The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 11, 1960 · Page 5
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 5

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1960
Page 5
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Red Rioting In Italy On Premier Backfires (Editors's Note -- Eugene Levin of The Associated Press bureau in Rcmo has closely watched the political maneuverlngs of Italy's big Communist party and has covered the riots in Italy sinco they BIGGER LOANS FOR TODAY'S GREATER NEEDS Now you can arrange for a loan up to $ 25OO with up to 36 months to repay HFC's now service will provido you with up to $2500. This new service, is just another example of how HFC people understand the needs of modern families. You'll receive considerate, understanding service at HFC, both when you arrange your loan and whenever you need additional money or time to repay. No wonder more people borrow llirough HFC each year than from any other organization of its kind. It's America's oldest and largest service specializing in instalment cash loans. For fast, courteous service on a loan--large or small-phone or visit HFC today. 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The rioting, Italy'8 worst In 'cars, has brought death to 10 and njuries 'to more than a thousand --botr- demonstrators and police. Jo major Italian city has escaped the disorders during the past two weeks. Communist orators have repeatedly demanded that Tambroni must go or, as one pro-Communist enator put it, Italy will 'be a government of civil war." But the strife seems to have united the warring factions of Tambroni's Christian Democrat party behind him, at least for the resent, and to have made it more difficult for the Fascists to withdraw their support from him. Tambroni's government was a shaky one when it came to power in April. The left wing of .he Christian Democrats openly opposed the government. Tambron: ceded Fascist voles to survive a 'ole of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies. The Communists and Socialists on the left, and Liberals and the Monarchists on the right, all opposed Tambroni. A week ago the Premier lookec as if he was in trouble. In the early stages of the rioting. Com munist demonstrators forced thi government to order the cancella tion of a Fascist national con gress in Genoa. Irate Fascis threatened to wlhdraw their support from the government. The; said it should have given them more protection. But in the past three days violent rioting has created a new Pa\mtnlt afott W/JA^ ify cf 1^ n (** nnf JItWO And ./?,, O/ tfi/« i'rUrrjf cn4 trrrict Iht cailt jvii Iff a/ /i d/i: - - - - - - - OUSEHOLD NANCE 1 1011 t t l S C T I K t l l l O II II! Sill! 01 M I S S I S S I f M 215 Washington Ave.-E0i»on 2-0987 HOURS: 9 to i Vanity thru Frldiy-dosed Saturdays loans made to residents within a 100 mile radiut YOUR FORDS-FOR- FREE CONTEST CHANCE NO. 3 \ GET THE GENUINE UNffiR MM Amtrita'* taiytti Self/Jig TOILET TANK BALL Noiiy running tolloli can wailft ov» 1000 gallant of wattr a day. Th* ·ffitttnt,patented W a i * r Malta tank ball Tmlanlty ilopt ih Row of water after each fluihJnj 75C AT HARDWARE STORES By Eugene Sbeffer %m WA ·*9 wT ^ ! 3-V ^ S 7 mm 43 1. Scotch cap 4. a barrier 7. West Indian jMa-tree 12. soldier's address (abbr.) lift kind of wina 47. river In Russia 4'8. otherwise called CO. meticulous VERTICAL 1.large ungulate 2. swii'tly 3. a mental deficient 7-11 11. possessive pronoun. 16. deer's horn 20, donkey 3 22.titloof respect 4. undeveloped 25. stray 13. Shoahonean fi2. Intelligence C3. simian 64. period of time E5. Iron 66. afellna D7. primary color Answer to Saturday's puzzle. flower from truth fi.tho 26. paid jsweetsop notices 6. deliver 28. atno time 7. soap plant 29. chief item 8. fun 30. a quick, 9. bristlellke smart blow appendages 31. Guldo'a 10. niakclaco highest edging note 32. an antitoxin 34. pig: pen 37,planto£thr madder family 39. levels to the ground 41. relate 42. harden (VAT.) 43. dinner course 45. a young woman 46. tark cloth 48, viper 4B. Irish 40, Belgian ATftrir* t!ni« tt iIallam » mbratti. sca 8°^ Commune o isea King reaturw Syni, Itc.) 51. soak flax Indian rench revolution. 1st 15. public processlonr 17. leaves out 18. sacred imaga IS. ascends by climbing 1 21. leases 23. employ 24. a. beverage 27. steel measuring tapes 10. variety of chalcedony 30. venerate 33. nnlmal fata SB. like a wing 30. a long view 38, leather moccasin 39. corded .SfoU et M'ii!$*fpDt ·* *,n!/ c! Wathpg'M to: William M 0-fr. addnn ur.Vnn III la i QJIII Crovch. So dan, NI.V J.'-i 0, «"vd Q'l Oirit/ii .having o Cfiy IrI*'lit In lh« »i'o!» ol iJov^d £. OviH, dtclQHCJ. You or* H*ribv totfrrtondtd to bi and M*W btfof* 1K« CKa-viry Cowf o f , VaihLng'cn County, Mi« illt-pl, 61 iht ovrth^-ui* In Gite-willi, Mill n-Ojn 1 , en' . I2ih day of Sepiin-bir. 1940, a f ?iW o'clock A.M., wh'ch I) trw 5em*rn- i»i* Rul» Day, thtn and Ihm h oad. cxuwir, or diwjr lo ihi (irtr and f.nol accocnl cF Pearl 0. lat'or, ·ctcirirlx ol titara ol David E Oviii, dtseoittf. Cauti No. 23^, pendi-g in is'rf ovil, wh«r« ycvl art ror-xd ai c d« crtdani. Oivtni undtr wy tard o"d teal rhii h» 7 dar of Ju'y. HI A. D. BROOK, SEAL] """ /~;ii:.-g e. 1 \3 d cb'«-.' c.-i oivf J-eard ovi ocvs^ ha 1 7. KW, I r,l, c ., txei 'C. I. l»l.'CASrt« City C-«.^ Delta Domoerat-TtmeJ Monday, July 11. '60 S NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS Of THE CltY OP G8EENVILIE AND G3EEN- Vllie MUNICIPAL StPAeAIE SCnCOL DISTRICT THAT i'.OlCii VEHICIE AS5E5S/AENT SCHICUIE IS OPEN FO» INSPEaiON. Notice, li Vech:!« Ai rn he.'ebv iKol l bv MISS UNIVERSE -- Linda Bement o! Salt Lake City, Utah* walks down the runway at Miami Beach alter winning the "Miss U. S. A." title. Saturday night she was named Miss Universe. Ltnda, IS and S7-23-36, is five ieet six and weighs 120 pounds. ioni of H«u» Bill Na. 3 !»uicn cf thft Mm'i t'ppl leglilaturfl aid kn^wn 01 "Th* M; r VeVcTi Ad Valourn Tax Ac) of t95S .11 been precoitd and filed wilh th« Qiy Council of G.'ienv^!* end a teav h«r*ol propeilr c*Mi(i»d d«llv*:ed lo rri, all ai p;cvkJed by lawj ihci lakJ ithed- j.'« h^i bttn rtvrttd, o-rrd»d end eqjal .'z*J by ih* City avJ at to it vised li rxjw In rny cffk* riody end ore for Ir.tpicilon by aiy Inierei!»d rr.sro; hkU owner, Norke ii funr-er gTven that a. ,jn Kiltflng wlrhm ih* to-wall cf thff Ciry or wlrh'n bflund:;i« of ih« GreenvJlla Murklpal Stporo'* School D'l ind cblnHr.g to ory ci pcrllo-n of ia.'ci r-plor vtHtf* aneu i^dul* af^tcr.'ng h'm or hir dl '·clly ihalT fil* a wrlilM ofc|ttr:o-i orw clai.T) for adk'i?rr«,il tn dijplkore will lf-» Ciry Ccur-cil cf Greenville. Such cb lecikxi rr.uii" tci'cin h deloil I^B g'ou-id' for iixb ob[»cfion ond elatn fcr adjuit nent end rv.yil conia'n a lull ord plMo ldf.-i!ifkibl» Jfi:ripti«i of lha iub I-M n-.atof veKkla Norira Ii furl her given trxil r^ch ob 1ecr:en and c'aim rw-i( bi fil»d not lalt :·» Aucitl 2, 190. BE IT FURTH£8 RESOIVEO tfw I Ihi Council iholl eorjir.u* ii ttitlsn Iron day 19 day ec.Tjrtnclrg en ihli Ju!y 5, I960, u-.Nl »oid ·^ua!-r3iion It cftrnp'tl- «d; c.-d rhaf at Ihe i-ni M*ti:no ol th"» CcvKXll l-i AuouM, i960; lo-*ih on Aug- tnl ?, I960, iWi CtK-r-c'l iho'l proceed to coMv^er a-%d ccl upon all ob|e:t:c-.x artd p nil I Mil wKkh rx:y bi filtd evr- luanf 13 the cbove nclk* 1o faipcyen and iSall ccnrir-,e r n inilci Iroai day NOTHING COMPARES WITH THE Here you get something extra lor your money. Basically, you want your savings in a sate place where they're handy for your important purposes. But at the same time, you should receive high earnings like those we pay twice yearly. It's our business to see that you receive the highest earnings consistent with safety. That's just what we do. Start your funds earning this week. Current Rate Per Annie a H a j fO'd In The Block Next To The Levee critical situation in which the Fascists are expected to think twice before opposing Tambroni. And some say the Liberals and Monarchists might have second thoughts too if matters come to a head in a confidence vote. Tam- broni's big test is expected to come Tuesday when both houses of Parliament debate the rioting. In the meantime, Tambroni is acting like a man determined to subdue the violence without compromise. HERE'S YOUR 3RD BIG OPPORTUNITY TO WIN 1 OF 3 FORDS TO BE GIVEN AWAY BY YOUR FORD DEALER GEJS K CHOICE OF M ONE OF THESE... Tb* BH) Oni Thai Si*»l Llk* Thi Sm«(t 0^*1, compfitt with . Mikigi WsV*i Six ErgLio . Co'or-Keytci !nl*rlor · Foim-Pa5dtd Front S*»t · 2 Sun Vl»or» · t Arm RtlU Oil Fillw · Dl.-no.-vd LvtUi Flnlthl Anertci't Mail PopwiVCompact C*r, «q^ppid with: · Flkon Sir Engi« · ft-Pimngtr Comfort · 23-7-ci/. ft, of Trunk Spic* · Luxunr Lou«c« · FuJI-FkiwOll FlHif · Dlamor.ii Luitrt finlth '60 F-100 TA-TON PICKJP · 6Vvr1. Flansirf* Bodv * Six * 110-K « 00-HP Fileon Six · Slngla-mlt Body Conilruchon · 3-Pan».ig»i C*b · 31-cu. It. Loidioace * 6-It Boi · Initant-Lock Ti^»t« · D'^mond Lgitr* FlnltM JUST FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE RULES AND YOU MAY BE ONE OF 3 LUCKY WINNERS KM rtprettnUlivi for final rh*«l3nf. TVn drpn«t ptrtWuUr «al*r, ID triij T. Sho«!d tlicibQrir of »n catty t* qoMtkmed. declxioH of Lh« ju^fM *rUl b« ***!I. 1, Everyoo* fbtlowlni ibovg ruU* b (bow "he hft*« »lrc*dy wan A pnu in th« F For-Fr« Coat«tt ford r«l*r«' employe** »nd th*ur Ford Afottir Comp*ny i*V* rf*p«rlratnt Ih'lr fsmilk^; and tr.tmben of lb* Ford IJc.Wr.'*^! Foi.l Sfo(«c Company'* ·drmltinf · renck* ind ihtir f»mUi«- . T- b* tlirfale to win in thui Ford*- rwa ContMt. visil a n y Fcrd n«Air in t f i y of lh« counl^M LUlcd txlow in Lhi« advertisement. form in ·pccU) S. Your lalry f«» w diy eontnl prrtexi rfurinf Wiruun' EMRHM win b* A 2. Sho* Perd Dealtr, or hU rtprt^ntit rooni.a vulid.up l^-d " 3, Riwirc crKfi*l Fortli-For-F/r* Conlwt WIHMEIS OF THE PI«T CON1EJT" F W Neblf 1 H O Chidiow, rant, T« Ark, 776 fflplor, Mmpru'l, Tint. buy · R*T- Fftrd c*r or IrotV dorin| eonl'vl period «ilL b« fi**n IH* 1900 Ford c*t or truth PTSM indiotrd on entry ff-rrn . . . or miy *kt to nc«t«* dttlfr't «*t ot nocM ia cuh. You CPO register at any Ford Dealer'* in these counties: Here s A Sensational Offer Beatnik Lab Who - Done · It Really Beat By BERNARD GAVZER NEW YORK (AP)-In the firs moments of 'Diagnosis: Un tnown" it became clear that th mystery was off to a bad star The victim, an artist's mode is strangled. The audience see only herhands and lower part o the body. The hands claw at th ed clothes. If the victim had ac ed like any normal person being suffocated, those hands would rave been busy pushing off the murderer. And his face might have well borne scratches on As Sherlock Holmes would say, "Elementary, my dear Watson." But then there would have been no contrived story to occupy one! hour of the time CBS regularly] allots to Garry Moore. (10 p.m. : Eastern Daylight 1\me Tuesday).! Instead of a sleuth with a pistol,' "Diagnosis: Unknown" features a central character who is a pathologist named Dr. Coffee. His hep talk and bearrl peg him as a gradate beatnik. Naturally, he has a ab technicin who is very pretty^ and just as jivey. In fact, there no end to jiveyness in this' bunch, considering that the other two lab regulars are a teenage est tube washer and a man from' ndia (who is hep with Far East lavor). The law is represented by police lieutenant who also digs. far out talk. I The murder was about as mystifying as a cup of custard. The gimmick here was evidence' of radioactivity. Where did it all come from? From wine that was grown in a vineyard where radical ive waste settled. i Dr. Coffee deduced that the vie-! tim shared the hot wine with her murderer. Wilh the police lieu-! tenant's aid, the four prime sus-j peels wore assembled and each Clicked a microscope slide. ! Eacli slide was put lo the Geiger lest and ping one registered radioativity. It belonged lo the fat little delicatessen owner, who' loved but was unloved by the artist's model. After a poetic solilo-j miy--which shows he was a thinking man among the pastrami set --ho upped and said he did it. ' Hiizzah, another victory for the aboratory! Among the hepcals, this maj be n real cool stuff but to mystery buffs its tepid. . Edwards Vacuum Packed. Regular Drip or Fine Grind 2 Pound Tin $1.17 Tin Lb. 59 C With $3.00 Additional Purchases . Excluding Tobacco Products... 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