The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 13, 1957 · Page 7
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 7

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1957
Page 7
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^ - --·. Moira listened as Dwighf d e s c r i b e d the SWORDFISH'j visit fo New London. Conn., its home port. "Most of. the crew lived there, or in the general oreo. Like f did," he explained. "They had a religious service in the ship. It must have been very painful." Swimming and jotting with Moira, Dwight Towers told her of the cruise mode to the east coast of the United States bf the USS SWORDFISH, sister ship of the nuclear sub he "* £°" im .'noed. There vrcs nobody alive there?" asked Moira. I- No, replied Plight. "Vetr radioactive, too." u-12. In Honduras, mahogany trees are cut during the wet season by the light of the moon, because it is much cooler to work then. Overfr/cJc Is Defense Gift By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service South's three no-trump bid was the height of optimism, and when East doubled, South ran to four diamonds. East doubled that also and then forgot to set the contract. West o p e n e d the deuce of hearts. East won with the king and led his singleton trump. This was 13 WEST A A 6 5 V 1 0 7 2 4 9 2 * J 6 5 3 2 NORTH D A K J 9 8 3 1MB + K Q J 7 * K 9 EAST A Q 10 7 4 V A K 5 4 4 3 . * A 10 8 4 SOUTH V Q 9 6 3 + A 1 0 8 6 5 * *Q7 No one vulnerable North East South West 1 4 Pass 2 4 Pass 3 4 Pass 3 NT. Pass. Pass Double 4 4 pass Pass Double Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-- V 3 won in dummy and the jack of hearts was led. East won with, the ace and decided that he could afford to lead another heart. He assumed that his partner held four hearts and saw no danger. South huddled awhile and finally went up with his queen. When West dropped the ten, South was home free. One of dummy's clubs went on that trick., The ace of trumps pulled West's remaining trump and the other'club went on the nine of hearts. Now all South had to lose was the ace of spades, but he didn't even lose that trick. He |led his singleton spade and West"ducked. Up went dummy's king and South had made an overtrick. I don't think much of East's double of four diamonds. He could not expect to hurt the contract and might well have been satisfied' to try to beat' it undoubted. I think less of his defense. He really shpuld have cashed his ace of clubs and hoped to find his partner with the ace of spades. True enough, the heart lead did not look dangerous, but he had nothing to gain by holding back his club trick. It was a lead-pipe cinch that he was not going to make two club tricks anyway the play developed. Q-- The bidding has been: North East South West 1 V Pass 2 4 Pass 3 V Pass ? You, South, hold: TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues with a bid of three 'spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Mostly Money What do you'bid? A-- Three heart*. This bid gives * good picture «f your hand. There may b« » slam, bat If so It is UP to your partner to utrt dlns Somers Announces Honor Students SOMERS - (ILNS) -- S o m e r s School has announced the honor roll for the first grading period of the year. No honor'roll is taken in the first grade,-but'honor students by other grades are: . ·. Second: Susan Vachal, Patricia Walker, James Drew and Richard Bergstrcm. Third: Douglas Doten and Janice Nelson. Fourth: High honor roll, Terry Bergstrom, and David Taylor; honor, roll, Judy Boon, Nancy -Eastman, John Clon- Inger, Dixie Kind, LJnda Lee and Jennifer Stoffregen. Fifth: Tracy llobertson, Joyce White, Leslie Van ilouten and Edwin Knadler. Sixth: Pamela Morln, Sylvia and Sandra Daley. Seventh: Linda Jensen, Linda Kolby, .Jerry Cox and Janis ;Alimn|.. Eight: Larry Lee arid anl Owea Rumiey. .READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Personal Loans To FH Your NMds First National Bank R»lt*MM. Montana ACROSS 1 Japanese money 4 Indian money 8 Impudent . 12 Hail! 1.3 Indigo . 14 Exchange premium 15 Bulgarian money 16 Priority 18 Built 20 Ascends 21 Regret 22 Discord goddess 24 Ostentation 26 Love god 27 Ha.ce course circuit 30 Shuns 32 Short Jacket 3 4 Forgive 35 Wild ass 36 Drink made with malt 37 Bird's home 39 Huge 40 Prescribed amount 41 Permit 42 More secure 45 Prompter '49 Rise above 51 Eggs 52 Evict 53 Formerly 54 Negative word 55 Amounts (ab.) 56 Dregs 57 Observe DOWN 1 Auction 2 Always 3 Quoth the raven," " 4 Adhesive 5 Arrow poison .6 Slag 6 r* t. A F* T R ? N E » E r* B A 9 T u R N £» E s. F ts D N o K *'/· y a L. U O w f ti N tt T R E /'/, vt. V 1 0 1_ U': '·::·:. A D E T C \H P H Si T */·/ R a T 9 E · R //* }% T A a. fs s N B J M T R R M 1 T B T N T ^ ;'·*' Fl A a F= ;% %,. ff l_ A P C. V 1 '·M f. A N N e P ^ N A B X O A N ^ M f* E! D A T m A R B n w i A r. F, T f, F* T ft Fl P n s 7 High priest 8 Where the franc is money ,$ Shield 10 Ceremony 11 Playthings 17 Prayer 28 War god 29 Harbor 31 Givers 33 Washed 38 Ca! " Obituaries 23 Mechanical man 24 Father 25 Egg-shaped 26 Hirelings 27 Government representatives 41 Burdens 42 Greek porch 43 Flowering p r ant . 14 Rapid- 46 Noun suffix 47 Cry of bacchanals 48 Grade 50 Mountain pass So" 13 8 It 10 II LeRoy James Cranston Funeral services for L e R o y James Cranston. 69, were Monday at Epworth Methodist Church, conducted by the Rev. Gordon Patterson, pastor, assisted by the Rev. Don Redfield of the Bigfork 'Methodist Church. Pallbearers were Edwin Pederson, Ben Gordon, Henry Bellefleur, Ray Estes, J. P. Button and L. J. Silliker. Burial was in Glacier Memorial Gardens. LeRpy James Cranston was born May 6, 1888, at Verndale, Minn., to Frank H'. and Clara Tree-Cranston. He grew up in Minnesota on a farm and on Sept. 10, 1907, married Miss Helen Mahala Da- Pron at St. Paul. After a year there, they/moved to Northfield, Minn., and in 1918 to Shell Lake, Wis. They returned to Minnesota 7 fT fry Inter Lake Classifieds · They Get Results - 2 Lines IWeek $1.50 in 1924 and three years 'later moved to Flint, Mich., where Mr. Cranston was employed as a mechanic in auto manufacturing. · His health failed there and he came West, first to Arizona and tthen to the Flathead in 1945. He lived on the East Lake Shore three years and then moved to the farm at Creston Where he had lived since 1948. He died in Kalispeli Nov. 8. He is survived by his wife, Helen, at home; three children, , Mrs. Natalie Mather, Francis D. 'Cranston and LeRoy Cranston, all 'of Kalispell; five grandchildren and two sisters, Mrs. Otto Mikkelson of Coleharbor* N. D., and Mrs. Ralph Kleeberger of Claremont, Minn. THE INTER LAKE, Wednesday, November 13, 1957 7- During the Civil War, persons seeking government positions in order to escape military service were dubbed "payroll patriots." Somers Schedules Remedial Class SOMERS (ILNS)--Robert Stewart, school superintendarit, h a s ' a n - nounced that.beginning Nov. 20 at 3:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m., remedial, or special instruction session will take place each week. Special arrangements for bus transportation have"'been made for Somers district pupils. Pupils residing in the Brocken district will transportation arrangements. Parents will be advised by the Carnival Proceeds To Buy Projector EUREKA (ILNS)--Proceeds of the carnival at Rexford School \yill be used to purchase a projector for showing filmstrips. Principal Norman Peterson said the carnival netted about 5280, ^ Parents helping with the event included Mrs; Walter Zimmerman, · Marvel, Mrs. Everett .Matt Resch, Mrs. Hoi- Reed, Mrs. Carl Anderson, Mrs. Ernest Wunderlich, Mrs. Bal- EXTRA FIRM SUPPORT Featherweight or... HEAVYWEIGHT Body Balance Means Sleeping Comfort! OVER 33% Englander BODY BALANCE SET 59.50 Qualify! Q7 ^^fc ^f 3.88 Down ·L0 f 1 -25 per week ^^m^r ff payable monthly Mattress or Box Spring Full or Twin Size Get the best in sleep support at best savings! Body balanced scientifically designed unit keeps 2 weights on same sleeping level. Englander is extra firm, provides the proper support that doctors have proved best. Exclusive Englander cover, too--a rich imported damask in decorator gold and tan! Buy both units now at exclusive Gambles savings! W-S368. 89. 90. »1 EXCLUSIVE AT GAMBLES Other Innerspring Units as low as '24 M ^\ derson, Matt Resch, Karl Kaufman, Jack Parrish, Earl Franck, Mrs. Karl Kaufman, Mrs. Ivan In- j-arenw wm pe "viseo »y we g rar o, Walter Zimmerman, Mr. teachers it their children qualify | and Mrs charles Qoud a n d , for this special program. Selection Mrs . Xrcy DeLapp and Carl An- will be based on needs and general attitudes of the child and the parents. The entire teaching staff will cooperate in the effort. Stewart feels this program is a part of the school's 'increased emphasis on academic progress. derson.. Magazine RACK Wrought Iron or Brass 1.79 Value Occasional CHAIR Wrought Iron, Plastic Cover Adjustable Back 16.95 Value Floor LAMP 3-Way Switch .v.».?;»;s«? 12 to 14 ib. 25c FULL PRICE 50c FULL PRICE 25c FULL PRICE 75c FULL PRICE This Is The Greatest Thanksgiving Turkey Buy! EVER OFFERED IN WESTERN MONTANA! " *! Beautiful, Oven-ready, Broad breasted . . . ARMOUR'S GRADE A TURKEYS ..·'... Waiting to make someone a happy Thanksgiving dinner. NO TRICKS · NO GIMMICKS Costs nothing fo register. Only persons whose lueky numbers are drawn November 16th, between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m., may purchase these turkeys. First number drawn --full price 25c. Second number drawn -- full price 50e. Third number drawn -- full price 75c. Registrants must be 18 years or older, need not be present to win. These Are the Finest Turkeys Available -- Can Be Seen at our West Second Street Location in Whitefish - ' ^ " - . ' STOP OUT AND REGISTER NOW! Rich Plan of Western Montana 7 Doors Past Bridge Whitefish, Monti West Second Street Mail This Coupon . . . NO OBLIGATION -- OF COURSE -' ' ' ' , ' NAMEi............. ......,,.,,,,.. PHONE.... ! ADDRESS ,,.,,...,,.: ....,,.;..,, ... RICH PLAN OF WESTERN'MONTANA The Origin*) and largest Home food Plan "i WOULD YOU CONSIDER EATING BETTER FOOD . . . Better Tasting, Higher Quality, / , Mor« Flavorful -- For Less .Cost? · . t Tine? Frierjcliy/Store /;!,»·, what at Gambles Santas only PQIIARS DOWNS /^ !*N \ v O o / ' J J^*SSPS ol D °VVN --^^ Coronado 21" Jfetep CORONADO ELECTRIC Coffee Maker Brews coffee fo desired strength, shuts off, yet keeps coffe* hot. 4 - 1 0 eups, Chrome finish. 17 95 »,. features slimline cot/net J Coronado Extra fine picture quality--and It TV Prices j^.5 turns at a touch for room-wide Start at viewing. Mahogany finish (A'S-MJS) *. P* #\ m*mgizgm CORONADO HI-FI Consoletfe V95 00*1* G.I. SPRAY STEAM OR . DRY IRON Brand new! Sprinkles as you iron--just press the button. Has fabric dial, lift cord. Lightweight. J9 95 feafurer hi-phonic j sound/ 2^ DC CORONADO Custom 5 Superb fonal quality! Full 6" speaker, slide role type dial, green plasticcabinet. J.25P.rW..t l|795 PayM* Monftfy Mm f $· i95 3* Or G, E. CLOCK RADIO Uniqoenew"SrKXZ"Alarm"! Wakes you to music or buzzer. Appliance outlet. («-sOT-e) 1.25 P.r MADE PoyoW. MerfW/ OT EASY TERMS True Hi-Fidelity for the best in listening pleasure. Two 8" woofers,. S'/z" tweeter. Mahogany finish. CORONADO AUTOMATIC TOASTER ' " · "Pop.up" foastiri'0 action and color control. Bright chrome finish with crumb tray. * ' CORONADO Custom Deluxe v LAUNDRY TWINS " N O MONEY DOWN! NO PAYMENTS TIL 1958 Up to $100 for Your _ Old Washer , r~\ I Just push the buttons and set tfw timers!' 1 -- I Washer has special cycle ft* fine things; dryer sets for fluff,-medium or high. Buy the twins, bh'eosy terms! x A L W A Y S B E T T E R B U Y S * A T G A M B L E S

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