The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on May 27, 1976 · Page 11
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 11

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1976
Page 11
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13 Ch 1* AH (Ofrn) 15 fOOtl'k* 33 Sta.r part 25 Eoi 40 Winooir cans 41 Set firm, in place grOt.CS 56 C«0 flln 20 Zoo.acal tign 57 Auricle 17 Fell )9 Meted es 23 De 24 Ui sorted 2? Wild party 2* 26 27 Fa: 30 Rcu 3? Tranqu 34 35 Newspaper- execui-ve 36 PakJ noKe (H-rWul 25 fleQyi't ?6 2! 28 Wi!d OK o Celebes 29 fload cage weu .... i WOUlPNT LET SCWEOME MIOW THE see rr~, IF Hi LIKES IT, IET rr ITS WAV UP 46 Odd (Scot J 47 Air, e ia 48 D(op Ol 4 Mo-e 5 B ' n-rarre 6 Prayer 7 Ccr.qer HERECCWES TIMMIE KANSEN. I V-ONOERIFHE WHEN I RUSHEP HIM IN THE FOXWTHAU- He arm landers R'ICK Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -- 10 r DOGONNIT GAVE. VOO CAN'T O AROUND PRINTIN' STUFF LIKE THI.. VOU KNOW/' I'M THE IT'S NOT ( PUBU4HBK UE^ AMP CLARION WRore THAT eTOR. XiE*« WHAT J WELL, KOER COCKbEK » THAT OV= THE CLOUDBURST, OARLIN,. NOT THE ·PITOfV. CAREFUL.' LOOKS , _ . LIKE THEY'RE MCVIN' ) MXYBE I IN FOR TH' KILL.' J CAN DO 6OMETHINS! YOU'LL SEE...JUST SURE THIS CREATURE FLIES STRAK3HT AND STEADY FDR THE NEXT FEW MINUTES. WILL VOUT IM TIREP CF BQU6 CWE. CF THE 'SM ALLS' OF THE WOKLP! I WAMT TO BE AO4AW6E! I CDM'T «mu.. A S AWVTHlWC. I THIkJK VOO HAAP6 IT, KID FRANK AND ERNEST WW I ftlT HERB, PA^TlMfi AMD WAITING...WAITING ANp \ FASTIMC...WHEH THE 5KV MAS ff£MT AMP THIS SoOMfNC VOICE SAID, ', SIR, THAT'* NOT My MOUNTAIN." SHE LETT AS SOON AS SK£S*W WHAT 'IS INTENTIONS WERE WHERE'S BIG DATE WIN AT BRIDGE Devious plot to defeat bid NORTH (D) 27 · 92 V 6 5 « A K I J 4 3 J . A K 5 4 EAST 4 K 6 5 » A K J 9 8 2 · 1 0 9 3 7 2 » J 5 * J 9 B 2 * 10 8 SOUTH » A Q 10 8 4 3 V Q 4 3 » 6 * Q 7 3 North-Soutl vulnerable North Kasl South 2» Pass heart with the jack of trumps Later on South finesses successfully- against East's king of trumps and makes his contract. Jean points out that a really devious West might find a way to defeat the four-spade contract. When East leads the third heart, our sly West ruffs with the seven of spades. South overruffs with dummy's nine. Now put yourself in South's position. What one card is West least likely to hold? The jack of spades. So South leads a spade, finesses his 10 and loses his contract. By Oswald James Jscoby We are indebted to Swiss expert Jean Bessee and the Bulletin of the American Contract Bridge League for today's hand. South reaches a rather normal four spades. The defense starts with three rounds of hearts. West ruffs the third An Ontario reader wants to know if spades has alwaysbeen the ranking suit. The answer at contract is "Yes". In the first days of auction, spades was the lowest ranking suit. Then someone invented royal spades to outrank all others. You could bid regular spades (lowest) or royal spades (highest). It d i d n ' t take long for the - lowest spades to disappear and since then the spade suit has been top dog. SURE... Small Space Ads Attract Attention. a/tre graph CAPTAIN EASY IT'S THE F|R«T TV COMMERCIAL EVER. BROADCAST LIVE-A A NfWffrtr.' ~ LADIES ANP ^T-WWO WIIU FIRST SOAK HER MMOI/S t«6* SEWaeMEM OF \ ANP THEN HER LOVELY SELf- IH McKEES THE PRESS-IS1VE- x - · - -- -- - -- - ~ YOU THE FAMOJS FORMER PIN-UP WHOA. SLOW DOWN. ^ --I OR. FARQUAR:.. WHAT DIP 1CHI em JUST HAPPEN6P TO For Fndif, M«y 28, 1978 ARIES (March 21-April 19} This shoufd be an active day. some pleasant surprises. You may even meet someone who has a bright, new Fdea for you. TAURUS (AprH 20-M.y 20) There are excellent opportunities tor profit around you today. Ask |he lop price for anything you're seeing, or for your services GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Conditions affecting you per- sonalty make a favorable shift today. Give the ulmosl consideration to any new project you want to launch. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Don'l be too surprised today il a tortg-oveidue debt is lepa'd. or il you get the first stow tricfcte ot a return from an old inveslmerrl. LEO (July 23-Ajfl. 22} You could be motivated today by an important happening that will instill new hope in you. If ii's right, you will react !o it instinctively. VIRGO {Aug. 23-S«pt. 22) Pursue your goals croadfy today, especially in career areas. You're capable of dong big things il you put your mmd and energy to it LIBRA (Stpt. 23-Ocl. 23) Don I treat pfans you make today I'ghtty. If the foundations are properly engineered, you will bnghten your tutu re con- S'deraWy. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You are definitely a power to contend with today. You have a magnetism that draws the peo- pfe you neerf. as we!f as the elements that enhance any joint venture. SAGITTARIUS {Nov. 23-Dec. 2f) Peopfe fust want to be around you today. You impress others so favorabfy. yo-j could even p:ck up a valuable new ally. CAPRICORN D*c. 22-Jin. 19) Someihjng new may be developing for your work or career loday. This could be very beneficial, particularly if key people are involved. AQUARIUS {Jin. 20-Feb. 19) Cast aside old methods that have not proven successful Donl be concerned. Ycu'H deve'op new belter ways to operate PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) This is a good I me to change or improve you-r home or residence' You're m a good cycle Wnal you do wll create of lasting beau'y Your Birthday M«y 28, 1976 An active yea' is ahead of you sooairy it will be reward-ng The fypes o f 'rends you've always been looking for wi'i enier your hie. Dear AM Landers: Lart November vived a heart attack. She hu made itnurtiMt progress and is back to work, part-ts* Bvitfabray clever lady has been using her heart tttacfc to keep tabs on me every moment. ("In cate KmtttM happens, where can you be reached?") She tbo thre*t«M me with "killing" her if I go against her ulrtici I am a 40-year-old, unmarried, teU-Mpportiac woman and have been on my own for sevcnl yean Since Christmas I have had a low-key romance with a man my mother despises. He has invited me to spend a week in July on his sister and brotber-lMiw'i boit Everything would be perfectly proper. I have accepted the invitation. Now mother warns me that if I go she will probably have another heart attack "aad this one will be fatal." What should I do? - Mouse-Trapped D«ar MOUM: tour analy* *f tK» tlluMiM tndkitu you umtinfand If wtt, Ift up (· y*u t» diddi wtwrtwr Qf not yog am going to allow y«m«tf K b« minl^uUHd by a n.urotk, daminMring nwrtwr. I lwp« y*u ·«· ·trong enough to foil htr uniubtl* alUmptt ·( blackmail. Dear Ann Landers: Last night this jerk I am married to wrote you a letter. He used our daughter's yellow tablet paper and green ink, waved It under my nose, sealed the envelope and put a stamp on it Then he went to the post office. I beg of you, Ann, please don't print that lunatic's letter. To begin with, he is a terrible liar - makes things up out of thin air. He also has a way of making himself look good and me lousy. The man has no dignity and no conscience. I'm sure his letter would be recognized by all our friends and relatives. I wouldn't be able to show my face in this town. I would come oat looking like a psychotic and he would be a saint. I won't be able to sleep until you tell me that letter won't get into the papers. Thank you, Ann. -- Irene In Montana D«or Montana: I hay* your hvtband't l«tt«f In my hand and you have my word, it wiH NOT opp»ar in th* pap«r. So goodnight, Iran*. Get wrrw tbop. Dear Ann Landers: I am in my mid-IDs, happily married for four years, and working at a good job for a large corporation. In recent months my wife and I have been subjected to a tremendous amount of pressure from relatives, friends, neighbors and business associates to have children. Neither of us wants a family. We are happy with our life as it is. (Incidentally, it came as no surprise tous that 70 per cent of your readers said if they had it to do over again they would NOT have cnildren. What did surprise us was that YOU were shocked.) Can you suggest a way we can tell peopJe to "get off our backs" without being rude? Since we represent a minority view, we don't want to seem like militants or fanatics. But the question; "Why don't you start a family?" is getting to be a real irritant. Please, Ann, help. -- Fed Up To Here D«f fed: I would not tomid«r » tfw l*ml bit nxk if you tofd (hoi* ctodi whc art pottering you that having · family i an ·xtrtrnily pononal matter -- end t» mM thoir own bu«in««. NTCNHIAL On February 20, 1776, David Hartly, a member of Parliament sympathetic to tie Americans, wrote to Benjamin Franklin: "The King and his administration has effectively stopped a!l channels of communications between this country and its colonies.. I have dreaded this happening as it is a fatal and final step leading to total separation," The World Almanac relates. Dr. Lamb Vitamins won't make taller sons By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB--1 have a 15-year-old son who is 5 feel 1 inch tall. He is heallhy, - very active in sports, eats well, but is shorter than most ' oi his friends. I also have an '1-year-old who is 4 feet 6 and- he is also shorter than his friends. Are there vitamins that 1 cou!d give to hasten their growth in height? They both are asking me why they are so short and I don't have the answer. I am 5 feet 2 and my husband is 5 feet 7. DEAR READER - The fact that yoi: and your husband are not very tall is part of the answer. We are all born with a blueprint that provides the basic plan for our entire body development under optimal conditions. You can affect that plan by illnesses, hormone disturbances and poor nutrition. As an illustration, a person with excessive amounts of growth hormone from the master p i t u i t a r y gland j u s t u n d e r n e a t h the brain may- become a giant, particularly if too much hormone is provided during the growth phase. By contrast, those individuals who do not form enough growth hormone will be pituitary dwarfs An example of how nutrition affects growth despite genetic makeup was seen in the Japanese culture. After World War II there was a marked increase in the protein content of the diet. As a result the later generations of Japanese children are much larger than their parents. They were so much larger at an earlier age that the schoolroom furniture used for the parents was -no longer acceptable for the children. 1 am sorry to tell you that vitamins will not increase anybody's height or growth development unless the lag in' growth development was caused by a vitamjn'deficien- cy to begin with. If your boys are getting a normal, well- balanced diet that would not be the case. The same applies to protein. Once a body gets all it needs, providing additional protein will not increase growth. It's much like building a house. Once you have all the bricks that are called for in the plan for building the house, providing additional bricks won't help at all.. The Japanese children had subsisted in the past on diets low in protein, such diets can slow and stunt growth. Giving them additional protein merely provided enough protein for more rapid and complete growth. Giving them more protein than the amount needed for a well-balanced di«t would .not have increased Jheir growth further. For more information on proteins send 50 cents each for toe Health Letters, numbers S-5 and 3-6. Proteins. Part I and II Send a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope for mailing. Address your letter to me in care of this newspaper, P 0. Box 1551, Radio City Station. iVew York, NY 10019.

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