The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 21, 1963 · Page 12
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 12

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 12
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12, THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, August 21, 1963V How Would Court- State s Government? EDITOR'S NOTE: A Uircc- Jiidse federal court's, order re- »|iptrt!onin»; Hie Oklijioinn \Aig. Islnlure. on :i population basis is 1lu i niosl I'ur-reai-hinii' order I*VIT issued ly a fedcml vovrl on Unit subject. Him- will H nflVi'l Oklahoma ijoverniiH'iit if il is upheld? Harry Culver, veteran capilol eorrespuiulent and polit : ii':il writer lor liniled Press International ill Oklahoma City. tin- order. This article, first of Uvo, deals \uili many facrls of soverninenl mm based more or less on area, facets presumably ^ebuld be by IL lugislnlure-sH up By IIAUKV CUUTill United Press luterii:itioii:il,' OKLAHOMA CITY (UPU -- Fifly-six years a;;o when Oklrdio- ma joined [lie Union, she \vjis a slate' of cowboys. Indians and homesteaders.. Most of them lived in (lie couhlry. The people adopted a coiislili!- worked line. Tlial's where Hie pebple"wet ; c-.' ' ' · · ' " 'Over'-lhe 1 years three -./ounhs o f . t h e people 'moved, inio-'towjis. Hui ihe legislature changed hardly at all. . ' ··' Last -.month:" a three-judge federal conn ordered the legislature moved to .town. loo. It created new districts based o n - p o p u l a t i o n in'196'0. inslcad or .1900: ' ' Laws Remain Unchanged · O u s t as legislative districts have noi 'substantially changed loi' 50 | (ion based principally upon popu- | veal's, neither have many laws re: lotion, li favored rural areas. It flaled directly to them: World News Briefs Yanks Battle Each Other In Korea Ily THK ASSOC1ATKD . PRESS SKOUL, Koroa (API--American : soldiers on patrol in a forward | nroa of west-ccniral KO:VH fired on each other by mistake and I Close Approval Of Aid Bill Seen ers: The legislature 1 makes appropriations and sets Iheir salaries, · ' · · S e n a t e JMusl . Ciiilfirnt Most appointments by the governor require confirmation by a rurally dominated senate, The legislature tlelei.'mines dis- Iricls as well'as salaries for slate supreme court. judges. Less than oiis-Uiird of the people. 32.S per con'; nominal? a live-man major 1 ily or the nine-man court. A l election t i m e , these judges must answer lo ' a predominantly rural opinion: Nearly three-fourths ot Uie people live in cities. Ljsl year the stfile collected ,?!]? million in i-oad user laxes. Ciiies were given 3.9 per cent of it for slrcels and alleys. Of the remainder, 31.1 per cent wen! to the stale highway By DICIv WEST ' OIK-C or twice I thought' T | fltparlmenl, 27.2 per cent lo coun- Uniti'd Press, liiii'rnnliuna! ' caught a glimpse of my w i f e ; l - v commissioners, Ihe res: else- \VASHINGTON (UPIl -- More | standing by the washing machine i "'here. and more 1 found myself watch- i n " cl leUing the announcer how I Rural mileage is a key factor in ing television less and less. And.'S? 01 ^ '.''c soap was. J t was k i n d . distributing stale funds t o county t h i s worried me, i °' Oerie, j commissioners for roads. As ciiies Other people were wiudiinjr I mighl have survived all o f - i n metropolitan counties become thai, might have stayed glued l o ; l a r j · Rural'-'legislators'.have ; lake rare : of. the people u'lio elect iliem- They have marie rurak'nrehs a liey [aelor iiv laws on distribution 1 of stale revenues., selection o's l a t e boards, 'schools, highway buildinTM, county nclminislr-alion and - virtually -every field of.'government,-They wan I to keep it:this way. Ciiy residents want a change: · · · · Slate officials such a s . t h e ' a t t o r - ney general, treasurer, a u d i t o r and others are elected at large. But they have · f o u n d - il v.'jse to stay in slop with rural -I The Trouble Sforted When Living Room Moved Info TV responsive to Ihe smaller ties to slay i n . of'ice, rider to the highway appropria- [ girls don't need 10 learn aboul for- lion. ]| prohibils consiruclion of i'eign language. J u l i u s Caesar and : Slate liquor revenue is appoi 1 - oni? section of Jour-lane Inlers;aie j Dial swIL" The bill died, tioned lo counties for d i s t r i b u t i o n I '^ "'-rough' soulh-cnii'.ral Oklalio- WASHINGTON (UPD -- Ad- nihtistralion foivus today pushed ihe House toward n reluclanl approval of the S-'i.J billion foreign aid bill, but observers predicted a close vote. i te | ovisioll as mllch as eve ,.. \yi,_ v . Tho m e a s u r e , it approved, j was I dilleroni? Was there s o m e - , l l l c l u t l p ' extept t h a i would bring lo S10S.1 billion the | thins wrong with me? i mer [ Umod in on a to cities on a 50-50 formula based on a's population and acreage! Cimzifj'on County, population -J.-J9G. _Ln Ihe i h i n l y settled Paniian- dle,. received SG.2S per capita in liquor taxes lasl year:' Oklahoma Couniy, u-iih -133.505 and 'Tulsa wjlh 3-'l6,03S each, gol -15 cents per L-apiia. Cities and lowns complain Lhey are starving for revenue. Countywide ad valorem taxes are distributed aniont; cities by county ex ; die boards. Ciiies nearly always ' set the smallest slice. This year I h e ' leprishilure again killed a bill lo lei c:i;.ies n a m e one member ol ma unless il is routed within oiie mile of the wesi side of Paoli, Wayne, Pauls Valley and Wynnewood and. 1 w i t h i n one m i l e of ihe easi 1 side of Davis. Population of !he Qvc cities ra rises from 3fj3 lo B,SX. Tiie highway depai'tmenl and Federal Roads Bureaus opposed such a route on grounds it would cost nearly SS million mo7'e to build. Two years ago the legislature boosted Ihe lax on cigarciles and pipe tobacco bui exempted smifE | everything ihev on a rural sena.'or's argumeni it j past six wars." was "the stall of life" in easiern ! Oklahoma. such ihrec-man boards. II. did pass] H i l l Is Killcii a law granting new taxing pow- i When Ihe legislature attempted While reapportionmeni forces contend cilie? h;ive been harmed by the present districiing. opponents do not aurec. "We have been a so-called rural legislniiire." says Sen. \Val; Allen of Chickasha. an a l l o r n e y fighn'ng !he federal court ruling. "Cfnerally. we have been obedient to the u r b a n areas." Allen contends larger cities already control I he legislature. "They hnve goi everything lhry wanted," he said, "and blocked wanted for ihe ers lo cities. Si-Is Pollcv ! to make it compulsoi-y for high schools to leach world history and this sum- new pro- crease, growth throw gix-nades in tlie darkness Monday, a U.S. Command spokesman announced today. One was killed and another wounded slightly, he said. BOMBAY. India i.-\P--Polkv ropoiis reaching here today said at least 110 Moslem worshipers wore killed and fa'S injured in ih? collapse of a . mosque Tuesday in 1hc central Indian lown o( Veoi- mal. -100 miles from Bombay. HAVANA (API--Tanks, antiaircraft guns and u-oops arc deploying along Cuba's spars-My defended n o n h coast to guard against stepped-up hit-and-run attacks by anti-Castro raiders. Prime Minister Fidel Castro's Kovor.'imem said Tuesday ii is acting lo assure Cuba's defense. Tho government charged t h a t Monday's a t t a c k hy two small boats on ·« metal plant in wesiern Cuba proved iho existence of a new plan of aggression agfiinst Cuba. U. S. outlays for foreign m i l i t a r y and economic assistance, ' \Viih Tie program under iis . heavies! attack. Democratic loaders saw possible losses on some j of the 30 or more amendmonls : ; set for submission loday a n d . Thursday. However, the leaders hoped President Kennedy's plea Thurs- · day would help win support (or j ihe measure. Heavy support was building l o r ' . somo of Ihe amendments to the · bill, pnrlicularly one t h a t would j block, at loasi temporarily, con- i structum ol a lutgo s'ee! mill tor gram. Bless my soul if they I gel less slate money. wertn'1 showing home movies o n , r i i p i i l - i i l m i V-iri television. Road - b u i l d i n g policy is set by an eight-man commission, \fem- bers arc named [rom each of eight, congressional districts laid , oul in 1913. This year's highway i t h e i r highway needs in- j money bill requires at least G per Bui under the f o r m u l a , j cent of t h e l o i a l to be spent in causes those counties to ; each d i s t r i c t . They vary in popu- foreign languages, a powerful rural senator sard, "Our boys ,-uid MOSCOW (,\p)_The Kremlin said loday Ihe Soviet Union did not jive Peking information on hou lo make nuclear bombs be- ; cause Red China is too weak economically to produce them in q u a n t i t y . The Soviet staiomenl added thai the Chinpso Communists should rely on ihe Soviet Union's cver- roady and growing nucloar arse- rifi'] 10 defend Communist countries. The s l s i o m o n t . published 'in Ihe Commums; p a r i \ estranging me He said t h a i if I understood Ihr problem it mighl m a k e me [eel better. I did and T iel b e t t o r already. Not fii^l rate yel, but boiler. Tlii.- Trniilih.' II sterns lh;U f got along fine irtj., ] as Ion; as the 1 networks wi-re Other Consivssional ni-ws: : biintrins lelevision i n l o ihe liviiiK SiiKill ISiivin,",-: A spokesman foom. The trouble slarlcd when Mr '.ho -\FL-CIO expressed s y m - · ihc-y began bringing t h e l i v i n g ' n a i h y for the plighl of the s m a l l ' 'TMni into television, mai'ler hut insisted that the ; Looking back en i t , 1 t h i n k I lip ci'ialiiy s i a b i l i / a t i o n bill would : 'n-si symptoms ocouned w i t h a make" il worse instead o! b.-iter. I prosram vailed ·'Charado Parly." AIV-IIVW J. Bicmillor. direclm- if.' «"p wore playmg chai-ados th,- M--L-C10 riopartmont of leg- '· n l w m f l v r n l shls a week I h e n . islaiion told a Senau- comm,-ivo '· On Ihe sixth nishl wp would inn, subaimmiil.v t h a t t h e federal : on l h ? set and there wuuld I* pnc-o-tixing proixwnl would 1,-nd : l'; n !' lf P'^V' 1 ^ charades on tele- to squeeze out small merchants v| s |0 "- · who could noi -afford io cari-v in- ' ' ^'° » mo ;» al lllot -' k nbollt · v - n i o r i e s ol b o t h price-fixed TM\TM happom-d Ihr seventh mgiH. brand nanu-x and iower-prkvd lv [ la l' s ' l a l ls J llst TM ^' l | A f l e r t h a t came a program I railed "Open End." People sil- For weeks 1 went around broodinR aboul this, Meanwhile, .,,..,, 1 began losing weight. Became! "' ' The legislalure lays out. congi-es pale and lisiless. Tongue coated.: Home muvios. Ihe scourge o t j s i o n a l districts. The six districts : The way I alvrays Set when I'm i civilization. Home movies being i vary in populalion from IHT.OOO lo i brooding about s'omelhinp. l ;; P cd '"'S 1 ' 1 i n l ° m . v °«'» l' v i ns i 552.000. A congressman musl be I Finally J asked Dr. Swizzle · 1 " oom ' abou- il Dr. Swiz?'e a i d !'· ' don ' t r l l s l television nosv ex- should try to analyze what was · cp l )l W - 1C " Ihere's a bull game from lelevision ;on - Porlunalply. som? of my best friends aren'l ball players. i kilion from 1-17. IS.i lo 501.551. The 1i)G3 legislature attached a LIVE IN THE CHARM OF A "HIDDEN VALLEY" LIVE IN SNEED ACRES I N S U R A N C E You Don't Have to Buy Siding and Roofing rrom Out of Town People! 1 I] EUGENE BOWMAN S. Stb L. CO. EL 3-12 Make Sure of Funds for Home Ownership Childrens' Education Retirement with Living Insurance The Mnn From Equitable G- L. (De) DeAmiond 31- Koetiler Bids.. Lawton EL 5-13S6 - Res. EL 3-5-)09 privale brands. Winters Won't Run For Senate OKLAHOMA CITY (CPU - L1. C.ov. Loon Winters says ho will not be a candidate for ihe U.S. newspaper Senate next year. Pravda, replied to China's acrtisa-. u'inioi's anii'iuncod tion Aug. 15 thai the Russians: would no; scok tin 1 broke ar. a.erccmont to pass on nomination. citing insufficient .· o r nuclear informaLion in 10^9 before . funds as the main rv;ison. How- j [ o | Premier Khrushchev wont to tho e\-or. ho said lie would not iule j a United Stales to visit President himsolf out of f u t u r e races. I -Eisenhower. Winters' name lias been promi- r.enily mentioned as a possible rar.didale. U. S. Sen. Howard Kd- monrison and state Sen. Kred Han-is have announced their c-an- ' didiicy. and former Gov. Ray; mond Garv has indicated be may ling around yak-kin;;, yak-kins. yHhking. Spillins coffee and setting cisarelle ashes all over everylliinR. Like Nciuhtxirs II is iruo they were important ix'oplc, but il wasn't much d i f - ferent from ihe nights VVP hnri the ncichboi-s in. . I think ihal musi have been «'bon I U'Kan jpitinc |plpvi^·ion confused \viili I'eality. Then ihe commercials chan^pd. Tuesday he i O r some of Ihcm did. They be- LVmpci'.iUr ,,.,,, U! ji| lt . , Ta | ]j vo ppopjp instead actors. People jusl like tho s next door, which is saying LONDON" I A P ' - British police liavo recovered another MO.POO pounds iSS-I.ODOi o( the Rt'cat train I'Dbbpiy loot. I t was found in an abandoned auto trailer. Police, nniiouncinf; ibp discov- \ i-un. eiv. intensified a search tor the ' On Ihe Republican side, slate man and woman, w i t h a baby. ! Rep. G. T. Blankcnship and Tom who left the trailer parked last Mooiv ol \Vcwoka have announced week ai a trailer camp near Dor- kinc. Surrey. Thp trailer cash brought to l'".?.307 pounds I576J.689I the to;al so f a r ivcov'ercd of the 2.6 million Quotes In The News (lies'. U. s. P:it. n f r . ) PLAQUKMIM-J. La. -- A Xe- gi*o lender at ihe scene of a Ihoy will nin. Both B. Hayden demonsiraiion ai which nulhori- CraV-ford of Tulsa and Oklahoma . '.ie.s used fire hoses anrt oleciric lootbull coach Bud Wilkinson have prodding iXKii lo disperse the bi'cn mcnlioncd as possible Re: pickets: pounds iS7.2SO.OOOj gang that robbed London mail train. I aken by the Gla'sj ibe :ow- Nikita, Tito Are Expanding Friendship BELGRADE. Yugoslavia (UPO -- Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev appeared today to have opened a new era of collabora- lion between Russia and Yugoslavia, long the maverick of ihe Communist world. Khrushchev, ivho began a 15- day visit to Yugoslavia Tuesday, is seeking ways lo expand the new friendship in private talks w i t h President Josip Broz Tito, informed sources said. The premier's schedule for today included a visit to a moior plant, a private lunch and u dinner given by Tito 'in his honor. _Tuesday nighl the two Communist leaders praised a rebirth of m u t u a l national friendship, seemingly ending the rupture caused ny Moscow's expulsion of Yugoslavia fi-om the Communist bloc in IMS, "W'c consider that at the present time all conditions exist for a broader development of our cooperation," Tito said at an official dinner. "Our collaboration consistently is going toward in all directions." Khrushchev expressed satisfaction with the development of So- viel-YusosIav relations. i Former Soviet dictator .Josef : Slalin, who ran the Communist i movement with an iron hand, ex- i polled Yugoslavia from the Com- munisl camp in 1948 because o f ' Tilo's pursuit of an independent, ! or national, brand ol Communism. , Since Stalin's death in 1953. ; Khrushchev has moved toward a'' reconciliation with Belgrade, a J - ' though the course at times has . been rocky, The Kremlin's efforts i 1o woo Tito have become more j vigorous since Moscow's fall-out i ·with Cmmuttist China over ideo-; logical and political differences, j I F L E A S ? If I r 11 vr o tnrfrinr. »TT -.···}! \ i publican candidates. "I wi',1 not bo a candidate for t h e United Stales Senate in 196-1." Winters said in a statement. "Tho : principal reason is that 1 do not j liavr Ihe money :o make this race ;,-ind have been unable to raise- the ! necessary money without making cot-lain commitments t h a t art' con- "This war. 1 ' town apparently wants WASHINGTON -- PiTsidonl Kennedy. noiiiiR Mial Ihe United Slates already has enough bombs to kill 300 million persons in one hour: "How many weapons do you The with ir.iry to my concepts of good gov- need?" errimem." Winters served as secretary- of BIRMINGHAM. Ala. -Ihe stale election board before he Rev, A. D. King, pleading ran for lieutenant governor last a mob of angry Negroes lo leave year. He defeated Wilburn Girl- nhe scene of Ihe bombing of Ihe wrighl for Ihe Democratic nomi-1 home of an imograiionist: n.-uion and Republican Dale Briggs · "If you're going lo kill somc- of Tulsa in the general election. : one, then kill me." 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