The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 7, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
Page 8
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1',.: PACE EIGHT THE D'AILY MESSENGER, CANAND'AIGUA', N. Y., FRIDAY, JULY 7,1939. -ns(* i Chief Morris Is Given Until Six Tonight to Quit Mayor Nieder Waives Aside JDemand for Written Re:: quest; Decision Monday -. K^ENEVA -- Mayor Charles F. Nieder today gave Poii|i|'Chief R. W. Mori-is until 6 o'clock tonight to resign, after: having !v demanded the resignation yesterday afternoon as.iattie result 'of charges that had been made against the '""If the resignation is not received by this evening the Mayor announced that he will proceed according 1 to the city charter and render his decision not later than Monday. ;|" He indicated that he probably would also hand down a decision in the case of Sergt. William Yerg, who \yas also under investigation and who made the charges against the chief; . M a y o r Nieder is said to have informed Chief Morris tfrat he had been found guilty of "several" of the charges as filed. ^ "After having requested Chief" %* *·*«** to tend, hi^ros- {^^^Sn? "' ^ igr.ation, I called him by teltpnonc- Charges Preferred is morning to give hirn r.n- Appointment of a r.-rv Poiics Commission - followed, mid Chief CHERRY RECIPES ARE SUGGESTED tiFB o'clock tonight to resign. Urlnk- iiwtitiat it was only fair to him t::he have an opportunity to rt- :FI i, before I am forced to|*fflider a decision following UK- heSiririgS on charges that were maci:- against Mm. ""' is informed that the reque.y resignation should be mai'.f ; but I do not belieie ihi.- and so inforinc-d Criu-i Morris and his attorney At the same time I gave him until tonigiv. Morris was ordered to bring charge* against Sergeant YPV". Htnrinw were conducted, but flavor NiecU'- has withheld decision. Charges then were p''cfe"rt i: against Chief Morris by the sergeant. Hearings were, conducted in secrecy, with Mayor Nieder agali v-iihholding decision uniil yesterday wjien he informed Chief Morri=* he ' had been found gui'ty on ".'.everal" of the charges. Coming as a complete surprise tcprplgn. Otherwise I intend t; to " Geiie v a 'residents following the. hand-down, the decision as reacnec j situaticn was the demand to Gov- i^rne" as mayor, following the hearings, .not later than Monday. It pr,ob3ble also that I shall giv; a decision in the case of Sergt. Yerg at the- same time." XbmirJg on the heels of a aeinanc ^H^Qvernor Lehman for r-jnovu. of-Sistriet Attorney Can-onion A trie mayor's action pike. fuel on an ahcady blaz- emor Lehman for District- AUr.rne: Roberts removal. He was exprctea tc return last night from the Adirondack Mountains. Three Courses Open Three courses of action arc- sai:' to be open to Governor Lehman: He can study the charges and o'-.smiss Roberts if he deems the Making Of Maraschino Cherries Easy, Says Station Expert The making of maraschino cherries at home cheaply and easily is described in a circular published by the Geneva Experiment Station under the authorship of Dr. Frank A. Lee. who has made a study not only of the process itself but also of the comparative value of a large number of cherry varieties when put to this use. Dr." Lee's studies with cherries an part of an extensive reseurcn program being carried on at the Station to find new outlets for fruits and fruit products of all sorts. Colored cherries for use in desserts, salads, drinks, confections, and ice cream are becoming more and more popular and are appearing on the market not only as the familiar red maraschino-flavored, but also as green creme de menthe cherries, as yellof cherries flavored with lemon, and orange-colored cherries flavored with orange. These cherries can be prepared rather easily at home at relatively low cost, it is said, with any possibilities for a display of individuality in the amount and kind of flavor and depth of color. ·· The Napoleon has long been regarded as the leading variety for the manufacture of maraschino cherries and it still holds first place for a fancy product, but many other varieties may be used with satisfactory results, says Dr. Lee. Even dark- colored types can be easily bleached iT.d dyed. Montmorency. a sour cner- ry. has been used but does not give a very high quality product due to its soft flesh and tough skin. Slightly immature cherries are preferred to fully ripe fruit. Full directions on bleaching, pitting, dyeing, syruping, and flavo -ing both red and green cherries are given in the circular, together with a list of supplies needed for the making of maraschino cherries and a list of dealers handling "the necessary supplies. A copy of the circu- lar'may be obtained upon request to the Experiment Station. NEW RECIPES BY "COOKIE ?» Deviled Tomatoes f . l i i i M l i l l l M I c i t l i . ' l ' . n r M f, t ! l l | i ' S l " M i l l . 1 I ' U l l ' T t t:vl'lr:;| U n t i l 2 n i p - m i l k . n m s pivi'iiivd m u s t i i n l i n l l ;::llt mil Vt'cim-stcnshiro Keniove the stem end of the tomatoes ami cut them crosswise into slices "·/» inch thick. Sprinkle with some Hour. salt, and pepper and saute in 2 tablespoons of the b u t t e r u n t i l tender. M e a n w h i l e melt t h e remaining 4 tablespoons of b u t t e r in a double boiler; add the f l o u r and blend. Add the remaininc; ingredients and cook over hot water until smooth and thickened, stirrinj; frequently. Pour over the tomatoes arranged on a platter and serve. Serves ti. Baked Beef Liver, Swedish Style C t h i n slircs bi.vf liver (about " pounds) 1 ten spoon ,«nlt % tf.-is]n»n ii'-ppcr 2 cups sliced p.'iri'il npplr-s S pruiu-s, f ' i M i k t - d :Uul stvnr I 3 t;ililcs|ioon;: butti.-r { fsliocs baron 1 cup cT'f.ini Sprinkle each slice of liver with some of the salt and pepper. Spread each slice with some of the apples HIH^I HEALTH AND BEAUTY.... YoU C/V4 DO THIS CVJ THE L I M D OF A T R E E . CHINNING R - WAIST UN! ll THfc TORSO AMJSCLf.S. IT RfAOTtFIESTMC RACK. "TOO. BUTYOU MUST EAT FOOD,-- Boys Decline CCC Work, Welfare Withholds $22 BUFFALO i/V) -- The Eric; county welfare board lias decided to withhold from any 1'amily on relief the $22 a month 'which a boy who refuses assignment to a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp would receive. The action came after Deputy Welfare Commissioner Hoy R. Newcomb reported 520 boys on relief refused to join the last contingent and their places had to be filled at j the last minute by '.'W boys from | nun-relief families. Ncwcomb said j numerous boys refused on the ground they believed the camps to be militaristic. and prunes which h a v e been cut into pikers. Dot w i t h the butter in bits and roll tightly. Wrap each l i v e r roll in a p t r i p of bacon and skewer w i t h toothpicks. Place in a j shallow b a k i n g disn and add the cream. Bake; in a slow oven (325° i F.« for 2 hours. Serves 6. Follows Brother Into North After 33 Years SARANAC LAKE l/l'i--It took :W 'years for Dell Rock to follow his j brother. Fred, into the Canadian I North. | Fred set forth as a pioneer in 190(i. ! Dell, now 77, had his reunion with i him on the shores of Hudson Bay. ! Dell's daughter. Mrs. Leon Bourne of this village, went along with him by automobile. » Falls From Limb When Ax Slices Safety Belt ROCHESTER OP) -- James f,a- Duke. city employe, can sympathise with the man who cut, off the tree limb on which he was sitting. Trimming off limbs of a tree LaDuke's hatchet sliced through his safety belt. He fell 20 feel and was hospitalized with an injured foot. ALOQUIN BRIEFS W. E. Moore and niece. Miss i K\c-lyn Newton called av. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Barnes in i Dresden, Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Homer Brizzee and :-MI. Kk;;i. u U c m l - ! ihe B"ix/ee reunion at Red Jacket Park, Penn j Yin Sunday. "Bear, multiply and overrun the 'earth." is the slogan of a Japanese organization c'bmpaigning for bigger families. 1 5 Generations Under Roof At Girl's Birth Cold floors are dangerous to baby-and to grown-ups, too! But cold floors sre difficult to avoid with ordinary heating devices. It takes The Electric Furnace-Man to get rid of them. For The Electric Furnace-Man "soaks" every room in the house with undeviating heat- -from floor to ceiling. The thermostat "tends furnace" for you--there's no shoveling, shaking,raking, or fussing with drafts. And you save 25% to 75% on your fuel bills. ' Get Electric Furnace-Man automatic heat for your home. Drop in and see one on display. Feeds Anthracite from bin to burner. Models tar any site of bouse. Oectric Furnace-Man A U T O M A T I C A N T H R A C I T E BURNER ITHACA f/Pi -- Birth of n daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles House brought five generations under the roof at one time. \ Besides the i n f a n t and her mother, i those lire-sent were the m a t e r n a l ; grandmother, Mrs. Elsie May De- j i L a n o ; I he maternal great-grand-j 1 mother. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bower.; ,'and the maternal great -great-grand: mother, Mrs. Melvodora Swayze, 82. Alexander Davidson Estate LUMBER . . COAL . . HARDWARE PHONE (i) CANANDAICUA, N. Y. ing-jpoHtical and civic siMiation. -iSSnand for removal of District Attorney Roberts came from ; secret . Ontario County ciuzcns' committee and developed frc-ii: Charges reportedly growing out o; a grand jury investigation of Gf··;- cva-pSlice affairs. Must Be in Writing Following the meeting bot.wen rrayor and police chief. Jam^ .. jl-. -ftyah, attorney for Chief Mo; - ·· "cans. ri5, stressed the fact that ih i mayor's request was a vsrfoa! on-r. i He contended it was iiot cfzid.r | until placed in writing. Ryan declared: i "Inasmuch s as nothing official has as yet been given oui. thr/r is no comment. "Such a rsquest must be place; in · writing and must contain tiv. ·jeasons ior dismissal. 1 anclerslan.. the .chief has not been told o:: 7V;hat charges he has Leen fotui;' cliarges "'arrant such action: he c;u: tend a transcript of the charges to Roberts and. ask him 10 file an an- :-\ver. or if he believes the charges warrant such a move he car, =un.::ion Roberts to Albany and hold :. | hearing there. i Roberts is one of the ycungcsi ! !,;-osec-utor.s in the state and a World ] \ V a r veteran. ps"soiiaiiy popular ! v-ith both Democrats and Hepub- Motor Vehicle Chief Releases Information On Road Regulation; (Editor's Note: Below are presented some questions and answers on the subject of the vehicle and traffic law and rules of the road. Readers are invited to submit questions to information service. Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Albany. N. Y.) . The charges have boon referreo fi the governor's counsel. Natnan R Sobei and Thomas Corcoran. --placing of the request in '.vntirip by Mayor Nieder was cxiiccic!.: shortly- by those close to boih factions. . Seething .beneath the surface for months, the police situation cun:c into the open for tnc fi:."t tiir.e 01 March 6, when Mayor Nieder cii.s- rrifsed the entire Police ComtrJssioi- ChOdren Warned Not to Play With Blasting Caps ALBANY f/P -- Pointing perils to playful children, the State Health Department warns parents to make them let discharged blasting caps alone. Saying "most of the accidents happened in country districts, where children find the caps in the neighborhood of blasting operations, left in many cases by careless workmen." :he department stressed the fact "each year a number of children arc kilied by playing with these caps." ·"* -' Q--What is the punishment if a person is convicted of speeding? A.--The punishment defends on the number of times the driver has been convicted of speeding. The fine may be as high as $100 for the first offense, the driver may be confined to jail for as long as 30 days, or both fine and jail sentence may be imposed. Q--What is the punishment for second or third speeding convictions? A.--If a second offense occurs within 18 months of the first conviction, the fine must be at least. S50. but may not exceed $200. or a jail sentence not exceeding 90 days may be imposed, or both the fine and imprisonment may be imposed. Should there be a third conviction within the 18 months' period, the minimum fine is $100. the maximum $500. A jail sentence up to 180 day? may be imposed, or both fine and jail sentence may be prescribed. Q._What. if anything is done by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles? A.--When the bureau receives the report of a third conviction of .speeding within 18 months, it is mandatory that the drivers' license be revoked. In this event, no new license may be issued for a period of at least six months. Q.--Is it against the law to stand on the running board of a moving motor vehicle? .Y--The law forbids riding on a motor vehicle when any part of the person'? body protrudes. R i d inc on the rear of a vehicle without I'm- consent of the owner or han;:- inn onto a street car or vehicle i., likewise prohibited. Radio Schedule SATURDAY WHAM-- KOCHKSTKK 6.30-- Moraine After V.fifi - \ -vs K"po:M'r 7.15 Pftv ,ind -Joe 7.30 David Gordon -DK' 1 : LirtKTt Orr/ar: Co-.vbov Caravan -Brfai-.ia.-l Club -Domestic Tea Pally -On thf Play Area -Torn Grirr.-on, Orcan Thr Child Grows Up - B o y Seoul Pr -Catb.olic Courier "Our Barn" Hit of Ihc- Dav K.45 10,00 1015 1030 10.45 1 1 . O f t 11.15 11 30 12.0012.0." 52.1.= 1220 1 30 2 00 2 30- 2.4.S '.', 00 ?,.?/· 4 f»0 o.0'» :,y 6.00 fi.15 -4-H Club -Na1. F-arm ;ind Homr Hour --I.illie Variflv Sho.v ·-Morton Franklin and OK-h. Sjavornc Sr-rfnau" Cr;j/v Quill in H'i'ivO-jrn, Matirjf-f- %"HC D.^-jKf- Oirh. I3f-rj:j-.- Cart'-r a no Orr-h. - G'-o. S.ol:o]s}:v I1TTY PINCH HITTIH-- IMRUccfv's slCMtore were |Ud to cet that * Dcrathy (kto pretty fUnccc «f tfce ¥***«· ovtficUcr ·I TMfcw i*4Jw«. N. T.'"~ .45 State- Unemployment 7.0f»--Mf.ssa!Tf: of Israf] 7.30--Rita R-io and Orr.-h. 800--Jimmy Dorsey and Orch. 8.50--Red Foley and Co. 9.00--Barn Dance 10.00--Allen Roth and Orch. T030--A3 Donahue and Orch. 11.00--News Reporter 11.15--Tommy Dorsey and Orch. 1150--Vincent Lopez and Orch. 12.00--Rudy VaUee and Orch. 12.30--Jijnmy Lunceford and Orch. FINAL DAYS-UNPARALLELED VALUES ^ RECORD BREA KING COST REDUCTIONS $1 of Uty. Gef MORE MILES for LESS MONEY CASH IN your old tires for new 1 . These sensational trade-in allowances and cost concessions end in a few days. Before this sale passes into history equip your car with the finest tires at lowest cost--and pocket the difference. FOR FORDS, CHEVROLET5, PLYMOUTHS onef ofher Popular Priced Cars i, Big Mileage, Top Quality General Dual-Grips BUY THE FIRST TIRE AT REGULAR PRICE SAVE 72 °N\_ GETTHESECOND GENERAL/I TIRE for MILEAGE TREADS vc you new tire non-skul and id vnvc you at IcaM halt the w lircs . . - I'or txamp.i: ·# in Site 6.ta16 Md Tirt-.e i',4 20 proportion j EASY TERMS TAKE AS LONG us YOD WANT TO PAT Stores MURPHY'S SUPER-SERVICE 1 * Niagara St Phone 613 Canandaigua

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