The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 21, 1963 · Page 16
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 16

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 16
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, August 21, 1963 tl lf yon want to sec itic, Lyndor. 3 simply make an appointment!'* Russians Have Left Cuba WASHINGTON" (V-Pli -- Some 2.000 Soviei military personnel, mostly i.'ombat troops, appear to hnve left Cuba in ihe last three months, sources witii access lo U.£. intelligence rcponed today. President Kennedy toid his Tiewy t/oiiiVivnce Tuesday there had beer, "a decline" in Soviet ·forces in Cuba in the past two and onc-hnlf months. But he did no: sivo the number. Kennedy said rhe U.S. military intelligence community believed 1he troops rpmaining were mainly concerned w i t h training the Cuban armrd favors rather than iKir.TM "concentrated military Wi:s." "Em there are still Russians Ihr.T." Kennedy said, "and this is s t i l l = maltcr of concern 10 us." Asked lo estimate how many Sovjr; t:\op.s had been withdrawn, i he President replied: "ft i? d i f f i c u l t for us TO say pivcisrl\." The administration has brrn r e l i i r i a m ;o make public its csii- Tnrnos of Soviet troops in Cuba ·for ihrsp reasons: Dirfcrcnl in- trllicenee channels vary on how ·many Iroops have left and on how manv were rherc in the firsl place. Officials believe the Russians are likely to remove more Iroops if they can do so quietly. It was variously estimated there were 21.000 or 22.000 Soviet m i l i t a r y personnel in Cuba al the hei~!il of the October crisis. Kennedy s;iid previously t h a t 5,000 left in November and. lakinp inlo arcoiini some new arrivals, a nel . 0.' some 4.000 left during March snr! April. This would have left some ]:.0"(M3.000 in laic April. The departure of 2,000 more would: leave 10.000-11.000 Soviet military personnel in Cuba. Most of the 2.TOO recent departures were reported to have been combat Trnops, Then? have been 5.000 to 6.000 of those. People Chief Flies 'To See Family ISy TIIE ASSOCIATED PRESS '· WASHINGTON (API--President I Kennedy flies to Cape Cod today i , to visit hi.s family. He plans to j return lo the capital Thursday ; 1 morning, , : Mrs. Kennedy and their two children are at a summer home i on Squaw Island. C//ffon/ Odefs Knew.His Position Precisely By RICK 1)U BROW - United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPir -. Playwright Clifford Odels.' who died last week of cancer and who had been at wo'i'k on a new NBC-TV anthology scries, was often described by detractors as an author vlio had lost sialure when he left Broadway for Hollywood. Few writers, in fact have bec;i such a constant targoi. Aixi there was ammunition for his attackers when they compared the impact of some ot his early stage plays with most of his movies. Yet. aside from the personal tragedy of his dcalh at 57, and despite the fact thai he had Ulrned out t w o of the 10 lele- plays he had projected as story editor for the new Richard Boom? anthology, it is a pity he did not have the chance lo warm up lo the mass television m e d i u m w i t h his natural bent for popular play production. . . First of a i l , as he lilted lo point out, he at least had not dehumanized his characters -- as most video writers have. Second, he had come lo reasonable terms I MEXICO CITY iAP--U.S. a s - ' iromun A l l a n Shepard and V a l m - i linn Torcshkova, Soviet woman! astronaut, have been im'hori lo aiiendod ihc 561 h World Confer-' once of thr Imevnaiionl Acvonau- , tii-al Federation at Mexico City Oct. 12-20. Conference organizers s a i d Tuesday they also had invited Ll. ' Col. Chnilcs A. Lindbergh ol (he ' United Stales. Spain's aerial aero; but Jose Luis Aresii and France's , Jhi-quoline Auriol. Genet's Successor Resigns Position OKLAHOMA CITY (API -- The assistant director ot the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and Industry, James N. Miles, resigned Tuesday to lake a job w i t h the Colorado Economic Development agency in Denver. Miles has been the department's acting director for tho lasl cillit months. He took over the position afler Max Genet resigned as director near ihe end of Ihe Ed- nioiidsoii administration, lie also headed the department's development division. Miles, 37. who liad been wiili (ho departmeni since January, 19o". set up ihe planning as- stance program for tiie slate. Depanment Direoior Lloyd K. Allen said t h e posiiien held by Milos u-ill no! be filled. He said that insiead the agency will nmv be divided into Ihrcr areu.ii research and information, industrial development and community development. Tom Danial. J;iy C. Casey and Hosey H. Heain will hr in charge of the three divisions. with his position as a creator and had liimself in perspective -- not entirely satisfied, bui at least clcar ; eyed and therefore in a mood for work. Third, he was an almosl impeccable craftsman -no mean quality. Fourth, he was genuinely enthused abou f . the idea ] of Boone's weekly television at- i tempt at a repertory theatre, with its own trro'jp. Some ol Odds' obituaries were peremptory. They almosl read iike reviews, Yet, while there is no need (or false praise ot the dead, his only crime was Ihat he was not as great a playwright as some people thought he should have been. A man's life is al! he has sol. and is worth more than I a Ijrushoff. Those who have read i or 1 seen his plays -- like "Wailing ' for Lefty," ' A w a k e and Sing." " G o l d e n Boy", "The Country G i r l " and "The Flowering Peach" -- surely can'l be so naive as lo Ihink t h a t remaining on Broadway would have changed his basic abilities. What he was, was a master of Ihe uses of a theatre; he knew how lo charge an almos- phere with electricity: he could excite, s t i r , enierlain. and he had a few ideas. If he was not immense, he al least left some works lo remember. He admilted lo having yearned to be a significant writer. He admitted UIP machine-like approach of most Hollywood films. "Every: body runs to TV," IIP said, indicating he m i g h t have been bet- t e r off if there wore no f i l m in' dustry. But of his movies, he ZODIAC ROOM --Motor Inn Motel-- Now Playing Nightly . . . (except Monday) "THE DIMENSIONS" Suduli: Ensl Const .Sounds! 10 til ? --!Mmil*?rx ftnd GiieM''-- ."Memberships Ami hi Me · said: "It's professional work, |I'm a .professional writer." He knew his position, precisely; The ChiiJincI Su'im: A 90-minute special about ihe late movie producer. Cecil B. DeMille, will air Dec. 1 on NBC-TV...On Nov. 2-1. same network offers a one- f hour salute to the recording in| duslry. featuring Frank Sinatra, B'i!i£ Crosby, Dear: Martin. Bob I Hope and Sammy Davis Jr. Mori Sahl has been signed for the Sept. 21 premiere -- and further outings -- ol ABC-TVs new two-hour Jerry L/?wis program. There has been lalk that comedian Sahl. may do his personalized, satirical "news com- mentaries" regularly on the Sat-. urday night Lewis series. Jackie Cooper is expected to have Barbara Stanwyck as his i costar in his planned 196-1-65 CBS- I TV drama series, in which he plays a county agent, in the Southwest Negro leaders M a r t i n Luther Kir.p Ji 1 , and Roy Wjlkins will be interviewed Sunday on NBC-TV's "Meet the Press." Accused Murderer Is Held For Trial TULSA (AP) -- A 24-year-old woman, charged with murder in ' connection with the fatal shooting i of William Lloyd Songer, 37, was · bound over to district court for t trial at a preliminary hearing here Tuesday. The woman. Helen Louise Fenoglio. is being held w i l h o u t bond. ! Songer was killed July 27 at a home he and the woman shared here. SADDLE 10RSES C Sl.OO Per Hour £ Dally 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EAGLE PARK Cache, Oklahoma On Wichita Mt. Highway D i a l HA 9-S2S8 312 S. FOURTH CALL EL3-9I71 ITALIAN RESTAURANT FAMOUS FOR PIZZA AT ITS BEST! 1 i! a ROME (API -- Peter OToole. Irish-born star of "Lawrence of Arabia." is tho firsl actor to br signed for a leading pan in Dino de Laurentiis' movie "The Bible." O'Toole, now in London making ; Ihr movie "Becket." will play N'imron. mighly hnnier and kin5 of B K b c 1, De Laurentiis announced. ' The To^vor of Babel episode of "The Bible" will be filmed in near Ihe end of this year. NOW VOli KNOW By Uiiii^d Cross (utorniKimiiil Toial expenses of thf T.OL', 1 * hospitals roistered by the American Hospital Assixini ion rose 10 n record nmouni of S10.l:'!).2IG.OOO lasl yenr. 7.3 per cent alwvp the 1961 loial. according to t h e a.sso- cialion. MOTORIST GIVES UP MOVKI.V, Mo. (UPn-\Villiam ' Housion KSVC up Irvine to start his CHI' stalled or, a railroad crossing Tuesday. He l i t a cigarette, slood hack and watched his car destroyed a.s a freiprhl t r a i n dracced it 150 vards down the track, SWIM Beach Duncan, Okla. ^.:- · Sandy Bcjich · ('ionic Area THY OUK 30 1-T Til K I L L SLIDE (lrn 1 m S p.m. O|Wi- H i 7--Slnrls ill Dusk TONITE Th ;X St f\f\ C A R L O A D NITE uuiir.Nct; HAlfflsY TRXICF. KAUTH*., I TECHNICOLOR I'lns Sally rnner In " R O A D R A C E R S " Box nfrice open 1 : I S Admission: 25c, 75u. Free narkini; across slrcnl-- ask nllendant for special ticket. QJANft D D W N T D V N MIGHTIEST MONSTERS OF THE AGES IN THE BATTLE OF THE AGES! ENDSTONITE Box o f f i c o open 1-45. starts nt 2:00. Features at ·:'10. -1:-10. T:OS. 9:20. Admission: ilc, T5c. Krro parking across from Diana nsk iillendanl lor special ticket. Today In Washington Debt Ceiling ill Approved By THH ASSOCIATED PR1JSS WASHINGTON (AP) -- In (he news from Washinpon: EXTENSION: Congress has approved Icgisliiiion lo continue !he SHOP billion ceilinc on Ihe national debt u n t i l Nov. 30. Protests thai short term extensions of the ceilings on the national dcbi arc an irresponsible way 1c mamise finances were overridden Tuesday as the Senate voted 5"..",1 to send the measure to President Konnedv, Nighrly 6:30 S W I M Daily 1 0 to 1 0 Rides - Golf Picnic FLATTOP: Deputy Secretary, or Defense Roswdl L. Gilpatric says a decision between conventional ov nudear power is the sole remaining issue holclinj up contracts to build anolher aircraft ca'l'ior for the Navy. "1 better nol scoop my boss/ 1 , Gilpalric told a Senate Appropria- i tiors hcni'inp Tuesday while civ- inc this word on the carrier. Sec-, rcitary of De tense R.obert S .McNamara is expected lo announce ! Hie carrier decision' when he returns from vacation. Air Conditioned Dliilnc Roooi O Inlormal Atmosphere · Eons tho Children · Plumy ol ffl^b Chain Cache and Sheridan Reed Orders to Go EL 3-351* Thursday IS FAMILY DAY S P E C I A L FULL SIZE PURE BEEF QUALITY CHEESEBURGERS 15 ONE OR A BASKETFUL !Xo Quantity Limit Al] Food At Painless Prices SIDNEY'S DAIRY CREAMS 2nd and Bell -- ELS-3025 Utb and B -- EL3-6160 BIG "15" 14th and Lee -- EL5-2680 46th Cache Rd. ---EL5-9833 DRUMSTICK 26th and Cache Road. EL3-090S Mac's LITTLE BOY HAMBURGER THURSDAYS lOc EACH (Limit 10 lo n. Customer) M A C ' S DRIVE-INS --Two Locations-2nd and Lee Bonlevnrd 23rd and A. Avenue cott con , DRIVE IN SHKIOAN IOAD k LAKI Opens :il 7--Slarls nl l)uk A i l i i i l s s i n i i 10r K i l l s Unili;r IS )'nc TflMITF i; " lls i Will I C \Vcihii.-Mhiy PAUL NEWMAN HUDl --PLUS-"THE HAND" Wilh Dm* Bond Kin* Konit's Ciptiirs-- ind Escape! Godzilla's A t t a c k on Tokyo--nithHisAtomic Power! Kmr Konii Ffrocious L'Vtls Er:n; thinj Btlori Him! '!; Godzilli Knocks Jit '. Bombrrs Irom In* Slty! »J ' OctJfi Linen Capsized -i \ ...TitiJl Warn ritoil -' ' - Iht Ewlli...lhe WofW's ~' Ptoplt in Pinic! STARTS TOMORROW THE TOWERING EXCITEMENT .'.THE TITANIC PASSIONS OF 55 DAYS THAT STUNNED THE WORLD! A magnificent new triumph from the producer of 'ELCID'! IN COLOR AToho Company LW, Piclur* A Universal Release £«w DOUBLE FEATURE ADULTS ONLY BOT office open 1 : 1 5 .Admission: T;1c "LUST FOR THE SUN" Home of Fine Italian Foods · Choice Broiled Steaks · Sea Food · Chicken Complete Italian and American menus. Private dining room for small parties FROZEN ITALIAN DISHES TO TAKE HOME Open 3 p,m. ot L2:« a.m. Sal., 3 to 1:45 Order, To Co 113 N. 2nd EL3-9S43 Come Out To Our Old Fashioned ICE CREAM PARLOR · Z4 Flavors ol Ice Cream · Unbelievable Ice Cream Sundaes CHAKBROILED STEAKS-HAMBURGERS Private Parties Arranged JOHNSON'S "GAY NINETIES" Open til 11 p.m. In Caclie Kd. Square This is Ihft colorful slory of Ilio nudist'cnnips ;it Wuhurn Abbey,; ol Sj'It, lp\p. of levant nnd C«v:illo! Filmed in Flesh-Tone Color! --PLUS SECOND ADULT SHOW-"WAYWARD GIRL" DRIVE IN AUSTIN Choice Charcoal Broiled Steaks Cooked Over Open Pil I" Our Dining Room · Prime Rib of Roast Beef · Sea Food Bring tl)e family lo Martin's for a real treat. Complete dinners Irom ?1.75. Come as you are. Weekdays 5-1] p.m. Sundays 11:30 a.m. til 10 p.m. 2107 Cache Road EL 3-5286 THEATRC DOUBLE FEATURE TONITE THURSDAY Open 6:30--Starts al Dark Adm: 60c--Kids under 12 Free MOST INCREDIBLE jTRUEt STORY IK U.S. NAVY HISTORY! * OOU) OOMT PflOOuaiOt* . A UHMBHl..|KTt«N«IOtUI. KCIIUI --PLUS SECOND FEATURE-- A TERRIFYING WAR OF NERVES! GREGORY/ROBERT /POLLY PECK MITCHUM BERGEN CVWAMfe A UILVtll-VlLBOT PIODUCTION . t lW[litL.|nT(IMTIOIUL R[U«[ · LORI MARTIN · IURTW BALSAM · UCK KRUSCHEN · TEUf SAVIUS - BABBIE CHASE Friday at Auitin-,Prive-ln - . ' · · "BATTLE OF GUNSLINGERS"! Ripped From The Battle Scarred Pages Of Marine Corps History! SAMUEL BRONSTON PRESENTS CHARLTON HESTON AVA GARDNER DAVID NIVEN e i B JOHN IRELAND HARRY ANDREWS LEOGENN ROBERT HELPMANN KURTKASZNAR PAULLUKAS ELIZABETH'SELLARS JACQUESSERNAS JEROMETHOR M US ,c B ,DIIVIiTRI TIOMKIN . wo , L sTM,PHILIP YORDAN - BERNARD GORDON «:,»,,NICHOLAS RAY *»*»«SAMUEL BRONSTON PHOIOaVhtD ft WteJliO*r 70MM SUPER TECHNIRAMA'TECHNICOLOR ALLIED^ARTISTS · rr i ROSS nw» » DORIS ENDSTONITE Open 7 p.m. Adm: 23c, T5c

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