The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on November 7, 1941 · Page 9
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 9

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1941
Page 9
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Friday, November 7, 1941 The Herald, Bessemer. Michigan Page Nine BESSEMER SPEED BOYS MICH-WIS CHAMPIONS Defeat Ashland Last Friday Night By 2O-0 Score To Close Successful Season WIN 7 GAMES THIS YEAR Fur Harvest Begins MICHIGAN-WISCONSIN CONFERENCE (Final Standings) W. L. Pet. Bessemer ___________ 4 0 1.000 Hurley ___________ -__ 3 1 .750 Ironwood --------- --- 2 2 .500 Ashland ____________ 1 3 '·-* Wakefleld -- --------- 0 -1 The Bessemer Speed Boys closed a successful football season last Friday night under the lights at Ashland Athletic Field by defeating the Ashland High School team by a one-sided score of 20 to 0, before a crowd of 2,000 fans, a large part of them being from Bessemer, Ironwood, and Hurley; the Bessemer fans to see their te:im come through with a clean slate for the year, and fans from the latter two schools hoping the Wisconsin boys would do what their teams fail ed at in the hope of upsetting the title-bound Speed Boys. A cold wind ott the lake made the night somewhat uncomfortable ' for those In the grandstand, but made playing ideal for the contestants although the fleld was a trifle slippery from recent rains and on a few occasions causing the to lose their footing. ball carriers larched to his own 35-yard line. : Velin skirted the Purgold right end and once in the open sprinted like: a dash man to the Ashland 15-yard; ine where he was finally brought: xwn. · Gerovich charged to the Ashland; tine-yard line on the first play; Rou- j ·zer picked up yardage to the seven : .nd on third down, Gerovich made : t first down on the four-yard Ash-' and Hue. Velin clicked off three; yards and brought the ball to the) Purgold one-yard stripe. Ashland's- wall, charging like mad, hit the plunging Gerovich so hard on the lext play that the ball squirted from. \ lis arms. i Bob Stenson, Ashland co-captain,' recovered the ball on the Pnrgold · Jour-yard line. But the locals' trou-! bles -were many. Gerald Gurske moved off-tackle to the nine-yard; line, but a. penalty for backfield in i motion, pushed the Purgolds back to · the four-yard mark. Bob Ziolkow-! ski. Purgold fullback, smashed to' the nine-yard line. Art Peterson's kick went but 16 yards. : Bessemer took over on the Ashland 25-yard line and immediately met Purgold resistance. Velin lost two yards on the first play, but Rouker more than made up the deficit and got to the Ashland 23-yard line. This same .Rouker, winding up his prep career lor Bessemer, drove off tackle to the Ashland 10-yard line. A five yard penalty on Ashland advanced Bessemer to the five-yard mark from which point Rouker chugged over on a power play for the touchdown. Mikulich's kick Present: Hon. M. B. Nolan, Judge of Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of Mary A Kevera, Deceased. It appearing to the Court that the time for. presentation oE the claims against said estate should be limited and that a time and place be appointed to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demands against said deceased by and before said Court; It is Ordered, That all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to said Court at said Probate Office on or before the 10th day of January, 1942, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, said time and place being hereby appointed for the examination and adjustment of all claims and demands against said deceased. It is further Ordered, That public notice thereof be given by publication of a copy of this order for three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing, in the Bessemer Herald, a newspaper printed and circulated in said County. M. E. NOLAN, Judge of Probate A true copy SILVIO L. M!ASCOTTI, Register of Probate. Careful preparation ot pelts will get trappers better prices in the Michigan raw fur market that averages $1,500,000 in normal years. Prospects are good and prices are up for the month-long season tliat begun November 1 in the upper peninsula and begins November 15 in northern lower Michigan, December 1 in southern Michigan for mviskrats, the state's first rank furbearers. The conservation rteparrnipr is advising against over trapping, urging trappers to leave seed stock so they may take udyantnge oC r" j-car's anticipated good market as well: and also is recommending greater familiarity ···"· 1 !-····· Michigan Birth Rate Increases An account of the game written by John Hogan of the Ashland Daily Press is as follows: A new Michigan-Wisconsin confer ence football champion was crownei here .-Friday'night, and it was a fav ored Bessemer team which had to go about to keep its unbeaten and un tied record intact before an estimal «'. 2,000 fans who roared throughou the gripping fray. Ashland high school's fighting Purgolders were defeated, 20 to 0. There were few rough spots in th Speed Boy machine and a record-1 whelming - odds, terming Bessemer's First dov4ns--Bessemer 13, Ashland 3. Passes--Bessemer attempted 13, completed 4, intercepted 3. Ashalnd attempted 6, completed 1, intercepted 2. Pants--Bessemer 1 for a total of 45 yards; Ashland 1 for a total of 246 across the Bessemer goal line during the past two months of play. · This scribe is one fan who would i just as soon watch a contest under, the lights as during the afternoon. office business. Give us more of It, Coach. We're tired of the blues-criers who have been and are with us on the coaching staffs. The bigest concern shall be, "can you take it when Fortune smiles the other way." yards. Yards by rushing--Ashland: It Jgn , t SQ bad when ^ day if . per . 63 yards, Bessemer 229 yards. Penalties--Against Bessenwar 10 yards; against Ashland 30 yards. feet, like it was for the Hurley game, but in this Lake Superior region those l was good this time and Bessemer led, 13 to 0. Most fans were willing to settle for that score as one befitting a bitter Asnlaud fight in the face of over-j L ^i -,.!,,_ ,,.j .»,, 4-nfm-iYttr T3ABC alii Ov't; ' S P E A K I N G -- OF -S P O R T S Who said Bessemer cannot claim championship of the entire Upper Idays are rare during the Fall. At I Peninsula? Those who have held j night even though it may be cold, I Escanaba as a contender know that 'the lights give it a cheerier aspect the Eskimos are out because of a than the same kind of weather in ! defeat at the hands of Marinette. the daytime. Of course, it is well \ Then there's Houghton. Oh, yes Births in Michigan will reach an all-time high of more than 100,000 this year, says the Michigan Department of Health. It is estimated that the total will be 107,000 compared with 99,940 in births in 1927, which was the state's record year. "In spite of the increase in the number of births, we believe that the number of babies dying in their first year will be only slightly greater than last year," says Dr. H. Allen Moyer, State Health Connnssioner. "Both babyhood and motherhood are becoming safer in Michigan. More women are having medical care before the baby is born and care is starting earlier in pregnancy." lu 1940, the Michigan births totaled 93,106, iind fnl'ant deaths were slight' 1 ly more than 4,000 . Ten years be- breaking crowd that soaked up two hours of excitement poured out of ihe Ashland Athletic Field well satisfied that the better team had won. The burly Purgold line battled furiously with the vicious-playing Bessemer forward wall which paved the way for the Bessemer backs. That same bruising, smashing army of purple-j era eyed yielded but three first linesmen downs to third and final touchdown in the fourth quarter a "donation", unearned. Sprints by Beirl and Peterson had moved the ball up to the Ashland 45-yard line and the Purgolders were about to launch a desperate effort to score via the air. Jon Rice, Bessemer left end, speared one of Peterson's passes on the 50-yard line and had clear sailing to the goal line. Rouker added the We recognized practically everybody in the. stands, at Ashland last i good football game. Bessemer made Friday night. In other words, there j 4B ot ?ts 97 points under the Mazda ·were about as many Bessemer fans^j n three contests and the other 51 in ' to dress the part. Too much empha- those Copper Country boys were held j fm . e _ jn 1930 the birtus were aDO ut sis cannot be placed on the fact that to a 6 to G tie by Hancock. You, the sanle . uut the numuei . of babies fans should wear woolens through- might ask, and who is Hancock? . dying was more than 2,000 greater. out. Watching a game while shiv-i They're the team that was beaten, ering is not our idea of enjoying a j by Wakefield in the season's opener · Coach Lynn Hovland's warriors and j point with a place kick to make the blazed the way for 13 Speed Boy first; score, 20 to 0. downs. There were rough spots in the Bessemer lineup. There were Taking into consideration the fact that Ashland was outclassed both polished ones, too, and it was on j offensively and defensively, Bessem- those iliat the GoKebic county seat-: er demonstrated that the seasoned skid ers were- able to skid three over the Ashland goal line. But for a rugged do-or-die goal- line stand by the Purgolders, the in- vaciing host might have scored nn- 'pther touchdown in the second quarter. Bracing determinedly, after the Speed Boys had scored in the second quarter on a long pass, Matt Rouker to Bill Velin, Ashland smothered the vaunted Bessemer backs on an ensuing sequence of plays within the 7-yard line. PI un gins John times Seniors left by the departed Reihsen coaching regime, fit well into the Butherus scheme of touchdown pro- in the grandstand as there were those who would have liked to see Ashland win. The loudspeaking system with an announcer detailing the game is a welcome feature, as much more is seen by the announcer who follows the teams up and down the field than people sitting in opposite sections from play at the time. It would be a welcome addition to the fields on the Gogebci range. Cerovicb, junior fullback of the invaders, had advanced the ball to line. Rouker the Purgold 7-yard tried the Ashlnnd line and was held to a 2-yard gain and iind a second attempt, moved to ilie 3-vard stripe. Gerovich was stopped cold on the third play and after Velin was stopped on the one- yard line, tlie Purgolds toolc possession . The elated Ashland club ripped upfield for its initial first down as ilu: half ended. Post-game statistics offered conclusive proof of Bessemer's dominating advantage. The rushing figures indicated thnt Bessemer outeharged Ashland 54 yards to 6 in the first quarter, 7 to 20 in the second, 72 to -.1 in the third nad 46 to 17 in the fourth. Ashland followers found greatest consolation in the smooth, smart football the Purgolds played in the first hajf of the game. The locals threw up a stout defense in the line that held Bessemer fairly well, so the Speed Boys took to the air at the outset of the second quarter. Velin and Rouker, scampering alternately off-tackle and around end, set up the Speed Boys' first touchdown. They moved the ball to the Ashland 24-yard line behind effective blocking. Roiiker pitched one far down io the speedy Velin,-who grabbed the ball a few yards from pay dirt and trotted over. Guard Rudy Mfkulich's attempted placek'.ck for the · conversion was wide of the uprights and Bessemer led, 6 to 0. Undismayed by the Speed Boys' one-touchdown advantage, Ashland exhibited its brilliant defensive proc livities again at 'start of the third quarter. End Don Stevens kicked ott to begin the period and Rouker duction. Rabid -Ashland followers, undismayed by Ashland's beating, were quick after Friday's game to relegate Bessemer to a second division spot in the 1942 conference standings. They pointed to the fact that six of Bessemer's seven linemen--Rice and Kosmicki. ends, Kor- pj, tackle, Heikkinen and guards, and Carli, center, backs--Youngquist and Rouker. will be lost by graduation in June, next year. The juniors and sophomores whom Bessemer used late in Friday's game j fared with little, if any success, the result of which was their removal in Mikulich, and two The playing field was slightly wet which made the fast get-awnys slow- games in 4 contests. · Bessemer record of wins for the 1941 season is as follows: September 6--Bessemer 7, Iron River 6. September 13-- Bessemer 25, Wakefield 0. September 27--Bessemer 7, Ironwood 6. October 4--Bessemer 12, Calumet 7. Oct. 18--Bessemer 7, Hurley 0. October 25--Bessemer 19, Stambaugh 0. Oct. 31--Bessemer 20, Ashland 0 times, but fumbles were infrequent despite this drawback. · The kicking of Jon Rice has improved considerably since the start of the season. Mikulich playing right guard goes back to do the place kicking after touchdowns. He made a good showing by splitting the uprights three times and once missing by only inches. · Ironwood fans were there to see Bessemer taken for a ride in what favor of the regulars. ' they hoped would be an upset. Had Tn contrast, graduation wH make j Ashland won, the Michigan-Wisconsin a comparatively small dent in the j title would have been shared by both Purgold attack, leaving Coach Hov-1 Bessemer and Hurley. As it is, Bes- land with a good nucleus including seiner has the crown, without a ques- er for the Bessemer backfield at! Ashland only made three first downs against 13 made by the Speed Howard a DeBriyn, Don ' Gurske. A! Melbevs. Paul TomUnson. Bob Ziolkowski, Walter Beirl. Jack Mowatt. Bill MathewB, and many others. Ends Stevens and Harry Anderson. Bob Stenson. tackle, Earl Sanders. guard, and Peterson and Gerald Gur- sl-:e wound up their high school grid cai-eers for the Purgolders with the Bessemer. Ashland game. The lineups and summary: Bessemer (20) Pos. (0) Ashland LE Stevens LT DeBriyn. t,G D. Gnrske C Melberg RT Sanders KG ---- Stenson J. Korpi Heikkinen Carli Mikulich Brothers Kosmicki RE _ Anderson Youngquist QB --- Tomlinson Velin - I-H Peterson Rduker RH : Gurske Gerovich FB _ - _ _ Ziolkowski Substitutes--Ashland: Beirl, Strom, Mathews, R. Ortman. Bessemer: Sandin, Jurakovich, W.. BJce, Erickson, Romo, Vestlch, Paight, Grobowski, Michela, Fertile, Brown. Ghiapu- zio, Crawford. Officials--Ray Mickalojak. Duluth. referee; Marvin Johnson, Superior, umpire; Sam Lavine, Superior, head linesman. Score by quarters: Bessemer : 0 6 7 '7--M Ashland 0 0 0 0 -- 0 tion of a doubt. Wakefield has had a barren season when score sheets are scanned. In the conference race they accounted for only one touchdown--making seven points against Ironwood, and being blanked on three occasions, by Bessemer, Hurley and Ashland. Hurley made the most points in conference play,. totalling 63 points in the fonr M T W conference games, 25 against'Wakefield, 19 against Iron ·wood, and 19 against Ashland. Bessemer was second - with 51 points, making 25 against Wakefield, 7 against both Hnrlejr and Wakefield, and the 20 point 'total against Ashland. Ironwood accounted for 51 points, 13 against-Ashland, 32 against Wakefield and S against Bessemer. Ashland made 20 .points,. 6against Hurley, and 14 against Wakefield. . Bessemer closed the. 1941 football season' by having its goal line crossed on three occasions, whil: 14 trips were-made across the enemy threshold · in seven different games, or an' average of two trip* every game. Iron River,. Ironwood and Calumet were the teams that carried the s4««k«n Boys. Ashland played a far better brand c-f ball against Bessemer than they played against^Hurley and Ironwood, those being the games we attended. That arm-swinging action appears to be a lot of extra action that could be done away with in the Ashland backfield. If its pin-pose is to befuddle the opposition, it fails to achieve that purpose' by a wide margin. If it is for the benefit of the fans it's still a flop. In other words, cut the comedy and get down to football, Lyn. · The Ironwood Red Devils traveled to Duluth last Saturday night and were swamped by the Denfietd Hunters by a score of 35 to 0. Wally Smith of the Hunters was the sparkplug of the Head O'Lakes team, chalking up three touchdowns and three extra points, for 21 of his team's 35 points. The Red Devils have finished the season with a .500 percentage, losing games to Bessemer, Hibbing, Hurley, and Duluth., while they scored wins over Hancock, Wakefield, Iron Mountain and Ashland. · Between halves of the Ashland- Beasemer game the Bessemer High School Band under the direction of Harry Reinhold got a big hand from the crowd for the Hallowe'en stunt pulled off by the band. The members formed a Jack O'Lantern and while appropriate music was played, for the Cards at Hancock by a score of 16 to 6. And when it is remembered that Wakefleld has been booted unmercifully by Hurley, Ironwood, Bessemer and Ashland, by scores of 25 to, 0 32 to 7, 25 to 0, and 14 to 0, respectively, it just eliminates Hough ton from any consideration as far as this Range is concerned, when it conies to deciding a championship team. Speed Boys, to you go both the Michigan-Wisconsin Conference title and also the U. P. honors · Hurley climaxed its most successful history in years by a defeat of 53 to 0, administered to Washburn at that city's Homecoming event Monday afternoon, in a game that was postponed from Saturday because of a snowstorm. Hurley now looks to its basketball team to make a clean sweep of the Michigan-Wisconsin conference--they hope I I Meet Your Friends at The Bet Beer, Wine, Liquor Arco Erlicker, Prop. 111 E. Mary St. Bessemer a witch danced about flashlight in hand, and the players, peered Into their faces. The Ashland 75-piece band, directed by Theodore !·- Mes- ang, is a creditable organization for a school the size of Ashland High. · The Ashiand announcer at the game ribbed. Coach Butherus jokingly when that party came on the field prior to the kickoff, calling him "Napoleon", Just the tame until he meets his Waterloo, ths crowd Is going to make tht ttekct. office do a land- STATE OF M I C H I G A N The Probate Court for the County of Gogebic At n session oE said Court, held at the Probate Office in the City of Bessemer in said County, on the 5Ui day of November, A. D. 1941. Present, Honorable M. E. Nolan, Judge o£ Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of Alfred Anderson, deceased. William S. Biiird, Administrator, having filed in said Court Ms petition praying for license to sell the interest of aid estate in certain real estate therein described, for purposes of distribution. It is Ordered, That the 1st day of December, A. D. 1041, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at said Probate Office, be and is hereby appointed for hearing said petition and that all persons interested in said estate appear before said Court, at said time and place, to show cause why a license to sell the interest of said estate In said veal estate should not be granted; It is Further Ordered, That public notice thereof be given by publication of a copy of this order for three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing in the Bessemer Herald, a newspaper printed and circulated in said County. M. E. Nolan, Judge of Probato A true copy Silvio L.- Mascotti, Register of Probate 8-22--9-12 STATE OF MICHIGAN The Probate Court for the County of Gogeblo . At a. session .of said Court, held at the Probate Office in the City of Bessemer in said County, on the 6th day of November, 1941. . to relax at your workbench in the basement? l U T « 150-watt Silvered Bowl bulb over your workbench and set more (un from your hobby. 'Coifs only 2£ an evening to bum it and you'll enjoy caller seeing --leu cyestrain. SEE THE NEW BETTER SIGHT LAMPS AT YOUR LOCAL ELECTRIC DEALERS

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