The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 6, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 5

Canandaigua, New York
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Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 5
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'·- $.' THE .DAILY MESSENGEE, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. TUESDAY, JANUARY 6,1948 PAGE TERM 16 Persons Hurt in Accidents In Ontario During December · The number of persons injured oiderly conduct; 1--11; disorderly in automobile accidents in Ontario county lose from nine during November to 16 during December, it was revealed in the icport for the ittei month just issued by Shonff i Walter A. Elling. However, in Ne,vembei Urree people were killed in motoi vehicle mishaps, while none weie r e p o r t e d killed during December. Dining Decembei officers of the sheriff's department investigated 211 complaints, as compared to 213 the previous month. During De- dember thev made 55 anests, a decline cf Memb""' " r " 1 " Sheriffs staff traveled during December a total cf 15,358 miles, a decline fiom Nf/\embei oj about 2,800 miles. - The value oi pioperty stolen during December inci eased bv about $1,200 to a total of $3,611 32 However, the v a l u e of stolen property recovered d u r i n g Decembei also increased, to the extent ot $1,700, resulting in a t o t a l toi t h e month of $2,890.30. Jail Population Down ' 'The jail population continued its downward trend ol the past several months. Thirty-seven persons vVere confined there November :',!, as compared to 43 confined on the person. 5--1; public intoxication, 6--5; petit larceny, 3--7; malicious mischief, 2-- fl; passing standing school buses. 4 -- 3; reckless driving, 1--1; driving while intoxicated, 1--0; driving without license, 3--1; and leaving the scene of an accident, 1--0. The total of dogs killed for vai i- ous reasons during December was 37. The same total lor November A total of $318 in tines was collected, as compared to S345 d u r i n g Xovembei . 1948 Program Of YMCfl Groups Gets Under Way The 1918 program of club meetings and sport a c t i v i t i e s at the YMCA ale scheduled to begin this week Tonight the Hi-Y chapter will t o m e together at 7 !5 at w h i c h t i m e they will receive their new same day for October. The numbei membership cards ioi the coming of persons committed dining DP- i v o a j . Befoie 'he meeting t h e boys cember was set at 29, a decline oi u ill participate in game's of bowl- six from November. On Dec 31. 38' werfc confined at the jail, compared to 37 on the last day of thp previous month Jail prisoners worked a total of 1.728 hours at the county home and the c o u i t - hcvuse, a gain ol more t h a n Jim hours ovei November. The detailed list ol investigations follows, the fust figuie representing those made d u i i n g December, the second figure those foi the previous month: Automobile accidents, 26--33: hunting accidents, 2--0; abandoned ing and basketball. Also tonight vanous voting men and vomen who are interested in vollevball will play on the "Y" courts in their weeklv games. The Tii-Hi-Y will twin its new vear w i t h a meeting on Thursday night at 7:45. Then iccentlv appointed advisor. Miss Bettv Seel, will be present. Ralph O. Stratton has reported that during the holidays the "Y" had a large number of young men and women visiting 'he building. larceny, 21--13;. mrssing persons. 11--9, malicious mischief:, 18--12, driving: while intoxicated. 2--t); leaving accident scene, 2--0, reckless driving, 2--4; probation violation, 24--2. Arrests Listed The 'listing of arrests w i t h the same procedure as above follows: Abandoned children, 1--3, assault, a--0: b u r g l a r v , 2--0 dis- v a r i o u s activities til \.i in. it ip, cn-t-n-t^ni^, -i.-- . / , c * k / t . t i » ( . i w i i \ . . « 7 , ,-, , , . : cars, 8-6; abandoned chilrtien. 4-- ha?t Saturday night it was 10; assault, 2--2; auto thett, 3--1; I maTed that 20 ° participated burglary, 5--3; cc"T=eivation, 5--0; disorderly conduct, 7--17; disorderly persons. 7--0, children's court, 6---4; c i u e l t y to animals, 3--0; dogs, strays, in sheep, v icious, etc., 28--26; fraudulent checks, 3--3; pres, 4--2; intoxication, 6--5; petit in Reed Named (Continued from pasjp 1) Today's Market NEW YORK, (/Pi--(State Dept. nf ACT. and Mkts.)--Rpeeints were moderate in the t i u i t and vegetable market today Trading was active for potatoes, moderate toi onions and cabbage but slow for othPi i produce. Apple shipments w e i e I light with trading slow. been nominated to succeed him- «elr by Alderman Strait, seconded by Alderman Herbert N. Hicks Following the first ballot on the tv, C' nominations, in which four votes were cast for Alderman Muar and three for Alderman Urstadt, Alderman Urstadt moved the election of Mr. Muar be a unanimous vote, which the body then proceeded to do The newly elected president of the council was not pres- ' n t n.1 V Cession A-. P; attornev, Mr. Donovan l e n l T - ' - ' C i ' v Judge Edward J Co' w\ who stepped into the ciU's jurliual po^t on the first of the Jt -^. ...i^.^^j _^..c ..... , r. r.c.t.". r ol this city, conducts a law business here During World War U R A N I U M P L A N T -- This is the gaseous diffusion plant for production of uranium-235 at Oak Ridg:e, Tenn. The bis building: is 2,430 feet long and 400 feet high. Local Chamber Prepares Calendar Of Events, 75 Groups Contacted To Most ftpplicants For Albany Licenses Monday t h e Cham be i of Com-I alon_; .· i;h tiVn shite meice w i l l elease a list of vaiioiis organization meetings which h a v e been scheduled toi January. To uait? u iGLUi o. L.CI.IHriiicns iir^'o been requested to uunish t h e chamber w i t h all dates and h o u r s lor regulai and .special meeting and cui nnittees Each meeting rial* ALBANY, It was an old is being ie- coiden on t h e c h a m b e r ^ e v e n t s } Realty Transfers , 1 J was auached t o _ t h e I-ederal Bu) eau oi Investigation. Others Reappointed - Apples. Westein N. Y., bu b«*t i Furt4 l iei council appointments or eastern boxes, Rhode Island | * ere ,_ the na TM n 8 of Clifford greenings V- in 2.25-50, Hudson Valley,- bu'"bskt or eastern boxes Mclntosh 2 1 -?in 2.25-75. Gabrjage: Western N. Y.. 50 Ib sack, Danish 2 50-3.00, red 4.50. ' Mushrooms. Upstate N Y , 3 Ib bskt, extra fancy and special slack pack 1.25-35. Potatoes: L. L, 100 Ib sack. Green Mt US No. 1, Murphy as fire commissioner for another two-year period; William A. Carr, for four years, and William J Finnick, for two years, to succeed themselves as members oi the board of public works, and Dr George Coyne, foi two years, and Clifford E. Murphy, for four years, to succeed themselves as members ?/£: j of the board of health and public Doris F. George, Vancouv er. Wash, to George R. and Marjoue K. F i v e i , Geneva, property in Geneva. John and Nora Minister, Geneva et al to James F. and Mary T Dejulio, Geneva, property in Geneva. Elmei J. and Marguerite D. Berlene, Geneva to Louis C and Edith L Colaianni, Geneva, property in Geneva Patrick J and Nina P Mc- Lougnlm, Manchester to William and Josephine Kaczerwacki, Manchester, propert m Manchester. Lester A and Helen A Avers, Penfield to Henry and Marv Beecher, We«t Bloomfield, property in West Bloomlield Stewart J. and Laura .T. North, 152 Chapm street to Paul E. and Honor L. Pveeotd, Clifton Springs, pioperty in Hopevvell. Anthony DeRitis, Rochester and Jer ry Carapella, Rochestei to .Terrv ' i'lanci.s w. ana .ruice L meetm v f-e 1 t) da'c c o n l h c t s Once e.u I 1 i ,. hst will DP pubhsned The Uiambei oifice itated mdav tliat it each organisation v \ i l l contact the cnainbei as soon as an event is planned it v. ill be tecoici- ed As eac-h organr/ation contacts the office a check can be made of the events calendai to see il an- othet meeting has been planned lor the same date Tins s,yteni oi posting eventa is being cm nen out to insure full attendance at all meetings and for q u i c k icfeience. Masonic Grand Officer Here For Induction E l e c t i v e officers of Canandaigua lodge FAM had t h e honor of being installed last e\emng bv an olficer ol the Grand Lodge of the State of .\e\. Yoik R Vv Richard Y Holden. giand duector of ceremonies. Othei new officers were inducted bv Past K Vv James B. Chester,' property in Canandaigua Charles J and" 'Louise E Alaitin, Gorham to Andrew and Mildied Geer, Rochestei. property Gorham Francis W". and Alice L Defram. Clrfton Springs RD, to Mason M. and Mary J Henry, Avon, property in Manchester-. 01 me lu Ceremonies followed a dinner served in Masonic Tenple bv vomen ol he Eastern Stai c h a p - . m ter under chairmanship of Mrs. i Ceoige Stanton Officeis inducted were' Masicr, Harvey F. Gloss; warden. F. William Young, junioi w a i d e n . Thomas H Tackbarv . treasuiei, James story to 25 pei cent ot t h e per- ^ons ma neri in Albam dining 19J7 Ol l u e o,03J pel suns v,nu applied for maiuage licenses, at least one f o u r t h had been connected w i t h annulments 01 divorces, Albany Citv CleiK F i a n k V. Hogan ie- por ts Travel Tours Theme Of Sorority Talk A t i a v e l p i o g i a m w a s presented by Mrs. Helen Davis last night at a meeting of Alpha Mu chapter, Beta Sigma Phi sorontj, w i t h Mrs Sherman H Beernan, North Pearl si reel Mrs Davis de'-cnbed tours a r i a n g e d bv h e a d q u a i t e i s ot the soronty to the New O 1 leans Mardi Gias. t h e West Inches and Sun Val- lev, Idaho A i p p o i t on Christmas food and t c \ s ior a needv tannlv was given by Mis. Davis, chairman of the pioject The next meeting, Jan. 12, w i l l be tit Hotel Canandaigua, dm- nei to be sei\ed at 7 p m. Dr. S v v i l Mat q u i t , head ot the department ot clinical psvcnologv at the Veteiaiib A d m i n i s t r a t i o n hospital, w ill be speaker. . , Frank Caruso, 99 Jefferson a \ - | B Patteison, secretary, Dr O. P. southside 350-6o, norlhside 34065; Katahdin No. 1 si-je "A" 365 Maine 100 Ib sack, Katahin, US No. 1 s,ize "A" 3.50-75 Green Mt. US No. 1 size "A" 3.50-75. Isafetv William Johnston Kerhaw were named Wall Street NEW YORK. UP)--Stocks eenet- to succeed themselves as city assessors, Mr. Holmes was named assessor to le- place Floyd D Butlei, lesigned. Holmes is a v e t e i a n of both w o i l d Wars and IIN appointment and - i i - » r A V ^ A H V . » - J . ' - ^ n . ' * _ r ^ ^ -ivTi 11 ' i j T j i i allv remained m the losing lanks i tho * e °! t h e o t h e r ass,essois re- todav although assorted market ff l v e f l the , ll ";' nimou s approval ol leaders negotiated feeble lecover- t h e co , l ! nclL The P° sitl 0" Pays 4oO annually The Daily Mesenger and the Ontario County Times-Journal were designated as official city papers, and the Canandaigua "National Banks as o f f i c i a l depository Ioi city funds The council will meet again tomorrow evening, when it ij, expected to consider and adopt the citv budget foi 1948. les. Dealings tapered after an active opening. Aircrafts stitfened around midday on further expectations of sizable m i h t a i j orders. Declines ot 'fi actions to a point 01 more pie- dommated near the fourth h o u r . Rails still weie hesitant. · Further profits were cashed by professionals-on the idea the list was due tor at least a technical correction of the late Decembei bulge. enue to Frank and Fiances Ci', 99 Jefferson avenue, property in Canandaigua. Mark A and Rella G Wai n e t , Belmont, Mass.; Oliver M Warner. Worcester, Mass, and Ella Warner Estev, Canandaigua to Dudley M. Warner, Clifton Springs, pioperty in Hopevvell. John A. Spenglei. Geneva and George I. Teter. Geneva to James H. and Ruth M. Barbei, Geneva, properU in Geneva Chiton William Springs, Springs Constantino tiusiee, Dr Philip M. Standish. senior deacon Fied W Kmde: junior deacon. A r t h u r Stanton' senioi master of ceie- monies. Durwood B Coots, junior mastei of c-eremomes, George Stanton; stew aids, Ernest E Clark and Irv'ng A Brahm. marshal, Milton M. Munson. chaplain, Ernest C Pearce and tvler. Leo S. Covel. Spring Samtaruim to R. Merschei, Clifton propei t.\ in Clifton Appreciation Voiced For Hospital Cheer NEW YORK, W--Irregularity predominated today m the whole- | sale egg market. I Eggs 38,508, mixed. Spot quotations follow: (based On wholesale sales by receivers to jobbers and large ictailers ' Mixed colors. Extra fancy, heavvweights 55 ] 56. Extra 1 large 5 ( ' = -55. Extra 2 large 53-5!. Extra 3 large 52-53. Extras 1 and 2 medium 51-52. Butter NEW YORK, OR--Butter !MO, 181; weak.. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons. Creamery, higher \J2 score 1 86: 39 than 92 score and premium marks (AA) SS'l-SS'j cent' (A) 87-87'^; 90 score score (C) 82. · (New tubs usually command 3 . cent a pound over the bulk carton price.)" Cheese 468,466; steady; prices unchanged. Truman To Continued from Page 1 From one of Mr. Truman's own adiibetb it was learned that the chief executive has been considering setting forth an administration tax relief plan to counter Knutson bill. the IT'S SMART · To say Utica Club XXX Ale or Pilsner Lager for mine. Preferred by Millions. Advt. QUALITY MILK ICE CREAM 16 Clark StretJ -VtlAlU Thi^, if it goes i n t o the message at all, the adviser told a reporter, w i l l call for higher levies on corporation profits and a corresponding reduction in personal income taxe.s, with Die biggest cuts in DIP lowest biarkets. Little More On Top "In other words, it is pioposed to take a little of the tax burden off at the bottom and add a little more at the top," the White House consultant said. The Knutson measure would increase personal exemptions from §500 to $600, apply the inrome- splitting community pioperty principle to all states and reduce tax rates by from 30 per cent in the lower brackets to 10 per cent at the top. Il would not change present corporation tax payments. Knutson, predicting passage of his bill "as is," said foreign spending should be contingent upon tax reduction, instead of the other way aiound. Mr. Truman last year twice \etoed bills similar to the one Knutson has ready, and Congressional Democrats are looking for a third rejection if the Republicans get behind the pending measure. ANNUAL MEETING Annual emeeting of policy holders of the Ontario County Patrons' Fire Relief association will be held Wednesday, Jan. 1, at 10 a. m. in the Court house. Directors will be electerl. President E. L. Webster will preside. Schell Naples, p r o p e r t v rn Naples. Theiese Y , Roland G and Leo J Gougeon, Clilton r i n to the patients at Thompson hospital bv several organizations was acknowledged publicly todav w i t h appreciation bv Miss Helen F. property m Manchester. Emiliana Gougeon, Clifton Springs to Paul Jean Caron, Clifton Spiings, propei tv ir. Manchester. avenue to Robert W and Ina K. RD, P.OIJC. . in Canandaigua. Chiistine M Benneit. Geneva Statf Sgt. Paul L. Henry, oi Gran«r-i sdeet, stationed at Pine Camp, is on a 21-dav leave He spent tne holidays at LaCrosse Wis, is spending sevei al days Wis. and Chicago. Miss Bonnie Twite, LaCro se, with Mi and Mis John Brahm, Granger street, and Mi and Mrs. Louis F Ilenrv, Reed Coiners John Gieen who spent the holidays with his mother, Grace J. Gieen, Washington street, has resumed his studies at the U n i v e r - sity ot Rochester. E Harvey Lomber left last nrght to resume his studies at No t i e Dame u n i v e r s i t j , after- spending the Christmas vacation with h i b parents, Mr. and Mrs. E d w a i d H. Lomber. Gibson street. He is a .ittnior in the College ot Cqrnnreice, majoring in business administration. Coliecior to Aid Income Taxpayers '*« s William B. Jo'nncox, deputy-collector of inteinal revenue, will be in his office in the federal building tomorrow through Friday, ancT Jan. 12 through the 15th to assist those tax payers v.ho have to "file' their final income tax returns by .Tan. 15. he announced ioda. On the same dates he vull be assisted by Duane Westfall. of Lima, deputy collector, who will sit at the Geneva federal building. New Kiwanis Club Officers Are Installed Kiwanis officers recently elected for the coming yeai, were installed this noon by Past District Gov. B. S Strait, Penn Van, at the luncheon meeting in the Hotel Canatidaigua. ' · The officers are: Ted Blodgett, president; Howard E- Lamphier, first vice-president; Robert L. Thomas, second vice- president, and Stuart B. Patterson, secretary-treasurer. Previous to inducting the officers, Strait stiessed in an address the importance of the New Year on the members and officers. He reviewed the work of the club which includes the support of 4-H clubs, aid to the underprivileged child, vocational guidance, and general activity in community and church life. Accordin^ to Past Gc 1 ' S***^'^ the Kiwanis International has in- cieased in membership and in clubs in the last yeai. It has chartered 219 new clubs. Strait charged the new officers and the recently nominated directors. Dr. Howard L. Coons, P^alph M. Denby, George McG Hayes, John D. Lindner, Goidon H. McCuen. Thomas J. Lindner, and W. Donald Wittenburg, with their new responsibilities and duties in the club. Guests present at today's meeting were Past District Gov. B. S. Strait and Donald Trumbull, Canandaigua. F A R M C H I E f A T KQ MF* -ii A irift BT Kiwi;'the new president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, holds saddle filly wiich was bred pn his 560-acre farm near Yinton, la.' State Sheep Growers Cooperative To Meet Here Thursday Morning The New Yoik Slate. Sheep Grow ei s (or.pei ativ e will meet at 10 a m Thin sda at Hotel Canandaigua for the 29th. annual meeting w h e n two new, directors will U t ' . ^ c c l n;V. l i e - p:'C'!"r"s report w i l l he submitted, nccoid- Circle Makes Plans For Church Dinner Among those who made the season brightei foi those indoors were the Junior Red Cross, Canandaigua chapter, w h o contnbuted Christmas stockings and candv; December gjioup of the Hospital Guild, w h i c h provided lavois foi t h e t r a v s qnd canriv : t h e Veteians' hospital, w h i c n conn muted lull i tne .senate Repuniican poLt.% Luiii- Seaway Bill May Get Early Action WASHINGTON. '.?)-- The con- tro\ei-,ml St Lawrence teaway bill is e a r m a i k e d for early attention bv tlie Senate, convening to- ciav to open the final session of the SOth Congress. The legislation was placed on the Senate's January calendai by Chnstme M p i o p e i f y m to Gordon H. and Bennett, Geneva, Geneva Dominick Matiro, Endicott to John L. Stanton, Lynn. Ma 1 --., piopertj in Clrf'on Springs. Wells P. and Onnolep BJackmer. Richmond to Harold Bedford. Richmond. Jacob and Ellen B Fish. 290 North Main street, to Thomas J. and Mary O'Sullivan, 16 tt'et Gibson street, properly in Canandaigua. Eston B. and Marv G. Reed. 12 West Gibson street to Thomas .7. and Mary O'Sullivan. 16 West Gibson stteet. pioperty in Canandaigua. Robert C. and Genevieve W. Schwingle. Cohocton to William R and Eva Le\i, Cohocton, property m Naples. Thomas J. v and Mary O'Sulliv an. 16 West Gibson street' to Eston B. and Mary G. Reed, 12 West Gibson street, property in Cnnandaigua ^Marguerite O. Mahoney, Chester. New Jersey, to Leo V and Emily E. Merkel. Rochester, propert\ in Richmond. Leo D, Mahoney, Rochester, to Leo V. and Emilv E Morkol, Rochester, property in Richmond iavors; a group from East Bloomfield, which sent novelties foi ill trays, and G u l Scouts and choir giottps from the cit churches, who sang Cnristmas caiols at the hospital dm ing the holidavs mittee vesterdav. Senatoi Aiken (R-VO, a supporter of the naif-billion dollar international proieet. piedicted the measuie would be given "favorable action" bv the Senate. BODY FOl'ND EAST ROCHESTER. (.P' body of a man identified by a ···ocial security card as Andrew Adasiak, about 55, was found today between tracks of t h e New York Central railroad near a crossing here. BREAKS AN'KLE Margaret Goff, Niagara street, is confined to her home with a broken · ankie suffered Sunday while ice skating. i Preliminary plans for serv ing dinner at the annual church meeting in February weie made last night at the January meeting of C i r c l e Seven, Congregational church, held w i t h Mrs Howard L. Coons. North Main street Budge provided entertainment, with prizes awarded to Mrs. Griffith J. Winthrop and Mis Fredetic i. iienry. Keiiesiimenis weie oei- ved by Mrs. Coons and her assistant hostesses, Mrs Fiedenck C. "VFrOellan, Mr* Leon A Stetson and Mrs. Glenn Johncox. The next meeting, Feb. 2, will be w i t h Mrs. Hamlin Wheaton, Howell street. Strength of Greek Army to Be Hiked ATHENS, )--With the consent of the United States, the strength of the Greek army is to be increased by 12,000 men and the manpower of the national guard is to be boosted to 50,000 men. Premier Themistokles Sophouhs announced last night. The decision, he said, constitutes a reply to the help given Communist rebels by Greece's neighbors and is intended to encoinage those who defended and liberated Konitsa in the last week of the old year. The announcement was issued after Sophouhs conferred for two hours with Dwight P. Guswold, head of the American aid mission to Greece. The size of the army thus will be swelled trom 120,000 men to 132,000. The present strength ol the national guard is 20,000 men, making a total increase for the two branches of 42,000 men. PLAN INSTALLATION ua camp, Ro; a! Neighbors of America, will install officers at the next meeting, , Jan. 27, in Grange hall. Preceding j the ceremonies dinner will be served at the Pickering hotel a t : 6:30 p. m. Reservations are to be made with Mrs. Mary Southworth, Center street, not later than Jan 25, according to officers MEXICAN" EARTHQUAKE MEXICO CITY, JP»--An earthquake rocked this capital a mile and a half above sea level today The first shock vvas felt about 11:25 a. m. (CIST) and a leu minutes later a second and third wave caused lights to swing and tall buildings to sway gently. There was no immediate report of damage in t h e aiea. Today's Weather P R I N C E S S I N S H O R T S_Princess Anne o f Bourbon-Parma relaxes in her parents' villa at Copenhagen. She and King: Mihai of Romania are reported to be in love and awaiting bis government's approval of their marriage. ( S A M 28 11 A. M . . . . . 22 2 P. M .... ^4 Sun sets today 4:52; rises tomorrow 7-39; sets tomorrow 4:53; moon, last quarter: new, Jan. 11. NEW Y O R K , (fit -- Weather forecast fo: the lowe- !nke* rp- gion (Lakes Erie and Ontario and nearby land areas of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New- York) tomorrow through Sunday: Temperatures will average near normal. Normal maximum, 31 east, 36 west; minimum, 15 east, 21 west. Wanner Wednesday night and Thursday. Colder Thursday night and Friday. Warmer Saturday, colder again laic Sunday, precipitation will average 1/10 to 1/4 inch occurring as snow flurries Wednesday and Thursday and again Saturday and Sunday. Normal temperature 26. Masonic Chapter Slates Induction Installation o l ' o f f i c e r s of Exc^l- sioi chapter, RAM, i-. slated ior Mondav, Jan 12, at Masonic Temple, following dinner at 6:15 p. m. R Ex Comp Fiank H Jeudeune will be installing officer, assisted bv E\- Conip. Geoige W Stanbndge. Officers to be inducted are' High puest, F William Young; king, Dr. Philip AI Blandish; scribe, Thomas H. Tackbarj, treasure) Glen A Brandow; secretary. John K Holmes, captain of hosts Charles H. McCa^ty, principal vojou'nei,' 'Ha'old : 'C Mayei; Royal Arch captain. George M. Stanum; master of third veil. Leo S Covel: second veil, Claude H Baker, jtusl veil, Clarence Stinton, sentinel. Frank H Jeudevme; chaplain Milton S Hall; trustee of Temp'e coipora- tion, Fied Keishaw, and t i u s l o e of chapter M i l t o n S. Hall. 'Guild Hears Talk on Racial Problems ing to Stephen B. Whittaker of Penn Yan, secretary-treasurer. Tiie financial statement for last \eai and the secretary's" re"p'ort' plus reports from the county assoc "i on r.r.c! t u o standing corr mittee will also be presented at' the business session. A mee'ing of the board of directors s scheduled for Jan. 22- at 4 p m. at the hotel when a re-. poit from the committee on amendments will be received. T.he" committee is at work now on revision of bv-laws of the association and J f i e i r findings will be mailed to member.s of the association pi ior to the directors' meeting if w o i k liob been completed by that date. A joint banquet of the associa-- tion and the Purebred Sheep Im- Provement project is slated for Thursday at 6 p m. when L. B. Bear. Ohio State university specialist will be guest'speaker. The annual meeting of the wool growers' association is scheduled- for Fridav. Girl Scout News AIARIXE TROOP ' The Marine troop opened the i f u s t meeting ot the new year with j the veoman and supercargo re: ports. In the new business several Racial problems was the of a talk b\ Mi s Dav ;cj A Leacii last evening at the January meeting ol the Presbvtetian Women's Guild. " In the business sessi6nv conducted bv Mis Lieuelhn WJiilbourne, vice-president, lepeits w e i e read and plans made for the tuieen supper, which i^ to precede the annual chinch meeting Fridav night Refreshments were served to IS The ne\t meeting will b'e Feb. 2. to the weather bureau at Rochester Municipal airport, the Coast Guard station, and possibly one to a planeianunr Next t h e Mariners divided into" groups Duight Cooley presided" over the la=,t v ear's group, passing them on advanced knots and whipping, wrule the Mariners new to the troop this jear worked on bell time w i t h Mrs. Cooley. The meeting was adjourned to Jan. 12. Alison Thomas, yeoman KILLED BY TRAJTX RUSH, (.Pi--John Collins, 48, was killed today when his automobile vvas struck by a Lehigh Valley passenger tiain at a crossing here. ENDS TONTTE -- Dennis Morgan in "MY WILD IRISH ROSE" Grand Hits tt''-- : -;"'"-'tf£sftiiit?*fius' ' · » PLHVHOUSE* · C H n H t l B B I S U B --*;SU3 Starting Tomorrow P^T'i. . · · - , - ,,·*·. . · . .. · · · . . · ' JMERGARSON iaGRIW os "Marise" in a love,story 5as wild as, , the men who,; fought for ·:.* . ; fier! . ' - . ,..^ SHOWN AT 3:25--7:00--!»:53 2nd Exciting' Feature! TURNING THE HEAT ON THE HIGH SCHOOL "HOT ROD" CROWD' JEAN PORTER · JIMMY LYDON AL DONAHUE AND HIS ORCHESTRA Shown at ',':20--»:."·«

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