The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 27, 1965 · Page 14
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 14

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 14
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Thursday, May 27, 'OS Delia Democrat-Times I lime, ll n-emcd stupid to try lo jlhrce months and I am still not better. The age o! consent and Ann Landers.. ;bc a sludenl j j l o be Tony's *' hen 1 just wanted p r e g n a n t . According lo what I wile. -Answers Your Problems Whenever I mentioned m a r r i a y c m y mother w e n t Ilirouj;!) l!;c ceiling. One clay 1 decided lo tell her I was prcg-: nant so she'd have to let me get m a r r i e d . | told my Mother I should be five j months along. She is worried because I'm so thin and she keeps asking me why I haven't If 1 t e l l her the t r u t h can she DEAR ANN LANDERS: 1 en- and wasn't learning anything. jnvcri your definition uf "class. "|My mind u;as on Tuny nil the h'ony antl ^nd now 1 will you plcnsc give us ano'.her definition? rbirm anyway? "· " " My plan worked but now I'm afraid I outbinarlcd myself. lhavc the marriage annulled? -i GIRL WHO HAD TO LIE Dear Cjirl: Tell your mother lhavc been married |lhe truth -- and the sooner (he laws bearing on annulment vary from stale to stale. See a lawyer. Do yoj (eel ill at ease . . . out of it? Is everybody hjving gtxxl time but you? Write for | Ann Landers' booklet. "The Key lo Popularity," with your request 35 cents in coin and a long, self - addressed, stamped envelope. News Of The Services OPERATION' KAIRGAME iwhile serving aboard the de- l-'ircman Lamar 0. Roberts slroycr USS Manlcy. Jr., USN. son ol Mr. and Mrs. ' Lamar 0. Roberts Sr. of 352 S. j FORT EUSTIC, Va. (AHTNC) Korea - Army Pvl. DavM I. Jhiniseo. son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Phini;ea, Route 2, Box (505 was assigned lo the 7Ist Artillery in Korco, May 18. · · i - · ? « ' « · ' ' « ' m «n ' - T u r }·**** . . ""- i . . - . 11 i rt , t,. r. at c itarv personnel enclosing ; mtcrnalional exercise called Of-son of Mrs. J. W. Pease, 447 S.j * I cn(cre(1 (hc A r m y 'ion 1-airgame III in the cen- Eureka, Greenville. Miss., com-|. ' · Mediterranean and on the pleled an associate transports-j i n 3 a jTransporlalion School, Forl lEuslis. Va., iNhy IS. During ll:c course Captain i Pease receive;! instruction in ' t h e duties arid responsibilities _ luf a trjnsportalion officer and phinisco. who is serving with was trained in the operational Battery D of the artillery s 2d procedure's of transporting mil- Missile Battalion, was last sta- ' . . - . . · i _ i T.V»r+ and equipment island of Corsica May 16-L'5, lion officer course at the Army| i r l Germany. tioned at Fort Bliss, Tex. The 23- year-old soidier is « 1D63 graduate of Simmons High School in Hollandale. DEAR MG: Charm walks on arV'pSini "soles. It is gentle', liutj it-packs'a wallop like a bag of' v. ct -'cerncril. Charm is a magical quality liiaV defrosts, disarms, delights find fascinates. It is not a sudden attack of sweetness ( h a t can be Turned off and on like a faucet. It i.s woven into the fabric^ of the personality like a silver thread.' It glistens. It shines jirid' it wears well. For months. For years. Forever. . - . - · * * * : .- DEAR- ANN LANDERS: 1 married at 25 and I've had three children in the last five years. I -worked through all my pregnancies but I'm not complaining because I felt very good (he.whole time. (The last baby was almost born in the slore.) I want to quit work but my husband says we can't make it on one check aiirl it's unfair o! me lo put the whole burden on him. For the past two months 1 have kept a penny by penny record of what I have spent because T am working. After I paid the housekeeper, added up the taxis, lunches, buses, income t a x on my salary, payroll deductions and the salary for a nurse when my youngest child was sick, I cleared an average of $72 a month. This docs not include the cost of clothes I need because I work downtown. Am I being unfair to my husband? What shall I do? HASSLING WITH MY CON- | SCIENCE DEAR RASSL1NG: Quit. Your young family needs you more lhan you need the $72 a . month. Mothers of pre - school children belong at home unless there is a good reason why thoy must go oul and work. The only valid reasons are (a) There is no other breadwinner in the family. (b) A doctor has told Ihe mother her kids are driving her nuts and she must gel away from the house for their good ss well as hers. These women should not have had chldren of course, but they did have them and a program of separation must be worked out. DEAR ANN LANDERS: M husband's-'boss is Ihe most pro per, courteous, and soft-spoken person in the world -- when hi is sober.. When he gets drunk (which is about once a week) he is profane, vulgar and rude and he loves to call people om talk on the telephone regardless of the hour. Last night at 2:00 a. m. he called from a bar and. sang tw choruses of "Wait Til the Su Shines/ Nellie." He then put a few buddies on the line -- me he woyld not have been caugh dead with if he had been sober They sang some dirty songs m husband recognized from the army. We resent having our sleep broken up this way, especially on Saturday night because we like to go to early mass on Sunday. My husband is afraid (o lalk to the boss about this for obvious reasons. 7 think he should. Please give us some advice. BLOODSHOT EYES DEAR EYES: Mentioning this lo Ihe boss won't accomplish a thing. Telephone drunk? are incurable -- unless they goj off the sauce. j The telephone company can I install a jack - type phone which I can be plupvd n u t , or a bcil ! control which will shut off the bell at .(he.flick of .a lever. The cost is nominal, compared to what a night's sleep is worth lo a family. * . . . » * DEAR ANN I-AMDERS: I am married to a wonderful guy. I l e j is 21. I am 16. My parents didn't wanl me to| gtt married but I^a]"* 1 school! NOW OPEN! .REMODELING FINISHED Roast U.S.D.A. Choice Naturally Aged Beef . . . Select Seven Bone Cut Chuck Roast This cul of USDA Choice beef makes a tender, juicy, full-flavored pot roast We guarantee it! Money refunded if you're not pleased. Fryer Parts U.S.D.A. Grade "A" Parts . . . Serve Your Family Just the Parts They Like Breasts ,,,, 59c Thighs Lh .45c Drumsticks , A 49c Livers i£:33c Chuck Steak Round Steak Sirloin Steak Smoked Chops U.S.D.A. Choice Naturalfy Aged Beef . . . 7-Bone Cuts Lb. 49' U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Full Center Cuts ib. U.S.D.A. Choice Naturally Aged Heavy Beef Lb. Hormel Smoked Loin Center Cut Pork Chops Lb. 99' 79' Round Roast Safeway Superb Meals ·i- i n Safeway jiiceo Bacon ^-^ a . v\ e . 1.20 Boneless Hams Armour Spncdy Cut T-Bonc SUM': i. 07C Sirloin Strip ,99c it , mia , u . 99C Can Hams Hora(1 5m'$3.79 Sub «. 51.19 Lunch Meat ,.,,,,, ..;'- ^ 29c . «. $1.79 Frankfurter. Tow(r ...... 79c ir Grade "A" Eggs Cragmont Drinks 10 C Heinz Ketchup rjrz 5 $ 1 Charcoal Briquets Aluminum Foil Orark Brand 20 Kitchen Craft -Lb. 25-Ft. Foil Wrap Roll 99, 25 Gni'dcn Fresh Produce Trop-Ca-Tx) Calorie Orange Drink ZoT Yellow Squash S Yellow Onions Swpct Plastic Flowers and Mild Assorted Varieties ... oil 49c 2u,,29c 3u,,25c E ,5c · Prices Effective Thursday Through Saturday at Safeway. WE WILL DISCONTINUE GIVING GOLD BOND STAMPS, SAT. MAY 29 We find that many of our customers here in Greenville have absolutely no Interest in trading stamps and perfer not to fuss with them. Therefore, we will discontinue giving stamps as of the close of business Saturday night, May 29 WATCH FOR OUR ADS NEXT WEEK FOR BIG, NEW, PROGRAM! Yes, watch for our ads in next week's newspaper for the announcement of a bold, new program of savings for you. Shop Safeway next week and see that something different is really going on! Watermelon NEW HAWTHORN TiiFl2.M* COOKWARE for no-stick cooking, no-scour clean-up THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL: 5 QT. DUTCH OVtN WIIH COViR Florida Long Greys 18 to 20 Lbs. Average . . . Thumpin'-Ripe Every Safeway Produce Department has many more fresh fruits and vegetables p than anywhere else. If you're looking for something "special" you'll always find is at Safeway. 99* Cantaloupes Golden Corn 8 fi-Or Tins Km press Ull. for your family. Buy things with cnsh raised thru · Dtiltn Dcmocraf-Timci Classified Ad. Sell idle items, Din! ED 5-1155 , Don'l J//s,s These Specials Bel-air Lemonade K n Z i p p y P i c k l e S K o T n e r ^ r ' s o u r . . . Stuffed Olives Salad Dressing Skylark Buns "Golden Dawn" Pattern MeSmac Dinnerware 50c Off on Any Packaged Unit with Valuable Coupon Below Texas Fancy Large Size .. Texas Clip-Top Sweet Corn . . 3 6 For Ean 89' 35' Mix 'Em or Match 'Em Bush Canned Foods . . ' 16-Oz. Whife Hominy ' 15-0i, Northern Beam * 15-0i. Mexican Beans * IS-Oj. Pinlo Beans * 10-Oz. Chopped Kraul * (5-Oi. Turnip Greens 15-0i. Red Beans .Low Priced at Safeway. * 15-Oz, Kidney Beans 1 15-01 Speckled Butler Beans · !5-Or. Na»y Beans ' 14-0i. Canned Spaghetti * 15-Oz. Blackeye Peas * 15-0;. Mustard Greens * 16-Oz. (widen Hominy Juicy Lemons ^ 12 B ? K 49c Your Choice lOc 5 : 95c Health Beauty Aid Huys . , . Toothbrushes Pepsodent . . . Four Adult Size Toothbrushes Reg. 52.76 .............. Only Prell Liquid Shampoo Gleem Toothpaste ? s ' e ' u L" m"'' 67c T.°W 55c Red Potatoes %^*°.. Lucerne Quality · Guaranteed Fresh Saving's n Sure Thing at Safcicay! Mrs. Wrlghl's 'm"*' $1 Fresh Crackers Busy I-h. Baker ,. Box Thii Coupon Worth 50c Off on Any ... [| ,^-. Packaged Unit "Golden Dawn" Melmac ^5 s-Pc. rin* Scttinir · S-Tr. fnmpfofcr Set (fr* Su^ar A Creamer · Serving Bowl · Merit PIMI-r III! Limit One t»»pon--V*I:J A l t e r M*7 T Cream Cheese W Luncheon Meat £ay"r French Fries ?ro" a rvo« Orange Juice B F' 2 $ 25c Pork Beans "tzr« 10 "r i$ 1 Chunk Tuna ;rr 4 6 - $ 1 Green Beans Paper Napkins - We Reserve the Right to Umlt Purchases n-o, 39c Tin SAFEWAY "it 39c 1M1, ftOflM. D«X)H»0»»T«O

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