The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 11, 1960 · Page 10
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 10

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1960
Page 10
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Doltn Democrat-times 10 Monday. July 11. N E W S A N D VIEWS of Delta Business Elecironic Experts Sought In South By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The demand 'or college grad uates in the South is higher than last year and exceeded the supply in the electrical engineering field in spots. Many colleges reported an increase in company recruiters on their campuses before graduating exccises this year. Huge sums going into missiles and recent developments in the field of electronics spurred th demand for electrical engineers She'll Wed Dead French Soldier FREJUS, France (AP) -- A court ruled last week that Irene Jodard can marry her dead fiance, Andre Copra, a concession made previously only to fiancees of soldiers killed in combat. Prcs dent Charles de Gaulle himsel md granted Irene permission to marry. But Capra's grandmothe first approved, then disapproved and the court order overruled fam ly opposition to the wedding, Ca pra was killed in the Malpasse Dam disaster last November Irene expects a child by him, st« Smart Housewives Stay Ahead Of Roaches and scientists. Job placement directors at number of colleges reported more job offers from southern com panies this year with salaries for graduates also on the rise. While testified. panics in starting salaries. Georgia Tech reported the dc mand was up this year for e the South's expanding industria were economy is offering an increas- '~ J gineers and scientists. Soft spo ing number of jobs, many graduates are going with big companies in other sections. The big firms often outbid Southern corn- noted in . and aircr industries. In pasl years mechanical engineers were Ihe most sought after but this year the greatest demand at Tech was tor electrical engineers. E V E R Y T H I N G IN QUALITY I N D U S T R I A L · S U P P L I E S V-MM _llllM Chain · Wagner Electric Moton "THE QUALITY HOUSE" I N D U S T R I A L SUPPLY COMPANY INC. Phone ED 5-1463 HOT WATER SECURITY WATER HEATER Hwy. 82 E. The plague ol housewives, the cockroach, often has over 100 [fspring, and. tliey multiply in a matter of days. No wonder so many smart housewives are getl- jrush-on liquid roach control t h a t ;ives safe, round-tlie clock protec on. There is a new type of roach- roach thai is immune to traditional roach poisons--which ha; arrived on the American conti nent. We have grown accustomed to fighting the common American German, Oriental and brown ban ded verities. We know they are all ugly and germ-ridden. Am' now this "resistant" roach ha appeared. However, after months of ex periment, scienlists produced Ihi insecticide that proves 100 pe cent control of all roaches--eve Old Man Resistant Roach. It is a product of Gaston John son Corporation. Many of yo may already be familiar with N Roach, but for those who are no this is how you use it. The preparation is colorlcj stainless liquid. It leaves no odo fust brush it near your kitch sink, on baseboards, sills, around cabinets, drains, appliances. Roaches walk across the coating, and within a short time become paralyzed and die. To be quite sure make a note to re-apply No-Roach after four to six weeks Thai's what you should do about your roach problem. In case of waterbugs, brush No-Roach around drains in the basement. To kill ants, brush it on all window and door sills. You'll find No-Roach | is effective against all crawling insects. Get No-Roach in the pint size for an all-season supply 8 an. bottle only 89 cent; pink, $1.69. Available at Blue and Gold. Sun- lower, A and P, Kroger and your Bing Says Take It Easy While Working EDITOR'S NOTE - AP TV-! Wriler Cynthia on vacation. In her absence, noted television and entertainment personalities are pinch-hitting. First at at is none other than durable iing Crosby, with tions on durability. NO-ROACH is considered 100% effective in controlling all roaches. It is available at Blue and Gold, Sunflower, Kroger, AP. and other stores. An eight ounce bolllc retails for 89 cents Star Spangled Choir Jo Sing for Demos I recommend ' SYLVAN I A'S SILVER SCREEN 85 PICTURE TUBE . 'avorite Store. supermarket or drug SEE IT TODAY the only blind that makes your room "Gets the most satisfying results" BLUFF CITY DIST. COMPANY 101 Hwy. 1 So. Ph. ED 444U Garr Plumbing Go. Phone ED 2-52M GROWING WITH THREE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOUI GREENVILLE BANK 332 WASHINGTON AVENUE C R O S S R O A D S B R A N C H I n t e r s e c t i o n Highwoyi 82 1 D R I V E - I N * F A C I L I T Y 1 1 4 N O R T H S H E L B Y TRUSf COMPANY New Plexalum TWI-NIGHTER 8 You can turn day into night Sust by flicking thecord! wipe- clean plastic tapes. Snap-back aluminum si fits wi th m ar-proof ·finish. All components color- r matched or in choice of over '· 200 combinations. By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Ifs only a dozen miles from Hollywood to the site of the Democratic National Convention. So naturally, the big show will take on some trappings of Ihe glamor capital. It's not like the old days, when Hollywood was virtually on FDR camp. Like many wealthy anc fairly settled towns, Hollywood leans toward the Republicans. Bui there are still enough Democratic stars to give the con- ?ntion a glittering look. Tonight's opening session will see a slar-spangled chorale sing ing Ihe national anthem on TV Among the choristers: Ralph Bel lamy, Nat King Cole, Tony Cur Iis, George Jessel, Peter Lawford Shirley MacLaine, Lee Marvin Sheree North, Vincent Price, Bar bara Rush, Frank Sinatra, Sam my Davis Jr., Shelley Winters an Jan Sterling. The man who corraled the ta' ent and prepared Ihe entertain menl is veteran screen writer A len Rivkin, director of the Demo crats' Art Council. He explained "We're not going to give th delegates a lot of enlertainmen at the Sports Arena. They're he business; they can get enle ainrncnt elsewhere. The ma hing we provide is a music frame for Ihe sessions. We'll ha he national anthem at the begi ning and at the end, loo, follov U2 Captors To Be Subject Of Statue MOSCOW (AP)-The Soviet Union announced a statue and pic- lure project honoring the men who downed U2 spy Pilot Krnncis JO. Powers and the peasants who look him into custody. The project is under way by sculptor G. N. Postnikov and artist I. V. Borda- chev. g some spirituals. I've seen the nglish sing their anthem at Ihe ginning and close of their pub- c events and it's a good sys- m." Helping to complete the frame at also plays for the Los An- eles Rams, plus Gaylord Carter t the mighty organ. They'll no loubt be belaboring TV and radio Hal Boyle Says: istcners wilh (he convenlion's o icial 1960 tune, "Walkin 1 Dow some reflec- By BING CROSBY Written for The Associated Press Comes now my seasonal scmi- ar on Ihe svbject of retirement. I've given it considerable thought -- in a negative sort ol way. My stand is lhat a fellow shouldn't go into voluntary retire nent while his golf game is up to| par, and he is genuinely enjoying! he kind of work he is cut out for. Go!f was not invented as a game for desiccated old duffers who are trying to duck the boredom of counting their money and hoping to escape the social fluff invented by their wives. Golf Good Let's think aboul lhat calcgori- ime. My next special for the network i set for October 5, and there sn't much I can tell you aboul t al this point except that I'll lave three of my boys for a re- urn engagement. They did right well on their last outing. Come to think ot il: These lads lave been piling up so many bookings of late, they might begin to give some serious thought tc their retirement. Dad will be onl too happy lo keep on working. Red*' Red Tap* BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP)The Hungarian Communist party organ Nepszabadsag failed to earn the length of Budapest's ritziest swimming pool. The news- apcr said in an editorial it had elephoned pool officials to find he dimensions and was told: "We can divulge the dimensions only f we receive authorization from, the general director's office lo do o." STRIKE CALLED BOMBAY, India (AP) -. Th» Communist and Praja Socialist trade unions hnve called for a one-day general strike in India July 14 to protest the high cost of living. C. L. SCHLOM CormnUnl Ttml Tab* A Ylor To Pay · Diamonds · Watches · Jewelry · Silver · China Cryst al · Cameras Welch Itaoti to Washinglon." Described by Demo musical Director Johnny Green as a "wowser." it goes: "I'm walkin' down to Washington 'To shake hands with any good Democrat "Like we used to do! "Hosannah! Hosannah! . . .** The big, big show, as Ed Sullivan might say, comes this Fri- ill b« the 35-picce brass band day, when the nominees make their acceptance speeches in the Coliseum. The Democrats are hoping to fill the big bowl to its 107,000 capacity. Vegas Comedians Make More In Week Than Einstein Did In Year By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)-Things a olumnist might never know if he idn't open his mail: Tip to fatties: George Washing- on, known as the best horseman f his age, kept his figure trim by riding. Although he stood 6-foot'/,, measu/ements of the black velvet suit he wore at his second n augural ion indicate that a I 61 Vashington still had a lidy size [5 waist. It you really want to impress your girl friend, for 52SO you cai jet a pilot to skywrile I love you jaby." There are said to be onl^ half a dozen active skywriters lei in this country, and Iheir usua charge is S15 a letter. There's still more truth than po dry in the way Manhattan Islan got its name. It derives from th Delaware Indian word Manahacl * v ~ tanienk, meaning "The plac Prompt Ambulance Service DOY and NiQhl Picture Frames Cwilom HoJ. t» Ord* Funeral Service Burial Insurance WELLS Funeral Home Phono ED ^7287 UK ESTIMATE I flEE-MCORATINB BOOXlfTI ' Exclusive Manufacturers In North Mississippi Louis T. Garreti Go. Ph. ED 2-7706 Hwy. SI East ;: FD-JOO . . . :l Rugged -- Economical -- : « Reliable -- for the ::: professional, for the farmer }H New enclosed design, larger ·l\ fillers. | THE FULTON iU Company, Inc. Jji Highway I South Phone ED M7SJ WITNESS K.1 ! l-i'.i. 1»40. where we got drunk." Tourists are always giving town a bad name. Remedy Never Failed Speaking of Indians and liquor, 1 the Aztecs had a simple old-j fashioned remedy for drunkenness lat never failed lo work. Anyone ho got intoxicated except at a ribal ceremony was promptly executed. Definition of the week: Rcfcert . Lewis defines an optimist asu middle-aged man who believes the aundry has been shrinking the vaistband of his summer Irousers. One reason European school children often seem more ad' vanced tiian American children o he same age: They go to classes 2-10 days a year, compared to 16t days for the average U.S. child It's ro wonder women have ost of the money. The word noney comes from Juno Moneta, ife of Jupiter, Ihe Roman god. Genius is often modest. When Jr. Albert Einstein, ore of the vorld's great thinkers, was asked 'hat salary he wanted at the In- titule of Higher Learning, he uggesled $3,000 a year--explain- ng he doubled if he could gel y on less. Instead he was grant- d $16,000 a year, and his pay emained at that figure until his leath--an amount some comedi- ins make in a single week at Vegas. Those good old days: In 1907 a wcll-dri'ssed workman" paid $5 for an overcoat, $10 for a suit $1 for a hat or cap and 50 cents for four neckties. It was Charles Dickens who observed, "What wo've got to do, i to keep up our spirits, and be neighborly. We shall come out i right in Ihe end, never fear." cally: My golf game isn't too bad. I let the government count my money. I'm having a ball performing my none-too-strenuous professional chores. And Kathy has no truck wilh social chaff. This brings me to the subject of Bob Hope, the fellow who refers to me as the "crow of the crooners." Why he works so hard I'll never knw. He's really load cd, but he works even to the e* elusion of his golf which is a game I know he loves wilh all his heart. But he works day and night He would do anything, fly any where to pick up a plaque. It's belter to do an odd job here and there -- as the spirit move; yon. The ABC spirits only move me to do two of their specials a year, and I take the jobs out a Twentieth Century-Fox when the don't interfere wilh my time wit my family, my fishing and goll Why, I can have a romp with the children alter their morning feet ing and be ensconced in the bar bcr chair of the Fox moke-up department in five minutes flat. We've got "High Time" a wrapped up now and, from wh I've seen of -the rough cut, v may have a winner. Good Route The ABC TV studios are a bit urther down the road from my lome, but I can tend to my re- ording chores enroute and pick up some fishing gear at the snme D R I V E 7 M I L E S SAVE ON FURNITURE LIVING ROOM SAVE 20% CHOATES FURNITURE MART Phor.v 536 I M . 104 t. 3id l«lniul WHY NOT , , , CHOOSE THE BEST' IT COST NO MORE" " N E C C H 1 " ·k No Down Payment Required * Up To K Months To Pay it Complete Service And Parts Call E 2-5592 And Ask For ... GUY BIGGERS PEACE.,, WITH NO PESTS PHONE ED 4-3932 IDA SANDESS. FI$H JIND AQUARIUM COME IN AND BROWSE In Th Health Studio Balding DELTA AQUARIU1W PET SHOP Murray 1 Ui Wiillami. ewntn £10 H«Y. 1 faurh Buy Thai Car I You may be able to BQT* J125 or rooro on that now or used car when you buy it through the State Farm Bonk Plan for auto financing. Ask about it. John M. Worthy Agent Keady Bldg. ED MOW ANSWERING SERVICE Y o u ' r e G o n e I t R i n g s -W e A n s w e r . In Your Office, Home or Hotel Let us show you how we can save you much money during Vacation Time -Call ED 2-0984 ·After 8 P.M. ED 2-7765 V 1 fiberglass MONTEREY . ugncd hut! for Hoiking ipeed, loll ridel SiTad your Individual leafing a r r a n g e m e n t fron aver fifty oplionil Been 62", lokei op lo 40 hp* AUTHORIZED LONE * STAR DEALER Marine Equipment, Inc. 129 S. Walnut Ph. ED 2-0961 you need to BONDE Certificated INSURED Phone ED 2-6364 Highway 82 E. Greenville Storage Transfer Go "Y.« Con rruil tie. .lllHd Mix' A BAILEY BUILT HOME Is The Best Buy For Your Money Ask About Our Newest 3 Bedroom Home. Onlj -.300.00 Down and Monthly No(cs Under §70.00. your home or store AGAINST HEAT! Contact Your Local Dealer for * BEST PRICES if WORKMANSHIP * BACKED-UP GUARANTEE Call ED 4-4026 finci FENCE FENCE FENCE FENCE FENCE FENCE FENCE Ask Your Neighbor About Allied Fence S Buy it right off our Route Delivery Truck! · ANGLES · CHANNELS · I-BEAMS · HOT ROLL SHEETS · SQUARES e FLOOR PLATES · FLATS · ROUNDS « PLATES · EXPANDED METAI.S WALCOTT STEELE INC PSor. ID Patterns on Display At Our Office THOMPSON'S Battery Ele'clric Co Rccorcd -- KcbriiH Cleaned by Experts NEW AND USED Dial ED 2-7243 22! Main St. HWY. X2 EAST PHf\T. Nile PHONE ED 2-21J Air Conditioning Co., Inc. 1317 Railroad Avo Phone ED .J-102G Dial ED Z-6517 628 Hwy. No. I Norlk Across From Naval Reserve We Rent Men's Uniforms, Shop Towels Fender Covers H Y B U Y ? 5-13 North Broadway B way Phone EDison 4-4503

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