The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on November 7, 1941 · Page 2
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 2

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1941
Page 2
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Page Two The Herald, Bessemer, Michigan Friday, November 7, 1941 COUNTY BOARD October IS. 1M1 A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors for the County of Gogebic, held at the Court House in the City of Bessemer- on Monday, the thirteenth day of October. A. D. 1941 at ten o'clock in the forenoon. ROB ca» Roll called with the following result: Present: Supervisors N. P- Achatz, William Anderson. Joseph Baratone. A. W. Bulinski, Nesto Erickson, Raymond E. Garvey, Ben Goldman, William R. Hellen, E. ence Johnson, William P- Johnson. William Kuivinen, George BL Lawyer. William J- Luxmore, Edward Marander, Jerome C. Nadolney; George W. Sanderson. Victor Stenholm, James H. Trebilcock and W. W. Woodward. 19. Absent: Supervisors A. W. Colberg, John Hakata. Patrick Kelly and L. G. Wilson. 4. Approval of MiBUtes It was moved by Supervisor Sanderson, supported by Supervisor Hellen that the minutes of the preceding meeting be approved as published. Motion carried. General CommonicatioBS Communications were received from G. Donald Kennedy. State Highway Commissioner, Adolpfa W. Peterson, Vernon J- Brown. Auditor General, Michigan Council of Defense, the Anderson family, and it was moved by Supervisor Achatz, supported by Supervisor Goldman that they be received and placed on file. Motion carried. Communication--Social WeMare Commission la Be: Appointment of John Boniao September 15, 1941 Hon. Chairman and Members of the Gogebic County Board of Supervisors Bessemer. Michigan Gentlemen: The Gogebic County Social Welfare Commission has accepted the application of John Bonino, of the City of Wakefield, to fill the vacancy created at ,the Wakefieid Intake Office by the resignation of John Wilson, who has accepted other employment We hereby recommend that John Bonino be placed on the roll effective September, 1941 at a salary of §75-00 per month. Respectively submitted, E. A. Ravey, Jr. Ralph C. Olson Clare J Gogebic County Social Welfare fjdrek Commission The above communication ·was presented to the Board of Supervisors, and it was moved by Supervisor Sanderson, supported by Supervisor Achatz that the appointment of John Bonino be approved as requested. Roll called with the following result: Ayes: Supervisors Achatz, Anderson, Baratone, Bulinski, Ericfc- son, Gatvey, Goldman, Hellen, Johnson, Johnson. Kuivinen, lawyer, Luxmore. Nadolney, Sanderson, Stan- holm, Trebilcock. 'Woodward. 1. Nays: Supervisor Marauder. 1- Absent: Supervisors Colberg, Hakala, Kelly, Wilson. 4. Motion carried. Communication--Department of Conservation In Ke: Lake Level Control Department of Conservation Lansing. Michigan September 26 19411 Mr. Rudolph A. Anderson Gogebic County Clerk Bessemer. Michigan Dear Mr. Anderson: j I am enclosing a copy of a mem-j orandum from our Mr. Smith, State Geologist, on lake level stabilization. As he points out. the starting of this \vork rests with the boards of supervisors or this department In discussing possible future public works projects we felt this subject should be given first consideration, but before work can begin on any lake, court action is necessary- If this can be got out of the way we here believe much real good can come to a community when a works program is renewed, We will appreciate it if you win bring this to the attention of the Boani of Supervisors for their consideration at the October meeting. If you will advise us as to their decision it will help us a great deal in planning meetings, as our men are called in to various counties on this subject. We will be pleased if you will let us know, should additional information be desired. Very sincerely yours. P. J. Hof f master. Director pjhoia The above communication was presented to the Board of Supervisors, and it was moved by Achatz, supported by we have sent to Sgt Ray Katke, asking him to present it to your Board of Supervisors at their annual meeting. If Sgt. Katke is unable to attend, win you kindly read the letter to the supervisors at the time Communication Michigan State Association of Supervisors In Re: Annual Dues Board of Supervisors October 6, 1941 you judge to be opportune? We need Gogebic County their help. We are nearing the end! Gentlemen: of the year, a year of extreme hardship and our funds are alarmingly loir. Thanking you for this courtesy, I am Sincerely E. MacDougall, · Sup't The Michigan Children's Aid : Society Marquette, Michigan October 1, 1941 Board of Supervisors Gogebic County Bessemer, Michigan \ Gentlemen: The annual meeting of the State Association of Supervisors of Michigan will be held January 27, 28 and 29, 1842, at the Hotel Olds, Lansing, Michigan. "_ , . The purpose of the corporation: To Promote cooperation between the several counties of the State. To promote and defend good local government. To increase efficiency in Boards and officers of the county. To secure economy. To promote uniform practice of the assessments of taxable property. The annual dues for your county Children of Gogebic County have! are the same as last year, $10.00. been served by_ the Michigan .Child-} Please forward check to the Secre- ren's Aid Society in a three-foldj tary-Treasurer. Also any suggestion way during the past year. j you have as to items for.the Program (a) Two children were cared f or j will be much appreciated. in licensed boarding homes with; A representative delegation from board, clothing, medical and dental j your county attending the meeting care provided; j in January will help promote the pur- (b) One child's home conditions' poses for which the association as were investigated to make plans for; incorporated. his care and protection; (c) Five foster homes were investigated for adoption placements. From October 1, 1940, through Sincerely, crease, in wages for WPA workers, common labor only. Because of conditions, of food prices raising up: to 29'%?· WPA workers could not exist on · $44.00. I do not think it is fair, because .the lowest paid man in the County is the lumber jack and he receives 48 cents an hour if he does not make and he works full the WPA worker his piece work, time, whereas works half time. Yours very truly, E. Clarence Johnson, Supervisor 5th Ward, City of Bessemer The above communication was presented to the 'Board of Supervisors, and it was moved by Supervisor E. Clarence Johnson, supported by Supervisor Wm. F. Johnson, that the request be adopted and the Board of Supervisors pass a resolution to this effect. Motion carried. Communication--Michigan State Tax Commission In Re: Public Hearings Michigan State Tax Commission October 2, 1941 Mr. Edwin Hedlund, City Assessor Ironwood, Michigan Dear Sir: Governor Van Wagoner has appointed a committee to study the system of taxation of mining properties in Michigan. It is the inten- J. Schepers, Secy .-Treasurer) tio'n of this committee to hold public The above communication was presented to the Board of Super- September 30, 1941, the gross cost' visors, and it was moved by Super- of this service amounted to $627.18.] visor Achatz, Supervisor Trebilcock, Board money refunded by relatives; that the annual dues of Ten Dollars and Gogebic County equalled $397.15, be paid to the Michigan State As- which leaves a net cost of $230.031 sociation of Supervisors. with the following Supervisors Achatz, born by the Michigan Children's Aid! Roll called Society. For the services which will be given Gogebic County, neglected result: Ayes: Anderson, Baratone, Bulinski, Erick- _ . , , , and dependent children during the son Garve y, Hellen, Johnson, Kui- commg year, the Michigan Children's 1 v inen. Lawyer, Luxmore, Marander, askin aat * 200 - 00 ! Nadolney, Sanderson, Stenholm, Tre. be earmarked. Gogebic County ) Woodward. 18. Nays: None. children need: Out during roll call: Supervisor Gold' your financial assistance so that by] man. 1. Absent:' investigation of their home condi- berg, Hakala, Kelly, tions and by boarding homecare they may live -wholesome, healthy and happy lives. Thanking you for your interest: and support, -we are 1 Wilson. 4. Motion carried. Social Welfare Board I Allocation of Funds for November, Yours very truly. 1941 Bessemer, Michigan October 6, 1941 E« o D- ? «. m ; Gogebic County Board of Supervisors E. S. Rice, Secretary-Treasurer | Be * semeri Michian The above communications were' Honorable Sirs: presented to the Board of Super-i Tne Gogebic County Social Wei- visors and it was moved by Super- j fare Board respectfully requests that visor Hellen, supported by Super-1 ifc be allocated the following sums visor Achatz, that they be referred' for Direct Relief, Hospitalization, to the Budget Committee. Motion j Administrative Costs and expense carried. j of operating- the County Infirmary -. _ . ' i during the month of November, 1941. with the following result: Ayes:; Board members act OB it before tae Supervisors Achatz, Anderson, Bara- j Budget is completed, tone, Erickson, Garvey, Goldman.! A*«* «f C«gt*fc CMBfy fcy State Hellen, Johnson, Johnson, Kuivinen,Lawyer, Luxmore, Marander, Nadol-; ney, Sanderson, Stenholm, TrebU-f cock.' 17. Nays: Supervisors Burnt-; __ _ ski, and Woodward. 2. Absent: Sup-; Apra 3, 1940 to erviaors Colberg, Wilson. 4. Motion carried. Report to the Board of Super- i visors and County Social Wet; fare Boards of the State ·* Michigan. Joint Convention held ; at Houghton, Michigan, July 23, : 23, 24, 25, 1941 i The above report of the Joint) April 1. KM* to Xareh M, 1941 The Audit of Gogebic Coasts as State Annfif-irs from SI, 1941 Kelly, presented to the Board of Supervisors, and it was moved by Supervisor Garvey. supported by Supervisor Marander that the audit be accepted and filed in the office of the County Clerk: and that a copy of the comments be malted to eca member of the Board of Supervisors. Motion carried- Awfit of C^gefcic OovBtj- Social WeKare Depazteeat April 1, mi to immf 3*. 1941 The Audit of the Gogefcte Cbanty Convention was presented to the; Board of Supervisors and it wasi moved by Supervisor Wm. F. John-j son, supported by Supervisor Ander-j son, that this report be received andj Social Welfare Department from placed on file. Motion carried. j April 1. 1941 to June SO. 19*1 was Suggestion by Supervisor TrebUcock; presented to the Board of Scpervi- It was suggested by Supervisor [ sors. and it was nsoved by Trebilcock, that a tentative bud-; visor Kuivinen, supported by Super- get from each department in regard j visor Anderson, that tiie a»mSt be to. salaries be presented to the Board) accepted and filed in the orEce of of Supervisors in order to have the j the County Cferfc. Motion carriEd- GRAND VIEW HOSPITAL REPORT BALANCE SHEET ASSETS Case Load Family Single SuppL Aid ____ 265 Transients 130 DIRECT BELIEF Estimated Case Load and Costs .Number Av. Cost Per Case 325 255 -Total Totals 975 $15,00 $14,625.00 Housekeeping Aide Project 75.00 Burials 400.00 Hagerman Lake Camp 135.00 Sewing Project 350.00 Surplus Commodities 100.00 From State $9,411-00 Total for Direct Relief $15,685.00 From County §6,274.00 Actual commitments for preceding month September were as follows: Direct Relief $ 12,642.11 Burials Housekeeping Aide _. Sewing Project Surplus Commodities 690.00 12.69 442.48 45.19 Total for Direct Relief ? 13,832.47 September total for Direct Relief, actual $ 13,832.47 November total for Direct Relief, estimated 15,586.00 Increase $ 1,852.53 The estimated increase-decrease over the actual case load and costs for the preceding montli is based on the following premises: hearings in each of the mining sections of the Upper Peninsula some time late in October. The committee also expects to examine individual mines and the records of the individual mines in order to determine the method applied in arriving at the value for taxation. This letter is addressed to you in order that you may have advance knowledge .'of the committee's proposed hearings, and it will be very much appreciated if you could contact your Board of Review, and any other interested citizens in your community, to find out if there is any objection or dissatisfaction with the value of the mines located in your governmental unit. If there are any mines which should be given special study and investigation, will you please send the name of the mine and its location to this office immediately. Very truly yours, (Signed) John W. Libcke, Chairman copy State Tax Commission The above communication was presented to the Board of Super visors, and it was moved by Supervisor Marander, supported by Supervisor Nadolney, that the communication be received and incorporated into the minutes of this meeting and that the Chairman of the Board and the Prosecuting Attorney be appointed to attend these hearings and all other supervisors who are able to do so should attend. Roll called with the following result: Ayes: Supervisors Achatz, Anderson, Baratone, Bulinski, Garvey, Goldman, Hellen, Johnson, Johnson, Kuivinen, Lawyer, Luxmore, Marander, Nadolney, Sanderson, Stenliolm, Trebilcock, Woodward. 18. Nays: None. Not voting: Suypervisor Erickson. 1. Absent: Supervisors Colberg, Hakala, Kelly, Wilson. 4. Motion carried. Communication--The Salvation Army In Re: Donation The Salvation Army Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 8, 1941 Mr. Rudolph A. Anderson County Clerk Bessemer, Michigan Dear Friend: ( Re: Martha Washington Home I and Hospital of the Salvation Army EJHIBFT "A" CURRENT ASSETS County Treasurer Cash on Hand Petty Cash Canteen Cash Gogebic National Bank First National Bank Bessemer National Bank Canteen Inventory Notes Rec. Sen. "1" As at Septmher 3*. 1941 $ 162-39 74348 50O.QU 10-00 Group Hospital Fund Bonds--Schedule "2" 59S J2J30 24135 X500.00 35LOO ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE Trade Less--Reserve Bad Debts 33.067.S1 State of Michigan 30,461.74 5^286,00 Inventory Total Current Assets FIXED ASSETS Land Account Building--Hospital--Sch. "3" j Superintendent's Residence _ Garage Pump House Equipment Sch. "4" .--. House Equipment Cars and Trucks--Schedule "5" Root Cellar iMurses Home--Schedule "6" Reservoir Chlorination Tanks Other Real Estate Schedule "7" Farm Building--Schedule 35,747.74 10,459-97 $ 49.47142 $ 25S4.67 26SJ92OS9 14^86249 3^91.50 20.471.38 1^954.74 2,692.71 1.24244 2.502-46 39.302.38 3.73G-0S 239009 704J93 1.569.S6 540LS20-70 Less Res. for Depreciation -$106332-73 Total Fixed Assets Prepaid Insurance--Schedule "9" LIABILITIES County Treasurer Endowments--Schedule "10"' Sundry Reserves--Schedule "11" Current Surplus--Schedule "12" . Fixed Surplus $285^*7.97 J-25S33 534S.717.42 S 4.472J2 72.48 46484-84 29387.S7 S346,717.-I2 EXHIBIT "B" PROFIT AXD LOSS STATEMENT YEAR 1940-1941 REVENUE Rooms--General $ 49.92O.OS --Tuberculosis . 23^10-00 --Isolation 469.00 X-Ray Department 11.227.5O . ... i As you know, if it were not for Case load increase due to supplementation of winter fuel and clothing, j thc timely prac ti ca l help freely RECAPITULATION OF REQUIREMENTS From Total State Direct Relief $ 15,685.00 ? 9,411.00 $ Hospitalization 500.00 Adm. Cost 2,568.00 Infirmary 2,286.00 Farm 220.00 From County 6,274.00 500.00 2,568.00 2,286.00 220.00 given to unmarried mothers by the j Martha Washington Home and] Maternity Hospital of 6304 Cedar j Street, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, their j Laboratory Department Guest Meals Medicines Supervisor Supervisor Wm. F. Johnson, that the above report on the Cisco Chain of Lakes and referred Committee. to the Motion be accepted Conservation carried. CManaaBfcations Good Will Farm Houghton, Michigan Mr. R. A. Anderson County Clerk Bessemer. Michigan Dear Sir: The enclosed is a copy of a letter Totals ? 21,259.00 $ 9,411.00 {$ 11,848.00 Respectfully submitted: County Social Welfare Board. E. A. Ravey, Jr. Chairman Ralph C. Olson, Member Clare J. Haskins, Member The above report was presented to the Board of Supervisors, and it was moved by Supervisor Kuivinen, supported by Supervisor Achatz, that the request be granted. Roll called with the following result: Ayes: Supervisors Achatz, Anderson, Baratone, Bulinski, Erickson, Garvey, Goldman, Hellen, Jolinson, Johnson, Kuivinen, Lawyer, Luxmore, Marander, Nadolney, Sanderson, Stenholm, Trebilcock, Woodward. 19. Nays: None. Absent: Supervisors Colberg, Hakala, Kelly, Wilson. 4. Motion carried. Social Welfare Board Appointment Ralph C. Olson October, 9, 1941 Honorable Chairman and Members f Gogebic County Board of Supervisors Bessemer, Michigan Gentlemen: · ' I herewith make application to succeed myself as Commissioner of the Gogebic County Board of Social Welfare. Thanking you fo r any consideration given me, I remain. Yours very truly, Ralph C. Olson The above ' communication was presented to the Board of Supervisors, and it was moved by Supervisor E. Clarence Johnson, supported by Supervisor Luxmore, that Ralph C. Olson be appointed to succeed himself as a member of the Gogebic County Social Welfare Board from the City of Bessemer. / Roll called with the 'following result: Ayes: Supervisors Achatz, Anderson, Baratone, Bulinski, Erickson, Goldman, Hellen, Johnson, Johnson, Kuivinen, Lawyer, Luxmore, Sanderson, Stenholm, Trebilcock, Woodward. 16. Nays: Supervisor Marander. 1. Not voting: Supervisor Nadolney. 1. Out during roll call: Supervisor Garvey. 1. Absent: Supervisors Colberg, Hakala, Kelly, Wilson. 4. Motion carried. Communication in Re: WPA Wages 25% Increase Bessemer, Michigan October 13, 1941 Honorable .Board of Supervisors Gogebic County, Bessemer, Michigan -^ Gentlemen: I respectfully request that the Gogebic County Board of Supervisors take action on a 25% 5n- Delivery Room Anesthesia , , , sad plight would be indefinitely sad- Ll j ht der and more menacing to the social! O1 ? er T - B welfare of our women and children. | Int c re st Collected Dressings Supplies Michigan Hospital Service Revenue No other haven in Wisconsin offers I them more sympathetic Christian; care than they can find here. It an-j wjsconsin Hospita , Servfce swers the perplexing question, \ "Where can I go and not be despised'.'" These unfortunate girls come to us from every part of the state and they are welcomed with open hand 7.653.60 94.50 5.65350 5.79SJJ5 SSO.OO 3.446.44 5Q 16S.OO 64.66 3,541.75 915L57 579.SO 29_15» and heart. 'iour money is Needed The yearly appropriations of from ;i;50 to $300 by certain counties must be augmented if we are to be enabled to "carry on" as the need arises. We urgently request you to apprise your County Board members of this appeal at their next meet- Total Revenue EXPENDITURES General Administrative Salary--Business Manager --Secretary --Telephone Girls , --Stockkeeper Telephone and Telegraph Depreciation--Garage Pick Up Truck, Supplies and Expense Insurance Collection Expense Postage Supplies S114.03.59 $ 2^74.64 ing. Let us hope that this letter and I Stationery and Printing ° r T?rt^»n^ *Mrtw.T.n« w.f 1 A n wo the enclosed outline of our wrok will help you to get a favorable response. In behalf of desperate unmarried mothers. William H. Fox (Brigadier Wm. H. Fox) whf:dk Divisional Commander The above request for a donation to the Salvation Army was presented to the Board of Supervisors, and after due discussion it was decided that the amount of $50 be granted. It was then moved by Supervisor Trebilcock, supported by Supervisor Achatz, that the Board go on record that all donations be referred to the Budget Committee and if these donations are legal that they be granted otherwise not. Roll called on the above motion Board member mileage Periodicals Travelling Repairs--Electrical Equipment --Equipment --Garage 1,436.60 4saoo 543.63 7952 359.75 60i34 1,411.75 3O7.23 easi 544.62 597JOO 6601 53^5 24.00 232JO Less--Canteen Profit Total General Administrative 649.96 PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT--FTKST FLOOR Tear IMt-iMl 9.684.01 REVENUE Rooms--Tuberculosis--State Rooms--Tuberculosis--Pay Light Treatment Other Revenue 22311.00 1499-00 8-50 1CS-00 Total Revenue (Continued on Page Three)

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