The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 1, 1947 · Page 24
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 24

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 1, 1947
Page 24
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THE HERALD Sunday, ,Tuno 1, 1047 They'll Do It Every Time «»flH*f«cl U. S. Pattnt Offlci By Jimmy Hatlo ^ ie v/, THIS IS A BUSINESS JUS Ib 0 FIRM-NOT A REST THE WATCHPCX3 / 'HOME.' THERE'S TOO OF THE OFFICE TIME SHEETS-AW OH, HOW HE PO WATCH- TOO MUCH MALINaERiN3 3OIN3 ON AROUMP HERE --ANP WHATS THIS BILL FOR ASPIRIN^ OWN PILLS # \ $$?) v fft i f t ' ^ '' , woftu uiiaiTS * --With Major Hoop'' A FEW PAYS?/ VOU'LL JUST Vf PSS^S'T"?^ HAVE TO RELAX V WHAT IT IS / - IVE ANP STAV HOME A FEW PAVS- VOU'LL BE UP IN NO TIME GOT TO KNOCK OFF FOR SIX MONTHS ANP JUST LOAF- MAYBE A TRIP TO BAPEN-BAPEM-THE "As PRAKE,STILL PONDERING MIS 5 EW£#UNTER,STARTS ACROSS THE STREET, A ue/wy CAR siveRv/es FROM THE LINE OF TRAFFIC/ - · - f^ 7X//77- CHARACTER W/IS TV'SOMETHING SCALY/ i£ I SHOULDVe STUCK TILL J FI6URGP THERE HE IS/ (S0TTA NUP^fr HIM JUST RI6HT/PON'T W/1NT/V CROAK HIM VET/ Carly/e's hav/ng a fight with the boy next door Don't' Just stand there! Aren't you going to stop it? "IM ^« ,3 LIVER DOES HANDSPRIN6S FROM HI6H LMNQ «* PIFFERENT / AMy,TD . HAVES-NEWVt)RK 1 N.V /" WHAT'S WRONG,\THI5 FRIEND OF YOURS, BAT? VOU f^ONT ) VIC FLINT--YOU SAY LOOK GOOD. /HE'S A PRIVATE DEFECTIVE. HOW FAR CAM TRUST HIM 7^ 'OUR WAY'. Williams u - /.'OUR '--",'JLD " · 'DV-: /V-.W/AVlNe -Vv-V/XT ', f WMBM W HIT U6 Hll.L IT c , i( SOUNiDEO LIK£ A 6L3SBOV · v^-j 08-KAJE A S\ DROPPING A TRtfYFOL OF , V',\ PLATES/-"*- I'M OOlMG ID THUMB A R\DE "-»- VOU GTKV AMD NORSE TVUS AMD p t - p OP TV-XCV 9MCXE SWOOT \'- o · w f^ov/iis^BR we -O-O 5»-T c^-ORETHE-EM6l^e i=\P.£~^ .-^ V^\S IT AAV MfW GET A,Ni ORDER OF' \ /^*X\ X.. POST - MORT6M ~ AMOTHER MODERN ART-- 5ITTIMG WITHOUT SEATS,' '"'ALL TMIT-WAY. BUT WHAT'5 ON YOUR MIND? A OUV I KNOW \ 16 HAVIN'A LITTLP: TROUBI.C. I'll EXPLAIN LMCR, WCARY. 0SK. % iS'^ Vi'/w O iji,, .N £ A. si; R y i c ^ j y f_, , luls how Bat Do troubles to me. i __ :nv?r brought his SOMEBODY'S C-VIDCNHY 1RY-\yW\li IN6 TO T.CARI YOU INVO LOSING /'V^Vj YOUR FlfiHT WITH CAR- ^' RENTER. WMY COULOKJ'T V^\; b. YOU TC-LL M£HU5H?/.iffc ^*^^^M fe?^ ^ ^m^^ wms? $'·"? YOU DON'T ^ UNDERSTAND. HE'D 6O RIGHT TO THE {3OXIW6 COA\.N\I55»OM ANDINERE'O BE AN INVESTIGATION-^ ^WHAT'S V THfRC- WAS 5OME-N, VVKONGV/ITM j THIK'MYC-tRL SAID, AN' v ^ T N A T ? /i, ME MA DC ME PROMISE 10 Till WEARV. I 6OTTA Gt-T YOUR ADVICE. / £fS'» Zi$^ *ri- fe : ;;^/HE'5 COLD / -NO/ FOR A. THIEF, ·^ TURKEV.., { SUCH A FATE ^. ; SHALL I \ MUCH TOO :, OH, EXALTED LIGHT GOT \OFTHE FULL MOON.' ONE OF" \ THE CRIMINAL \ FINISH \ MERCIFUL.' A 'EM, EH K AWAITS Vc^LH t\ HIM OFFT - V v ' l - V T / V PUE ^ 5 URE.' f V ^\«L -'T-T-- 1/^-J---»h^.._ --\\ ^ 1 -- THIS 15 CEALLV GCING TO BE A INDEED; - ; l V M ' DID you BAY A RIN6 FORMY ., NOSE? C A R N I V A L -By Dick Turner Conductor «) HORIZONTAL 3 Rots by ] Pictured m u n i - oxposuro en) conductor, 1 l-'oinnlc horse W -Q A O ocr? WALTER LYNCH D O N T BT V' _/AiT5 elugr H D A t? R Cormorant (i Symbol lor 10 Revokes m - on 33 Rodent 7 Bird's home 14 A n c i e n t Irish 8 W i t h e r e d old ciipitnl woman 27 Spinning toy ketch 10 Perched 9 Male sheep 28 Dutch city 42 Soon n C u p o k i J l Blemish 29 Born 43 Sell 18 Noah's oldest ^ N 0 1 fresh 32 Consume 44 Apud ( n b . ) son ( B i b . ) 15 Excl.'imntion 33 Sng -15 .Secular 19 Snare 17 Put on 35 Tnrdier 4(1 Marshes 21 Preposition 20 Cookin/:; vessel 3fi S n i n l e ( n b . ) 47 K x i s t ID LEAD VOU AROUND, I'LL NJEED IT ' MOW YOU MO ^HAPC I _ _ . 3TL r M 'TO K^F, SUB ZERO/ J J^AVri OM.9lXrACL^ SS. SELr 7 SATiSn^P DRIP ^/ FO^. N''Y_ CXDLJ^M , \T 1^1^; :r .---r--- ; ^ Lcn/ffS "OLCT S W££T "...afeik: ·--·" ; v " : ^--^-^ SONG/^.-I --.-* .» .- .i/ "Come? or., Horkimer! How In the world'will wo ever get to Aunt Martha's if you keep stopping every few miles to Jook at the countryside?" .·^,/^^-.. 23 nw(ulrr?s 27 D o c l r i n c 30 Chimp 31 Poem 32 Dropsy 34 Pares ,37 Area measure 38 Nenr 1 39 Pedal digits 42 Grand- parcnta. 46 Destiny 48 British account i. ^ney 40 Genus of insects 50 Before SlJJiil 53 I n t e r n a l 55 HC o symphony orchestra VERTICAL 1 Despise 2 Half-cm !M Compnys p o i n t 40 M o k e 41 2?i Olijicni c r n l u t i i k f ! 1JU H c d l l l i rosorl 4 1 L e v M n t i n e r2 Thus 54 Symbol for n i t o n Zb ^."^ ^ ·^2 10 10 U m 4» 1 Ib ^r 7 flY NTA MBVtCt. IMC T M niG U S TAT O f f "J TOO BAP VOLTEfE LEAVING- 50 SOON. MISS KKINGLE.M \ uAV/cT Wir MlftuT WG.UP PO( IMt ) n/ V,:C5 Mibo 15, ( n o , ; ) i S. S m i t h , --- y~-r~ -By Fred Lasswoil ^4 ARE YOU / I AIM TO BRING 6ON\)R GET SNUFFVl BflCK f^EOO'RieS IN THE MOOD TO ( OF OUR OU PROPOSE A6R1N, V COURTIS' DAYS LC70IZIG ? ' · ^ V ' t - Ui^(«\ HI THAR. LEETLG WE AM GMT HAVE FOUND SOME INTEREST IN COMMON). BOW MCE I AMD 1 FEEL V/THE Gi^LS/ WE'LL HAv£ TO- ATT/XCHED TO VOU, \\V / SEE,S\ TO / HUCRV^it'^ ff .~ ^LJCH AS AUWT E QUITE / DALE SfCPS 8V T FEEL TOWARDl CHUWNW HER HOTEL A ALC TOWN)! SUCH KINP THIW«5 ABOUT V YES. MEXICO.. PUERTO R1CO..TW6 W !H HT'S Cnvno THEY'RE TRAVEL^ BERMUDA...., SN NO HAPM V APPARENTLY HAS BEFALLEN J WHAT'S TMIS A ATTACHED TO - fc TWE GLOBE?, A CHALLENGE, EH? ALL YCUK'G LAD X WILL FIND . YOU/ THE STRANGEST THING, BUZ I HAVE YOU NOTICED WE'RE DRIFTING UPSTREAM: HEYl TASTE THE WATER- IT'S WE'VE REACHED THE COAST, ANP WHAT IF THOSE NAZIS , : c APE LAVING FOR US? NIX, CHUM. WE'RE GOING TO PL AY IT SAFE- C,O\N(3 TO WAIT'Ll DARK RE GOING CAN'T WAIT J HURRY/ OUST A UALF A LAP TUW SO, MICKEV? WE'RE L.EAPIN' ! U) ^j ill u ' m ;".i.i 5AS LINE'S CLOGGED! """·««»«.. -- MUMBAW 5ES/ENI ^v A ...Ba.^csE:) ^8^^^ --^, .fe

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