The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 7, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 6

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
Page 6
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»v ** *-» THE DAILY MESSENGER, -CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., FRIDAY, JULY 7,1939. Bargains in All Sorts of Merchandise Under "Articles for Sale" JOEPALOOKA 5O-MAF-TOE- \ (DILKSHTID *SM6E-NA- A TO MEET YOUSE.SIR HIM-NEVER-TALK V" 1 GEE WHIZ. TO'WHITE-MAN. (THAT'S AMAZIN HIM-NO-LIKE-WHITE^ THEN HOW MAN.SAV-NO r/I IS IT HE TRUST.YO'-FIRST -/ N TALKED TIME-HIM- TALK. ME-TELLEM-'BOUT- YO'. HE-SAY-YO'- MEBBE - (NO CAN SAV //v w«/re TALK) -- ANYHOW ·- ME-TELLUM- YO'-TALK- STRAIGHT. THAT WAS OP GREY CLOUD. GEE HOW OLD IS HE? By Ham Fisher GOLOV'^REY Bi6 fREE.H]M-ME - "\ CLOUD-WOULD LAST-ONI--OUR--PEOPLEV i BE TOO HE-UH-RAISE-MELIKE-SON--HIM-ONCE VEROY-BIG-CHIEF. ME-CHIEF-BUT- NO'PEOPLE. PERS'NAU IP I AST WHERE YOUSE COME PROM? ^ \ kJ 1 / fyffBF^jEFfrjffj^T wttUtmmmfEldsUmjS i The Daily Messenger CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING KATES AND REGULATIONS TELEPHONE 897 -- Classified ads are accepted over the telephone and the cash rate is audited providing bill is paid within 10 days to date of bill. CLOSING HOUR--Copy received Up to 10:00 A. M., will be published the same day. ERRORS must be corrected by first day as the Publishers will not' be responsible tot more than one Incorrect insertion. RATB6--Per IJpe per day: 1 flay 12* cash, 34* charge. I days, lOf cash, 20* charge. I days, 8* cash, 10* charge. 30 day contract 6f, copy may be changed weekly. mnhmtiii Advertisement, 2 Line* Count five average words to the line; words containing more than 9 letters, count as two words. The cash rate applies if paid within ten days from date ol MIL . dPJSSIFlCATION INDEX IndWMtml classified advertisements are arranged under the following sub-headings and classification*: ANNOUNCEMENTS-1--Special. Notice Z--Lost and Found 3--Personal 4--Professional Service 5--Wanted to Buy 6--Foods 6A--Swaps EMPLOYMENT-^T--Female Help * 7A--Help Wanted -rj--Mate Help 9--Agents Wanted 19--Situations Wanted "AUTOMOTIVE-7 lifiXntomobiles For Sale J is--Mechanical Repair 1 l£rAwessories and Tires ^BUSINESS SERVICE-; l*^Beanty Shops - 15--Contractors H ifefMfecellaneous Service " 17-=Repair Service : UK--Painters - Carpenters -FARM SERVICE-1 18--Fartn Machinery - l»=-JUvestock £ 2ft--Pet Animals and Poultry and Seeds Supplies - 2JA--Farm Products 3 MERCHANDISE-- : 24--Articles For Sale = 24A--Typewriters Z 24B--Boats and Supplies - 25--Household Goods : 21--Coal and Wood " 2*A--Fuel oils . 27--Machinery For Sale 28--Musical Merchandise ; 2Sh-Rao*io sales Service i REQTALS-- ·'. Sir-Apartments For Kent ~ 31--Boarding Houses !! 32^-Faniished Rooms - 3^-Hotrk and Restaurants - 34--HoBsekeepinir Rooms " 35^-Housts For Rent ~ 3£--Misccllanrnus For Kent 37--Resorts and Cottages 3R--Wanted to Rent 38A--Auction Sales " 39--Slnrcs For Rent - REAL ESTATE-40--Business Opportunities - 41--Bwdncss Property 42--Farms and I^and 43--ItonM^s For Sale " 44--IMS For -^ate 4$--Money to Loan I 4C--WanUd. Real 47--Real Estate - 4ft--Legal Xatices 4»--Financial ANNOUNCEMENTS Wanted to Buy WILL PAY cash for all kinds of used furniture. Tel 77-W, 687 or 620. 46-3HI Antiques Wanted-Carriage, lamps, bric-brac, all old antiques D -- 3 23-50tf ATTENTION! MR. FARMEE-We are buying new hay now. w. S. Buck. 18 Niagara St. Phone 137 or 538. 94-62 WANTED - Beans and grain. J. W. Walker. Phone 292. 61-36tf AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale 11 Foods BLACK OXHEART SWEET CHER- nes, 6-7c per Ib. deluded. Red Montmorency sour cherries, l'-»c Ib. on trees, 3c Ib delivered. Phone S51-M. Stanley Wooden X40-58 SOUR CHERRIES - Sprayed. Nick Temperate. 92 Saltonstall. xQO-64 FINE CROP of cherries. 1 l-2c Ib., can pick from the ground. 324 West "Are., A. Kinnear. 91-58 BLACK raspberries ready. Roth's, 453 N. Main St. Phone 805-J. 88-59 THOROUGHLY SYRAYED sweet and sour cherries, also currants. McCabe, Wallace Hill. X90-57 RED raspberry headquarters, 190 Granger St. Phone 794-J. 68-55tf 1937 DODGE sedan 1936 DODGE coupe |1938 HUDSON sedan 1938 DODGE coupe 1938 HUDSON 6 sedan 1938 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 DODGE coupe 1937 FORD deluxe sedan 1936 HUDSON coupe 1935 FORD 1-2 ton pick-up 1934 DODGE coupe 1933 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 40 OTHER USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM AT $25 and up. A. W. WHITE 25 Ontario St Phone 138 MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale USE a cement paint that will last. Buy Flor-Dye. Great'for gas station floors. Davidson's. Phone 69. 35-51tf BINDER TWINE, $3.2» a bale. We sell hay rope. Get our price. The Mather Seed Store. 80-56tf BADMINTON rackets, 69c up. Tennis rackets, 91.95 up. Nets, balls and restringing. MUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 89-57 RENTALS Legal Notices Houses For Rent 35 FOR BENT - House. Inq. 92 Beals St. Newly moderated, garden, gar, \90-58 REAL ESTATE Farms and Land 42 HAY FORK ROPE We deal in Columbian pure ma- i)ila, long fiber hay rope, 7-8 or one in.; also trip rope, the strength of a rope depends on the length of its fiber, this rope has it. At Ellis Hdwe. 59-57 FARM SERVICE Pet Animals 20 COLLIE PUPPIES - Male $5: female $3. Jas. McNamara, Victor- Manchester Rd. X70-57 BALED HAY TIES - Binder twine. J W. Walker. G3-54fei LAWN MOWERS Reduced prices on entire stock. PECK HARDWARE CO., 120 SO. MAIN ST. 69-36 POULTRY business and home. 2 A., 5 rm. bungalow. Modern conveniences, poultry houses for 1500 hens. Price just reduced to $3800. W. Johnson Real Estate Co. 87-58 Houses For Sale 43 NOTICE is hereby given that license No. EB5994 has been issued to the undersigned to sell beer and wine at retail under Section 76 of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, at Route 5 and 20, West Bloomfield, Ontario County to be consumed upon said premises.. DEAN B. CONKLIN, West Bloomfield, N. Y. 7 RM. HO¥SE, Park St., near Howell. Price $2200. Where can you beat this. Ray W. Johnson Real Estate Co. 87-58 LEGAL NOTICES T I I K I'Uiru; ur nil-: ST.VII-; or .NJ:\V iui;K. j:i tin.- dfi.Kc ut IKK! l"n f .nut lniU k |ji'inlri![ To K L L S W O U I I! 1't I J 1 » . .IU11N I'.. i ' l i : D \ . c u v .\ii-i;i;i.i,(ii: Tiid.\i\r SCOTTIES - 4 mos. old, Biker. Phone 86B-R. , , Household Goods black. _ 67-57 ! ICE I . U \ V . V 5 , - \ J . \ U t I I A 1 J.UUIS .1. . M i - o f f H I i . JAMI.S u M i - ( i O \ V A . \ . I ' L O K K . N C I . Livestock 19 BOXES, kitchen cabinets. dsessers, living rm. tables, glassware dishes, etc. Carter, 24 Coy St. 3-74tf FOR SALE-2 Guernseys just freshened. Phone 1094-R. L. Ferrin. , CHINA CABINET, 5 burner oil 82-58 stove, wich built in over. Emer- I ---------- -- i son. 16 Coy St. Phone 438-R. 66-55tf FOR SALE-Montmorency cherries, | W^ SALE Re §- Guernsey bull, snraved Brine baskets ' r "scnable. R. Brocklcbam: T · S P iffl, WWtelt TO-57 462-J. X78-58 ' WICKER CHAIRS, kitchen cabinet. EMPLOYMENT I Farm Machinery 18 Female Help WILLIAMS GRAIN SEPARATOR- 30-48. S. E. Burlingham, Cdga. WANTED - Girl or woman. Light general housework, capable, sum- i ^, . j mer cottage. Phone 117-J. 79-58 Plants and RD 3. X22-61 22 Male Help O ! SEED BUCKWHEAT, choice tested | seed. J. W. Walker. 6-48tf bieakiast set. Klmgrnan. 29 Bristol St. Tel. 687. 24-50tf Radio Sales Service 29 NEW PHILCOS with the new super built-in antenna system. $9.95 up. Pay 50« a week. MUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 89-57 . M l . \ L L L . I M I U A S C I I U L U M A U i . r i . u n i ; II.\I:I:IMJ-:, n i.r SHA\V RADIO PROGRAMS WANTED - Man by month. House, | C^ ;," ,' , dec. P. H. Menihan. Phone 62. j 1 arm iTOdUCtS 81-58 23A FOR SALE - Japanese buckwheat; SALESMAN with car. Canandaigua J also 2 new milch cows, calf by side, ar.d Mcinity. Permanent, repeat., Fred Morse, Phone 1037-J. 71-57 advancement. Service established i ; ~TT_ ~"^ rr~rz, paper route. Write Honsehold Pa- j MERCHANDISE per Products, 40 Grove St.. Geneva j -- - - " = __ _ X9 °- 59 Articles For Sate 24 RENTALS AUTOMOTIVE j HOT WEATHER calls for romfort -- ,.--_ , s hoes. Women's light weight ox- Automobiles For Sale 111 fords, $2.50 and $2.95 P r. j. c. . , - ! Scott. 37-57 Apartments For Rent 30 ATTRACTIVE 5 rm. he?tc:i rp". Unfur. 28 Greig Terrace. 42-75 APT. FOR RENT - 4 rooms, bath, heat and hot water furnished, garage. 318 East Gibson. x78-58 ; I:KUOKS. KUI: D A I . I O . N IUIOOKS, I;O^.\L i:. i - r i i i f i . n i i i T i i H O I M O N .M.\I:\ j t u o i KI;I.I:ANK. . M M J I - I T U ITK 01 n i o i si,, i i.iri o i t i i .1 i-i i:f\ .losui'iiixr. MM., iioiro- Tin n u m . u n isi: ri i : i \ n.\.\- FII;I.II C I . A K V r, OKI:. \ V I U I A M s OKI;. TAKLTON .lOiiHso.s. v.n-Ki'i's. \i.\\. V V K I I j u i . \ o\ \ V I : L I . I \ I ; T I \ .IOIIN.^O.\. u t ' T i i .IOHXSON COM, i n . i:or.i:ur i: jj;i:. IU:LK.\ \I.-I;I;K,OI: 1:01 i ; i j . 'i'o.v. I:I»NA M.-;KI-:,OK. AI,I;J;KT .M,. ( ; I ;I. : ,, ( ) I ; A N U H K W .1 M H i K K i , - ol;. I M I K V J M(i;i:i:;oi: KSTIIKIJ M . ; O \ V \ X i.o\v w K M t o x mi:i:. i;.\\ iivrn. i.i:oiti;i \ x \ MI-C;O\VAX r.t'UNS. .iml I. oi is .Mi-(;i:ic;oi; w l n .ire intcrotfil .1-. i i . - d u o i - w\t of Km. It'^ 1 -^ or oluTui--' 1 . in I!K' ot.itf of CLi/.H:r.TH M . C O N V A V . l i t " of j j i c 'JV'vji of i' in ni'Liizmt. in O r i t : i i i o C o u n t y . . N Y . cl'-o-jiM-il. ;I;I;I-;TI.XI;: I I « ' I ! I 111- J i l - l l l t o l l of .JO] I X .1 I'l K I i V , i n I I . O K I I X / O H i T K I i ^ \ \ I i o K-*H!*' i n I l i « ' To'.\ n .tf (* i ; i ; n i I . i i in. i. O u t . mo O n u i t y . Ncu Y-orK, i o n . m i l c P li of \ i . n . i re I n - i ' ' ' i \ '·itcil to V.]H,\\ i .ni^«. iipfox- our Snr- ro^.it- of t u n o i u i i v i, i lie Siirroir.i?*- * ''"Hit, *»f APT. - Heat, elec.. hot water. Possession July 15. 14 Gorham St. Inq. W. E Smith, 202 Bristol St. Tel. 234-R. 86-58 1937 CHRYSLER sedan 1936 CHRYSLER 4-dr. trc. sedan 1936 CHEVROLET town tcdan 1935 CHEVROLET sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 1935 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 1934 PLYMOUTH coach 1936 TERRAPLANE coach 1936 FORD 4-dr. trc. sedan 1936 FORD tudor Irg. sedan 1933 FORD coupe l r 35 PONT1AC sedan 1334 PONTIAC 8 cyl iedan 1932 DODGE 1 1-2 ton irk. stake 1932 CHEVROLET 1 1-2 ton truck GEORGE D. McGURK. Shortsvillc ·LEHIGH CEMENT - Beacon feeds. ! J W. Walker. » 63-541. i _____ . _ __ _ _ _____ ] ELECTRIC FANS - Large stock to i lion-" from. Pncc:, from SI *o SlO.- 95. Coy St. ridwe.. onen evenings i ' 92-53 j KODAKS and ARGUS CAM- i ERAS. 50c a week. Film may be ' included. HUTTON'S BOOK STORE 89-57 5 RM.. fur. apt. 91 Chapin St. X64-57 FUR. APT. - Newly decorated, modern conveniences. Apply Martino's j Barber Shop. 85-58 I l l - I l l . i t t i l l ' S l l l l " i l l - - o n t . i r i o . ,it ti'} c ' / n n i M . ,11 T i n I ' o u i i n .,f .Inly f l K . - f ' u j of |-:in:HMi.ii-:ii i. i n of Out iri". on I!M- l o t h \ i v \ . I I'.'.r.". .ii i-:i o ' i ' - K in I i - '"i. I H M M I \ \ ! i \ t i n ' . i n « i i n t "f - I n f i l l .1 I'nril'. , I I H | I . I M I - I I / I I I I I ' l i i i h Ii"ii|il !i"i !.c i n l i c i : i l h - i - l t t . - i l i n . I .]li,. \\.-i! .mil :in O i i l i - r of i l n - " ' " n i l - l i o t i h i IM.I !«· i i . m t - i l n n t l i o : i/.in^ .11, 'i 1 , ' T i i i i t t i i i i I i»*-;n ti ·.' V t]n- it'.tl iini»'il\ of (Time Is Ea'.tcrn Standard) NEW YORK (/P--NctwoiK 'tucUc?: iii Hollywood, contributing quite a lew features for the summer schedules of both NBC and CBS. bun-, forth another new one tonight at 9 via WJZ-NBC. Entitled "Hollywood Lado'er c f l Fame," the p'osram is (.icsiQncd t c ' .present talent filmland ju^t beginning to demons!rate possibilities Ihe sei'le* will consist of dramas. starting out with "The Million Do! lar Touch'' June Maitel wno has played in western rno\ies. w:li have 1 the feminine lead. John Gunther. author now in Eu- icpe to do a scries of o"cadca-.t.s fci i I'BC is scheduled lor his fii t one from Pari= at 6.30 P M Saturday , He \\ ill talk abo,ut "Crisis :n En- | rcipe." . . . Fianchot Tonr anO Belt-, | Vv inkier will take the leads in the | CBS Knickerbocke'- Playhouse Sun- j day night in a revival of "Sevnth I Heaven" . . Ecisar Bergen, v.hoj bioueht Charlie McCarthy to Ne^^· York this week. e\aded a rr.nonj. cicwd by coming via air to Nc'vaik airport. I X li i\c Resorts and Cottages 37 FOR RENT - Cottatjc 256 east side, lame shadv lot. boat, electricity. T. E. Rippey, Tel. 200-W. 30-59 n : s T i M « i \ Y \vin:i;i.«»r. i i l - H J i!,.. i.f I l i i ' -.u\ ." lO-'.U'-"- 1'i'iii-t I" In- !i* r l i n t " i f T i ' \VIT\KSS iii.ii n;i:i i i'i:i!:r.. Sii.f-.ii" i-r - t l m i l l 1 \ . il l":il! mil u r n 11. S i t i n T i l l il i \ nf .lini". "i fliirt-v iitrn- r.i i:i:i:i,t. T r s i - r " ' I ' l l 1 k Sill !· ^.lii-'i I'" K \ M'l* A H I ; \ I : V \ n - ,, f,, r I'.-: ! ..'.. · - r I H I. I C II K 1 K I N «· « I I M M I I N 01 M II, '-KrMMnj; f « » smirmlrm'nt Ifi Xfinir \V.- ir- BINDER TWINE - Good leaf S L Durand. Bcmis St SPECIAL LAKE LOT - 150 x about ! manle 5")0 ft. Price $900 if sold immcdi- ! i ii i. r.\ NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS ately. Rav W. Johnson Real E,s- 93-59 UUe Co. 87-58 by Oscar Hitt :ANNOUJJCEMENTS Social Notice 1 -BUT, PETERS, YOU COULV LEARN TO DRIVE A CAR IN NO TIME - AND AUNT HEFFIE/D 8E MIGHTY GLAD FER US TO ViSiTHER---lT'pBE A GRAND VACATION-// 7 EXPERT repairing on tw dressmaking, 25 Gorham St. oC Court St. DONE - *3 pfr arrr es. Collins, CheMnrc. X64-60 EXPERT HAlHCTTTTING - Wade A Veil Barber Shop. 4 Niarara SI ' 16-69 0TCHKN SETS, Tir-w, S18 up Cdtra ·Ml Pi'milurc Market, 336 Mill 31-460S Ow.t 1 motet m. ni -. 1. Tfrwn of So Bn.M^l a1 Polfit, Sat.. Ju3y 8, at 1 P. 38-490=; AUNT HEFFIE? IN WASHINGTON ? IF you THINK ro LEARN T PPIVE ONE O'THEM GOLDANGEO V CONTPAPTION9 T' GO SEE HEP-^ -WELL NQ#' GOODNIGHT/// · J OiMinl n-rn ' X«-v, V-iV.. .Mil liolH jnMi« In inn.: ,il !li ' "itnii"ti ' "U'r I ' M . I I I - HI III" " 1 1 - . H i l l "H 1 1 1 ' ' "'.'Hi ll of .iiii-., vi :··. ii 7 '« r M f"i i ],ii:]nt-r of lii-iiri^ ill i'i i ^"ii-x n ' · ·-T«l ni i ir«i" -'1 1" i '" .I'm mi -ii · Ii 111^1- I li XKIIIII-' 'MiJin Hi"- "f «'H-, "f i' m nil i -11 i -·· i- 1" in- lii' ri /"in · II " iluiMii'" iml imlii»li Hill "f 111. Ml U l.i-lllKl.lTI ' :1 "T llii- ' , v . ~ * . , . ' V- "ijlli"i ,i il n , llll' 1'«ll "1 1 "I 111- · «.11 ' ·"' MiO -ii-i 11 iiu] ^l ,'i1ni'iiii_ 1 11 i- i »ii 'I 111: 1 1 ! 1 ^ ·- n'l M nn Mil On the air V.'EAF-NBC-- NEW YOKK 7 00-- LuciJir Manneis Concert 8:00-- Wnltr. Timo 8-30-- Death Vallov D.T.S 9:00-- G i y Lorn barrio O -n-siii 1C.30-- SvmpOMtim on "Crime Cnn- t;o!" WABC-fRS-- N'l-.W VORK 6:15- NP\V .'·rrip.s. P.Tik'-i Family 'West rr-nr-at 10:l:i 7 oo-- N"\v mu^ir PP' ic:,. Uncl°i W^tern Skies 7-30-- Johnny Pir.^nc- {·:00-- Raimond Pame C'»iict ' 8:?0-- Firt NiahUT 9. SO -- Bob Piplry WJZ-NBC-- NEW YOKK 7 00-- Chicago Janiboicr 7 30 -Quiz. Don ; Fo. mn R on -Plantation P;;rU o:?.n-- Hnrn Korlick Co-.f-ii ! 30 -Ho-.-xcc H f -iri''s Mu ic 9.45-- Rrp. C. I. White on "Nr'i'ui!- ity" ).15 8--n I. B 5c!i-.vr]!'-'ili,ich o* ·'1'iir Chiivsc S't ;.it;or." W h i * I n r\n»-rt 1VK \K-M5f-NFW YOKK 330 J:.riTMl,i T d " i Cluh. n--.v J.P.O- Tnlf rn:ilifii!;il Iin.O Ironi G' ·5-00 N,i'nn:il H S Muru- i ir-.IO Wha* Prirf America ?, 00 Empiir Citv Trap: R^4 00 Sinr"n.iiion pn'-r- WJ/.-NUf-- NEW YOKK 11 30 Aiii^jr.ui K.irm BUMN)') -·; 00 Club Mnlinrc o nil H'r.In-v oj \'\v ?.Toiini' \V(»K-MIIS-- NEW AUK a on T-AO hour.s ol .spnrt^ i r* I ·n Hi 1V n i n l l i ' l ' , · I IK iT I ' lllllll " "1 * 1 , ..1 11,1-1 llHl ' ". l] f -I .. " ^ 1, ill l 11 II » , ,,· -i mil - 1 1 " ' - ·:1 / . 1 1 . 1l I '1 1 Ji i ' . 1V ii ' i ' - M I ' i i 11 i T i ^ ', I, .1, ,1 IT 1 I . I " . I - nil 1 il v ii-l 1 · h~i ' .1 n» 11 IT i-ii i 1 i l n p i i u n M .·i ..i in il i: MM - I 111 I I Tl - Sand, jravel, cinders; i 468. James Viialone.' «5-70| F i n d M»ck and ^itc beagle- i monirreL Named Jtd. Wm. riMtcrm, lie. i i'i I P I P - M . I -,!· i , ' i in · n 1 I II I t " 1 , 1 1 1 , 1 ll' ,1 . - nun ..I r - 1 i i , i t )., ri :'i i r. · \ \ ii:i3:r,-: IX) D Br Iju 'ir3rx: 2RO Rinir 7 -ir: GS1 OKU GS Ji T?3v.1hins Fur C-iub ~G\\'A 35/sT4 GKli ·-:.;" DJI l Chon Herman and Oirh PETERS' V^S THE STAffT/NG (jONG FOR A PE6ATE WHICH ALL NKrHT BETwrEN THE "NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN/" SCHOOL OF TfKXJGHT VERSOS THE"OLP (XX3r / NEW'reiCKS // GROUP// GET YOUR BETS DOWN-" TODAY WHAM--KOOI1 "limr 1« r»aIichl Savins l 4 W-Club Matinee 4 4 5 - "MidslrrfcnV PI 01}- Barry MrKinlry. Songs A 1ft Tr br announced 5 30-To be announced o 45 -Burk Rogers fill 7?art 10 Camera Club f, 30 S4S 700 720 7 45 Torn'/ '·, W NBC f, V lon'1 300 -T]?jn'a1iou PaHv a 3' 1 M^ic bv Harry Horbck K)'/0 ' J003 Ww" ,1030 Horace Hf-i^t and O»:h. PARTV FEST« 1100-Nfws Reporter INGEHSQLL. On1 /f, -- Thsf 11 11--Glenn Miller and Orcfc. ·ening garen parties arc no joy ' 11 20--Tommy Dorsey and Oreh. i ~]u«er- A 4 ,f-rir,T 1/rtt^d i ji'.Ttfo n 1200--Bob Causer and Orch. during an opm air conwrl. 1215--lurry Clinton and Oroh. and was fon»d vainly trying to get , 1230--Jimmy Lunceford and nd of a moth he had swallowed, ' 1.00--Sign-Off 1 1 -\ 1 - 1 !» "i FOUR BLIND DATES By Edwin Rutt rC6T".HDAV: Dieting Jumon /alls from (/race via cheese popcorn, ham sandwiches, steak smothered in mushrooms, mashed potatoes, siring beans, broccoli, artichokes, apple pie and cheese. ^ i , Chapter 23 ,^,. '''' ' Hot Stuff "'" M R. TACKS ADAMS sat under an awning on the terrace of the Penguin Club. He'd been in clover ever since he had extracted Packy North's promise of a date for Saturday night. As Mr. Adams saw it, the fast one that Packy had put over on him in causing the taxicab to drive on while he was depositing the superflous Lily merited little consideration. At the time, the girl had been overwrought. She had also been highly annoyed with Mr. Adams. The appropriation of the cab was just another of those little feminine devices by which annoyed ladies punish the erring male. Probably, upon thinking it over, Miss North had regretted her rash act. Perhaps even now she was simply rarin' to make amends and she would do it by keeping the date. He was certain that a straightforward girl like Packy would never break a promise. He yawned now and looked at his watch. Four-thirty o'clock on this golden Friday afternoon. And tomorrow was the day when he would have his first real opportunity to convince Packy that he was something more than a wen on the countenance of Progress. At this point in his reveries he was startled by a small wailing voice. "Tacks," wailed the voice, a thin miserable voice. Tacks turned around. Jumbo Cutler stood there, looking like a deflated balloon tire. Corporeally speaking, Mr. Cutler appeared to be all of a piece. But upon his face there w,as an expression of mingled horror and consternation "that could have been induced by nothing save the most acute mental anguish. "Good heavens!" said Tacks, surveying him. "What's the matter with you?" "Tacks," said Jumbo pitiably, "you've got to help me. Don't waste time asking questions. Just take my word for things and help me. You will, won't you, Tacks? Think how long we've been friends. Think..." "Cutler," interrupted T a c k s "you've been drinking." A blush dyed Jumbo's ample visage. "Don't remind me of it," he shuddered. "I'll never take another drink as long as I live. I've lost everything, Tacks. Everything." Tacks stared at him. "For the love of Pete, what's gone wrong?" "Listen," said Jumbo hurriedly, "all you've got to know is that for the last couple of weeks I've been reducing. I wanted to get off ten pounds. And I was doing nicely until today. But this noontime, I came a cropper." Tacks folded his arms. "This is not clear to me Cutler." he said. , "Now, please," begged Jumbo, "don't let's have an inquisition. As I said, I was getting along swell until this noon and then I simply couldn't stand it any longer . . ." "Stand what?" "The hunger, you fool. I've been at death's door for over a week. Today I reached the end of my rope. So I went into a bar..." "And ran amuck there?" "I did not," said Jumbo, with dignity. "I was the victim of circumstance. Practically insane with hunger, I was so unfortunate as to take a few drinks on'an empty stomach. I thought they would sort of hold me down." "Stupid logic, of course. What next?" Jumbo sighed. "Don't ask! In a kind of dumb way I realized what I was dmng all the time. But while the drinks were working it didn't seem so bad. And then, all of a sudden, they stopped working and I came to in a restaurant eating a piece of pie about the size of this terrace." He covered his eyes and a strangled sound escaped him. 'Then I remembered everything. I'd calcn a sort of planked stcnk thing thai must have been cut off a sea-linn. And I'd had about a Ion of mashed pnJ^tncs and mu,~h- rooms all mixed up together. And heaven knows what ol'c. Oh, il was terrible." 'Baby Elephant* "I SEE nothing terrible in this. * Cutler," Tacks rrmarkrd. Jwmbrc swung his arms. "For Heaven's rake. Tacks. lake this y. I--I'm almost out of mv . "You haven't lrM me yet. Cutler," sairl Tacks, "why you want to RoT Ihis flesh off." "No, and 1 don't propose to! It's a private matter. If you won't help me out of friendship, Adams, wilh- oiit Idling your curiosity run riot -- wrll, you're not the man I thought you were." "But, ere," Tacks sairJ, "Vh.-n do I lnrk lifef. n Sv,r 3iFh ma^c-use or "No, but yoi/ro at, alhlrlc 1 . mini ):rio-,v snrnrnnnt: a b o u t wr-jq^Tt " "Vvrll," saitf Tacks judicially. "] know a little ,-jboiit 1-jkini* woight MT 1 rained *1iilttr-. But v. n^n it {omr,s to re 'iu'irjg baby T.ho'vt- ]rt IbrjrrfJves run In . for twenty-five year?, I'm out of: my riasr." "You y-Mn'l 1 o imnlting Just five me a ftr.iieht aiisv.-tv. Aio you pfpared to h e l p me or aren't yen''" "Wc]l. Cjilcr," .^iid T.-iCks. "the ·nly -.vay I know In got weight off 1 (juif-klv is to swr .it it off." I "Sweat it off?" echoed Jumbo. ' Tm sweating nxe a coonc rigm now." "You are and it's a horrible sight. But you'll have to do better. Cutler. If you've got to get that weight off immediately, there's only ona way to do it. That's in the sweatbox down in the Turkish bath. Come on!" i , , , "Wail!". ordered Jumbo. "You mean that coffin thing downstairs with all the mirrors and electric light bulbs in it?" "That's right." Jumbo looked doubtful. "I'm scared of that thing." "It's your only hope. Come along." He turned and started for tht elevator. Jumbo followed, protesting weakly. "I'm not so sure about this," said Jumbo. "Isn't there anything else I could do? Take a pill or something?" "Not a thing," said Tacks inexorably. "Look alive. Cutler. I haven't got all night." The spectacle of anyone sojourning in a "sweat" or "baking" box is always extremely exhilarating to the risibilities. Tacks Adams, gazing at the strained and rubicund visage of Jumbo protruding through the hole in the top of the box, treated himself to the first real laugh he had enjoyed m weeks. "My gosh," he said, wiping his eyes. "You look silly in that thing." "Listen, Adams," said Jumbo. "Hurry up and get this over with. It's hot in here." Tacks turned on more current. "Don't rush me!" he said. "We haven't begun to heat up that box yet." "You take it easy," Jumbo warned. Inside the box his body was beginning to feel the power of the electric bulbs. It dripped perspiration. "How you doing, boy?" inquired Tacks conversationally. Jumbo puffed. "Has this got to go on long?" "Well, the longer you're in there the more weight you'll lose." "I -- I'm suffocating," gasped Jumbo. "Nonsense. Don't give way like this." "I--it's all r-right for you to t-talk," panted Jumbo. "Y-you'r« out there c-cool as a cuc-cucum'- ber." "Now see here, Cutler," said Tacks, "I wish you'd just sit there, lose weight and stop kibitzing. I can't work when I'm badgered like this." "B-but I'm s-s-smothering." Interruption T HAT part of Jumbo's anatomy which held forth from the neck down felt as if it had been assigned to a room in the sub-cellar of Hades. His eyes goggled. His tongue hung out. Tacks was enjoying himself hugely. He allowed more voltage to flow into the sweat-box, sat down and lighted a cigarette. Jumbo emitted a choking sound. "L-1-lemme out of this. I-I've had enough'." "Don't be a sissy," said Tacks. "I'm out to do a job on you, Cutler." "I-I-I . . ." began Jumbo, babbling. He was interrupted by a voice b a w l i n g Tacks' name. Tacks stepped to the door. "Yes," he shouted. The owner of the voice approached. It turned out to be a boy in buttons. He handed Tacks a letter. "L-1-listen," spluttered Jumbo. "I--I w-want out of t-tnis." Tacks hardly heard him. He was staring at the letter, addressed to hisrf in a firm feminine hand. Then his heart, a normally-placid organ, set a new record for the run from his rib region to the back of his throat and he tore off the envelope The note was brief. It read: Mr. Adams: I do not consider a promise OH'cn under d;ir?s$ as binding. I am therefore breaking our ciigagcmcn. for Jimon-ow night ns the idea of spending rm evening trifh. you is \r- t iTcmehi distasteful to me. T/m ',~ final and '. hope you ;oiH make no further attcmpte to phone or sec me. Patricia North. Had ,1 maestro of the sandbag sneaked up behind Mr. Adams he could have produced no more stunning effect upon Tacks than d:d Ibis brief missive. The aristocratic Adnins jaw dropped. The Adams eyes bulged. The Adams frame sagged. For a second ne slnod'thcrc wilh his world reeling about him. punch-drunk and m- caY»aalatcd. "S-smaUcr?" inquired the empurpled Jumbo from the sweatbox. "B-bati n-n-ncws?" The sound of Jumbo's voice snapped Tacks mat of it He blinked 1wicc and then, cramming the letter into his pocket wheeled and tore from t!ie room. Jumbo Culler, imprisoned in lha sweat-box, Ra7.ed after him in slunnrd surprise. Then he «av» tongue in a terrible way. ^ "Hov!" he ronred. "C-cr me back here. Y-you want me Vi b-burn up? Hey! He'v, T-T-Tacks. H-have ymi fir n-n-mUs 7 " His onlv .Mijwr-r i.vas ihc rlallet of Tacki's fr:t r,cgo1ialing 1he staircase. And Ihr-n Jumbi Ihe liTje-botrirfvJ . ; l^"-?m nf th-\v who face death bv drowning, "H-h-help'" «Ter.Tn"d - Jumbo in a mighly, if l^rnfird. voice.' "H-hrlp! S-sor-fb"3y let me o u t ' of *-lii, s ? Hey" F-for li-ov^rs rai;?, * iVrc nnb-xJy . . . Help! Help? Cil ?~ A.- f/f M it i rM^i a ^P'1 f T 1 vo of ^]r--n.'must a%c .v.v.'; 1 :- "if d Mi-3 ar.-:,] h;ni Continued tomorrow.

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