The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on December 31, 1972 · Page 27
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 27

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 31, 1972
Page 27
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i Kir I* FOR nft FACE SETTER - /unn*l**i*! Mi la » IrtaK rciltMMial ana. Eilty ttw tntrj * INSMANCf LETTS INSURANCE AGENCY BEAUTIFUL I Mrm. J talk kww M rextta. UN ML M. if aV*d«M Uvhex. Fetxed yard aid d*«Me euiMrt. COUNTRY UVING IN SHALL TOWN · large kMtt Witt attached re*.., dwe t* efcueitary MhMl aad wly liMr. drtre t* Ml* itani.^ are*. 27 loco Chico Blvd. 544-7230 5464195 174. IXTIAMOHlUr Hwvt Out MM IM fmt » tar Sato iXttUCHT LOCATION laf 1U-- eR on lace' Chlca '»lvd. Near Acacia 'Lakt Drive. Term, far walHM bvytr, , otnlngs M2-54» mi · IXCELLENT LOCATION · n dpf.. houM IVi acre ftwe I Cenlact Mnald f. Hedge, Mann, MMU7/ JU JKD. _ .. teas. I, ~PCi55t??!ION. I room haute, good cltrgf Saumcast clly limits lust Weslaco. ftmnt " awwlntmenl only. NEW - I Mm. 1 Mtk, dectrie kerf. OttalMy Mttt fir tOtViMV flut CIUUM| utmrj .tiMed. p ' **· ""a «pGCKN IY OWNEK . » acrM n FM 1411. WNi »ll 5 sen fractl. Tito Ptrttt Kl-W? Iftfr a; *r iranca Inn, WINS. LOTS POK salt NHr We Part H trnmrlllt. air wattr * llgUfs. Na illy Tanas. Contact OaoaW F. Hodna, Rial Ellalt, 1210 E. AHams. S*Mi); or Mf-3105, NEW DUPLEX - Luery livlix wttk IMMK. *r ncHleM M SPACE - MN «(. H., 2 bdrm 2 bath ud *· YM wU teve U x 71, a the spacing .'eeBsg !: JMs qaality ba!!t !m »= ' EXCLUSIVE SUBDIVISION BUY - )N. CM still chnse c»l«r Kteme if you tairry. J bdrm, I tut* HEARING COMPLETION - MM s« ft of wHk a view. Overlooks resaca awl Citrus gr»ve». Km HceptNwal buy for the family that Kelts a M * CMnoenial properties available In Brownsville ud Pwt b- 2255 ! .Central Blvd'j Suite 306 Brovmsville- Texas BUS. (SI2) 540-3724 14 x M. INCOME WtOPERTY - J.J1 tntter ink, »» FOUK CO* LIAIf Mai S* H. «M 14 acre* « WIMrne Olllll MM PMItr, Xl-'ISi 41 LOTS · MM) »e*e Itland MtwMA ttlMII eaah. Plrni. As a rowp only. Clwlei Havwopd owner, Sti-titt. En9 HtiUt. 42. K«ol EtkKt Wonted WANTID TO buy: vnlmprovad land tram amw. Writ. MX V-47, munulm MtraH. _ CHOP LAND wanirt. Small acreage, low dvwn dvwn payn Irowmvllle. . nwnl. Write P.O. fox WANT TO buy approximately 10 acres an 4*04 rMaca, near Lot Freinos, ·n ar cits* lo paved re*4. Write P. 0. ·« M4, LW Frewoi. WANTED t or W Inch centrifugal PV"P.I Prefer one mounted wltn motor, Must bo in peed wtrklin condition. Call ' 44A. Modiintfy For Solo LIFT · W ·wtMis, sa-va. *. capacity, .Mnie aM z Aerei M KMy Red; i grapefnH. MMN.M ,:."..i:GAT£8 FA5K LANC - « », I BcdrMm wttt -, «« **«** nm' Mobile Homes W«* Tyltr ut Eipressway SJ Itrttagea 425-2M1 City water. |M,IN. UNITED FARM AflENCY Nwnua Jeuiigs SM-J4M blond Prop»fty E X C E L L E N T INVESTMENT ^ portunlly. n lots - Swtn PMre lM«na between Palmetlo Inn plannM Brinlll Hold. tZBJ.oog » · group only, owner, UMttt. EVB SU-ina. 41 LOTS · South Padn Island temtSi Palmetli) Inn 1 .fanned Sranltf Hotel, n2o,000 cash. Firm. As a or Charles Haywoed, awner. Em itt-sm. 37A. llo HOIHM For Sal* 37A. Mobil* HOKMI For Sal* ··May Kambler · Terry Mtaitor ,, , . Hitches VALLEY THAVELAND INC. »··;*. Valjey camper Hdq. MJ W. Bttttesi 8] 39. Farm Acreage 14 ACRES on Roblndele road - Between Farm road H2 and Old Port Isabel Road, cleared ana ready lor sub, dlvldlny; wild 500 foot frontafle. Small . ilucco.,house, tcatlered trees, on. Oeroround Irrigation and' excellent dralnaoe. 13,000 acre. Call McGIll 131^023, Brownsville. 15 n Acre.tracts. Lights and water available. No city taxes. Contact Donald F. Hodge Reat Estate, 1224 E. Adams, 546-0537 or {42-3105. FOR SALE COMPLETE ICE PLANTS ICE PLANTS AND REFRIGE-j RATION EQUIPMENT, COMPRESSORS, CANS, CONDENSERS, ETC. C t R INDUSTRIES P.O. Box 1118 CMIer, Texas 799% PkMe VIMM-KU 45. .Vrtoi Nr IW PpPvO Custom 4 lav, lltMvil, Mat t cyllneir wit* A, M».W. AH* !:», Ul«el. K» SALE - ]«·» Volk«,w« ""»»1 ·ply 3i,m man, OOM «H«IIM. IN4 IMPALA station wogon. automatT Iransmlwlon, lolly loodM. UN Har vard or call S44I37. lt« DOUSE DART "ST", t, A-T good condition. 1H4 Ford, std, v^, n~ Coed condition, S42JIJ2 aller t P.M. Me CHEVROLET Impels 4 Door, air conditioning, power sterling, power brakes, $l,igo 546-5VW. Safe Buy USED CARS 45. trv. ?or Sof* WITH G/W 2 vear Service DlscMilt 71 COMET 2 Dr. GT |2H5 71 OLDS ffi Luxury Sedaa Fully Equipped Extra Clean V»" 71 UI,i)SMOB)LE Custom ! 2 Dr. Hardtop 12113 71 VOLKSWAGEN Squarebaek i Low Mileage J1M3 M FOIU) LTD., 4 DR. I DIM btlm vinyl H*. OH MM3K. *i MIICK' Cwtwiw, t «wr ·»«»·, MM I IrMt Mm, JjB t mi. J«-i«ajmr t ».m. ~ cenellUn. Leaded MM Mies ».l«l. I, »«wr. MMMe, eves M. MTV. · I, IRAILEK BOAT inv mow. 15 ft SUrcrlft, II HP Evlnrudt. Cxcelltnl un«ll«i, «M.«. Coll Bill IANUAIV in «UAkANTBE» IN BAY ON IIVn«B SKIPPCK RANCK- :,'.' HJAIL MUNTWG AUOfJANtAir IN DAY ONSKIPKRIUMi ILICK TWIW Ptair 7O4H " 45. Auto* he Sott 45. A** (W $·(* - , - 7 I O '-~J I lU / / ... . .... '/ ChllTle IP With ' good wishes to all! I RIVIERA. Uke New, IMS5 71 CHRYSLER imperial, Lnded .............. 1249$ · CHEV. t/V, Air, AT J1895 M INTERNATIONAL CAB Over Trick wltk Van f 2493 FLAT BED TRAILER a FORD 1 TON TRUCK ...i... $74! »', 2 AXLE ......I»S5 FLAT BED TRAILER M'l". J AXLE »JS5 Fully Kqulped J18J5 (i COMET 2 Ur. - . , . . _ . _ Hardtop $1195 M T\A/ Y F A P 88 MERCURY Comet 2 Ur. 111. V ¥ I U M f X Hardtop Ji95 B I) VllOLET. 4 Ur. C Std JSJ3 Lincoln Continental i 4 D r fl49S «5 COMET 4 DR. «, ST. DANIEL MOTOR CO. LINCOLN-MERCURY DAILY RENTAL SERVICE 7i Central Blvd. $42-7421 5m E. Elizabetl - 54J-J5M 45. Autos For Sole 45 Autos For Sal* Y. C. ASSOCIATES NEED CAR? Have Down Payment? Steady Job? We can sell you a car. CISNEROS CARS SALES 615 E. 13TH ST. - BETWEEN ADAMS WASHINGTON ai lefts .'· t f f f l l U i . H i l f ^' *^^^ 12,000 MILES 1 YEAR E FREE PARTS eS SERVICE PROTECTiOH PLAN. Thii plaa covers all aecrasary eorrectlM ttt parti replace). meat wort on aay new 1173 Ttyola purchased frum GarreM'f! Tbe only things you pay for arc gas, (Ires and collision damage. Anything your car needs during this 12.IHM miles or first' year, ou get free. Like: lubrication, spark plugs, points, coadeiieri, Dies, hoses, light bulbs, and so on. · · ··- Have it inspected every 3 months, or 3,WI miles. Remember, tils only with a Garrett Toyota. Fully trained and laUy stocked service and parts departments. 2900 BOCA CHICA BROWNSVILLE 542-2505 WIN For Sal* 45. Auto; Far Sol* 45 Aufac For $al» AtitAc Far Cfll Anlnc Far "wile" MOBILE HOME SALES a, all wldtki. Beit Myi KBULT. PATRro'f'REDFAN, SKYLINE, QuUty Flrrt. , Y ou You ""^ los * wh »" yo" buy WIN, Nwy, 77.83-'/ Mi, North FM Nt BUOWNSVILLE-PH. 542-4040 i BIG SCOT MOBILE HOMES HARUNOEN OLDEST UUCE · CHAMPION · WAYSIDE : MODULAR HOME'S BY: UNITED AND GOLDEN WEST --ALSO-CARPORTS, SKIRTIN8, AWNIN6, AIR CONDITIONING SNA Expressway n At Ed any Drive 4K-41II ^ OPEN SUNDAY Year-End Clearance Odds and Ends - Bargains Reduced To '3995°° 12x44 1 BEDROOM FREE TIEDOWN USED AS AN OFFICE 9 MONTHS '4995°° IK 14 FT, WIDE 2 BEDROOM MUST GO 1972 MODEL Big 3 Bedroom Front Kitchen REDUCED '500°° FREE DELIVERY Within 100 MILES SEE THESE CARS AT: 9th E. Washington Or 4th E. Elizabeth 68 RAMBLER OO CHRYSLER NEW YOEKEK 68 OPEL KADETT OO W l E L STATION WAGON 68 VOLKSWAGEN 68 DODGE c ,TM 67 PONTl AC 67 OLDS VISTA CUUSIER 67 CHEVROLET 67 CHEVROLET $795 $895 $995 SQ BACK WAGON BEL Air Conditioning Optional Easy Credit Terms Offer Good To January 1, 73 One-Year Warranty All Homes | MOBILE HOMES - ' -- ' · · · BROWNSVILLE $895 $895 $695 '.. $995 $395 $395 66 VOLKSWAGEN BUG $495 66 MUSTANGTM ...................... $495 00 WrEL STATION WAGON .................................... 5Oj5 65 CHEVROLET BEL m .................... $395 65 DODGE .................................................. $195 65 PONTIAC TEMPEST $395 64 FORD OALAXIE ....... .............................................. $195 63 FORD cTM ................... . ................................. .. $195 71 MERCURY MARQUIS $3095 MARK H , $1395 ,, $1295 $895 $795 $2095 $1795 $1195 $1095 C1795 $895 $1695 69 VOLKSWAGEN BUG $995 69 OLD'S »,, $1095 68 BUICK ELECTRA LIMITED $2095 69 MERCURY ,,, $1595 69 CHEVROLET ^u $1495 68 BUICK BMB $1095 68 PONTIAC CAmiNA $895 68 CHEVROLET ^ WAGON $1295 71 PLYMOUTH 70 AMERICAN 7fi DPCI / W \JtKL, STATION WAGON . /U KtDaCL STATION WAGON 70 OLDS^TA. 70 PLYMOUTH 70 FORD MAVERICK 70 TOYOTA 69 OLDS DELTA88 69 CHEVROLET 69 OLDS IMPALA CUTLASS 442 Motors CARDENASwoTOR COMPANY * BUICK * OPEL * AMERICAN * JEEP * GMC TRUCKS

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