The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on November 7, 1941 · Page 10
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 10

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1941
Page 10
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Page Th« Herald. Bessemer, Mieru««u COMMON COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS ^SJ^h . ... ,.'· ^ - - Uennan Ecfcman Out tbe claims at Moved by Alderman Craxna sop-jibe Wadha^is Oil Company, the Her- ported by Alderman Eekman that the aid Publishing Company James B report of the marshal and tie report|Ckw «nd Sons a»d the Lake Superior ot JiusUce ot Peace MaseotU.tor the! Grave] Company be paid when fluids XTul w«k -aim I!KWI*« .- · " U\«.**A.U -?-· * - ' * ' ~" L.__ A regular meeting ot the Common Council ot the ^.City. ot Bessemer. Michigan, was -held in the Council Chambers on' Monday, November 3, 1941, at 7:30 P.M. Mayor Buchko . in the chair and meeting called to order. Ron Call: Presnt--Eckman, Creri na, Proctor, Erickson, Perotti, Re, Prucca and Mannisto 8). , Absent: Probelski 'and. Supercynski 2). Moved by Alderman Crenna sup ported by Alderman Perotti that th* reading ot the minutes ot the previous meeting be dispensed with and that they be approved as published. Motion carried. Moved by Alderman Prucca support ed by Alderman Crenna that the regular order of business be dispensed with. Motion carried. Mr. M. A. Gedda representing the local post'of the Veterans ot Foreign Wars apoke to the Council and asked that a donation be made to his organization lor the purpose ot purchasing a flag to be used in parades. Moved by Alderman Proctor supported by Alderman Eckman that the city donate $25.00 to the Veterans oE Foreign Wars to be applied toward the purchase ot a flag. Motion carried. Mr. Gedda and Mr.-Martin Krakovec then thanked the members ot the Council -for -their generosity. Moved by Aderman Prueca supported by Alderman Mannisto that the regular order ot business be resumed. Motion carried. The Finance Committee then made the following report and recommendations: Honorable Mayor and Common Coun cH Gentlemen: We have had the following claims under consideration and recommend the payment thereof: Central Fund Labor Payroll--Last half October, 1941 7S4 47 Bessemer Light Utility 1.157.34 Butler .Mfg. Co. 31.SS Bugeno Diotzgen Co 5.27 General Auto Service 10.00 Gogebic Auto Co 23.3S Iromvood Daily Globe 2.10 ·lohnson Coal Co S.SO Luke Sup. Dist. Po\v. Co. .75 Lesselyong Hdw. Co 32.00 Paul Massie 1.10 I Mrs. Julia McCarthy 'i.2S\ month of October be 'accepted and placed on Hie. Motion carried. " At this point Alderman Supereynski entered and took his seat. The Clerk thea read a contract dated August 25, 1941, between the Gogebic Auto Company, Inc. and the City ot Bessemer, covering the purchase ot one Oshkosh Four Wheel Drive Truck Model W 900 complete with snowplow and right hand wing at a price of 112,717.50. Moved by Alderman Crenna supported by Alderman Erickson that tne contract as drafted and executed be ratified by this council. Motion carried by the affirmative vote of all the Aldermen present. Moved by Alderman Crenna sup ported by Alderman Re that the bond ot Clarence J. Hayes in the amount ot $1,000 as approved by city attorney t M. E. Nolan be accepted Motion 1 carried. An' Indemnity Agreement was presented for Peter Relich in connection with his contract to raise the walls of the city well. · City Attorney M. E. Nolan pointed out that compensation insurance was preferable to such an agreement. Moved by Alderman Proctor supported by Alderman Supercynski that the matter be left to the Mayor and City Attorney. Motion carried. Moved by Alderman Crenna snp- proted by Alderman Eckman, that Collision Insurance -with a $100 deductible clause be taken out on the new Oshkosh truck. Motion carried. Moved by Crenna supported by Al- i»ns. juiui ivicuaruiy i-2S J Michela Co. 128 O S ' 9.4flJ 6.19 I 12.4.1 2.21 M. Selin Service . Supply Div tiiiderivood Veneer Co : United States Pencil Co : Power Fund ; Labor Payroll--Last half October, 1941 52.2S Herald Publg. Co. 11 25 The Texas Co. S.SO Remington Rand Inc 19.41 Cily of Bessemer 9.S9 Moved by Alderman Ericksou supported by Alderman Proctor that the claims as read be allowed and that the Clerk and Treasurer be instructed to issue warrants in payment thereof as funds are available. Motion carried by the affirmative vote ol all the Aldermen present. The Clerk then read the following report o£ the Board of Public Works: November 3, 1941 Hon. Mayor and Common Council Bessemer, Michigan Gentlemen: A regular meeting of the Board of Public Works was held this afternoon at one o'clock in the office of the superintendent of the water and light deptirtinent, John A. Kallander iu the chair. Present: Kallander. Negri, Cycliosz and Jolmson. Absent: Prick. H w«s moved by Negri and supported by Johnson that the claiDis for the last, hall! of October be allowed. Motion curried by the affirmative vote oC all iiie members present. A communication from Jerry Eilol- la, chief dicsel operator at the prener- allng plant, dated October 24. 1041 imikiii,-; suggestions regarding maintenance of the diesel engines w.-is ac- cipt!d and placed on tile. H was recommended thai the offer of the Western Adjustment and 1ns- poetion Company to settle the claim oJ the i-ity w i t h respect to its lire insurance on the generating plant for the sun; of two hundred dollars bt turned down ;ini that the city advise this company that it will accept throe hundred and seventy dollars in full settlement of the claim. There being no further business! the meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS G. W. Waters. Secretary Moved by Alderman Prucca support ou by Alderman Mannisto -that the report. ;ml recommendations of the Board of Public Works be accepted A lotion carried. A communication from D. X. Brands, local manager of the Underwood Veneer Company, dated October 2S, 1941. and addressed to City Attorney Mr. M . E . Nolan stating that Mr. Lemke, president of the Underwood Veneer Company would not be available for a meeting with repre sentatives ot the City of Bessemer before the 7th of November, was presented. Moved by Alderman Proctor supported by Alderman Erickson that the communication be accepted and placed on file. Motion carried. Mayer Buchko reported on his attempts to secure a garage for storage of the new Oshkosh truck and plow. Ho stated that no space was available at the county garage and that the only out seemed to ne to fix up an old building located near the main pumping station. He stated that this could be done at an approximate cost ot 1200.00 for materials plus labor. Moved by Alderman Proctor supported by Alderman Re that the city engineer be authorised to go ahead with'.repairs on the above mentioned building Motion carried by the »f j firaative vote of all the AId«naen ion such a motjaa would be out of order as the Cooncll did not have the authority by laV to pass upon such are available.; Motion carried by the affirmative 'vote of all the Alder- fflen present. . ^, Moved .by" Alderman Cernaa" sup-ported by Alderman Proctor that the request of Mrs. Mabel Melanson for extension of her resort license to January i, 1943 be approved. Motion carried. Motion carried.' Moved by Aldreman Erickson supported by Alderman Prucca that the Morrison Audit Company be allowed an additional fee of $150 to complete the audit of the books of the City of Bessemer; . Motion carried by the affirmative vote of 1 all the Aldermen I present.-.. . r .··- : . . - j i The claim of thei Hanson Oil Company" in" the amounr of-$71.00 covering 500 -gallons ot-gasoline which the Company claims they- delivered on August.23, 1939, was presented. U was decided that the Finance Committee meet with a representative ot the Hanson Oil Company to discuss the claim. - . Moved by Alderman Proctor sup ported by. Alderman Supercynski that the driveways at the Forestry Department be plowed by the city at - an hotn-ly charge to be determined by the city engineer. VMotion carried. , At'this point Mr. .William Anderson who was -present at the meeting., asked the city attorney if he thought j a~ motion would be out pt order re-1 quirins the members of the and the City' Officials to produce doc-1 mnentary evidence of their citizen-! ship. - 1 Mr. Nolan replied that in his opin-j ,v.'At this point, "Aidenhan Creuna asked to be excused and left 7 the meeting." . . · Mr. Nolan then- asked -the Council to. advance $60 in expense money to him for a trip to Detroit to confer with the law firm of Berry and Stevens and a representative of the Consulting Engineering Firm of Ayres, Lewis, Norris and May regarding tht steps that It will be'necessary for the .city to t*ke in order to obtain funds .to pay the over-run on the present lighting system' construction and to provtd-3 for a third generating unit. Movea by Alderman Perotti supported by Alderman Proctor that th/i Clerk bs authorized to advance $60.00 in expeuse; money to the 1 city attorney for the aboye-mentin'ea : trip to Detroit and that such money be paid tion carried - ' Moved 'by Alderman Supeveynski supported by Aldenuaa .Prucca thaJ the treasurer be authorized to spread on the next tax roll a sufficient amount to cover the unpaid balance ot the.jufigmettts-which were obtained by the- Lake' Superior District Power Company, -such unpaid balance being the result ot delinquent tax. Motion carried by the affirmative vote of ait .the Aldermen present. Moved by Alderman Supercynski 3 by Alderman Re that the be adjourned. Motion car- G. W Waters, City Clerk. Approved: Mayor Basil J. Buchko. STATE OF MICHIGAN Th« Probate Court for the County of Qoftebic : At a Resston of'said Court, held at tb^|Pro^ate;(Mfice in the City of Bes- semei'.in,8aid;Cbunty, on the 31st day of-iOctober 1941. .":,.-; ..-\\PreaiSrit, -Honorable M. : E. Nojan, Judge o f Probate. . ' ' · ' , · In the.Matter of-the Estate of Anna Mazan ec, Deceased. It-,appearing to the Court that the time for presentation ot the claims against said estate should be limited and thai, a time and place be appointed to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demands against said deceased by and before said Court; ~ It Is Ordered, That creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to said Court at .said Probate Office on or before the 21at day of January, 1942, at ten o'clock In the |;forenoou,' said time and place being hereby appointed for the- examination .and adjustment of all claims and demands against said deceased. It is Further Ordered, That public notice thereof be given by publication of a copy of this order, oace In each -week for three weeks consecutively, previous to said day of hearing, in the Bessemer Herald, a newspaper printed and circulated in said County. M. E. NOLAN, Judge of Probate A true copy : SILVIO L. MASCOTTI. Register of Probate. 11-7--11-28 . · .., Friday, November 7, 1941 Lori* Burt Is Bride The marriage of Miss Loris Faye. Burt, to Leonard Winkowski, was i solemnized at St. Sebastian Church 'last Saturday by Rev. Gino Ferrari. . · The bride is the daughter o£ Mrs. : Alec Burt and'the.-groom is the son I of';-Mr.yand Mrs. Ed. Winkowski. ; ' The_bride ware an. ensemble of j teal wool with a jacket of dark blue ': Velveteen trimmed with teal- wool. Accessories of raspberry color were worn by her. Her shoulder corsage was of rubrum lilies. She alsci wove a yellow gold. cross which was a gift {from the bridegroom. Miss Leonette Winkowski, of Milwaukee, sister of the bridegroom, was bridesmaid, and was dressed in. a bittersweet wool dress, with black accessories. Jack Burt, brother ot the bride, was best man. Preferred Stock Dividend of the Lake Superior District Power Co. Regular quarterly dividend ot $1.25 per share on the 5% Preferred Stock' of the Lake Superior District Power Company has been declared by the Board of Directors for payment December 1 to stockholders of record at the close of -business Satur* day, November 15th. E. J. SHAYLOR, Treasurer Are you considering joining a IIITARY SERVICE ? Why not choose the NAVAI RESERVE! AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT by the Secretary of the Navy "AH men now enlisting in the Naval Reserve will be retained on active Navy duty throughout the period of the national emergency, but they will be released to inactive duty as soon after the emergency as their services can be spared, regardless of the length of remaining in their enlistment." SECRETARY OF THE NAVY SiERE IS THE OPPORTUNITY THAT THOUSANDS OF MEN HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR Here Is your opportunity to have all the advantages and privileges of Navy life but with a shorter enlistment. Many men do not realize--but it is a fact-that your pay, your training, and your chances for advancement in the Naval Reserve are exactly the same as in the Navy itself. FREE TRAINING WORTH $1500 Take your own case. Let's assume that you have had no special training. In that case here is your opportunity to learn one of the Navy's 45 big-pay trades, from aviation engineering to radio. You may receive training worth $1500 the first year alone. In addition you get all the advantages listed in the second column of this announcement. HIGHER PAY OPPORTUNITIES But perhaps you have had special training or know a trade. In that case the Naval Reserve offers you the opportunity to use your knowledge. If you qualify (high school or college not necessary), you can join as a petty officer right away--with higher pay and allowances. Also, if you have two or more years of college credits, there are special opportunities to become aNaval aviator or a commissioned officer. LOOK WHAT THE U. S. NAVAL RESERVE OFFERS YOU FREE TRAINING worth §1500. Nearly 50 trades and vocations to choose from, GOOD PAY with regular increases. You may earn up to $126 a month. EACH YEAR you are entitled to a generous vacation period, with full pay. GOOD FOOD and plenty of it. FREE CLOTHING. A complete outfit of clothing when you first enliat. (Over $100 worth.) FREE MEDICAL CARE, including regular dental attention. FINEST SPORTS and entertainment any man could ask for. TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, THRILLS--You can't beat the Navy for them! BECOME AN OFFICER. Many can work for an appointment to the Naval Academy or the Annapolis of the Air at Penaacola. FUTURE SUCCESS. It's easy for Navy trained men to get good-paying jobs in civil life. COUNTRY FUTURE In any case, it is your chance of a lifetime to lead a healthy, exciting life... y.our chance to travel... and at the same time build a solid foundation for your future. There is nothing better than modern Navy Training for a successful career in civil life. Get this FREE booklet Mail coupon for'your free copy of "Life in the U. S. Navy." 24 pages, fully illustrated. It answers all your questions. Telia what your pay will be... promotions and vacations you can expect... how you can retire on alifeincome. Describes how you can learn any one of 45 hig-pay trades from aviation to radio... how many may become officers. 27scenea from Navy life showing sports and games you may play, ships you may be assigned to, exciting ports you may visit. Tells enlistment requirements and where to apply. If you are between 17 and 31 (no high school required) , get this free book now. No obligation Ask toe Navy editor of this paper for a copy. Or telephone him. Or mail him the coupon. You can paste it on a penny postal card. WEAR THIS BADGE OF HONOR! If after reading the free booklet you decide to apply for a place in the Navy, you will receive this smart lapel-«mblem. It is a badge of honor you will be proud to wear. Tear out and lake or send this coupon to the Navy Editor of this newspaper Co Without obligation on my part whatsoever, please send me freebooklet/ljfein the Navy," giving full details about the opportunities for men in the Navy or Naval Reserve; State.

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