The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 13, 1957 · Page 10
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 10

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1957
Page 10
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-10 .THE INTER LAKE, Wednesday, November 13, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE COMICS-FEATURES BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOF'LE , OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS LUSTY RAH6 fOK YOU, COUSIN . SY/ WE'LL BACK' "ibj IOO PEP CEMT IM AMY PUMVTIME- ACTIOM YOU ELECT BLOND1E By Chic Young AH,THOSE OOUGNUTS LOOK GOOD-THINK I'U- TAKE HOME I SHOULDN'T EAT so MANX SUPPER WILL BE A LITTLE LATE. DEAR-. I SPENT ALL ' AFTERNOON MAKING DOUGHNUTS ...^ ;,//-^. '\ THANK YOU (FORTAKfNG v --( THEM STEVE CANYON AM'THAT'S X CEEAT PAY. 1 MAJOE A -- IT LOOKS LE BAEEOL. ) IMPOSSieLE. 1 ITS AS -1- PEETTYA5 A BIEO'DOQ, PBIVATe EICKY!. CAPET CANYON, THAT'S CUE OWN THE 'COPTER!) * By Milton Caniff ANP THAT'S CUE X \VHKH CANT BE CADET PKILLTEAM? -OFCOJGSE THEY I STANOINo ON NEED SOME MCEE/ THE SIDE LINES pisACTice.. -T\ ^^AelNo BIO TALK POOE PAT-- \ IF HE WANTS--TO BE A HE WAS BEIN' ) ROHTEE PILOT...HE MUST HELPFUL.../ LEARN... ...BACK OVEE H!,.CHOUU?EE FOE A...STBAY ENEA;Y IN.., ' HIS BUMP SFDTJ BUGS BUNNY OKAY, PETUNIA STRAIGHTEN YEE WHEEL?! ...VEPD01N' SWELL... YA «IS5EPTH'TI?EE AN' IF YB? GATE HADN'T BEEW CLOSED YA'P HAVE DONE HELP 1, BACK OUT, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser I'M INVITED TO PINNER AT HILDA'S AT SEVEN / YOUR, pies ALWAYS A SEMSATlOM ' TERRIFIC , (SOASH7 i MASHED APPETITE-- Winter Increases Danger from Fumes Every so often we read or hear ibout someone who was found dead while sitting in a car in a closed garage. The cause of death is usually carbon monoxide poisoning produced by running the motor of the car in a place without fresh air. Similar tragedies may come from faulty heaters. The -danger from carbon monoxide poisoning is greater in winter than in summer. Because of the cold weather houses and garages are likely to be shut up tight and fresh air does not circulate as it does in the summer. This means that a furnace, heater, or running motor of an automobile The exhaust of a car produces | in a closed space will. produce and releases carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide which is not When this is breathed, the odorless gas combines with a portion of. the blood known as hemoglo- properly mixed with oxygen. When only small amounts of carbon monoxide are present, 3| Astrological Forecast · By Carroll Righter FOR THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1957 AHIES (March 21 Jo April 19.) . Kighter Forecast. Daily Inter Lake, Be sure to keep a tight grip on ?_ox _1_8B95, Grand Central Sta., N.Y. your ready cash and assets t h a t you may retain vaJuable sense of security. You have earned yourself a spree, but see that you do not dissipate much for what is not worthwhile. TAUHUS (April 20 to May 20} An argument between a close family tie and an acquaintance or y o u r 17. N.Y. LIBRA (Sept. 33 lo Oci. ZZ) A pal with an inflated ego is an unwise person to approach for coop- e r a t i o n , today. Just continue working alone towards your alms, steadfastly, so long as you do not tread on another's territory. *"*" *-··"·* "·* «*-'-j, l -'aiiii*ti*n-c u* v « _ * u » nsnwi*' J ri-ij**?yT*Vr* it- nr, * «.* AH iate can quickly put a crimp in your SCOHPK) (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) longtime plans. Be wise and prudent | Being careless with those w h o - h a v e l:in which normally carries oxy-j warning symptoms may ' occur, gen l.o the tissues. If carboy mon- SUCQ as headache, dizziness, nausea, muscular weakness.and a generally uncomfortable f e e l i n g . cxicle replaces oxygen in the hemoglobin the tissues are starved for life-giving; oxygen. It quickly causes unconsciousness and rapid death. ' ; - _ · Chewing Delicious Wrigley's Spearmint After Every Meal Helps Keep Teeth Clean with household member, even at cost of swallowing pride. GFMTN1 (Mmv 21 lo June 21) .You are eager to put in motion all those ide;a of travelling, ventures, etc., before you are really ready lor them. Have the patience of Joh cur- power over your affairs, or going contrary to established laws could easily cause you no end of worry. Be respectful to higher ups and work for their approval. S ·llTTARruS (Nov. 22 Jo Dec, 21) Be sure j-ou take care of those odds When large amounts of .carbon|JJ Do not consider disrupting the current setups in matters 9f property or monoxide are present, the victim , cjuire_added poise. .Then consider; Ai'ak- becomes drowsy and ^unconscious so rapidly that" these: symptoms are lacking. Chronic poisoning i from carbon monoxide probably -does^ not exist. One wouJd-expect-:it'to be found in people-who" are .exposed to small amounts of carbon .monoxide for long periods of .time, such as those working · in certain mining, operations, Bear ..furnaces, or in garages,- But actually -such personj do not seem to be harmed in any .'way. The .use-' of defective 'i stoves -or furnaces or running the motor of an automobile in a closed garage .Is it really Worthwhile to jeopardize perhaps lifelong friendships by telling off some. dear one, being very witty at his or her'espense? Cultivate \vis- dom by being kind to all, yet understanding as Solomon, i iTRGb (Aug. 2Z lo Sap!. 22) Feeding upon some steady annoyance does you absolutely no good and the important chores and Information and 'benefit awaiting you now. Go after", ill, FOR; YpUR COPY o f t Carroll prom hing changes. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 20) · Fortify character today by refusing to go off with new acauaintances tb some nebulous activities and sticking close to work you have promised to do. See that your debts are paid, collect what is owed. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 .lo Feb. 19) · Don't permit that calling-down you received to bother you. If vou did not deserve it. remember that the other person lacked wisdom. Then go out with' associate you love most, act wisely and avoid another rumpus. P7SCES (Feb. 20 lo March 20) Since' you are mentally stimulated, it is best you put ( aside humdrum . w.ork-iat desk or home today, and Righter's individual 16-page Forecast! search out the knowledge and' 'data i for December send your birthdate and! you so" want to have at your-flnger- 50c in com (no stamps) to Carroll tips. - · . IF .YQUH CHILD; is BORN TODAY ' ·-.'"· The fine child .born tndajr is the Imaginative sort who.will require much moral 'support and love, even though he or : she m'ay often try voiir-patience and vou wbulu preier lo give le derriere a sound: pa t-, with the 'hand.* The artistic talents here are exceptional, so use alUpossible wisdom'and-your progeny will moke a name for ,'himself or -herself.. Put in the finest.-schools. . are more dangerous than, playing with dynamite. If . a .^person 'who . has . been eji- posed to carbon monoxide Is still treatment for "this, form- of 'poison- ing.VfV:··;_· - " . . ' . ' · .- ' ·'; . · ' · · ' ,, Taking, a chance on:·'being revived -does n'pt'makei.mucji sensei j however." Those; who' use'-gas heat- alive, he should be removed from e rs'. in tlieir;"^.sleeping ^quarters thei bad air at once. .Artificial respiration and giving oxygen, as soonwas possible are .desirable. Fire department.crews, police and gas company employes are usually trained to give .rapid 'emergency should; make sure;'that these, de-vices are in gopd condition^ Jleeip : ing'with''the windows open is an additional safeguard. # " \ '··. An-ounce of prevention-is worth a pound of cure. 5TOFPED AND PLiT 1M A AS A __. H SHOOTS AMY MOR IM6ULT5 AT ME,I'LL t^MlST PULL f ? f f( FOR THE- SAKE OF NEIGHBOR. \ HOOD PEACE -- SUT YOUR NA-^PIKIT VJlLL BE- UftL? APPLAUDED :· AMO ,/.,» RABBLROU6ER? ·I SEE ...WELL. WHEN VOU « FINISH THAT JOii, YOU M SET YOURSELF A MANICURE SET AW 31V/E THE ENGINE OF OUR CAR AW OVERHAULIMV ' THIS? OH, 1 FOUND THIS BUSTED WRIST WATCH IN OUR WEIC5HBOR'S ' RUBBISH AM 1 I'M OOWSJA REBMR IT IALLJ THE WORRY WART , ,.,, ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamfin TlS BUT ft, RUSE OF UCVE, MY BOV-GO AFTER HER... AH,YES, MY UOV6- I'VE COME TO TAKE VOU FDR MY BRIPE! POC.THE MA6iaAN../...HOSV NICE TO 5EEVOU ASMNJ BRUNNEHIUDE.MY DOVE, LOOK \WCfS COME BACK TO US.' THETM? L TOKTUNE SPEED VOUR MORTY MEEKIE By Dick Cavain PRISCILIA'S POP By Al Vermeer WE WENT ALL THROUGH THAT ONLY LAST MIGHT.' LET'S NOT c,TART IN AGAIN.' if. 1957 by NEA £tr-.itt. Inc. T.M. flue. U.S. Pit. OH. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scrugg* fMHOTSUEEHEOUJ. BUT WHAT \ TUA,Y$WHYIASKEOHIW TOGIVEUPKSWK1TIMS.*! AS IF US WlLL,THEKl'n^S WOT | ' CHANGE?^' ITHWK ^j8BMlll||Ea WALKSTO JSO, '^ SARCASTIC AND CYNICAL' B£ ALONE WITH VIS CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner BV THE TIME I'M THRU WITH «U PAL, YOU'LL B£ GLftP TO FORGET THE WHOLE WW61 I E1 WEiLr fWi OOWfl TO TEACH YOU HOT TO HE'S DEAP1 (V CAR ftCCIDEMT BLACKMAIL ME! WHEM 5KOAT 15 THRU WOKKW6 , ._ _ NOLAN, IF t BOUGHT YOU OVER, YOU'LL B QLftO TO SAY WHERE TH ' ~" TO SEE HIM TODAY I ·lOUR ILEHCE BV SPARIM6 THftr^ WHEN HE YOUK HOME, JEFF VA.TES- V we THE COULD 6ET WEW AFFIDAVITS AND 61ACKMA1L Mfe.TOOl SISNEP AFFIPAWITe ARE! BUT I KNOW THEIR l I CAN M A6MN 1 . By Edgar Martin v-^e."^-s see. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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