The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 7, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 5

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
Page 5
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MESSENGER. CANANDAIGUA; N; iY H FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1939. BUILDING MATERIAL FOR SALE Used Box Car Lumber MATCHED SIDING MATCHED LINING MATCHED FLOORING DOORS ROOF SECTIONS TIMBERS, POSTS AND FRAMING MATERIALS METAL ROOFING Write W Price List, WHITE'S East Rochester, N. Y. Office, North Lincoln Road P. O. Box 175 Piione 304 Bigamy Count Lands Roehesterian In Jail ROCHESTER -- One wife too many yesterday cost John W. Lewis, 38, of 786 Clinton Ave. South, his freedom for the next five to ten years. Pleading guilty June 17 to a charge of bigamy, with a previous felony, conviction against him Lewis yesterday was .sentenced to Attica Prison by County Judge H. Douglass Van Duser. Lewis admitted he married Maude A. Swart/,. 582 Dewey Ave.. May 7, 1938, when he already had a wife. Mrs. Mabel I. Lewis of West Blooinfield. He was convicted at Gcnoseo in March,- 1929, of second degree forgery. REPORTS LIST OF PROMOTIONS Victor Grade Advancements Announced By Principal Martin ARGENTINE DUST BOWL BUENOS AIRES UP) -- Various -j.'riciiUural groups have- complained to the government that improper methods of farming sections of Argentina are causing development of a great "dust howl." Daily Messenger Patterns, UP-TO-DATE 15c. ROGER'S MARKET BUFFALO ROAD . . . (NEXT TO TOOMEY'S GAS STATION) Shoulder Steak Veal Chops Leg or Loin Roast Veal Pork Steak 23 C LB. Round Steak, pound 29c Boneless Rolled Prime Rib, pound 27c Shoulder Roast Beef, pound 18c Fresh Ham, pound 20c Whole Or Shank Half Breast of Veal, pound 14- Lime Juice IDEAL TO QUENCH SUMMER THIRST Rose's Imported Lime Juice Martini Rossi Italian Vermouth Trial's Imported French Grenadine Cantrell Cochrane's Imported Ginger Ale Virginia Dare Sherry Seasoning Welch's Grape Juice--Premier Grape Juice Widmer's Grape Juice--Billy Baxter Club Soda Lux -- Rinso -- Life Buoy Soap MURRAY BROS. 168 So. Main Street Canandaigua, N. Y. THE HOME OF THE SQUARE MARKET DREAM STEAKS Fine Quality Meats Arc Vital For Your Summer Meals Strictly Frcfh and Full of Flavor -- Ruv Them With rcmfidrncc At Little Cost. HAMS. HOMK CTKEI». HICKORY SMOKED HAMS Just Frrshly .Smoked This Weckrml! Boneless Rolled Picnic Hams 27 C Ib TVndrr, Mild HAMS 23' n , Mild. Trndcr Hickory Smokrd Honir Currrf Ham 27 V.'holr or Shank HAMBURG 3 Ibs. 48c I/ran. Plate Beef 9c Trndrr, liiirv Hccf Sfcak. 2lr!h. firiniHr Sprin- Leg of Lamb Good Meaty Cuts 17 C FrrsMy Martp I Orb Franks, 2 otv. Ih. Z8r H*. .. 29 Ih Rolkxl, Ih. HOME nKESSET) EXTRA CHOICE FOWLS AND BROILERS Charles Richiirri Oullacc,! VICTOR -- Principal Ralph W Martin has announced UK- promotion list for Victor High Schojl. now Victor Central School. The following students were advanced to di/Ierent grades. Grade I lo Grade II, James Antonio, Bennie Carpenter, George Cherry. Ronald Clover. David Czad- zcck, David Ellis, Eugene Frit-,. Dante Giillace, Robert Hcnehan Raymond Rugg, Peter Loomis, Be.s- tiano Mangiamele. William Rowlnv, Francis Ryan, Fred Schultz. Esther Aldridge, Beverly Cotter. Marilyn Garling, Audrey Hunt, Mary Hunt er, Dorothy Keefe, Julie Sullivan, Marion Talmadge. Grade II to Grade III Cotter, Harold Czadzeck, DeLong. Earl Ellis. Tony Floyd Henehan, James Sherman Hunt, Lowell James Mangiamele. Bernard Pez- zimlnti. Raymond Phillips. Josepn. Sullivan, Robert Turner, George j King, George Whitbeck Dorothy I t'rewer, Frances Carra. Barbara i Clover, Joanne Ernst, Jeanette! Lortscher, Orlean Schultz, Mary Scala. Grade III to Grade IV, Walton Trady, LaVern Ellis. Gordon Fritz. Richard Garlock, Donald Lewis. Gary Lilly, LeRoy Rehme. Andrew Wolfe, Ruth Aldridge, Nancy Busch, Jcmet Canning, Mary Clarinda Coye, Jean Crane. Edith Gullace. Mary Hawkins. Gladys Hunter, Carolyn Lortscher, Ethel Mattine, Mildred McCarthy. Alice Miller. An- chey Miller, Charleen Nicholson. Dolores Parisi,.Theresa Porta, Ida Mae Talmadge. Grade IV to Grade V. Dominick Carra, Jean Cotter, Jackie Finear Charles Garling, Biasi MangiamoU 1 . James Miller, Gordon Prosser. Frank Rugenstein. Kreag Sullivan, Frederick Wager. Raymond Wager, Eugene Zumbo. Nancy Bennett, Helen Dill- n?3ii. Marian Gutacker. Betty Hen- dvicks, Phyllis Higinbotham, Marilyn Lewis, Martha Lewis. Mary Ross. Thelma Rugenstein, Beverly Tuttle. Mari. Wolfe. Grade V to Grade VI, Richard Brake, Norriss Cran?, Richard Czact- ztck. Henry Garling. Daniel Hayes Garth Lilly. Ronald Phillips. James | Ridley. Marion Rowley. Lois Busch. Kathleen Brady, Doris Cherry, Ila Ciadzeck. Esther Lehman. Florence Parisi. Rose Pezziminti. Esthci Phillips. Evelyn Phillip-,. Michalene Scanio. Florence Schultz. Norma Tslmadge. Grade IV to Grade VII. Donald Brewer. John Hill, Robert Hcwarth Glenn Olney. Bill Turner. Howard Ciradzeck, Carolyn Aldnilgc. Joe L'usch. Deris Clover, Madeline Far- lell. Estner Lee Northrup. France:, Zumbo. Katherine Czadzeck, Mariar Kingsley. Margaret Pezziminti. Cherrie Rowley, Naomi Wilson. June Gutacker. Grade VII to Grade VIII. John /.Idridge, Joseph Cara. Robert C-ow- lay. Reggie Edwards Ned Labigar. Jasper Lewis. Paul Mahoney. Jack McCarthy. Fred Nelan. Frank Par- ifi. Laurence Phillips. Embert Prosser. William Ryan. Leslie Searle E-waine Stevenson. Robert Thiel James Tdomey. Kenneth Wiley. Nor- Zimmerman. Peter Zumbo. Lois Busch. Margaret Cherry. Florence Cotton. Barbara Nicholson r\Taiian Paisley. Helen Ridley. Mary Sharkcy. Jeanne Sugden. Joar. Ross Victor Briefs | Mi'-s Loretta Murray reiurnev! j Tuesday from a motor trip through I t-hn south which took her to Wash- 1 ingion. D. C. and Baltimore. Md. Mr. and Mrs. La Verne Norton and Daughter. Martha Mellissa. of North Tarrytown. have been guests of Mr ard Mrs. L. T. Norton. They will spend Mi? month of July wiih Mi. : nd Mrs. Morion Locke at the Scarles Cottage on Canamtofeu-: Lake. Robert. Kesri, son of Mi. and Mr«; Lewis Kesel. returned from Thompson Memorial Hospital Thnrsda:. ir.ornin:,- wh^rr he unrirrv.rni trnt- r.-.rni Wednesday morning for a NEW RECIPES BY "COOKIE" Caramel Milk Shakt 1 teaspoon brown siiKsr 1 tablespoon caramel ayrup *t\ cup milk % toaspoon vanilla Dash of Halt Mix, shake well and nerve cold either plain or with a spoonful of whipped cream on top. Caramel Syrup Melt one cup of sugar in a dry pan until smooth and brown. Add one cup boiling water, stir well, boil three minutes, cool, bottle and use for flavoring milk beverages and desserts. Milk Fruit Gelatine 2 tablespoons eelatlne % cup cold milk 2'Xj cups hot milk % cup sugar Vt teaspoon salt Soak gelatine in cold milk 5 min. Mix hot milk and sugar together-add gelatine and heat in double boiler until gelatine is dissolved. Chill until jelly begins to stiffen. Line mold with cut up fruit--either fresh or dried may be used. (A HudsonJ little temon juice over the fruit Love joy improves the flavor.) Add gelatine slowly and chill. A ring mold makes a very attractive service. Orange Ice % cup orange Juice % cup lemon juice IVi cup* sugar 2 cups milk % cup whipping cream (optional)' Add milk to mixture and place in reezing tray. When partly frozeti, remove from tray and beat with an egg beater, thoroughly. (At this ime % cup of whipped cream may be added If a creamier ice la desired.) Return mixture to freezing ray, and allow to continue freezing until firm. Servei 6. Doctors Pay Final Tribute to Dr. Mead VICTOR--Hundreds of friends ol, Dr. Alfred M. Mead, beloved Ontario j County physician, who died .shortly! before midnight. Monday, ai Fred-' crick Ferris Thompson Memorial Hospital, Canandaigua, paid lasl I'.ibute to the dean of vicinity doctors at funeral services in the Victor First Methodist Church, Thurs- aay afternoon at 5 o'clock. Dr. Mead, despite his .age. was so :il ended the bull ganw at Rochester, Tu'?sclpy. Mr. and Mrs Ea.j Comfort anrl children. Jane, Sue and Dale, with tlieh- ciiests Mr. and Mrs. lfber£ Steadman. also Mr. ard Mrs. FUy- moiicl Kennedy -f HoJcomb and Mr. and Mis. William McMillan oi Naples, recently v/f.r» tntcrtahw. at dinner by Mr. and r/Irsx'John Mclli- veen, Bristol. in'l.'Oiioi of'.the wed- din;; anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. McMillan and the c^'htih birOJay of Jane Comfort. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Simmons and children, Duane, Fay atad Gail, Mr. and Mrs. Chauricey, Sympnds and mivc in his many duties that thos: vho knew him were hopeful that he might continue his work for manj years to come. His kindly smile and celebrating his second birthday. willingness to help endeared him to (Mrs. Packard remained at the home Mrs. Adele Packard spent"Sunday in LeRoy. guests of Mr. andMr.s. Ralph Symonds -whose sonr-rBttrtjrt, was ah, and hi.s ability of accomplishment belied the fact that he was no longer a young man. of her grandson, Ralph;-:to spend the week. George Morse is a patient at Mem- Those who were closely associated | onal Hos P ital - Canandaigua, where with -him found that his happinrs-! h c 1S undergoing treatment. i be found if he were able , MlssuJane Pisher has returi Churches of Vicinity Give Sunday Service Schedules Rushville Congregational -- The Rev. Harold W. MacGilvray, pastor: morr£ h;g services, 11:45; "Life's Commonplace;" Sunday School, 10:45. Methodist--The Rev. Robert A. Panzer, pastor; morning services 10:45; Sunday School. 11:50: Junior League, 5; Intermediate League, 6; Senior League, 7. St. Mary's -- The Rev. Edward Ball, rector; mass, 10. Hopewell Methodist -- The Rev. Donnld D. Cronk,. pastor; morning services 11:15 (EST). Mrs. Lr.ster O'Kasic and dauph- U-r. Kr.rrn. of Wrilsvil'r. wen- rrcem r.ur-.M.s ni bomr of her sister. AS: s. Marr.aret- Sullivan. Mrs. j. F. McGhan i.s reported improving following an opera tier 'uo weeks auo in Thompson Mcm- nial Hospital. Cannnd;»igU2. SJ ; r expects lo return home early nex- v,rck. Mr. ;md Mr:;. R. O. WiJitnry an': (;«uulrH r. Mary air row :) Lakr. William HsMrad i 1 - mv'rr nbsor ;i'acr at ihr Cannndaiciia H«spil;i : a rrrnt alinrss. READ and REMEMBER By W L. GORDON Pine needles are in reality leaves. ?,-nrl rontain fhlrrrnhyll as other Ir-mTK d« Howrvrr. t.rir surface of nine needles is toucher than thai nf other leaves, and thus the rhlnronhyll is protected diirine the Winter and remains r.reen. Tlie e.rnntry of in South An-jfura. when discovered hy Pe- riro Alv-res Cabral in 3-SOd. was I named Trrra dr Santa Cruz, or the J L a n r l of the Wolv Cross. Tlie name of the dormouse 1 is de- river] from the Latin "dorimo." meaninc to sleep, due to the fact t h a t the animal hibernates durinc i h r Winlrr. DORBIV WAS ANGRY BIRMINGHAM. England ·?· -. A pf-dfAlrian was seized by a horse lifted into the air and shaken here, but prompt action oi . ihe driver is credited with preventing extensive injuries lo the ! victim. Farmington Friends -- The Rev. Charles A. Lf.mpman, pastor; morning services, 11; Sunday School, 10; Young People's Society, 7:30, at parsonage. St. John's Evangelical--Lutheran --The Rev. L. G. Leonard, pastor; morning service, 10; Sunday School 11:15. Cheshire Community--Daniel Apra, student pastor; morning services. 10:30: Gordon Carver, of Dundee, speaker; Sunday School, 11:30. Fhelps Baptist--The Rev. Harry M. Shep- son, pastor; morning services, 11; Bible School, 12; Christian Endeavor, 6:30; evening worship, 7:30. Methodist--The Rev. Clyde Rosecrans, pastor; morning service. 11; Sunday School, 10; Leagues, 6:30; evening service, 7:30. r " Presbyterian -- The Rev. Charles H. Dayton, pastor; morning services, 11; Bible School, 12; Christian Endeavor, 7. St. John's Episcopal--The Rev. John Wootton, of Clifton Springs rector; morning services. 9:30. £hapin Methodist--The Rev. Stephen S. Pratt, pastor; morning services, 11; Sunday School, 10:15; Young People, 3. Bristol Springs Free Church--The Rev. D. M. Ratcliff, pastor; morning services, 9:45; Sunday School. 10:45. Bristol Center Methodist. -- The Rev. Lewis F. Ovenshire. pastor; morning services 1C:30 (EST); Sunday School. 5:30. Honeoye Congregational -- The Rev. J. E. Hayes, castor; movniiig services. 10:45; Junior Church, :i:15: Bible i School. 12; Wednesday, choir practice. 7:30. with Mrs. B. H. Francis St. Mary's Catholic -- The Rev. E. F. Magee. rector: mass, 10. Allen's Hill Methodist--The Rev. W. H. Edmunds, pastor; mornir-s worship. 33 lESTi: "The Holy Catholic Crurch:" Sunday School. 30. Flint Methodist--The Rev. Chester Zogg, pastor: morning sen-ices. 11, E3T: "Can Any Good Thing Come out. o;" Nazareth or Flint?" Sunday School. :0: "Livinc Up to Our Opportunities:" Epworth League, tf. West Btootnfirld St. Bridget's--The R«v. George W Doud. pastor: mass. 8. EST'. Gorhain Methodist--The Rev. Frederick T- Crumley, pastor: morninc services 10.45: Sunday School, following. Presbyterian -- The Rev. H. W MacGilvray, pastor: morning service. 9:30: Sunday School, 11: Christian Endeavor. 6:30. Baptist -- The Jtev. Thomas Packard, pastor: morninc services !0:30; Sunday School folkwinc; B Y. P. U. nirctinc. 6:30. Number Nine -- The Re?- John Boycc, pastor; morninc services. 9:30; Sunday School, following. Kcfn C^omi^rs Prdrralrd--Forrrst Forriham. si-u- paMor: mominc s-rrvir". ^:3f T . n ; Church School. 10:3(i; Youns: Proplr. 7:30. Methodist--The Rev. John H. Sandemeyer, pastor; morning services, 11; Church School, 10. Gospel Tabernacle -- Lawrence Wigden, pastor; services, 3; evening service, 7:30. Cottage City United Church, Dist. No. 3--The Rev. John J. Scarberry, pastor; morning services, 10; Sunday- School, 11; Christian Endeavor, 4; cottage prayer service, Tuesday. 7:30; Ladies' Guild, Wednesday, 2 Stanley St. Theresa's Catholic -- The Rev. Edward K. Ball, rector; mass, 8.45. Methodist--The Rev. Frederick T. Crumley, pastor; morning services, 9:30; Sunday School following. Seneca Castle Methodist--Tne Kev. Don^d D. Cronk, pastor; morning services. 10:45; Sunday School, 11:45; Ep- v;orth League, 7. Presbyterian--The Rev. B. F. Butler, pastor; morning services, 11:30; Sunday School, 10:30. Bristol Congregational -- The Rev. Paul Wright, pastor; morp.iiit; services. 10. (EST); Church School" at same hour. Universalist -- The Rev. Harry M Wright, pastor; morning services. 11; Sunday School, during service.! Ionia I Methodist--The Rev. Howard V. I Moses, pastor; morning services, 9:30. Victor St. Patrick's Catholic -- The Rev. E. Joseph Esscr, rector; masses, 8:30 and 10:30. St. John's Evangelical and Lutheran Church--The Rev. Howard Kuhnle, pastor; services, 3; Bible School, 2. First Presbyterian -- The Rev. Raymond E. Dronsfield, pastor; morning worship. 10:30; communion; Young People, 6:30. First Methodist -- The Rev. Arthur C. Rehme. pastor; morning v/orship. 10: Junior Church, 11: Church School. 11: evening ^s 7:30. wculd only to maintain his practice and that hi; oid until he was stricken with a heart attack last week. His death marks the passing ol another doctor who had seen 6ay-- oi travel with horse and bujr-xv. o; sleigh, and who had been accustomed to cope with many u crish v/ifhout the newer scientific medical devices. Business men in Victor closed their doors at 5 o'clock :n respect t o Dr Mead who had in many cases been their family doctor for years. Bearers were Dr. Alfred W. Arm- sloong. president of the Ontario County Medical Society, and Dr. Harvey C. Jcwett. of Canandaigua; Dr. John Fletcher McAmmond, of Rochester, formerly of Canandaigua; Dr. Carl B. Smith, of Victor; Dr. John H. Pratt, Manchester. president of Canandaigua Medicsr Society, and Dr. Donald Gvjswolcl. of Geneva. The Rev. Arthur C Rehme, pastor of the First Methodist Church, officiated at the service. Burial was in Boughton HU! Cemetery. .urned to her school work at Lochland, Geneva, after spending a two weeks' vacation with her pare'nts, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Fisher. South Bloomfield MRS. JOHN W. COOPER Staff Correspondent GOOD BUYING and' selling hints will be found daily throughout the columns. Cool Off At GOODIE wm Our superb air conditioning system keeps the tempetattire the same at all limes ".' . ; '§TOP IN any time, regardless of the 1 Weather outside, you'll fintTtt «4ih- fortable inside. The Goodie ShoptW^T 1 J. J. Mirras, prop. So! Main St. Aloquin MRS. BOYD OLTVKR Staff Correspondent Mrs. St. Peters Episcopal--The Rev. Charles B. Porsrll, of Avon, rector; rhurrh :-ara1-ion. Mcthodisl. -- The Rev. W. M. Ed- Tjunds. pastor: inorninp srvvirr :f\4?i; "Tlif Hnly Calholir Church:" ?i;nriav School, 30; Ch.ldrfn 31:15. --The Rev. W. Hc- brr O'Hara. pastor; morning .'rvicf. 10:45: "A GlJTripsr nl 1j-j! R r p ] Tririplr:" Junior Church 13-20: Sunday School. 32. St. Bridget's--The Rev. Grow W. Dm;d. re-dor; nias.'scs 7 and f) if'STi; Sunday. 3. No^ena 1o Blcyrd Virgin s rwdal. OVERCOME YOUR Difficulties by reading and using The Messenger Classified Adt. Presliyt-rlafl -- The Rev. a. Irving Bra den, pastor- morninf services, 10:45. Baptist--The H«v. D. M. Ratcliff. pastor; morning senlcas, 11; Bible i Finlay. O.. are visitin^ School. 12. j Mrs/C. H. Isenhow, ALOQU1N-- Mr. and Mrs. of Newark. N. J.. have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Haring. Those attending the Epworth League Institute at Keuka College this week are the Rrv. and Mrs. C. V. Zops:. Frederick Zops:. Virginia ]"_ Moore. Stuart Moore. Alice Voct. Dorothy and Betty^ Sellers. Verna Tones and Mrs. Ver'n Tones. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Pearcr and son. of Rochester, spent a few days recently and his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pearce. Dean M--xre is spending a week with his father in Slaterville. Miss Lucille Rice is attending summer school at the Cert land Normal School. i D. F. Read, of RiishviHc. is a j gurst of his son and family. Mr. i and Mrs. Irman Read. Mr. and Mrs. | Harold Read, of Deep Run. havr ialso been guests at the Rrari [ Harold Tones is STJontHnr: iwrrl: at Ihr Brown cottage on andaigua lake. Mrs. Annable. of Gcnrva. the ·atrJwnd w!l-h her sislrr, Emory Horton. Mrs. Clarence Moore- fntr-rl npht. little 5oys at. a party in honor of her son. Richard's ninth birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlte M^nrr. Mr and Mrs. Albert Moore. Mrs. .Mir Moorr. Miss Irf-ne Moorr. Mrs John Van Watmrr and d a u c h t r r . Mr. and Mrs. Ericar Jrnrs anrf children. Donald and Alicr Mar trnrird tlir -.vrdrtinc nj Dar.a "i and Miw Anita Mcliows hr-iri in GorJiam Pi-eshytcrian church. Mrs. Bert beopalrt and son. Imrr. of FairiTOrt. have hrrn curs'.' of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. I'-cr;- hour. i Norman and Carolyn Zncg ?r- visiting their crandmothfr. Mr?. Cooper, in Liverpool. Mr. and Mrs. Gtvrse Ar3.?ims. ri Canandaigua. called at the homf ol Thomas; Moore. Tuesday f viriiric. i Mr. and Mrs. Ly]c Bills ann daughter, spent the Fourth wiih the Rev. and Mrs. O. V. Zncn at their cottage at Lofli Point on Seneca Lake. Mrs. Ida Conzette and sister, Miss Lillian Kearns and Mr. and Mrs. Lyons and two daughters of Mr. and SOUTH BLOOMFIELD -- Mrs. Grace Baker of Shortsville is spend- i ing the week with her cousin, Mrs. j Chauncey Symonds. ! Mr. and Mrs. Earl Comfort and! children attended a family gather- j ing at Hemlock Lake Park on the Fourth of July. Mrs. Comfort and | daughter, Sue, are spending a few j j days with her sister. Mrs. Delbert I Steadman at her Summer home on Conesus Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bishop of Manchester are spending some time at the home of their grandfather, Frank Hallock. Mrs. Earl Comfort entertained several little girls at a birthday party for her daughter. Jane. Monday afternoon. The guests included Onnolee and Halycon Hopkins, Martha Morrow, Joan and Ann Kennedy, Maryann Houseknecht, Fay Simmons. Carol Hudson and Virginia Cooper. Jane's aunt. Mrs. John Mc- Ilveer. o! Bristol, and her grandmother. £rs. Raymond Kennedy of Holcomb were also guests. Jane re- i turned home with Mrs. Mcllveen to j spend several days. Dale Comfort) '" the luest of Mrs. Kennedy at | Holcomb. ' Mi. ana Mrs. William Dietz and sons, Bill and Jack, have been spending a few days with relatives in Dundee. The Universalist Ladies' Aid Society cf the Brist.-' Universalist Church will hold "Just-A-Mere" party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Comfort Friday afternoon. July 14 The committee in charge is Mrs. Earl Comfort, chairman. Mrs George Morse. Mrs. Roberts Hinds and Mrs. Roy Miller. A picnic supper will be served at f o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pedley and i daughter. Miss Betty, of Bradento;-. j Fla.. have been guests at the J. A. j \Vhenler home. j Mr. end Mrs. Toward Grimblv i and daughter. Betty Jeanne, have j returned home after spending sev-: oral days at Moon Lake. Adirondack Mountains. Prof, and Mrs. Ralph H. Wheele. of ft:.;cr, were g'V.At? of their p^ 1 - .-Mts. Mr. and Mr-. George A \V'v ·:- icr on the Fourth. Mr. and Mrs filbert Stod-inn Livonia were Tcent guests oi jijr. sTd ?.lrs. Enrl Corner}. Elmer Simni'-iis ai:-1 Harrv Marh'j Free Delivery ·PhoittiW Boneless Roast Pig Pork Veal cms Shoulder Roast Beef 15'-21 L/dCI *W MINK C tb Tendered Smoked m HALF OK, WHOLE HOME DRESSED Fowls and Broilers . 25jlb Hots... Cottage Cheese.. v R. W. Tomato Juice, 46 oz. can . . . . . R. W. Milk, tall cans, 4 for; Early Riser Coffee, 3 Ibs. v Wheaties, box . . . . . Rinso, large . . . . . . R. W. Red Salmon . . ; R. W. Dill Pickles, qt. jar R. W. Popped Wheat, pkg. W c iflc iSc Complete Assortment FRESH FRUITS an! VEGETABLES ^ Study Daily Messenger Pattern* THE PEREGO MARKET 'ALWAYS FOR THE BEST' FOWLS Broilers HOME DRESSED · tn r ?hs. to Ihs. 28 c tb Pork Loins Rib End PORK CHOPS 20clb. Quality at- F1- Prime Steer Beef Prime Rib 291 Pot Roast or O A c ill Roast Plate Beef 12; I GALAS Arpeako HOTS I . 7 X K S 30?, tb Bone-in Cooked Hams 35» LAMB STEW 10; A REAL TREAT... Friday and Saturday Special: TRY AX OLD FASHIONED, Home Smoked, Sugar Cured HAM 'The Best Hams'OQ Taste the Difference in The*- Mild, Sugar Cmrt* HALF OR ||lH|^B|^ Manre v?«fe IT, rnji E*»c»;s»,*..j n;,.l..-.n. r i i*« M'«/\T r- ^^^^^^^" ^^^^^^, , Hams Old Fashioned Hickory Smcfce. WHOLE

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