The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 6, 1948 · Page 11
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 11

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 11
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TOE PflLOOKfl !FHE DAILY. MESSENGKB. CANANPAIGUA, R. t., TUESDAY, JANUARY 6,19-18 -- ' "~ " "'""' *""""" ' - -- -- - - t by Ham Fishei I PAGE FIVE I MADE A MISTAKE...1 THOUGHT IT tfASWW... I'M SORRY 1 SPOILED XXJR LUNCH LETS GO BACK YOU EAT MEAL.I'M NOT HUNGRY WEIL 60 TOTH STATION HOUSE... ON FIFTY... HEX,.. WOT HAPPEN 1 ! ?6ET'lM? ;;iwHEtv-;;c- LISSEN. YOU GUYS... !'VE BEEN RUNNING ALL OVER FOR AN HOUR WITH YOU...CALL HEADQUARTERS...I (50TTA GET BACK TO toY BEAT... Automobiles For Sale II Articles For Sale Classified Advertising must be received in the office of The Daily Messenger before 3:00 p. m. to insure publication next day. Slop orders must be received by 5 p. m. Credit will not be allowed for errors in advertisements unless reported before 10 a. in. on the day following first publication. Identity of advertisers using box numbers for "blind ad" replies cannot be revealed. Please do not ask for this information. Advertisers will be required to pay postage \vneii necessary to f o r w a r d any " u !ind ad" replies by mail. The right is reserved to edit or reject any advertising copy. RATES---15c per line charged, 12c per line cash or if paid within J10 days after first insertion. 3 consecutive insertions, 13c per line charged, lOc per line cash. Other lung leim rales on request,. Phone 897 for Ad Taker ANHOUHCEMEH7* Modal THE SERVICE station business is a good business. If you plan to some day have a business of your own, the long range program of this large oil company will interest you. W i t h twenty years of satisfactory and profitable dealer relationships as a foundation, we are now laying our plans for the f u t u r e expansion and development of our business. It is our plan to completely t r a i n our dealer organization to successfully handle the present and f u t u r e diversified merchandising of products and service. Lack of experience is no objection. Training program while earning can be arranged. If you want, to take part in t h i s development program, write to Box F-2, t h i s newspaper, telling us something about your past experience, objectives, locality preferred, etc. 55-10 rrom Hecker's Cider Mill about 8:30 a. m. Phone 1149-W. x!7-7tf I WANTED--Washings only. Spc- | cialty for uniforms and ruffled ; curtains. Phone 1294-J. xl"-12 | TRACTORS, trucks, automobiles j repaired. McMann's Garage, Bliss : road, R. F. D. 5, Canandaigua. ! X63-12 j FOR PROMPT, efficient ash and I refuse service call 216-J or C. ! Reese. 81 Chapin St. 13-32 SALE of NEW AND USED HOUSE TRAILERS 1-3 Down Balance Like Rent Mobile (Aluminum) $1450 23' Walco .$2250 1!)' Zimmer $17!)5 A l u m i n u m 27' Zimmor 4 pass. _$2595 27' Zimmer (i pass. $2695 27' Travelmaster __$3495 28' Walco ( wheel .$3495 with twin beds Used Zimmer $2250 Used Sparton $2695 Fully. Insulated f.**~^~~"~~"~t^~^^-~-~-~^'~-i»'*'**-~'*»-+ OPEN EVERY DAY UNTIL !) P. M. R Y E R S O N TRAILER SALES N. Main St. . . . . and . . . 451 E. Lake Road WATER WELLS--For more experience, better equipment and icss cost, call or write Barney A. Moravec, Penn Yan. Telephone 390. 48-61tf CHAIR SAGGING? Divan Dumpy? We can restore furniture to its original comfort. Right in your home. Work guaranteed. Divan S18.50, chair, 58.75. Phone your furniture problems to Sharkty furniture repair, Cdga. 97. 70-63tf APPLES for eating and cooking, our o\vn pasteuri/ed f r u i t juices. (·^s, potatoes. Will deliver. 1'lione llilj-U. Mocker Cider Mill. 50-10tf FOR SALE--1933 Chrysler sedan, Kood rubber. Phone 130-W. 29 SlR-ldon St., Shortaville, N. Y. 38-11 32 WHITE E N A M E L E D k i t c h e n stove, oil bmm.T.s- -can be used for cookin;;; co;i; .^rzites can bi.- obtained, :^n No. Main St. -?1-1^ Help Wanted II FOR SALE- 19-15. Army Jeep. 17,; (I'll) miles, one owner. Excellent , WANTED--Hay and straw. Buy- tag all grades at top market prices. W. .T. Kipp, 18 Niagara St. Phone 137. 47-61tf Lost and Found I LOST---Black cat with white ? markings. Reward, dead or alive. ' 699 So. Main street. Phone 543-.T. X32-11 C A N A N D A U H ' A i s open foi I b e j man or woman who is interested in :i uiind p . u i n ^ , no i n v e s t m e n t business of t h e i r own. Real Silk j o f f e r - chance f o r a d v a n c e m e n t , ! not offered elsewhere. W r i t e 1'. O. Box 571, Geneva, N. V. .vJ.'j-ln OFF1PK SUPPLIES -1 drawer ,. - steel I c t l i j i files, bond and cash condition. Reasonable foi cash. I ho\e^, loose leaf supplies for every purpose. The C O K N K R ROOK Store. 33-ld rhone Holcomb H42-B. x-i.'M-l Female Help Wanted 12 EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wanted in Geneva by business couple w i t h 12 year child, live in. Modern home, all convenience-;, no l a u n d r y , tin e o f f . two weeks v a c a t i o n w i t h p.'iy, use of car. .725 per week. References. W r i t e box D-l. c/o Messenger Office. '1T-11 WOMAN- Light duties, care of 3 c h i l d r e n , board and room. Phone 790-L-5. -15-12 Male Help Wanted 13 WANTED--Man for permanent responsible position in- local tire store. Must have previous sales or business experience. Tire knowledge preferred, but not essential. Good starting salary and bonus. Apply at Dunlop Tire Store 29 So. Main St. 14-11 YOUNG MAN to learn the grocery business, real opportunity. Apply in person at Market Basket Super Market. 33-11 Wanted 13- A WANTED--Sewing to do at home. Phone 958-J, 48 Parrish St. upstairs. X26-13 WANTED--Ride to Rochester in vicinity of Kodak Park, hours S ' t i l 5. 82 Beal St. x-lO-ll Wan IP** FIREMAN and maintenance man. Call 1163-L-3. x5-17 AUTOMOTIVE for Sale '47 Chevrolet Tudor '46 Dodge 4-door '37 Chevrolet Coupe '42 Plymouth Sedan '-11 Ford Pickup '41 Ford Tudor '35 Chevrolet Coupe ':'} Chevrolet Coach Shortsville Motors Open 'til 1) p. m. Phone 170 Shortsville vlo-10 Highest Casa Trice* for U S E D C A R S Carter Phillips Motors, ' Incorporated rhr.txs 2»0 P Y K K X \V.\UK. k i t c h e n step on cans, b t ' T i d boxes, waste can.- 10 m a t c h . r:;;imel t e a k e t t l e s , medicine i-;ib ; n"is, electric h e a l i n g pads, i r a y - , va^es. m i n i a t u r e i'ur- niui:". M K R S O N ' S Basement. 52-li i Tires and Accessories 1 9 1 Typewriters 34 T. S. ROYAI. tires. Dunlop tires. DIBBLE'S Lake Shore station. 23-59tf FRONT LICENSK plalo brackets for all make cars. 75c. CARTER PHILLIPS M1.'-i, Inc. I'hone 2'JO. 9U-10 ' H a i t i , v. i t i i :;.ii: " ) , ! » · ' i pe::!... said to ne ' i ; 1 ' is:'!.1 .: 'it-::.--'!', populated indepenfieii: i : a ! i ' n n :.':· world. Royal and I,. C. S m i t h portable.-. Allen and Corona adders, all type.-. The CORNER HOOK Store. 53-10 WHEN TN NEED of automobile glass call on me at Centerfield, N 7 . Y. Can give you a. factory type job w h i l e you wait. Glass channels and felts in stock. L. H. j Loven, Route 5 20, Centerfield, N. Y 40-32 TYPEWRITERS--We repair all makes of typewriters and adding machines. Expert service. Call 14. The CORNER BOOK Store. 53-in Radio Sales, Service 40 Farm Equipment 24 2 BROODER HOUSES, 1 milk cooler. Phone 130S-W. 48-11 Eggs and Poultry NONE TOO EARLY Io order Bray Chicks. We've dayold and started immediate delivery. Or book for later. New York U. S. Approved, pullorum clean. Bray Hatchery, 116-C Myrtle Ave., Buffalo 4, N. x43-inos Articles For Sale a: RADIO--Philco, Zenith, R. C. A. and Emerson, both table and record and phonograph models, all new styles, $15.95 to 5296.00. Pay weekly. The CORNER BOOK Store." 53-10 Photographic Supplies 41 PHOTO SUPPLIES--Kodak and cameras. trays, printers. enlargers, projectors and many others. The CORNER BOOK Store. 53-10 REAL ESTATE RENTALS Apartments For Rent 42 T Tr* u r A T A T T T T rlinnltr, cot l i t - o t new. Tabletop combination coal and gas stoves. Neilson's, 16 Coy St. ^ 15-6tf FOR SALE--Snow fence in ^C ft. and 100 ft. rolls. Fish Erevan-, Inc. 97-10 4 BURNER gas range, cheap. Phone 467-R, 35 Foil Hill Ave. Call evenings. 41-11 PIPE FURNACE - -New Mculcr-- also used air compressor-. Call 173 or can be seen at 80 Clark St. X32-11 CROSS-CUT SAWS, wedges, log chains, log chain repair, links, single and double axes. PECK Hdw. Co. 37-14 DUNCAN GLASS 35 66 9." pc. dinner sets. Ecko. Mirro-Malu Prosto pressure cookers. G i f t C h i n a Shop, PECK'S Slid floor. 37-11 R U R A L parcel post box. meat saws, cleavers, rock salt. Coy St. Hdw. 3U-1-1 Highest Prices Paid on the Spot --For-USED GARS A. W. White 25 Ontario St. Phone, ROUND HEATER, medium sixed. Tn very good c o n d i t i o n . Reasonable. Phone 62S. 5S-11 HEAVY cocoa mats, suniethiiv; t h a t has 7iot been on (lie market for years. We have t h e m ai the ELLIS Hdw. 51-12 EEED Hie wild birds, while t h snow is on Ihe ground. We have Hie mixed seed in 5 jb. packages ·'· '!·"· K L T . ' S TT'!'.'.' "l-T. 1 S I N C L E SHOT, t u b u l a r , and dip 22 cal. rifles are now here at ! Me ELLIS Hdw. Sporting Cood-:. 5-1-12 NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS -AND HEftE'5 THE TELEGRAM.... IT'S FROM TORCEATHER5 ...HE ^Y^ THE MAN POKING HERE A5 60NGO PETER5 15 AN IMP05TER./.-. HE WANTS HIM HELP FOR CHARGES // by Oscar Hitt AN IMP05TE.R T...THEN HE i5N'T BONGO PETERS ? -..WE'VE 8EENPLJPEO/* GREAT SCOTT// -CALLTHE ,,, COMMITTEE// 'A OH.NOW TH16 15 GOING, TO BE v£Ry £M0ARfiA55iMG- · . ..WHY COULDN'T P5TERS HAVE COTTE.N AROUNQ TO TELLING THEM FIRST ... IT WOULDN'T HAVfcfceEN AS AWKWARD THAT WAV/ FOR RENT--3 room, balh. a p a r t - ment--heat, electric, water, p r i - vate entrance. S15.00 per week. ·\ArHtr. box C.-5. o/n Messeneer Office. X32-1U 2 ROOM APARTMENT, u n f u r - nished, p r i v a t e bath, heat, gas .and electric. Business woman preferred. Write box E-2, c/o Messenger Office. 49-12 FOR RENT -- Immediate possession, 3 room apartment, u n f u r - nished, 51 Bristol St. See Chas. Specrs or call -199-W. 51-11 43 Houses For Rent FURNISHED house w i t h modern improvements for 2 m o n t h s while in Fiorina. Phone 10S9-W. "0-15 Stores and Offices 49 OFFICE ROOMS, centrally _located. Frank Grabber. xu-11 Vanted to Rent 50 W A N T K I ' r or fi room ; i p ; i 1 - m c n t , i m m e d i a t e l y by '2 a d u l t s , both working. Phone reserve Clifton Springs 5-F-3. .x26-]n REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Houses For Sale 51 [ ROOM HOUSE, east side all modern conveniences. I m m e d i a t e possession. Price S-innf). W. H. Hawley. Broker. Phone 39:-W. .''.2 Groig Terrace. C a n a n d a i g u a . SHORTSV1LLK. street. FOR SALE House and l o t , 311 Gorham si reel. Canandaimia. ] House has five lar;c rooms: three I below and two above: deep l o t ; ! liberal garden space. John Shen. : Attorney. 107 So. Main street. · Canandaigua. .\43-12os ! A PERFECT family home just off i North Main St. w i t h every de- j .li.oil ir.oi'o-iii r.o;ivoniunce. Av.'.n- j matic heating, b u i l t - i n k i t c h e n , j h a r d w o o d floors,- i n s u l a t i o n . I b e a u t i f u l residential .street where ; t r a f f i c is at a m i n i m u m . First j t i m e offered for sale. W. H. Haw-1 ley. Broker. Phone 399-VV. 32 j Greig Terrace. 57-13 ; Wanted, Real Estate 55 WANTED--Homes in Canandaigua and surrounding towns for clients with cash. Florence Trie- key, Canandaigua. 53-85U TRY A MESSENGER WANT AD Personal Health Service Centerfield An En.u' f tin.' U n i t e ;n 1. b u M ; I MRS. EARL APPLETON Canandaigua R3 Phone Can. 1020-W Bv William Brady, M. D. Renders desiring to corresjond with Dr. Brady should addres; their mall to him as follows: Dr. William Brady, CanandJUgur H-iilv Messenger R».«ronu. Beverly Hills. Calif. CE\TERFIEI D-Mr and Mrs TITLW AN!, ABBREVIATIONS Lo^enlo Purdy w^re weekend weaini 1 ·» citixen titles and abbreviations mean, or ' guests of Mrs. Frank Wilkinson. i?»s a f t e r World else you are likely to be k e r f l u m - j Canandaigua. iiusiness, i moxed. an to p;;\e '11(1 p · rouble. \" laid :.· aciice ','..:·. The but the . hen i-vc '···'·x^wMjjtf'sS?*' ' im--^ ' fe t'^: f "1.1 5:..:-«»~^.. ··: *$£?'**£ Zi I N V A D E R - B o h b y Locke, (above) South African golf pro, had a big season on this side, winning the Goodall, Tarn o' Shunter and Canadian open tournaments. :: t r i e d d i" brini' t i n .x'U-!'. Kii'.a!'-, ; in- K'":'l:~i"V "' t l ' * : HI"'! 1 ·p'.'ciaiisl t h a i lie i n t e n d e d · suli an eye .-p!-c'a!!S' in -i ' · i t y the home eye speciaii.-i ao- .imveri nf ' h e idea and '-ave t l i e .'.':!L'li-'iman n U'tU'r to a colleague ui hi., \\!.u .vas probably ihe lead- i n g specialist in t h e Englishman's '·;';;;ri f eye ; rouble 1 . Hut when ihe Kni;li.-,hnian arrived in t h e distant c i t y !n's f r i e n d s (here laughed .'it l i i m t h e leading specialist, i h e y i n f o r m e d him. was not a physician MI a l l . but an opiome' risi, ihe s\ime as t h e eye specialist vho had iiecn t r e a t i n g him back home. His friends soon look him in an oculist ' o t h e r w i s e k n o w n as n | i h a l m o l o x i . O 1 . a phy.-'K'i;!!' w h n diagnoses, ' r e n t s , operates or pi escribes for eye troubles. The physician found ' h o EnL'.rishman s u f f e r i n g from glaucoma, w h i c h , if u n c h e c k e d , causes blindness. The oculist, oph- t h a l m i c .surp,eon, medical operated at once, and t h e p a t i e n t af last t a i n e d complete relief of ihe pain v i s i o n to be able io iosun;e his business. The En.uli.-.iiman. i experience, wonders a u t h o r i t i e s , t h e ti'.le John Doe. M. D., means that Doe is a Doctor of Medicine. .John Do r .'. D. D. S.. is a dentist, Doctor of Dental Surgery. John Doe. D. M. D.. is n dentist. Doctor of Dental Medicine. John Doe, D. O., is an osteopath. Doctor of Osteopathy. Alary Roe, R. N.. j s a Registered Nurse she has earned f rom ,he s t a l e Hie rijiiit to practice nny all branches 'if nursing, the in entire field of nursing, a Mr. and Mrs. Harold Day and family and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. William Elliott, were New Year's guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Calmen. and Miss Georgiana · Parsons. Hopewell. Elmer Parker, who has been seriously ill at Thompson hospital, is reported to be improving. John H u f f m a n n«s returned nd ! from Rochester when; he spent l i t e the New Year's week with his cut daughter, Mrs. J. T. Fitzgerald -,,^ \T- Pif:/rrr.-;iM Mr. and Mrs. Edward Finnerty. North Centerfield road, have been w i t h Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fia- nerty, Sr.. Rochester road. nurse, professional nurse, hospital, practical nurse, volunteer nurse, neighboring nurse or Mrs. Sa'rey Camp, to name them from the sublime to the pediculous. The correct abbreviation for tuberculosis is tb.. small letters, not T. B. w h i c h means tubercle bacilli. The correct adjective pert a i n i n g to the disease tuberculosis is tuberculous, not t u b e r c u l a r . ! Tubercular refers to tubercle, not j RUSHV1LLE -- The the disease tuberculosis--tubercles I Home Bureau, w i t h all 'small n o d u i f s or lumps 1 occur ; n ! u n i t s in Ontario county, tuberculosis, but t h e y occur also ! to a t t e n d open house at in leprosy, syphilis and other dis- | gor Home Bureau Units to Attend Open House Ruslivillc the other is invited the Gran- Homestead, .Tan. 12. from 2 to se. so Hv adjective t u b e r c u l a r I -' p. m. to view work done by the may a p p l y to any of leaders in refinishinj;. Miss Florence Wright. Home Furnishings specialist from Cornell, will be present. The Canandaigua u n i t will serve tea. Abbreviations used f r e q u e n t l y ui t h i s column but not mentioned m the dictionaries are C V D and C R I. C V D is cardiovascular degeneration 'or disease, if you are child-minded about i t ' -- s o C X" D ol - j is the t i t l e of my booklet about heart and a r t e r y diseases, avail- his the :ermi! any one to use 'Doctor" i:i t h a t wav when the person i? not a--physic i a n -- a t all. I t j u s t goes t o show i hat you must learn fur. yourself w h a t such Eniwetok. where new atomic energy e x p e r i m e n t s are being developed, is IDil miles from B i k i n i | dozen where t h e f i r s t post-war bomb v a.s tested. ( U n C Oii V- i . t t O i . icv^UOS'i M'U'I ii clipping' if you inclose t w e n t y five cents and stamped envelope j bearing y o u r address. j C R I is a term ( p r o n o u n c e d , kree) or an abbreviation ( p r o - nounced see, are. eye) as you prefer, which means any Common Respiratory 'accent on the p i e ) Infection one may catch, be it the mildest a c u t e coryza or sore throat or measles or i n f a n t i l e paralysis or scarlet fever or pneumonia-there's no way to tell in the incubation period just which of the or more respiratory infec- T h e * ..4t..,-^ 117,,.,.,,, r i l t u u t t t a i n c Oasua'tj, Firp and Marine INSURANCE I'hone 444 149 Gibson Street atomic- It 'is estimated t h a t England's population was reduced from about four million, to about two , m i l l i o n in t h e great plague of the j 1-lth Century. lions it w i l l prove to be. So is only one fair thing you or a physician can do about it--call it C R I and let everybody govern himself accordingly, until the indisposition or illness develops enough to permit a diagnosis. 'Copyright 1918. John F. Dille Co.) OLD HORSE meaty horses t hi 1 humanely kill BENNETT Silver Fox Ranch Victor, N. Y, Phone reverse Holcomb S71-A B J C C R A N E A T W O R K - A concrete, steel a n d lead slab, weighing approximately 630 (ons, is lifted off the ground at the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard at San Francisco by the world's newest and most powerful crane. oak. h a r d pine and inlaid l i n o l e - ' urn floors. Holland f u r n a c e 'oil ; b u r n e r ' , laundry, sewer. K""d j roof, garage, large lot. Possession i March 1. ! SHORTSVILLE. six room house, j oak floors, two bedrooms and i b a t h u p . one bedroom down, f u r - ! nace. garage. i C A N A N D A I G l ' A , t w o f a in i 1 y i house. c e n t r a l location, f i v e 1 rooms ;nid b a t h up. Four rooms, i sun room, b a l h w i t h shower : down, f u r n a c e w i t h oil burner. : two ;;as w a t e r heaters, house re- j modelled and redecorated, ashes- i tos sidins. barn. .uar.tKC. A r t h u r ; L. Younj;. Realty Company. .'U | Snvi'h M f l i n street. Cannndai::ua. i Phoae 50d. Successor t o Ray W. ] Johnson Real Estate Company. j i I EXTRA Available o the special S i · I esquicentennial Edition of the The most interesting edition ever published in Canandaigua -- giving the most complete history of Canandaigua and Western New York. Order by phone -- 897 ,,,, ,,,.,,, ,~~~ »M*!K»«WK««»Si!MlOTWS!»tW;rct»«TMov«^w-~^ F I R E M A N A N D A I D E--Busier, f i r e company mascot lends tooth and mouth to auxiliary fireman Joseph White gathering hose after a Brooklyn factory blaze was extinguished. WANT AD OR Please insert the following Want Ad in The Daily Messenger fur the number of days marked. Remittance Enclosed Send Rill to My Address DER BLANK RATES 4 Lines-- 20 Words · 5 Consrc. Davs $1.91 % iJonsec. Days $1.20 One Dav · · 48c Above are cwh rate* and apply if paid within 10 day» of flrat Insertion. Extra line nhar?e for each 5 woriU. Name Address Number of Days Mai! To: Daily Messenger, Canandaigua

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