The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 27, 1965 · Page 17
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 17

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 17
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0AS Should Have Military Force, Rusk Says Delta Democrat-Times PLAY SUPER BINGO! WIN $ 100 CASH Thursday, May 27, '65 17 ---- ·; ,'^..,^.'«^yg. i :i WASHINGTON (UPI)-Sccre- tary of State Dean Rusk said today the United States hoped the Dominican crisis would convince the Organization of American Stales that it should con- cider formation of a permanent military force. The force would be available "to take action in fast moving events," he said. Rusk told a news conference that the UniEed States was encouraged by the fact that the Communist threat had decreased on the island. The secrclary declared that the Communist threat in the Dominican Republic had been "substantially reduced but not entirely eliminated." He said he was "cncouragee to believe" that most Domini cans now realize their problem must be settled by "discussion, and not violence." * * + THE secretary expressed hope that a meeting of the OAS here Thursday, which he and several foreign ministers of other states will attend, would make progress on boih political and military problems involved in bringing order out of chaos. Rusk rejected suggestions thut the United States might have "over-reacted" by branding the Dominican rebellion "Communist - controlled" three weeks ago a ixl 1 hen wale ri ng down this position. He said it would be folly to underestimate what might have been done in a condition of chaos "by t few highly organized people who know whc* they are about." Rusk contended that the United States had support from other foreigners for i(s extreme reaction -- the sending \n o\ more than 20,000 troops -- to early events in Snnto Domingo. SHASEKOIDERS 1 MFETING K'ntica ii hereby q'vtn that, purn to coll cf iri dirt-noil, a sn«cinl mef of lha shire-holder* cf The Cc-n-n- Nalional Rank cf Greenville will he held m ill boiAi-g home ot 604 Wai*v rw] tei Avenge, in the Ciry of Greenville, S'aT» o Mii!-«'ppi, OT Tueidov, June ??, 1965 ol 10:CO AM., for lK-t rx.-rpeia of cfering and determining hy vcte vvhefr-er on la r-er^e ihe said fcanlc nrxd Tho Tim Karcnnl fio-k cf Ulcnd, looted fn th» Cily o! tclcntf, Sfnte cF fAiiili- i r p;i, under inn provh'en* cE inf. Icvrt o! Ihe Unired Siaf«, i'-.nM be rtillfierf onJ ccnFirnwd. suhjeci (o ihe rpproval of te CompUclIrr ol ihe Currency, V/asVnglei. O.C., and for ihe purpose nf vatirg L-psn pair J rreraer of ihe Two borVt. A copy of [J-.B afoieirf agreement, executed by a jr.aioilry of Ihe directors of ea:h of ihe two bcnVs. r^ovicfirs for 1rie mei«er, It en file al Ihe barJc. and may b» inpetied d-jrlng tujineu hours. ft} C. D. fAcCADDCN NOTICE TO BIDDERS Scaled bldi will he received hv Bsord cf Trvnree* of ihe Greenville M cipal Sepcraie ScfccDl Dlsliicr, Greenville. Ml«i»iDpi, until T«,-eiHny, Jun* 8, 1965 01 1:30 P.fA., in ihe office of the Bui'- n*» Mnnoner of Ot,- Srhoali nt 41? Eaulh Main Si reel. Greenville. Miiifnippi, fcr paper mppliei, art iuppliei, cloi-ii cr.d aFCre v-pp!ie» nnd audio-visual en me.-.t; ar wWcK lirr* end piece ihey will b* p - _bl"cly oper.eH ond rend. can ta pLfbl : c inipccticn ct lha Office of the Pusintsi Wannget. Tha SfKacI Board reiervej iHe right 1o w;iive inFcrmoliiiei and !o cejecl cny ar.d all bid*. Board of Tnireei GrennvilJo Munkical Sepaicl* S'.hocl DiHiiLi Gree.tvllle, Miii^^aol By Sidnay J.' Ellii Bjiineit jMqnuger 5/20-27-6/3 NOTICE OF SAU By vlrlua of th« cow«r confencd upc.n trva 01 tiui'«e \n tlwl certain deed of ·jtccuted by Barney ICDQ and Sue Long, huiband end s*i!e. ta i«cyre the indebled- neit iheieirt menlloned, which deed o IruiT is cfarad April 13, 1961, end recorded in Book 916 af Page 366 of Innd record of Waihlnglcn County, ii-iiippl, wherein ihe properly t'.erein de imbed was conveyed, default lo the. iermi of said deed of Inn I l bee.n mado \n the payme.n1 of ^e indeb! di-rbred all nf said irx2eb:ed.T5ii nc.v d_'e ond end payable, at rhe requsH of ths hoJc?er and cwner oF in id indel/ed- neit, I R. D, Thatcher, ai tuch iruileo will x TrPdcy, June 4, 1765, at Ihe Ficnl dcor of l^e V/oihing'on Cou.-ity Ccn,-rt- houia in G:eenville, Mi«in ; ppl betv/een 1he houii preifribcd by 1av; for s'-.erilfj ·.a'ci, jell al public outcry, to I ho rngheil bkWer fo: caih rhe folow^ng deKribsd propeiry lyivj end iiluare -.n Waihlr.g'cn County, r/ijvil'nci: That part of Loll 1 and ? of BlocV 1 of th» So-xJy RrHgr? India-rial Silei Addition to the City oF Greenville, Waihinq!cn Co-jnty, M:«iiiippf, de- fttibed 01 follows: Flegiruvn^ a! Iha No^^heall corner of lor 1, Ihenco weileily o'cng rKe Monh line cf lakl lol 1, 50 feer to ihe roint of beginning* the.-:e i3u^.«r!v paralVI with the eailer.i bov-nJ^ry lint of said Loll I and 1, 100.41 fret lo lha Soulh lino of fold let ?: iherKc weile.-Iy along tF-e South line of irrrd lot ?, 59.10 fee: lo ihr weslern Ifne 100 feet lo lh» Hytih \'.ns of lot lj 68.2 feet to Ih« point of beginning: ard be'ng a oorl of o Irocl of lend conveyed lo V. Oluemnii by Tiadei 1 * Posl, In:., by deed dnled FebnKjiy 1Z, 194°, and recorded in Deed Bosk 392 ot Pag a 106 of lho Fcr.d record*, ol Wcihirtgrcn County, WiiiliiipDl. StGNEO, POSTED or.d a ccpy hond«d \o trw Delfo Democral-Tlrr.ei Thii IClh dat V13-20-27-6/3 WH) BUGGING YOU? Klll-KO-IZE! all * 2*£- * . ·rf-.f.^,)! THE k FRIENDLY/ FOLKS £* Tondoray Brand Beef faltes the guesswork out of buying fine beef! That's because Tenderay Boef comes only from U. S. Choice grade, grain- fed steers--each one picked for Tenderay. Controlled climate in special Tenderay rooms helps this fine, fresh beef do its own tendering naturally. No sprays, no chemicals are ever used. The beef stays rosy-fresh, comes by its tenderness and flavor naturally. U. S. Choice Grade TENDERAY 8 Brand BEEF K R O G E R TENDERAY BRAN»» mt Washington Ave. g a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday Prices good thru Wednesday, June 2nd '/ Store Hours: 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Men. thru. 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