The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 27, 1965 · Page 15
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 15

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 15
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Porch Supper Features Dish In Oriental Style Tlatmy spring weather makes out-of-doors eating a realily once again. Why not start the trek now with n porch supper?! A ground beet casserole with 1 exotic accents is just the main j dish to promote a change in menus and moocl. fiinger. soy sauce anl chow mein noodles give this beef combination an Oriental-type seasoning. After it's assembled,] the baking time is less than half; an hour. Beef Casserole Orienlale I'/j pounds ground beef 2 preen onions with tops, sliced 2 T. lard or drippings V* I . salt 1/S (. pepper M t. ginger 1 T. soy sauce 1 medium tomatoes, peeled j and cut in eighths i 1 can (IO'/ 2 ounces) condensed mushroom soup 1 can (3 ounces) chow mein noodles Brown ground beef and onion in lard or drippings. Pour off drippings. Combine ground beef mixture, salt, pepper, ginger, soy sauce, tomatoes, Diushroom soup and chow mein poodles, reserving l /2 cup noodles for topping. Spoon into 2- quart casserole. Sprinkle with reserved noodles. Bake in a moderate oven (375 F.) 20 to 25 minutes. 6 servings. Delia Democral-Times Thursday. May 27, '65 15 Former Home Economics Shares Short Cuts With or Readers By RUTH SOLOMON Mrs. Nelson Hamilton plans meals for four ndulls, two infants, one child 17 months old, and eight children varying in age from four to ten. However Mrs. Hamilton finds it a very simple matter as children prefer \r.d need simple foods. She avoids rich foods, which are hard to digest ns well as time consuming to prepare. Occasionally gourmet dishes are served Ihe adults us most o! her children don't care for them. A graduate of Mississippi iState College for Women, Mrs. Hamilton majored in fcxxls land nutrition with a degree in Iwme economics. She served a ^lietetics internship at Charity Hospital and worked for three .and a half years at Jefferson- Illillman Hospital in Birtning- |ham. She also taught one year maraschino cherries; 1 quart vanilla ice cream, 1 quart strawberry ice and 1 quart slierbct. Freeze over- nighl. Unmold on tray and return to freezer to harden. Return to serving tray and slice to serve. Eggplant and Crab Casserole 3 medium eggplants 1 large onion 3/4 c. chopped celery 2 large eggs 2 T. chopped parsley Vt c. cracker crumbs salt and pepper 2 cans crab meal Hj c. medium while sauce Peel eggplant and cul into inch size cubes. Salt heavily and let stand for one hour. Rinse eggplant with water and squeeze until all moisture is removed. (This pnrt may be omitted if in a hurry.) well and fold in crab meat and| Soften yeast white sauce. Season with salt and white pepper to taste. Slice thinly Iwo medium tomatoes and brush with salad oil. Place on lop of eggplant. Sprin- of nutrition at iversity, while milk and add (0 baiter and beat for 3 minutei . (mixer can be used) Place in a greased bread pan 9 x 5 x 3. or 9 inch tube pan. and allow to rise In warm kle areas not covered by tomato' p | ace until dcuble in bulk, (about wilh buttered cracker crumbs.! an hour) Bake al 300 degrees for one I hour depending on the dep'.h ofi Hake in very hot oven 425 de- ihe casserole. Garnish wilh pars-;grecs for about 20 minutes, ley. This makes a complete meal served wilh a green salad, French bread and Lemon Ice Leava in (he oven len more minutes with the heat turned off. if you're not sure if it is baked through. : If served hot, pull apart, or it Cream Pie. may be sliced while warm with If you like n bread with high'very sharp knife. egg content, this quick recipe of Mrs. Hamilton's will suit SHOP AND ENJOY FAVABROTHERS G R O C E R Y a n d M A R K E T SOUTH MAIN EXTENDED ROUND STEAK LC 69* CHUCK ROAST or CHUCK STEAK - 39 "Pretend" Party Mrs. Nelson Hamilton lights the floral tapers on the beautifully decorated cake made for a "pretend" birthday party. This cake can be prepared ahead, iced and stored in fieezer for either a birthday party or an emergency. Waiting to blow out the candles are her four year old daughter, Margot, and her niece, Beth Evancho, also four, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Michael Evancho of Newburgh, N.Y. (Staff Photo) HAMBURGER MEAT 3 CAKE MIX COFFEE Betty Crocker LBS. BOXESE I'LB! ~ FoWger's CAN ICE CREAM Glacier Club J J _.._._ V* GAL. Air Flavors PKG. 1.00 99$ 79* 59* COOK'S TOUR By GAY I'AULEY UPt Women's Editor NEW YORK (DPI)-- Travel broadens the recipe file if the traveler likes to cook. And who has a better chance than wives of military men based around the globe to garner the foreign specialties? Little Rock Uni- Dr. Hamilton !was completing his residency at the Children's Hospital in Little Rock. WITH a major such as hers, there's no doubt about her knowing all the short cuts. One way she saves time is by using self- rising flour instead of plain. She and the maid cook most of the meals without recipes, which also saves time. Pancake batter is kept in the refrigeralor at all times, and will stay fresh a couple of days. It is kept in n plasfic pitcher ami poured onto Ihe skillet as needed for breakfast. It is also easy to slip an extra egg or Iwo inlo the batter when the children refuse eggs for breakfast. The children are served or- ance juice at breakfast and milk at the o'.her two meals. MA\Y of the vegetables are served raw, nnd Mrs. Hamilton said lhat carrot sticks are es- Ipecially favored by Ihe chil- 'dren if they have been marinat ! ed in dill pickle juice for two ' days. We asked Mrs. Hamilton to i;ive us a parly menu: she included an Angel Food birthday cake, nnd nn ice cream mold, Saute in nbout 3 T. oil, the onion, celery and eggplant. When lightly brown, allow to cool slightly and add cracker crumbs, parsley nnd beaten eggs. Mix you. 3 eggs 3 T. sugar U c. soft butter 2 c. flour t. salt 2 pkg. active dry or comprcss-|binder and season to taste. cd yeast 3 T. lukewarm milk Rent epgs with sugar and blend in butler, flour and salt. Flavorite WASHINGTON (UPI) - Put extra flavor and moistness i n ground beef patties by adding a cup of tomatoes to 1 pound of ground beef. Use '/$ cup of uncooked, quick-cooking oats as a This combination offers a deliciously different flavor and helps you stretch a pound of meat to serve six. SWIFT PREM CAN 39 C | JELLO BEER Panst Blue Ribbon PAK 1.19 Hunt's 4 NO. 2/ 2 CANS 99' Softone TISSUE ROLL PEACHES CRACKERS BANANAS - 10' 1 LB. . BOX 290 What some of these women have compiled, and often adapted to American-style seasonings, shortcuts and customs, is the subject of a new cookbook, "Salule to Cooking" (Favorite Recipes Press, Inc., Montgomery, Ala.). The recipes were conlribuled by wives of non-commissioned officers in all branches of the service and are divided into patio, picnic and party categories wilh each one including a section called "foreign favorites." Chinese-style or other oriental cooking raled highly in the foreign dish group and the ixx)k included seven recipes foj fried rice, Chinese fashion. One of the .simplest came from Mrs. Wilbur Hawkins, whose husband was stationed at the 780th Radar Squadron, Fortuna AF Station, in Montana Her method: Use 3 slices ba con, diced; 3 cups cooked rice 2 tablespoons of finely choppec jnion; 2 eggs beaten; 2 table- poons soy sauce; '/2 teaspoon rf salt, and 1/8 teaspoon of pepper. Fry bacon gently until crisp Remove bacon from the pan. Fry ice in hot bacon fat for 10 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly. Add onion and cook another 2 minutes. Beat eggs with soy sauce and seasonings; add to rice with bacon bits. Cook until eggs are done, stirring constantly. Yield 4 servings. JONES MEAT MARKET JONES -MEAT MARKET X ISTEAK SIRLOIN ROUND CLUB MINUTE STEAKS o por L Red (POTATOES jlOLb. Doz. Med. EGGS 3 WEINERS 3 SAUSAGE 3 $ Lbs. Loin Tip Roast VEAL STEAKS 10 F Q, Japanese in origin is Mrs. Louise M. Atkinson's easy recipe for ciiicken teriyaki. At the time the book was compiled, her husband was based at the 97th General Hospital Frankfurt, Germany. To make, the cook needs: 2-3 cup of soy sauce; V4 c"P of white wine; 2 tablespoons of sugar; '/$ teaspoon of ginger; i clove of garlic, chopped; and one frying chicken, cut up. Make sauce using Ihe soy sauce, wine, sugar, ginger and garlic. Marinate chicken in BACON Sliced Hickory Smoked ! 3 $1391 Lbs. I BONELESS |! sauce for 1 hour. Then, place in a baking dish and bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour, basting 2-3 limes. Yield, 4 servings. Most of the foreign-style desserts offered were of European origin, including Mrs. Helen Ferrara's Sxvitzerland pineapple dessert. The Ferrara family l l w a s based at Las Alamatis NA I 1 Station, Calif. I To make: 1 package (12 ounc- \ es) vanilla wafers; I can (No. - t z can) of crushed pineapple, : well-drained; 1 pint of sour , cream; '/i cup of while sugar; .and I teaspoon of vanilla. Place a layer of the wafers in a buttered 9 by 12-inch dish, j Cover with pineapple. Add anoth- pre-swcetened Kool Air or fruit juice punch. These are all favorites with the children. Some of her favorite recipes include a Lemon Tee Cream Pie, her own eggplant and cral casserole, and a very good bread recipe. Lemon Ice Cream Pie 1-10 inch baked pie crust in pyrex dish l'/2 qls. hard frozen lemon ice cream I I em on-juice and rind 4 egg whites 8 T. sugar '/z t. vanilla l /\ t. cream of tartar pinch salt Before assembling have baked pastry in pyrex at room temperature. Ice cream must be very hard in freezer. (May be sliced into one-inch slices) Sprinkle lemon juice and rind on ice cream. Beat egg whites mixer at room temperature. Put ice cream into crust nnd cover with epg whites, run into he stove and broil until golden }rown. (Ice cream will not melt, if done quickly.) Meringue Real egg whiles until fro'.hy, add J /2 t- vanilla, salt and cream of tartar, add sugar one T. at a time. Beat until you have a high FILETS BACON WRAPPED EACH RIB EYE STEAKS EACH 79' DELUXE FREEZER SPECIAL 5 LBS. MINUTE STEAKS 5 LBS. CHUCK ROAST 5 LBS. GROUND BEEF 5 LBS. PORK STEAK 5 LBS. FRYERS 5 LBS. BACON er layer of wafers. Combine remaining ingredients and spread over wafers. Refrigerate at least 4 hours. Yield, 12 servings. 30 $ Lbs. l! NEW I j words c Prevention YORK (UPI) - Five Side ° f Beef ift to zm u. Avg. Cut and Wrapped Gnv't Iwaecled Hindoiiartcrs Lb. 59c No Down Payment Months To Pay P the patient understand [ness and its treatment 1C every prescription 11 blank can avert confusion, help his ill more j fully, and provide doctors with i readily available necessary in- .formation, reports Dr. Robert Montgomery. The words: to contents." "Please label Montgomery, 5 Lbs. Round. Sirloin or T-Bonet Steaks 5 Lbs. Min. Steaks or Chuck Rcast 5 Lbs. Ground Beef 5 Lbs. Cut Up Fryers Any Item May Be Substituted Lbs. Meat $995 i potting in "Medical Annals, Dis- Irict of Columbia," said that jpharmacists are not permitted ilo label prescriptions unless specifically requested. The information is especially helpful when a patienl, during a trip ·way from home, musi consul' r.iother doctor. glossy meringue. Arrange ice cream in pastry shell, covering the bottom well. Sprinkle with lemon juice and lemon flavor. Cover with meringue and make sure tlte meringue is sealed wilh the pastry. Place in the oven about five inches from the broiler. Leave the oven door open and watch pie brown. Remove from oven nd serve immediately. Angel Food Birthday Cake 3 loaf style angel food cakes (about 13 oz. each) I Ib. jar strawberry jam Butter-Cream Icing I Ih. confectioner's sugar 4 T. butter 1 egg white 2 T. strawberry jam Cream butter, add sifted sug ir and 2 T. strawberry jam. dd unbeaten egg white and seat. More jam may be added if the mixture is not of proper spreading consistency. Cut each layer cake into thirds lengthwise. Arrange on doily covered dish or board in desire pattern, then spread each layer with jam. Do this well but not too generously, to keep layers from sliding. Use toothpicks to if necessary, strawberry butler Decorate with anchor layers Frost with cream icing. Why is Sealtest the milk to buy? Trustworthiness is a reason why You can put your trust in Sealtest Milk. You can trust in the goodness, freshness and purity of Sealtest Milk. Sealtest quality control is the reason why. Sealtest starts with the finest fresh milk. Then Sealtest people check-again and again-to assure you and your family milk worthy of your complete trust. well-washed and dried artificial (lowers and floral tapers. Cakel should he refrigerated if it will not be used immediately. Ice Cream Mold Alternate the following ingredients in layers in a Bunte pan; bottom, 5 T. cherry juice and makes the difference!

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