The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 5, 1951 · Page 91
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 91

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1951
Page 91
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Market Fails To Establish Record Hih Too Many Hurdles Upward Foil Wee i San Antonio Dvertoek .A.NTOMO. A^Z. 3. (AP ·- '"FSM: olhor -tO'-Ii..-:j! a'.*;i*.dy. Wcvk's ty^: SU;u^:-'.- * iS.W. calves 23.SC. f.e;KtT calves ;.'".··'. i ycy i Linr* iJl'.'X', feeder ste?r* l^.f^J. W f t ^ ' S ' b--;ri' t'"";: : jty artij k»w v.*!Mrn'.'r r "i!i} Kn};.»! iU-era n:ti ywarlinga 27.(iV;.Ri. t ' j i r t y j ««. 2!.5';-S).W, cm-wrs and CUIV.T* 17.0-2-! :'!.;.0. buns K.OO-27.W. i Good and «?IMJ;C«-' c a i v e s 29.W.j2. r /J. tX'ln-j mer'.'!a 25,XriUC'?. cu! .11:'' u'.ii'y :!MJI I :; 00. Medium kucl g'jryj; sttv.i« ciOvuu -7.5'.--'··'-.W. cC'^r.JHOii a'".v -O-'.v i ;6-D Corpus Christi CALLER-TBIES. Su^.. A'.^. 5, IBIGGER OUTPUT | Defense Chief Says [our 110 \VASTL\GTCO; Aug. 4. AP)-- · HOY,- Texas ir:eicbers oi Congress j '.vsre recorded as voiLug on recent! · :oii calls: i HOISE j (Speaker Ilaybura (D-T x a s) j vcnes oiUy in of a tie.) j : On passage, 378 to 0, of a resolu-1 Builders To Shelve Half of Blueprints Under New Controls T^r^HstetKnsVotLrfo?-'" 1 ' 1 ''- WAvSHINCTO.N, Aug. 4. ( U P ) - i r w o n e s needed to break bot- On passage 294 to 80. of com-! Mobilization oJndats estimated to-;tlenecXs in tne . mobilization pro' v. he; slated, a m;'.x;u!uni ' Chicago Grain (; ;! ins in v.'iieat :-w the weei: eH'4- i-;ai;;ed lro;:i r ! ; Lu -Ji' NEW YORK, Aug. 4. (AP)-The stock market made a major attempt to establish a new bull market high this week, but it fell short of the mark, There were too many hurdles in the upward path the lagging peformance of the railroads, profit-taking as ^i;,?TM'; 1 't'i$ "'.o^T'tV'TxwJ^SfVj;' the weekend approached, adverse earnings reports showing, M.^ 12 ^* iSiif Kids of-S'iy'"c.oij-T.w"' the deep inroads on profits by federal taxes, and a tendency i h " a L i on the part of traders to pause and take a deep breath after sprinting ahead tor such a long time. The market has advanced for five straight weeks as measured by the AP average of 60 stocks, j That's the longest stretch since the! 10-week forward movement t h a t ' » T v , r stopped in the week ended Feb. 10.: i'CW 1 ork r Started From Scratch ! Nl _ ;v v ,, i; j; AVl) , The current rise started from the; l"!,^,,;" f^viia.'j'-'i. ^H. lowest point of this year June '-·· c-'^-^-.d jT.'ii '·..' s'-.Jo when the AP average was $ss. Yes- L terday the average stood at $96.70. j t i just 51.10 away from the I'.igh of j p1 ,. ;u(tl , the year. Kxactly 'hat amount--· I*"''·* 51.10--was gained this \veel;. | ?,;J"|', When the week started all the .·»''»·''··" elements were present for the mar-jut,'!- ." !;et to make a try for a new tup.! ,,.·'·''·'.;" \\'al! Street ar.alys.s It-It n wasjuii'iV.TM ready. On Monday the maket wa.s! muVL ' tl l ""' u i-s':"''higher, Tiw, chi-micals-, a n d ' .. .,. rubbers forged ahead. but t h el Kansas Lily rails, steels, and motors refused lo join in. That split in group action, the fact that strength was 1' selective, set the stage for t h e ! Tuesday market. That's when the tumble cam the biggest drcv. sine? June 2X, IB:'"' with chemicals and oils hard hit b y i jj^ profit-taking. i 3i Never Out *f Haiul ; '^,' Selling never got out of h a n d , ! j' however, and the volume of busi- j J?~ ness was the smallest of the i-u- 1 tire week. The market's ability !s -';131 «-. ·.,..-, absorb selling brought on by sharp it Ji.tI.Il3 price cuts was heartening to ilie'-. m bulls. · i^ rf"hl* I 1 V(f* When there was a suhi-itantial re- A V'l i-JiV v/ found Wednesday oti "expanding \olunie, "the hulls felt thoir .st-mul .a ft,yttn ( W .fa B id U *! was Vindicated. 'kJaring it i:; the policy t,l govern- '!y the !e:;^lh;-n:m; of hyurs for H!! | merit 1 -* to sujwort '.'m- pr;n-: i::ai:U'ics r:-:';- dots neo'l fo r ;!1)t - adopted 189 to; wav for faster exoansion of do-: be able to get the materials only - - ; ; ; : 170: (Jons-.-n amendment provides;^,;,.. j an . s d ;. OJlstrue;t i on O rthrou-h K overnment allocation. ; t h a t (!ei.iartm^iit c a n t fil! more; .'__·:__ . '-- -- ·-- ii.".iiui;:K m'ui'i'.i/nt j.-uy iur over-; .\ianprrtvc-r anortas'e;; jn OIIH la-;.\giinst-- Beclr.vtirth Bentsen Bur- 1 [ t i m e in Uu; present c'efen-e emc-r-.bor niari;«t avea will no! ju.vUfy |i e son.' Combs, Lyle, 'ilahon.' Pat-; jgency would lie t» ilisrupt 'he wage ilengther.lrss tile work week in ano-!rvian, Poa^c.' Thompson, Thorn-: j.stabilization program arid n d u s - i t h e r urea v.'hero availaule re;;f!vos;},r : - r v; Listed as not"voting-Fisher, i R n AS - Li1 eavier UW V -k-V^A trial relations generally," Wilson'r.f labor slill f-xist." :GoF?oU. Kildny. Pickett, R e g s "' ;l -'-'. ] \Vibon recor::mt".'ided that r |!: '"' 1 - iTea *ue Thoni'as. Ke exprcsseij the opinion t h a t ; which have lo extend their *)ri;| " ' SENATE ..,,,,...,,, ..,, , ,. p , . . . . . i ^ - b o r unions would agHalelor high-: we,-!: h^v.-.c! «) how* make ., ..-lysel On DuusUis' (D-I1!) amendment CHIcAuO, iiUjj. 4. ( A P ) -- \ \ n e d l . o r b , 1;ic j.. lk , s jf O V ( . r .jni« n;iv w a s ; K t u d v orn "inni IT i * ^·jlhanLsualio OJlcr-Tlu'.t'j* 't*ws Svnlw UHI^AUU, Aug. *. V A r i - w u ^ , , r b;l ., e j,^.,., jf O V ( . r , i n , y ,,., v . ,,, ; t , o ,: t t , ,; j b i Trv ,,,, u , v .p ost O (fi"e Honroi-v.' A^^-A heavier run ot iue-,iois nrousui »TM iu ^i.o«. ^.UUL- le-J a iuod-,^1 upturn in gni:n ;I ., k , n JIW ,, V t ,, · r , : ^ f ;ll ,,.,, ntt , c : sr ,, , ccid ; nl 3 i; ior ^^V.;' 1 ^"'^p^ f ' ( L t ^'-.^ : stock than usual~729 cattle. 37'n wlls SI ,U at $28 to $29.50. puce, on the Board of Trade la;*;,,, s a k l - wo ;, !d b(k ;no ,, ; ^ u ^.'--i^ ^Z"^.'^,,^^ and ^oats, and 19 hogs-; Stacker calves, steers and heif- week, aided by .some signs o£ a:iri ? ; rhan uvertinnj p;iv. i -!MP he c f f i-cUvon.^': fo- the -lOd-indor-tcd "'i t o ' ' " - 'Cc'""--nv' a n d i w e n t '" l "'oug;h the auction ring cHers, sold at S2S to $32. Brahma p i i - k i i p m t h e - j x p . J i - t l f a i . i l ; , j H-:- ;I!NO saiii: ' : e d v.'-rk i-'-urs. ' " ' ' Ojiir-nson ':'i'j'.:a?t'.'' " ";thc Alice Livestock Commission · mixed ea!«s sold at 529 to 531. jdrodwelght, and plain to medium AI-TCB--A heavier run of live-Slots brought $30 to $31.50. Cornis sold at $28 to S2!.50. heiit- "Eu'xperU-ru-e in \Vur!d War I I : Wilson h.-.d on'itrated |j:;it excessively !.on; tvvo si:;j-;o;-t of h i s * On passage . o to S of biH'on'Co. here Friday, ' a d v i s o r y ^dol'iar ArrrieiiHuve Uep;u-unent ap-j Continued cry weather ' . nearby September delivery; work Jiours tnnsed so much Vaste :.'fO'ips ;ri his coiri::ic::ls on thi» · l u - j i i n i i r o n r i f i t i o n bill; Cor,isnl!v - " ' ' "' " u t n :'..] vHl.^ I'lirhufl'.'.'!! t n p. 'J v.'hl:.- J . C I ' . . : ' -l.'.N: ."·'·' !; i^i-'.'.vsN* vo.-[having ! -h« largest upturn. This in the f'-.rni of -.pniHi-; ,.,.,.'was L'l-Ucr than the activity of Hie'.i;.:.'u, and :n!-'fic:i::it work p.-.-i .'···ri-' rest oi U'.c market, which. vdv.k-'aiK-c !itUc l.'eiu^it to t h ''''''''a:iv, failed to punch out any ;» i /fJ."t. u'.'.s 1 .! 'riijys ; t t i - ; - r )«L-taciilar udvancea. ; ' ' M i i ' . i n l a i n t!i'-^n sc!i.'i!'.!!c : Corn wosmU up liie week li to^^ 1 '^ 1 '^ 1 .. tK 5 !c "f" 1 ' ' UU liigh'-r. oats - to i v: ; a liiglier, · '.w.1 1 . ' : ; 'j'vyc (now style) '.;. lower to r.'.-i : ".N".! ! "J!higher, soybeans : :i lov.-cr to 2'.- ·'-· ; '"'- N; liighcr ami lard ' to 25 cents a . j hundred pounds higher. ! Bui!;; in wheat, received a little J thrill during tl:-e vv.-ck »v!ie;i \ \ t - . - t '"! Germany btught in excess of 0 I m i l l i o i i bushels of hard and spring wheat, wliich grain incn thought might .start volume buying on the Slaughter yearlings, g o o d to in t h e ' f h o i e e " kinds," went "at ?32 to $34, -,-, d: South T e x a s ' a r e a was credited land Plain to medium kinds sold T n t e r a - I J o h n s w . for. '" iwith causing the heavy run of cat-i at ?30 to $31.30. Commons brought · On passauo, -1C- to 3-i of b i l l n-i!;-l'!*, aci-ordins to King H i a n a u t , J r . , : ·'i-N to .?_9.,"0. i tl:.?':ir:;:: p;i'i!-)d laitli rt O.i.'finsc to c'havgw'spolc's:nan for the livestock coni-i CuUer and lightweight b u l l s P o l - ; o f p - i c e disrriminntion under a t i - mission company. i J ' oi( -' ilt *} lo ^ 2li a hundredweight. em-It 1 . list iaw.'.-: Connally. a g a i n s t: i Top hoss sold nt 522 a. hundred-: ..... ''·Johnson, not voting. ';, |'« " enet en U. S 9 "Bi"azil Flieiife and good butchers w e n t i p j Y7ortll Grain at S20.50 to ?22. Sows brought ironi $19 tO ?20. : :: Cows, plain to medium lum'is.,.. brought $22 to ?-' and caiwcrs anil 1 cutters sold at $16 to $21.5i.!. 1! 'Slaughter clavos. good to choiee . : gi-ades, brought SK2 io ?34 a hun-" · 4 (A1 J ;--Wheat DO h:iu; 'J.5^-*2.ri8. IMU-l'.IU. No, pjo OK JANKITRO, F.rr..-,-.:J, Aurr, : Xinfru er, - X a v a n l i n a , narasulnot v.-t on the map:;, will beoomo' ' 11 ec now , .., , , , , ( p a r t of I C u i o p e a n countries. Hopes .(. ii:pi....A h a n d f u l of h a r d y R.-.i-.inml K r l u e r a . this !·!.«; O:K' no':i:: tlx h':se for ihe s=p,-o:;d phase of! j w e r e f.\t)res:-..;d til!;-: vvouid (·i;!(A¥ ; -\}\:\ n pium-prs h a v e j i ' - t ru:i:i i!o;e.i: .|H. sf«f wh.ere Femi-s.-i va-o K:;!;v,'. v -e for.ndation'n task: The l a y i n g 1 Itiiis wee!;';: meeting of the Inter- mi t»!'vhl-vi\'ir pi^!v!;.)n of .-t-n- i nalv f R i l i a - K o!;.ini to h.'i'v,-- .HMod ir-f Highways In ronnect t h e ' R i r ; l i i n t i o n a l VVh.'ut Agreement Coun- trn! l i i l m i i a n .,i!:;v: t h e - n v i i i ^ h exnlon-r Col. Prrcv Fa\v- :s'.rir!r.'"whit ; h.' he s n i d , are soon to! !c;il in Loiivkih, ;v.:iy for P.fC-cipb; Hi. 1 cash v.'iieat reached 1 Miami :tnrl Hie ll.'i- la .· i-ajwii'll penk at Kansas City i i ) ' w ' " ( i u t il'-V"-: lime j Monday, but l!io run here fell u!f. j p o i n l s b' :-"n-;'-rfil hours. ; ·u!'': 1 :n^' only .seven m o n t h s enr.h, ' f e r t i l e I Most of the grain in the t e r r i t o r y ! A f t e r "'-::'·· savages, v.-jji! :\\\\- ve.-ir. The \e«',r of t h » time tlnM-iopi'iii' ·vu-( tiptv.VPi: : ret "i! \v Janoiro !h.-it ; Nc\v i h h\v..";i bolh 7:iori. !h.'- ri;; tl!ic-!igo has now bf-'n! irrMs a t n l !hurve;-h'i!. I'.odging pn-ssurf ' i\i.:*s. Thursday they wcut a Ion" '.vay! pjans are nioving i'lirwan! rapid-lnoU-d througimut t h o week but i t ; eni to proving H ly piisliing .ir-.-:s| ! v f i ) | . ' U } l . nmm:l \ '\.i vf (i :l k Ct'niis-ldid not at any time reach exi-es-: I'Vi SiviUlt.-ineoii^ly. Pcroira said. l ! ' [ ! j K-.'.is alr-n:; tlhi lint- will b e ! J j j ! | to c t t ' i t i v n U o n ; p \\ h 1 i c ! i | j ! j ;iml other inclisnfns.i' He j|||j| w i l l no j n ^ l u l ' e d and oU!-j|| ! !r wav will lf raved to! j ti:n vast torritorin! roservrhi O r - i l l eon- i i j ·oumia-ljjij 1 Ms lust than 300 i inclucl- naval ahares on the weefe, the Oats ciid quitn \vell, largely be-J'-J'.'is on-niHi by tbe ^n?K\\{m v:*..^^^^^ hi net income after taxes. joil and gas: Henderson t ' . q v v t ; Dividends on. co m m o n stock!gate receipts; First State Bank; come out of net profits after j parking: Boy Scout troops. '.axes, and the price of c o :n M o «j'~r-- : -- -^~--_ -- --~ ' slocks in the final analysis is i)3S 'i x j*«l£t!C3.1 * o'J on dividend .payments. I «" The .most active stock of Uiei t|",,-. ace _ c \/'* i . * I . v/eeic was National Power Light AA«i claSCO T It-lllSI uy :; s at !! nvith 154,400 shares r\, try tied. -It wafe followed by Ana- \Ji iconunodity :' or n n f l 5S O^crrees we=t lonr-itud", I Some Kollins; developed in soy- 1 ^"enrs dr-stined to become the i beans on new'#! that stocks in all.' 1 " 13 of north-south and fiast-wost s positions on July I totaled 5 i . t i f n i r rnl - !t «s · 1 -TM'' ::s Sol ' Ti ' America. : million bushels, the largest in 10^ U K onlv 1 ll - our "° Ti» ;! i«cf-. i years of record. The crop outlook i 1 ; 1116 fl 'TM 1 ^" w: i os . capital of .was considered excellent. S o m e i Ar " a20rl stat( -After Day orp unchanged . Peu-oleom, Tip,! A ; buying developed late in the week! on news the Agriculture Depart- j . i ment planned to support cotton-; g TM r i.vlnjr Site · strips are located strata-j at ooints on the upner' COTTON -- GRAIN -- FHTUKERS Members Lending Commodity Exchanges INVESTMENT TRUST DEALERS Members Mid-Week Stock Exchange, N.A.S.D CALL FOR INFORMATION 2002 Aransas, Corpus Christi Harold Pohlmeier, Phone 2-6518 a . , 1 three and' a half weeks of unceas-l at «, Stendanl . · snercial Solvents up .'..2%' at 32%. In the cujrb market, Electric Bond 'Share .topped the most active list ,Up % at 23%,, With 74,000 shares traded. It was followed by Barium Stet-i, :up .% ' -.t 8~, Giant YellQwknife'«Gold,-up 1^ at 9, Pan- coastal Oil Unchanged at S, and Standard 'PfSWer Light, up % at ' Mouniies Smash every l\ Oeaii and Lewis jSiied for Damages She has.been beseiged with calls, ! , . : _ · . ,.^_, _,,, .' *··"-, from pei-sons .seeking-to claim lo S tj^ L O S AfsGELES, Aug.'4. (AP).- time the phone or the doorbell i articles, cleaners arriving to pick r cornelians, Dean Marun up , clothes that .wereri r t there, j ana Jerp- Lewis · may be able to h a s r Rin rTM' ,,,, · .-/ . ,, * ' MONTREAL. Aug someone had i TM^ «Jg, Uley asreed railed and ..directed the persons top Also nanwd M a defendant w a s j the nome of Mrs Hal and hcr i H a , Wa!Us fi!m prociueer w i t h | IJ2 . | mother, Mrs. Lucille JWls. ixvhom the comics are alleged to « / A W ' i ° ne S i n § I e ' d a y : lhe f!re de -ihave contracted lo make'seven 4 ' ^^l^^^-^l^^^^^.^SPictures. and York Pictures Co. .ion asks $8 million dam- York Pictures and VV'ai- . . . - i .,,,,.., contending t h e comediajia ^the(y aescribed as the b'g-jwas an "emergency" call s a y i n g ; h a v e made two movies for Wallis ge-it ever i to operate in this city. | Mrs. Mills was in the hospital with but have made only one for Screen. Police "said five Wen have been j a heart attack. Shortly alter that j Associates and claim to be ""un- arrested and $20.000 worth of nar-iHrs. Mills walked into the house,!available" for the six remaining colics seized. Two more arrests!as well as ever. 'films for the plaintiff concern. are expected shortly. i RCMP'Supt. Noel Courtois said] the ring: had been broken with! i»e assistance o f ' U. S. federal j agents after 12 months investiga- j ti'on. ' | James. R. Lemieux. head o£ the | criminal .investigation branch, said | ths ring "definitely" is linked with ! the international dope syndicate' which recent witnesses before the t". S. Senate Crime Committee; said was headed by Charles i '.Lucky) Luciano. I i Texas AGC Council j Begins Meeting Today | Quarterly meeting of the Texas' Chapter of the Associated General i Contractors Executive Council will be held here today and Monday. Curtis Eel', managing director of the local AGC, said ipproximate- ly 30 officers are expected to at- ten-.3. Fred Fisher, council chairman tror« Houston, will preside at busi- tiefst sessions In,the Robert Driscoll Hotel, Cecil Burney, local attorney and president of the Texas State Bar, is .to speak on recent state legislation. Y E A R EtGiNS SEPT. 19 SEND FOR NEW CATA1OG PREPARATORY SCHOOL and JUMIQR COLLEGE for BOTS TEXAS' OLDEST papsratory schao! Sat boyi. Baiiutifu! 4TS *cre campus. 3S tnodori! building-i. 20 aero. ccmptaJaly fiHod AfWetic Fisid. ·Synwajiurn. Swimming Poo!. Recreation Cen« lor. FUtLY ACCREOtTEO pr*paralion for ail col- !»g«j. C*rtificat» privilege with all collsgej «nd nni»«r$Ui«s «;c«pfing on c*r»!fic«fo, At«- d«m!e *!d buiiri«s» courses. Sfrong faeulty. HONOR. MILITARY SCHOOL wift Highort Sov't. Rating for 28 y««r*. 4 yeart Senior R.O.T.C. me«h »ll requircmenH for reserve commii^ion, wilh ainmplion from draft «n)il cornpUKon 4 Yr*. coilft^e. COMPLETE SPORTS PROGRAM for »ach caxlef. Championship vartity tedms. Band, Ortlieitra, SIe« Club. Rifls Team*. Aviation unit. Vttitofi wclcom*. for Catalog Writ* ALLEN MILITARY ACADEMY UVAN, TEXAS Woomta9» off *· , old Colonlol cities framed in va «tion. to«r tell A Resume of Previous Articles On soad authority I have shown in previous articles that poison sprays, DDT and ihc like; v.vanide i'ormad from cyanide bearing materials in our lakcv, rivers, bays, drain- airc ditches, etc.; Use nu-ne-rous oilier rutnniercinl and poisons kept around the honu-, many of which cause genuine poliomyelitis or wry ivim-al symptons of it. Also, that operations and imiouhlions are often responsible for the onset of poliomyelitis. And, that an over dose of cortisone or other Irish powered honnoiu-s of the lioiiy may cause it. Then too, an extreme deficiency «f calcuim and phosphorus is often the cause \Y!nn th? defu-k-ncy is riown to or ne:ir the !ansi;r point but Htilc of the above named poisons arc n-se'Jed to hriiis on pnlio. Tliese bortleriine cases are found in greater numbers in areas in which the soil is deficient in calcium and phosphorus, but, even when the food is produced on soils that have an over abundance of these materials impinged nerves can throw the endocrine glands so badly out of balance that calcium and phosphorus ami their supnortinir or associate materials arc not properly metabolized and are thrown off as waste; causing a deficiency commensurate with the functional failure. A BIT OF ADVICE: If you become ill--more especially if your child becomes i!!--bavins symptoms that lead you to suspect poliomyelitis--think first of poisons--by all means find out if the child has swallowed some home poison--played in contaminated waters--breathed dangerous fumes, gases, etc. When possible, f i n d out thes;; things. No doctor can, on the spur of the moment, differentiate between the reactions of the bundreus of poisons--neither can any medical doctor prescribe, off hand, the proper antidote for them but if his library is complete he can soon determine the proper procedure. Don't let your child he rushed to the hospital and be branded as a victim of Virus X, the socalled poliomyelitis virns, when you know or suspicion that it has been otherwise poisoned. Many suffering from nothing- more than a neurosis brought on bv a very iigbt dose of some poison are diagnosed as polio- These cases recover in a fe-.v days--are not true poliomyelitis for there is no inflamatitm or destruction o? nerve tissue--merely a disorder of function. In true poliomyelitis there is inflamation of the gray matter of the cord or brain--often ending in the destruction of the nerve tissue. The Caller-Times is to be highly commended for the part their staff played in having Corpus Christi. voted the most beautiful city in the TJ. S. by Better Homes and Gardens, but I cannot say as much for them in this "Poliomyelitis Scare Campaign." Our papers and radio stations unwittingly made the impression that ours is a filthy city --a poliomyelities ridden city. My estimate i-s that that ths "scare campaign" caused Corpus Christi to lose S10,- 000,000.00 in business and I think this as a very conservative estimate. Tfae profit loss on this business would have put up-to-date plumbing in every home of the "hardship" cases, storm sewers to serve them and then" had lots of money left for other things. Other cities with mor e filth and a, greater number .of polio cases did not take such losses for they had no "scare campaign." There is a better way .to handle such matters: If our ordinances are not complete--let's complete them immediately and enforce them to the letter on all alike. Let's keep our "health of-, f tors'" busy fifty two weeks out of the year. Not let them rest on. iheir "laurels" nine mouths and then have them corae out in polio season as "calairifty howlers" and wrecfc our city in a way that it will take months t» regain its losses and civic prestige. To slate, 7-31-51, we have had only seventy-three, so-called, polio cases. Very few real poliomyelitis cases. The "scare campaign" no doubt has caused more deaths thaw ?O!K. IR fact some of the polio deaths may have been caused by the victim's own adrenals being stimulated by fear to over produce cortisone to the extent that it caused the paralysis and death. Often, fear ·will do this very thing. i .-; Then too, no doubt ten tiaies the seventy-three have been paralyzed with fear; suffering- many frustrations, aches, pains and sickness brought on by fear. Ask any reliable and competent authority and he will confirm this as sound reasoning. As 1 see it your "sc^re campaign" has done far more harm than good. You cannot prove that it saved a single one from being- polio victimized. -If yon will reason for oae minute you will see that it did great damage and very little good. Let's build a greater city -- have a cleaner and a "health ridden" city -- a more beautiful city -- quit run- j ning · up' and down the highways and byways as feverish "calamity howlers 1 ' -- branding- our city as being a filthy and disease ridden city -- making 1 it unattractive to many ·who wonld corne here to live -- buy real estate -- trade with us -- or just fo sit or play on the beach -- fish -- go boating- ar swimming. Lei's all sober «p now--get over this misguided polio spree and isi a business like manner get right down to the real business of building a city that will he second to none in health, pleasure, cleanliness and beauty. We won the beauty prize once--let's do it again. For bodily troubles from eacsps within--start using: the Straight Chiropractic Service. Use it throughout life as needed. It tviil add years to your life and much more pleasure and life fo your years. Diol 2-3251 1238 Sixfh Stress- (Corrscr of Morgan)

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