The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 6, 1948 · Page 12
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 12

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE SEC HUE DAffili MESSENGER, CANANDAKHJA, N. IT., TUESDAY, JANUARY 6,194 Boyle Has Miniature One World In His 6wn Apartment BY Hal lio.vk- NEW YORK--i/P)-7-Many people are wondering what the brave new world of the f u t u r e will be like. I don't. I'm already living in the middle of i l . This version of what the uni- j ve-i-sc will be like- when all men are brothers is a fifteen-story modern cliff dwelling on the lower East .Side. Most of t i i e families work for the United Nations. And the site- is much more peaceful t h a n in the days of the Gas House gang. Then ihc sound of blackjack versus skull ·f-ic i mvvini ;iit»ht noise, whereas today the only thing being murdered is the English language. Tiie brass mailboxes in our lobby index people from all corners of j n^'e graduating exercises at the t h e globe, living together in a min- I Berlitx. language school, iature "one world." i A p Lliss j an family on the f i f t e e n t h So far our principal meeting j f j 0 o r is particularly fond of place has been the automatic elevators, where by grin, grimace and gesture we exchange greetings until we reach our separate floors and part. The people we want to meet most are the Chinese family beneath us. Every evening smells morning. "You ought to see some of the notes these foreigners leave .in their milk bottles. Brother, they're harder to figure out than a cross word puzzle by moonlight." The mailman ha- something of the same problem, and belk-vcs the puslofHoc'ought to give him an interpreter's rating. "Some of the letters look liki- they'd been addressed by somebody who just dipped a worm in ink and let it crawl across the envelope." he complained. Harmony has existed so far in our Tower of Babel. Many families ».··.-n M H ^ n t n f ? ih.i A m « v i r a n custom of Saturday night parties, and as you pass by the doors the multilingual voices from within sound parties. A friend of mine who lives next door to them says he hears all sorts of strange noises, as if they were dancing tiie Mazurka while signing tiie Communist Manifesto. Recently my friend entered the elevator in the lobby, heard voices approaching, and absent-mindedly from the mysterious East filter up pulled off his hat just as two from the gas stove below, redolent Russian men stepped into the cage, odori that fill our apartment w i t h T; U . Russians glanced at each wonderful fragrance of a foroff other. The first took off his hat, land that knew fine cooking when j too. So did the second. Then my the epicurean . French still were \ friend put his back on. So did the chewing raw meat in gallic forests., ; n ; -; Russian. So did the second. 1. can close my eyes and sniff Hong j Then all t h r e e men rode up to the Kong and Shanghai again, and the f i f t e e n t h floor in complete silence, memory of egg rolls, delicate soup.s and strange crunchy vegetables LA el pu »S u l i i i i c . i ri\;/,;. , .-*vuu iVi} * r U : h ^ . *J*n L *. An unsung hero is t h e man who | didn't know just how to explain it." delivers milk to the 119 families. looking at each other uneasily. ·'1 suppose they thought 1 was · " U"N'T"B A T T E N I N S P E C T S T R O O P S -- Earl Mountbatten, in civilian clothes, inspects honor guard during celebration of silver anniversary of the maharajah of Jaipur, India. The Citizens Food Committee Suggest*: New York Farmers to "They really need a diplomat for t h i s job." he told me the other The Turks ruled Jerusalem from 1517 :.o 1917. D o IOC30E IOE3OI XOZ3O ·8 o o n o b D If You Live on North Main, Buffalo or Chapel Street, and Desire the DAILY MESSENGER to be delivered by carrier boy -Phone 897~\- ASK FOR George Doran, Circulation Mgr. Chicken Dishes for This Week CHICKEN GUMBO Chicken Gumbo is a favorite Tour Western Farms is a Southern dish--a delicious cross between a soup and a stew. 4 pound fowl, cut tip 3 quarts cold water 4 teaspoons salt 2 bay leaves 8 peppercorns U pound smoked Iiatn, diced I'/-, cops diced onion 1 cup diced green pepper 1 cup diced celery 4 tablespoons fit i.i cnp taJ* white lirv -'3 taWwtpoftns flour 2 cups sliced feesli or canned okra T*Ui iuice ]ti cup* canned tomatoes ' 4 tablespoons chopped canned pimiento Vi teaspoon pepper Simmer fowl, water, 3 teaspoons salt, bay leaves, and peppercorns in covered kettle until tender- about 3 to 4 hours. Cool quickly, then chill. Remove chicken from bones, discard skin, and dice meat coarsely. Strain broth, measure, add enough water to make 3 quarts. Saute h a m , onion, green pepper, and celery in fat until soft--about 5 minutes. Add rice, saute 5 minute longer, while stirring. Add stir smooth. Stir in broth, okra. tomatoes, pimiento. STUFFED OVEN-BROWNEIJ FOWL I T H A C A -- New York stale farmers will have an unusual op- Economy Now Keynote of Movie Scene By Hob Thomas HOLLYWOOD, i^)--Here are some of the things a reporter sees and hears while covering the movie sets: , Moves toward economy can be noticed all over town as the movie industry faces t h e rugged future of the new year. Out at Republic, Director Frank Borzage is demonstrating how an "A" picture can be made in 3H 'lays. By working w i t h a fast and eager crew and planning each shot beforehand he is making "Moonnse" in half the "'··Movie l goers expect t h e same qualitv in pictures." he explained, "so we can't economize w i t h qual- itv The saving has to be made m shooting schedules." 1 asked how ' his schedule was-for instance, was he 15 m i n u t e s ahead.' 'No, he smiled, "I'm two camera sprockets behind". . Another example ot "how to save" was seen on -he "Carmen set W i t h one day left to shoot on location in the Sierras, a winter storm swept clown. Rather than wait out the storm and the snow- melting, the company returned to Hollywood. Rock for rock, tree for tree, (he location site was recreated on a s t u d i o stage, still photographs being used as a guide. ! At Warner Brothers a b u n c h _ o f tough guys are acting in 'Vey Largo." But a scene which will match the film's toughness was played during my visit. It happened when Edward o. Robinson discovered iliat ilu'.v.- in the upholstery of "Little Caesar's" spanking new sedan. "All j7 \frfM-j i c i i i i i t i o \ j 11 in* *- v*.»» M.» M*J -- *-.. ~ r Fowl may be stewed or steamed j portunity next month to inspect whole, then stuffed and browned in j thoroughly the oven and served like roast · chicken. To steam a bird whole tor stuffing and oven-browning, place on a rack in a kettle half filled with lightly salted water, cover,; and simmer until tender (about 3 to 4 hours). Turn occasionally for even cooking. Stuff with potato stuffing or other stuffing. (Have the; stuffing hot so that the oven time is cut down and .the bird does aotj dry out.) Brush the bird with fat. I place on a rack in an open pan with breast up and brown in moderate oven (350' F.) 1 hour or until the bird is well browned. Cook : the great vegetable- growing sections of the Rio Grande valley and Southern California, E. S. Foster, general secretary of the 79.000-member New ocxo down broth from the stewed steamed chicken for gravy. POTATO STUFFTN'G 4 small potatoes (1 pound) J» cup boiling; water 1 cup soft bread crumbs *:j teaspoon salt i* teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon finely cot ooim s i teaspoon powdered sage 'i slightly beaten esg \.y cup evaporated milk, scalded Cover and boil potatoes until tender in boiling water. Drain and ·. mash. Put mashed potato into bowl: ._. . with bread crumbs, salt, pepper, J pepper, and remaining i teasyouu | onion ana sage, jtseai m giauurfuj. , salt Vmmer uncovered. 1 hour. 10 a mixture of. egg, and hot milk. j Makes sufficient stuffing for a S'/z-i J O C K E Y -- Gordon Richards, British jockey, rides Sally during- a visit to a circus at London where he christened the elephant with a bottle of champagne. Vicinity Deaths OLIVER D. BISENIIAUT EAST BLOOMF1ELD--Mr. and, Mrs. Joseph Eisenhart were called to Horschcads the past weekend by the death of his father, Oliver D Eisenhart, 73. whose funeral was held yesterday at the family home, with interment in Horseheads. Well known in this area, Mr. Eiscnhart died suddenly New Year's eve while sitting in the lobby of the Miami hotel, Miami. Fla., with his wife. Known in Florida resorts as "Mr. Horseheads." he served as mayor of that village 24 years, was president of the Horseheads Loan and Savings association five years and -.\ director at his death, and ;:n honorary lift member of " Imira. lodge of pu-s. HP and his v. i"e celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary July 8. 1944. Survivors are MS w:f» and *. children, the majority residents ·£ Central and Westvn N-.-w YDIK. CORRECTION In an article in this paper, yesterday, announcing the sale of the Goodie Shop,.it was reported that Tames J- Mirras, former owner Of the establishment, had bought the Kinde building last year. Reference was intended to the Bemis block, which is also located on Mam street, adjacent to the corner buildin" at Main and Chapm streets, also owned by Mr. Mirras. COURT CONVENES Ontario county court convened today without action and was adjourned until Jan. 20 at 10 a. m. minutes before gumbo Makes 8 serving?. is aonc. i pound chicken. Davidson's . . Annual W^*"^^^ . *-.*mmm*m m DISCONTINUED LINES IN THIS SEASON'S STYLES AND MATERIALS SELBY STYL-EEZ Values to N o w . . . 6 95 ENNA JETTICKS Values to $8.r0 Now ... VOGUAIRES Values to $?/) Now ... $ 3 95 Connies and lacqueiines Values to $7.. r 0 3,500 Threaten Syracuse Strike SYRACUSE, /Pi--Negotiations to avert a threatened strike of 3,500 employes of the Solvay Process division "of the Allied Chemical and Dve corporation were to be resumed here today. The employes, members of Local 12457, United Mine Workers, district 50, voted to strike at midnight tonight unless 13 cafeteria workers who lost their jobs are rehired, or a satisfactory settlement is readier;. Following a day-Ion?; c o n f e r - ence that ended in a stalemate.last night, W. R. Kitson. assistant to the plant's director of operations, said negotiations would continue- today. The f i r m dismissed the employes last. November when it ceased operation of its cafeteria. U i r n i n K it i over t o a catering concern. The u n i o n chnrged the action consti- l u l e d a "lockout." York State Farm Bureau Federation, said today. This chance will come, Foster stated, durinj* a 21-day, more- than-9,000-mile agricultural tour to California, J a n . 31-Feb. 21, sponsored by State Farm Bureaus in the Northeast. A sizeable group of farmers from New York, Massachusetts. Connecticut and Maryland is expected to make the tour, lie added. | "This first-class-pullman trip 'will combine business with pleas- I ure in a real winter vacation," | Foster said, urging interested ! farmers to contact the Fedcra- ! (ion's office in Ithaca. The visit to the Rio Grande valley, which produces great quantities of citrus f r u i t s as well as vegetables under irrigation for the Northern market, will afford plenty of t i m e to observe farming practices anu u msijeci ijauMiifc and shipping plants, he noted. O t h e r point.- of special agricul- i ttiral noie to be seen will include ! the King Ranch in Texas, one of j the nation's largest and most · famous c a t t l e ranches; the pro- 1 ductive Salt river valley in Ari! zona. the date-growing section about Indio. Calif., the area around Los Angeles and the j orange groves about. Pomona and ! Ontario, Calif phrey Bogart had burned a hole right, you mug. I'm going to get tough--'see?" muttered Robinson. "Yeah?" snarled Bogart. This repartee continued for 10 minutes and I'm not sure whether they were kidding... Dane Clark was among the many who mourned the death of Mark Hellinger and he had b e t t e r reason than niost. Dane was telling me about how he got his start in films. He drove out from New- York to try his luck here and was promptly turned down by every studio. ' Senators Endorse Meat Ration Plan WASHINGTON, i.-l --Proposals to set up meat rationing machinery on a stand-by basis won the endorsement today of Senators Ives (R-NY) and M u r r a y (D- MonU. While the meat issue simmered. President Truman's cabinet food committee decided to eliminate eggless Thursdays a f t e r this week hut in r o n t i n u p meatless Tuesday. Krupp Arranged Swiss Collection Of U.S. Royalties NUERNBERG; GERMANY, (ir- Tiie K r u p p steel combine arranged to have its royalties from the General Electric Corp. collected by a Swiss go-between firm long before the United Stales entered World War II. a U.S. military court was told today. , The prosecution in the trial ot ! Alfred K r u p p and his subordinates on war crimes said the object was to prevent American confiscation. The prosecution produced documents showing that the Krupp combine in July, 1940, sold the right to collect the royalties up to September. 19-12, to Pantena Ak- Special FOR SALE 8 room home in good condition, garage, henhouse, garden ana ; p e l l tv of fruit. Main road close fo city with school bus passing the door. .Easy to l-inance- T. Sunderlin Baker Licensed'Broker Phone 1195-M Ask to see it if you wish a good home reasonable. Also to be visited are San Francisco, Santa Barbara. Hollywood, Pasadena and o t h e r California cities: irouston, Galveslon, San Antonio and Corpus-Christ! in Texas: Phoenix. An/., the Grand Canvnn manv o t h e r industrial and scenic po!n;s. Commerce Group Asks Bonus Change James A. Stijlwell. food conservation director, a n n o u n c e d t h a t this step .is being taken because of a seasonal increase in the supply of eggs. Slillwell noted on behalf of the cabinet food c o m m i t t e e t h a t the supply of livestock, on the other hand, is diminishing. ticngesellschaft. a Swiss firm. The f i r m was offered a 5100,000 profit. The German government approved the plan and demanded t h a t t h e dollars be transferred from Switzerland as collected, j'or i "It is not intended to allow' for- j eign c a p i t a l to pile up eisewnert. liar m 15 OUR B U S I N E S S CLUB HOSTESS Interrogation dub will w i t h Mrs.' Theodore II. Hugo. Gibson street, t o m o r r o w afternc-on. Mrs. R i c h a r d H. Bowen will give a book review. ANOTHER DOXOK I n l i s t i n g donors t o t h e f u n d for Christmas gifts for county wards, N o w . . . $|95 4 Growing Girls LOAFERS Values U I1UW . . . # # # DAVIDSON'S led Canandaigua council, from the list published in dnv's Daily Messenger. UT1CA, (.-Pi--The Empire State Association of Commerce favors paying t h e state bonus to World War I I v e l o r a n s who joinr-d t h e n a t i o n ' s f i j i l ' t i n t f forces while residing in New York, but who now live outside the state. The group at its a n n u a l meeting last night, endorsed a proposal by- Governor Dewoy t h a t New York veterans who moved from t h e s t a l e be made eligible to share in Hie $·100,000,000 bonus. j Til" eovfmor will recommend KC. i the change Wednesday in his an- Mon- Because of British export rc- h i rictions rubber prices .jumped from 10 cents a pound in 1920 to ?1.23 a pound in 1925. nual message to the legislature. To q u a l i f y !'.;· the bonus u n d e r current regulations, a veteran must have been a legal resident of New York for six months before he entered service and must a legal resident of t h e slate When he makes application. the government financial chiefs n o t i f i e d the Krupps. The arrange- n-ionis -.vere completed by Sept.em- ! her, 19-10. the documents showed. ' O;h'.-r documents showed t h a t in Sfptomber. 1939. a f t e r the Na/.i.s launched the campaign againt Poland, the Krupps transferred foreign patents, i n c l u d i n g t h r e e American and two B r i t i s h , to a Swiss company for safekecp- j ing. K r u p p wrote his government i t h a t the patents might be "of in- I.IMVS; io America, and therefore we consider it. necessary to transfer i hem to a Swiss company in order to prevent their seizure." POSTPONE .'MEETING A .scheduled meeting of the j H a \ e s class, Congregational c h u r c h , has been postponed to Friday. Jan. 16. at the home of Mrs. Frederic T. Henry. G o r h n m More t h a n 100 million finger- p r i n t records are kept by t h e i d e n t i f i c a t i o n division of the FBI in Washington. O UR first consideration it prop*"' professional service for our cu«-j tomers . . . Service which onty college graduation, start licensure and: years of experience .can give. Tho^j is what we offer you whon yew bring your prescriptions to ui.. . The Winship Pharmacy RayF.-Winship#Ph.G. --Phone 28-- The Cilisrns Food Com mi Her. S Chicken Dishes for This Week CHICKEN SALAD * rniK rooked cWcken .Inicr T- lemon io 2 nips dired celery salad dressing or mayonnaise Shoes For The Whole Family Remove skin and f a l from p;c-cc.- of stowed chicken and cut m -,4 inch cubes or in strips. Some like to cut a little of the skin in fine pieces with the scissorc and mix with the meat for extra flavor. Use mostly whitc meat or part dark and part white meat. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Add celery and enough salad dressing or mayonnaise to moisten. Arrange on crisp lettuce or in tomato cups and top with a little mayonnaise. Garnish with celery lies or stuffed or ripe olives, if desired. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Variations: 1. Omit lemon juice ar.n mix chicken and celery with French dressing and chill '.z hour or morr. 2 Use I'/i cup? chicften, '.i cu - o toasted walnut meats, broken i: : pieces, and 3 ,i cup diced celery. 3. Use 2 cups chicken, ] cup diced apples or pineapple, and a few diced ripe olives. 4. Serve chicken salad in long split rolls or in open- face chicken salad sandwiches. Garnish with crisp celery sticks, olives, pickles, or watercress. BRAISED CHICKEN WITH VEGETABLES Braising in a casserole or cov- iiastor U M (i««»l wi»v lo conk a well-fatted fowl pant its primp for roasting but not necessarily in the stewing class. Braising combines browning with slewing and develops rich flavor. 3!-'. (o 1 pound fowl " Salt and pepper !·'. nip flonr ahrnt) M tablespoons fat ] cup hoi water 1 rwp slieed rarrots *i eup sliced celery '·: e'lp sliced onions 1 rnp milk oul fowl into serving pieces. Wash and dry thoroughly. Sprinkle with salt and pepper; dredge with flour. Heat fat in heavy skillet and brown chicken well in it Remove chicken to a heavy saucepan or casserole; add hot water. Cover and , bake in a moderate oven (o25~ F.) 1 to 1 '.b hours or until chicken is nlmosl "ifndor, adding more water if necessary* In the meantime, brown the vegetables in the fat remaining in the skillet, adding more fat if necessary; remove vegetables. To fat in the skillet add flour (1 to 2 tablespoons per cup of liquid) and milk or giblet stock and chopped cooked giblets to make a gravy. Add vegetables and gravy to chicken; season to taste. Continue cooking 30 to 40 minutes or until chicken and vegetables arc tender. Makr.s ubout fl M-rvmj£.-:. ... T I T L 1 S T -- Jack Kramer (above) retained his title of men's national sinfflcs tennis champion, defeating Frank Par. ker in the Forest Hills final. Your Friends Would Appreciate A Gift Copy of the . . . Scsqui centennial Edition of the Daily Messenger -- Robert £. Hannegan*above) resigned as V. S. postmaster general to head a syndicate which bought the St. I'Oiiis Cardinals baseball from Sam Br«don,'T An edition giving complete historical facts of Canandaigua and Ontario county. This edition would be treasured for years to come . . . they're ready for mailing . . . price per copy 25c. If You Have Already Reserved a Copy Please Cull for It at the MESSENGER OFFICE

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