The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 14, 1957 · Page 3
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 3

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 3
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!_! I ' f-\ *--\ *- t r- - THE INTER LAKE, Thursday, November 14, 1957 3- County ASC Petition Will t Be Accepted Through Tomorrow Petitions nominating candidates of the, community. The person nom?or election to Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation community committees w i l l be accepted through tomorrow, according to C. L. Hollinberger, Flathead County ASC office manager. inated must be a resident of the community and eligible to vote in ASC elections. In addition lie may not be a full-time employee of the Department of Agriculture, a can- VA Advises Vets Check Insurance World War II. veterans holding IGI life insurance might do well to ponder the experience of nearlv 20,000 veterans of World War I who didn't convert their term policies to permanent Gl insurance. Thai's the advice of the Veterans i Administration, said C. N. Lindsay, contact representative of the didate for or hold a political office tocal v ^ office in Missoula. The names of candidates nomin-| or any office in a political party or ated hy petition will be included on ' ballots along with the names previously selected by community election boards. Ballots will be prepared and mailed to all known eligible voters about Nov. 22. Hollin- orgauization, and he may not have been moved for cause from any ASC or other public office. Hollinberger pointed out that the Term GI insurance, Lindsay explained, must be renewed every five years at an increasingly higher premium rate. Having carried their term GI community conimiifeeman elected'policies through as many as seven will assist (he county ASC commit- renewals, these 20,000 World War 1 berger also pointed out that voters lee i' 1 administering the programs |veterans now face an almost insol- may write in on (he ballot the """'' ' '" "" '' ~ names of candidates for whom they want to vote. Nominating petitions must be signed by at least 10 eligible voters assigned to ASC during 1958. These programs, Hollinberger continued, touch practically every farm in the county. Their scope emphasizes the desirability of having the best Farmers Should Note Old and New Reserve Rules uble problem, Lindsay said. Averaging 62 years of age, .with their earnings generally declining, they are finding renewal cost of term policies so high that many of \~r ~ '- f -- « n w *l«£2lt V i i U t mailjf \JL qualified men serving on ASC com-'them are being forced to drop their Gf insurance. Even those who can Among the programs which ASC committees administer are Soil Bank, price support, wheat acreage allotment and marketing quotas, agricultural conservation, wool incen- afford to renew currently may not be able to do so in another fivei years, Lindsay pointed out. | World War II veterans can avoid the dilemma of their older com- tive payments, sugar beet proper- rades by converting to permanent *. «--··-."! UMQUL wtfci. KIUJ/UI - * «Mc.3 jj v-uiivtu uijg 10 perm anon* Farmers with land in the Conf i o n a t e share a! ! d conditional pay- GI insurance. The initial cost of ivir?iiirn T3«c-n,-..~ ,,,, --n ,,_ *i ments and farm storaen taniliHp«; riermanpnt inQiiranno ^ jnirri./^ *T.-.. ments and farm storage facilities. Producers who have any questions as to the proper procedure to be followed in nominating farmers and ranchers for committee posts may insurance is higher than term, but the premium rates do not! increase. servalion Reserve, as well as those who are planning to place land in the 1958 program (the signup for which is now under way), should take note of the old and new regulations in order to avoid viola- " ""«·""»""" cimui uum me auneiiuei-, exienaea insurance, paid- tion of their contracts and pos-' c . ounty Asc offi ce or from the elec- up insurance and loan value. Term sible loss of payment, E . - R . Bee'- tj ° n D0ard named for their com- insurance has none of these. mittee. A list of election board) Information, about conversion of In addition, Lindsay explained, permanent GI insurance has a cashi secure information either from the surrender, extended insurance, paid-i man, chairman, Flathead Countj 1 Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee, declared today. Beeman pointed out several members is available at the county ASC office or in the office of W. W. Mauritson, chairman of the county election board. basic regulations that a farmer must abide by in order to be eligible for payment under his Conservation R e s e r v e contract. Among them are: No harvesting of acreage in excess of "permitted acreage," which is the Soil Bank . - , ^ Ullu ,,,,,, UI ^ I U _ base less the land put in the re-' cago ' Minneapolis and points in coin County -- have been disserve programs; no harvesting or Canada became permanent yester-'covered in Montana. The new Northwest Award WASHINGTON (UP) -- Northwest Airlines' authority to serve Anchor- GI insurance policies is available at the local VA office, Room 513, Savings Center Building, Missoula. i New TB Cases · HELENA (UP) -- The State Board of Health says three new cases of tuberculosis -- two in *-"··"-·* "J » * n w c i t,m\j;it LWO in age, Alaska, from New York, Chi- Roosevelt County and one in Lin- grazing of the land placed in the Conservation Reserve except Under emergency conditions; no unauthorized use of water stored on the Conservation Reserve; failure to prevent spread of noxious weeds; and failure to establish vegetative cover or other practices agreed to be carried out. Beeman said that breaking out non-cropland is also a violation of the Conservation Reserve contract., If, at any time during the contract period, land on the which was not classified as cropland at the time the'contract was entered Into is broken out" with put approval .by the county committee as a good fanning, practice, the opening up is considered a violation that could result in loss of payment Where such a practice is .approved by the county committee, the identical acreage or an equal acreage of cropland on the farm (excluding the "reserved" acreage) must be restored to permanent vegetative cover. Farmers are advised by Beeraan to "call at the county ASC office for full information on these regulations. day. No objections to the proposed certification were filed in a brief hearing on the matter before Civil Aeronautics Board examiner Walter W. Bryan: LeMay Returns BUENOS AIRES, Argentina! (up -- Gen. Curtis Lemay tookj off today for the return flight of his record-breaking Stratojet tank- lew long distance miles [ cases bring to 256 the number of cases discovered within" the state so far this year as con! pared to 243 at this time in 1956. i READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Teenager's . . . Register for -Free Gift Certificates "SOCK HOP" Every Saturday -- 1 to 2 FERGUSSON'S SHOES Sale of TB Seals Opens Tomorrow In proclaiming Friday as the open- jug day of the 1957 Christmas Seal Sale in Montana, Gov. ,J. Hugo Arouson has pointed out that "every Moutanan bears a- share of the burden of the cost of tuberculosis in the Treasure State." I "The disease results in long and costly illness, broken homes, loss of earning power and difficult adjustments," Arbnson said. He explained that the annual cost,' of tuberculosis to the taxpayers of this nation is approximately $600 million for patient care, 'case finding, health education, research, rehabilitation and public assistance. "There were 282 cases of tuberculosis in Montana'-last" year, compared with only 270 new eases of TB reported 50 years' ago, in 1917," the governor pointed out. "The U.S. Public Health Sen-ice reports Montana has the highest active tuberculosis'case rate, in the : entire Northwest." '_,, In urging Montanans to buy and use Christmas Seals, the governor said, "The Montana Tuberculosis Association and its local affiliates wage a continuing, year-round campaign of case-finding,' education and rehabilitation in · an effort to prevent the spread of the disease, to improve the care . of patients arid help reduce the personal tragedy and economic loss caused by tuberculosis. "The Christmas Seal Sale is the Sole support of the Montana Tuberculosis Association," ' Gov. 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