schradc 474, Goldlzcn 455, Ford 299, Of them gave 11Q per cent. Louderback 493 for 2535. Highlander Beer -- Keil 441, Winter 518, Heed 501. Woodland 510, Murchison 543 for 2708. Mercantile -- Tholt 515. Manning BOZEMAN (UP) -- A Tony Storti looked back at Montana State's 22-13 decision over Montana State University and said today that "it was strictly a team victory." f The Bobcat mentor said, "Jt was t Ohio State Statem Draws Mixed Heact COLUMBUS, Ohio (UP)--A re- "unofficially" that he would "hesi- port by an Ohio State University committee recommending players share in the profits drew mixed reaction today from universities around the nation. Herbert O. (Fritz) Crisler, Uni- sebct Aachen Batters Jackson, Davis Cuppers _. _. , _ . _. , ' Floyd Evades Fight versity of Michigan athletic direc-iin athletics.* tate- to accept any recommendation that moves colleges more in the direction of professionalism." "But at the same time," he added, "I feel a proper degree of aid is justified for those participants could win if we got 100 pel- cent out of the boys and I think some Mercantile -- Clark 370. Ziegler 383, 450, McGaugh 501, Brodniak 530, Fry McGautsh 340, Herman 299. Simon 325 533 lor 871. for 1853. ' Buttrcy's Hatlen 486. DiGiovanni Rowland's -- Armstrong 344. Reagan , 388. Riehl 430, Widmer 375, McDovigall 326 Alton 354, Lemon 442, Tritt 308 422 for 2578. for 1834. Kalispell Bowl -- Turner 376, Hue- gins 425. Brendon 326, Stenback 327, Helgeson 300 for 1766. Henricksen's -- Try 394, Newell 344. JEastland 325, Wyman 379, Zanon 403 for 1927. Glacier Memorial -- Helseth 452, Jones 343, Peterson 312, Christiansen 412, Cross 446 for 1965. COMMERCIAL LEAGUE High single game -- Strand 237; high single series Toth 592; high team [fame -- Skylark 1009; high team series -- Skylark 2726. Rainbow -- Dummy 525. Little 365, Bishop 425, Dummy 444, Hanson 422 LADIES INDEPENDENT High single game -- Evans 191; high single series -- Strand 478; hjgh team game -- Kelly's Furn. 814; high team, series -- Kelly's Furn. 2125. Kal. Dru Haugen 34: for 2093. rug !43, "-- Toth 4i:t. Wood 411. Vledt 313, Gallagher 358 Olympia Beer -- Voorhies 397. McGlocklin 368, Erickson 395, Arnold 309. Strand 478 for 1947. Jack's -- M. Iverson 386, Strom 348. Peterson 346, Park 312, H. Iverson L. (Tua) Wilson said he wanted to see the report and would for it if it was not forthcoming. 461 for 1898. Eagles Aux. Nelson 407. Keller for 2463. 357, Hastings 354. Dummy 330, Berger 459 for 1007. Hacienda -- Caldbeck 306. Perkins Dvimmy 423, Gates 508, Nelson 417, Kunda" 405 for 2544. Pepsi Cola -- Kcll 527. D. Keller 476, V. Keifer 445, Murphy 484, James 528 for 2592. . Team No. 1Z -- Levitt 394, Gibney 432, Strack 3S1. Spurzem 293, J. Levitt Carpenter'Tile -- Weher 442, Wilson S96, G. Carpenter 449, D. Carpenter 401, Yarde 450 for 2564. Skylark -- Wilcox 401. Wilson 478, Benner -450, Jertsen 474, Toth 592 for 2K Office Eng. -- Jones 548. Gress 401. Voorhies 493, Dollahana 404. Louder- taok 523 for 2657. Holcomb -- Holcomb 357, Hanks 408. Hohrer 422, Stroisch 40S, Garrett 408 for 2397. Bohemian Club -- KikendaVI 475, Heise 443. Boys 415. Jernberg 432, Strand 586 for 2613. PPL Elec. -- Brady 463, Driear 436, Vandervvall 469, Wagner 497. Tay- 10 ppll. Tele. -- Hiedel 446. Cusick 431, Gosney 420, Metcalf 433. Johnson 414 for 2304. The Hut -- Sexton 456. Hudio 423, Hetland 527, Collier 453, Olson 520 for 2616. CITY LEAGUE - Caldbec* 4 B 3 . « Dilvl 357. Mitchell 379, Reksten 377 for 1921. Ml. Meat Slama 403, Monk 343. Storti now faces the task of getting his Bobcats ready for then- finale this week against Arizona State at Tempe Saturday night. Storti pointed out that the Sun Devils are ranked high nationally, undefeated and possess 'the second-leading total offense gainer in the nation in halfback Leon Burton. "They're definitely the best eleven a Montana State eleven has faced," he said. "However, I think it will be good experience for our sophomores to play against such a fine team." MSC now has an 8-1 record. Arizona State has a 7-0 record and crushed Texas Western last Saturday night 43-6. of me juoucui memor saiu, IL w a s . . , : , ,, , , , , , ,,,! ·,,- ^ · · -,. ^ the best full-team effort we've had 1 Lor - salri he certainly would not I Big Ten commissioner Kenneth here In two years. We knew we (favor p]ayci-s sharing in the profjts - ' ' of the football program. T. Levoy Martin, Northwestern's faculty representative, said "some of our faculty ieel that way too," but thought the report was made'exhausted all possibilities. Many, "a little prematurely," since the' l r not m °st colleges would aban- entire facully had not approved it.jtion athletics if pay was the only The report, which goes before the entire faculty council about Dec. 10, and then, pending ap- SYDNEY, Australia (UP) -- The Australian Lawn Tennis Federation today nominated Ashley Cooper, Neale Fraser, Mervyn Rose and Mai Anderson to defend the Davis Cup in the challenge round at Melbourne, Dec. 26-28. Australia will defend the big silver trophy, symbol of world supremacy in amateur tennis, against the winner of the inter- zone f i n a l between the United States and (he Philippines at Ade- SAN FRANCISCO (UP)--Eddie [for us. So, he's still out, as far' Machen, a hero in California b u t j a s we're concerned." slill a bum as f a r as Floyd Pat-j Machen, v/ho left today to go terson's manager is concerned, pheasant hunting, probably faces Dec. 5-7. Captain Bill Talbert's U. S. faculty representative Bob R a y ] s q u a d headed by Vic Seixas of Iowa said "I'm not sure we've p h i i a r i p i n h f a fiav M u l l n v nf T)pn- proval, to the university administration, was a two-year study of way to continue them." Ivy Williamson, athletic direc- Philadelphia, Gar Mulloy of Den ver, Colo., Barry Mackay of Dayton, Ohio, and Herb Flam of Beverly Hills, Calif., is favored to de- might just as well quit dreaming of a crack at the world crown because he won't get one. Those are the sentiments at least a rougher time with birds than he did with the worn out Hurricane. Practically everything Machen served up last night crunched into of Lippe Breidbart, manager of (Jackson's face or midriff during T o m m y (Hurricane) Jackson,-the one-sided battle witnessed by whom the undefeated Machen · a crowd of 14,107 who paid $56,stopped after ven rounds last night for his 24th mofessional triumph. The nationally televised fight had been scheduled for 12 heats. 'Machc-n left my boy in worse lor at Wisconsin, said the .report, Make Green of Miami Beach, Fla., "sounds to me like an endorse- iu . e tne o t n e r members of Talbert's ment of our present program. feat the Philippine team. Ron condition than Patterson did in their title fight last July," Breid- Holmberg of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Ohio State athletics by seven fac-;I f i n d their proposal confusing." Michigan State athletic director tulty members. realize that football is big business and (hat "skill in any form is marketable." Dr. Joseph Kaplann, ULA f a c - ulty athletic representative, saidj Lebert 422, Mcllenry 413, Switzer 415 Xor 19D6. . Keglers Club -- Holmqulst 377, O'-1 Neil 436, Wolff 361, Christopherson 319. Lan.don 446 for 1973. Kelly's Furn. -- E. Jacobscm 451, Meeker 351. Evans 471, Hugglns 427, IV Jatfobson 425 for 2123.' 1 Flathead Title -- Criswell 272. Richard 261, Page 305. Soderstrom 324, Fredericks 345 for 1540. Del's -- Dummy 330, Carbonari 338,. Lester 426, Friday 294, Graves 365 f o r | LOS ANGELES (UP) -- Harvey 1753. White Star 391, Woodland 413. Connor 349, Ras- rnussen 450 for 2033. Bud's Texaco -- Ebert 382, Bull 336. Morrow 477, Humlev 304, Otten 410 for 2107. The professors urged colleges to| Bi gg j e Munn called it "all a mat - . . t . i i . . t^ir* Ap r^»^l1l^*'l1 " ter Papa Knox Voices Opinion Miller 463, Lincoln Knox, outspoken critic of college football and father of the contro- Police Change Boxing Classes Due to Parent Teacher confer. ence s being held at the Cornelius 625; high team game -- Phillips 66 Hedges school, the police spon5387: high team series -- Roberts Auto, h ,. vlna -I.TM,, w lii hf mnvpH Hebuild 2849. Phillips 66 · _ - . 452, Bowland 409. Miller 474, Huson 469 for 2730. Roberts Auto -- James 47o, Sparano 800, Marrow 530, Danlclson C04, Heth- Isored boxing classes will be moved to the school gym tonight, according to Bob Solerstrom. Classes will last from 7 to 9 p.m. FLATHEAD OUTDOORS Conservation clubs that do big things for their communities don't have to worry about membership drives. The outdoor group that serves its community with distinction in promoting better understanding and use of natural resources enhaiices the prestige of conservationists everywhere. When this situation prevails, -most people consider its an honr to belong to a conservation organization. The rod and gun club whose members feel its main reason for existence is to recommend hunting and fistung rpgulations to the State Fish and Game Department is foredoomed to failure, · Better trained and equipped men, the bi- many such ventures in the public's interest. Virtually all conservation projects pertaining to renewable re- Kaplan of UCLA Believes Statement Is Most Valuable LOS ANGELES (UP) -- Dr. Joseph Kaplan, UCLA faculty athlete representative, says the report on athletics issued by Ohio State faculty members was most valuable in studying the effects "I have never known a college football player who didn't play because he loved (he game," he said, "and J have never known a slayer who was forced to play, or a coach who was forced to 'coach." squad. bart said. "But Floyd never will face him. Floyd only likes to take on amateuvr--and Machen defi- Tommy Bolt Is Di Cooper, who is expected to bejnitely ain't one." Australia's No. 7 singles player, walked into the final of the New South Wales Championships today when Rose withdrew because of a heavy cold. Frasur upset Anderson in the other singles semi-final, 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, G-4, and wil! play Cooper Saturday. 877.50 to see the fight at the Cow Palace. He put Jackson, who apparently has had the best siphoned out oE him by two losses to Patterson, on the floor in the first round for a count of five. Tommy nearly went down again from two more rights to the jaw before this stanza ended. A hard combination just before the end oE the tenth staggered Round Table Sets Sights on First ARCADIA, Calif. (UP)--Bound Table, the nation's top money-winning horse of the year with earn- Tommy "Bolt has been dismissed|nings of 5583,708.50, was set today LOS ANGELES (UP)--Golf pro Breidljarfs guess that Machen;_, ackson a g a j n and started his right and Patterson won't meet seemed to be backed by Cu s D'Amato, manager of the champion. D'Ama to claimed Pete Rademacher, taken out by Patterson in six rounds, "would have knocked out Machen in three or four rounds." eye ballooning. ' j Betwsen rounds Briedbart and ' Jackson decided to call it off. Jackson was badly beaten. In addition to the puffed eye which Breidbart described as "as big as a goose egg," a nasty cut I neve? considered him (Ma-'dripped from just below it and his chen) nearly as good as Patterson, nose also leaked. and this fighl lowered him further in niy estimation," D'Amato said. "But I offered Machen the first shot at Patterson's title last summer, and his manager refused -- versial grid star Ronnie Knox, calls | O f spol -t s on students. the athletic report by the O h i o j £r. Kaplan, speaking "unofficially," said yesterday that he regarded the Ohio State report State faculty committee "the first honest statement on college athletics." Knox said yesterday he would like to present the committee with a gold cup for Its action. "I would like to call it the football players' emancipation trophy and give it annually to the person or persons who performs the most deserving act in helping college athletes," the elder Knox said. Ronnie Knox became involved in controvery while at California and UCLA arid later with the Chicago Bears. "A boy who demonstrates In high school that he can play the game arid has something to offer a university deserves a scholarship and aid just as much 'as a student who is outstanding in music," Knox said. thoughtful and objective and would (Hamilton, "The cancellation like to study the full report. The [on the basis Bolt had disregarded' Round table % jn Jus pastern abstracts, he added, indicated'the terms of his contract" with the 'they are seeking to remote some club. sources concern the land. More rod and gun clubs should analyze the outdoor needs of their communities and sponsor at least one conservation project for the public's benefit. It riot only focuses the attention of the community on the positive accomplishments of the group, but it also brings In new members EVt-n more Important, It is a step toward harmonizing man's relation with his natural resources. This is the best possible assurance of survival. For, as one conservationist has aptly pointed Business Manager GREAT FALLS (UP) -- E. Rod Fuchs, 43, Billings, has been ap ; pointed business manager of the Great Falls Dodgers baseball club. from his job at newiyrformed Knollwood Country Club, according to club president Bones Hamilton, one-time Stanford football great. Hamilton announced yesterday that Bolt's contract was cancelled, effective Sunday. According to "Machen could murder any heavyweight going now if he would only get the tiger instinct," Briedbart said. "He just hasn't got it yet but he is a vastly improved in order to make things difficult fighter." to start training for the forthcoming Santa Anita meeting. The three-year-old Prince Quillo colt, winner of 14 r a c e s in 20 starts befora losing in last Saturday's Trenton Handicap, was flown in froni New Jersey yester-j of the hypocritical aspects of the sports program." "I would hesitate to accept any recommendations that moves colleges more in the direction of professionalism," Dr. Kaplan commented. The one-year contract, which was due to expire J a n . 1, 1958, had a provision limiting Bolt to participation in 11 tournaments a year. He recently returned from playing on tne losing Hyder Cup Iteam in England and had played swing, was undefeated until the Trenton Handicap. His earnings were the third highest in history for a single 5'ear, surpassed only by Nashua and Citation as three- year-olds. regularly on the eastern golf tour OPEN FOR BUSINESS Warehouse Furniture WATCH FOR OUR Grand Opening Soon UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP ologists and the wardens, have taken over this job. On the other hand, the progressive outdoor groun that directs well- planned activities toward preserving the habitat of fish and game, protecting the public's right to enjoy these recreational assets, and keeping its members and die general public informed of conservation developments, will have little trouble gaining recognition and gathering members. In fact the members of an outdoor organization that contents itself with haggling over fish and game bag limits may awake to find that there are no fish' and there is no game. They may discover that while they argued and slept, man's improper use of land and water has wiped out the very source of their interest. For -- · let there be no mistaklo about it -soil erosion, water pollution, stream channeHng, and other man- created harmful influences can der story ths trout in a river faster · and make restoration vastly more difficult than any amount of ia- season fishing pressure imaginable. Elimination of winter range, either as a result of man's preempting the land or from the over- browsing or too many game animals, can decimate and destroy deer ami elk herds much moj-e effectively than present lawful hunting pressure magnified many timex What, then, . should outdoor groups do to keep abreast of the conservation movement and attract new support to their worthwhile ciiuse 7 · Here in the Flathead Valley, there are streams to be cleared of pollution; roil erosion to stopped, game habitat to be Irn- proVed and preserved, access to important recreation areas : to, be acquired in the public's ivame, recreational facilities to be developed, and programs that spread understanding of conservation objectives to be promoted. Enlightened' . and active conservation groups can carry on or snnnortl out, when the soil is gone, men mist go--and the process doesn't .ake long. 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