The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 2, 1947 · Page 3
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 3

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 3
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Monday, .Tune Z, 1017 THE BROWNSVILLE HERAtB Nation Today Ked Pepper By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, J u n o 2 -- -f/f*j-- There'll bo much talk now but d o n ' t expect the sore subject of univonwl uorvico to bo nettled thin T a l k of imc'h a program wnit revived with a big bang over tho h o l i d a y weekend. It can't happen until, or unions, Congress passes a. ' n u t ConKi-i-;..;;, w h i c h want* to quit for 11147 by AUR. 1, Is already l o n d f - d down' w i t h work without T 1 t f i o k l i M K 'hi.-, p r o b l e m , j · | h r i e ' . - » been t a l k of eompulnory t r a i n i n g f o r t h e past, t w o yearn bin t h i s is hnv/ it broke about a t t a i n over t h e w e e k e n d : A sin e t u i * commission, c r u a t n d by President T r u m a n six- m o n t h s ngo to s t u d y Die .subject, last n l R h t m n f J e i t n r e p o r t . The report, reromtncmlrd about n y e a r of m i l i t a r y t r i i i n l i u , ' for younft m e n . I t ."sriui wo need t r a i n e d moil in cfiM- of n "(Uieak" atomic attack. LaM F r l f l n y n group of Repu- b l i c a n aennto'ra Issued a statement of t h e i r own. a n y m w they wore rnakintr n study of the whole problem of n a t i o n a l defense. When w i l l the Republicans f u l l s t u d y , w h i c h acem* to be paral- leline t h n t of t h e Prcflldont'ft com- mi?--.Mon. be r e a d y ? Sometime before congress goes home for ,the Summer, probably, j One of the republicans, Senator Dv/or.slink of f d a h o , Hald n K t f x f f nf .',«.· ua tor 1 ;-. asNifltnnl-K h n n been \vnrkiju; on the .study three, or f o u r m o n t h s Since it nennn ourin In aongroflft . c n n ' t do a n y t h i n g about cither c t u d y u n t i l 1048, which Us a'presi- dent la I election year, this writer n.^ked Dwoi'Khnk: "Do you t h i n k compulsory mlll- t n r y training: may be campaign issue' in IMft?" f The senator s a i d : "No. No one would let. his country's welfare, the n a t i o n a l defense, get involved In politics." . Old Army Habit * AP N c w f t f e a t u r e n NKTW YORK -- Varied requests Involving a c t i v i t y beyond their prescribed d u t i e s , keeps American Red Cross Field directors on their toes. Typical Is a monthly report of e field director with American ( troops in Puerto Rico. His record of "unusual case.-, closed," covered j the following requests: i Cnn you f i n d me a cocker spaniel puppy? Do you know of a baby WR can a d o p t ? WIU you help me net money from my bank in the United Stater,? Can you f i n d quarters for my w i f e for two days? She Is a w a i t - inp r o n f i n e i n e n t in Can you help me U. S. To Purchase Wheat On Market; Won't Set Price WASHINGTON. June 2 -- (W -Tho Rovornmont has decided to buck the (jrnlti market for futuni nuppltoH of wlifmt nondt for export rathnr than try to fix a top price | it in willing to pay. , i Agriculture Department officials! iwald privately today they had c o n - j ] eluded that the oly way thn gov-: ornrncnl; could be mirn of gottlnp;! supplier for nnftrty nroas abroad I s j to pay whatever the market de-1 mands. Hopeful of keeping wheat prices from Jumping back to the $3-A- bunhel level reached last, winter, j the government had considered set-1 ting a pric at which it would by i wheat, on the theory such an of-1 far would fix the market price. N««H Critical This idea finally was tossed aside because of t h e - u r g e n t needs of many foreign areas between now land bhoir own Fall harvests. The International Emergency Food Council, inter-governmfent ngenoy which dlvidfis noarse foods among Importing countries, has tonnod the filkintion in this pro* 4 harvortfc period mfcro orlticnl In some countries than a«yenr ago. The government .reportedly decided formers and ' others obtaining 1047 wheat would simply hold tho grain if a federal purchase price Were set Plants Memorial Lawson To Report Planning Progress On Proposed Dam MOALLEN, June 2~ TJ. A, Commissioner L. M. Lnwson of th« Irt- Mayor II, L, StoUrly IK nhowii ftbovft planting the first of 07 Royal Polnoianii tr«es whioh will be planted In tho pivrkwny along .Palm Blvd., In memory of Brownsville's dcart in World War II. OthcrK In tho picture are, loft to right, W. .T. Gardiner, U, E.. Brocket! mid Antonio Chnpa, (Herald Phoio by R*d IVfoorcs). Fight Reds By Removing Conflicts, Hines Advises AUSTIN, June 2--(/P)--The way to atop Communism is to re- n red flannel suit to good n d v n n t n g c , Pepper Donna, ''Miss Miami Beach of 1947, practices n rhumba routine she 11 ihow tho judges d u r i n g "Miss 'America" contest finals at At. lantic City, N, J. .__ Bulletin Board , M O N D A Y First Methodist WSOB will meet the hospital.; in regular session at 3 p.m. at the serve on the ,church. J. T. C n n a l o s - w i l l Bpoak "Working for Better Conditions Relations." a record. Winter wheat crop m prospect, officials said it woll b^ necessary to start grain moving at; soon fis it is harvested because of the critical shortage of freight Involves Risks Delays in marketing also would involve risks of damage to grain ih the Southwest, where there is Inadequate space to store large quantities. * Government buying of heat from he J.047 crop should feet under way in volume within a week or 10 days. The harvest will start in northern Texas this week, Tine government already has promised to ship several million ^bushels to occupied Germany in .July. This grain must be bought in June. The transportation situation nlso move areas of conflict which (?ivc played n pavt In the decision. Wlhh u cnnnce t o offer its "glittering but f n ii n o i o u s " hopo to Americans, tne Rt Rev John B . Hincs told Un " ivni . sl t y of Texas graduates last night, The bishop coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas said that "you cnn not atop Communism by name-calling. You can not prevent I IB m n king hen d wny by simply crying that it is alien, You cnn not destroy its influences by jailing its proponents or by outlawing it- from the bnllot," lie spoke at baccalaureate services for the 1,260 degree candidates Who will be graduated tonight. The commencement speaker will bo Gov, jBcauford' H. Jester. Bishop Hines snid that only Christianity stands for man, for board for one o/ nor my I have on in rephew! Hope Chapter No. 124, Order of I n s u l n r lottery its drawing? N e i t h e r m y f a m i l y b^en able t'o locate who is in the army. Can you help -.Eastern Star, incuts 'at 8 p.m. In f i n d h i m ? Masonic Hall. Stated meeting. T w n n t t n b u y a r a n c h in British J - _ Columbia. O n n you h e l p f i n d ono? i TUESDAY Wr n r o r.nianlxlng an orchestra. ! pi rf .(, Methodist Wesleyan Service Dn you k n o w whore wo can get n . G u i l d w i l l meet at fl p.m. In tho bn.s v i o l i n ? Ho vou know 3 Little Countries Test 'U. S. Of Europ By SIGRID AUNE WASHINGTON, Julie 2-- /f») -The recurring notion that Europe might be happier a* ft "United States of Europe" is getting a sort of laboratory test in three of the little north countries. humanity, for the value and dignity of personality, for freedom, social justice,, brotherhood of nations, for the creation of A new and better life. "Therefore, let it be said that Christians can the dictates of 116 longer accept our contemporary 1 terntUloiml Boundary \nd | CommiMion is cxpootftd to arrive ! Wednesday to make A, progress ra- i port, on plans for construction of i the first international dam on the ! Rio Grand*. The dam will impound water which the U. S, Bureau of Reclamation proposes to distribute to Vnllfiy water districts by a gravity canal or poMlbly from a diversion station south of Mission, Under the U.S.-Mftxico water treaty, tha IBWO of the United SUUfi and Moxlco was given t-ho work of building the dams authorised by the treaty. Engineering studies ha,ve been for building the first and lowermost dam near Falcon or SaHne- fto in western Starr County, at a site to be approved by the two sections. A Mexican agency, probably the irrigation commission, will handle the distribution of Mexico's share of the impounded water, The dam will impound water Which the XJV S, Buroau of Reclamation proposes to distribute to Vnlley water districts. Also involved in the international water project Is generation of electric power and Its distribution between the two countries. Commissioner Lawson's report will be made at an invitation banquet In his honor at the Casa de Palmas Hotel. The Valley Water Conservation AvSsociation is handling arrangements. Lftwsoft will leave Thursday. culture as ultimate truth in human relations," he continued. "Where it disenfranchises, Christians must speak for the dispossessed. "Where it segregates, Christians must feel that shame of segregation* flfi doing violence to the Christian doctrine of man. wherr T can find Hayes 9t. . Luxemburg arc working toward an ihomo of Mrs. W. M. Hunter 1049j economic union which will mean tariff schedule. The Belgian, the Dutchman and the Luxemburg citizen, buying from country "X," all will pny the same tariff on the same commodity, i Right now there is no tariff or customs duty between them except Belgium, The Netherlands and!a few excise taxes and luxury clu- "Whcre it, istill enslaves, no Christian can, in conscience clear, breathe freely. "For another, and a mightier one has spoken. Another and mightier is our judge. "Someday, both to save our souls, and our civilization, we must 'stand up and be counted. 1 We must conclude with St. Paul: 'I shall obey .God, rather than man.' " REALLY CLOSE-UP Our most powerful telescopes' bring the moon HO close to our vision that it would be possible to pick out a railroad train traveling across its surface. RIO GRANDE CITY, June 2-A meeting at 10 a.m. today for all Starr county veterans interested in the vocational education pro* gram was set l?y Miguel Cavasos, county coordinator of the Veterans' training program, Several state vocation officials are expected to attend, world commerce from in the Amazon basin. wild tree* St.Joseph Heart Attack Fatal To Jimmy Wilson BRADENTON, Fla., June 2-- f/P) --Masonic memorial services will be conducted hero today (5:30 p.m.) for Jimmy Wilson, veteran major lonRue manager, cntc.hor and coach who died horn oarly Sunday of a heart attack. HIGH LIVER The ftttld spider is found at 22.000 feet, above soft level on Mount Everest and is said to be the highest living Inhabitant of the world. BIG FISH Tho plrarucu, a fresh-water fish, is found only in the Amaon river and JUH trltiuuirie*. R*ft*mbllng * |whole, it often wfighs as much as 003 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS MOTOR REPAIRS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ~~ SEK -WENCESLAO PERKZ At the PEREZ ELECTRIC COMPANY E. Mtulison Ph. 641-M EvonlriK Circle of First PreBtay- Womnn'w A u x i l i a r y w i l l meet i n t h r liomc of Mrn. Jack M u r r a y , 171 fl N.W. Monroe Bt,, at a p.m. ties. And they are not so much based on the old idea of shutting. their people can do business with out foreign goods as they nre a ench other just about an the peo- detcrent to trade In non-essentials, pic of Pennsylvania, New Jersey No visas nru needed to travel and Marylnml do. The experiment; is Retting n bit of anxious and hopeful watoh- ing from exports who think Europe's tariff walls and patch-work j agreements with several European Temple Beth-El Sisterhood wiU| c u r r c n c y systems only add fuel to nations--the United Kingdom the · -- · - · · · · · largest among them -- to permit detcrent to trade In non-essentials. No visas nre needed to travel between the count rlon, nnd the hopi' in to knop it t h n t way. -Tho NelhevlimdH IH tho mnfit liberal on this score. They already h n v o made moot n t the home of Mrs. A. Hallaman at 8 p.m. FRIDAY Pan American Round Table will Imve a luncheon meeting at 1 p.m. at El Jarclln Hotel. Members are ·asked to make reservations before Wednesday with Mrs. R, D. Sundell. Onion Juice Adds A Kick To Herbicide AP Netvsl'ealures NEW YORK--Onion juice can boost the potency of the weed killer :i.4-D by 10 to 20 times two Mlchi- ·jlin State CollCRe Experiment Station hortioulturnlista report. 2.4-D is the nicknnmc for 2,4- iichlorophenoxyacetlc acid, a her- the flames of antagonistic nationalism. To Set Up Schedule This September the three little countries will set up a uniform NBC Claims Many Stars In Majors Developed By It among them free travel, wiping out the nuisance tax of tho visa fee. Common Currency Eventually the three little countries plan to have a common currency. Happily Belgium and Holland are markedly complimentary to each other in tho things they turn out. Strangely, lying as close as they do on n small part of the world's WICHITA, Kas.--f/P --Many of j map, Belgium Is roughly a Pitts- the major league's brightest stars |burgh to The Netherlands' combi- were developed through the p r o - ( n a t i o n of Kansas and Minnesota. gram of the National Baseball Congress, the National Baseball Annual reveals. Gracly Hatton, third sncker for Up to World Wor II the three nations charged tn riffs on each other's products, With the tariff now out of the way, the price the blclde that kills some plants, in- ; a t Wichita. ·.·hiding weeds, by throwing their ,rowth processes out of balance. playert ln tne taournaments inclu- Cincinnati, and Eddirc Waltkus, I consumer pays in all three coun- star first baseman for the Chicago tries will be lower. Trade 1ms al- CubG, . two of the rookies last season, dilates of tho program, played in the national tournament majors' prise ready picked up noticeably in the both are g r a - j a r e n , Other major leaguft stars who from nddi- AMERICA'S NUMBER ELECTRIC SHAVER The extra potency inn of onion juice was discovered JH U t^hinW"jSe ' Oarigioia ,v Drn. E. H. Lucmr, and G. L, W l i r i l r o f . o v l H .inhvmv p^skv. inmmor, In -laboratory work which romlse.H t-o make of the weed ·iller morn effective and much cle Dave (Boo) Ferries, Freddie John Ruoker and Johnny The 1047 Nfttional tournament at Wichita will be preceded by 48 ·heaper. state ' championship events to Tho C K»ico bus to be Hpccially pro- qualify the nation'« loading teams. ·,nred and diluted ono. part to 20 ! ,r 30 parts of water for the great-; make chemical weed control po«- ·st offcctlvenefiK, they said. " 7 ^'" ( ^ lh1ft f n r m f t n v nrftn « n n d ln nrft(lft FOURSOME No other Shaver offers this head combination ... no other ahavor will give you a quicker... smoother ohfive. Worn belnK continued with field tests, nd also to discover Just what It ·; in tho onion Juice that gives lie 2,4-D the extra kick, They indicated that the greatest vffect wa« obtnined from one .ound of onions, properly mashed ·ml s t r a i n e d , and mixed wJth about .Va gallons of water-mixed 2,4-D ·olutlon. The onion effect was found in vork which originally started to .iscovor chemicals which might owc»r the potency of the weed k l l - ·r. Garlic wan tried, but n l t h o u f f h is chotnioally related to onion, :t. hud It-SB boosting c f f o c t , Tomato .'vtract .showed no action, while ho Juice of rod beets M l K n i f owerod '.ho 2,4-D potency, they V, R. Gardener, experiment sta- ion director, .said "although tho indies nre only preliminary, thoro reason t.o believe t h a t the cost jf materials for 2,4-D npplication o a Riven area for weed control an be K r e a t l y reduced. That will w l b o for many crops and in whero heretofore it haa not been practicable." Complete OpticaJ Service Eyos Examined -- Lenses Duplicated -- .Frames Repaired R. L. LAGKNER Jewolor and Optomotrlnl 1110 KH/ahcth Phone 644 Browmvillc WOODY The Builder's Friend Are You Tormented B y ' P E R I O D I C * ··Mm jfa m · mm FElwIALE OT wBWB TMH vV ^^W Ml '^^M HH^W ^^m^m With Its Nervous Cranky, Weak Poolings? Then llstrn-I.ydlu 13. Pinkhnm'fl V o K d r i b l f Coinpinuul Is famous to relieve cramps. hrnd;irh(:, back- ncho rind ' nf-rvous. roMlcsR tired frtelintts. of such dnyft--when duo to female functional monthly disturbance.';. A particularly fine thine about Pinkham'fl Compound is that -taken roKuIfirly--this groat mcdl- cjnn help/; build up resistance against .such .symptoms, Just soo if you, too, don't remarkably benefit. Also a fu'oat. stomachic t.onlol V E G E T A B L E C O M P O U N D IS VOUR MOUSE R.UW DOWW AMD- IN NEED OF OR M^S "RKMOOEUIWO, GOT VOU TEARING VOUR HMR? FRONTIER Lumbtr Co. PORI ADVICE fcWD AKID ESTIMATE AND When it's SO HOT you can fry eggs on the sidewalk \ KEEP COOL with an American Blower ATTIC FAN Quickly and easily installed (without costly alterations). Quiet operating, Saves up to 1/3 on electricity costs over other fans/Compact and dependable. Don't ·utter from the heat a single day or night - t h i s s u m m e r ! Invest in comfort now! Phone or come in for details and free survey of your horn*. r^^:^:hM3 «* · · *!* !±rsir ^ WESTERN UNION ^ INDIANAPOLIS RACE MM » « "MAURI ROSE /' ,»^ FOR USED OH ^tef of PAY AS LITTLE AS WEEK FOR 24 consecutive years, Firestone Tires have been on the winning- can m the Indianapolis Sweep*C*ke*. Tfee same patented »nd erdnsi-vc construction features, which make tbese tire* $o wife, * stroog, so wo*r-de- fying on the speedway, art *t*o b*ak into the Firestone De L*x« CHamptoa Tires which protect your life OA the highway. You can get «H of this extra safety and extra mileage at a big saving in co«t because your wed tires a*c worth More a* Firettooe, We »e*d more used tires for retread ing* So we are otferiog higb- e*t prices for the u«tt»ed mileage t« yo*r prcse^c tares when yow trade them in on new Firestone De L»»e Champions, the only tires made that are s^cty-pro^ed rhe »peedwfty for y%*r T H E ONLY T I R E S M A D E T H A T A R E SAFETY PROVED ON THE SPEEDWAY FOR YOUR PROTECTION ON THE HIGHWAY LUMBER CO. H. L, STOKELY, JPR-. "/tr YOUR sewce s/uce tso4 srz JrL TUe Valley'. E Stores 703 Elizabeth -- Brownsville -- Phone 671

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