The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 6, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BAMi HESSENGEE, CANANDAIOTA, N. ff., TUESDAY, JANUARY 6,194? Boyle Has Miniature One World * · - , . · ,, . _ , j s , ,, S f . 1 In His Own Apartment Building 1JY Hal JJojle NEW YORK--OP)-r-Many people aie wondering what the biave new w o r l d of the f u t u r e will be like. I don't. I'm already li\mg in the middle of 11 Tliu veision of what the universe vill be hKc vlien all men aie biotheis is a fifteen-story modem cliff dwelling on the lower East Side. Most ol fie families work foi t h e United Nations. And the site is much more peaceful than in the days of the Gas House gang. Then Hie sound of blackjack versus skull i ie -i nrj'-iTii ;iicr|it no'=e whereas today tne only tiling being murder ed is the English language. The brass mailboxes in our lobby index people from all corners oi t h e globe, living together m a miniature "one world." So far our principal moining. "You ought to sec some of the notes these foreigners leave m their milk bottles. Brother, they're haidei to figure out than a crosc, v. ord pu/de oy moonlight." Tlie mailman ha- something of the same problem, and beheves the posloffice ought to gi\e him an interpreter's lating. "Some of the letters, looU like they'd been addressed by somebody who just dipped a worm m ink and let it crawl across the envelope." lie complained. Hai mony has existed so i'ai in our Tower of Babel. Many families custom of S n t u i d a j 'light parties, and as place has been the automatic elevators, where by grin, grimace and gesture we exchange gieetings until we reach our separate floois and part. The people we want to meet most are the Chmese family beneath us. Every evening smells ·from the mysterious East filter up fiom the gas sto\e below, redolent odoi.s that fill our apartment w i t h wonderful fragrance of a fcroff land that knew fine cooking w h e n you pa*s by the doors the multilingual voices from w i t h i n sound like graduating exercises at the Berln/ language school, j A Russian family on tlie iiiteenth meeting n o o i is particularly fond of parties A f r i e n d of mine w h o live 1 - ne.xt dooi to them says he hears all sorts of strange noises, ao if they w e i e dancing the Ma£tuka while signing tlie Communist Manifesto Recently my f»ond entered the e l e v a t o r m tire lobby, hea^cl voices appicaching, and absent-mindedly pulled off his hat just as two Russian men stepped into the cage. The Russian* glanced at each ot'ie; T h e first took off his hat, too So did the second. Then my the epicurean French still \ v e i e \ f n e n r j P ut ITS back on. So did the chewing raw meat rn gallic forests., f,.,,; RUSMUII. So did the second 1 can close my eyes and sniff. Hong j T! , cn all ,i l l C e men rode up to the Kong and Shanghai again, and the u f t e e n t h ilooi in complete silence, looking at eacn other uneasily, "i suppose they thought I was didn't Know just how to explain it " memory of egg rolls, delicate s and strange crunchy vegetables l A U p O A u l s int.. An unsung hero is the man w ho delivers milk to the 119 families "They really need a diplomat foi this job" he told me the othe: The Tuiks ruled Jerusalem f i o m 1517 to 1917. a o JOE XOE3OC JOE3OI O a o T O n o Bf You Live on North Main, Buffalo or Chapel Street, the o D o DAILY MESSENGER to be delivered by carrier boy -Phone 897- \ ASK FOR George Doran, Gsreuiation Mgr, M O U N T B A T T E N I N S P E C T S T R O O P S --Earl Mountbatten, i n civilian clothes, ' inspects honor guard during celebration of silver anniversary of the maharajah of Jaipur, India. The Citizens Food Committee Suggests: Chicken Dishes for This Week CHICKEN GUMBO Chicken Gumbo is a favorite is a Southern dish-- a delicious cross between a soup and a stew. 4 pound fowl, cut. UD 3 quarts cold water 4 teaspoons salt 2 bay leaves 8 peppercorns ' 4 pound sraoted Iiam, diced 1J.J cnps diced onion 3 cup diced green pepper 1 cup diced celery 4 tahlcsp.'xja'; fat {i ctip ta» nhitc tic* ^ 5 tnUrvRpaons flour 2 cups sliced fcre^h or canned okra witt juice 1U. cup* canned tomatnti '4 tablespoons chopped canned pUniento 34 teaspoon pepper Simmer fowl, water, 3 teaspoons salt, bay leaves, and peppei corns m covered kettle until tender- about 3 to 4 hours. Cool quickly, then chill. Remove chicken from bones, discard skin, and dice meat coarsely. Strain broth, measure add enough water to make 3 quarts Saute ham, onion, green pepper, and celery fa fat until soft-- about 5 minutes Add rice, saute 5 mm- \it*t longer, while stirring Add ftpepr. stir smooth. Stir in broth okra. tomatrcs. pimiento, New York Farmers to Tour Western Fanns ^STUFFED OVEN-BROWNEO I T H A C A -- New York state FOWL larmers will h a v e an unusual op- Fowl may be stewed or steamed j portumty next month to inspect whole, then stuffed and browned in | thoroughly the great vegetable- Uoi XOESOl 3OS pepoer, and remaining i teaspoon | oiicm ana sage, the oven and served like roast · chicken. To steam a bird whole lea- stuffing and oven-browning, place on a rack in a kettle hall filled with lightly salted water, cover, and simmer until tender (about 3 to 4 hours). Turn occasionally for even cooking. Stuff with potato i stuffing or other stuffing. (Have the I stuffing hot so that the oven time I r s cut down and the bird does notj dry out.) Brush the bird with faLi I place oa a rack in an open pan (with breast up and bro-n in moderate oven (350 3 F.) 1 hour or until the bird is well browned. Cook down broth from the stewed or steamed chicken for gravy. POTATO STUFFING 4 small potatoes (1 pound) }i cup boilin; water I cup soft bread crumbs ''{ teaspoon salt ix teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon Snely cot onion ·"i teaspoon powdered sage 1 sli?htlv beaten e?£ \'~i cup evaporated milk, scalded Cover and boil potatoes until ton der m boiling water. Drain and mash Put mashed potato into bowl ! with bread crumbs, salt, pepper, J salt Simmer, uncoveicd 1 hour. 10 minutes before Makes 8 servm gumbo is done and hot milk. a irixturc of egg Makes sufficient stuffing for a 3%-t pound chicken. Davidson's. . Annual DISCONTINUED LINES IN THIS SEASON'S STYLES AND MATERIALS SELBY STYL-EEZ Values to Now... ENNA JETTICKS Values to ?8.o() N o w . . . $ 4 95 VOGUAIRE Values to S7.50 N o w . . . Connies and Jacqueline Values to N o w . . . Growing Girls LOAFERS Values in So.OO Now # # # # DAVIDSON'S Shoes For The Whole Family 3 f 50Q Threaten Syracuse Strike SYRACUSE, jPi-- Negotiations to avert a threatened strike of 3,500 emploves of the Solvav Process division of tne Allied Chemical and De coipoiation were to be le- sumed here today. The employes, members of Local 12157," United Mine Workers, dishict 50, voted to strike at midnight tonight unless 13 cafeteria workers who lost their jobs aie t e h i i c d , or a s,atisfactoi settlement is leacnca Following a ciav-IoiiLC L o n f e i - \ ence that ended in a btalemate last night, \V R Kitson, assiilani to tlie plant's director of operations, s,ii(l negotiationb w o u l d continue todav giowing sections of the Rio Grande valley and Southern California, E S. Fostei, general secretary of the 79,000-member New- York State Farm Bureau Federation, said today. This chance will come, Foster stated, dining a 21-day, more- Uian-9,fiOO-nuIe agricultural toui to California, Jon. 3l-Feb. 21, sponsored by State Farm Bureaus in the Noithcast. A sizeable group of farmeis f r o m New York, Massachusetts. Connecticut and Maryland is expected to make the tour, he added. "This firsl-elass-pullman trip w i l l combine business w i t h pleasure in a ical winter vacation," Foster said, uigmg interested f a i m e i s to contact the Federation's office m Ithaca. The visit to the Rio Giande v a l l e y , w h i c h produces great quantities of cilius f i u i t s as well as vegetables undei negation for the Nortnern market, will afford plentv of t i m e to observe farming and shipping plants, he noted O'hei pomt=: of special agricul- t u r a l note to be seen will include I lie King Ranch in Texas, one of the nation's la' gpst and most famous eaitie mnches, the prod u c t n e Salt r i v e t Bailey m Arizona, the date-ei owing section about Inoio. Calif the aiea around Los Angeles and t h e orange g i o v p s about Pomona and Ontario, Calif Also to be visited are San Fian- cisco, Santa Barbara. Ilollvvvood, Pasadena and oihei California cities; Houston, GaKeston, San Antonio and Corpus-Christ i in Texas; Phoenix \\\/ the Giand Canyon and many other industrial and .scenic points. Economy Now Keynote of Movie Scene By Bob Thomas HOLLYVt OOD, t/P)--Here are some of the tilings a reporter sees and hears vv lule covering the movie sets: Moves tow aid economy can be noticed all over t o w n as the movie industry faces the nigged future of the new year Out at Republic, Director Frank Boi/age is demonstrating how an "A" picture can be made in 30 du\s By working w i t h a fast and eagei crew and planning each .-hot beforehand, he is making "Moomise" in half the uiUlllclO I"'""Movie goeis expect Hie same quality in picture-" he explained, "to we can't economi/e w i t h quality. The saving ha- to be made in shooting schedule- ' I asked how his schedule w:is--ui instance, he 15 minute- ahead? "No," he smiled ' I'm two camera sprockets behind' . - Anothei example ol "how to save" was seen on 'he "Carmen" set With one dav !en to shoot on location m the Sieiras. a winter- storm swept clown Rather t h a n wait out the storm and tlie snow- meltmg. the companv letumed to Hollywood Rock foi rock, tree for tree, the loca'ion site was recreated on a studio stage, still photographs being used as a guide. At Wainei Brothers a bunch of tough guys aie acting in "Key- Lai go.' But a scene w h i c h will match the film's toughness was played during mv v isit It happened w h e n E d w a i d G. Robinson dist-oveuu iluit Hum. in the upholster i of "Little Caesar's" spanking new sedan "All phrey Bogart had b u r n e d a hole right, you mug. I'm going to get tough--see?" mutteied Robinson "Yeah 9 " snarled Bogait. This ic- partee continued for 10 minutes and I'm not sure w h e t h e r they were kidding... Dane Clark was among the many who mourned t h e death of M a r k Hellinger and he had better reason than most. Dane was telling me about how ho got his s t a i t in films. lie d i o x e out from New York to t r y his luck here and was promptly turned d o w n by every studio. * Commerce Group fisks Bonus Change UTfCA, f.Fi-Thf Enipnc S t a t e A "-social ion of Commerce f a v o i s f n m diM-nissed the employes j {^'"SjlH^ slate bonus ; tp_ Wo._Id Irsl N o v e m b e i w h e n it ceased op- '"' ' "'" " 01 at ion of its cafcteiid, t i n n i n g it ovei to a catering concern. The union chnrged t h e l u l c d a "lockout " action consti- ANOTIIEU DONOK In l i s t i n g dwioii ID tlie f u n d for i Christmas gifts foi county wards, i L ..L v.vj.i... .v.;^- ac!'c:'e"fl} "^i'- ted Canandaigua council. KC f'-om the list published in Mon- dnv's Dailv Messenger Becau-e of B r i t i s h expoit ie- btnctitin-. lubber prices lumped f i o m 10 cents a pound in 1920 to 23 a pound m 1923. Wai II v ft eians w h o joimd tlie n a t i o n s f m h t u v foices v\iule residing in NCA York, but who now live outside the state The group at it~ annual meeting last night endoised a prooosal by G o v e i n o i Dewey that New Y o r k v c t e i u n s w h o moved f i o m t h e state be made eligible to shaie in tho 5)00,000,000 bonus T)H £rovpmoj w i l l recommend the change \Vetmesday m Ins annual message to the legislature To q u a h f v fi . the bonus under (urrent icgulalions, a v e t e t a n must have been a legal resident of iVew York for .six months before he enteied set v i c e and must a legal lesiclent ot Uie slate When iie makes application Senators Endorse Meat Ration Plan WASHINGTON, T'--PiopOtals to set up meat rationing machinery on a stand-bv basis won thf endorsement today of Senatois Ives (R-NY) and -Muu ay (D- Monl). W*hile the mocit I'-sue simmeied, Pres'deiH Tiuman'a cabinet food committee decided to eliminate eggless Thursdays aftei this iveek hut 'n ^ontinup it 1 - anneal for meatless Tuesday James A Stijlwell food consei- vation director, announced tliat this step AS being taken oecause of a seasonal mciease in the supply of J^tro-c ui ^i^e?^. Stillwell noted on behalf of the cabinet food committee that the supply of livestock, on the other hand, is diminishing. J O C K E Y -- Gordon Richards, British jockey, rides Sally during a visit to a circus at London where he christened iu£ ClcpliST.t Vi'lth 3. uOttlC 0* champagne. Krupp Arranged Swiss Collection Of U.S. Royalties NUERNBERG, GERMANY, (ff)- Tlie K i u p p steel combine arranged to have its royalties f i o m the GCJI- eidi Electric Coip. collected by a Swiss go-between firm long before the Lmted States enteied Woild \Vor II. a U.S. military couit was told today. The piosecution in the trial ot Alfred K i u p p and his subordinates on war crimes said the object was to pi event American confiscation The piosecution produced documents showing that the Krupp combine in July, 1940, sold the r i g h t to collect the royalties up to Septembei, 19J2, to Pantena Ak- tiengesellschaft a Swiss firm. The f i r m was offered a 5100,000 profit The German government ap- P ' o v e d the plan anci demanded that Ihe dollais be transferred f i o m Switzerland as collected "It is not intended to allow foreign c a p i t a l to pile up eiseunere the g o v e r n m e n t financial chiefs not.fied the Krupps The arrange- m e n t , · e' f completed by September, 1910 the documents showed. O; h e documents showed that in ^pt ember 1939 a f t e i the Xa/i^ launched the campaign against Poland, the K i u p p s tians- Vicinity Deaths OLIVER D. EISENIIAUT EAST BLOOMF1ELD--Mr. and, Mrs. Joseph Eisenhart were called to Horsehcads the past weekend by the death of his father, Oliver D. Eisenhart, 73, whose funeral \\as held yesterday at the family nome, with inteVment in Korse- heads. Well known In this area, Mr. Eisenhart died suddenly New Year's eve while silting in the lobbj of the Miami hotel, Miami. Fla.. with his wife. Known in Floiida resorts as "Mr. Horseheads," he served as mayor of that village 24 years, president of the Horseheads Loan and Savings association five veirs and n director at his death, and ..n honorary lift member of " Irnirn lodge of E'V-s He and his \ i*"e c'.lebr.tted their 50th wedding anniversary July 8, 19-14. Survivors are '-is wife and 1. children, the majonly resi3ents nf Central and West'-Q N»w Yark. CORRECTION In an article in this paper, yes- teulay, announcing the sale of the Goodie Shop,.it was reported that James J. Mirras, former owner df the establishment, had bought the Kinde building last year. Reference intended to the Bemis block, which is also located on Main stieet, adjacent to the cot nor building at Main and Chapin streets, also owned by Mr. Mirras. ( COURT CONVENES Ontario county court convened today without action and was adjourned until Jan. 20 at 10 a. m. l . ,. . * Special FOR SALE 8 room home in good condition, KiiraRC, henhouse, garden and plenty of fruit. Maul road close to city with school bus passing tho door. Easj to Finance T. Sunderlin Baker Licensed'Broker Phone 11»5-M Ask to set it if you wish a good home reasonable. ·] I* l i t *1 li I m it 15 OUR BUSINESS CIXB HOSTESS I n t e r r o g a t i o n club mil meet w i t h Mis. Theodoie R Hugo. Gibson stieet t o m o i i o v after neon Mrs R i c h n ' d H Bouen will give a book ev icw fened foieign patents, including thie'- Amencan and two Butish. tu a Svviss comnany foi safekeeping K u i p p w i o t e his government thai the patents might be "o 1 m- t e u s t ,0 Ameiica, and therefoie u e ( t i n ^ i d e i it necesaaiy to t:ans- ft'i t h t m to a SiMss company in oidei 10 pi e v e n t their seizure. The Citizens Food Committee Chicken Dishes for This Week CHICKEN SALAD t 2 nips rooked cMeken Juirp 14 lomon 1 to 2 nip-; dired relrry Salatl dressing or mayonnaise Remove skin and fat fjoni p.CuC.- of stewed chicken and cut in '/4 inch cubes or in strips. Some like to cut a little of the skin in fine pieces with the scissors and mix -with tho meat for extra flavor. Use mostlv white moat or part dark and part white meat. Sprinkle with lemon jiiico. Add celery and enough salad dressing or mayonnaise to moisten Arrange on crisp lettuce or in tomato cups and top with a little mayonnaise. Garnish with celery tios or stufled or ripe olives if dc sired. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Varialioas: 1. Oml lemon ;u:tc arc. mix chicken and celery with French dressing and chill ] 2 hour or more 2. Use I'/a cups chicSen, '2 Cv;» toasted walnut meats, broken r. pieces, and *4 cup diced celery. 3 Use 2 cups chicken, 1 cup diced apples or pineapple, and a few diced ripe olives. 4. Serve chicken .salad in long split rolls or in open- face chicken salad sandwiches. Garnish with crisp celery sticks, olives, pickles, or watercress. BRAISED CHICKENT WITH VEGETABLES Braising in a casserole or covered roa-Uoi' Lit u £''!. win to rook a well-fatted fowl pa?1 its for roastms but not necessarily in the stewing class Braising combines browning with slewing and develops nch flavor. 3! 2 to 1 pound fov! Salt and popper J- nip flour (about) ~ tablespoon 1 ; f a t ] ( u p hoi water 1 cup slirrd carrots *, nip slirrd celery '3 cup «IK ed onion? 1 rnp milk out fowl into serving pieces. Wash and dry thoroughly. Sprinkle with salt and pepper; dredge with flour. Heat fat in heavy skillet and brown chicken well in it Remove chicken to a heavy saucepan or casserole; add hot water. Cover and Odxe in it modci ate oven (025' F.) 1 to Hz hours or until chicken is almost tender, adding more water if necessnrvi In tho meantime, brown the vegetables in the fat remaining an the skillet, adding more fat if neces sary; remove vegetable?. To fat in the skillet add flour (1 to 2 tablespoons per cup of liquid) and milk or giblet stock and chopped cooked giblets to make a gravy. Add vegetables and gravy to chicken; season to taste. Continue cooking 30 to 40 minutes or u n t i l chicken and vegetables are tender. M.ilcp.- about f. MTV ing:.. POSTPONE MEETING A scheduled meeting of the Haves, class. Congregational clui'Ui. lias been postponed to Fnrtav. Jan 16. at the home of \1.^ P i o t l o i i c T H c n i v Gorhcim sin ' t M O I P t h a n 100 million finger- pi int iccordb a i e kepi bv the identification cliviion of the FBI in Washington. ' O UR first consideration « proper " professional service for our customers . .. Service which only college graduation, state liceniur* pud · years of experience con give. That! is what we offer you when yow bring your prescriptions to ui. , The Winship Pharmacy Ray F. Winship, Ph. G. ' --Phone 28-- T I T L 1 S T _ Jack Kramer (above) retained his title of men's national singles tennis champion, defeating Frank Par» ker in the Forest Hills final. -- Robert E. Hannegan* (above) resiffned as- I 1 . S. postmaster cencral to head a syndicate which bought the St. Louis Cardinals baseball : if am from Sain Your Friends Would Appreciate A Gift Copy of the ,, , , Sesquicentennial Edition of the Daily Messenger An edition giving complete historical facts of Canunduigua and Ontario county. This edition would be treasured for years to come . . . they're ready for mailing . . . price per copy 25c. If You Have Already Keserved a Copy Please Call for It at the MESSENGER OFFICE

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