The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 16, 1971 · Page 8
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 8

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 16, 1971
Page 8
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8-A CORPUS CHRISTI TIMES, Mon., Aug. 16, 1971 JAMES HAYES LOOKS AT FAMILY BIBLE ...with wife (left) and sister AP Wlreplioto) Democrats Got Jump On President Nixon WASHINGTON W -- Shortly before President Nixon's economic address, Democrats in Congress made their own recommendation to stimulate the economy, including a wage and price review board. The 12 Democrats on the Joint Economic Committee, which is headed by Sen. William Proxmire, D-Wis., proposed a board to administer voluntary "guideposts" t o keep wages and prices down. They suggested making personal income tax reductions scheduled for 1972 and 1973 retroactive to last Jan. 1. Nixon proposed next Jan. 1. Other Democratic recommendations were: --Doubling the $1 billion public service employment money jiist appropriated by Congress to $2 billion. --Releasing $1 billion in housing and urban development money appropriated by Congress but frozen by the President. --Postponing the Social Se- curity tax base increase scheduled for next January and deferring additional tax increases under the new Social Security bill until at least 1973, at a cost of $3 billion in'reve- nue. --Providing federal grants to states and cities that lose tax revenue because of unemployment. The c o m m i t t e e report, based on hearings last month, had been prepared for release yesterday before Nixon had scheduled his speech. The Democrats accused the administration of leaving unemployment near 6 per cent f or fear efforts to reduce it would increase inflation. Six Republicans on the committee called the recommendations reckless and sure to lead to a "great inflationary blow-off." They called for a congressional study on how the Democrats' 'wage-price guidelines would work. Two Republicans on the committee took no explicit position. Six Persons Missing From Cabin Cruiser NEW RICHMOND, Ohio DP) -- Divers have been conducting a search for the bodies of six persons missing since their cabin cruiser collided with a tug boat on the Ohio River Saturday night. The search has been centered in an area about 200 yards from the collision site where they earlier had found clothing and other objects thought to have come from the boat. At least one person was killed and four others injured in the collision. A total of 11 persons were aboard the pleasure craft. D i v i n g operations, about five miles upstream from New Richmond, were hampered yesterday by numerous small boats which converged on the area. The divers were to resume their efforts today after searching most o? the night without any success. Authorities said the cabin cruiser was badly damaged but did not sink. They said the 26-foot boat was apparently coming down the middle of the river when it lurried into the path of the tug pulling 15 loaded barges to Pittsburgh. The body of Lawrence Redmond, 29, of Sharonsville, was recovered S a t u r d a y night. Four other passenger's were rescued from the water. (Pre-Vocational General Educalion) COURSES FOR ADULTS WHO HAVE NOT COMPLETED . THEIR HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION Classes Begin Monday, August 23 Register Now Pnpnre yourjcH lo cempUtt Iht Gineral Education Development Test (C.E.D.) to obtain {*rt!fcat of High School Equivalency and develop boilc occupational habits and altitudes. 16-WEEK PROGRAM OF EVENING COURSES: English Mon. Wed., 6-8 p.m. Reading Improvement Mon. Wed., 8-10 p.m. Social Skills Gen. Science Tue. Thu., 6-8 p.m. Mathematics Tue. Thu., 8-TO p.m. SenUe Viltinni Should Contact Drl Mar'i Veterans Oflke Regarding Registration in'History Building, Room 118, Main Cam- put Open 8 a.m.-8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Friday BALDWIN AND AYERS ADULT EDUCATION--PHONE 882-6231, Ext. 21 Brother Reunited With Sister After 51 Years Apart ABERDEEN, Wash. W For 51 years Jim Hayes was just an entry in the family Bible, but now he has become a real person to three sisters and two brothers he had never seen. "I've always been, alone," said Hayes, who now works in Redwood City, Calif. "Never had any relatives and now I have a pot full of them, just like that." Only one sister was missing Saturday when the Hayes family gathered to meet Jim. He had been placed for adoption when he was 3 months old. A sister, Mrs. Art Nelson, at whose home the weekend reunion was held, had spent years trying to track down her missing brother whose name was listed in the family Bible. Mrs. Nelson said she and a brother, George, were the only children raised at home. She said she was 2 or 3 years old when the adoptions of Jim and a sister took place and does not know the circumstances involved in the breakup of the family. The adopted sister was reunited with the family in 1962. A Seattle newspaper columnist helped Mrs, Nelson locate the name of the family that had a d o p t e d Jim. Vietnam Pullcut Linked ti v ote WASHINGTON UP) -- Sen. Joseph M. Montoya, D.-N.m., ·has asked that all troops be withdrawn from Vietnam if free elections are not allowed. He said "questionable" legal practices already have eliminated one c a n d i d a t e and caused another to reconsider. Montoya made the request formally to President Nixon in a letter, which said such practices are a "negation of democracy which subverts the purposes for which we have been fighting there." Through the Federal Bureau of Investigation she learned that Hayes had lived in-Half Moon Bay, Calif., about 1952. She asked newspapers in Half Moon Bay and nearby Redwood City to carry stories about her search. Friends pointed out the story to Hayes and on Thursday he telephoned the Nelson home. The news story had said Mrs. Nelson's brother "used the name of Clarence James, but had used the name James Hayes." "What grabbed me was the name Clarence," he said. "Nobody called me that in 30 years," Hayes said he gave up the name Clarence because it got him 'into too many fights" in his boyhood waterfi-ont neighborhood in San Pedro, Calif. Hayes said he r learned he was adopted when at the age of 11 his mother took him aside and showed him the adoption papers. All but one of Nelson's brothers and sisters now live near Aberdeen or in Tacoma, Wash., about 60 miles away- A sister' not present for the reunion lives in Germany. "I don't know exactly how old I am," said Hayes. "I don't even know my birthday. 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The big B52s and the smaller fighter-bombers made up to.' 200 strikes on elements of four; North Vietnamese regiments.; The North V i e t n a m e s e forces made new shelling attacks and ground assaults for the fifth day today after driv-"- ing South Vietnamese troops: from a mountain outpost with heavy losses. The South Vietnamese Command claimed more than 200 North Vietnamese were killed, many of them by U.S. air and artillery attack. Reports said that 33 South Vietnamese troops were killed and 13 South Vietnamese and two A m e r i c a n advisers were wounded. The U.S. Command refused to confirm or deny the reports from reliable sources that the B52s have been attacking a new North. Vietnamese road across the western end of the" DMZ. Although there have been" hundreds of fighter-bomber strikes and artillery bombard-, merits inside South Vietnam's half of the six-mile DMZ since the halt in tie bombing of North Vietnam in Nov. 1, 1968, the B52 attacks are the first by the big bombers reported inside the buffer zone since the bombing halt. ; The U.S. State Department confirmed the existence of the road more than a month ago. It is surfaced with gravel and can handle trucks. The hardest fighting occurred on 1,500-foot Mt. Nui, Ba Ho, nine miles south of the DMZ and 21 miles east of the, Loatian border, where an estimated 500 North Vietanamese. attacked a company of less than 200 South Vietnamese marines. The marines abandoned the outpost, and U.S. fighter-. bombers, helicopter gunships and artillery hammered the' North Vietnamese positions continuously. Half a dozen' B52s struck before dawn today, dropping 180 tons -of bombs within half a mile of the mountain while fighter- bombers attacked the mountain itself. VFW Told Nixon Won't Weaken U.S. DALLAS £ -- Secretary o f . 'Defense Melvin R. Laird told the Veterans of Foreign'Wars' today President Nixon "will not make premature or unilateral concessions" in negotia-, tions with Moscow or Peking that could, weaken America's security. Laird said the President is familiar with the lessons of history and "has carefully plumbed the depths of every pitfall that lies along the ·course he is pursuing." Whether it be the arms-limitation talks with the Soviet Union or the forthcoming trip to China, the President "will: not be deluded by words that paper over disagreements in substance," the defense secretary said in remarks prepared for the VFW convention. "He will not make premature or unilateral concessions . . . conclude agreements thai weaken our security . . . bargain away the rights of any other people . . . abandon any friend." 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