The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 5, 1951 · Page 85
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 85

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1951
Page 85
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CALLER-TCMI^ Sun., Aug. 5, 1951J "hina Tribes larass Reds IPEH. Formosa, --Fierce native credited by a high Chinese ·zialist officer today with help- Aug. 4., this picture tribesmen forces to Reel of anti-Communist China: Since overro '.nning the majriland, the Reds bai'e concentrated on ,'ationallsts wrest one-third of (trying to wipe out Nationalist reg- Yunnan Province from thej u i" ars who havt , become guerrillas. numsts. (Many of these regulars were ;rincipal tribes in that strangers to U»J areas where tiiey western Chinese state are the and Miaos. highly-indjvidual- sevni-savages of non-Chinese found themselves. As a result tot this and of the Red campaign, they have suffered '- : heavily and ans far fewer now .- officer source cannot be idenuithan they origins illy were. biit it CMI be said that h e j i\ vo otner cU .. sses t .f anti-Reds « more about anti-Communist i we re listed as and one; on the mainland than ariy-jtj m e Nationalist miiiimmen who !se on Formosa. He declared j had turned to guerrilla fighting. . h s « M the _ Reds last February anti . ComlMUnist fiarmers was ta . ' weapons have ncr-'s 147.000- square miles. """ miWaly ; different groups control this The onetime lA ilitiamen T. he said: The tribesmen, j Profited by some military training nalist guerrillas, and about I ^^ b Y familiarity with the areas · Nationalist regulars under (where they operate. The main cerrte* ~s of anti-Red resistance used to · be Kwangtung Province . in the i southeast and Szechwan in the i^est Now Yun- Mi's thrust into Red China the north Burma border area disclosed less than a fort- S. nan and Kweichowl provinces a r e j officer on Formosa gave'the "hottest." SPEEDY--Mrs. Winifred F. Spears, English divorcee, holds a bouquet as she and her 11-year-old daughter are embraced by Air Force S- Sgt. William Griggs on their arrival in El Paso. Mrs. Spears and Grisss decided to wed four hours after they met. They were married this week. (AP Photo). *·· Official Says South Koreans Want Kaesong Talks To Flop 4~\* t ~n T · ;Ulllliail IUVS liltO j HOUSTON. Aug. 4. (UP)--H. R jCallen, oil-rich philanthropist, who; !has given millions to his two main; '*»' league baseball. It now fail types of radio pro*rwn» jbas 431 stations in 43 gutM, H*w- ! 8ii Alask * «*a -*»!*«· Barton iMuClendon, Gor3on'» fetter, U ! chairman of the board of LB8. TOKYO, Sunday, _Aug. -5. (AP)jhe added. A solifae ciwse iu itauwa in UK\ jj e s? ,;,) tj, 0 fepyhli'- (Republic fo K o r e a government j fo ; United Nations aid. aays they w^t the armistice talks I . We ^ have at Kaesong- to fail, i a t*ri if h» unit**' Mat M .a sstffs -%siH^5TM was delicate. But h* said republic ?. ur .. r f scu .f;.,. he . TM S «"«.1. B u t s bab!v would b. one for ^^ grat^u] j in the United nation,, after any ; I truce. almihi . I The source said Soutn Korean ; ^ ^ j j e a d e r s "opposed the Kaesongi talks from the start because: was delicate. But h«s said republic j ^ leaders are convinced real PS a ce|t u( je grati- not call for a sacrifice «**»*» |o« prmciple. Now is not the time 'You can't deal with the Corn-; Draft Call 742 f ° r October __ ,,, v6a , ed todav he fcad a d d f i d j AUSTIN , Ayg . 4 . (AP;-An Oct- a thi , d inlerest b ' v buv ; D g part o{ ober ^^ caU of 7i2 men for Tex^ ubel . tv Broadcasting System, ins was announced today by Brig. ^ the i Gen . Pau i L . Wakefield, state »el- because I ec^ve service director. I transcontinental network munis^s. They pin you down to an agreement which you keep a n d i j j f ' Wi Kor2Lf Su. in the Red North a?'"Meads to quarrel about and In the South, want unity more than peace »-nd the Communists want all of Korea--now or later. j keeping: 3 Texans Gave $5.000 Each To Help Buller :of his liking for Gordon McClend-i The quota is the states »hare of % ^resident of the ra-'a national call for 41,000, largest ° *"" .[national montWy quota s i n c e it «rv«,i * ^ ««' venr lntle of Gordon"[March. Part of the October, as it servesi^,,,^ ,,,,!,, ..,.;,» ror some y me 'well as September, draftees will re-1 see service in the Marine Corps J instead of Army. Cullen said he would know mores Local board quotas for October tempt, if it fails. We hope it wlu!;»aV7olnTrierj;^r^taiirp" i* 1 "^ plans for the future of the i?'Hl. t%. m » lled , about Au *- 8 or ^ ^ ^ -- j ^ .' , .,,.. i lutle countries wthout i ewstance. : ne t wo rk when he sees McClendori,! 9, Wakefield said. Maine for failure of the trace a - jsm j^s moved in and ^^ over tempt, if ,t fails. We hope it will litt!p countries ^thout n !f«I and have reason to believe - K o r e a is the first (North Koreans hope so, too. Like Reds wanled Ulat lhey ^ d t us. they want a unified Korea, but WASHINGTON. Aug. 4. ( U P ) -- j unlike Us they want it to be Com- I munist. develop a strong minority within that could take over at'a given ^^ signal. It is the first time an iiidig-,' -Mr. and Mrs. Clint Murchison of I " An y Peace short of a unified jnaut world has united to oppose Dallas and Jack Porter of Houston {Korea is an insecure, temporary such aggression. contributed $5,000 each io the!P eace ^at will be a mere p.vt? Maryland election campaign of Sen. j Iude to another war." John Marshall Busier, fD-Md) thej Unification of Korea is not on Senate Elections subcommittee reported yesterday. the agenda of the armistice talks at Kaesong. It is a political, not a The three contributions were in- military issue, and as such pro- eluded in a $27,100 total which was not reported by Butler campaign headquarters until after the subcommittee had started its Investigation of the senatorial campaign. AH thre« contributors are possessors of oil riches. Porter ran unsuccessfully for the Senate against Sen, Lyndon B. Johnson, (D-Texas) in 19-iS. UTLLAR0 MORRIS Brown Stqder INSURANCE AGENTS 531 WILSON BLDG. "The Two Hsrtfords Agency" "If the Reds get away with it, the free world is lost." who, he says, will 'probably be in Houston in a week or 10 days, started in. 194S with HeClen- 'Kornes County" 0. 801-02 4UO »·«·«, About half In cultJyfttlos. K*bince Koo! PMAfure. Small ren)deu?e. Tenant home. b»ra. weU. wlnri-nini. and cotH'rett* Innlc Fenced mnd cross fenosd. inimpdfiiie possession probable. Thin is m ^fo^d coins combination deal. Part royalty rrnerveil. Pric^ J75.00 an acre. Good luain value. K. CROW REALTY , Wilson Bldg.. Dial 4-5491 SAVE f · ELECTRICAL · .APPLIANCES. AYRE WAY SERVE Ayers Dial THTE A REAL FURNITURE ttut to feint ~^~ CflOTUJELL This is Earl Cantwe!! Starts MONDAY, AUG. 6th WARNING You can avoid reading this foolishness if you are plagued .wifh so much surplus income that you never buy bargains -- because a!! we are going to talk about is bargains. This is a True Confessions sale - True Confessions of two furniture buyers -"Earl and Bob Cantweil. This Is Bob Cantwell Throwing Profits to the Wind!'; P_rnfIfc . f A . f (IA \A/inj4? K S - W * * * k « * W E . I I W T Y 1 1 X VI * Every one in his life makes mistakes -- we njj.ade our share (business mistakes, that is). In buying large quantities of fine quality furniture some times a Buyer becomes too over zealous and over buys ' (or buys with his eyes closed). Some times a good i ins changesj style leaving you holding the bag. Ail in al! we have our share of this sort of thing out here at our store. We don't want the stuff --- you can have it. T SO HERE'S A FEW EXAMPLES OF WHAT WE MEAN- If we ici'on't sell some carpet pretty soon, the moths will eat it up on our rneks -; we'd rather they chew it up f on your (floors -- much rather ·-- we have soijse stu£f that we will sell for 1/3 off ((sounds almost reasonable) just to farm bur moths out to you. We kept buying pictures until we hadn't any place to hang them--If you .will, let us -fcsng. - them - on - your -walls we will be so happy that .we are likely to sell them for any kind of price -you will really be surprised at our gratitude for this small favor. Oh, yes, and cedar chests, we are cutting 20% off on all cedar chests too. Sob .was blind .when he signed the orders for all these living room suites -- they are beautiful suites, but the salesman fast talked Bob into buying twice too many. Earl and Bob both have sofas in their own living rooms aad naturally, they want to get rid (pardon, we mean sell) these sofas out here at the store. We guarantee a minimum of 20% off of every one. Tables --- Man; Oh Man --Earl collects *em. .now we .want tc sell his collection, lots of 'em, for half price -- (the ones we don't like.) He also covered the table collection with lamps and we want'a get rid of the whole shebang. (We have to keep Earl, he started this business in 1920.) We got sore at a supply source and dropped their line, but they -got even with us, we have a bunch of odd stock to get rid of in their line. We are reaay to knock off about 40% to move it-now. (Who laughs last now??) Folks, we can't list everything (space costs too much), but we, the above, hope this will give you the idea that 1 Earl Bob are having a real honest to goodness safe. We never mark things up just before a sale, we always ofjfer real bargains worthy of taking your time to see. The word, sale, has been badly abused from time to time, but never by this firm! When we yell sale everyone knows it means sa/e, so (don't be fooled by false and misleading advertisements -- ask your neighbors and friends -- no one, but no one has better sales, than Cant- wells! ' · S_ ; F. S. We guarantee to make it worth your* while if you attend our sale -- you will save at least 20% on all furniture items and up to 50%! Ear! says to give everyone another 5% for cash with order so that's how it will be--cpme see us! Ear! and Bob Cantwell 3523 AGNES (9 Blocks from Port Ave.) A REAL %*r S \ MHM mm 3523 AGNES-Plenty of Free Parking Always ERNATHY, HEY\VOOD WAKEKIELU, HICKORY, \V1LI.E1T. H J K K M A N MII.T.KK, BROWN SAI/TMAX RUNG, CROWN, HK KOk. PERN^VOOD. MORGINGTON, CRAFTEQDE, MERSMAN, LIGHTOUER, STREIT. HOPPA LONG'CASSIDY. JAMESTOWN, DAY- aOM, LOS ANGELES PERIOD, WHITNEY, AND EVERY FUKN.lTURE ITEM IN STOCK IS ON SALE. FREE DELIVERY IN TEXAS. (No Exports -- Sorry)

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