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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Tuesday, July 12, 1960
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Demos Face Bitter Fight Over Civil Rights Plank By ALV1N SPIVAk LOS ANGELES (UPI) - The Democratic Party was asked 'D-day to adopt the toughest civil rights program in its history despite warnings it would drive the South Irom the fold and cost Democrats tire November election. A "party of hope" platlorm keyed mainly to the civil rights issue and booming a wide range of other liberal causes goes before the Democratic convention late today for ratification. for ni delegations worked late in to the night to complete a sting ing minority report asking it delegates would "lead their party to defeat with the holler of a platform framed upon the insistence of a radical wing of our party." Calculated Effort "We call upon delegates from nil the states of this Union., .to join with us in defending against the calculated effort which is being made by the radicals of both political parties to drive the states of the South from the Democrat ic party," the Southerners said. The 17.000-word platform, 4.000 words of which will be read at the convention session, was approved Monday night by the 109- member platform committee. O v e r r u l i n g Southern objections on a 66 to 24 vote, tire com mittee approved a civil rights plank demanding vigorous feder al action "to make equal opportunity 3 living reality for all Am leal for the party in great areas of our Southland." The Northern liberal stand was exemplified by Rep.- Emanuel Celler (N. Y.) who said anything less than the approved plank "might spell defeat and disaster" for the party in November. Committee members from.nine Southern state immediately 'repudiated the plank and threatened a floor fight tonight when the issue hits the convention floor. Bui the extent of the fight was sill undcrtermined. United Press Inlcrnalional 'ob- ained a copy of the civil rights ilank shortly after it was ap- roved by the committee. It in ·ludcd this sympathetic reference o Negro sit-in demonstrations in he South; "The peaceful demonstration: ir first-class citizenship which lave recently taken place many parts of this country arc a signal to all ol us to make gooc at long last the guarantees our Constitution. e.-:cans. The plank, touching on jus ABKAUSA5 -- Cteor fo panl thisugS Wrdfintkif wil 70i. Hlgheil RED STREAK FINAL "The time has come to assure qual access for all Americans to areas of community life. luding voting booths, school- corns, jobs, housing, and public acililies . , . 'To accomplish these goals will equire executive orders, legal ac- ions brought by the attorney [eneral, legislation, and improved congressional procedures to afeguard majority rule. "Above all, it will require the strong, active, persuasive, and nventive leadership of the presi dent of the United States." Here are some other highlights: --"We believe every s c h o o district affected by the Supreme Court's school desegregation deci sion should submit a plan prijvid- ing for at least first-step compli ance by 1963. . ." --"The new Democratic admin istraltan will support federal leg- 1 illation establishing a fair employ-l ment practices commission effectively to secure the right to See - DEMOS - Page I 7)stYear Associated Press (AP) United Press International /UPI./ Greenville. Mississippi Tuesday, July 12, 1960 Price 5c No 269 ike, fiikita Trade Jacks Almost In about every controversial area of civil fights, was approved alter two hours ol impassioned debate behind closed g'jardcd doors »t a hotel far from the convention hub-bub. Almost Certain Defeat Southern arguments were typified by the warning of Sen. John By JACK BELL LOS ANGELF.S (AP) -- The Democratic National Convention squared off today for a civil rights battle, with Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts holding an impregnable position as its potential presidential nominee. Adherents of Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson ni Texas refused to give up hope that he can wrest the nomination away from Kennedy by a dramatic last- hour rally. In line with this, Johnson pallet a news conference today for wha an aide called "an important an Stennis that adoption of the planklnouncement concerning the Jssue. ?-ould mean "almost certain de- involved in the convention" ami Johnson's position concemin] Congo Asks ForUJ. Armed Johnson's (hem. Not Out Definitely The aide dccliod to elaborate Asked whether Johnson would an nounce then that he was withdraw ing from the race, the aide repliei "No, definitely not." Near the elevated speakers ;'.and, the 39-vote Missouri dele LEOPOI.DVILI.E. The. ..Conrp (AP)--The Congo government to- lay asked the Unite:! Sntes to 1 ;c'H an armed force ol 3.000 men n h°tii restore law and order in ll · strife-lorn republic. | i P.,-r 'n". this to the Associated' P.-ess, B?lg ; an Minister Ganshol /an dor Mrcvrch snid the plan was! :ha( Americans would serve wilh B '.if.TM and Congolese troops un-| Jer a joint command. | It is not intended al present, he ,-aid, that there should be one supreme commander o! the force ; Van der Meersch said U.S. Am ' b.issador Ctoire Timhcrlake iwsj 5een asked by the Congo yovern-j nent formally lo p.iss its icquesl' [or the American troops lo Wash ington as quickly as possible. In Washington, Stale and De- tcnsc Department officials defined (o make any comment o;i :he reported request for United States troops. Troops Alerted Units of the U.S. 24lh I n f n n l r y j | i-jation was'busy. vyith speculation s favorite son, Sen. Stuart Sym- igton, was reported slowly recog-1 izing the inevitability of Kenne-l y's nomination. Won't Accept Second Would Symington accept second lace on the ticket? No, replied ic senator's closest friends, he :ill was running for the presiden- al nomination. But a "perhaps" came from Gov. James T. Blair Jr., who was ol regarded as one of the most nthusiastic of Symington's root- rs despite his position as head ol he delegation. Gov. David L. Lawrence Pennsylvania, who led a majority of his stale's 81 votes to Kennedy bought a Kennedy-Symington; icket would be the best the party could offer. This surge was bolstered by the 'act that Symington is a Middle Westerner, is more mature in years than Kennedy, has an agricultural voting record regarded as much more pleasing to the farmers than, that of the Masses chusetts senator, arid is acceptable to the Soulh. . Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey o! Minnesota -- who freed about 65 pledged delegates Monday and estimated that more than half ol them would go to Kennedy--said he believes Gov. Orvilte L. Freeman of Minnesota has a gooti chance to wind up in the second spot in Thursday's convention voting. Kennedy Church Hits 'Pilch-Man Prosperity' By GEOFFREY GOULD LOS ANGELAS (AP) -Peace, freedom, the fate of lhc world 'all| Tension Mounts Downed LI 5. Plane I k e . . . irinciple, American power, Church told the opening scssion|V"',"."' 1 of the Democratic convention r ° 1C ° NEWPORT, R. I. (AP)-The While House today accused the Soviet Union of 'a deliberate and reckless I attempt to create an inter;national incident" in shoot- Nikita.,. MOSCOW (AP)-- Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev warned today that resumption of. American U2 spy flights over the Sovist Union would "heat the ex. . ,i merican prestige and;; down a n A m e r i c a n re _ j s l i n g tension to a boiling r rank I - . . . . . . . Sen. connaissance plane in Demo Monday night. ; And all these three bulwarks, he charged, have eroded to the President Eisenhower. At President Eisenhower's vacation headquarters, press secretary James C. Hagerty also denied Russian claims that the The lanky young Idaho senator in 1 TM 6 , w a s over ^''^ territory SIDEWALK FOR SAFETY--The City of Greenville will complete an 1,800 foot sidewalk down Main Extended from Reed Road to Gamwyn Road by the end of this week. 11 is expected to accomodate school children and others walking from south of Reed Road to the Greenville High School area. The sidewalk was one of several recommendations made hy the City Planning Commission after a request by soni e residents south of Reed Road that Wilzin and Arnold streets be opened into Reed Road. Following the other two recommendations, the city is now having fabricated two foot bridges which will cross the ditch along Reed Road al Wiliin and Arnold. Safety for pedestrians was the principal factor in the decisions. (Staff Photo) Economic District Created set the tone for the coming presi dential campaign in (he keynote a d d re ss to Ihe convention, gathered for the first time in the cavernous Los Angeles Sports Arena. Pokes Scorn His speech, cast in the traditional partisan pa 11 ern. poked iscorn at administration domestic (policies in the fields of farm programs, interest rates, public works programs. Church derided GOP prosperitj claim-; ns "a. pitch-man prosper-]Soviet Premier Nikita Khru : y. the kind thai results when shchev and his government . .overnment is run hy hucksters l' k en the new plane episode lo Ih :n it was brought down July 1. "The American RB47 plane was over international waters and at no time was over Soviet territory. Soviet territorial waters or Soviet air space," Hagerty said in statement. International Incident "The shooting down of plane as the Soviet governmeni alleges can only have been a deliberate and reckless attempt to create an international incident.' Hagerty ' also hit at efforts b; Third District Will Get Tax Hike To Aid Industrialization KENNEDY . . . . . . ALMOST IN No Decision Yet himself kept Sens Henry M. Jackson of Washington and Albert Gore of Tennessee in jthe picture. He said he also ha .under consideration Govs. George ·Docking of Kansas and Kerschel Ic. Loveless of Iowa. An econonrj district to aid in-jlrial projects, dustrial development in the[ Third Supervisor's District was approved this morning by the 3oard of Supervisors at the request of the Greenville Industrial Foundation. ~Tt wiil 'cost third District taxpayers a half mil! in additional county taxes, and will prqvida a $20,000 fund to assist in the location of industries in the district. A bill drafted by Board Attorney Hilton Waits and passed by the 1960 Legislature provides the framework for the Board's action. Under it, counties or individual districts within counties are em- Ciiy "councii',"' which" bo'ug"ht""a of the Industrial Foundation, eac Cites City Council Hollowcll noted the Greenville ing locating in the Third Districl Hollowell said, which wants fiv acres of land. The 45 member 1000-a-month membership in the Chamber of Commerce to acquire some 40 acres of land for Atkins Saw Division, as an example of ocal governmental cooperalion in attracting industries. The land cost J1000 an acre. A small industry is consider- thejpoint and bring matters to he outbreak of war." The Soviet Premier gave this warning al a Kremlin news con- crence in answer to a question about the possibility of renewal if U2 flights. He did not elabor-. ate. .. - .·-.:.:.-r Earlier,- in an opening .statt" ment, Khrushchev had charged, he flight of the RB47 reconnaissance plar.? shot down July 1 by a Soviet fighter demonstrated that U.S. policy is aimed al "provoking a serious military conllict." Act Of Perfidy He also declared that this "new act of perfidy" had demonstrated that President Eisenhower's is- surance in Paris that the U2 flights over Soviet territory had been discontinued was 'not worth a bad penny." Khrushchev claimed the two suf- this iot unaccustomed to selling infer- or products by wrapping them in iright packages." But he reserved his harshest in- U2 spy plane mission of last May. "Any atlcmpt to connect the flight of this aircraft with the U2 flight of May is completely with- Iviving crewmen of the American dictment for the Eisenhower rec-'out foundation and the Soviet an- ord in foreign policy. For more than seven years, he said, the President and his representatives have staged it as though the world were a grandstand, where showmanship might be (he easy- substitute for statesmanship." "Two ways of lift--freedom ant thorities, including Mr. Khrushchev, know this." Hagerty said the United States ·ill make a formal reply later in the day to the official Soviet protest note delivered Monday to a U. S. Embassy official in Moscow. The press secretary said the of whom paid S250 to become member, are unable continually to assist such industries, he said, and need general help. Foundation President Frank England agreed, adding that the plan would 'spread the economic' Sec -- THIRD -- Page 2 powercd to levy up to one mill on assessed valuation for the purpose of industrial development. Susan Morgan Will Play Soon Three-year-old Susan Morgan returns to Greenville today with her parents having undergone successful rare surgery last week at L6 Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis. She should be out playing wilhin 10 days, doctors at the hospital said yesterday. The little girl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Morgan, 1319 S. Main, was born without a breastbone. She had only a thin layer communism--are locked in mortallAmerican reply would be made Sec -- CHURCH -- Page 1 'public in Washington later today. Three Charged With Attempt To Dynamite Little Rock College units oi iii^ u.o. -INI m i L u m j , t .i «-· i _. . . ,. , . ,,, . r . _,,,,, t h a n M years pastor of the First Div sion based in West ucrmany ,, , . .,. . . ,, . ., . , , ,,' Presbyterian Church ol Greene been on the alert for several. - u _ u _,,^ t/- ^ ,,_ Dr. Nunan Gets Call To Become Pastor Of Montgomery Church Dr. T, Russell Nunan. more thing lo say atoul what his decis- iays, awaiting a possible call tor" :he Congo. The 3,000 men requestor "' ed would constitute more than a Ctmrdl ot Mo1 regiment. ville, has been called to be pas- The sending of American troops the First Presbyterian Ala. had "been approached" by rcp- ives of the Montgomery into the Congo, one of the riches, ^TM »,, ^ "L «i !? d .- mK L. S !^ l ^T:ril f ihad S no g t been received y, [on would be. "I have been in the valley o! decision for a month." he said, "but I have not discussed it "ith my people because there was no point in it until a call actually came." He said he had told some officers of the church that ! loll o well Is Spok esm an Greenville banker Wade Hoilo- w»ll served as spokesman for a arge group of Industrial Four-da- tion memSers who appeared at the Board's morning meeting- Terming the idea "the best! way to spread the cost of industrialization among all the citizens! of the district," Hollowcll said that the half mill oti the Third District'.? $40,270.000 assessed val-j of skin across her chest cavity. Doctors hod been waiting Eor the right time to insert a substitute "breast bone" made of special plastic recently developed ! for use in surgical repairs. ! - , . n . "We expect them back sometime tonight," a neighbor said nousa of the Little Rock this morning. nation will provide $20,000. The money, to be administer cd by an economic Hal Buchanan Takes Over s School Superintendent LITTLE -ROCK, Ark. (AP)- Tlirec white men were seized by the FBI early today and charged with trying to blow up a dormitory-classroom building at Philander Smith College for Negroes. Two hours alter the arrests, an explosion rocked a small warehouse of the Little Rock school district only 10 blocks from the Methodist Negro college. No one company. Casper said the third man ar rested, Hugh'' Lynn Adams, 33, was picked up at his home at Bassctt, Ark. He is a foreman at an Osceola, Ark., industrial plant In Washington, FBI Director J Edgar Hoover said Hie three were the first arrests under the Civi Rights Act of 1960 which makes it a federal crime to transport plane-lst Lt. John R. McCone, · 38, of Tonganoxie, Kan., and 1st Lt. Freeman B. Otmstead. 24 of Elmira. N.Y.-- had admitted their plane "was to have flown along the northern frontiers of the Soviet Union on an espionage mission." Khrushchev said he thought th» Soviet Union would take the mater of the RB47 to the United Nations-- first to the Security Council and then to the General Assembly. But he added that no firm decision lad been made on sucii action. Khrushchev said the Soviet goy- ernment had delayed 11 days in. announcing that the RB47 had been shot down in order to *eft what alibis the United Stales vnuld come up with. He said ankly his government was -hop* ng for another cover story like j the initial explanation that the U2 ; ihot down on May Day had be^n ' xi a weathet flight and had strayed inadvertently over Soviet.- :erritory. WIAIHEl »HD BlVtl (Foi Cmn»ll!« owl Vicinity) , Or.«l; Ippl l i v t r ot th« vllio - lok» Vlllcg. IHrfgi, J*.4f fill al 7 o. m. lodoir, o 24-hoyr fu ol O.M Ir. : Obi.rr" Bwu* Ovmp rtponta high t«jnp»ml«ro ·( 91 d«gr«« for Ui» 34-ha.r poriod pf»tMlnB 7*° 7«. Ttmp.retiTM ol 7:30 o. m. win 79. NW Missmipri -- f ial ord kwdJtf wilh ihd ol Al.lJ.rr. High tidar 9} TOO. lo* renlfht 72 lo 76. KIgS 9 l 91. Ssuft h loulli- Joard, will be used lo buy land or provide other necessary services.^ laoiitics in a t t r a c n n g i . ial call he had been approached, howev- yet and cr. until he had it he would have no- Africa, would have tremer political reperrussions. Presumably the Congolese and the Belgians are aware of this, and feel that the emergency is, such that the risk is justified. I The Belgian minister explained A Greenville Negro college stu that a, present the combined force:*-.« has been reported missing Greenville Negro Student Missing is intended to be used only Leopoldville, the capital, and the Matadi, Boma and ~ arv Lee Smith, 430 '. apuui, iiuu uici - - J Bakongo areas, son, told police last night that her Matadi and Boma are the coun- son. Otis A. Smith 22 had ef try's two main ports. Their main-l' _ lenance is essential for the life a. m. and had not been of Ihe newly independent state.|from since. The Bakongo area, home of the Bakongo tribe is principally around Leopoldville. The government of the in-Tou £ aloo College SaUirday at 6 Need Pastor In the Presbyterian Church pastor is called on a vole of the congregation. A United Press International report said t h e Montgomery congregation votec on Sunday lo call Dr. Nunan. The church has been without B regular pastor since last Decem ber when Dr. Merle C. Patterson accepted a call to Atlanta. From January to July, Dr. John Me Sween of Clinton, S.C. has serv ed as interim minister. The Alcbama Journal asked Dr. Nunan for a comment Monday at- Board Sidelights a fuse in a small black box, load-j B. Hal Buchanan took over his ing machine will cost almrtsticd with 40 slicks of dynamite. . _ . 'duties as Superintendent of thejtwice that of a mimeograph, Ru- Were On Guard . e opmen JGreenvillu Separate School Dis-|chanan and Assistant Superinten- ; Police Chief R. E. Glasscockj was hurt. explosives in interstate commerce J. J. Casper, FBI agent in for the purpose of inlerfer'ng with charge at Little Rock, said two educational activities. of the men were caught as they' __ ,, , - -- m . j m were lighting a candle leading ° ! Q()U IICI I iS £.160160 Ikio.gV l» ««l U t«tadl V li IJ m"p.i". Ovllookl Thundor. KoM.rtd Ihund.r- ihowin. low 71 to 75. High 92 *· 96. Levee Board Prexy | ,, .. Harold Council of Greenville The Levee Commissioners' ac- here last n i g h t . j i t is more versatile. They said' im i m bcr of public buildings in Lit- has been elected president of thejcepted awards of Bolivar Coiinty tricl at the regular meeting o f j d c n t W. B. Thompson pointed out-said his men had been guarding a succcl , di , d r e t j r j n g Superinlen-|it can save the school printing! i] c Rock lor several days "for sc- Board of Mississippi Levee Com- idcnt R. J Koonce. who also at-.costs on report cards, programs.| C urity reasons." He added police:missioners. (tended the meeting. i The members approved a copy, , The Board failed lo act on Sup-l of me 19^0^1 budget, which had; ' " K " M crvisor Herman Caillouct's request 1 stationary and many other items'had learned of a pint to dynamite ast week that a second consta He be established in the ThirdV I some Ixiildings raising taxes as! c ] a boratc. ·n accepted at the June mcet-l " Iuc1h , as , any olncrs - * ul ''','" i s l Students of Philar.der . ' .. .,._ r- :1 ,.J needed for progress. I think we but did not Smith ng to present to (he Greenville n T , "it Council ml sinned a copv louRhl l ° (! ° _it\ Lojncn. ami signen a to,)) ,,,,, progress. it." England said. Council, commissioner f r o m j Washington County, was elected to a two vear term at the an- College last spring figured in a number of lunch counter sit-ins. :crs I n u a l meeting ol the Commission- He succeeds E. D. District. Several supervisors indi-| 0 f \^ f budget which must be f c n t i The B-.ard unanimously approv- !Su , lhc schoo | w l t n a n enrollment' Ra '" cr of Marigold, commission- lhorize(J] condemnation commissioners on the upper Catfish Point landsida berm project. A resolution expressing th« Board's regret of the death (A W. T. McKinney of Anguilla, chairman of the Delta Council's flood control committee, was an- caled that they had privately dis-|, 0 ,[, c St a t c Department ol heard The young man was driving a 1359 four door Chevrolet, she said, and was dressed in khaki trousersj ternoon and ne IM a report e r ne cussed the matter and dccidcd :c;it j on to take no action at this time.j Buchanan explained a new: Sheriff Al Hollingsworth and Con- stalc | aw 10 the (ward which rc-j 1 stable Bill Tou-nley have b o t h'q u i rr! ; that all but "emergency"! supplies be advertised lor and bought on lowest and lcst bids.! Fire insurance rates on countyjpreviously only items or groups' publicly opposed the proposal. ed the levying of a half mill taxLf 500 has dismissal regular]" from Bdrvar County, who ·and the establishment of the cc-! dasscs [or s u m m c r vacation. Only i t l c a d w l lhc boari1 dur '"B hc ,'onomic district on a motion b y l a [ew siudems are attending sum-':'TM y cars - Thls 1S Councl1 s thlr(1 HA1, BUCHANAN'--Page 2| m c r ^1,001 classes. term as board president. Casper said ho did not know' All other officers of Ihe Levee how many students, if any, were Board were re-elected at rife- and sport shirt. He weighs 1 6 0 torn young republic earlier askedjpoumls and is 5' 9". the United Nations to intervene tol Anyone knowing his where- restore order. Negro troops re-abouts is requested lo phone belled against their while officers Greenville police headquarters or last week. Mrs. Smith at EDison 2-«558. -State- City- Bmh Delta Kad not received formal notice if the call. "I have no idea what the will of God's people will be," Ihe Alabama paper quoted him as saying. Since Dr. Nunan came here, the church has built a new sanctuary, moving from a downtown location fo the community center luildings will be reduced under fif Items valued at over S500 had a plan approved by the Board: t , his morning. Fire extinguisl mproved electrical wiring. The board renewed a perinit to Ihe Columbus and Greenvilla Railway to cross Ihe levee with its tracks south of Greenville, ·"I The Board: approved claims the! read by the secretary and treas- in the college building when the meeting of the Commissioners, urer through July 11, accepted | bombing atleinpt wi-as made shorl-.They include Miss Vivian Broom, (secretary; announced 'treasurer; l l y after midnight, advertised. Now a school! An undiscriminating dog whosel The FBI, who firs, his morning. Fire extinguishers.| m a y r ot buy more than S250 ! hunger apparently overcame his'the arrests ·ndWih of "emergency" supplicslgood sense took a bite out of a . f u w d to say how it Voppcned to tanl engineer; other fire prevention measures without asking for bids, a n d,Greenville policeman early this have agents lying in wait. Miss Inez Garrard, Newman Bolls, chief Washington, re-, engineer; J. S. McGehec, assis- and Charles S. semi-annual and annual report of the secretary and treasurer, accepted the report of (he Chief Engineer for the fiscal year ending suggested by R. H. Lake Jr.. i n - j m u s ! advertise for bids surar.ce coordinator for Ihe coun-' ran .emergency items, ty's policies, will be installed over the next few months from general maintenance funds. [Tiridall, attorney. Agents, Police Swarming ] E. M. Harry of Benoit, L. T. FBI agents and police swarmcd,Wade of Grace and L. Martin over Ihe school warehouse area.[Heard of Lelancl, were seated and: . Streets around it were barricaded, began new four year terms in of-- June 30. The Board informally all! morning. j Both were reported doir.g uel! Asks For "Opinion" (today. He said he had asked for an' The a t t a c k occured around 1 a. · · · - . - . . . ,^v Genera's opinion on!m. when Officer Rillv Hicks wasjNcithcr Casper nor police were] ice as commissioners rom Bol- fwo a^cts of the law and was'driving his patrol car'west on Un- ready lo link the explosion wilh .var. Issaquena and "ashingto^ agreed o'd thaT n cporting the ^r-'ior, Street near the intersectionjlhe dynamiting attempt at the Nc-:coun.,es respectively. All three. HKiiiAJ io,a indt m iitJuiu.'.B i . . __ . I n_ A H i**,--^ u -«y were re-elected without opposition.I in to me L u m m u n i L y icnier i r n ·*.. r\ I has begun construction of ^ the o!d county jail beh,nd| c hase of emergency supplies, all with Delesscps. " I .. . i _i i j U ,, j « TM · T . i _ , i : i n --,- IHAI.. Ki) «nrln«^i" H i r k i a r m v a new educational building, and the congregation has more than doubled in size. Dr. Nunan has been an active NAACP WILL PROTEST JACKSON. Miss. (AP)-The Naiional Assn. for the Advance- ..... ment of Colored People said today Negro citizens of Jackson would. civic as well as religious leader » stage a protest meeting next Monday night against the state donat- and is currently a member of c ' ing $20000 to the Citizens Councils. The NAACP charged the "tax-, t n e s tate Board of Directors of payers' money was given . . . . for the apparent purpose of peddling ,1^ Mississippi Mental Health As- the court house should be torn]related items may be included. Hicks' arm was hanging down. Although no action waslon a single order by the board.jthc window, and the dog. dcscrib- takcn, several Board members in-| In advertising for with two that they intend to have 1 they may be described generally; "brow down if there is no ex-jrn an ad (such as "janitorial I and b r-nti in ilio rnnniv. I cnnnlics") and not itemized, if; A n dicated torn :essive cost lo the county. supplies.'ed in Ihe police report ' 'brown bob-tail cur," leaped up'bombing. The car. gro college. All Casper would out was, "we are investigating." Other commissioners Police chased a car at high!more years lo serve of four year a'spccd about 30 minutes aftct thcltcrms include E. D., Har- struc! by a'old Council. J. D. l.andy of Bel- payi-- ...---.. hate and racial misunderstanding . , supplies") and la complete a n d;sired is made LELAND BOARD OF REVIEW TONIGHT 1 jrj AND--Troop 42 Scouts will attend tonight's Board of RCV ' IC '- T L s in uniform, Scoutmaster Billy Boone announced. The; Lrurcn ' meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. [.arents are invited, to attend. All the Board members socialion. On JuneT^'w^'elcc- the members of the Greenville In-jschool office, led moderator of the Mississippi duslrial Foundation present ap- , w Synod of the Presbyteriaji available at the |(| bi , i( ' build. lurr . C( | O vor at the south;"TM and Humphreys and James: luick investigation revealed edge of Little Rock. The occu- Hand Jr., of Rolling Fork. Shark- Willicjpants escaped in nearby woods, ek commissioner. j Casper said the two men picked. The board fixed lax rales un-j isl of the items dc-jthat the dog belonged lo Charles Williams, 457 N. Dcless- eps. Hicks requested that the up at the scene of the college changed from last year. The ad-. at si post in the in the Scout Hut. Friends and|s'»'« organization of lh« Presby- 'teritn churches The hoard discussed the mer- dog be checked by the Green-|bombing were EmmeUjVOlorem rate was again set Humane Shelter. |E. Miller, 4-1. and Robert Lloyd'one half mill and acreage lax at proved . request by Wade llollo jiu J posing a new, . well, local banker, thai iheir.grapn ma.nme ior H.L B ..... ' -- is be put on a tclti-,. S«« - BOARD - Png« J ,, remained at 50 r - school or biK'-R an off-set print-'mrr,he it just doesn't have good Ark. Miller is a bookkeeper a n d j p u b l i c utilities ling machine" Although the print-l serk ' Parks an employe of M .uto parts per cent of the state kvy. HAROLD COUNCO.

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