The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on November 7, 1941 · Page 8
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 8

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1941
Page 8
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-I 10,700.00 $ 10,700.00 29. 30 32 County.3. contribution to Direct Relief _.-__ $ 53600 00 Hospitalization CoBts ---'._-.___..i.L 'iionn'nn Administrative Costs ..-.i ... ---- E'Z^ Infirmary, and Farm --~-----J^^:~^ J$TM^. Note: S^^m-S^Fu^^irio^r^* 110 ' 000 - 0 ^ *TM"»- fare Dir. Relief F'd. may only be made by express authority from the-Board of Supervisors The County Social Welfare Board will, each 'month render to the^Bbard ^f Supervisors a detailed re^ quisition for the amount of money it will need for the following month. In' no ease, will any overdrafts be permitted, nor shall the amount allotted by the Board of Supervisors for any month exceed one-tenth (1-lOth) of the total budget fo? the months of October to March, inclusive- nor ex-' rhU? ..T'T^TV 1 S W6tb) o£ the total bud «et for the mouths of April to September, Inclusive- unless a reserve shall have been built up, resulting trom requisitions during preceding months having been less than the above limitations, in which case no more than the amount of the accumulated surplus shall be added to the allotment made under the above limitations. Road and Park Commission: Friday, November 7, 1941 BESSEMER SCHOOL BOARD PROCEEDINGS for A regular meeting of the Board of Education ot the School the Township of Bessemer · was held 'at the Ramsav Sd» 13, 1941. Meeting called to order at 8:15 P. M by W E tary in the absence of B . C . Carlson, President. Upon roil call the Ca^i mem f rS W6re preseut: Pink ._Kuusisto,'Nelson and Smith 4). Absent Motion made^ by Kuusisto, seconded by Nelson that A. J. Finfc be appointed President Pro-Tern. Motion carried ^ moQ r r ° ti ?. n ,'? iaide Becond «l a «»l carried that the minutes of the regular meeting held August 16, and the minutes of th e adjourned ' regular held July 29th and August 21. and the minutes of ) August 29th, 1941, be approved as published in the 4 5 « S 11 12 13 1928 1931 1933 193S 1910 1940 1941 from clmic Reo Reo Reo Reo Studebaker Studebaker International C16505 CF105S5 23153 SC1803 1T-27614 938065 FAG. 259-9247 500.00 500.00 500.00 1000.00 1500.00 2000.00 3000.00 Comity Appropriation _ Grand View Hospital: Appropriation _ commitee GRAND TOTAL OPERATING BUDGET for fiscal October 1, 1941 to September 30 19 f - f l -? 55,200.00 ? 55,200.00 -¥ 5,000.00 f 5,000.00 -? 19,000.00 $ 19,000.00 $333609 . 00 ing September: 1185Q-1223Q Teachers' Payroll. Sal. 1st % of September $3 064 34 ^ 1224Q C. J. Anderson, Architectural Services '«=ui rw» 1225Q-1234Q Janitors' Payroll, Sal 2nd % of September rfrTM 1235Q-1236Q Clerks, Sal, 2nd V- of Sept ^P 16 TM 1 ** 1237Q-123SQ-Library Employes, Sal. 2nd 1239Q-1277Q Teachers' Payroll, Sal. 2nd 1278Q-1279Q Truant Officers, Sal. for 1280Q, Mrs. Dewey Bjork, Substitute 1281Q Mich. Education Ass'n. Membership "fees deducted'fr^m '""·' Teachers'. payroll 100 -- 1282Q-1283Q Mich. Teachers' Retirement Fund Bd~ Deductions ' from payrolls for month of September * 9a« 7" 12S4Q Mrs. Mayme M. Ross, Deductions from Teachers ; "rayroU ~ " for Institute Fees __lI-__ gg 00 October: - ~ of September, « 70 of S e p t e m b e r - - , ! » 7 i f 4? ~ ' carried. approved the superintendent's request to take a 'representative TV,tour schools in the Township to a guidance conference and lette, November 7th and 8th. .seconded by .Kuusisto that requisitions for school be approved and that orders be entered for same. reported nloue y received as follows during the month ot ° be School Interest Fund $9,252.00 National Defense Education ·_'__ 401.72 of July Committee, Bus tickets for band mem- _ 2.S8 ., Sale of Bond 1,060.99 seconded by Smith and carried that the meeting Signed. WALTER E. KUUSISTO, Secretary. STATE OF MICHIGAN The Probate Court For The County Of Gogebic At a session of said Court, held at the Probate Office in the City of Bessemer in said County, on the 22nd day of October, 1941. H ° n ' M ' E ' Nolau - Jud S e 1285Q-1294Q Janitors' Payroll, Sal. 1st V- of October 6 10 50 1295Q-1296Q Clerks. Sal. 1st fe of October WlODer -------------- «»-?" " 6 ^*^TM" 1111 -- M»-'SOI to 0» Matter o t t r i e Estate of inations ------------ 15 .oo Josephine Raukar. Deceased filed in «000 -J1301Q 30, 38 wa^duiy adSSVS 'tt Wrd^s8£3£r. ^0*°, ^"^ JX$ ^ ^a^^'^TaJ-^-Si^J^IZrZZ-- ^^flfipte^ s^SH» -^^ dations which follow hereatter wwii. "~ »^-.-*? 16 * everal recommen- vote of the said W ° re " kewlse $33,360,900.00, as is based on final administration ac- George's Service Station," Gas," OU, Tire~Tube, Repairs"""! 55 17 i connt :m1 his Petition praying for Gogebic Auto Company, Bus Tickets _ ' J - "n/j ] allowance thereof and for the -loner* Gaylol ' a Br °s-, Inc., Library Supplies.""! ~" ~ ~~ -|", 0 ] assignment and distribution of the idObQ Peter J. Giacherio Garage, Operation Maintenance of buses, ~ " residue ot said estate 1307Q Pearce S*^^?^*?^ £^ " "»·?* {,,?__*'Ordered^That the 12th day of Board, for 1941-1942 of $333,609.00. is ten UO) mlHs w h r h ,1 ' U U J ml " S ' whlch allow s Pearce E. Graham, Repairing «rtw lU^ZI^^: iStl ^ November AD 1941 at ten Hauta Insurance Agency, Insurance or *- -* u -° 6 · . - ^ ~ u - 1M ". at ten It office is Uie new RESOLUTIONS N o - 1 ] - Th -e foregoing"s7a'tute is recommended that whenever: low trips to be extra employee in any County] Tax Allocation County Tax Levy County Auditor. 1810Q C. Hansen Lumber Co.. Lunrher -----· vj. *.*«iio*ju x-iuLuutfr *ju., ijumoer (jement Pli«^s 11 a** : - ~ nereuy appointed lor 1311Q F. H. Kearney Company, Straw _ ' _ 9^ l - ex**TM*TM? and allowing said account 1312Q Charles Jalonen, Transportation Espense~"I_ ~ ITM 9"|A I and hearta g said petition; HJ?S PTrank Kurvonen,_ Transportation Expense ITM "III" igioo · lt _ fe Further Ordered, That public given by publication « * i ' al " replaced, for employe shall any reaeonj not receive ! tice that the advancing money for proposed __ _ |13"Q Harry Wilkins, Electrician "services ~T 1315 Q R W al Smith, Electrician Services ____ !316Q Lake Superior Dist 1317Q Lntzs Dru ^ Stor «- JIJSS ?' S.-Si"-,, 13.50 :° r a TO Py ot this order, for three Co., Light, Power, Shades 95.13 ! successive weeks previous to said * Supplies 4 20 ' day of, ' ExP«»^s-Bigay BaTSS^H^IZr- 1 o a l d Com P al| y- O ff «e Supplies Library Bks. 112.01 . claims and demands against said deceased by and before said Court; It is Ordered, That creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to said Court at said Pro/bate Office on or before the 21st day of January, 1942, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, said time and place being hereby appointed for the examination and adjustment of all claims and demands against said deceased. It is Further Ordered, That public notice thereof be given by publication of a copy of this order for three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing in the Bessemer Herald, a newspaper printed and circulated in said County. M. E. Nolan, Judge o£ Probate A true copy Silvio L. Mascotti. Register of Probate. 10-31--u 1-21 The noon-day sunshine is about one million times as bright as the llumination given by a full moon. printed and circu- the heart of the office in which such i of -- Supervisors that the salary be increased to $85.00 per month, but suck increase is not automatic and may be either ailowed or disallowed by the Board of Supervisors. All extra employees in all County offices are the employees of the Board of Supervisors, on a month to month basis, and may only be i made of whatever balance supplies ,,-_ n . \Tn«... 1,: *» T-L -r»u~r . , T-L OOb.Ui .D., Phyisical Examinations and services 21.0( . r-,_»_,r ---* Bus Co., Student Bus Fares ^9 79 is due,|1327Q Plymouth Mining Company. Water over and above the sum so advanc- j 132SQ Joseph-^avroie^ O»^* _ , NO. 6 I^S 5"TM.l a ,r- s *7?5*,?. tBUo H-. Libra ^ TTM* R ^^rs We further Republic Steel Corp., Water that the:l331Q M. Selin, Water Pails, __ m each of the County de-jl332Q Western Union, Telegrams oe closed on or before the i 1333Q Youngstown Mines Corp Water of each month and, ' -- Supervisors. No. Z It is recommended that the appropriation and all other receipts of Grand View Hospital remain in the hands of the County Treasurer and 7.60 4.14 1.50 3.30 i - ^ ... - ·---· --· --··* "°i,,i.,,.i,, ,i, 4 i, . """ --"· Partic-! 1S34Q Harding Trading Post, Gas and Oil-. n~iv lured or discharged by the Board of I "!"' y '" a" monies be deposited i 1335Q Ramsay Mercantile Co., Dry Goods Paint Groc""erlS ii"°'- Simp,-v, an ,.= i dmmg the same mouth as received, 1133GQ Arvid Holmquist. Refund on X-ray. _L_ _ '__ TM -',,,, tnat on or before the last day j 1337Q Paul Freeman, Retereeing football game/ ~" deposits of all cash 133SQ National Heating Co.. Payment on heatta~~and~ several departments j allowed ,,,,,,, . m he made to the' 1339Q Fidelity Casualty Co., Bond~ ~ - - County Treasurer, sp as t o avoid' 1340Q Nick Pelto, Labor moving fence'Iiril""": confusion and error due to receipts 1341Q Mich. Education Ass'n, Associate Meniber^hips.rilllir":""" rri " Board tabled the recommendations of the Township Health received and and salaries be made through the uss of regular County Warrants and run through the County Treasurer's lecords, individually j No. 3 " j It is also recommended that the' Trustees of Grand View Hospital make an effort to bring employees of local lumber camps under the Group Hospitalization Plan. ; It is further recommended that the Trustees of Grand View Hospital make an effort to obtain the mobile X-ray unit from the State Health De- · l^'L P a ^} t8 '« materials, sup- and diahm , emeiUs appear , g Jn ^ on the County Treas- 1.00 ».00 S*96 Officer No. 7 i 'L lS J e ^ n ^\^ "«*..«* *e bal.l ,«Ja.lo remaining { n tne | the sum of $6,812.66] to the County Sociaii *- absorb the over- high school; $6.00 for each ninth grade boy and 3th grade g-'rl 4.00 for each seventh and eighth grade bov 2.00 for each seventh grade girl it is further recommended that tile Grand View Hospital conduct a booth at the 1942 Gogebic Co. fair t«ir the purpose o£ dispensing knowledge concerning tuberculosis. No. 4 It is recommended that the Prosecuting Attorney be instructed to make a complete check of all Justice Court records in the County and, if such investigation shows any pe- the remainder of $13 59* 44 be transferred to the General Fund for 1941-1942 and credited to Account No. 26, known as Reserve ti epr , (1 ? Iin f 1 H UenC: r, *"' w ^ P be tl encoun! « tor ti«V 9Uec . Um ° f Couuty tax - es tor the foregoing budget i No. 8 It Is further recommended Charles Jalonen, $25.00 for International No 7 dwm Johnson, $35.00 for International No ~7 Dan Laughner, $26.25 for International No ~7 Dan Laughner. S16.25 for one of the Reo buses , peter Car »enedo, $12.25 for any one of the buses - that the buses Peter for ,, eet , Aui ? ltor r . 3Uch tlmes n order to and authorized to s may be nee- ke ep fully in- - as to the expenditures of all s any pe- o a iml monies due the County to have " e P a " : »ents of the County and, fur- lieen placed in City funds, that demands be made for such penal funds as may be determined to belong to Gogebic Couuty. No. 5 It is recommended that, in order to avoid any further criticism by the Auditor General's Department as to expenditures for Committee meetings Tav and mileage paid to members of the n ^ ° n M i n e r a l Rights Borad of Supervisors for services IP r , I " otlon b y Supervisor William performed when the Board of Super- / Johnso11 - supported by Supervisor visors is not iu session, that the EOV- ' £ liiran « ev ] t was suggested that a """"·"· statute be strictly complied ^ esoutso » he drawn up and presented ther, to inquire immediately int'o any excessive or unwarranted CX p e n^ tuies by any Department. Alertness and vigilenee in preventing expenditures beyond appropriations are necessary because of the " icline in County tax reven- to shrinking valuations in Bus No. 3 Year 1938 Make Studebaker --FOR SALE-PEROTTI HOTEL Includes Bar Inquire At Hotel fSellar St. -- Bessemei wfth, the same being Section 1152, Compiled Liiws o£ Michigan for the ? " e , Xt Board lliendni e legislation lneeti "S vecom- to place a tax year 1929. as amended, the applicable ll|0 " Mi " er « Rights. portion of which is hereinafter qiiot- f . d Resolu t''on to be mailed to the q l Governor of the of Michigan ed at length: * * "Provided, further, that the Board of Supervisors is hereby uu- thorized to fix the compensation of ,. members of committees for services sult: necessarily performed when the Board of Supervisors is not in ses- Joh " s "n siou at not to exceed the amount herein authorized and actual travel- the time overnor of the State Sta ' e Senators and Representatives of M 'chigan. called with the following reAves: Supervisors Anderson Garvey. Hakala. Hellen Johnson, Kelly, Kuivinen' Ml "' a '"ler, Stenholm, Wilson, Wood'' war ^- 13. Nays: None. Absent dur- WELCOME TO THE Main St. ing expenses for the time 'actually: »'E roll call: Supervisors Baritone and necessarily employed and trav- '· Bulinski, Goldman, Lawyer Luxmore eietl by such members of committees ' Nadolney, Sanderson. 7 Absent' ±Sl" g £!L?, U « M »' «? I?!,"' 1 " 0 : 8 **"* Eri **TM. Treb- further, mi*-* j t - - V T J M ^ V I L U l L l l t S l . Teat nothing herein contained shall he considered to authorize payment to members of committees of such board, of compensation for the service as members of any such com- ilcock. 3. Motion carried. Adjournment It was moved by Supervisor Anderson, supported by Supervisor Kelly which motion prevailed, the Board - _..., ,,,,,,.. ^wm-, was declared adjourned until A aaid Board of Super- nesday, November 12th 1941 at ln session; nor shall o'clock ln_the forenoon. ' WOODWARD, Chairman WHITE BIRCH | | | | | Bessemer FISH FRY Every Friday Night DANCING Every Saturday Eve. Engine No. Amount of Coverage 908905 $2000.00 . Judge of Probate A true copy. Silvio L. Mascotti, Register of Probate 10-24--11-14 The STATE OF MICHIGAN ProbaU Court For The of Gogebic Dr. R. J. MULLEN Bessemer Michigan County At a session of said Court, held at, the Probate Office in the City of Bes- | seiner, in said County, on the 30th i day of October. 1941. j Present: Hon. M. E. Nolan, Judge M o f Probate. i j In the Matter of the Estate of Wil- · \ lam Waters, Deceased. It appearing to tne court that the |! time for presentation of the claims', against said estate should be limited! and that a time and place be appoint- { ed to receive, examine and adjust all! We Sell Every Form Of Insurance The General Insurance Agency George L. Mazanec, Agent Peoples State Bank Buitdi-nc Phone 58-- Bessemer, Mich. The Answer To Heating PROBLEMS ROCK WOOL And CLOCK COAL Will Save Money The Michela Co. Bessemer -- Wakeneld m em ier of any committee be entitled to payment under the provisions of this section for services performed as a member of any committee where the services performed were not ordered by the said Board, nor for more than forty days in any one yenr as member of such committee. Any supervisor receiving further or other compensation than herein provided for auch services shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be n«L ^ rf 3 !/ / ne ot not le « 8 " lan one hundred dollars nor mdre : thnn niTn , RUDOLPH A. ANDERSON, Clerk DrJLMER J. KUIVINEN D E N T I S T OFFICE OVER PEOPLESSTATE8AHK You Are Always Welcome At The GOGEBIC INN Located next to Abelman's on Sophie Street Saturday, Nov. 8 We Ar« Sevring; Ravioli Salad 25c Per Plat* -\ Join your friends at Gogebic Ian Dance to Good Music TODAY HE IS ONLY A "GRUNT" That's a queer name for a workman, isn't it? Not to an electric man. Grunt in his language means lineman's helper. If s sort of symbolic that a grunt's job starts at the foot of the pole-- the first rung up the 'ladder" on which many men have climbed to success in this business. That's the way many of us who work for this company started in. What does this mean to you? It means that your electric service is in the hands of experienced people who know this business from the ground up-- who understand your needs, and constantly work to boost the standard of service and lower the rates. That their efforts bear fruit is shown in the fact tint electric service today is better than it has ever been, and household rates are only about half what they were 10 to 15 years ago. Today you get about twice as much electricity as you did 10 to 16 years ago for the aune money. Lake Superior District Power Co.

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