The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 5, 1951 · Page 86
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 86

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1951
Page 86
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I SPORTS: 1, 2, 3, 4. 5 Battkfield |Goes to Top jOn Easy Win Beats Uncle Millie In Brilliant Stretch j Drive Under Arcaro j i OCEAN* PORT, N. J.. Aug. 4.'; (AP)--George D. Widtwr's Bat-; tlofield skyrocketed to. the top ofi the list in the battle i'or three- year-old honors today when he raced to a convincing t r i u m p h over J. J. Colando's Uncle Millie | in the sixth* modern running ofi the J25.000 add»d Choice Stakes a t j Monmouth Park. | A crowd of 31.090 saw the son! of War Relic-Dark Display, ridden' by the veteran Eddie Arcaro. outclass Uncle »Mi!tie in a stirring homestretch duel for a length and a quarter decision in 2:03 2-5. A S-5 favorite in the betting, in which there was no place nor show wagering. Battlefield re-] turned $3.4.0, Uncle Millie went off Ideal in which "the San Antonio ills- at 6-5. A. F. Wall's Golden Trend, | S i O ns would be purchaseu In- :i O l r f 1 a 15-1'shot, finished third, whilei'gj-oup of 20 wealthy San Antonio'*.'-*" \Vood-Lyn Stable".-; Tom Q. brought I men. up the r o a r - i n a field of four.- Acconlil ,c; to a Uncle Mittie Sets 1'acc i Antonio, where pr SPORTS-CLASSIFIED CORPUS CHR1ST1. TEXAS. SUNDAY. AUGUST 5, .1951 SECTION D MARKETS: 6 CL Schepps Denies Aces in am By KMILi TAOiUABUE j obtained from the sale of the Aces,made by either .side involved in George Schepps Saturday deniedistock to purchase an interest i n ' t h e possible deal, with the unidenti- '"· " · " ' '-'· tied group expected to make their- been offer to Bill Veeck, new owner of that the Corpus Christ- Aces would; . Uhe Sap. Antonio club. be sold as a part of the possible: . committments have A V ( ' I? r\.i* Vjlj ' OFF AND ROARING--Slomo-shun V, the- successor to Slo-mo-shun TV, last years racing champion, roars across the starting line to take an early lead and hold Tt all the way to win the first heat of the Gold Cup races at Seattle, Wash., yesterday. Slo-mo-shun, with Lou Faegol in the cockpit, set a new heat record of belter than 91 miles an hour. Coming across second is Horace SINKING DROWNS TWO Slo-Mo-Slmn Wins Dodge's Hornet, driven by Bill Cantrell. The two' boats ·ended the race just as they started, Slo-mo-shun in front and the Hornet a close second. Slo-mo-shun won both heats of the abbreviated meet, which was halted at that point-after the Quicksilver .sunk with both of its crew apparently lost. (AP Wirephoio) Middlecoff Speedboat Classic jScorches Par · "^ f j "^ ror lam - SSATTI J S (I ^Aiig'^--=4;--^(APi--Tbs.Shisi picked -up- 460. Hrsrieans TV,; speedboat 8io-Mo-siiun v won tho.'goi. r^fi; Gale il. 2(H, My Sweetie I Gold Cup today in a race eutflOS and Quicksilver 95. short by. the tragic sinking of ..-nil Miss Pepsi,-owned by-Walter and other participant, the Quicksilver, j Roy ' DossirT of'JetroiT~ conked "out j Y\!Jv!l__t^Y9'....^1^ aboard. --Mi?- .eiicii of ..Lht± £ii"^t_iw.o_heats nnrf j OwheFdTiver Orth Mnfhiot, Port-'fnliotTTo sfiow" for The"""tfiinl,"'TJXc'k"! Innd, OP., tugboat. onor:iini\ andjSdinfei'.s Such Crust also de\-Pi-| ev Tom Whitaker, a mechanic, were.oped trouble in the first heat and lf .". report from Saa 1 t^f\ {-» _ relimtnarv ncso- V.*ll Uncle Millie, which had comei,^^^'^. the purchase of t h e from behind to win his only twoi-j-e.xivs Le.apue cuib iuive been uu t · « -|^ races here, surprised the. throng'd e r %vav fO[ . j. ne p as ^ ^ vo jays. I h e . v * v j i j | when Dave Gorman sent him tO; s a i e O f" the Aces would be a p u r l : [the front at the outset of the r;\ce.; o { tj, c deal liy which the St. Louis i Arcaro also moved Battlefield Browns would sell the M i s s i o n ! fruin the gate rapidly, but then.franchise to the group. Over $1,' i allowed him to settle into his best ; million is reportedly involved in | stride as Uncle Millie set the e a r l y . t h e deal. j p a c e . As the field rounded lhe; j.;,.]-^,,,^ m s ;l]1 ,\n!i-n!i ;,:· a j clubhouse turn, the Col an do eolti nu ; cUn ;- w i l h thl , « rm ps (lul s:u ._ [opened a three-iertgth lend on; h o w e v p r i , h a l if llie deal involving j Golden'Trend and appeared ready ; t h e Missions went, through. h e I to go along as he pleased. ! would soil p;m of his stock in ihe. ! But Arcaro. JYOI w a u l i n g GW-J Corpus Christ i club, of which he s j m a n to get too far ahead, sUmp(i!, K)W K O I O owner, but would hold i his move at t h e - three.-(juarlerj !1K , j ( i r , I V Mock ;-iid i-u-fiue as cp- i n i a r k a n d went a f t e r Uncle Millie.' el - ;i ( 01 - 0 ( t h e Gulf Const L e a g u e | Battlefield isioved to witilin a: team. length of the lead at the h a l f - m i l e i The ,.,,,., 1)f ,,,,, A e o s - ;. UH . k wouU1 mark and drew even at the three-: b l % ... , t ,,-, ;lratl , (i ,. al , : n tiiely irum eighths pole. The two ran abre a st u ,, 0 B ruwns .]Y]js.sions v e n t u r e , and for more than an eighth ot a m i l e ! . , . s ,-, p; ,,. au , corporation would be and set the stage for a thrilling jf, ) m ! 0 ( i. opcratm;: s e n a r a t e l v f - n n ll!1Lsh - ' i R a n Antonio but with .1 l i m i t e d A Ki'-ce All the Way ; working agreement between the It was still a gruelling duel *isjt\vo clubs the two rounded the home turn, with both G o r m a n and A whipping their moitivi.s furiously. Before the two f l e e t t u r f sopho-'. ]f h K , s t h l . ( ) , ( , , Q US( , ^ SAN ANTONIO An;;, i. t U P i The Hm-odd I'ji'iiil'ors n" 'Jie Ti-xas Spnris \ V n ! e s Associa- t i o n ir'ay wake vip sojne (iay to f i n d themselves pun o\vn- trs of t h e S.".'i; Antonio Texas League franclnse. Ceofgi? S:'he.pp.s, ll'.e master t i i i m l «( ;; possitile deal to liny l i i e San A n t o n i o t c . i i u I'roni H:H Vcpck of the SI. Louis l-'.unvn-i. said todMy if ihe deiil goes throu;;h. lie i n t e n d s to subscribe a $5 Ol0 block of the stock in the club to the sports wnter.s group. "1 want to see how I hose. guys write :rln.uL tiiemselves, 1 ' Srnepps said ."Tliey i f nl\vay. u , tryitii; lo t e l l me how lo run my b a l l - c l u b . If I perfect t h i s setup, 1 can tell t h e m , as min- o n t v stockholders. M 'shut up' when t l t c v slarl lalkiiij;. GO, Aug. 4. (AP")---Bulls- sharpshooters to move ahend f o r ; in front a i n i widened ihe. gap m approaching gave high-strung the $2.250 ton prise to be awarded nlie run ti the linish line. Cary Middle.coff of Memphis a ! a f t e r tomorrow's windup. i Uncle .Mdtie, n l t h o u s U a b e a t f i i .scoi'Clung C6 todav for 30-under-iKull 1'rcsNlii!; ih,-, r ,-. in ti,,. i ; i s ! ,-.,ohih of ' i v i l e beneath the blue water - o f ; Quicksilver had trouble in thcinar -OB and a three-stroke lead 1 " IE MATCH abonrd the Quicksilver which van-[dropped out of lhe race. scenic LakS Washington at hi^h'second heat and dropped speed. ^ ; repair a rudder. The Quicksilver was ronYiingi It was in the race only for four fourth in a field of seven boats Inps of the first heat while Miss Three swings behind him at I'll out to after 5-1 holes in the Slo.nOO Tam| c , i m e steady'Ted Kroll of New i yards, but it \\tis apparent he was O'Shanter All-American Pro Golf Hartford. N! Y., who was out in j not capable of catching the \ V a r j then blasted 33 for a 70 third; Relic colt today. Tournament. The 1949 National Open champion round effort. and had just entered its third lapjPepsi _was still m there to argue ai!d W th leadir.'fr mon^v-ivinner Oiis wnen n msappcared ir, a cioua ritjwun 1,011 Kngeoi uA the nyins] Bcason wiUl ^ 5M - cann ,, d four spray It was halfway down thoiSlo-Mo V . hut Kigeo h't the s arl-j , - g , , straighta-w.w m frnni of tin; ai-iiiii; Ima with perfesi-timn;g to take" cl . (.ouolinir '" '' · wi'iist the fkials' barge-whsa-the. suddfta e n d - t h e lead and never was headed. .^^ '',..?.,,.,"'7? "?,' * c a m e . ' - - - 'He lapped ' t h e entire field in lhe j 0,91-jard oO- t 0 jmr lujout.. l Anotlier younp; pro, Fred Hawkins I Battlefield, ix-ver worse second in eijjht previous starts this Two other birdies were bagged f i d d ° £ 12 Nothing but splinters, 1\vo he!- first heat, fi'villv catch iv 'lie se , Jjiets, two life jackets and a se.itioond place Hornet just before lie, 0 " l nlUs ° r 5 and 45 f o e t - : cusloion-were, ilyatinsr-al 1ijn : .snni [finished. ..... .. . , . . . . , .. t ., j c o f f never ^went over par _in gam- ·when the coast guard; arrived. ! He set two records in lhe oncn-i!^_.!!iII ) ?!^_.?^L Third Heat Cancelled,, !j n jr heat. His nveraire speed of 91.1 Referee -Mel Crooks {uinouncecJiTSfi miles an hour bettered the I A'\1 ATF! ]'RS the race would stand on the basis;marl; set only a year ago and ^-' J ot point totals a t - t h e end of the-j lhe other Slo-Mo-Shun at 80.S92I first two heats in which to Slo-lduring one 10-mile heat. He also Mo-Shun V surged around the;smashed the three mile lap record, course ^at average speeds pf bettRr! turning- the first lap 97.826 miles than SOiitlles"an--hu«r.' - - - - - -land nouri '"'"··-·-----"··"-·-=·· -·-=:-----·--- This .'left So-Mo-Shun V, handy My Sweetie was the former re- winner of both heats,, as successor cord holder at S6.2. to Slb-JMo-Shun'lV," last 7 " year's Gold I- Victory in the Gold Cup gave of El Tex., booked 7] far 1 *' 0111 ' I l n d '" lhe mone v '" l?ver - v 210. while four others were grouped nu ' e smc:e he started his career, nt 211-- Ralph Blomqirst, Olendale.i r a n lh! a ' sla:ll ' f ' ! " crcdti;ible Calif., with fiS; Skee Ri^gel. TuLsa,j I1ini1 ',- t'Jns,:dcnng the track was Okla., 70: Tommy Boll, Durham','" 1 Flam, Crush Mexicans : t h o parent Browns, at a meeting ·Monday night in San Antonio. i U n d e r current plans. ;i'co!:dins ;!o reports from San A n t o n i o . Schepps probably would be vice prcsaien! am! general manage" of the -Missions, having complete control --bast-bMll-wise--over t h e Mission franchise. I'lans Own Farms ; The colorful Schepps, f o r m e r i president of t h e Dallas Eagles of . t h e Texas League, plans to operate · I n s own f a r m system for devciop- · incut of ball players but to have a l i m i t e d working agreement with' a major league club. . The limited working agreement, 'Schepps explained, would a l l o w : l i ; m lo t a k e his choice of players l o t f e r c ' i him by the major league , club, accepting or rejecting anv or , - a l I of the'players. ! Schepps said that he has alrealy ' c o n t a c t e d three major l e a g u e ; teams which do not have Class ;AA a f f i l i a t i o n s to see if they'would lie interesled in the limited work; 'iig agreement if \^ e purchase :goes ihrougl!. l-'rom tiic Corpus Christi stand- |Hiint, Sclippps feel.-; that the lorn! club w 11 have a. " b e t t e r chance in .baseball t h a n it does now," and i his a f f i l i a t i o n w i t h the Missions will :' iii no wav jeonariliw tb.e Aces' 1 chances of pettinn: in lhe Texas J-eac.iie. Schenps has had an nppli- l i ' i i l i o n on f i l e w i t h the Texas j ] , e . ! ! ^ U f » s'nc" .1 ;;:!. 7. l!i-' ( i, f i - ' !'.,· ; f i r s t opening lo occur in Texas 'l.e;i;:iie rank;;. i Proof Needed ! "The Texas Lpngite feels friend- My toward me and feels that Cor| nus Chrisii w i l l be a Texas Len-n.. j t o w n , " Schepps commen'-fd. "But | it ("Corpus Chrisii i has not proven j t h a t it will attend t!ie games in jnuantities enough lo supp-irt a j Texas League club, a n d ' t h a t is ;whal they are watching now," If the deal for the A c e s goes , The vii-lo-% lOr Baltlefield, his : "I fifth in 10 starts this year, earnediP a l c tog " j Sydney, Australia, who topped the i^^lf" *"""'"* "· i '" 11 "" s l n ^" -'* Ii:Xl: ' t lorci ' ' C-. 7.1 and ^1 Besr-elink, Clemens, llicir.. 7.. At 2!2 was Norm Von N i d a o f j h i s - o w n e d ?19,150 and boosted his [two-year racing winnings lo $332,- Cup winner. Stanley Sayres, Seattle Auotmobile Slo-Mo-Shun V wotind up with dealer whd o\\iis the two Slo-Mo- 1,600 points, the maximumj)Ossible.!Shuns, .the., right to name next Second was Horace Dodge's Hor-[year's course. This practically'as- net with 600. The original Slo-Mo-lsures the race for Seattle again. 1$ Matches Scheduled In Net Tourney Today . ' · · ' ' . . . . ' : - · ' · ' " · : . - ' . . . . ' . " ; · . - - · " v W . - ; ' . - " . . " .-: ; ·/ Stranahaii Holds Five StrokeLead s, Into Lead Over At 213 were Jimmy Demarct, Ojai, Calif., with 72," and Lewi Worsham, Oakrnont,-Pa., 74. Then! came a quartet at 214--Shelley! Mayfield, Cedarhurst, Long Island": Jack Burke, Houston, Tex.; Jim 'errier, San Frar.-cisco, a.nd John Barnuni of Grand Rapids, Mich. Barnum. the unheralded 220- poundPr who led through 38 holes. -·lopunuis sei. J'rauh .~;mcius, inc; · ' - "·· ie-2, 6-0. at the Westchester Coun-iu_ S- non-plnyinfr captain, offered I-*?." 10 " u n d p r a work i»fi: agreement, itry Club to give the United Slates:to lot the Mexicans substitute an- " rv """ : ' '' ; Three Courses Competition in men's singles-arid eoiibles are-oil the 'docket today ;«S the City Tennis Tournament swings Into its second day. -; . r ...Fifteen, matches ..are .schediiled today,' eight: in singles and :; seven in ·'. doubles.: Ainong those seeiiig action .in the division for the first time will be the top four, seeded, players, .Harpld._.-Wesson, xsrflT'be" held . this afternoon. CHICAGO, Aug. 4. (AP)--De- j.fending Champion Frank Strana- j'han, who celebrates his 2Sth birlh- j day tomorrow, scored a par-match- j today in the milling thront | ing, third-round 72 today, which j nearly lo ; 000 spectators, j virtually clinched ' h i s fourth "" straight All-American Amateur . The·.well-muscled Toledo, -Ohio, fairways addict had.a 54-hole total ' 2ii. ;five' under par, for a. nine[stroke lead .over Gardner. Dickin- MONTREAL, Aug. Canada swept into Cuba today in their Davis Cup a 3-0 lead in the series. Uncle Sam's forces thus quali- ' S 'n 4 f / A P ^ ~ fled l o meet the winner of the a 2-0 lead over !,,.,,-,.·,,,,, --.-./-'i-me hptwppn C.H North American Z o n e tennis a ten. Brendan Mac-ken of Montreal de- fina , mat ches between Ca Schepps, w h o was optimistic that the deal would go through, S t r J I l J j l l l r l i J l i i X L ^ I . C S u \ L..I..V.II ^'^ .jv. u. - ...iv. ...v. ada and Cuba, now in progress| to. bother him. other man but Armando chose to go ahead. He had his wrist taped between i s " lcl t h c £''. OU P "lining the nursed and the hand didn't appear! rhase of the Mission franchise ; would have three courses of ac- Mnnirp-il in S Favored ' slipped to a pair of , 3 8 ' s - f o r 7G feated Dr. Juan Weiss of H a v a n a . j "h i-j, " D j SUf VIVW -lOO-M . V V C I VJO.-LUJ.1C'. J-' 1 iJ fi. 11 J." Delw n son of Dothan, Ala.. 1950 runner- Wolfson. .-and;;Tom Borders, which j ^ , an.d former' Louistiana State was: : postporied from^yesterday, pre-jstar. cede the second-round singles, atid '*"" of 13-6, 6-4, 6-1. 6--1, and Lome | of Vancouver outclassed Josej Bobby Locke, the defending AH-j (Pepe) Aguero of Cuba, 6-4,6-0, 7-5. i American champion, continued inl Canada can clinch the uest-of-fivej lhen Rolando Vega, playing cnptain ; t l o n to lake at Monday's meeting: Ule visiting" forces; said if Ar-1 They could make a definite of- f-.'-ored to rirrv i h e i i - m n n d o is unable to play tomorrow! f e r to Veeek; decide lo wait, nmil ^n -loainst S w e i h e himself will substitute in tlie !al ' ter ' lhe 195X season is completed; '"" jsin9-ie.s match against Flam. ! »'' they may decide Dial they do The American side lost its serv-inot wish to go through with the , a n d j ; which i . . n h« from nu,- seizecl tne p y ' i c e but once the afternoon 'deal at all. his slump and authored a 77 for j series with a victory in tomorrow's 'Showcase last summer. ^ j s e t -- w h e n Flam was broken 22(1.'This xvns; nnlv fnur strnl,-o« nff I ^IniiKloo Tho nr;»-,,-in"v nf Hn'= coy.iou Todays tl'Himph--acnlfiVefl D8- fhvoup'li in four straitrht TMintj?. 220. This was only four strokes off j doubles. The winner of this series! Today a qualifying deadline of 224 that will meet the United States in the first round doubles matches. The most .one-sided match yesterday was St. John's 6-0, 6-0 victory over -HeSslm. Three of the D: Ligoh, "Bffi." Harris''"''ind'" RoyceT m " atdh ^ s went the lull' three; sets. Tate. '·-' : · '."· ^|Bill Gibbs downing John Maxwell; Wesson tackles .Ehi! Padgeway, 64 ' 2-6, 6-2; Gibbs de straight set victor over Al-Ritchey ftl1 ' 3 " 6 ' 6 " 1 '. 6 ' 2; and defeating Mer-Ritchey yesterday; : Haris meets : Bill Gibbs, winner over John:Maxwell in three . sets;: Tate battles Alan. St. John, 6-0,'6-0 victor over John DeSalm; arm: Ligon ciasaes-with Simon Klosky;.winner by default over Charles Green. : : ' : ' . . Tournament Director Jason Morton announced the seedings for the doubles "division, placing defending champions John Beekman and Sylvan Wolf son..-No. 1. Wesson and Bob Lovelace were seeded No. 2, the -only other seeding,made in the tanden event. : Eeckman and Wolfson will not see action, drawing a bye througb the first round. All but. one of today's matches Yesterday's results and today's pairings: - . . YESTERDAY'S RESULTS PW1 Ridgeway defeated Al KUehey, 6-2, S-1 John Airk defeated Georce Seeber, 6-1, 6-0 Alan St. John defeated John DeSalm, 6-0. b-0. ·* Bill^Gibbs defeated Jolin Manveil, 8-1. 2 6 Kijhney^ cbieman defeated Albert Merr'l! 0-6. b-1, (J-2. Harry Sirou»ls dffc.xted Gsns Davic, 6-2. 0*6. 6-3. Simnn KinsKy defeated CRaries Green, by default. Warren Boren wnn by default over S. H. Le?. Ch;irie.= Workman defeated Russell fJuMrj'. 8-6, 6-3. TODAY'S PAIRIXOS Jlcn'H Sinulrs 1 :OCI--Winner Sylvan Wolfson vs Tom Borders vs Charles Workman. 1:0(.--Simon Klosky vs D. Llgon. 2:01--John Kirk ve Tornn"-- Mcfr"vbs!!. 2:00--Alan St. .Tohn'va Royce Tate. 2:00--Dabney Coleman vs Harry Samuels. 3:on--BHl Harris vs Bill GiMis. 3:00--W*rron Boren vs Bob Duncan 4 ;00--Harold Wesson vs Phi! Ridgeway. Men's Doubles »:...»· -^..i'crcr «cc»)or snii wSt-.v, ^.tsxtr?!' ^3 Dabney Coieman and Tommy McCamp- be.ll. 4:c»u--Rovce Tiito r.nd D. Lipon vs Siraon KlosKy and Hoeka. :no--John K i r k nnil Riidscll Gitldry v i . T."m Eari'iTs and Charts Gr^t^n, S:(ift---none Davis nnd Phil RMKOway ,v« M. l « h n i n n and OlmrlM CinV. 8:fH-H. Safnueis and Bob K»c«.i»ln vj Bob Diinrnn n n d BOI Hiitns. | B . i W -- A l a n St. .lolin at.ft Charlr" W o r k m a n | VS Ti,'u S j m j i o «nii Kt'n M v Pn:miu. ; S:oO-.K-mr A d n m n - n n r t ' i m b P l n l r v« H»r- ' ' ' - - - · - - . Harrv Samuels defeating Gene Davis, 6-2, !-6, 6-3. determined 69 players out of .the original field of 120 for tomorrow's finish. . . One o f ' t h e best rounds of the j day, however, was fashioned by 'Dickinson'also posted a third-jBabe.'Zaharias. She carved a re- round 72: for a three-quarter total of, 220. That .put Dickinson, four strokes ahead of Tom Nieporte of Cincinnati, Ohio State's national collegiate chammon, whose 74 gave him 224. San Antonio's two entries, Stan Mosel and Joe Conrad, were sixth and seventh, respectively, with 54-hole scores of 227 and 228. cord-breading last nine of 33 · for a 71, five .under women's par, to wheel into'a 10-stroke margin with 223 in the All-American Women's Open. She Was five-under par for the distance. Her nearest rival was Betsy Rawls, Austin, Tex., with 77 for 233 in the chase for the $1,000 top purse. North American Zone finals. The doubles Will send H e n r i j Rochon of Montreal and Macken against Cuban, Captain .Eric Williams arid Dr. Weiss. Main played spectacular tennis today in whipping Aguero, a'-veterV just couldn't handle Main's- blistering cross-comjt drives--and at times threw up his hands arid I shook his head in bewilderment. Macken's steady service and accurate placements carried him to victory over Weiss. Ma.cken scored fore a 'crowd of 400 in cool, clear weather--made a forma.lity of tomorrow's final two singles engagements. · Flam will meet Amando Vega. in the .opening match at 2 p m and Seixas,: subbing for National Champion Art Larsen, will take an of IS years of court play. Aguero P« Mario Llamas, the champion of Mexico, in the afterpiece. Seixas, a tall youngster, with a lot of stroking power, and Flam a tiny go-getter, blended perfectly today to outclass a Mexican tandem that was expected to give plenty of trouble. Cats Ship Bundy in the fourth game of the first! Schepps said the group had not made a definite offer to Vqecli, but Veeck has assured them that if the price and a few other details are right, he is willing to part with the Missions, considered one of the top money-making franchises in through in feur straight points. Seixas, making his .Cup detut, showed a strong service and, a stout : all-around game that was particularly effective in the forecourt. the league. TALKING IT OVER. --Three entries in the City Tennis Tournament which got underway at South Bluff Park yesterday talk the situation over before seeing first round action in yesterday's play. At the .left is Royce Tale, No. 4 seeded in the tou.qh mon's singles field, discussing lhe situation with Al Ritchcy, another men's singles orfvv. anrl trim O'Hara. title contender in the junior biws' Mnnles division. eight aces to eight for his Cuban' Storming the net for. decisive opponent. volleys and killing overheads, the' Americans kept the Mexicans on^ | the defensive throughout, never-! once yielding the advantage. FORT WORTH, Aug. 4. fUP) Speedy Set · Assignment of -outfielder ' B o b j . They reached their peak of Bundy to Elmira. N. Y., in the!stroking effectiveness in the third Eastern League was announced to-!set which they swept in less than dav by the "Fort Worth baseball110 minutes and with the loss of club. " joniy six pointa The Vega boys, Bundy has served chiefly in the Sold ha,nd3_at Davis Cup play, sim- outfield for Fort Worth, but also ply didn't have a chance, has seen service in the ,- infield] As if in a hurry to make an. and as an emergency catcher. learly dinner-date,- F l a m and STATE FAIR TO BE HOME OF SPORTS HALL OF FAME SAN ANTONIO, Aug. 4. (AP)--The Texas Sports Hall of Fame will be at the State Fair of Texas. A permanent home for the budding Hall of Fame, which received its first member last winter, was offered by James H. Stewart, general manager of the State Fair at Dallas, and the Texas Sports Writers Association,which established the hall, immediately accepted the offer. The hall will be in the'foods building, the building that receives the most visitors during the year at the fair grounds. There it will be under strict supervision of the State Fair. Tris Speaker, baseball immortal, became the first member of the hall at a luncheon attended by sport notables from all over the country. The 'next member of the hall will be announced soon. The sports .writers, holding their semiannual meet-, ing during the Texas Coaching School here, decided to enshrine one deceased athletic immortal in the hall the first six months of each year and select one who is alive the second, six months. A dinner will be held to receive the athletes named into the hall. SHOOTING FOR AN EAGLE--Babe Zaharias lifts a chip shot from the edge of the 1 14th green and sends the ball curling 35 feet into the cup for an eagle in the third round of the All-American Women's Open at the Tarn O'Shanter Country Club yesterday. Babe shot a five- under par 71, which included a record-breaking back nine of 33, to wheel into a 10-stroke lead with a total score of. 223. (AP Wircphoto)

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