The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on December 31, 1972 · Page 23
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 23

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 31, 1972
Page 23
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I ^ CHIJKCH DIRECTORY Mideast Solution Said Up ·yRAYMtsWGat . Thounk MEA ts a private Coffcy Now* lanleo Icoa^Mnr wUh no auMdy from BB1ROT, Lebanon- People the Lsfans* lowrnnent, it not boundaries, must , have, was jajjaglot out) or the Israelis priority in the hoped-for for Paleotinian i American peace initiatives In: gvwrrOk. rails Iron M ! the Middle East, says the boss! LeoaMai. Some saw it as » a-at'of the largest private enterprise wank* to Utanon'l prominent in the Arak wwW. noajav own* IM OK. ». m wi i . «· iMandCM K«a» HI t * H tu |u«v UTHl «Z! * ima, MmM kr " rUlwkMi « .Well arwwlll · M (KM WH, W to ' MVIU. SfesT »; MJ.J.7I "There is no that a CKNT1AL CHRISTIAN CHURCH 8JM E. L*ve», Wilbur R. AIM, PWtor, U ^ or U 4, 0:Jt AM; Monk* Womhip, ll:M AM; 7'N PM v.v.^. or JESUS CHRIST OK LATTER DAY SAINTS IA l"a m u d d 1 n , chairman and MeDtvitt Blvd., Preside.* Kennetk D. Rots, 94M4M. MLv!president of J4MBI5, PriestlWed Meeting, .Sunday «:» .a.m.; Son-1Airlines. __ solution in the Middle East lies Eve* ' with the United States. It is our 'w\y hope," says Sheikh Najik , Middle Easi lay School, 11:00 a.m; Sacrament Meeting, Sunday i:M p.m. U.URCM Of rut UVUI) HHICniKHl* (IndopeMhM) . Boca Chlca Blvd., Roy Berrj. Pastor, U t-NK; Sunday |4fxHa«»L10:Mam:MerrtwWor.«pl1:0»a.m. CHRIST THE KINC CATHOLIC CHURCH _ i Southmoai Road, Afosdnho Pachoco, Pastor, J4U«; SW- lay Mass: 7:00 p.m (English); Sunday Masoss: I:M a.m. h); V:» a.m (EBgM); 11:00 a.m. (Bncusk); 1:00 p.m. h). Portway Acres - Sunday Maa: 10:00 a.m. (Spanish). Shore - Sunday Mass: 1:01 p.nMEaglink). EL SILOE APOSTOLIC ASSEMBLY -»S4 Jessica at Margarita, Alfonso Rodrinw, Pastor MI-7171; %2?SL ll: " *· m : Moram Worshitr 11:49 a.m.; Evar- FAITH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH -- · 1194 Los Ebanos Blvd., Clarence M. Basset, Pastor, 342-8495 or 94MM4; S-jnday School, t:4i a.m.; Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m. A . . . . . . - . . ; i ' jv: FIRST ASSEMBLY OF (KM) CHURCH West L*roe * tad, E. L. Mason, Pastor, U M4M. Sunday School. r.4S a-m.; Mondng WornHji, 11:00 a.m.; Group Us* Ings. I;IO p.m.: Evening WnrsWp. IM p.m CHUHCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATER DAY SAINTS 104 McDaWitt Blvd.. Preside.* Wilford stolen, Priastkood Moet- ing, Sttnday 8:10 tun.; Sunday School, lt:M a.m.; Sacrament "ttBUl^'pmOR UNTTED kttrTHOWST CHURCH 1410 E. Utt St, F. A. nMtm. Paster. Ul-4145 or U J-M41; Sawlay g*koot, 0:M; Morning Wonklp, II ajn.,; Evenki Meet.* Sunday i:» p.n. '^^ CHURCH OF THE ADVENT EPISCOPAL Holy CosWMBion, 7:30 A.M.; Morning Prayer, Sermon, and Smtiqt tOuol, 0:19 A.M. (Hoi vCoinntunion on 2nd Sundays); MornMi Prayer and Sermon. ll:0t A.M. (Holy Communion on 1st Svadwf). The Rev. J. Rufus Stewart, Rector. inn BAHUT CHURCH HI B. ttiikltk B. G. (Bob) ClHtHU, Pastor, U 1-5JJ4; Sunday MMl, 1:44 a.m.; Monte Worship, 10.M *.».; EvenUif Wonttn, 1:00 p.*.; TraMog u3««, t:M p.m. VL nilT CHUROI OT CHMIT. SCIENTIST m W. ttnbatk, LI MfM, or U MTU; Sunday School I:M tM.;, 11:01 aj«. WedwsdayEvontag Meeting. miff IA*W AMERICAN CHURCH OFNAZAIENE MH Lon BMOS M., JON M. Carillo, JPmtor. LI 1-1117; Sundlj · , raurr MEXICAN BAPTIST CHURCH School t:« a.m.; Sunday Worship 7:00 p.m. 114 E. Adams, Rev. Mdre «, Pastor, HW74I; Sunday fehooL U:« n*; Monky Wonhto, 11:N a.m.; Cult Predtca- donTliM *m; WwSsodiy, WonNp and Blnl* Study, 7:10 p.m.; Sttarday, Chen; Practice. 1:00 p.m. FUST nntYTERUN CHURCH m Palm Blvd.. Bd Robertson, Pinter, M!-3964 « H2-44M; Wormal Worship - 0:01 A.M. - Sunday School l:4f A.M.; For- '·.Haiti BVawaAj|i^_l t *M i U ' UNITED HtCTHODIST CHURCH One of the most respected Arab business and financial leaders, the sheikh says "another war will settle nothing." T h e burden of however, he adds, "lies' with Americans: I am afraid." . "You have an 'association' with Israel, but you also have traditions of democratic fair play, old friendships in the Arab world and obviously your own interests. "The Russians won't pursue peace--nor will the Chinese. Europe doesn't have enough weight." The sheikh bias felt the heat and flame of · Arab-Israeli hostility like few businessmen of any December nationality. ago Israel! Four mandos swooped into Beirut Airport and virtually put MEA out of business, defraying a alf-dozen planes including Seeing 707 jetliners. Your Health M LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear 'Dr. Lamb--I Juvt an illergy problem. Porfwne or ny scented products won by people not off auct a nek Kadache that I am laid low. Keeping away from these scent! H beyond my oontrol, as I work ki an office and at or another someone is out lama ted." Is there a»y medicine or ward Dear sick hea Reader-Anttmstamines ___ might help but no aide effects, ,,) Old ABco Read, Harold Bnrkhart, Pastor, LI C-SJM or LI 0- particularly the drowsiness, till, C. R. Hardy, Asso. Pastor, LI «4M4; Church School. I:H have a lot to be ' tM.; Mom»| WonUp tM a.m., 1I:M a.m.: Youth Groups i:M don't you see a p.m i allergies and see if · GOOD SHEPHERD CATHOLIC CHURCH {identify your allergy MM East Avenue. B. Orti. Plater, tiMlti or S42-SI72; Sunday !h« can ~" -MM: 1:00 tM. (Spaatsk); I:M tM. (Spnnisk) and 11: (Engtiih). ·OLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH he caa !« E Harrison, Rannad Bonard 010, Pastor, U I- . SCBOU. NLKU WIILEYANA Btt aid Arthnr, P. C. Bearden, Pastor, LI M2M; Sunday School, M):N a.m.; Prtaoktaf I:» p.m. IMIIACULA , · m» E. Jlffarm Masa«: Ot, CONCEPTION CATHEDRAL O.M.I., Pastor, (Spanish); a scries of desensitizing injections. He will nood to identify wt-it is causing the difficulty and then inject small amounts over a period of time to desoMiUte you. You are not the first person who has had trouble with reactions to parfunw. Sometimes mey are more suffocating than Miry. Alee, . . . U:N a.m. ( fiaancial aad business corn- to underwrite Palestinian forces. · The memory is vivid again these days M Israeli forces and Lebanese army units battle Palestinians only 100 miles south of Beirut. b INS MEA rallied, largely because of the shaikh's personal standing in the iiternatioaal airline community. By renting planes and telescoping flights, the airlines resumed its schedule* from Scandinavia to India as soon as Beirut Airport reopened. Since then it hat reported three c o n s e c u t i v e profit-making years-one of the few airlines the importance of the sheikh said in an in the world that have been able to operate consistently in the black. "That crisis taught us a lesson -i--. · · . . ' . aooui P*****' . ,,. I n r o r v i o w . "They were challenged and ' they were magnificent. Employes offered us. 'money from their own pockets. Unions waived overtime for six months:" (In his Zl years with MEA the airline has never kad.a strike.) MEA!s recovery is reflected in"'* 1.7 .per cent, ft million profit for.the last fiscal year and a growing reputation as one of the boot-managed smaller airlines in the world. The sheikh laenafingly is looked upon as n principal spokesman for liter airlines in international a i r transport negotiations. Fifteen Boeing 707s make up me backbone of MEA's fleet The same "people element that the British-educated executive itreaoss in Us airline most be paramount in any Arab-Israeli settlement, he says. Gontnrtog toward Palestinian refugee campe that lie close by nil Beirut Airport offices, the shaikh said: "Tne central issue of any MOCC negotiation must be the bture' of those Palestinians. * Th*ylia*.*ad in squalid huts ai» ta«*s for * years. They . . ' . . · . . must be resettled "and helped to find a worthwhile life, ..Too many, today. live only on f o r Israel, Arab t · · 1 ); UH» a.m. (Spaaiih); TM sun. (Spanish). : JEHOVAH'S WITNEMEt J EtaiM Hall S.T VON M OH Part Isakal; Protktsag EWer React. Djkstra (···a. Pisjlk BIMa Loetm 1:11 a.»,; Witcktewer tody, ll:« ^f OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL CATHOLIC CHURCH ~ Rev, Nail Mamvvee, Pastor, S4M5M or i Military Highway, : Mil SumUy Jfliasos ' OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE CATHOLIC CHURCH ual to aunlicht and ted to dark brown spots. . D«ar Dr. Lamb--I was under the impression mat one suffering from colitis had to eat a diet eliminating raw fruits or vegetables. My daughter has a colitis condition and gets medication for it. She must nol 7:M a.m, (Spanish); J0:» «.m. (Eng- be too far away from a bathroom as she doesn't ge4 j constipated but her bowels act ; tH» E. Unwln Fatkar Thomas B. Hwt, S.C.J.; Father Peter i almost without notice. In road- M»strobuono, S.C.J.; and Fatkar Ptttr Stampien, s.c.J.; «2- «); Sunday Uastei; 7;N a.m. (Spanish); 1:00 a.m. (Spanish); ing your column on refined foods I seom to be confused lift) t,m. (English); 10:30 a.m. English); 12.00 a.m. (English); on what diet is suitable for her. l;00 p.m. ·'Spanish'). PADRE ISLAND INTERDENOMINATIONAL Civic Center (near JtttiM Rootaurant), Sunday wonhip 1:30 t*. Come u y»u are. | Are there difftrant: ' Wflda el colitis conditions. ·".··-'. Dear Reader-- Yes, there are different kinds of colitis. The .a PORTWAY BAPTIST CHURCH ,,,. P« IM At Minnesota, A. H, Woodruff, PMtor, TB HIM; Sun- TM diy School, 0:45 a.m.; Morning Worship, 1»:I5 a.m.; Training UBi»a,i;M p.m.; Evening Wonhip, 7:00 p.m. gEVENTH DAY ADVKNTIRT CHURCH mast comijKW colon problem in n tow grade flammation of the colon and N Soirtk Coria_»,, Eldjr.Gowio Wilson. Hntor; IntnrdayiP^, the term ot i irritable colon and aioo colitis, Individuals with this . problem either have chronic constipation i o r sometime* )ntentiitt««it 1H East Jefferson St. (For information call 54M4JJ) swdty! constipation anir mild diarrhea- ]:» A.M, - U A,tf. SCHEDULE OF SERVICES AT ST. THOMAS CATHOLIC CHURCH 7:30 a.m., 10:00 a,m. Wily Man 7:00 pm. i t IT. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH ,,,,,,, W w. it, Francis, »«v, ; WUIlim O'Connor, O.M.I., pastor, H!- "'**"' m Ift, Suday Nasios -.1 tM. (iponlsk). 10:00, into a.m. and:* 1 ' 1 "' fn)0 p.m. (English). Weekday Masses - :M a.m. ant} 7:00 p.m. : ve « et . abk ' s ST, MARY MOTHER OF THE CHURCH I foods which All of these individuals na*d who they think have dont too little, who they think have abandoned them. = 'When men live on hate alono, no one can predict thi results. "The attack on the Munich Olympic Village was a tragedy. ,t,reflected the desperation we mew. '.-twist!. The Israeli roprisals. I'm afraid, only ae centuate this desperation. Mnoday some on* must answer this problem with «nd undenrtanding. "Why don't the Israelis remember what happened to thorn in Gormvty? Then it was they who were denied their homes, their birthrights, the simple claim te exist. Now they are denying it to half a mifflrm Palestinians. "They talk of 'secure frontiers.' What is secure today in a time «f miuilii and rockets? The only soourlty Israel will know as a state must come from an understanding with the Arab nations. Time is not on the side of Ta.) Aviv. W "has ... . . .. .we all know that, lut wets it»trots on a modus Vivendi with 'today's Arab loaders, I'm afraid it will he faced with a much more militant, much more radical new generation of leader!? a few yearn from now," Arab-Israeli hostility, thi shaikh says, his thrown (h* Middle East into a kind of economic limbo, on and rtiiled interests continue to generate husintss activity, he said, but oven in this area the Palistjnian ' - · - ' ,, , time Slai«) if, Ujr* Los Ebanos Blvd.. Patrick poh«rty, Paitor, SW-3800, Sunday!amounts of sugar and refined Misses; 7;N l,m.; I'M i.w,; a: p.m. |y«n; :N p.m, : ^ ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH if 8 E. Taft, Gforge W. GriJ'dcn, Pastor, U 2.3MI or LI 6-3M9; Bl-Ungual Congregation; Eucarittia y Sermon, 11:00 a.m SINAI PENTECOSTAL CHURCH more bulk in their diet, which *«8tien i"'TM**' be "hen th« Viutti ln( l confronted with major d*ci« opposed taj'^utitsfUturienerKIHppliei.! ires'tricting their diet to refined , ", Wahsin S'f" .'hould not .be, ' - · · looking to Siberia for its fuel, i he said. "Despite the event!.of HERALD ADS BRING RESULTS 542-4331 SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION The Brotvnsville Herald Published Afternoons Except Saturday and Sunday Morning CARRIER DELIVERY I ISSUES 55c WEEKLY PLUS 1C TAX ENGLISH «r SPANISH EDITION To Place Subscription Or Report · : irregular Delivery Call Your Local Carrier or Brownsville Office 542-4331 Mail Subscription Rates On Editorial Pagi TEXAS Edgiburg 42SH1I Edcouch ........... 5«5-154» Elsa ............... 5W-1MI Harttnren .......... 42S-508S U Vifla 585-1545 Lyford MI-34M LoaFresnos MS-2M5 Mercodei 54S-1I7I Olmito M2-5MO Padre Island.... M3-»S1».. Port Isabel 143-9811 San Benito S9MMO Raymondvillt IW-J405 lobastian MEXICO Rio Bravo IJ1 llanto 171 Matamoros ,,.. 2-151I HERALD ADS Bring Results Pilliuli * «/C*w ,T8. Ike th* District of T*xa«. will he W. EtiMtMtk VILLE, Tc:»S, U" - I'.Ji C.S.T.. Jawinry 17,117) for M OFFICE BUIUHW; AT Thfc PUBLIC GRAIN ELEVATOR. Proposals shall contain i hunp sum bid for the facilitie; described in the specifications. Bidders shall submit a bid bond, n cashier's chock certified check in the anMon of not less than five per i-fl (5%) of ttw total Bid with their Proposals as a guaranty tha they will enter into a Contrac and execute bond and guaranty forms as provided within ten (10) days after receipt of notice of the award of the Contract. The Owner reserves the rifk to reject any and all 'Bids aM to waive all Informalities ht bids. The' Brownsville Navigation District may hold the Bids for M days without making an award of th* Ctract and tM Bidden may not withdraw their Proposals within that time. The Brownsville Navigation District will furnish Federal or State Tax Exemption Cor tificates where applicable. Specifications a n d proposal forms may be obtained from the office of the Engineer of the Browns\1ll« Navigation District, 395 West Elizabeth S t r e e t , Brownsville, Texa: 7«5M. . . ' · ' . i Bids submitted by mall shouli be so marked on the outside of the envelope and addressed to the Boar of Commissioners Brownsville Navigation District P.O. Box 9070, Brownsville Texas'78520. BROWNSVILLE NAVIGATION- DISTRICT OF CAMERON COUNTY TEXAS · . 12-17-J4-S1; 1-7-14-TJ HERALD ADS IRFNG RESULTS NOTICE TO BrBDERS NOTICE IS HiaiBBY GIVEN that too Public Utilities Board of .the City of.'Br«WHS\-Uli Texas, will receive sealed bids until 2:M P.M., January 5,1171 at its Main Office, 1485 .-Rabin hood Drive, to be : onenti publicly for the /umi*uig g the Board's annual requirements of alum, llnie, (JflUii a«i dry chlorine, ln" r acaifflaivce,will the Board's specification! and delivery requirements;""' Bids 'shall be separate for each item or for eacti category and shall be enclosed separatel' in sealed envelopes and shal be plainly marked on UH out side of the envelope what the bid is for. the date 'Manuan 5, 1973, 2:M P.M. and *ac bid shall be in a covering en velope addressed to Mr. H. E Hastings, General Manager Public Utilities Board, P. 0 Bas J270, Brownsville, Texas. The Public Utilities Board reserves the right to waive any ^regularities or informalities in the bid and to reject any and all bids and to accept that bid or bids which it deems most advantageous to it, H. E, HASTINGS, GENERAL MANAGER 12-24-J1-72 5. 1 v*o w» m«. i' · _ _ . . . , tnpua 542-U71, 542-965), FfHKYRtOH " BRAS '. Unll.rml, Monday! 1 tjuaugri 4T1. jtt-Stus. Html tf I:X, Urn *. lost* Found LOST: 1L»« Itmall Full,, while on clittt. Answers te "Jiekie", Gill S44.JI71. Rewsrt. WAL'LKt LOST . vlllt Hardware Parking Lot. Ket* money. Return to Mabel G. Turner, Trliler Village, SIQ7 Boca Chlca. LOST MAN'S wrilt 'witch. Hit'brtwn hoghlde band. · Reward. 31* a. Elizabeth, 541^,114, LOST AULE reddish brewn PekiM »ld and halt blind, aniw*'?' ta "Vummle". Reward. Call waekiftyl, S«.Mil, «nt. 11. Alter J, SU-lSli. 9. Special TOE FINEST In nlntlw t den R«n0«elini. Wa 4. tur own an* satwactIM a Must. Call iratlnf ward Jack include large Nmlwi cereals such as cakes, pies and) the last 25 years there is desserts. Water and bulk WB JJTM 1 '. ":?'*·» , 8f ^"! dll l i L in relieving their probtem.. ' " " * ** On the other hwfl, th«M i are FIRST ANNIVERSARY MASS individual^ who have "colitis" associated with fairly persistent diarrhea. There are several ItE, St. Francis, Tomas Amaya, Pastor; Sunday School, 9:»!«use s for this .Probtem, and A.M.; Sunday Service 7:00 p,m, SOU1HMOST RIRLE WAY MISSION with .lite to Americans. Maqh busjneiu and political leadership was developed right here at the bnusinus' A Ma!l wlu be celebl ' ated on ktowlay, January 1st. at 7:|0 P.M. 'h of ouri* 1 tlle ("VOaculate Conception Church ta memory of many of these individuals not tolerate fresh fruits .... particular. They maytflw.hive relationship, A m e r i c a n University. Our i 'tk, children study in colleges in the! R| . Mrt .,. Mr ,, in United Stales. It is a natural!5,1 KdfrieBd,'ta ... H i t l A t l i k M c h i l * " - ! "»aWM JOSE LUIS TREVINO and Mrs. Jo attend. : R. Trevln javk all their (ami _ _ - , _ . . . C Street, Malcolm Brown Pastor, LI !-7«M; 5«nday School,llrouble tolerating cort and! Once a Middle East setI: JO a.m. I seeds with hulls on them like i dement is reached, he said, the TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH : green peas, or mature bean! region 'will literally explode with Ml Boca Chlca Blvd. Carl G. Kruse, putor. Phone 542-7024 or seeds, others have trouble opportunities, Traditional Holy 58-7248 Sunday Sohnnl and Bible Classes. J:15 AM: Morning - f . i . r . . . Worship, CARD OF THANKS . _ tolerating ordinary milk awPLand tourism routes will be 10;M AM Dial "Prayer-rnr-the-Day" 54»-7«10 dally, dairy products. reopened, Natural resource! wnnnmirr t%'F\iir it\insT THURCH i Some individuals have severe will be developed. Commerce ^ H*v' RoaiaMI LilHard · wlor Chrisllaa · dian-hea usually ai a limited will flourish. |I« our hour of greatest need, it was the understanding sympa- H B i M e l i O . ! «·«^fm ·^Mo«lM F Worship "H episode due to an infection from "Most important," .he says,;thy and the many kindneises of our rehtivei, friends and neigh- aad BiWe School,.1.41 a.m., Jiomiig norsmp, "·"· i ^ v |W/))|)er 0 , wrMJ , M OTi « t fUC ces»f«l American peacelbors that save us added strength In carry on. We are deeply b a c t e r i a . Individuals with! initiative that lakislntn account grateful for Ike beautlfil floral Irihsjtei and Ike nuiMluis; diarrhea arc an entirely diMhe future of thf palistlnians- w»rrt« tenrtfrPii us during our nvenl bemvemeit la tin death ferent group from those with' woijld b« a recommitment of ·* »«r beloved Hnsbund and Father the irritable bowel constipation I American and Western interest u ·PBIYI rnRTc* in (problem, and *e diet and treat-'and sympathy toward the AI.BMU « win i «, JK. Mday Evenly Service, 7:M p.m. WEST tRUWNSVILLK BAPTIST CHURCH Ml \V. St. Charles, Rev. David D. Munnz, Pastor, S4M607: Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.' Worship Service, 10:45 a.m.; Evening Worship Service, 6:SO p.m.; Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, widnesdav 7'fln n.m RFXHr.ANII!ED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST I ment .'an onlv be determined neopli in this part of the world. From his Wife Maria, Sons, Albert, Mark, Joha and Daughter OF LATTER DAY SAINTS i by defining the cause of .the We can all partake in an un- Maria. Gill Trailer Part. I7H llwi cklrn.Frail cnlr, Pasior, M-J3M, " c o l i t i s " and even then |w*r*rlenled prosperity. Rut an HM.W KmlM MrvtM, fMf.m. I pxneUmei it'i difficult to Mat. I initiative now ti UnporUflt." WHERE? If You Rood Hit ... Brownsville Herald . . . You Knew! tre W H Y ? K You Read The ... Brownsville Herald . . . You Know! WHO? If You Read The . . . Brownsville Herald . . . You Know! WHAT? {f You Read The ... Brownsville Herald . . . You Know! WHEN? If You Read The ... Brownsville Herald . . . You Know! J

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